24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 6 - Day 6: 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack finds himself confronting his father while the lead terrorist needs help if he's to explode the remaining bombs.

(Sabir) Do it now! Do it!

- How many people died in this?
- No less than 12,000.

Four more nuclear weapons were stolen
along with the one that went off.

CTU is trying to determine
where Fayed was at the time.

The worst-case scenario is that he is still alive
and has the remaining nuclear weapons.

My engineer died in the blast. The device
used to reprogram the trigger was destroyed.

I have four more bombs whose triggers
need to be made operational.

You need someone who can replicate
what that device did, with modern equipment.

McCarthy will find someone for us.

Tell the men these bombs will go off today.

Walid heard conversations about the bombs.

If there is an active cell inside that detention
facility, we need Walid to find out more.

He's wiring you. It's a two-way radio.

Now you're gonna tell me what we found
in your wallet. Understand?

You're gonna say I asked about this man.
Make them believe you're working with him.

What if they find out he's wearing a wire?

Guards inside are keeping an eye on him.

I sent Fayed to negotiate with an ex-Soviet
general about tactical nuclear weapons.

- What was the name of the general?
- Dmitri Gredenko.

Assad gave us the name of a Russian general
Fayed contacted a year ago about the nukes.

Gredenko did business with BXJ
Technologies, specifically with your father.

My father?
I haven't spoken to him for nine years.

We'll send someone to talk to him.

I should do this. He'll talk to me if I go alone.

You'll never guess who just called.

- (Graem) Who?
- (Liddy) Your brother Jack.

- What's he want?
- The old man.

We should've killed Jack
instead of handing him to the Chinese.

Look at the bright side,
you got out, you're here. Just relax a little.

Gray, people in this country are dying,
and I need some information.

Are you gonna give it to me,
or do I have to hurt you?

- What do you want from me?
- The truth!

It is the truth!
I swear to you on my family's life.

Not good enough.

Although the crisis we face today
is a grave and dire one,

we will rise above it.

Our great nation has been challenged
as never before.

This time, against this enemy
armed with these weapons,

we must rely on the strength and faith

of every single American.

And that faith is unshakable.

We must rise above our fears,
above our bigotries, and stand our ground.

Our goal is the defeat of the enemy
and the preservation of our values.

Now, we have achieved that goal in the past,

and so we shall again.

Thank you.

I wish he had not said that.


He made a promise he can't keep.

The American people
have to get used to the fact

these new security measures
are a way of life.

They're not some temporary Band-Aid.

(Karen) Now you're
making policy unilaterally, Tom.

The president was absolutely clear
about your proposals.

I'm sorry. What is this about, Karen?

"National Guard
supplanting police in major cities".

"Expanding detentions based on soft intel".

You authorised these
without presidential consent.

Now, how many times do you think
we are going to be going over this?

I am taking preparatory steps
to allow the president to act swiftly,

should he decide to act at all.

Nobody is authorising anything.

That's what you said
about the detention facilities,

and those preparatory measures
turned into an illegal paramilitary operation.

Well, however you may choose to
characterise it, the president agreed...

That's because you distorted the facts.

Is it that you think I'm some bleeding-heart
liberal preaching civil liberties? Is that it?

I'll tell you what I think...

The Constitution is wonderful thing,
but back in the days of the Founding Fathers,

the weapon at hand
was a single-shot musket.

It took a half a minute to load and fire.

Fayed just killed 12,000 people in less time
without even taking aim.

I love the Constitution, but I won't be ducking
behind it when the next nuke goes off.

I'm a realist. I am willing to do
what it takes to protect this country.

- No, you are not.
- I am looking a little further down the road.

These warrantless arrests and detention
centres will cause irreparable damage.

Why don't you hop over
to the Justice Department?

You are using this crisis
to advance a very dangerous agenda, Tom,

and take advantage of presidential power,
and I will not let you do it.

And if you think that you are going to
wear me down, you are sadly mistaken.

Actually, you're wearing me down.

You won't make the same mistake again.

You're gonna give the file to Sharon,
and she's gonna handle it.

Get it done.

- I need Karen Hayes to go away.
- I'm putting the last...

I need this now. I need the president
to sign off on my proposals.

She has gone from being
an irritant to an obstacle.

She will be gone soon.

I'm waiting to hear from a few more people,
then you can approach her.

This work you're doing for me,
it doesn't go unnoticed.

Thank you, sir.

- Mr Buchanan.
- Yes?

- Are you aware of the new security mandate?
- I haven't looked. What's going on?

Anyone with a Middle Eastern background
has to put a redundancy layer on their logins.

I see.

Normally I'm not sensitive
to this kind of thing, you know that.

But this is not the time to profile
people with grade-four security clearance.

- I'm not gonna argue with you.
- You'll give me an exemption?

I'll take it to the Attorney General,
but it won't happen right away.

How can I work
with one hand tied behind my back?

You and I knew when I hired you
that a Muslim working counter terror

would have to put up with unfair measures.
This is one of them.

- I know, but today of all days...
- Especially today.

I need you to stay focused on the big picture.

When this is behind us, I will take this issue
to the Attorney General, I promise you.

- You heard from Jack?
- Not since he went to see his brother.

- Want me to try and reach him?
- He'll call us when he has something.

You lie to me again, the bag goes back on.
Do you understand me?

Start talking, Gray.

Dad... Dad didn't want anyone
to know where he went.

- He didn't even leave a number?
- No, you can't reach him, Jack.

He... After the bomb was detonated,

he told me he was cutting himself off.

I don't believe you.

- I think he told you where he was going.
- No. It's the truth.

- Fine.
- Oh, no, no! I don't know!

All right, all right, all right, all right!

He went to see a guy who works for us.
His name's Darren McCarthy.


It was my fault.

I made a mess. Dad's trying to clean it up.

- What do you mean?
- You were right. It's about the nukes.

The connection you found
between Dad and Gredenko

had to do with a contract
that was awarded to us.

- Through the company.
- Yeah. It all went through BXJ.

What did a general
have to do with a contract?

It was his job to release the old nukes
into the US for decommissioning.

BXJ was hired to dismantle
some of the smaller bombs

and to recycle their cores into
energy production. We do it all the time.

What happened?

(sighs) I hired McCarthy to oversee the job
but I didn't check him out carefully enough.

He made the lowest bid and you hired him.

I... I... My head
was into other things at the time.

He came with good references.
I saw no reason to get all anal about it.

The nukes the terrorists have,
including the one detonated in Valencia,

were supplied by McCarthy
and stolen from you?

Yes. In a nutshell, that's it.

Sam told me Dad left yesterday, which means
you both knew about this and didn't report it.

We thought we could
take care of it more efficiently.

How many people have died
because you're trying to cover your ass?

I had no idea this was going to happen.

What Dad and I are doing to stop this is more
effective than what your people will do.

What exactly are you doing?

Dad put together a security team.

He went out to look for McCarthy.


He was staking out McCarthy's office.

He checked in about an hour ago.

Where is this office?

It's in Simi.

We're going.

I'm not leaving my family, Jack, not today.

Oh, yes, you are.

Get up!

(man on TV)... the wind should push the
mushroom cloud away from Los Angeles...

- Graem, where are you going?
- Jack and I have to go find Dad.

- Find him?
- He's not reachable. We have to pick him up.

I want you to stay here with Josh.

Don't either of you go outside the house.
I'll be back as soon as I can.

- What's the address?
- His office in on Route 23.

5137 Olsen Avenue. Who are you calling?

- (phone rings)
- CTU. O'Brian.

- It's Jack. Let me speak to Bill.
- He's being briefed on Fayed.

- Picked up any threads?
- Not yet.

I've got one. Send two field units
to 5137 Olsen Avenue in Simi Valley.

It should be off the 23.
I want them to wait for me there.

- Get Bill to call me back as soon as he's out.
- OK, I will.

So that's it, Jack?
You're just gonna sell out Dad and me?

Get in the car.

We've monitored ground movement
since the bomb went off.

We've locked down streets, done searches.
Nothing. No sign of Fayed.

He could still be hunkered down
within the perimeter.

- We've got NEST teams in the area now.
- That'll take hours.

Yeah, Morris.
If we could do it quicker, we would.

We can use the fallout to our advantage.

If Fayed is in the perimeter,
he'll move the opposite way.

- He'll have to be monitoring the fallout.
- He's got technology in the "on" position.

- Let's use radio-frequency satellite.
- Good. Get on it.

Jackjust called in.
He's following a lead in Simi Valley.

- He wants you to call him.
- Anything else?

- No. He asked me to send two teams.
- Any leads on finding Gredenko?

Not yet. CIA is trying to
track him down in Moscow.

OK. Thank you.

(tyres screech)

If you give CTU McCarthy's name,
they will eventually come after the family.

Not necessarily. CTU is not interested
in networking a series of indictments.

Will you not be so simple-minded for once?

CTU, like every other federal organisation,
is made up of human beings with ambition.

When the dust settles, they will dig deeper.

Unfortunately for you,
right now you have to trust me.

After what you did to me at the house,
all I trust in is your sadistic tendencies.

- (phone rings)
- Bauer.

- What did you find out?
- Run a locator check on a Darren McCarthy.

- Who is he?
- An independent munitions contractor.

He worked for BXJ Technologies.

How does McCarthy figure into all this?

My father's company hired him
to decommission the nukes.

- He brokered them to Fayed.
- Except for McCarthy,

your father's company
had nothing to do with Fayed?

- I don't know BXJ's involvement yet.
- Where are you?

Heading to McCarthy's office in Simi Valley.
I might get something off his computer.

- We have teams standing by. Let me know.
- Copy that.

You know, if you're
doing this to come after me,

eventually Dad will get caught in the middle.

Or maybe you want that.
Maybe you want Dad to go to prison too.

Boy, Jack, it's good to see
your loyalty is still with your family.

If I were you, I wouldn't talk about loyalty.

It's not easy. That's why
they'll pay seven million dollars.

Can't Taylor Pascal do it?

(man) He's a theoretical physicist. He doesn't
have the background to reprogram a trigger.

- Who does?
- I'm still looking.

Fayed needs someone now.
Get me a name, dammit!

- Where are we going now?
- What do you care?

- Darren, I don't feel safe in this city.
- I was here when you mentioned that earlier.


It seems to me like whatever this is
you're trying to do is a long shot.

You're just gonna waste all this time,
and it's gonna be harder to get away.

- Get out!
- What?

Your negativity is not what I need right now!
I need less stress, not more!

How sure a thing... is this seven million?

Now, that's the type of question
that I love hearing from you.

(phone rings)

- Yeah.
- Have you found an engineer?

No, not yet.

Why not?

Oh! Give me a break, Fayed!
This is not some easy one-stop shopping.

- You said within the hour.
- I know what I said. It's just taking longer.

I told you I'd find someone. Now I will.

That's the last of the group.

- What do you do with them now?
- Patch the images to CTU.

They can cross them with watch lists.

- Didn't you already vet these people?
- CTU has more resources.

They can go deeper,
find the connection to Fayed.

Samuels sent us images
of the men Walid is with.

Excellent. When Nadia gets the manifests,
I'll cross them against our watch lists.

- Wait. Nadia didn't give you the manifests?
- No.

- Why not?
- I haven't a clue, mate.

Hey, you were supposed to send the
manifest to Comm. Why don't we have it?

- I'm backed up.
- Why are you backed up?

I'm doing my best. You got a problem with it,
take it somewhere else.

Hey, I'm just trying
to understand what the problem is.

The detention facility's
one of our only live leads.

Go ask Buchanan.


We've got a support team in place. If Jack
needs more backup, he'll let you know.

Yeah. What is it, Milo?

Nadia. She's falling behind on her tasks.
What's going on with her?

Nothing. Partition her workload
and hand some of it out to another analyst.

- She's only working on one process.
- She's doing things for me. Just do it.

Is there something going on here
you don't want me to know about?

Yes. Either give Nadia enough time
to finish the work or give it to somebody else.

Sir, I'm the technical leader on the floor.

If you want me to do my job effectively,
I need to know what's happening.

Nadia's of Middle Eastern descent.
She's been flagged by Homeland Security.

That's ridiculous.

She's... lived in this country
since she was two years old.

- She's a Republican.
- You're wasting your breath.

There's nothing I can do
about this right now. Let it go.

I don't see how we can. Aren't we trying to
find four nukes that might still be in this city?

- I need everybody working at full speed.
- I understand that.

Now get back to work.

Yes, sir.

(phone rings)

- Yeah. Hi.
- Have you heard about this latest mandate?

- No. What is it?
- They're racially profiling our own agents.

- What?
- Itjust came down from the White House.

One of my best people is hamstrung.

She has to work twice as hard
to get through security measures.

They're not security measures, Bill. They're
the paranoid delusions of Tom Lennox.

Is there anything you can do?

I can talk to the president.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

It went off in Valencia over an hour ago.

- How many were killed?
- We don't know yet.

- (man) There are four more visitors.
- (Walid) What does that mean?

I'm not sure.

Do you think it may have
something to do with Valencia?

- How did you get the information?
- Why are you asking so many questions?

Whatever happens out there affects us in here.
We need to share everything we know.

Heydar's been in contact.


He smuggled in a cellphone.


Cellphone? How did
he get a cellphone in there?

These facilities were put up quickly.
The security is pretty porous.

You need to get the phone
and find out who he's talking to.

If Walid can get the phone,
I can trace any call that's been made.

A live conversation
is worth more than a list of numbers.

- Fine. Then after that, get Walid out of there.
- No. They're talking to him. That's a big get.

We have to keep listening in
on whatever they say.

This is Agent Samuels.
I need to get into a cell tower.

Grid location 15, 27.

(man) Copy that. Grid location 15, 27.

It's done.

They will come forward
if we need them to testify?

Yes, I put the screws to every one of them.
They're all yours.


Oh, Karen. I need to talk to you.

- Just a minute.
- Now would be better.

- Have this signed then send it out.
- This just simply isn't working for me.

- I can't have you stand in my way any more.
- What?

I need the president's undivided attention,
and you, frankly, are dividing it.

I'm not gonna stop doing my job
just because it irritates you.

- I thought I made that perfectly clear.
- Yeah. I'd like you to tender your resignation.

My resignation. What are you smoking?

No, no, no.

I'm here to blow away all the smoke.

I wanna talk about your husband's
incompetence and your covering it up.

I don't like this conversation.
What are you talking about?

14 months ago, we had
Abu Fayed in CTU custody in Seattle,

and Bill Buchanan signed off on his release.

I don't believe this. The case that you're
referring to involved over 20 detainees.

Not prisoners, Tom, detainees. At the time,
there was not enough evidence to hold them.

It's a little greyer than that now.
If what you're saying is true,

how come that incident wound up
blue-coded at Homeland in a dead-end file?

I've got Peter lanona here, Curt Wag,
Myra Mock. They're all in the pipeline,

all ready to testify that you
sequestered that file to protect your husband.

I did nothing illegal or incorrect.

All of those detainees
were cleared of any conspiracy charges.

Nevertheless, one of these "detainees"
detonated a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.

You think your husband
could survive that story? Or you?

Do you want to get in the ring with me?

You've got skeletons in your closet,
and I will not hesitate to pull them out.

We've all got our skeletons, Karen.

It's proof we don't all have. I've got mine.

How long before you get yours?

You're a son of a bitch.

I never claimed otherwise.

Look, I am not out
to hurt you or your husband personally.

I just need room to work.

Your resignation within the hour.

- Can we go a little slower? There's no rush.
- Morris, I'm going as fast as I can.

Go back to your station. I'll send it over.

Why is it taking you five minutes to do
something that should take ten seconds?

Because I borrowed two of her processors
to run a batch job. She's running on 20%.

Oh, yeah?
Then why didn't somebody tell me this?

- I just did.
- Fine.

Don't keep any secrets from me, darling.
We're on the same... side.

- Why did you lie for me?
- I talked to Buchanan.

Yeah. It's pretty frustrating.

I'm sure.

- What are you doing?
- I'm logging you in under my user ID.

That's illegal.

You didn't do it. I did.

Thank you.

There. You should... be fine.

...his relationship with his deputy chief of
staff. So I think that would speed things up.

I believe they're at site R.

Excuse me, sir. I need to speak with you.

- I'm squeezed for time. Can we talk later?
- No, sir, we can't.


Thank you.

Mr President, I am tendering my resignation,
effective immediately.

- What's going on, Karen?
- It's a personal matter, sir.

- Is there something wrong with you or Bill?
- No, we're fine. It's...

I cannot elaborate.

You and Tom have been locking horns
these past few weeks.

- Is that it?
- I'd rather not say.

- That is unacceptable.
- Mr President...

I need you. I need different points of view.

It's difficult to sit in a room with someone
who opposes you, but that is part of yourjob.

And I have never seen anyone
handle it better than you.

I am sorry, Karen,
but I cannot accept your resignation.

Not now, not today.

No disrespect, sir,
but you're going to have to.

Mr President, I am here to tell you
that the past few weeks

have been some of the most difficult weeks
I have ever seen a president face.

And I am truly honoured
to serve under you here in Washington.

I appreciate that you value my advice,

but, sir, the truth is, you have been
your own best counsellor.

You know what to do, sir.

And I have no doubt, absolutely no doubt...

that you will continue
to rise to this challenge.

Is there anything I can do
to change your mind?

No, sir. There is not.

I would appreciate it, however,
if you would reassign me to LA CTU.

I feel I will serve best there.

- I'll approve you for military transport west.
- Thank you, sir.

Mr President.

I'm sorry.

So am I.

Oh. Oh, excuse me, Karen. I'm so sorry.

Oh, Karen, I'm glad I caught you.
I've got a state department white paper

I was hoping you could look over
and take to the president.

No. You'll have to give it to Tom.

Well, I thought you handled that.

Give it to Tom. Excuse me.

(phone rings)


- Karen Hayes is out.
- Thank you.

The last one is a black Kia.

California licence plate.
Niner-Yankee-Sierra-Uniform 108.

It's not registered to McCarthy.

Cross-reference the names of the registered
owners. See if any of them correlate.

- What about the backup teams?
- Where are they?

Holding a two-block radius.

Send one to the parking lot here.
Tell the other to stand by. I'll get back to you.

- Where's McCarthy's office?
- Second floor.

Let's go.

- You all right?
- Yes.

I'm fine. Thank you.

- All right. I've got the phone.
- Good. I'll give you a number to dial.

CTU can access the phone's records.

After dialling the number,
hit the star button twice.

The number is 310-597-3781.

Again, the number - 310-597-3781.

Once we get everything off the SIM,
you can put the phone back.

Hurry. It won't be long
before he discovers it's missing.

He got the phone.
There's nothing else he can do.

Let's just see what we get.

- CTU. O'Brian.
- It's Agent Samuels.

We've got the phone.
I'm piping a stream to you now.

Work up every number you get.

- It's coming through.
- How does it look?

This data's encoded.
There's over 120 numbers or so.

I can't tell if they're recently dialled or stored.
I'll get back to you in a few minutes.

- But you got everything, right?
- Yeah.

Walid did a greatjob of getting that phone.

Then please let him go before he gets hurt.

I'll tell you one last time, Ms Palmer.

These men know something
about the bombs that we don't.

Walid has earned their trust.
That's a situation that we've lucked into,

and we will not terminate it as long as
he can continue to harvest information.

All right, Walid, you can put the phone back.



(phone rings)

- Yeah, Chloe.
- These guys aren't connected to anyone.

What? They knew about
the other four bombs.

They found out from a web page.

- (Samuels) What?
- The cellphone had a browser on it.

The cache had a web page.
They could have connected in.

- Was the website password protected?
- No, but a lot of people know about them.

They aren't terrorists, they're spectators.

- Why didn't they report the website?
- Because you have them locked up!

Why would they give you information
that would incriminate them further?

- Thanks, Chloe.
- I'm getting Walid the hell out of there.

This is Agent Samuels. Notify the guards
we are taking Walid Al-Rezani out.

I was at home with my wife and my children

and they barged right in and they grabbed me.

No search warrant, nothing.

They say this country is about freedom.

This is not freedom.

My phone. It's gone.

- What do you mean, it's gone?
- I just had it over there.

You. You took it.

No, I did not take your phone.

Yes, he did. I was walking back,
he fell in front of me.

- Search him.
- No. Get away from me.

- Open the gate.
- I can't do that.

I need to get in there right now.

What are you doing?

You spied on us?
You're worse than they are!

Son of a bitch!

Hey! No!

Let us in.

(man) Get on the ground!

Oh, my God!

Walid! Walid!

- My God.
- I'm OK.

- No, you're not. You're hurt.
- I need a medical team on site. Civilian down.

Don't move.

(phone rings)

CTU. O'Brian.

Chloe, we're here.
The parking lot's almost empty.

The building's been evacuated
because of the bomb.

- Does Jack want us in there?
- No.

Keep an eye on exits and entrances
and wait for my call.

All right. Standing by.

- Which one's his office?
- Last door on the right.

Let's go.

Take a seat.

What are you doing?

Looking for anything in McCarthy's system
that connects him to BXJ or the nukes.

- What's that?
- McCarthy's employment contract with BXJ.

Whoa, whoa. What happened there?

Some kind of electronic shredding trail.

Ten minutes after the bomb went off,
McCarthy started deleting files.


Get up. Now.

- Come on, Jack.
- Don't make a noise.


Don't you move.


You know him?

Yeah. He's my son.

I'm surprised to see you here, Jack.

We all feared the worst.

Give me my gun back.

What are you doing here, Jack?

I'm working with CTU.
We're looking for Darren McCarthy.

- McCarthy's not here.
- I know you're covering up. Gray told me.

- Did he? And where is he?
- McCarthy's office.

There's nothing there, Jack. Believe me.

- Get Graem in here.
- Wait.

You'll need these.

I didn't trust him not to run.

- I'm doing everything I can to find McCarthy.
- What in the hell are you thinking?

I only learned about it yesterday.
When Graem told me about the weapons...

The second you knew the bombs
were missing, why didn't you call?

He told me that the bombs couldn't be
detonated, the triggers were deactivated.

- He was wrong.
- Evidently.

Look, Jack, I'm just trying
to keep my son out of prison.

- Dad, where is McCarthy?
- I don't know.

- When I do, we can pick him up together.
- He wants us both in prison.

What I want is to find the nukes.

If you're held accountable for what
you've done, that's the bed you've made.

Oh, you hear that, Dad? Family love. We'd
be better off if he was still in a Chinese jail.

- Who are you calling?
- CTU.

Jack, look, work with me.

I'll tell you what I know,
but for now keep Graem out of it.

We're talking about prison, Jack.
He's your brother.

Graem knew what he was doing was wrong.
He should have been more careful.

When he knew they were stolen,
he should have reported it!

You always do what you should. How about
when Dad needed you and you disappeared?

- Jack, give us a chance to clean this up.
- Dad, there are four more bombs out there.

I cannot, I will not, be responsible for
thousands of lives to protect this family.

Wrong. Protecting family is everything.
I think your dead wife would agree.

- You son of a bitch!
- Jack!

All right. Let's do it your way.

- No, Dad.
- No, no, no. He's right.

Call CTU.

I don't think so.

Hey! What are you doing? Put the gun away.

- You work for me.
- No, Dad, he doesn't.

This is insane.

You don't think I'd let you loose
without keeping an eye on you?

- Tell them to put the guns away.
- Shut up, Dad.

Well, I'm glad we can all
finally put our cards on the table.

Family. Pff!

Let's go.

- Yeah.
- (man) I've found someone.


He's got the background to reprogram the
trigger, but you'll have to force him to do it.

- And he hasn't left town?
- No, he's here.

OK. Text me everything you got on him.

They're looking at your place. What
makes you think they can't find you here?

A, I'm not that stupid, and B, we're not gonna
be here long enough for anyone to know.

Mm. I really hope
you know what you're doing, Darren.


When I'm done with this deal,
I may just buy you a small country.

As long as it's not Palm Springs.

Everything's been handled. We're clear to go.

Good. Let's move.

Good God. What have you done?

(Graem) Jack forced my hand.

Call me when it's over.