24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 13 - Day 8: 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. - full transcript

Chloe goes up against NSA testosterone, Jack and Cole are in a firefight as the nuclear fuel rods are en route to Manhattan, and an evacuation from the UN is imminent.

Kevin Wade, you know him, don't you?

Mr. Prady, we are in the middle
of a national security crisis.

-I have to go back to my desk.

Perhaps if I talk to your supervisor,
he could let you take a few minutes off.

It's over. The parole officer
looking for Kevin is here at CTU.

He's after the raw feed.
I'm gonna give it to him, Cole.

-Why don't you wait?
-Do you hear me?

He knows everything,
he'll go to Hastings.

Do what he says and you won't get hurt.

Who is he? Another traitor?

The only traitor is your father.

-We haven't disabled the detectors yet.
-Where are the nuclear rods?

-Still outside the city.
-How will you bring the rods?

It's been taken care of.

Let's go.

Stop them!

Tarin, no!

Mr. Hastings, it's Kayla Hassan.
She's in a car, she's escaped.

They tried to kill me, but Tarin got me out.
They shot him.

He told me to call CTU.

Miss Hassan, my name is Jack Bauer.

We need to know
where you were being held.

-We've got the location, Jack.
-Targets are heading north on Orchard.

They're getting into an SUV.

We ID'd one of the targets.
It's Tarin Faroush.

Kayla said he sacrificed himself to save her,
but he's alive.

-The car that Tarin got into, where is it?
-The first exit off Williamsburg Bridge.

-You gotta put Hastings on now.
-I'm on, Jack.

You cannot let Kayla Hassan in.
The terrorists wanted to get her to CTU.

-She's in the tunnel.
-Stop the car!

-Put your hands where we can see them.
-It's an EMP!

-What the hell's happening?
-Contact NSA.

The terrorists just took out CTU.

Go. Go. Go.

-You all right?

Over here. Over here, let's go. Move.

-Are you okay?


-Central comm node is totally fried.
-Reroute to peripherals.

-I already tried that.
-Try again, Chloe.

I can't give you the status on the drones.
Every thing's down.

Which means
they're going to fall out of the sky?

Not yet. The nav systems should default
to autopilot.

They'll circle until they run out of gas.

We've lost aerial surveillance
and radiological-detection capability?


All right.
Agent Skaggs is heading outside on foot.

Have him contact FAA
with the drones' default flight paths.

They need to be taken down
before they crash into populated areas.

-Yes, sir.

-Are you okay?
-Am I okay?'

An EMP just took us out of play,
and now we're dropping the ball...

...on a radiological threat
against New York City.

No, Chloe, I am not okay,
and I won't be until we find those rods.

Sir, Kayla Hassan is finished in Medical.

I need her taken back her to the U.N.
so she can be evacuated.

-Okay, I'll do it.
-No, I'll do it.

Assemble division heads.
Tell them we have a briefing in 10 minutes.

Tell them to come
with full-damage-assessment reports.

Sir, their systems are down.
They can't generate reports.

Then tell them to use a pen
and a damn legal pad.

-Phil Holden.
-Phil, it's Jack Bauer.

Jack, I heard you were back in play.

I don't have a lot of
time, listen carefully.

Go ahead.

There's an IRK splinter cell trying to
smuggle weapons-grade uranium into the city.

I just read the threat assessment. It says
you've got a CTU team tracking them.

We did, but we lost them. CTU just got hit
by some electromagnetic-pulse device.

Wiped out all our visual and comm.

I want you to locate our hostiles
with one of your satellites.

We don't have any birds
over the metro area, Jack.

All aerial surveillance
was being routed through CTU.

What about traffic cams?

I can try.

Give me the hostiles' location.

Williamsburg Bridge,
West Broadway-Roebling Street exit.

They're driving a grey SUV.

I'll call you if we get a hit.

Also shut down all bridge
and tunnel traffic into the city.


Where you going?

NSA's shutting all bridge
and tunnel traffic.

-There's only one way for them to get in.
-Across the East River.

That's right.

-CTU is down.
-You have confirmation?

I have a real-time uplink
to the power grid.

It recorded a pulse surge
and now nothing.

CTU is blind, deaf and dumb.

-Have you secured this area?
-As you ordered.

-You've done well, Ali.
-Thank you.

Load the rods into the Zodiac.

I realize this was very difficult for you...

...but Hassan's daughter
was a necessary sacrifice.

Using her was the only way for us
to get the rods into the city.


Agents Beck and Henderson
will escort you back to the U.N.

-First, tell me what's going on.
-Agent Beck will brief you on the way.

Once there,
we need you to do something.

Your father gave us a file of IRK
covert agents operating in this country.

We need you to identify
the men working with Tarin.

I'm not doing anything
until you tell me what's happening.

The car you drove here
was rigged with an EMP device.

It's a pulse weapon
designed to disarm electronics.

It's crashed all our systems.

I don't understand.
Tarin put me in that car.

He used you, Miss Hassan.

He staged your escape, put you in that car
and sent you back here.

But he was shot. I saw him.

He is alive.

We spotted him a few minutes ago.

I know it's a lot to take in, but you need
to go with these agents to the U.N...

...and start looking through those files.

You've seen these terrorists.

If you can help us to ID them...

...we stand a chance of finding them
before they carry out their attack.

Good. See you soon.

Ahman has prepared the bomb.

It'll be short work
once we get the rods across the river.

A vehicle is coming.

-Where is it?
-It's coming from the east.

Black SUV, no markings.

-How many men have you got covering?

Wait until the SUV's in range,
then take them out.

Ali, let's go.

-Hold on.
-What is it?

I thought I caught something
in the infra red.

-Heat source by the water. Now it's gone.
-See if N.Y.P.D. can get units down here.

I'll contact NSA,
see if they've got surveillance of the area.

That's weird. I got four bars
but the call's not going through.

Me neither.

We're being jammed. They're here.
Damn it.

Get down, now!

Come on.

Vehicle's dead,
pass your weapons up front.

Cole, take the sniper to your north.

-Maintain coverage.
-Copy that.

I want you to get ready to unload
all the weapons from the back, ready?

-Yes, sir.
-Let's go.

How did they know where to look for us?

They must have followed
us from the vault.

Cole, use your infra red.
Call out the snipers as you see them.

Ten o'clock, high and low!

I'm counting four men.
I recognize one from the hospital.

He was the one that talked Marcos
out of detonating the vest.

It's Jack Bauer.

Ex-CTU. He was one of their best agents.

Nine o'clock, low!

We can still cross with the rods.

As long as we're certain
Bauer cannot warn anyone.

It's not a risk.

We started jamming their communications
as soon as they were in sight.

Now they can't leave.
Not with the snipers in position.


Make sure none of them get out alive.

I'll call you when we're across the river.
Let's move.


I've got two men leaving the dock in a boat.
One of them's Tarin Faroush.

They're carrying a box the right size
and shape for the rods.

Copy that!

They're out of my range.
Notify N.Y.P.D. before they cross the river.

I tried cell and radio frequencies.
They're all jammed.

There's a call box mounted on the building.
Ten o'clock.

-It's gotta be a hard line. Call from there.
-How you wanna get there?

The way the shooters are positioned...

...they'll pick us off as soon as we step out
from behind the vehicle.

Our vehicle's armoured.
Pull the panels, use them for cover.

Owen, King, start now.

Eleven o'clock, Jack!

Casualty reports are also coming in.

Three fatalities from the bomb blast
in the motor pool tunnel.

-Damn it. What else?
-Minor injuries for the most part.

Agent McCallan was burned
in a small electrical fire.

-How is he?
-He's gonna be okay.

But with our infirmary down, we had
to transport him to the local hospital.

Says here we have flooding.

The pumps are down and certain sections of
the basement have about 6 inches of water.

-Can you stop it or are we going to drown?
-A repair crew's working on it, sir.

Give me another update in 20 minutes.

-Excuse me, sir.
-Yes, what is it?

A team from NSA is here.



Brian Hastings, director of CTU.

Frank Haynam,
senior engineer at the New York field office.

-I understand you've been hit by an EMP.
-That's right.

I hope you're here to help
because we can use it.

We are indeed.
Brought my best men with me.

Thought we'd start by restoring
aerial surveillance and communications.

-Where's your server room?

I'll let my team know you're here.
You boys can put your heads together.

I prefer to work with my own people.

There's no one more familiar
with this facility than my crew.

Not exactly true. I was part of the group
that helped design this place.

Can't say I'm thrilled
with what you've done with it.

How did you find out we were hit?

Jack Bauer called our regional headquarters.
Told us your situation.

Bauer was pursuing the men behind
this attack when we lost contact with him.

Do you know where he is?

NSA's been trying to call him back.
He's not answering.

They're not sure why.

Right this way.

We're supposed to be writing assessments.
What are you doing?

There might be a way
to get some of our systems running.

-I haven't figured it out yet...

-...and I won't if you keep talking to me.
-All right, people, listen up.

This is Frank Haynam, senior engineer
of the NSA's New York field office.

He and his team are going to help us restore
aerial surveillance and communications.

So we can get back
to tracking the nuclear rods.

They also brought along
a fresh batch of cell phones.

Give them your full cooperation.
Whatever they need, make it happen.

Now, we have been knocked down, but I
promise you, we are going to get back up.

Let's get to work.

Agent Blochard, can you get Mr. Haynam
and his team down to the server room?

Come with me for authorizations.

Has NSA heard from Jack?

They spoke with Jack about 20 minutes ago
but haven't been able to reach him since.

-Why not?
-They don't know.

He could be in trouble.
You need to send men out.

Even if I had agents,
I wouldn't know where to send them.

Jack was heading toward the East River.
Four square miles of real estate.

Too much for me to commit
resources we don't have.

He was pursuing the terrorists.

-He's our chance at stopping this attack.
-We focus our efforts here.

When we get our eyes and ears back,
we'll find him.

It might be too late.

If anyone can take care of themselves,
it's Jack.

I want you to go down to the server room,
make sure Haynam has everything he needs.

Wait. What was the...?

It's worse than I thought,
90 percent of these components are fried.

We're gonna have to swap them out
and install new server boards.

Mr. Haynam?

Mr. Hastings wanted me to make sure
you have everything you need.

We're fine. Thank you.

You're going in
through the CLR processor?

We're gonna isolate it from the main servers
and create a subnet.

Creating a brand-new subnet from scratch.
That'll take forever.

Thanks for offering your help.
We'll take it from here.

There's another way.
I've been looking at the CTU schematics.

-Why not tap directly into the trunk line?
-Because I'm not insane.

Mr. Haynam, we need to make sure
those nuclear rods don't get into the city.

What I'm suggesting will be a lot faster.

-And it could make things a lot worse.
-How could things be any worse?

You reopen that line without buffers
in place, you could cause an overload.

Wind up electrocuting yourself, starting
a fire that could burn down the building.

I'm aware of the risks.

-I can create a workaround.
-You couldn't keep an EMP...

...from taking out your whole operation.
Forgive me if I don't bow to your expertise.

If you'd stop with the cheap insults
and listen...

I'm not here to brainstorm.

I'm here to clean up your mess.
You need to leave. Now.

I said now, Miss O'Brian.
I won't ask you again.

Start prepping the CLR for a diagnostic.

I'd stay away from that if I were you.

Is there any other way to get into
the trunk line besides the server room?

No, that's the only way in. Why?

I think I have a faster way to get us back
on-line, but Haynam says it's too dangerous.

I think he's a raging egomaniac.

Seems to be a prerequisite
for engineers these days.

You talk to Hastings?

If I tell Hastings, he'll
just shoot me down.

-Maybe not.
-And maybe the moon will fall from the sky.

Just let it go. These NSA guys
seem to know what they're doing.

-And if they don't, what happens to Jack?
-What's Jack got to do with this?

Never mind.

-Renee, it's Chloe. Where are you?

-I'm at Jack's apartment. What's going on?
-Everything. CTU was just hit by an EMP.

All of our systems are down.
It's a real mess.

-How did that happen?
-I can't go into it right now.

Terrorists were trying
to take out our radiological detectors.

-Where's Jack?
-I think he might be in some kind trouble.

-We need to find him.
-Slow down.

What do you mean? What kind of trouble?

Jack was tracking the terrorists
when the EMP hit.

He called NSA and they lost contact too.

-Does Hastings know about this?
-He's the one who told me.

-What's he doing about it?

He won't send anyone out
to look for him.

He says he can't spare the men
and that Jack can take care of himself.

Where was Jack before you lost contact?

He took the first exit
off the Williamsburg Bridge.

I'm gonna try to find him.
You need to get CTU back on-line.

Once you acquire Jack's position,
you can direct me to him.

That might take a while.

NSA brought in a repair team,
they're going about it all wrong.

-I have a faster way to get us back on-line.
-Then tell them.

I tried. They won't listen.

You need to make them listen.
Do what you have to do.

-Okay, I will.
-Call me when you're back up.

-We need support beams.
-The EMP took out all our systems.

Since we don't know how long
it's going to be until we're running again...

...we're going to evacuate
all non-essential personnel.

-You're going to follow Agent Combs.
-I need to speak with Mr. Prady, please.

Thank you.


I'm really sorry that it took me so long
to get back to you. I've been a little busy.

I know. They briefed me on what happened.
It's a terrible thing.

Yes. And I have some bad news
because of it.

The surveillance video that you wanted
has been erased by the EMP.


Everything in the building has been fried.

Well, that's a damn shame.

So you're telling me whoever helped
Kevin Wade rob that evidence locker...

...just caught a huge break.

I'm afraid so.

Are you sure that it was all erased,
Miss Walsh?

-I mean, don't you have a backup system?
-Yes. Yes, we do, but it's on-site.

And like I told you,
all the servers have been wiped clean.

I know how much Kevin means to you.

I really wish I could do more.

So you're sure that there's nothing else
you can tell me?

-Anything that would help me find Kevin?
-I have told you everything I know.

I'm sure you have.

Mr. Prady,
I really have to get back to work.

Good luck finding Kevin.
I hope that he's okay.

Me too.

If anything changes with those files,
I'll be in Little Rock.

-You have my number.
-Of course.

Hope you get your lights back on.

I think I found a way to deal with
the safety concerns you had with my idea.

Here's the workaround.

I thought I made myself clear. We're not
going anywhere near that trunk line.

I'm gonna ask you one last time.
We really need to do this my way.

We have agents in the field close to finding
the nuclear rods, and they need our help.

I'm gonna ask you one last time.
Get out of here.

Get out or I'll call security.

You get out.

-What the hell?

All of you, get out now.

Look, look, take a second to think.

Do you really wanna do this?

Mr. Haynam, I don't wanna hurt you.

You're probably an okay guy
when you're not at work.

You're wearing a wedding ring.

But I swear to God, if you don't leave
right now, I will shoot you.

Get out!


Go get Hastings
and tell him to bring security.

They're starting to flank us!

We're almost there!

-They're almost on us. We cannot stay here.
-Just give me one more second.

Okay, I'm ready. We're gonna
use these plates to form a wedge...

...so we can make it to the call box.
We need to move slow and steady.

It is imperative we stick together
for this to work.

-You understand?
-Yes, sir.

No matter how difficult it gets out there,
this armour is gonna protect us. Trust that.

-Yes, sir.
-Okay. Cole, you're with Agent King.

Owen, you're with me.

Let's go.

-The armour's not gonna hold up.
-Yes, it is. Maintain formation.

-Can you get a shot?
-Not from this angle.

-It's not holding up. We gotta go for it.
-Yes, it is. Slow down.

-We're almost there. Move.

No, no, no.

-There's nothing we can do for him.
-We can't leave him.

We don't leave our men behind.

Try and bring him in, you're dead.
They're trying to draw us out.

Best thing we can do for him is make it
to the hard line and call for help.

We're almost there.
You cover the north, Owen the east.

I can get there.

-Cover him.

I'm sorry. I couldn't leave him behind.

You did great.

Is he all right? Did he make it?

Did he make it?

Yeah, he made it.

Stay with me. Stay with me.

Jack, they're repositioning.

Stay on them.

-Are you all right?

-Are you sure?
-Yes, Mother, I'm okay.

I'm so sorry, Father.

I'm so sorry.

You were right about Tarin.

I should have listened to you.

You're safe.

That's what's important.

Mr. President, CTU is preparing
a subterranean evacuation route.

If there is a radiological attack,
you'll be shielded underground.

-When do we leave?
-As soon as possible.

President Taylor's waiting for you
with the other delegates.

-The files Mr. Hastings requested are inside.
-Thank you, sir.

Kayla, go with them.

She's strong.

She'll be all right.

We almost lost her.

And I almost lost you.

All for a peace agreement
that could fall apart at any moment.

And it will only get more difficult, Dalia.

My enemies will be waiting for me
once we return home.


...despite everything that's happened,
there's one thing I've never doubted.

That what you are doing here
is absolute good.

You have to be strong too.

We need to get in there
before O'Brian can do more damage.

I understand the situation, Mr. Haynam.

-How long?
-I need to drill into the locking mechanism.

-Shouldn't take more than a couple minutes.
-This woman is out of her mind.

Where do you find these people?

She pulled a weapon on me.
She was ready to use it too.

I seriously doubt that.
She was just trying to scare you.

Yeah? Well, she did a very good job.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Yes, O'Brian's gone off the deep end.

She thinks she knows
how to get the CTU running.

But she's locked herself in the server room
to do it. We'll be in there in a few seconds.

-What's she trying to do?
-She's trying to tap into the trunk line...

...which I don't have to tell you,
is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Stop what you're doing, Chloe.

-Let's see the gun.
-Okay, don't shoot or anything.

-What I did is crazy. I know I'm in trouble.
-You're damned right.

I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think
it could work. I just need 10 minutes.

-Get her out of here now.
-Let me give the orders.

-She pulled a gun on me.
-I know what she did. Now shut up.

Let me handle it.

-Chloe, what the hell were you thinking?
-Jack's looking for those rods...

...he might need help.
I can get satellite and comm back up.

I just need to finish tapping into that line.
I told Mr. Haynam, but he wouldn't listen.

So I pulled a gun on him.

I didn't want to. I don't even like guns.

Dana, what's your take on this?

Mr. Haynam is right.

Tapping into the trunk line is dangerous
and there's no guarantee that it'll work.

Cole could be in trouble.
Aren't you worried?

Yes, I am. That's why I can't go along with
your plan. It's reckless. I'm sorry, Chloe.

You've never been my biggest fan.
Why start now?

Look, it's not as dangerous
as they're saying.

I've taken precautions. This can work.

I just need 10 minutes.

If I can't get the systems on-line by then,
fine, arrest me.

You brought me on for this job
because I didn't think like anyone else.

Ever since I got here,
I've been punished for that.

I've been right more than once today.

I think I've proven myself,
and I think I deserve that 10 minutes.

-Ten minutes.
-Thank you, sir.

You can't be serious about this.

-You need any help?
-No, just let me work.

All right, let's give the lady some space.

That's all, gentlemen.

You are making a huge mistake.

but I'm willing to take that chance.

O'Brian proved herself today.
I want to see what she comes up with.

I'd appreciate it
if you and your men would stand by.

Yes? What is it?

There's a man here
who wants to speak with you, Bill Prady.

He says he's a probation officer.

-Probation officer?
-From Arkansas, sir.

-What's he want?
-He didn't say.

Put him in Holding 2.
Tell him I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Dana, stay here in case O'Brian
needs anything. I'll be in my office.

Yes, sir.

-Mr. Hastings, are you there?
-We're here, Chloe. What's your status?

I'm into the trunk line.
I'm about to activate the bypass circuit.

Okay, what can we expect?

If I don't electrocute myself, some of our
primary systems should start booting up.

All right, whenever you're ready.

We've got power to comm.

And one of the sat links is back on-line.

All right, that's good enough.
Start looking for Bauer.

-Okay, Chloe, it's working. You all right?
-I just need a few more minutes.

-I'll be right there.

Mr. Hastings, one more thing.

If you do locate Jack,
you need to call Renee Walker.

-She went out looking for him.

-She should be in the vicinity.
-Will do.

Why don't you go see
if Miss O'Brian needs a hand?

And be civil this time.

Come on, Owen. Stay with me.

Stay with me.

He's gone.

I lost two of the snipers. If we're gonna
make a move, we gotta do it soon, Jack.

We can't lay down cover fire
for something we can't see.

We need to give them
something to shoot at.

I'll break to the north, draw their fire,
you run for the call box.

-That's a suicide play. You'll never make it.
-But you will.

-I can't let you do that.
-I'm in command here.

That's what gonna happen.
Do you understand?


-I need you to do me a favour.
-What is it?

You make sure
that Hastings keeps his promise.

That he doesn't bring Renee back in.

I give you my word.

Not gonna have long
before they start firing.

Good luck, Jack.

You make it to that call box.



Jack? Jack. Jack.

It's okay. It's okay.
It's me. It's Renee. It's okay.

It's okay.

They got the fuel rods in a boat.

They're heading across the river
into the city.

I can't breathe.

It's okay. Nothing went through.

Relax, you may have a collapsed lung.
Try not to move.

Jack, I got through to CTU. They just got
back on-line. N.Y.P.D.'s sending choppers.

-We still got a good shot at finding them.

Mr. Hastings,
I just got a call from Agent Ortiz.

The rods are on a Zodiac
with two terrorists aboard.

They were heading north west
across the river towards the city.

-Where are the choppers?
-One second.

-They just arrived at the port.
-Redirect them.

Start diverting all available N.Y.P.D. units
to that shoreline.

-We need to lay down a cordon.
-Yes, sir.


-Thanks. You were...
-I'm not good with praise.

Go. Go.

Get us out of here.

What do you think you're doing
going to my boss?

My job.

I've answered all your questions.
Why won't you just leave?

I can't do that.

I know you were involved with that robbery,
Miss Walsh.

-I think you know exactly where Kevin is.

I think you're protecting him.

-You are out of your mind.
-And you're a liar.

I'm not leaving here
until I know the truth.

This'll go a lot smoother for you
if you just come clean right now.

It's not too late, Miss Walsh.

But I promise you, if you don't...

...I'm gonna nail your ass to the wall.

Contact CTU. See if they picked them up
coming across the river.

It's me. CTU's back on-line.

I know.
There are helicopters searching the river.

They're getting close.

-You should have warned us earlier.
-I didn't have time.

I was too busy preserving my cover.

I don't know how much longer
I'll be able stay under.

-I thought you took care of that problem.
-So did I. It came back.

Well, we can't stay here.

The police must already be
cordoning off the area.

We're going to need your help
getting clear.

I will get you out of there. Don't worry.

Stand by. I'll call you in a few minutes.

NYPD Dispatch, I need to be
routed to Chloe O'Brain at CTU.

Copy that. Stand by.

NYPD Air Two. This is Agent
Cole Ortiz with CTU.

It is imperative that we find
the Zodiac and its contents.

The plan is to continue on the
hostiles last known heading,

and proceed with a 10
degree sweep pattern

Agent Ortiz, I have you routed to CTU.

Go ahead. Chloe O'Brian.

Chloe, its Cole. I'm
airborne with NYPD Air One.

Do we have TAC cover to the river yet?

We're just now getting feed from the NSA.

I'm working as fast as I can to roll
back footage of the boat launch.

I need that boat's 20 ASAP.
Are the drones back on line?

They're circling on auto pilot.

Arlo's bringing the
link upto speed.

I need eyes on this river.

Cole, if you have ever been in an EMP blast,

you'd know it's a miracle to even have
servers up and running right now.

Quick. Run a search vector algorithm

It was a six person Zodiac, with
probably a 40 horsepower outboard.

Same type we used in
Marine Special Ops.

Running it now.

Okay. Considering your estimates
and the East River's current,

we are looking at 15th Street.

That's too wild. They need
some place with more cover.

Chloe, what about East River Park.

Recalculating probable land fall scenarios.

They confirm your theory, Cole

OK. Concentrate all NYPD ground
units on East River Park,

between 6th and 13th. Set up a strict
cordon 5 blocks out in all directions.

They're already en route. 4 minutes out.

And Chloe, how's Jack.

Retrieving him at the scene.
Renee says he'll be fine.

That's good to hear.

When he's clear, I'd like to speak with him.

I'll let the medic know.

Agent Ortiz. This is Air Two.

We have a visual on a possible
Zodiac in the river up ahead.