24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 4 - Day 6: 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. - full transcript

While Jack has problems with Curtis, CTU discovers a nuclear threat and raids a terrorist warehouse, and a shocking explosion shakes LA.

Previously on 24...

Curtis! Everyone back!

OK, Jack.
The hard drive is mostly toast,

but I was able to recover
the most recently accessed file.

Some kind of wire and schematic.

How much of the file do we have?

About a page and a half mostly in Arabic
some of it Russian.

Do you know what this is?

This is a list...

of electronic components
for a nuclear device.

- Hello?
- Do you have the package?

Not yet but I'll have it soon.

Call me when you have it.

Look, I don't wanna hurt him or you but
I will unless you do exactly what I say.

There's a package in there.

I'm supposed to take it to a man
who has an item for me.

When you pick up the item,

you call me in and I'll give you
further instructions.

There it is.

Walid, I'm so sorry I got you into this.

I deleted those files.

I wasn't right for them
to arrest you for my action.

You don't touch me!

Leave him alone!

- Sir, get back in line.
- Not until you let go that man.

Mr President.

What do you want?

You're holding 110 so called
enemy combattants.

at your Palmdale military facility.

You must have all these freedom fighters
on a non-military aircraft

in the air by the end of the hour.

If you don't release the prisonners
by the deadline,

the consequences will be devastating.

Jack, a nuclear device
has been diverted to a scientist

with known terrorist ties.

Pulling up the file now.

- Do you recognize him?
- Yes.

I saw him with Fayed a year ago.
His name is Numair. Hasan Numair.

We need to know where this man is now.

Hasan Numair is one of the terrorist
being released

from Palmdale military prison.

Prisonner Numair, identify yourself now.

Sargent, Numair is not on the plane.
Repeat, Numair is not on the plane.

Hurry up. Fayed is waiting for you.

The following takes place
between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

This escape was planned well in advance.

- I agree, sir.
- Fayed's demand for the release

of the prisonners was a ploy.

He never intended for us
to fly Numair out of the country.

He wanted him free inside our borders.

- That's right, sir.
- Do we have any idea

where along the route
Numair actually escaped?

It had to be after the bus get on the
highway. He must have had inside help.

Is there anyone unaccounted for?

Yes, sir. Our sargent is missing.

We're looking for him now. I'll call you
as soon I have any more information.

Chloe, what about satellite?

We have coverage of the bus
Numair boarded but it's not continuous.

There are 2 tunnels and three locations

including this one
where the coverage is only partial.


Numair is a known terrorist

with possible access to suitcase nukes
and he escapes in broad day light.

We have to do better than we're doing

and we have to do it faster!

What else do we know
about this prisonner Numair?

He's a nuclear engineer
trained in Germany.

Run a weapons' program outta Frankfurt
up until by 8 years ago

when he moved to the Middle East.

How relevant is his training
to the existing systems?

He knows it all.

And he's up to date. If he gets his
hands on the suitcase nuke

- he can prep it on site.
- I want this at the top of our list.

Capturing Numair
is our number-one priority.

We won't be able to set up satellite
parameters and that's to wide.

I know...

Partition the grid.

Send half to me
and the other half to Morris.

- Morris?
- Just do it.

That's because
we're monitoring the situation.

As soon as I have anything
in your on my end

I will share it with you.

- As soon as you...
- Yes!

What are you workin' on?

Just setting up the image processing
for CalTrans

- in the area Numair escaped.
- Dobbins can do that.

- I need you on something else.
- Now isn't the time to pull rank on me.

Chloe has assigned me a task.
Please find somebody else.



- What's Morris doing for you?
- What're you talkin' about?

I know he says he's on task for you
but I need help with something.

He's not doing anything for me.

- Is this a joke?
- You're upset.

Our alert level is as high as it gets
and you're playing games.

If you can't work with me then you quit.

Files are on your system.

Filter them, now.

I will.

So now we have to assume

there is a rogue nuclear weapon
somewhere on American soil

- or there will be soon.
- All agencies are advised

to proceed into that assumption.

So what are we dealing with, Karen?

Suitcase nukes.

The term refers to a number of devices
manufactured by the former Soviet Union.

Small enough for one individual to carry

and they have a yield
of one kiloton or less.

- Potential damage?
- The kill radius

of a typical suitcase nuke
is about a half mile.

The radiations from the blast

greatly extends that radius depending on
the prevailing winds

and other weather conditions.

Let's just arrive at the point here,

How many casualties
are we talking about?

That depends on the population density.

In a crowded city...

many thousands would die instantly.

Taking the radiation into account,

the number of deaths
and serious injuries

would multiply
into the hundreds of thousands.

Get me Jack Bauer.


There's nothing here.
We're wasting our time.

You keep saying "we".

There's you and there's us.

There is no "we".

Just give it a minute.

Anything not fully incinerated
can provide us with finger prints

or traced DNA.

- It's Bauer.
- Hold for the President, please.

- Yes.
- Sir, Jack Bauer is on the line.

Mr President.

I wanted you to know that we're in the
process of verifyin' what Assad told you

- about his peace initiative.
- Good.

So far everything he told us
has been true.

He's given us no reason to doubt him.

I hope you're right.

Listen, I'm also calling because I want
you to take charge of the search

for Fayed and Numair.

- Mr President, I...
- After the way

the country treated you
this morning, Jack, I...


After the way that I treated you,

I know I don't have any right
to ask you anything.

But you've been on top
of this situation from the start

and I just want to make it official.

Mr President, the truth is...

I don't think I'm up to it.

Jack, we are behind the curve, as it is.

But if weren't for your efforts today,
we'd be nowhere.

I need you to lead this search.

Then I'll do my best, sir.

Report to Bill Buchanan at CTU

and call me any time
you think it's necessary.

- Yes, Mr President.
- Thank you.

The President wants me to run the search
for Fayed and Numair.

I can't do this
without your help, Curtis.

I need you to accept Assad
as part of this investigation.

He knows this people,
he knows what to look for.

He will see things
that you and I would miss.

He knows this people
because he's one of them, Jack.

Trust me.

We need his help.

I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Time was you would have seen
through this guy in a minute.

What did the Chinese do to you?

Is there something you need to tell me?

Like what?

Is there some kind of a history
between you and Assad?

They found this.

- What is it?
- It's a PDA damaged in the blast.

- A message is still readable.
- What's it sayin'?

"Visitor arrived on Thursday."

"Visitor" couldn't have been Numair.

- He was still in custody then.
- "Visitor" is a code word

used within the cell.
It to refers to weapon.

A suitcase nuke.

The message must mean that Fayed
received it last Thursday.

If they had the weapon last thursday,

why did they need to get Numair
outta prison now?

He must be key
to making the device operational.

Get everything packed up,
we need to go. Move.

Nothing is more important
than finding Fayed and Numair.

Do you understand me?


- O'Brian.
- Chloe, it's Jack.

I need you to do something

for me.
I want you to run a crossed check

on Curtis Manning and Assad.

Is this important?
I've got a lot on my plate right now.

Curtis has a problem with Assad,
it's personal.

I don't know what it is but I need
to get them to work together. Please.

Okay, I'll do it as soon as I can.

Numair is here.

- My brother.
- Fayed.

- I was starting to worry.
- Yes.

The escape went as planned but
I had to be careful crossing the city.

Where is it?

This was the last model
the Soviets produced.

Where are the tools?

You're missing what I need
to reprogram the trigger.

The device will be here soon.

By what means?

A young man named Ahmed.
Recent recruit but reliable.

Ahmed, we have known you
and your family for so long.

I can't believe you want
to be doing this.

It's not what I want to do.
It's what I have to do.

I'm a soldier.

You said your father
knows nothing of this.

When he finds out, will he be proud?

- Yes.
- Ahmed.

- I have what you want.
- Good. Now you're going

to deliver it to a man named Fayed.

- No.
- What?

No, I'm not going to deliver it anywhere
until you let my family go.

Ray, do what I say or I will shoot them.

Well then I will destroy it

and I have a feeling the people you're
working for will be very disappointed.

- Listen to me!
- No, no, you listen to me!

I just killed a man for this package

and I'm not gonna deliver it anywhere
until I know my family is safe.

- I'll release one of them.
- Both of them!

If I do that I have no leverage
and you know it.

Decide now. Which one do I release?

My son. Release my son.

I will release your wife.

- No, I just told you to release my son.
- You just told me

who you value most.

Your wife will call you
and she's clear off the house.

Deliver the component
and then I will release your son.

That's it, Ray. Don't push your luck.

All right. All right, let her go.

Get in the car and drive.

And call Ray
and tell him that you're all right.

This is the number that he called from.
Will you remember this?

- Yes.
- Good.

Tell him to call me when you're through.

And understand that if I see any police,

I will shoot Scott. Do you understand?

I love you.


- Gillian.
- Ray?

- Gillian, are you all right?
- I'm fine.

- What about Scott?
- He's still with Ahmed.

He says that if we go to the police
that he's gonna kill Scott.

But do you think that even if we do
what he says that he would...

You think he will still kill Scott
when this is over.

I don't know but we-- we can't take
the chance of going to the police.

- We have to handle it ourselves.
- Oh, God!

- I don't know.
- Look, I'm gonna deliver the package

like Ahmed said.

He already let you go,

so we have to tell ourselves
that he's got no reason to kill Scott.


I'm gonna call Ahmed back.
Do not call the police.


- Honey, I love you.
- I love you.

- Hello.
- Ahmed, I heard from Gillian.

Good. Take the package

to 351 Old Mill Road Valencia.

Do you know where that is?

- 351, I can find it.
- All right, I will call Fayed

and tell him to expect you
instead of me.

Call me when you get there. It shouldn't
take you longer than 30 minutes.

- If it does...
- I understand.

I'm leaving now.

911, what is your emergency?

A terrorist is holding my son hostage.

I need to speak to the police.

Dammit, Morris.
I didn't want this tab delimited.

- I wanted it in tables like I told you.
- I work much faster with tabs.

I thought that is what you'd want.

You know it's not what I wanted.
You're just being an ass.

Nobody speaks to me like this.

No? I just did. So what?

- Sit down and get back to work.
- This has got to stop.

Everyone is extremely busy and you two
are distracting everyone around you.

If you can explain to me how to get
him to follow directions...

You are on a power trip!

You're a bull, mate!

Excuse me.

We all know what this is about.

Milo, you and me dated a couple of times
before Morris and I got back together.

We saw a couple of good movies...

but we both agreed
that it wasn't really happening.


And you...

So I dated Milo a couple of times.

But I chose you.

So why don't you get over it
and stop trying' to beat him up?

You think this is about my insecurities?

Yeah. Isn't it?


Okay, fine.
If you want it in table format,

you'll get it in table format.

Let's just stop
this mad psychotic terrorist bad guy

before he detonates a nuke
on Wilshire Boulevard. All right?

Thank you.

Sorry about that, mate.

And just for the record...

there's no lingering jealousy

about any films you two
may have seen together.

No problem.

- It's Bauer.
- Jack, it's Bill.

The police just vetted a call
from a woman

who claims her son
is being held by a terrorist.

- Is she credible?
- I'm not sure yet.

She says she was held too
for a couple of hours

but she got out somehow.

- Is she on the line?
- Yes. Her name is Gillian Wallace.

Patch her through.

Mrs. Wallace, this is Bill Buchanan.

I'm transferring you
to one of our men on the field.

- Hello?
- Mrs. Wallace, my name is Jack Bauer.

You said your son is being held
by a terrorist?

Yes. And he's forcing my husband
to deliver a package.

- What kind of package?
- I-I don't know.

- Other persons are involved.
- What's the name of the man

- holding your son?
- Ahmed Amar.

Did he mention any other names?

Yes, one. Fayed.

Ma'am, how do we reach your husband?

You can't,
he isn't carrying his cell phone.

Do you know where he was taking
the package?

No... I'm sorry.

Whatever you do,
just don't let them hurt my son.

Ma'am, we'll do everything we can.

Stay away from the house.
We'll get back to you.

What do you think, Jack?

She knew Fayed's name.
What's the location?

North East corner
of Channing and 15th, Grenada Hills.

Where's your nearest TAC team?

They're all over the city.
You're as close as anybody.

- Take your team with you.
- Copy that.

We have a lead?

Hostage situation in Grenada Hills.

They think it might be tied
to the bombings.

We need to go to 15th and Channing.

We can't take him on tactical mission.

We might need him when we get there.

All teams, proceed to 15th and Channing
Grenada Hills.

Mr. President.

It's good to see you again,
Mr. Ambassador.

- And yourself.
- Please, sit.

- How do you do?
- Karen Hayes.

- How do you do?
- Tom Lennox.

The events of these past few weeks are
deeply distressing for all of us.

If there's anything we can do
to help, please tell me.

You can help right now, Mr. Ambassador.

By having a very candid
conversation with us.

I'm always candid, Mr. President.

Mr. Ambassador...

We've been in contact
with Hamri Al-Assad.

We know that he has been a driving force

behind a number of terrorist attacks
around the country.

Around the world
for the past two decades.

I know who he is.

Assad claims he's renounced terrorism,
Mr. Ambassador.

He says he's willing to negotiate.

To use political means
to gain his ends.

You think he's telling the truth?

I have reason to believe
that he is telling the truth.

But how much influence does he have?

Does he speak for a large number
of terrorist organizations?

As you know, there are literally
hundreds of such groups.

But Assad's reputation is such
that many of them--

not all by any means
but a substantial number--

would follow his lead
at least for a while.

So this really could be a
significant step towards peace?

I sincerely hope so.

Thank you, Mr. Ambassador.

- You've been extremely helpful.
- You're welcome, Mr. President.

- Thank you.
- Mr. Ambassador.

So this corroborates
everything Jack told us about Assad.

We need to formalize a relationship
with him now.

Lock him into cooperation.

- Tom?
- I have problems forming a partnership

with a man who is responsible
for the deaths of so many innocents.

Is Assad still with Jack Bauer?

- Yes, sir.
- Let's get Jack on the phone, please.

- Bauer.
- Hold for the President, please.

- Jack?
- Yes, Mr. President.

Do we have any leads
on that nuclear weapon yet?

One. We're following it up now.

It's too early to tell
if it's going to be meaningful.

All right. Jack, listen.

I just had a meeting that confirms
Assad is serious

about pursuing this negotiated peace.

And that he does have the influence

with his own people
to make that happen, so...

I'd like to come to some
arrangement with him.

- Is he with you now?
- Yes, sir.

Let me speak with him, please.

One moment.

The President wants to speak to you.

Yes, Mr. President.

Mr. Assad, I am prepared
to offer you full protection

and a pardon for all crimes
or acts of war in the past.

There are conditions however.

That you continue tracking Abu Fayed

and that you pledge your commitment
to establishing a broader peace.

- Is that acceptable to you?
- In principle, yes.

Forgive me, Mr. President, but...

I need to see this in writing.

You'll have it within the hour.

Let me speak with Jack, please.

Of course.

Yes, sir.

This was not an easy thing to do, Jack,

but I do believe
the greater good requires it.

Do you agree?

I'm glad that's a call
I didn't have to make, sir.

Thank you, Jack.

Yes, sir.

Your President--
do you believe he's an honorable man?

Yes, I do.

Mr. Lennox, excuse me. I have
Sandra Palmer calling for the President

but he's on another line.

Could you transfer that call
to my cell phone, please?

She specifically asked
to speak to the President.

And do it now, please.

Yes, Sandra? Tom Lennox here.

I need to speak with Wayne,
it's important.

I'm afraid the President's
all tied-up at the moment..

Will you please let him know
that I'm on the phone?

Actually, the President
asked not to be disturbed.

Is this by any chance concern
your friend Walid?

Yes, that's exactly what it's about.

He's still in custody.

You continue to arrest innocent people,

you're giving the terrorists
exactly what they want.

With all due respect,
the President is more concerned

by the fate of the country

than the fate of one man, Sandra, so...

An innocent man jailed without charges.

If you believe
the fundamental principles

of this country,

there is nothing more important
than that.

Well, you've got the makings of
a splendid long review article there

and will pass this message
along to the President.

- If you'll excuse me, please.
- Mr. Lennox.

Pass along another message as well.

What is that, Sandra?

I will do whatever it takes

to protect my client.

If it embarrasses the administration,
so be it.

Do I detect a threat here?

Yes, and so is this:

I am holding you personally responsible
for whatever happens to Walid.

Next, Sabir Hadad. Sabir Hadad.

Walid Al-Rezani.

Is there some place
I can get a drink of water?


Thank you.

Thank you for helping me earlier.

No problem.

Did you tell them anything?

- Of course not.
- Good.

I'll tell you something, brother.

Before this day is over,
they'll all pay.

What do you mean?


What are you doing?

It's all right, he's a friend.

Take-take it easy.

I got a package from Ahmed, okay?


- Who is this?
- He says Ahmed sent him.

- Your name?
- Ray Wallace.

Ahmed should have called you
and told you I was coming.

You have to call Ahmed
and tell him to let my son go.

- Because we-- had a deal.
- Quiet!

Is this what you need
to reprogram the trigger?

Yes, this should work.

How long will it take
to complete assembling?

20 minutes.

So in a little less than an hour,

it will detonate.

A strike of blood that the Americans
will never forget.

You're insane.

Don't kill him.

until you're ready to leave.

He still maybe of some use
as a bargaining chip.

if something goes wrong.


My son...

He's-- just a boy.

Can you call Ahmed
and tell him to let him go?

I mean I've done everything
I've been asked to. Please.

I may...

if you remain cooperative.

I will. I swear.

I still have much to do as you know.

I have everything I need.

When you're finished,
meet me at the safe house.

- Yes.
- Ahmed, it's me.

- Did the device arrive?
- Yes.

But it was still wrong
to involve anyone else.

I understand and I know
but I-I had to. I had no choice.

- I...
- Never mind.

It arrived and that's what counts.

You have a hostage--

- This man's son.
- Yes.

- You have no further use for him?
- No.

Then leave. Join the others.

But before you go, kill the boy.

- Is that necessary?
- Yes.

He's seen and heard too much.

You understand?

Yes, Fayed.

The pardon for Assad looks satisfactory.

- Tell the Attorney General to proceed.
- Yes, sir.


Mr. Lennox and Miss Hayes are here.

Show them in.

I've just approved
the written agreement with Assad.

- That was quick.
- It had to be.

We don't have the time
to stand on ceremony.

Tom, I know you disapprove
of this agreement.

But you have got to put that behind you.

The issue now is how do we position this
with the public.

- It must be kept from the public.
- That's not practicle, Tom.

We will leak out.

It's our advantage to make it known
that Assad is on our side.

Then don't disclose
the formal agreement.

Don't use the words
"pardon" or "amnesty".

- We're "cooperating".
- I agree.

Let's portray Assad as a man
who's not a terrorist,

but someone who's renounced terrorism
and wants peace.

- Terrorist turned statesman.
- Well, he's not the first

The point is saving lives.
That needs to be our focus here.

Okay, so for every life
that was lost in the past

because of this man

10 more may be saved in the future

by working with him.

All right, well on the face of it,
if the logic is compelling.

All right, let's make a set of briefing
points and get them to our media people.

I'm on it.

I do have to say, Mr President...

I still don't like this.

I understand.

And it makes me appreciate
your loyalty all the more, Tom.

The Wallace kid's
still being held hostage.

Copy that. Curtis...

you and your team
you take the back of the house.

You come with me, we'll find
an entrance point from the side.

We'll go on my command.

This is Bauer to all personnel,

it is imperative
we take the suspect alive.

Right now he's our best chance
of finding the nuke.

Slowly moving into position now.

All is clear.

Cover me.

Why aren't you talking?

What's goin' on?

Did my father deliver the package?

- Yes.
- Is he okay?

Did he do exactly what you told him?

Your father's fine.


Then you can let me go, too.

Get up.


Get up!


My father did exactly
what you told him to do.

I swear I...

I promise you I won't tell anybody
what I know.

Scott, don't make this any harder
than it is. Kneel down.

I can't see what's happening
in the house.

Does anybody have
a visual on the situation inside?

Not yet. My men are almost in position.

- Turn around.
- You don't have to do this.

Turn around now!

- Set.
- All teams are set.

Curtis, make the call.

I'm sorry, Scott.



- He's comin' your way, Jack.
- Drop the weapon!

Hold your fire!

Hold fire!

- Is he alive?
- Barely.

Get the EMT up here now!

I need him conscious to tell us
where he made the boy's father

take the package.

Get me an EMT down here now!

I'm-I-I might know.


When-when he was on the phone
with my father

he told him to take something
to an address, hum...

351 Old Mill Road Valencia.

- Buchanan.
- It's Jack. I think we got an address.

351 Old Mill Road Valencia.

Got it.


Alert the 2 tac teams, we have
a strike target, deploy them there.

You gonna save my dad?

We'll do everything we can.

When you got the satellite feed,
download it to the tac teams.

OK, I think we should get send'em here.

Here is the satellite download
to Fayed's location.

They're only from the past 10 minutes
but nobody entered or exited.

What's the exterior layout?

Favorable. Tac teams can approch
without being seen.

Nadia, get me the President.

We just don't have
enough specifics to go public.

But I still want all 1st response teams
in the Los Angeles area

to be briefed on the possibility
of a nuclear detonation.

Excuse me, Mr President, you have
an urgent call from Bill Buchanan.

I'll take it.

Mr President, we have some good news.

We believe
with a high level of probability

- we can find the suitcase nuke.
- Where?

In Valencia, 20 miles north of the city.

Tactical teams
will be there in 15 minutes.

Would you like me to patch you
into that feed when it's available?

Absolutely, Bill.
Good work.

Thank you, Mr President.

I'll let you know
when the feed comes up.

Can we have a moment alone, please?

- I'm getting you outta here.
- I'm not going anywhere.

- Yes, you are.
- Sandra, listen to me.

I think some people in this place have
a connection with the terrorist attacks.

How would you know that?

They were speaking Arabic,
which I don't understand,

but there was one phrase
they used several times.

Pass that on to the FBI or somebody.
It may help

They're being held illegally.
Any statement they make

- may not be in...
- Dammit, Sandra!

Stop being a lawyer
for one damned minute.

This guys may be planning something
that will harm a lot of people.

All right, I'll pass it on.

I have to come back.

Be carefull.

Yeah, I just got it. Thanks, Bill.

Let me know when the tac teams
arrive in Valencia.

Will do, Jack.

This represents everything that you
and the President talked about.

You'll receive a full pardon

in exchange for your continued efforts
in helping us stop these attacks

and for bringing
your political organization

to negociate in peace with the west.

I need a moment
to look through this, please.

I understand.

Unfortunately I need
to get back to work.

Agent Borman will take you to CTU.

Good luck.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

- What's the document?
- Come here.

I wanted to talk to you about this
before it was executed.

I didn't think
it would happen this fast.

We made a deal with Assad.

- Who's "we"?
- The United States government.

Personally authorized by the President.

Assad will receive a pardon

in exchange for his full cooperation
which he has given us.

In other words...

he walks.

Like I told the President,
it's not my call.

It's not your call either.

This possibility lies with him alone.

It's out of our hands.

All right.

Then that's the way it has to be.

That's the way it has to be.


Scott! Scott...

Oh, God. Are you all right?

- I'm fine.
- You're sure?

- Are you ?
- Yes.

Miss Wallace?

Is there any word of my husband?

With your son's help
we think we know where he is.

We've got agents on route.

- Is he all right?
- We don't know yet.

As soon as they get there, I promise you

we'll do everything we can
to protect him.

Excuse me for one second.

- This is Bauer.
- Jack?

You were right about Curtis and Assad
having a past connection.

- Go on.
- Curtis was in the army

just after Desert Storm.

His squad was embushed
by Assad's people.

They killed 5 of Curtis's men
and took 2 more hostage.

Curtis was badly wounded,
he couldn't go after them.

The next day a tape was sent
to the local television stations.

Assad's lieutenant forced the men

from Curtis's patrol
to beg for their lives

and then personally beheaded them both.

Oh, my God!


I-I'll get back to you.

Where's agent Manning?

He was here just a second ago.

Borom... Go ahead, I got him.

You still don't remember?

Special Forces batallion...

32th support group

Curtis, put your weapon down!

I can't do that, Jack.

By order of the President
of the United States,

put your weapon down!

Stay out of it, Jack!

I can't.

I gave him my word
that we would protect him.

I didn't.

Curtis, please. Don't do this.


I can't let this animal live.

- Yeah.
- Jack, it's Bill.

Spreg told me what happened.

Curtis didn't leave you any choice.

That's what
I keep trying to tell myself.

You did the right thing.

We need Assad alive.

He's on his way back.
I think you should come in, too.

Tell the President I'm sorry.
I can't do this anymore.

The hell you can't.

We're gonna find that suitcase nuke
because of you.

Jack, you've done great work today.

Good, then you don't need me anymore.

I'll send a car for you, Jack.
Come back here, we'll talk.

I'm done.

- Yes ?
- Mr Buchanan, I just received word

that Ahmed Amar, the terrorist who held
the Wallace family hostage,

died on route to the hospital.

Thank you, Nadia.

Mr Buchanan, the tac team is ready.

Patch me in. Make sure the White House
is connected to the feed.

Watch your 6.


- To mode set.
- Go! Go!

Delta unit, move in.

Delta movin' in.

Offensive, watch it, watch it.


How much longer?

Almost finished.

I just need to reconnect the fuse.


- I think I saw someone out there.
- Who?

Police. Somebody. I saw something.

- Are you done?
- Yes.

- Can you detonate now?
- Yes.

Right now! Do it!


Oh, my God!

Alert all fresh response teams

in Los Angeles
and the surrounding counties.

Let's put them in touch
with the military.

Tell them...

Tell them the resources of
the entire nation are at their disposal.

Whatever it is they need.


Yes, Mr President.

Mr Buchanan,
I just got a message from the FBI.

They said it's important.

- It's some Arabic phrase.
- What is it?

Someone overheard a conversation
at one of the detention centers.

This phrase kept comin' up.

I'm not sure about the pronunciation.

It means "five visitors".

Assad said
"visitor" was a code word for weapon.

Four more of theses things
are out there.