24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 22 - Day 8: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack's rogue operation includes kidnapping a high-profile target. Pools of blood, a knife wound, and Chloe's mistrust of her new supervisor add texture, while President Taylor feels the loneliness of power.

[ Jack Bauer]
Previously on 24.

- Τhis is Meredith Reed.
- Ms. Reed.

Τhe people you think are
responsible for kilIing Hassan
were not working alone.

Τhey were being funded
and managed by people working
inside the Russian government.

[ Reed ]
How do you know this?

l'm being set up, just like
you were yesterday. l need
to get this evidence to you.

Arlo got a cell phone
intercept report
off N.S.A.'s Echelon.

Key words: "Jack Bauer."

We confirmed the voiceprint.

Reed's connection to Hassan
means she'd be
highly motivated to help him.

Take it to the press.
That's his next move.

This is a major opportunity to
make everything go away, sir-

Bauer and the evidence.

l need to find Jack
or else they're gonna kill him.

lf we can get to him,
we can expose the cover-up.

- Jack's gotta be
working with someone.
- Who?

l don't know.
I never saw him.

But Jack showed up
with state-of-the-art
weapons and comms.

Pavel, do you see Bauer?
If you have a shot, take it.

- I've got him.
- [ Hammer Cocks ]

Put it down.

[ Jim ]
Everything's all clear
up on top, Jack.

Come with me.
Do exactly what l say.

[ Customers Screaming ]

- Move!
- [ Pillar]
He knew it was a trap.

Τhe evidence is on
this memory card.

Τake it. When you see it,
you'll know it's real.

The hit on Hassan
is all arranged.

Bazhaev and his people
are taking care of everything.

l already know that
you killed Renee Walker.

What l want to know is the name
of the Russian pig inside your
government that gave the order.

Where's the SIM card
for your phone?

You dumb bastard.
You swallowed it.

Τhis is for my friend.

[ Groaning ]

[ Beeps ]

You've reached the mobile number
of President Charles Logan.

[ Jack Bauer]
The following takes place
between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

As a principal player
in this unprecedented
and historic peace initiative,

Secretary of State Kanin's untimely decision
to withdraw for health reasons...

was a difficult one.

However, the president
wishes it to be known...

that in Secretary Kanin's absence...

and per his own

she has sought
and gained
the counsel...

of former President
Charles Logan.

Now, the president
is acutely aware...

that this decision
bears some controversy.

But President Logan's
with foreign policy...

and his skills
in negotiation...

have already proven to be
a great asset
in these final hours...

before the signing
of the peace agreement
with the Islamic Republic.

Once Mrs. Hassan-
Excuse me, Mr. President.

and the I.R.K. delegation-

Your car to the heliport
is ready and waiting downstairs.

Ηas, uh, President Suvarov's
plane arrived yet?

lt should be touching down at J.F.K.
within the next 20 to 30 minutes,

and then he'll be choppered in
to the 93rd Street Heliport.

- Τhank you, Ellen.
Τell them l'll be down in a moment.
- Yes, sir.

[ Inhales ]

Hassan and the
I.R.K. delegation...

have hashed out a few
remaining points of protocol
with President Taylor,

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]
the signing will commence
as scheduled.

[ Ringing Continues ]

Τell me you have
a Iead on Bauer.
I'm sorry, sir.

We tracked him to
an adjacent building,

but Bauer managed to get out
of the cordon along with
the reporter, Meredith Reed.

Also, he's kiIled PaveI.

l've taken jurisdictional control
of the scene from N.Y.P.D.

We should be able
to keep this contained,

but it's not gonna matter...

if Bauer's already passed along
the evidence he got from
Dana Walsh to the press.

The story's going to come out.

No, not necessarily.
We still might be able
to manage this.

Look, sir, I- l know you've
told me that you're committed
to seeing this through,

but you can still extricate
yourself from this mess.

There's no evidence
of your involvement yet.

You can still delay
the press announcement.
It's too late for that, Jason.

Τhe White Ηouse press secretary
just announced my role
in the peace process.

Τhere is no turning back.
And there's something else
you should know.

Bauer didn'tjust kill Pavel.
He butchered him.

Ηe beat him savagely,
and then he eviscerated him.

l don't think Bauer's
just looking to expose
the Russians' involvement...

in the pIot against Hassan.

Τhis guy's out for blood.

Then you better find him
and stop him, hadn't you?

Yes, sir.

Keep me posted.

l'm not going any further
till you tell me
what happened back there.

You killed that man, didn't you?
Ms. Reed,
your life is in danger.

You want to get through
this thing alive, you're
gonna do exactly what I say.

Do you understand?

Jack, l can't get a locate
on the number you called
from this cell phone.

lt's restricted. I'm gonna
have to route a back trace.

- Can you do it here?
- No. I need the equipment at my place.

Get back to me as soon
as you got a location.
Let's go.

Who is it you're looking for?
Someone who can give me the
names of everyone else involved.

And what are you gonna do
when you find them?
It doesn't concern you.

How can l trust you
if you don't tell me
what you're doing?

Because I'm not the person
who's trying to kill you.

The video file l gave you
is the only proof of
the Russians' complicity...

in President Ηassan's

but the conspiracy doesn't end
with the Russians.

People within our own government
are trying to cover this up,
including President Taylor.

Why would the president
want this covered up?

Because she's trying to keep
the peace accord alive
with the l.R.K.

She knows if Dalia Hassan finds
out that the Russians had a hand
in the death of her husband,

she'll never
sign the agreement.

What do you want from me?

l need you to break the story
in case I don't make it.

l think President Hassan
deserves that, don't you?

Let me see
your cell phone.


What are you doing?

They've seen you with me.

Τhe authorities are going to
start monitoring your usuaI
forms of communication.

You can't go home,
you can't go back
to your office.

Is there anyone that you
work with that you trust?
Uh, my editor, Gary Klausner.

You need to try and get him
the evidence. l can get you
as far as a pay phone.

After that,
you're on your own.

l'm glad we were able
to come to terms.
So am I.

Τhank you, Madam President,
for your patience with me.
I am still new to this.

You are
a natural leader, Dalia,

and you have
a superb adviser
in Minister Jamot.

l appreciate the endorsement,
Madam President.

Pardon me for interrupting.

We were just finishing up.

Dalia Hassan.
Charles Logan.

l'm honored to
finally meet you,
Mrs. Hassan.

l was a great admirer
of your husband.
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

President Τaylor tells me
you were instrumental...

in convincing
the Russian delegates to stay
at the negotiating table.

l'm honored to play
even a smaIl part
in such an historic event.

Madam President, may I have
a few moments with you?

l'll see you
at the signing.

You still haven't found out
how Logan convinced
the Russians to stay?

l've investigated it,
but l learned nothing
from the delegates.

l can have our intelligence
service Iook into it.
No. Thank you, Jamot.

l trust President Τaylor.

We have to assume
that if she involved Logan,
it was for a good reason.

Τhe operation to capture
Jack Bauer was unsuccessful.

He got away,
along with the evidence
that he took from Dana Walsh.

You said
you had the situation
under control.

Clearly, I was overly optimistic.

And in my optimism,

l neglected to tell you
that Bauer made contact
with a journalist.

Meredith Reed.
My God.

You need to call
her publisher right away.

Deny any foreknowledge
of whatever evidence she has...

and demand that they
do not run the story.

You're suggesting
muzzling the press?

Ηave you forgotten
that freedom of the press
is constitutionally protected?

You are the president,
for God's sake.
Invoke national security.

You tell them this story
will start a war.
Innocent lives will be lost.

New lies to cover old ones.

The time has passed
for hand-wringing,
Madam President.

lf you don't use
the power of your office
to shut this story down,

your peace agreement
won't be the only casualty.

You don't need me
to tell you the damage...

that your criminal prosecution
will do to this country.

This country
survived your presidency.

But it won't survive yours.

Me- l inherited
my presidency.

l was never nearly
as popular as you are.

And most of my alleged misdeeds
never made the press.

But if you...

were to bare your sins
to the people
who put you in office-

You are a beacon
of righteousness,

not only for Americans
but for the rest of the world.

You are the president...

who had her own daughter
arrested rather than
see justice go unserved.

You're poison.

l never should have
let you to do this.

With due respect,
Madam President,

l-l gave recommendations,

l made whatever arrangements
needed to be made,

but every decision was yours.

Let's not pretend otherwise.

l've- l've studied you
for a number of years, Allison.

l pride myself on being
a good judge of character.

You're a smart woman.

You've always known
what needed to be done
and were willing to do it.

Which is why l know you will
call Meredith Reed's publisher...

and make sure
he kills the story.

l would suggest
you do it now. You, uh-

You have a signing ceremony
to prepare for.

And I need to go
meet President Suvarov.

Chloe, you need to see this.

- What is it?
- l just tapped into a live feed
from Pillar's team.

This guy was found strung up
and sliced open...

in an abandoned building across
from the department store.

Ηe's got Russian papers on him,
but I can't make 'em out-
the rez is too low.

Looks like someone left
a sniper rifle at the scene.

What's the caliber?
Bring it up.

Τhey tagged it
as a .308 Springfield.

Τhat's the gun that killed Renee.
That's gotta be the shooter.

Jack did this, and you still think you're
gonna be able to talk him down?

l gotta try.

Pillar and his people
are just gonna kill him,
and I can't let that happen.

Got a match from
the department store
security feed- 82% .

Τhat's the guy
helping Jack?

James Ricker-
Ex-Green Beret, Special Ops.

Ηe served with Jack
in the Gulf before Jack
was enlisted by C.T.U.

Just one problem. Ηe's dead.

Says he was killed in
a chemical plant explosion
in Basra seven years ago.

Yeah, well, then he must
have a twin who was there
when Jack reversed the ambush.

You better go back
to your station.

Pillar's watchdog
is getting suspicious.

Arlo, cross-reference
Ricker's photo with
the state D.M.V. database.

Ηe must be living
under an alias in the city.
We find Ricker, we find Jack.


[ Cell Phone Ringing ]

Yeah? You get the location?

You didn't tell me
that was Logan's phone
that I was tracing, Jack.

- Does it matter?
- Yeah, it kind of does.

l think you know it, too,
or else you would've
been straight with me.

Listen, taking out a bunch
of Russian spooks is one thing.

Moving on an ex-president,
that's quite another.

- That's a serious line
you're crossing there, pal.
- I know exactly what I'm doing.

Are you gonna give me
the location or not?

Logan's in a vehicle.
He's moving west from the U.N.

l'm syncing up with the
Secret Service deployment grid.

l'll upload his route
to your tablet.
Hold on.

[ Beeping ]

- Okay, I've got it.
- Listen, Jack, I sure hope
you know what you're doing.

Because this path you're on,
there ain't no coming back from it.

l wasn't planning
on coming back.

Look, you're right.
You've already done more
than I had a right to ask for.

l want you to start erasing
all your connections to me.

Jim, thanks for everything.

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Beeping ]

Oh. Τhank you.

Are you sure that's all you need?
Should l call the doctor?

lt's just a headache.
I'm fine. Thank you.

You wanted to see me,
Madam President?
Yes, Tim. Please sit down.

[ Door Opens, Closes ]

You remember the reporter
C.T.U. arrested last night?

Yes, uh, Meredith Reed.

lt has been brought
to my attention...

that she intends to publish
an unfounded story
regarding Omar Hassan's murder.

What is she
gonna be writing?

l need you to contact the F.B.l.,

have them search
the SundayMagazine offices,
locate Reed...

and seize whatever evidence
she purports to have.

Um, I-l-
I don't understand.

Ηer allegations are false,
but the allegations alone
could derail the peace process.

Even so, Madam President, you
have to be aware, they'll accuse
you of censoring the press.

Tim, l did not ask
for your counsel.

l know exactly
what I'm ordering you to do,
so please just do it.

Yes, ma'am.

[ Door Opens ]

[ Door Closes ]

[ Engine Off ]

[ Grunts ]

Hey, drop-off
and receiving?

Straight ahead.
Right there.

Just make sure Duggan knows
he's covering the Logan profile.

Τell him we'll work out
the byline Iater.
[ Phone Ringing ]

Editor's desk.
Τhis is Klausner.
Gary, it's me.

Look, a-are you alone?
Can you speak freely?

Yeah, wh-what's going on?

- l don't have a lot of time.
l have a lead on a story.
- I'm listening.

l have a digital video recording
indicating that the I.R.K.
terrorists who killed Hassan...

were being funded and run
by Russian operatives.

[ Gasps ]
Y-You sure it's legit?

Where did you get it?

- From Jack Bauer.
- Bauer?

- The man's a fugitive.
- Look, Gary, it's really
not safe for me to talk.

l'll explain more
when I see you.
Can you meet me?

Sure, of course.
All right, that diner
with the coffee you hate.

l can be there in,
uh, 1 5 minutes.

Okay. And, Gary,
don't tell anyone.

All right?
l got it.

Meredith. Be safe.

Yeah. You too.

Τhere's no need to panic.
Do you know
what he did to Pavel?

He was beaten savagely,
gutted like a pig,
his men shot dead.

l'm- I'm sorry to hear that,

but we both knew that,
uh, Bauer would be
a difficult problem to solve.

You know what he's doing,
don't you?

Ηe's eliminating everyone
involved, working his way up.
How long before he gets to me?

That's not going to happen.

How can you be so sure?

Because you told me yourself
your man would never talk,

and if that's true, then nobody
outside of your inner circle
can point the finger at you.

l promise you,
Bauer's never going to know.

And on the upside,

his recent activities have given us
a bit of an advantage.

What advantage?

C.T.U.'s orders concerning him...

have been upgraded
to "shoot on sight."

First you have to find him.

Τhey're going to find him.
Don't worry.

He can't stay
under the radar forever.

l'll keep you posted.

[ Τires Screeching ]

Come in! We're under assault!
We're trapped
in the 4th Street underpass!

Τhis is unit L.E.Z.-1
requesting immediate backup.

Both entrances are blocked!
We are boxed in!

Oh, that's- that's Jack Bauer.
That's got to be.

Did you hear what I said?
That's Jack Bauer!

Don't just sit there!
He's coming for me!

Sir, stay in the vehicle.
We're armored and the glass
is bulletproof.

CIose the door!

[ Groans ]

Τhe assailant is masked.
It may be Jack Bauer.

- [ Grunts ]
- [ Man Shouting, Indistinct ]

- Close the door! Secure the vehicle!
- Close the door!

- Stay down, Mr. President.
- [ Shouting Continues ]

[ Man Shouts ]
Get out! Hurry!

[ Whimpering ]
Kill him!

[ Weapon Cocks ]

[ Groans, Whimpering ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Canister Ηissing ]

[ All Coughing ]

[ Coughing, Retching ]

Mr. President, get up,
or I will kill you right here.


[ Beeping ]

l just got your flash.
What'd you find out
about Ricker?

You were right.

D.M.V. records show Ricker
living in Suffolk County
under the name Simon Strocker.

l tried to confirm,
found out he moved
from there 1 8 months ago,

but he left a forwarding address
with the postal service-
it's right here in SoHo.

Hey, Devon, what's going on?
Pillar's requesting backup
for the team in the field.

- Why?
- You didn't hear?

Jack Bauer just kidnapped
Charles Logan.

Ηow the hell did he pull that off?
Charles Logan?

l need to hear what's
going on in that room.
Follow me.

- How far out are you?
- We're approaching
the tunnel now.

Ηow the hell did Secret Service
let this happen?

Bauer hit the Τown Car
with tear gas.

The agents were
too incapacitated to pursue.

P.D.'s got the tunnel
locked down. l'm working on
getting you schematics.

Hurry up.

C.T.U.! Make a hole!

Where did Bauer
take President Logan?
[ Coughing ]

l don't know.

You must have
seen something.
[ Coughing Continues ]

Come on, tell me
you saw something.

Sorry, sir.

No one saw anything.

Eden, they went through
an underground service gate.
I need those schematics.

- Sending them to you now.
- Go.

Kirsch, take the corridor.
Brown, you're down there.
Ames, you're with me.

[ Pillar ] Remember, unless
it poses an immediate threat
to President Logan,

you shoot Bauer on sight
and you shoot to kill.
Let's go.

Through here.

[ Groans ]

Look at me.

[ Gasping, Whimpering ]
I said look at me!

You're gonna tell me
everything I want to know.

Jack, you're making a mistake.

Don't you even try and pretend
you're not a part of this.

l found the man
who killed Renee Walker,

the Russian operative
Pavel Tokarev.

l got his cell phone.
The last call he got was from you.

l know how it looks.
You got to let me explain.
Explain what?

Τhat you sent for him to kill me?

You sent him to kill me, right?
Yes, damn it, yes!

Why did you take out a hit
on Renee Walker?
I had nothing to do with that!

l was brought in
after that happened.

Who brought you in?

President Τaylor needed my help
to bring the Russians
back to the table.

l-l-l called my sources
in Moscow.

Τhey told me that people
in their government were
behind Hassan's assassination.

l told the Russian delegation
l had evidence of that fact and
the names of everybody involved.

It was just to keep them
at the conference.
[ Shouts ] What evidence?

lt doesn't exist.
l was playing poker.
It was a bluff. It worked.

lt kept Τaylor's peace agreement
on the table, but you were determined
to screw things up.

[ Groaning ]

Easy, Jack! Jack! No, no!

l admit, I was part of
the cover-up, but l'm not part
of the Russian conspiracy.

l had nothing to do
with the terrorist attack
or your friend's death.

l-l- l'm not the bad guy here.

But you know who is.

You know the person inside
the Russian government who's giving
the orders. I want that name.

- Jack- Jack-
- Give me the name!

- You got five seconds before I
put a bullet through your head.
- No! You don't have to do that!

Five. Four. Τhree-
I'll tell you.
Mikhail Novakovich!

He's the head of
the Russian delegation.

Ηe's been trying to
kill the peace treaty
from the start.

- You're lying.
- No, no, no! I'm not lying to you!

You got my call off of Pavel's phone.
Check the previous calls.

Τhere's a dozen more
from Novakovich.
I'm telling you.

Ηe's the one you want.
Shut up!

- [ Grunting ]
- Say another word,
and I'll drop you right here.

[ Whispers ]

Get on your knees.
[ Whimpering ]
No. No, please.

Don't kill me, Jack.

lf I was gonna kill you,
you'd already be dead.

[ Choking, Grunting ]

[ Choking Continues ]
[ Grunting ]

Bauer was just here.
Find him!

Mr. President? Mr. President?
Are you okay? Can you hear me?

Eden, I need a med unit
at the 49th junction.

On its way.
Is it Bauer?

[ Pillar ]
No. lt's the president.
He's unconscious.

Bauer escaped.
l'm gonna need you
to redirect the pursuit.

l'll stay with the president.

They still might
catch up to him.
They haven't yet.

Do you have Ricker's file?
Yeah, including
his current address.

l'm sending it to you now.

How are you planning
to handle this?

We can't send any tactical units
to pick this guy up without
Pillar finding out about it.

- l'm not using any of them.
- Who are you going to get?
All of our agents are deployed.

Τhere's nobody to send.

There's one.

[ Sighs ]

[ Beeping ]

Ms. O'Brian.
Ms. O'Brian!

l just saw the flash
from Division.

They approved your request
to release Agent Ortiz
into your custody?

Yeah, l'm in a hurry, so-
What do you think
you're doing?

Ηe's a noncooperative witness
who is facing federal charges.

l'm still in charge
of U.N. Security and you've
taken away all my resources.

And not that it's any of your
business, but Ortiz designed
the entire U.N. operation.

The signing is in less
than two hours. Ηis assistance
in the field is vital.

l'm going to have to
clear this with Pillar.
Do what you want.

But to me you have bigger problems,
like not finding Jack Bauer.

[ TV: Reporter]
A day ofstartling events in New York
has resonated around the globe.

Shortly after the kidnapping
and murder of Kamistani
President Omar Hassan today,

the I.R.K. parliament
unanimously approved...

the ascension of Dalia Hassan
to the office ofpresident of Kamistan.

- In the wake of Hassan's death-
- Are you Meredith?


There's a Gary Klausner
on the phone for you.
It's up by the cashier.

Thank you.

[ TV Continues,
Indistinct ]
[ Chattering ]


- Where are you?
- Meredith, the F.B.l. is here.

Showed up before I could leave.

They're looking for you,
questioning everyone,
including me.

You didn't tell them
anything, did you?
Of course not.

But they've got
an executive order
from the president.

They say you're in possession
of materials that pose
a national security risk.

lt's a cover-up, Gary.

The White House is trying
to suppress the story.
You can't let them.

Look, until we clear this up,
you have to protect
that evidence.

l told them l haven't had any
contact with you, but for all l
know they're tracing this call.

You better
get the hell out of there.
And go where?

Mr. Klausner.

- We said no communication
outside of our presence.
- I'm canceling an appointment.

Gary, they're going to
bury the truth.
Not if I can help it.

l'll try to put a call in
to Ed Sampson at
the Justice Department,

but until then lay low.

Now go.

[ Gate Beeping ]
Let's go.

Where are we going?
I have to go to the U.N.

Division has given you
a temporary furlough
into my custody.

Since you had
earlier command
of U.N. security,

l need your help coordinating
protocols and deployment
for the signing ceremony.

And Pillar's okay with this?

l'm still provisional
director of operations.
I don't need his consent.

So, are you coming,
or would you rather wait here
for your federal prosecution?

Let's go.

l'll take him from here.

- You want to tell me
what's really going on?
- Yeah.

You were right about Jack.
He is working with somebody.

lt's James Ricker, ex-C.l.A. op.

We found him living
at a place on Mercer Street
under the alias Simon Strocker.

Maybe he's still
with the company.
No. I checked with Langley.

He was listed as deceased.
Likely he's gone into business
dealing arms or intel.

- ln any case, he's not going to
be happy we tracked him down.
- Wait a second.

Why are you telling me this?

l need you to talk to him,
get him to tell us where Jack is.

Are you good with that,
or have you still not taken sides?

l want to expose this cover-up
as much as you. l'm in.

Good. Log sheets will show you
accompanying me to the U.N.

l've secured you a separate vehicle
waiting at the gate.

ls there any more intel on Jack?
Has he resurfaced yet?

Yeah, you could say that.

Sir, l just received word.

President Suvarov's plane
has touched down
at Kennedy Airport.

Tell lvan to bring the car.
l want to be at the U.N.
when the president arrives.

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]

[ Speaking Russian ]

[ Grunting, Groaning ]

Where's Novakovich?

l'm not going to
ask you again.
1 1th-

1 1th floor, suite 1 1 70.
How do l get up there?

Secure elevator
inside of garage.
Where's your key card?

l don't have one.

Where is your key card?
I don't have one. l swear.

Ηis personal guards
have them at elevator.
How many?

And upstairs?

One outside the suite,
two inside, another by elevator.

Where else?

Where else?
That's all I know.

[ Groans ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Beeping ]

Do you really need an arsenal?

Better to have it than to not.

Ricker's a trained killer.

Ηe's gone to a lot of trouble
to stay off the grid.
Fair enough.

l also have to
consider the possibility
that Jack's with him.

Listen, Chloe,
I can't be worried
about Jack anymore,

not after what you told me
he did to Logan.

Obviously Logan's
part of the conspiracy.

Ηe terrorized
a tunnel fuIl of commuters
with automatic weapon fire.

He shot Secret Service agents.

He shot to wound.

Ηe's careless,
and he only cares
about revenge.

Does that sound like the man
you know, like the man
you're trying to save?

This is about exposing
the Russians' cover-up.
It's not about Jack.

Are you sure about that?

Because if Jack's there
and he makes any move other
than complete surrender,

l'm putting him down.

You still want me to go?
I don't really have a choice.

Whatever happens,
call me at the U.N.

You got it.

[ Engine Starts ]

You'll approach the rostrum
immediately prior
to the signing ceremony...

and take a seat here
in position three,
next to your mother.

l'm honored.
But is that appropriate?

I may be her daughter,

but I don't have any official role
in the government.

[ Door Opens ]

Excuse me. Ms. Ηassan?

There's a call on your father's
secure line, a woman demanding
to speak with your mother.

- She's in a meeting.
- That's what I said, but this
woman is quite insistent.

Who is she?
She won't say.

We're done, Ms. Hassan.
I'll see you in the staging area.

Thank you.

Line two.
Thank you.

Ηello. Who is this?

Uh, is this Kayla?

- Who are you?
- Sorry.

Um, my name
is Meredith Reed.

I need to speak
to your mother.

l know who you are.
What do you think
you're doing calling here?

l know I'm the last person
that either of you
wants to talk to right now.

You're right.
l'm hanging up now.
No, please, please.

Your mother needs to hear
what l have to say...

before she signs the agreement
with President Taylor.

What is it that is so important?

l-l'm sorry. l-l need to speak
to your mother directly.

Ηaven't you caused my mother
enough pain?

Leave us alone!

lt's about the people
who really murdered
your father.

What are you talking about?
We know who was responsible.

What you don't know is,
those people were working under
the orders of Russian agents.


[ Kayla ]

When your mother gets back,
have her call me at this number.

Can you take this down?

- Go ahead.
- It's 21 2-555-01 21 .

- l'll explain everything to her then.
- Wait!

Meredith Reed?
F.B.I. Get your hands
where we can see 'em.

What- What is this?
What is this?

You have no right
to take that.

l-l haven't done
anything wrong.
What is this?

You're under arrest.
l-l've done nothing wrong.

l've done nothing wrong!

[ Knock On Door]

Mr. Woods, ma'am.

l've just received word
from the F.B.I.

Reed is in custody
and they've secured a data card
they found on her.

[ Inhales, Exhales ]

No one sees what's on it but me.


[ Door Opens ]

Watch it.
All right.

- Sir, we'll take it from here.
- No, you won't. I'm riding
with him to the hospital.

[ Clearing Τhroat ]
Give him some space.

No- [ Grunts ]

Bauer knows.

Warn Novakovich
Bauer's coming after him.

- Sir, we gotta get going.
- Not yet.

Just do what you can
for him here.
I understand.

[ Phone Beeping ]

[ Line Ringing ]

[ Cell Phone Ringing ]

[ Ringing Continues ]

[ Ringing Continues ]

Mr. Novakovich?

Hello? Hello?
[ Grunting ]

lt's Berkov.
We've been attacked.

lt was Bauer.

Where's Novakovich?

He's dead.

Everyone is dead.

Berkov, did Novakovich
say anything to Bauer?

[ Grunting ]
I need an ambulance.

Just answer my question.
What did Novakovich say
to Bauer?

Bauer just came in shooting.

But he was bleeding.
l think he was wounded
by one of the guards.

An ambulance is on the way.

[ Gasping ]


Novakovich is dead.
Bauer killed him,
killed all of his men.

l don't know if Novakovich said
anything to Bauer though.

[ Grunts ]

Yuri. Help me.

[ Sirens Blaring ]

[ CeIl Phone Ringing ]

[ Beeps ]

[ Clears Τhroat ]

Charles Logan.

l was under the impression
you were going to be
at the heliport for my arrival.

Yes, well- [ Clearing Τhroat ]
I ran into some trouble.

l'm afraid I have bad news.

lt appears that
Mikhail Novakovich was
just murdered by Jack Bauer.

[ Gasps ]

Bauer learned that,
uh, Novakovich was responsible...

for ordering and coordinating
Omar Hassan's assassination,

as well as the rest
of Samir's activities.

- Where would he get that idea?
- From me!

The lunatic
was gonna kill me, Yuri.
What can I say?

Think of it as, uh,
sacrificing a rook for a king.

Then Bauer has no idea...

that Novakovich was
operating under my orders?

[ Groans ]

According to a witness,
Mikhail didn't have
a chance to give you up,

even if he wanted to.

As far as Bauer
is concerned,

the trail ended
with Novakovich,

and he's being hunted
by every law enforcement
agency in the city.

And l-l've heard
that, uh- [ Chuckles ]
he's been wounded.

Wounded. There is nothing more
dangerous than a wounded animal.

Look, if you're so worried
about Bauer,

you never should have given
the order to kill Renee Walker.

That's what stirred up
the hornet's nest.

lf I had known that
you were going to find out
about our activities...

and use that information
to blackmail me into signing
Taylor's peace agreement,

l wouldn't have
bothered with the woman.

Water under the bridge, Yuri.

l needed an opportunity
to put myself back in the game.

l'm sorry that it has come
at your expense.

You wouldn't begrudge
an old friend...

his second chance in the sun.

All right, then, l will, uh-

I will meet you
at the United Nations
as soon as I can.

[ Inhaling, Exhaling Sharply ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Crickets Chirping ]