24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 12 - Day 8: 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. - full transcript

Nuclear fuel rods await transport into Manhattan, Jack pursues a lead to a hotel, Kayla is in danger, and a Southern probation officer wants information from Dana.

Let's get the other body and get cleaned up
before we head to CTU.

I'm trying to locate an individual
by the name of Kevin Wade.

Kevin's probation officer just called.

He has records that show
him calling my cell several times.

-You just have to handle this.
-I don't know if I can do this.

Lie. We both know you're good at it.

Put your hands where I can see them.
Do not move!

-Marcos is out of the chamber.
-Hang up now and transmit the fail-safe.

-What's happening?
-I don't know if I'm able to do this in time.

How are they gonna smuggle the fuel rods
into the city?

-I don't know.
-Damn it, Marcos, give me a name.

President Hassan's head of security,
Tarin Faroush.

You need to call UN Security, and
have them take Mr. Faroush into custody.

-Tarin's not here.
-Where is he?

I don't know.
Somewhere with my daughter.

Tarin is working with your father's enemies.
You must tell me where you are.

-The Teodore Hotel, Suite 514.
-Just stay where you are.

The police will be there shortly.

I thought you weren't gonna
take your mother's call.

I'm sorry, my love,
I just didn't want her to worry.

-Did you tell her where we are?
-Of course not.

We're arriving at the landing now.

Soon we'll be able to transport the rods
into Manhattan.

-Are CTU's radiation sensors down?
-Not yet, but we'll be ready.

All right, listen up.

This is what we know. IRK nationalists
are targeting New York with a dirty bomb.

We have one lead: Hassan's
former head of security Tarin Faroush.

We believe
he wants to disable our defences...

...so they can smuggle the bomb
into Manhattan. Chloe.

Tarin is staying at the Teodore Hotel
with President Hassan's daughter, Kayla.

Kayla has been warned
that Tarin is working with the terrorists.

She'll be trying to keep him at the hotel
until TAC arrive.

What's our ETA on that?

N.Y.P.D. is approaching the staging area,
CTU's still 10 minutes out.

Chloe, you liaise with N.Y.P.D.

Actually, Dana is better
at the inter agency protocols than I am.


Jack Bauer's heading field ops.

Dana's on point with N.Y.P.D.,
Arlo will run aerial. Let's get to it.

With all the changes going on around here,
who do I report to exactly, you or Dana?

-What does it matter?
-Well, I just like to be clear.

The only thing
you need to be clear about...

...is that there's a bomb about to go off
in Manhattan. So just do your job.

Drone's in position over the Teodore Hotel
awaiting your instructions.

Kayla, we have to go.

Nearly ready.

-What was that? Are you all right?
-It was nothing, I'm fine.

-The Americans got Marcos to talk.

He may have compromised you.

-Did the girl receive any phone calls?
-Yes, one. Her mother.

Get out now, and bring her with you.
We're moving to the next phase.

-I'll need a vehicle.
-Hamid is on his way.

Kayla, we must go now.

Just one more minute.

Hurry up, please.

Jack, I'm uploading
Tarin Faroush's file to you now.

Copy that. Okay, I've got it.

We also need hotel schematics
and access to their security systems.

Coming to you now.
Target is in Room 514.

Hotel security is standing by
to give N.Y.P.D. access.

Jack, Brian Hastings, what's your ETA?

Eight minutes. Can you patch me through
to our man at N.Y.P.D.?

We're doing that now.
Name's Sergeant Amis.

Sergeant Amis, Dana Walsh, CTU.

Been waiting on you, Miss Walsh.
We're in our staging area already.

-Go ahead, Jack.
-Sergeant Amis, Jack Bauer.

Our target, Tarin Faroush, is in Room 514.
He has a female hostage, Kayla Hassan.

She's the daughter of President Hassan
of the IRK.

We'll handle him. We'll make sure
that girl doesn't come to any harm.

Take Tarin alive. He's our only lead to
a major terrorist threat against New York.

-Like I said, we'll handle him.
-Don't underestimate this man.

He was head of security.
He knows what he's doing.

I want your men to set up a perimeter and
wait for us. I'm monitoring hotel security.

We'll give you a heads-up
if we've got any action from the room.

Kayla, my friend from the State Department
is waiting for us. We must go now.

Just one more second, please.



-What are you doing?
-Stop this. We walk out of here now.

-No, I'm not going anywhere.
-Just move.

Where are you taking me?

Believe me, the last thing I wanna do
is hurt you, but I will.

-We've got movement on the fifth floor.
-Are you getting this?

Someone tipped him off. Sergeant?

I know, target's on the move.
I'm going in.

Negative. We're five minutes out.
Hold your position.

I'm on the ground, Bauer. It's my call.

This is a CTU operation.
I'm telling you to hold your position.

-I'm going in.

SWAT team's on their way in now.

Tarin's at the elevators.

Lost picture on the fifth.

Target has taken out
elevator security camera and is armed.

-I am ordering you to stand down.
-I'm right on him.

Sergeant, that was an order.

Sergeant Amis, can you hear me?

-Ser... Chloe, have you got anything?

Shots fired. We have shots fired.

All N.Y.P.D. report status.

-Repeat, report status.
-This is Faulkner. I'm hit.

-Amis and Martin are down.
-Where's the target?

Heading toward the fire escape
on the south side. He's got the girl.

ESU, this is Agent Ortiz.
Cover the south fire escape now.

-Medics, men down on the fifth floor.
-That doesn't make sense.

-What do you mean?
-Tarin took out three men.

Why's he using the fire escape?
He should be heading down the stairs.

Son of a bitch. N.Y.P.D., target is
impersonating an officer, he has the girl.

I want you to fall back and cover all exits.
I repeat, target is impersonating an officer.

Cover all exits.

-Chloe, do you see anything?

-Arlo, get us the drone feed.
-Roger that.

-Drop the gun. Put it down.

Drop it now!

Target at Allen Street exit.
He's got the girl.

-We need that drone feed.
-Coming through.

There's a cab pulling up.

Officer Bellow, behind you.

They're heading for the cab.

All ESU, we have two officers down
in the alley behind the hotel.

Target is moving to Allen Street,
escaping in a yellow cab.

-Tracking the cab.

Advise all N.Y.P.D. mobile units,
we cannot lose that vehicle.

-On it.
-Taxi's in the Delancey underpass. I'm blind.

-We have traffic cams?
-Not in the underpass.

We're two blocks from Delancey.

-Any sign of the cab?
-Still in the underpass.

The underpass is less than half a click.
Where are they?

-N.Y.P.D. mobile units, 90 seconds out.
-Go left, Jack. Go left right here.

There it is. I got the cab. I got the cab.


I want you to slowly open your door.

Open the door now.

It's empty. It's empty!

Backtrack drone footage.
Trace every vehicle that left the underpass.

Get N.Y.P.D. to set roadblocks.
They were here 30 seconds ago.

-We should join the sweep.

No, they're gone.

-You don't know.
-Yeah, I do. They're gone.

Chloe, I'm gonna need a kidnap
and an electronic intercept package.

-Have it meet me at the UN.

I need to talk to President Hassan.

That's who the terrorists
are gonna contact next.

-That's why they kidnapped his daughter.
-Suit up, nobody in or out.

Tarin just called. He has the girl.


-Samir, where are the nuclear rods?
-They're still outside the city.

We haven't disabled
the American radiological detectors yet.

Then how will you bring the rods to me?

It's been taken care of.

We've backtracked drone and traffic footage
looking for Kayla and Tarin.

-Nothing's come up yet.
-Bauer's status?

Two minutes from the UN. An electronic
intercept team is en route to him.

-Keep me informed.

Miss Walsh?
There's a Mr. Prady here to see you.

-He says he spoke to you on the phone.
-Thank you.

Chloe, would you mind covering for me
for a few minutes?

Mr. Prady. Dana Walsh.

-A pleasure, Miss Walsh.
-It'll be quieter in here.

This is... This is some impressive facility.

What is it you do here?

Intelligence analyst.

Mr. Prady,
we've got a major situation here...

I understand.
I won't take up much of your time.

Okay. It's 3 in the morning,
you're 2000 miles from home.

You mind telling me what's so urgent?

Yeah. It's about the young man
I mentioned on the phone, Kevin Wade.

This is him right here.

You know him, don't you?


I should have been honest with you
on the phone.

I met Kevin a couple days ago at a bar.

Was there another man with him?

He was travelling with an ex-con
named Nick Coughlin. Bad news.

Done time on robbery, attempted murder.

No. No, I've never seen him.


So, what happened with you and Kevin?

We talked for a while.

I drank more than I should,
and we ended up back in his van.

You had sex with him.

-Do you know where he is now?

No. I didn't see him again.

-The whole thing was a mistake.
-Why so?

Because I am getting married
in a few weeks.

It was the pressure. I don't know.

All the wedding plans.

I went out for a drink. I didn't intend...

Maybe I did. I don't know.

I don't know anything any more.

All I know is that if my fiance finds out
he will never forgive me.

I'm not looking to ruin your life.

I just wanna retrieve Kevin before he gets
in more trouble than violating his parole.

I understand. I hope that you find him.

Yeah, the thing is, Miss Walsh...

...I got a call a couple hours ago
from my N.Y.P.D. friend, Tom Hardiman.

Seems like there was a break-in
at a police evidence lock up.

Again, bad business.

Officer got beaten up, left in a coma...

...but guess whose prints
were on the assault weapon.

Yeah, that nasty SOB, Nick Coughlin.

Now, what I'm afraid of is where Nick is,
Kevin is too...

...and I really need to find him.

And, like I told you, I only saw him
the once. I have no idea where he is.

And you're sure about that?

Mr. Prady, we are in the middle
of a national security crisis.

-I have to go back to my desk.
-Okay. Okay.

I'm sorry.

Perhaps, if I talk to your supervisor,
he could let you take a few minutes off.

Or I could wait here, stay out of your way
till you have some time.

-Fine. You have to stay here though.
-Of course.


I don't understand.
The Americans knew where Kayla was.

How did they lose her?

Before we blame them, remember,
it was our people, our own people...

...who kidnapped Kayla,
not the Americans.

Mr. President, the CTU is here.

Mr. President, I'm Jack Bauer.
You already know Cole Ortiz.

We regret not being able
to find your daughter.

I promise we're gonna do everything
to recover her.

How did you lose her?
How did that happen?

Tarin had been warned, ma'am.
We arrived too late.

-It was your people.
-Dalia, please.

-What do they want with Kayla?
-We were hoping you could tell us.

Faroush was your head of security.

Meaning he knows everything you know.
He took your daughter...

...because he's trying to leverage something
from you. Any idea what?

I don't know.

Sir, we believe the kidnappers
will contact you directly.

We need to set up monitoring devices
so we can track their call.

Do what you need to do.
Just, please, get our child back.


-Thank you. With me.

Set up tech here.

Tarin! Don't.



No, please.

No, please. No.

Do what he says and you won't get hurt.

Who is he? Another traitor?

The only traitor is your father.

Tie her up.

No. Get off. No.


-Do you recognize the number?
-There isn't one.

We've got a call coming in
on the mother's cell.

We're working on it.

Answer it. Keep them on the phone
as long as possible.

-Your husband is a traitor...

...to the people of the republic.
He alone has made our actions necessary.

-He cannot be trusted.
-Where's my daughter?

I want to talk to her.

Whether you ever see her again, depends
on what your husband does right now.

-Put him on.

-They want to talk to you.
-Give me the phone.

Chloe, we need to be hearing this.

-We're still working on it.
-Okay, we've got it. You should have audio.

This is President Hassan. Who are you?

I'm a loyal servant
of the republic you're trying to destroy.

Now shut up, Omar, and listen.

I want to talk to my daughter.

Let me tell you what I want.

File 33.

-File 33.
-Log it in, File 33.

-That is the price of your daughter.
-I don't know what that is.

You had to say that, of course.

You're a vain man
concerned about appearances...

...and the Americans are listening.

But please...

...do not insult me by saying this again.

I won't say anything
until I talk to my daughter.


If that's what you want.

I'm sending you an IP address.
Give it to one of the people listening in.

Okay, got it.

Don't hurt her. It's me you want.

I told you what I want.

File 33.

I told you, I don't know what that is.
Take me instead.

You have 15 minutes.
No excuses, no stalling.

Fifteen minutes or she dies here like this,
while you watch.

Stop it. Stop it!

I'll find the file.
Whatever it is, I'll get it for you!

-Yes, sir.
-Mr. President, what is File 33?

-I've got Brian Hastings on the line.

-Jack, you know anything about this file?

No, but I'm standing here with
President Hassan. I'll put you on speaker.

-Go ahead.
-Mr. President, this is Brian Hastings.

I have no Intel on the file they're talking
about. Can you tell me what this is?

Sir, they gave you 15 minutes.

If you wanna see your daughter again,
you don't have time to waste.

Omar, what is this file?

Show them.

Show them.

Dalia, I'll do anything for Kayla.

-I would give my own life.
-Then give them this file.


Put it up on the screen,
mirror it over to CTU.

Hastings, are you seeing this?

Yes, I am.

Mr. President this file appears
to contain operational details...

...of all U.S. anti-nuclear defences.

-That's correct.
-Including our radiological-detection arrays.

This is highly-classified DOD material.
I need to know how you got this.

How do you think, Mr. Hastings?

For 20 years,
your nation has threatened mine...

...with everything from economic sanctions
to military attack.

So we gathered intelligence
and found weaknesses in your defences.

We did what any other country would do.

Mr. President, that file shows the fatal
flaws of our nuclear-detection capabilities.

If the terrorists
were to get that,

they could smuggle the
fuel rods into Manhattan.

You understand we cannot let you give that
to them. We're talking about the lives...

-...of tens of thousands of people.
-And what of my daughter?

What of her life?

With all due respect, madam, your family
brought this threat to my country.

We're doing the best we can.

-Jack, you still on?
-Yeah, we all are.

We may have a lead
on the daughter's location.

Arlo isolated a subway noise
from the video transmission...

...cross-referencing it
with real-time train positions.

There aren't a lot of trains this late
at night, especially within radius.

They were heading south-east.

They've gotta be near the F train stop
by the Williamsburg Bridge.

Copy. Cole and I will head there now.
We'll bring TAC.

-Need a second team?
-Yes, and aerial. Everything you've got.

Have your men ready
and assembled right away.

Mr. President, we're gonna need you
to stall them when they call.

-We'll set up a fake file you can transmit.

They'll see through that.

We just need you to stall them long enough
so we can locate your daughter.

Stall them anyway you can,
you need to make this work.

-We will do whatever we have to.
-Thank you.

-Please, don't say...

-Why are you doing this?

-Why are you doing this?
-Please don't say anything more.



-Is there trouble?
-No, why would there be?

-What's the problem?
-They're never gonna hand over that file.

-They have to.
-And if they don't?

Killing her was not part of the plan.

You were willing to die
in Hassan's limousine earlier today.

-You were willing to do anything.
-I still am.

You assured me your feelings for this girl
would not get in the way.

So tell me, do I need someone else
to take care of her?


Stay strong.

We're almost there.

-Arlo, what's the status on our target area?
-Still looking at almost six square blocks.

-How far out are Jack and Cole?
-Six minutes.

That leaves us 30 seconds to find her.
We've gotta narrow this down.

-Where's the second TAC team?
-Leaving now.


Who is that?


Mr. Prady, this is a secure area.
If you're not gonna wait in holding...

-...I'm gonna ask you to leave.
-Sorry, I had a question.

I'm in the middle of a situation.
I don't have time.

I wouldn't be bothering you, but I just
got off the phone with my N.Y.P.D. friend.

He said I have to ask you about the security
cameras at the police evidence lock up.

Because you know what?

It turns out they malfunctioned
for the exact duration of the incident.

Well, somebody obviously
disabled the cameras.

Well, yeah, but not Nick and Kevin.

I mean, a crowbar
is about as high-tech as those two get.

Now, that's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

See, I'm thinking
that someone must have helped them.

Now, my friend says
that all the raw video...

...from every government facility
feeds right here into CTU.

-Am I understanding that right?

He also said, correct me if I'm wrong...

...that the digital images
are archived every eight hours.

And meta data...
ls that what it's called, meta data?

That allows you to trace the exact source
of any service outage.

So everything I need to solve this
is right here.

You can get it for me, right?

Mr. Prady, we don't just give data
to people off the street.

Well, now, that's right. That's right.
You need an IDRAN.

An inter agency data-request
authorization number.

Yeah, Hardiman gave me one of those.

He said everything should fit
on a 100-gig thumb drive.

So is that gonna be a problem,
getting that for me?



They reprocessed the noise,
managed to narrow down the grid.

-How big?
-About 12 buildings total.

Apartments, offices, retail,
still too much ground to cover.

Agent Ortiz.


-It's over.
-I'm sorry, I'm not sure I heard you.

The parole officer looking for Kevin
is here at CTU.

He knows about the robbery,
the cameras, everything.

-Are you certain?

He's after the raw feeds.

He's got an inter agency request.

I'm gonna give it to him, Cole.

I'm sorry to call you.
I just thought that you should know.

-Why don't you wait?
-Do you hear me?

He knows everything.
He'll go to Hastings.

Don't do anything.
We'll talk about it when I get back.

I can't wait.

If you're here, you'll just get in
more trouble trying to protect me.

I can't let that happen.

I love you, Cole.

Dana. Dana?

-You got a problem?

-Good. I need you to keep your head in this.
-You got it.


You're running out of time.

The technicians have prepared
the file I'll be sending.

But these people who have Kayla,
they won't believe a fake file.

But they might believe you.

You have a gift, Omar.
When you talk, people listen.

You need to convince them,
for our daughter.

Say whatever you need to, to buy time.

I have seen you move so many people.

You can do this. I know it.

-Mr. President?

I'm sorry.

It's time.

The deadline is here.
Your father has not responded.

You hate him that much,
you would do this to me?


I don't want to die.


Then let us pray,
for once, your father does the right thing.

Tarin, you can't let them do this.

I know you. This is not you.

And I know in my heart that you love me.
In my heart, I know.

And so I don't understand why.

Nearly there, sir.

The uplink is ready.

Let's go.

Stop them!

Hold on. Wait, wait, wait.

Follow me.

This way, come on.

My father will help us.

He's surrounded by traitors.
We have to get to CTU.

Here, the number is in this cell phone.
Call them.

Tarin. No. No.

Tarin, no! Tarin! No.


Omar, what has happened to her?
Did the Americans stop the call?

I don't know.

Maybe they were afraid
we'd hand over the real file.

They could have gotten
our daughter killed.

-Why aren't we seeing anything?
-Not sure. Arlo's scanning the audio source.

Four minutes ago there was a spike.
Sounded like a gunshot.

-Did Jack hear anything?
-No. He's still a quarter of a mile out.

Mr. Hastings, you better take this.
It's Kayla Hassan, she's escaped.


-Miss Hassan, Brian Hastings, CTU.

-Are you all right?
-No. No, I'm not all right.

I'm driving. They might be chasing me,
I don't know.

-Where are you?
-I don't know.

Track her cell phone, patch Jack in.

We're tracking your cell phone now.
Do not turn it off. Tell us what happened.

They tried to kill me, but Tarin got me out.
He found a car, but they caught us.

They shot him. He's dead.

He told me to call CTU,
that it was the only safe place.

Miss Hassan, my name is Jack Bauer.

We need to know
where you were being held.

-I don't know.
-Ma'am, look...

...I know you've been through
a great ordeal, but this is very important.

Can you try to remember
what the building looked like?

It was dark, and it was empty.

It had a vault, like a bank,
but abandoned.

-Chloe, did you get that?
-Got it.

You need to tell my father
that Tarin Faroush helped me escape...

-...that he sacrificed his life for me.
-We've got the location, Jack.

Republic Commerce Bank,
9621 East Broadway.

It closed a year ago.
Only bank on the grid.

We're gonna need drone support,
and send a second team over to the bank.

We got them.

Miss Hassan, we've got you on 1st Avenue
and East 5th. Continue going straight...

-...I will tell you when to turn.

Cover this exit. When the team gets here,
send them down.

-Cole, you're with me.
-Yes, sir.

Let's take the door.



Chloe, it's Jack.
We're in the basement of the bank.

There's some kind of tunnel system.

I've got the schematics,
I'm seeing it now.

We're gonna head down a spur
south-east from the vault.

-How many exit points?
-Two exits. No, three.

Have the drone cover all the exit points.

I'm sending you my screen.
Can you get eyes on all the exits?

Yeah. Ascending to 5000.

Climb up.

I've got movement at the south exit.

I've got four hostiles approaching Division
Street on foot heading north east. You copy?

Cole, they've double-backed up top.

Chloe, we're moving to intercept.

-Where's Kayla?
-She's approaching the tunnel entrance.

She'll be with us in two minutes.
Security is standing by.

Good work, people.


-Good work.
-Thank you, sir.

If you'll excuse me for a few minutes...

Targets are heading north on Orchard.

They're getting into an SUV, Jack,
do you copy?

-Yeah. Just stay with them, we'll follow.
-Owen, King, you're coming with us.

You, take King's vehicle.
You, double-back around Orchard.

Chloe, I've got a shot here
for facial recognition.

Send it to me.

It's Tarin Faroush.

He's supposed to be dead.
Kayla said they shot him.

You did the right thing, Tarin.

I know.

She will die for a good cause.

-Jack, Cole, come in.
-Go ahead, Chloe.

We ID'd one of the targets.
It's Tarin Faroush.

Kayla said he sacrificed himself to save her,
but he's still alive.

-Are you absolutely sure?

What's going on?

The terrorists asked us
to give them a file...

...they knew we would never give them.
They never expected us to. Put Hastings on.

I'm on, Jack.

You cannot let Kayla Hassan in.
The terrorists faked her escape.

-They wanted to get her to CTU.
-For what purpose?

What's the best way to disarm
New York's radiological defences?

Taking out CTU. There's gotta be
something in the car, a bomb.

-You need to stop her now.
-Where is she?

Oh, my God. She's in the tunnel.


We got a break. Security break.

-Back up all stations.

Dana, with me.

The car that Tarin got into,
where's it now?

Crossing into Brooklyn, taking the first exit
off the Williamsburg Bridge.

-We cannot lose them, do you understand?

Stop the car.

-Put your hands where we can see them.
-Dana, call the bomb squad.

-Get out of the car.
-We're out of here, let's go!

-Take her.
-Bomb squad to the tunnel entrance.

-Get his area clear, now!
-Get her away from here.

-Hastings, have you stopped that car?
-Not in time, Jack. Hold on, just hold on.

It's an EMP. It's an EMP!

Shut down your systems
to protect the drones.

There's no time, Jack.

-Get away from the car.
-I can move it.

Come on, get out of there.

Get out of there!

Chloe, can you hear me?

Those drones are our only way
of tracking down those terrorists.

Pass them off to the NSA.

Damn it, we're blind.
Chloe, did you cop...? Chloe?

What the hell's happening?

We need to contact NSA.
The terrorists just took out CTU.