24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 5 - Day 6: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. - full transcript

Four more "suitcase nukes" are out there, and Jack's only lead takes him to the home of his brother.

Previously on 24.

This was the last model
the Soviets produced.

Is this what you need
to reprogram the trigger?


So in a little less than an hour,

it will detonate

and strike a blow
that the Americans will never forget.

When you're finished,
meet me at the safe house.

I think some people in this place have
a connection with the terrorist attacks.

How would you know that?

There was one phrase
they used several times.

"Khamsa ziwar."

Pass that on to the FBI.

I've just approved
the written agreement with Assad.

I'm prepared
to offer you full protection

and a pardon for all crimes
or acts of war in the past.

Is that acceptable to you?

I need to see this pardon in writing.

You were right about Curtis and Assad
having a past connection.

Curtis was in the army
just after Desert Storm.

His squad was embushed
by Assad's people.

They killed 5 of Curtis's men
and took 2 more hostage.

Assad's Lieutenant
personally beheaded them both.

Oh my God!

You still don't remember?

Special Forces battalion...

Curtis, put your weapon down!

Stay out of it, Jack!

I can't.

I gave him my word
that we would protect him.

I can't let this animal live.

Curtis didn't leave you any choice.

That's what
I keep trying to tell myself.

We're gonna find that suitcase nuke
because of you.

Tell the President I'm sorry.
I can't do this anymore.

We believe we've found
the suitcase nuke.

The tac team is ready.

Do it now!
Do it!

I just got a message from the FBI.

It's some Arabic phrase.

Khamsa ziwar.

It means "five visitors".

Assad said
"visitor" was a code word for "weapon".

Four more of theses things
are out there.

The unthinkable has happened.

Terrorists have exploded
a nuclear weapon on our soil.

Over one square mile of Valencia,
a suburb of Los Angeles,

has been destroyed
by the most devastating attack

in a series of terrorists activities
that began eleven weeks ago.

And one can only imagine the cost
in lives and the suffering of survivors.

Judging from the direction
in which the mushroom cloud is heading,

winds from the South
may be blowing the airborne radiation

away from the more
heavily populated area zone.

How many people died in this?

Initial estimate :
no less from 12.000.

Mr. President, I just got off the phone
with Bill Buchanan at CTU.

He has intel that four more
tactical nuclear weapons

were stolen
along with the one that went off.

Do we have any idea where they are?

We do not.

I want a meeting with the Joints Chiefs,
Tom, right away.

I've already let them know.

Has the civilian air traffic
been shut down?

Yes, the FAA gave the order as soon as
they were informed about the bomb.

Mr. President.

Given the current situation, we decided
to move you down to the bunker.


But Tom, I have to get in front
of the American people.

Ellen, I want to make
a televise speech within the hour.

- Yes, sir.
- Alright, let's go David.

The Department of Emergency Services
and Public Safety

are urging everyone to return home.

We'll have an expert in nuclear physics
in our program in just a few minutes.


Have we heard from any
of the secondary teams

that were converging on Fayed?

We lost communication
as soon as the blast hit.

Milo, can you get a visual?

I just checked the satellite. All...

All of our field teams were too close
to ground zero. They're all dead.

What was the last thing
you heard from them?

They were engaged with the hostiles.

Which means they were
closing in on Fayed.

We need to know if he was in the radius
when the bomb went off.


Mr. President...

your office has been prepared.

The continuity of operations plan
has also been activated.

The Vice President has been alerted,
and is following protocol.

The Joint Chiefs,
and most of the Cabinet members

are on they way here.

Remaining Cabinet members
have been routed to site-R.

Right this way, sir.

Bill ? Are you alright?

We're upwind of the blast.
We're fine. What's going on over there?

Secret Services moved us
down to the bunker

and the President is about to meet
with the Joint Chiefs.

Do you have anything new?

Here is what we know.

The bomb went off as we were
moving in on Fayed's safe house.

Do you think their presence
prompted the detonation?

It could have.

It's possible they were just
prepping the bomb in Valencia

and hoping to move it
to a more populated area.

Is there any chance
that Fayed could still be alive

and have those four other bombs?

We don't know.
We're running the intel, now.

- And what about Assad?
- He's on his way here.

We're hopping he can help us find Fayed.

Alright, keep me in the loop.
And Bill, please...

- be careful.
- I will.

It's a lot to process.

It's so many people!


And Curtis? I can't believe this.

I know you and him were friends.

Why do people I know keep dying?

Did you find anything about Fayed?

No, we're still
repositioning satellites.

We don't know where he is, yet.

We got massive packet lost.
Do you want to help me boot up routers?

Who wouldn't?

Open etudes five.

I have a very bad feeling
about everything.

Do you know, Jack quit?

Yeah, Buchanan said he's off channel.
What's that all about?

I'm sure it's because
he was forced to kill Curtis.

You know I'm here for you, alright?

Yeah, I do.

Over here!

The authorities discovered our location.

The bomb never reached its target.

Damn'it, Fayed!

I sold those weapons to you.

The least you could have done was warn
me before you blow them up in my city!

I told you it was not supposed to happen
the way it happened.

It's a little late for apologies,
don't you think?

My engineer died in the blast.

The device used to reprogram the trigger
was destroyed as well.

And that's my problem, why?

I have four more bombs whose triggers
need to be made operational.

Sorry, Fayed.

I'm going to Vegas.

Find me a way, McCarthy.

I'll pay you more. Double the amount
from our previous transaction.

That's interesting.

You need someone who could replicate
what that device did.

With modern equipment.

We're talking pretty advanced stuff.
I'd have to do some checking.

Do you know someone who can do this?

Even if I find someone who can, I doubt
they will, this is over the line.

I don't care,
how you get them to comply.

I need someone
within the next few hours.

Are you in, or not?

I'll do some research
and get back to you.

Somebody, help!

Look, I can get through the 911!

Could you... help!
I need a doctor!

I need a doctor!

Sorry, get out of my way!

Please, our helicopter,
it went down.

And there're two others.
One's dead,

one's incouncious.
I don't know what to do. Please

Please, help me!

I'm sorry, show me.

I don't even remember
anything hitting us.

It went out of control.

You were hit by a shockwave.

A shockwave of what?

Nuclear bomb.

Do you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Chuck, is that you?

Yeah, I brought help.
We're getting you out of here!

Be careful, it's about to fall.

It's jammed.


One... two... three.


Stay here!

Are you okay?

I think so.

This guy says it's a nuclear bomb.

It's Valencia. It's where I live.

My wife and kids are there...

You can't go back to Valencia,
the radiation will kill you.

Jeff, don't, you'll die!

- CTU.
- It's Jack Bauer.

- Let me speak to Buchanan.
Right away.

If you want to save your friend,
don't let him go back home.

- Jack, you're alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Where are you?
- I'm still in Granada Hills.

Good, you're upwind of the blast.
Don't go any further North.

- How bad is it?
- It took out a square mile.

Do we know if this was Fayed's endgame?

It wasn't.

There're four more nukes out there.

You need to pick me up.

You said you were out?

Not after this.

Alright, tell me where you are.
I'll send a car.

I am at the corner
of Glasgow and 15th.

We'll be there.

Colonel, Fayed has to be at
least partially state-supported.

Have your guys identified a country?

Not yet, sir.

CIA has narrowed down the list.

It's on your screen
in the short brief section.

Have you been in touch
with the ambassadors of these countries?

Yes, sir.
They all extend their condolences

and have, of course,
disavowed any role in the attacks.

Well, we know at least
one of them's lying.

Maybe all of them.

I'm not sure we know that, John.

But let's say it is true--
what are you suggesting?

We have carriers on standby
in the Persian Gulf.

They have the capability
of striking multiple targets

in each of these states.

We've been playing games
with these terrorists

for 11 weeks now.

The only language
they understand is force.

So let's speak it to them real clearly.

I guarantee you that if each
of these countries had to sustain

three major metropolitan nuclear
strikes, they'd no longer

have the time or the resources
to play in our sandbox anymore.

These people want to live
in the Stone Age--

I say let's put them there.

Admiral, I am very sure
that your emotions

are shared by many in this room

- and across this country...
- These are not just emotions.

- Our duty demands we defend...
- The President is talking, Admiral.

Do not interrupt.

We will retaliate, Admiral.

But we will do so,
sir, carefully

and with our sights locked
on our enemy and only our enemy.

Karen, what has CTU learned
about the remaining weapons?

They're assessing the initial
satellite intel and forensic data.

So what do we know?

We're assuming that the bomb was meant

to be detonated in a more populated area

and was only
being assembled in Valencia.

By the scientist that I released.


The scientist was killed in the blast,

and CTU is trying to determine
where Fayed was at the time.

The worst-case scenario

is that he is still alive

and in possession of
the remaining nuclear weapons.

Tell them we're safe.

That we're moving away from it now.

Mr. Buchanan,
this is Hamri Al-Assad.

Mr. Buchanan's Director of CTU.

Mr. Buchanan, I know
that you see me as your enemy.

But today...

I assure you I am not.

Follow me.

There. All right?

Why are we going out of our way
treating Assad,

one of the most violent
terrorists of our time,

like a VIP?

No holding room.

Audience with the White House? Sure.

How would you like your mineral water,
Mr. Assad, room temp?

Please have a seat.


Bill Buchanan,
Director of CTU, Los Angeles.

I'm here with Hamri Al-Assad.

Less than 30 minutes ago,
Abu Fayed detonated

a nuclear weapon in Los Angeles.

We have reason to believe
he's still at large

with four more tactical
nuclear weapons in his possession.

- Four?
- That's right.

Please, you must understand.

I came to the United States
to stop Fayed--

I knew he intended to inflict
damage, but I did not know

he was in possession
of nuclear weapons.

But he is.

Which means there has to be a trail.

There had to have been many people
involved in the planning of this.

This attack was planned
after Fayed betrayed me six months ago.

When he learned of your intention
to broker a peace plan?

Which I still intend to do.

But you knew Fayed was coming
to the United States.

This information came to me
only days before

- the first attacks began.
- From whom?

I am a well-informed man, Mr. Buchanan.

Are there any other paths
you can think of

- that can lead us to Fayed?
- Yes.

The source.

- The source of the bomb.
- About a year ago

I sent Fayed to negotiate
with an ex-Soviet General

about the cache
of tactical nuclear weapons.

But there was
no transaction at the time.

What was the name of the General?

Dmitri Gredenko.

Can you tell me anything
about Gredenko?

Nothing. Nothing.

I've never met the man.

Continue questioning him.
I'm gonna check this out.

Gredenko. You got that, Chloe?

I'm opening a Russian database now.

Let me know what you find out, Chloe.

Wait, what's this file
with Gredenko's name on it?

It's a link we're using
as a match basis, Milo.

- Mind your own business.
- I know, I understand that.

I just compiled a list of names,
people in L.A.

who had contact with Gredenko

on business channels.

- That's a lot of names.
- Yes. But one of them

kind of floated to the top,
if you know what I mean.

Put it on Buchanan's screen.

Yes, yes, they'll fly him up.

All right.

Morris just put something
on your B window.

Gredenko contacts. Good.

Look at number 17.

Chairman of BXJ Technologies.

Phillip Bauer.

Jack's father.

Did you get anything more specific?

No. BXJ does a lot of business
in Eastern Europe.

This could be
a purely coincidental linkage.

Yeah, what if it's not?

Most of their contracts are highly
confidential, but I'll look into it.

- You calling Jack?
- Yeah.

- This is Bauer.
- Jack, Assad just gave us

the name of a Russian General

Fayed contacted a year ago
about the nukes.

The general's name is Gredenko.
Do you know him?

It turns out your father does.

My father?

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, Gredenko did business

with BXJ Technologies,
specifically with your father.

- What kind of business?
- We don't know.

That's why we want to talk to him.

Bill, I don't understand--
is my father a suspect?

No. His name came up
on a list of people

who have had contact with Gredenko.

We're gonna question him.

I wanted to check with you first to see
if you could shed any light.

I haven't spoken to him
for over nine years.

All right, we'll send
someone over to talk to him.

Bill, wait.

I should do this.

Jack, we can run this.

You don't have enough time.

He'll talk to me if I go alone.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

All right, tell Stokes
we'll pick him up-- you take the car.

- Let me know what you find out.
- Thanks, Bill.

You need to pull over.

Yes, he is,
but I don't know exac...

The FBI's here.
I got to go.

Why did they send you?

Believe me, Miss Palmer, I didn't want
to arrest you or your friend.

This is Agent Jennings.
He'll be working this with me.

Well, what exactly will you be doing?

Walid overheard
some conversations about the bombs.

He heard a fragment of a conversation.

If there is an active cell
inside that detention facility,

we need Walid to find out more.

Agent Jennings
will be putting a wire on him.

Putting a wire on him?

I thought you were gonna be replacing
him with an undercover operative.

Walid isn't trained
to do something like this.

Well, he's already in place.

He's established a confidence.

How will you be putting a wire on him?

Just... let us do our job.

Have you heard anything more?

About what?

About what's going on out there.

How would I know that?

I thought...

I was just wondering if you...
knew anything.

No more than you, my brother.

I'm sorry, I have to get back.


Walid Al-Rezani.


You and I have to talk.

About what?

You don't ask the questions,
you son of a bitch.

I do.

Get out.

We know who you're involved with.

I told your people,
I work for the IAA.

I'm not involved in any kind

of terrorist activities.

- You're lying!
- I'm no terrorist.

You're lying!

What's he doing to him?

What do you know?!

Don't worry. He's not going to hurt him.
It's just for show.

That doesn't sound just for show.

Miss Palmer,

I advised you to leave.
If you want to stay,

keep your comments to yourself.

You're gonna explain to us
what we found in your wallet.

What are you talking about?

You know damn well
what we're talking about!

He's wiring you.
It's a two-way radio.

Now, you're gonna tell me

what we found in your wallet.
You understand me?

What do you know about this guy?

This is ridiculous.

Sit down.

Tell me now, or I'll take you
to the interrogation room.

- You don't want that.
- I'm not telling you anything.

I don't care what you do to me.

You will.

You're gonna say
that I asked about this man.

You gotta make them believe
you're working for them.

I'll be back for you.

What did they do to you?


I'm fine.

They think they can do anything to us,

those bastards.

We've got a clear signal.

Sam, is that you?

Yes. Who's this?

It's Jack.

How are you, Sam?

We thought you were...

Where are you calling from?

I'm in Los Angeles.

Listen, Sam,
I need to speak to my father.

It's really important. Is he there?

- No, he's not.
- Where is he?

He left yesterday
without telling me where he was going.

I haven't heard from him since.

Can I reach him on his cell?

He left it here.

I must admit,
it's all a bit mysterious.

I tried calling your brother.
He didn't know either.

Where is Gray?

Well, he was at work earlier,
but who knows now?

Can I get his cell number?

Yeah. 818...


Okay, I got it.

Sam, listen to me.

If you speak to him, tell him
to get back to me at this number.

- Did it show up on your screen?
- Yes

It's really important.

I hope you find your father soon.

I know he would want to talk with you.

He... regrets the way things
ended between the two of you.

Yeah, me, too.

Be well, Jack.

Thanks, Sam.


It's Liddy.

You'll never guess
who just called here.


Your brother, Jack.

What are you talking about?

Jack's rotting away
in some Chinese prison.

No, actually he's here in L.A.

How the hell did that happen?

I don't know.

- What does he want?
- He's looking for the old man.

- Yeah, why?
- He didn't say.

But if I were you,
I'd expect a call from Jack.

Your name came up.

Damn it, we should have killed
Jack when we had the chance

instead of handing him over
to the Chinese.

We tried.

This isn't good.

My brother has a way of digging
things up that need to stay buried.

It's me, Jack.


Sam said you called,

but I didn't believe him.
Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.
Is everyone safe over there?

Yeah, yeah, we're,
we're cool, Jack.

It's blowing my mind
hearing from you like this.

I want you to know that
when we found out that

you were in China, we tried
everything to get you out.

We called in a lot of favors.


How did you get out?

- Some sort of exchange.
- Yeah? For what?

I'm not really sure.

It must have been
one hell of an exchange.

Listen, Gray,
I'm working with CTU right now.

I'm trying to help them out
with something.

Yeah, Sam said that you were...

you were trying to find Dad?

Yeah. Where is he?

I don't know. He took off yesterday
without saying where he was going.

I assume he went to visit
one of his girlfriends.

One of them's really hot,
if you can believe that.

Why did he leave
without his cell phone?

I guess he just
didn't want to be bothered.

Gray, I need your help.

I need to find him. It's important.

Yeah, whatever you need, Jack.

I'll make a few phone calls.
Can I get back to you at this number?

- Yeah.
- Okay. You got it.


CTU. O'Brian.

Chloe, I need you
to help me find an address

- Whose?
- Graem Bauer.

- Your brother?
- Yeah.

It should be in my family file.

I haven't seen him in years.
Is he still in Malibu?

No, he's in Indian Falls.

226 Pine Crest Road.

Do you want his cell phone number?

I already have it.
I just talked to him.

Why didn't you ask him where he lives?

I'll get back to you.

California Highway Patrol wants
to make it clear that it is essential

their emergency personnel be allowed

to reach those injured in Valencia.

So, please keep the streets clear.

Once again, a nuclear bomb

has gone off in Valencia, California.

- The President
- Dad.

will adress the nation
within a half hour.

You and your mom doing okay?

Yeah. I mean, on the news
they're talking about nuclear fallout.

We'll be fine.

Look, we're actually safer now.

They've made their big show in L.A.
with this nuke.

Whatever's gonna happen next,
it's gonna be in another city.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Josh, I need to talk to your mom alone

- for a minute.
- All right.

I just got off the phone
with my brother, Jack.

I thought the Chinese were holding him.

He's back in Los Angeles.

It's impossible.

Apparently not.

He's looking for Dad.

Is he coming here?


- Are you hoping he will?
- Don't go there, Gray.

We're already there.
I'm just looking for a little honesty.

You weren't over Jack when
we got married, and you're still not.

Okay, how's this for a little honesty?

Insecurity in a grown man
is not attractive.

"The latest terrorist incident"?

This was a nuclear bomb!

Can we call it what it is?

We thought it would give the President
a little more flexibility.

Once you mention the word "nuclear,"
they're not gonna hear anything else.

No, actually, Ellen,
they will hear the truth.

Everybody in this country
knows what happened today.

And now they're looking for reassurances

that no matter how ugly

this thing is,
the President is in charge.


We don't have any tangible leads

and confidence is low.

Now, if I go out there
and I lie to the American public

and tell them that we're on top of this,

and then some other bomb
goes off somewhere...

they won't believe a single word I say.
That can't happen.

I agree, sir, and that's why
I see an opportunity here.


This bomb is going to remove

any remaining doubt
that we should be taking more aggressive

suspension of certain freedoms.

Internment, deportation.

Now is the time
to start hitting those topics.

Tom, you are counseling

that we embrace the politics of fear.

I am saying that we embrace reality.
We are afraid,

but if fear consolidates public support

for measures
that save our nation from extinction,

then you bet,
I'm in support of fear.

Tom, the people cannot be
any more afraid than they are now.

I would like this message
to have a calming effect.

Yes, we will call this a nuclear bomb,
because that is what it is,

but if we expect civil order
on those streets,

we cannot stoke the panic.

We're not gonna mention policy
in this speech.

The American public just needs to know
that every single member

of this administration
is working with the single

purpose of restoring order
and making our streets safe again.

I don't need a list of names.
I need one person who can do the job.

I'll get back to you.

What took you so long?

Why couldn't you just pick me up
at my place, huh?

Instead of leaving me
on some street corner

looking like some hooker.

Just get in the car.

Do not...

talk to me...

like one of your bimbos.

You got me?

They just

said on the news

that if the wind changes...

we're screwed.

I just want to get out of the city
and get to Vegas.

We're not going to Vegas.

Oh, no.
I'm not going to Palm Springs...

Again. No, no. That's where
you can just drop me off right here.

That place is like assisted living
for an entire city.

We're not going there either.

We have some things
we gotta do here first.

What are you talking about?

A nuclear bomb just went off,
like 25 miles from here.

I'm talking about a lot of money.

- Now, shut up.
- Darren.

Stop talking...


Things are looking up.

- What does that mean?
- It means

I might be able to find someone
to do your dirty work.

How soon?

I expect to have some good news
within the hour.

Just make sure my money
is ready to wire.

The money is ready now.

McCarthy'll find someone for us.

Tell the men these bombs
will go off today

as scheduled.

Finished with Assad.
He gave me a few more names,

but nothing that he thought would help.

What else did he say?

He wants peace.

You believe him?


The President would like you
transported to Washington DC.

You'll be leaving out of Port Hueneme
on a military jet.

Some of the information
you gave us checked out.

Good luck here in Los Angeles.

I hope the worst is over.

Thank you.

Sir, the FBI
just upgraded one of their leads.

They're sending us live audio
we should monitor.

What kind of audio?

They've wired a guy
at the Anacostia Detention Facility.

They think one the detainees
may have information about Fayed.

Give it to Chloe. Make it a priority.

- Walid should not be doing this.
- He's going to be okay.

- That is not the point.
- This was his decision.

And it was the right one.

Usually it takes
weeks or months to develop a cover.

He might be able
to find something out within hours.

If this works, he'll have done
a heroic thing for his country.

Please don't give me speeches, okay?

"If it works?" What if it doesn't?

What if they find out
he's wearing a wire?

The guards inside know what's going on.
They'll keep an eye on him.

- Right.
- You know, it's probably not

the best thing that you're here.

I've told you before--
Walid is my client.

I know what you told me,

and frankly
that carries no weight with the FBI.

Now let's be honest.

The only reason you're here,

is you're the President's sister.

Then you remember that
and we'll be fine.

You don't have any trouble
bending the rules

when it's to your advantage, do you?

What did they want with you?

I shouldn't bring you into this.

It's all right.

You can talk to me.

I heard the guard say

he found something in your wallet.

Yeah, they confiscated it.

What was it?

What did he find?

A phone number.


Listen to me.

If you and I are
in the same situation here,

we should know each other.

Talk to me.

Maybe I shouldn't have gotten involved.

I met some people
through my organization.

What organization is that?

The IAA.

I'm regional director.

Go on.

Most of what we do has no... teeth.

I was introduced
to a man who was more active.

I wanted to help him.

That's good.

We set up a meeting
but before I had a chance,

I was grabbed.

Who is this person?

Abu Fayed.

You know him?

But, please...

Join us, brother.

He did that well.

What happens now?

He's going to have
to sell himself to the others

before they open up.

I-- didn't know
that you were coming here.

We need to talk.

Yeah, sure, yeah. Come on in. Come on.

Damn, Jack,

it's good to see you. Good to see you.

You've never been here before, have you?

God, when was
the last time we saw each other?

When Teri died.

That's right. The funeral.

Have you found Dad yet?

No, no, I made some calls
but so far noth...

Hey, Josh!

Come here.

This is your Uncle Jack.

You two have not seen
each other in a long time.


Hi, Josh.

How you doing?

Okay, I guess.

It's kind of been a weird day.

Yeah, I know.

Josh, give your father some privacy.

Maybe we can talk later.

I would like that.

Marilyn, I'm sorry for the intrusion.

I just need to get some information
about our father and then I'll leave.

Well, that was pleasant, wasn't it?

Come on, let's go to my office.

Have a seat.

I'm fine.

Okay, so what are we doing here, Jack?

Our father used to do business
with an ex-Russian general.

His name was Gredenko. Do you know him?

No. He must be one of the old guard.

You can't believe
some of the drinking buddies

Dad's cultivated over the years.

Oh, there was this one time,

we were down in Venezuela,
this was before Chavez...


I didn't come here
to listen to your stories.

I'm serious. I need to find Dad.

Okay, we will.

Boy, Jack, you could never just

walk in a room and get along,
could you?

I mean, I know, you know,

you must have gone through hell
in China and everything,

but look on the bright side--
you got out. You're here.

You should just relax a little bit.

If you try and raise your voice,

I will rip your tongue out,
are we clear?

Gray, people in this country are dying.

I need some information.

Are you going to give it to me,

or do I have to start hurting you?

Actually, you're hurting me now.

Trust me... I'm not.

The speech is in the teleprompter, sir.

- With the most recent changes?
- Yes, sir.


Are you all right, sir?

Tom, I can't let the American public
see how scared I am.

No, you cannot.

But then we just got hit
by a nuclear bomb.

Bravado would be
no more appropriate than fear.

Thank you, Tom.

My fellow Americans,

there is no easy way to say the words:

America has been hit
by a nuclear weapon.

But, as you know, this is now a fact.

The question remains,
what do we as a country,

as a people, do about it?

How do we rationalize
the fear and sorrow

that each one of us feels?

Do we let our anger
guide us down a dangerous path?

Or do we come together,

continuing to show courage and strength

in the face of our enemy?

Now, this horrible act of evil
which has struck our great nation

is the cowardly action of barbaric men.

One more thing comes out
of your mouth that I don't want to hear,

- and this is gonna start to hurt.
- I don't know

where he is. What do you want?

- The truth.
- It's the truth.

I swear to you on my family's life.

Not good enough.

You brought this on yourself.