24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 14 - Day 8: 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. - full transcript

Kamistani rebels give President Taylor an hour to turn over Hassan, sedition strikes Taylor's administration, CTU harbors a traitor, and Jack walks into an ambush.

There's an IRK cell trying to smuggle
weapons-grade uranium into the city.

Just read the threat assessment.

Shut down all bridge and tunnel traffic
into the city.

Where you going?
- There's one way to get in.

- Across the East River.
- That's right.

CTU was just hit by an EMP.

- All our systems are down. It's a mess.
- Where's Jack?

I think he might be in trouble.
We need to find him.

You need to get CTU online.

Once you acquire Jack's position,
direct me to him.

I have a faster way to get back online,
but they won't listen.

You need to make them listen.
Do what you have to do.

Frank Haynam, senior engineer,
New York field office.

I hope you're here to help.
We can use it.

- Going in through the CLR processor?
- We're gonna create a new subnet.

That'll take forever.

I can create a workaround.
Tap into the trunk line.

What I'm suggesting will be faster.

I'm here to clean up your mess. Leave.

You get out. Get out!

We got power to comm.

Load the rods into the Zodiac.
It'll be short work...

once we get the rods
across the river.

A vehicle is coming.

Wait until the SUV's in range,
then take them out.

Get down! Now!

I've got two men leaving the dock
in a boat.

They're carrying a box
the right size for the rods.

Jack, I got through to CTU.
They just got back online.

N.Y.P.D.'s sending choppers.

- We still got a shot of finding them.
- Good.

I know you were involved
with that robbery.


You are out of your mind.
- I'm not leaving until I know the truth.

CTU's back online.

I know.

Their helicopter's searching the river.
They're getting close.

- We're going to need help getting clear.
- I'll get you out of there.

Standby. I'll call you in a few minutes.

You have Grade 3 level bruising.
You don't want painkillers?

They're wrapped. They'll be fine.

I can't know if the ribs are broken
without an x-ray.

Any stress
could cause the lung to collapse.

Trust me, they're not broken. Thanks.

You're sure you're okay?
- Fine. Where we at with the fuel rods?

We found the Zodiac partly submerged
in the river near 11th Street, empty.

The rods are in Manhattan.
It's not over, CTU doesn't think...

we're more than a few minutes

- Who's running the op? Cole?
- Yeah.

Contact Chloe. Get her to download
archival photos from 11th and the river.

- Date them back 15 minutes.
- Okay.

Fire it up. I want you ready to go
as soon as we've got a target.

Just spoke to a witness
who said he saw four men...

unloading the contents of
a metal crate into a cab.

- He didn't get a plate.
- Can we roll back satellite?

We can now. NSA just rerouted them.
I'm logging onto their server now.

This is from one minute ago.

I'm rolling back in 30-second increments.

- This is from six minutes ago.
- Find them in real time, Chloe.

- Arlo, alert N.Y.P.D. Dana?
- Right here, sir.

Contact HAZMAT and NEST teams.

- Get them mobilized.
- Right on that.

Almost there, sir.

Okay, I'm live. Suspects are proceeding
west on 14th Street.

- Cole, did you get that?
- Yes, sir. On the move.

They've located you on satellite.

- How far away are they?
- Not very. Hold on.

N.Y.P.D. Confirms
they have units on the way.

- How far out?
- Ten blocks coming from the north.

- Head to the south.
- Turn left.

- Suspect just turned south on 7th.
- Got it.

- I hear sirens. Hurry up.
- Just a second.

I'm inserting the machine code now.
Just get ready.

Satellite will be disabled
for 30 seconds.

On my mark.

We've lost image.
- Go.

- What happened?
- Trunk line went out.

Get it back. Cole, we just lost picture.
Last known location, 7th and Waverly.

Copy that.


- Where are you now?
- On the Hudson, heading uptown again.

You'll run into 9th Avenue. You'll be able
to blend into cab traffic there.

We're back up. Cab's gone.

Find it.

Scanning. Arlo, help me widen the grid.
You take west of 7th, I'll take east.

Widening it now.

- Not yet.

- Chloe?
- No. We were out for 30 seconds.

They could be anywhere.

- We're back, but we lost them.
- I'll have N.Y.P.D. Cordon off the area.

Have them check every garage,
warehouse, loading dock.

- They must have pulled in somewhere.
- Yes, sir.

Get me the president.

- Are we clear?
- Yes.

Good. We're moving the weapon
into place as soon as it is assembled.

I need you to send me N.Y.P.D.
Patrol patterns and checkpoints.

- As soon as it's safe.
- Not good enough. I need them now.

My instructions were to help you,
not jeopardize my cover.

I will call you back when I can.

Madam President,
I'm afraid I have bad news.

Terrorists have gotten the nuclear rods
into Manhattan.

How good is your intelligence?
Are you sure?

We are. In fact, we had a visual on
the suspects until a few moments ago.

- What happened?
- We lost them.

We're launching a multi-agency search
in the area we think they're in.

That you think they're in?
Will you be able to find them or not?

We're doing everything in our power,
but right now I don't have an answer.

Madam President,
I'm sorry to have to tell you this.

I can no longer guarantee
the safety of Manhattan.

How the hell could this happen?

CTU had one priority:
To make sure this didn't happen.

It's unacceptable.

Consider the entire resources
of the government at your disposal.

Whatever help you need,
we must find those rods.

- I understand, Madam President.
- We also need to prepare for the worst.

I want all branches of local
law enforcement ready to respond...

to an imminent radiological attack.

Yes, ma'am.

Ethan, set up a situation room
and assemble the national-security team.

Has President Hassan been evacuated
from the U.N. Yet?

He will be,
but right now he's still at the U.N.

Get me Jack Bauer.

How long was the satellite down?
What, 30 seconds?

I know what you're thinking.

Odd we lost the feed
just as we were closing in on the target.

Who was running point at CTU?

- Chloe O'Brian. You know her, right?

- And you trust her?
- With my life.

Mr. Bauer,
I have President Taylor for you.

Cole, I've gotta call you back.
I got the White House on the line.


Jack, it's President Taylor.

- I'm calling to ask you a favor.
- Anything, ma'am.

President Hassan and family
are being evacuated...

from the U.N. And brought here.

I would like for you
to supervise that operation.

With all respect, Madam President, I'd be
more helpful staying here with CTU.

Secret Service is more than capable.

That may be true, but I'd feel a lot
better knowing you were on the job.

Jack, in light of the threat
to New York...

President Hassan's role in securing
a lasting peace is more crucial than ever.

I need him safe.

I understand.
I'll leave for the U.N. Immediately.

Thank you, Jack.
I'll see you when you get here.

Yes, ma'am.

She wants me to supervise Hassan's
evac to McGuire Air Force Base.

- All right, let's go.
- Renee.

Renee, I need to do this on my own.

We're not going through this again.
I'm coming with you, end of discussion.

- Do you have the rods?
- In the trunk.

Where is Ali?

He didn't make it.

I'm sorry.

Tarin will take his place as driver.

How long before the device
is functional?

All we have to do is load in
the fuel rods.


Get ready to leave.

I want to place the bomb as soon after
I talk to the president as possible.

Agent O'Connor. Jack Bauer.

I know who you are, sir.
I've been briefed by command.

- Miss Walker.
- Agent O'Connor.

We're cleared for
subterranean evacuation.

President Hassan will be safer
underground in a radiological attack.

Agreed. How many agents?

Seven Secret Service, two of Hassan's
internal security, you and Miss Walker.

- What's the time frame?
- Ten minutes.

There's a tunnel that runs parallel
to the path lines into New Jersey.

- We're waiting on the vehicles.
- I'd like to see the route.

Of course. I have maps and
evac protocols in the conference room.

President Hassan is asking to see you
first. He's in the council chamber.

Fine. You two get started.
I'll be right back. Excuse me.


- Mr. Bauer.
- President Taylor wanted me...

to supervise the evacuation of you and
your family to McGuire Air Force Base.

- So I'm told, and I'm glad for it.
- How long for you to be ready?

We're ready. My wife and daughter are
in the residence awaiting instructions.

Give us 10 minutes, then we'll evacuate
through a tunnel under the building...

and straight on to New Jersey.

And here I thought I would be leaving
the United Nations today...

at the head of a peace march
down Fifth Avenue.

My president still thinks
that might happen, sir.

I hope she's right, Mr. Bauer.

Me too, Mr. President.

Give us 10 minutes.

Now, we need to talk about a response,
Madam President.

I've prepared
three retaliatory-strike scenarios...

against targets inside the IRK.

Do I need to remind you, General
Brucker, the Islamic Republic is an ally?

You don't. But what good is an ally
if its citizens can attack us on their own?

Madam President,
a call's come into the switchboard...

from a man claiming to be
in possession of the rods.

He wants to talk to you.

- Do we believe he's who he says he is?
- Confidence is high.

He's offered details of recent events
no civilian could know.

Plus, he's on an anonymous ICC channel
that's scrambled and impossible to trace.

Put him on speaker.

This is President Taylor.

Good morning, Madam President.
This is going to be a short conversation.

Who are you and what do you want?

You know I have the fuel rods.
You know I got them into Manhattan.

What I want now is to convince you...

that I have no desire
to harm innocent Americans.

And yet,
you're threatening them with a bomb.

Actually, a radiological-dispersal device,
Madam President...

capable of contaminating 40 square
blocks under a dense radiation cloud.

Any attack on the United States will
prompt retaliation against your country.

I would expect nothing less.

But you should listen to me.

What I'm asking for is simple.

Turn over President Hassan.


He's a traitor to his people
and must stand trial for his crimes.

That will never happen.

You have exactly one hour
to change your mind.

Mr. Woods knows how to contact me.

Madam President, the clock starts now.

Forty squares blocks.
How many people is that?

Between 100 and a 150 thousand.

Rob, inform CTU of the threat, but
the ransom demand stays in this room.

Tim, call up the New York Guard
to support first responders...

and have the military police execute
an evacuation plan.

Yes, ma'am.

- Madam President.
- What is it, Rob?

Well, I'm just gonna say it.
We should consider the alternative.

What alternative?

We have an out here.
I think we should take it.

You mean, give in to the demand
to turn over President Hassan?

No one man is worth the lives
of tens of thousands.

And you know what?
I bet he would agree.

Madam President,
are we having this conversation?

Doesn't it deserve a conversation?

Not unless you're intent
on destroying our moral authority...

this country's place among nations,
maybe forever.

As opposed to what?
The irradiation of all those people?

Real businesses, homes uninhabitable
for a hundred years or more?

Madam President, I agree.

Giving up Hassan is wrong,
but a 40-block wasteland...

at the heart of New York
is unthinkable.

This country would never be the same.

The country would crucify us if word got
out that this could have been avoided.

Now we're talking politics?

We're talking about the primary role
of government.

Any government.
Which is to protect its citizens.

It could also escalate, Madam President.

They attack us, we attack them back.

The entire region could be drawn
into the conflict and destabilized.

Excuse me, general, but weren't you
just advocating for a retaliatory strike?

Well, in the military, we like to talk
about facts on the ground.

Well, they have changed,
Madam President.

Now we have a viable option.


Is that the sense in the room then?

That surrendering President Hassan
is somehow viable?

In the first place, the people who are
offering us this deal cannot be trusted.

How do we know
they won't detonate anyway?

Secondly, President Hassan
is a guest of this country.

He is my partner in peace.

And I will not sell him out to the very
terrorists we are determined to defeat.

And finally,
caving to any terrorist demand...

weakens this nation immeasurably.

Now, we have 60 minutes to find
these bastards, and I believe we will.

But if we don't, and the worst happens,
we will deal with it.

We will pick ourselves up off the floor
and deal with it. Why?

Because that's what we do.
Americans don't stay down.

We rise up together in times of crisis.
We carry on.

Is that clear?

- Start the calls, Tim.
- Yes, ma'am.

Chloe, I need an updated list
of road closures and checkpoints.

I thought Arlo was interfacing
with N.Y.P.D.

He is, but National Guard units
are on their way, so are FBI New Jersey.

I wanna know where the holes are
so I can plug them.

- I'll forward it to your screen now.
- Thank you.

- It's me.

- Do you have the roadblock information?
- I'll have it for you in five minutes.

- Did you speak to President Taylor?
- I did.

Her response was as I anticipated.

But as the time pressure builds, she'll
change her mind and give up Hassan.

I'm certain of it.

What if she doesn't?

Then we'll strike a hard blow
against the city.

Either way, the peace process dies.

It's ready.

I need to have them signed
before they get to me.

I don't have time to deal with these.

Mr. Weiss?
- Thank you.

- Can I have a word?
- Certainly.

I thought Secretary Kanin's point
was a good one.

If we simply turn Hassan over...

we risk damaging
the good name of the United States.

What are you suggesting?

Uh... A third way.

Covert action...

in which we deliver Hassan
to the terrorists...

but make it look
like they took him hostage.

Two birds, Mr. Weiss.

We spare New York, and we preserve
our reputation in the eyes of the world.

- I admit, I am intrigued.
- But?

It'll never fly.
You heard the president.

She won't go for it.
Not in a million years.

No, of course, she won't.

The question is: Will you?

I'm asking for your cooperation,
Mr. Weiss.

For the good of the country.

Well, even if I agreed to help, it's too
late. Hassan's already on his way here.

No, it's not. A wet ops team
was mobilized...

in the event of a strike
against the IRK.

If you get me Hassan's exact route...

I can redirect them
to intercept his security detail.

I don't have access to that. It's handled
through the secretary of state's office.

Well, then we just have to get it
from Mr. Kanin.

It's sedition, General Brucker.

Are you familiar
with the fourth Nuremberg Principle?

If the orders of the president
are illegal...

it is our moral obligation
to disobey them.

And you think they are? Illegal?

The president is letting her idealism
get in the way of her responsibilities.

It's hardly the same thing.

What, you don't think so?

With the fate of an American city
in the balance?

"The primary role of government
is to protect its citizens."

Your words, Mr. Weiss.

It's time to decide
whether or not you meant them.

I need everyone's attention.

The White House just received
credible intelligence...

that the terrorists
we've been tracking...

plan to detonate a radiological device
in New York in less than 50 minutes.


All of us in this building have friends
and family who live in the city.

We know we are bound by law
not to warn them.

But we also know it is still in our power
to protect them.

We are their last line of defense.

That is our job, that is what we will do
with every second of every minute left.

Starting now.

Go back through all your leads.
Appeal to your sources one more time.

Find that bomb.

I just heard from our source inside CTU.

Based on the roadblocks,
Amsterdam is closed off.

But there's a potential target area
just to your left.

You'll be avoiding N.Y.P.D. Checkpoints
to south and west.

All right.


Can you park in that block?


Good. The fallout radius will include
a good part of the Upper West Side.

I'll wait for your call.

How many men on the detail?

Eleven. Hassan's own security,
Secret Service...

and two former agents:
Jack Bauer and Renee Walker.

- Why is Bauer involved?
- The president trusts him.

He's not someone to be taken lightly.

He's up against an elite team
who'll have the advantage of surprise.

Bauer and his people
don't stand a chance.

The loss of life is regrettable, Mr. Weiss.

No one feels this more keenly
than a soldier who's led men into battle.

But right now, we don't have a choice.

- Ethan.
- What's going on?

Oh, I'm sorry,
I thought you were with the president.

I was.

What are you doing in here?

Oh, I asked Mr. Weiss to pull up the
latest White House readiness protocols.

He couldn't log on from his computer,
so we were trying from yours.

I was also reviewing
President Hassan's itinerary...

to see if we could facilitate
a military escort.


Open the door.

I'm afraid I can't do that, Mr. Kanin.

Then get out of my way.

- Rob.
- Ethan, listen...

No, you listen to me.

I think I have a pretty good idea
what's going on here.

Sit down, Mr. Kanin.
There are things you need to know.

There sure as hell are.

But I'll stay where I am,
if you don't mind.

Ethan, do what he says.
Sit down, please.

This is Bauer, go ahead.

I said, go ahead.

- Give me your phone.
- General.

Get your hands off of me.


This is beyond madness.

The two of you will spend
the rest of your lives in prison.

Maybe, Mr. Kanin.

But my guess is that one day
the country will thank us for it.


I'm begging you.

Don't do this.

Don't betray your president.

Ethan? Ethan?

All right.


My God, Ethan.


- Okay.
- Aah!

Okay. Ethan, here, here, here.

Call a medic.

We call for help, the first thing he does
is get word to the president.

He's having a heart attack.

- We can't just do nothing.
- We didn't, you gave him his medication.

Well, it's not working.

I realize you two are close,
but this is not an emotional decision...

this is a tactical one.

We wait to acquire Hassan
before calling an ambulance, understand?

What if he doesn't make it that long?

We have to pray that he does.

All right?

All right.

Come on.

We pick up the tunnel under 3rd Avenue.

From there, the trip to McGuire
is less than 30 minutes.

Thank you, Miss Walker.

Secretary Kanin, this is Jack Bauer.

I can see on my phone
that you tried to call me.

Please call me back as soon as you can.
Thank you.


This is Bauer. Patch me through
to McGuire Air Force Base.

Yes, sir.

How far are you from an access point
into the tunnels?

Based on what I'm looking at,
less than two miles.

Security detail's on the move.
Can you get there in time?

Yeah, if we haul ass.

- And the ambush happens where?
- At the vehicle, sir.

the objective is President Hassan.

- Do what you have to take him alive.
- Yes, sir.

Good luck.

Thank you.
Have him call me as soon as possible.


Kanin tried to call me.
Now he's not answering his phone.

The operator at McGuire Air Force Base
can't find him either.

Something's not right.
Keep your eyes open.

Hold up.

- We set?
- The vehicles to transport the Hassans...

are 200 meters up the tunnel.
There's a section we couldn't get by.

Agent Dalton, standby.
We are bringing the family down now.

- Did you walk it?
- Yes, sir. All clear.

Get the family.

This way.
- Let's go.

Our SUVs are a short hike up. Stay
together as we move towards them.

- This is Bauer.

Patch me through to Secretary Kanin.

Here they come.
Is Hassan with them?


Masks on. Take positions.

Wait until the target's in the kill zone.

Remember, we need to take
Hassan alive.

Secretary Kanin?

Just a minute.

Yes, what is it?

- Jack Bauer's calling for Secretary Kanin.
- The secretary's busy with me right now.

I understand, but Mr. Bauer's persisting.

He says it's very important.
He's holding on line one.

All right, thank you. I'll take care of it.

- Jack, hi. It's Rob Weiss.
- Sir, we're in a service tunnel under...

Sorry, you're breaking up, Jack,
can't hear you.

We're in a service tunnel under the U.N.
We're evacuating Hassan and his family.

- Is everything all right?
- You tell me.

Secretary Kanin tried to get a hold of me
on his private cell.

I've been trying him since,
he won't pick up.

The secretary's tied up
with the Joint Chiefs now.

- Know what he wanted to talk about?
- Couldn't say. It could've been anything.

I don't think so.
We're conducting a sensitive evac.

He called me during it,
there's gotta be a connection.

Uh, uh... I'll make sure
he gets the message.

Mr. Weiss, I don't think you understand.
I need to talk to Kanin now.

- That's not possible.
- What do you mean it's not possible?

We're dealing
with an imminent terrorist attack.

- Just do your job and let us do ours.
- With all respect, sir, I am doing my jo...

Hello? Hello?
Son of a bitch just hung up on me.

- He's under a lot of stress. They all are.
- I don't give a... Agent O'Connor, stop.

Start walking them back now.

Something's not right.

We're gonna head back to the U.N.,
reassess there. Let's go.

Standby, we're turning back.

I'm very sorry,
but you're too exposed down here.

Whatever you think is right.

They've turned around.

- How far are they?
- About a hundred yards.

Okay, take out as many as you can.

Get down! Get down!



I need you to get President Hassan
and his family to the side tunnel...

and back to the U.N.

What about you?

I'll be right behind you!

President Hassan, you need to go.
Now. Now!

Let's go!

Stand back.
Go, go!

Go! Go! Go!

Move. Move.


Let's go! Move! Move!

Your orders are
to stay with President Hassan. Go.

Go! Go! Go!

I know what I have to do, sir.

- Good luck.
- Thank you, sir.

- You ready?
- Ready.


Get them, he's going.

See if you can get wide
and outflank them.

I'm gonna draw them into a crossfire.

Shoot only on my command.


Move out!

We need to keep moving.

Your people are being slaughtered.
We need to help them.

They're buying us the time we need.
Don't let it be in vain. We need to go.

- Give me a weapon.
- No.

I've been a soldier, Mr. Bauer.
I can handle a gun. I'll fight.

Mr. President, my job is to protect you.
You need to do what I say. Now go.

Oh! Oh!

- Okay. Have to keep moving. Come on.
- Come on. We gotta go.

Come on. Let's go. Move. Move.

They're still moving.

Renee, we're not gonna make it.
Take cover.

- This way. Okay.
- Go. Go.

Come on. Let's go. Let's move.

Let's move, men.

I'm gonna head up the middle.
As soon as I set these off, start firing.

Doesn't matter if you hit anything.
Just make some noise.

Mr. President?

Take care of your family. You ready?

Let's go.


Mathis, Donner, go.

Move. Move.

Move. Move. Move.

Come on.

You're gonna take the high ground.

In about five seconds,
start giving me cover fire. Okay?

Take the weapon off.
Take the weapon off now!


Who are you?

You're making a huge mistake.

You're American.

Why'd you attack us?

Because a dirty bomb will be detonated
in New York...

unless we deliver Hassan
to the terrorists.

What are you talking about?

A ransom demand has been made.

Him for the bomb by 0615 hours.

Jack, that's less than 20 minutes.

Does the president know?

She's refusing to deal with the terrorists.
This is Brucker's operation.

- Get up.
- What are you doing?

I'm gonna get you to street level,
there I can make a phone call.

There's no time. This is on you now.

You have to deliver Hassan
to the terrorists.

I don't take orders from anybody
but the president. Now move.

We need to keep moving.


Why haven't I heard from you?

Because I don't know anything.

What does that mean? Are the
Americans handing over Hassan, or not?

The information we have is he's being
transported to McGuire Air Force Base.

We lost communication
with his security detail 20 minutes ago.

So President Taylor doesn't intend
to give him up.

Samir, think for a minute.

You use that bomb,
you lose your leverage.

The president leaves me no choice.

The blood will be on her hands.


- Yes?

The president has not responded.
Start the countdown.

You need to stay with the bomb.
Make sure no one interferes with it.

Tarin, did you hear me?

Yes, I heard you.

Your name will never be forgotten,
my friend.

Your family will be honored
above all others.