24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 22 - Day 6: 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. - full transcript

Russia presses the White House, while Jack must try to thwart the Chinese and his oldest antagonist simultaneously.

Previously on 24

You didn't just betray me.
You betrayed your country.

I swear to you I didn't know.

But the russians know about the component.

And they're threatening military action against us
if we don't get it back from the chinese.

You're going to go back to your boyfriend

and you're going to make him believe
that we have the component back.

When you go back to mr. Bishop you will find a way
to excuse yourself from the room.

To allow him time to access your pda.

If you can feed all this convincingly to bishop,
he will relay it to his russian contact,

president suvarov will call off
his threat of military action.

I'm always worried the next crisis is around the corner.

I think I know how to take your mind off of it.

Head east, 153 meters.

That will put you directly beneath ctu.

This is nadia yassir, code red.
It is confirmed,look this place down.

Everyone on the floor!

-you all right?
-Yes, jack.What's going on?

What do they want with josh?

What do you mean josh?

They came here to get him.

-I'm not leaving you.
-Josh, you're not leaving anyo behind,

we're gonna be following you.
Just go through here.Go. Keep going.

Put your weapon down on the ground. Now!

I'm putting the weapon down.

-The boy's escaped.
-Get the boy back.

I don't care what you have to do.

Josh, I'm going to give you ten seconds.

If you don't show yourself by the time I finish counting,she dies.

The operation was successful,my men have your grandson.

Call me when i can talk to the boy.

-Have you finished repairing the sub-circut board?

I'll return it when you bring me my grandson.

Who's in command?

I'm acting director of ctu.

The following takes place between 3:00 am and 4:00 am.

Cheng, I'm sending the boy to you now.

Get him into the tunnel, now.

Josh!Josh!Josh. No!Josh.

Stop it.What are you gonna do,what do you...


What do you want with him?

Please, let me...they're taking my child.

Leave her alone!

he's just a boy. He'S...he's just a boy...

-shut up!

I can help you calm her down.

Please, let me just help you.

Get on your feet!

-Keep her quiet!
-Thank you.Thank you.


All of you,listen to me.Pay attention.

We're moving you to a secure room then we will leave.

Do what I tell you to do and no one will be hurt.

Come on.

we're moving you in two groups.
Group one, on your feeT.

What are they doing?

They got what they want.

Now they want to stop us from
being able to follow them.

We're going to try to get josh back.

marilyn, I need you to be at the front of
our group.Do you understand me?

You need to be in the front of our group.

Group two, on your feet!

ok,stand up.

Marilyn, go.

Nadia.If cheng's men lock us in the holding room,

we're gonna lose our only chance
to get that component back.

-So we have to do something now.

But you need to understand,it's a long shot at best...

there's a good chance we won't make it through this.

I understand.

Stay close to me.

As soon as I make my move take the first man on the left.

-What are you guys talking about?

Chloe, keep going.

Morris, stay alert.

-are you all right?

-Teams b and c,do we have the hostages secured?
-Yes, sir. All secure.

-they were cheng's men that attacked us.
-They were after my nephew.

I don't know why,but it has to do something with the component,

otherwise why would they take the risk?

All I need is a tactical set up
and comm and I'm ready to go.

-You're still under arrest, jack.
-Nadia, please.

I know the schematics of this building
better than anyone,I can find them.

-Okay, I'll release you,jack, but doyle's in command.

-Give him whatever he needs.

How many casualties did you sustain?


Milo pressman.

-Are you okay?

I'm set,we need to go.

Use my cell until comm's up.

You did great.

**move,let's go.

That was really brave.

I need to restore comm and satellite immediately.

There may be more server capacity in data storage.

Try it.

Keep quiet

climb up.Let's go.

-Hello, josh.
-Who are you?

Start loading,we're moving out.

What do you want from me?

What took so long?
I've been waiting for your call.

-I have the boy with me.
-Put him on the phone.

Your grandfather wants to speak with you.

-My grandfather?

Take the phone.


Hello, joshua.

Look...I'm sorry, i know you've been through a lot.

I'm sorry?

A few hours ago you pointed a gun at my head
and said you'd kill me.

-I never would have hurt you.
-I heard you say it!

I had to make it sound convincing...
to you and to jack.

Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten away.

This way.

-What do you want from me?
-To protect you.

From what?

From your father's mistakes.

If you stay here...

they'll never let you forget what your father did.

I'm taking you away from this ungrateful country.

-Some place we can both start over.


Within a decade,they will have surpassed
this country in every possible way.

And we can be part of it, josh.

I am going to give you the future
I promised you when you were born.

I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

No, I didn't think you would.

But you will.

I'll explain everything when I see you.

Right now, all I need is for you to keep an open mind.

Let's go.

No, wait, please! I don't want to be with my grandpa.

-I'm afraid of him.
-Your grandfather's a visionary--

you should be grateful for the opportunity.

I don't want to be with him, though!

go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Cheng's using the boy as a shield--
hold your fire! Hold your fire!

I've got two hostiles at the suv!
Cover me now!

Go, go ,go, go! Move!

This is bauer.I've got one hostile down.
We're moving towards the roof.


Cheng,it's over!

Put your weapon down! Now!

Put it down!

Where is the boy?!

Tell me where the boy is,and I won't kill you.

- Help!
- Josh!

- Help!
- Josh...

- Help
-Hold on

Josh...here,you need to grab my arm.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Mike,it's jack.I'm on the roof.

I lost cheng,but I've got josh.

I need to secure him.

On our way up now.

We're setting up a perimeter around the building.

Josh,the man who had you,his name was cheng.

Did he explain why he tried to take you?

No,but he made me talk on the phone with grandpa.

He did?

- You talked to your grandfather?
- Yeah.

What'd he say?

He said that he loved me,that he wanted to
take me to china and that I was his legacy.

I think he's out of his mind.

Josh,listen to me,I need your help.

Was there anything that you might have heard
that could help us figure out where your grandfather is?

- No.
- Josh,think.

I don't know.I'm sorry.I'm sorry...

josh,no.Hey,hey,it's all right.

It's all right.

Come on,let's get you back to your mom.


Ctu has a team on the way to secure the area.

You need to let them know my father's
still involved in this.

Your father's involved with the chinese?Why?

I don't know.I'll ask him when I find him.

- Sir?
- Come in,karen.

I just got off the phone with the pentagon,

and the latest intel indicates that
the russians are moving

another two mechanized divisions into
the central asian theater.

- Are they within striki distance of our base?
- Yes.

And the troops are at the highest level of alert.

Sir,tom lennox was supposed
to be on the call with me,

and I couldn't find him or
get him on the telephone.

Is there something that I should know about?

Tom is out in the field running
a classified operation.

He figured out who the leak was.

- Who?
- Lisa miller

- Lisa miller is spying for the russians?
- No.

The man lisa is romantically involved with is.

For the last year,this man,mark bishop's been
passing lisa's e-mails along to the russians,

along with other things that...

she told him in confidence.

And that's how the russians knew
the chinese had the component.

- Does lisa know?
- She does now.

Tom sent her back to this man,
bishop,with a cover story

and falsified e-mails that
we hope will convince the russians

that we've destroyed the circuit board before
the chinese could get it out of the country,

and with any luck,
bishop'll forward those e-mails to the russians

and they'll back off.

And we'll have bought time to
actually retrieve the...

component from the chinese.

Well,I hope that works,sir.

Karen.Sit down.

I know you're wondering why
you've been kept out of the loop on this,

so let me assure you it had nothing to do with
you and everything to do with me.

I don'T...I don't understand.

At the same time lisa was...

with bishop,she and I were...

in a relationship as well.

Needless to say...

I am ashamed.


I think you're being a little hard on yourself.

You and lisa were both single,and...

there's no way you could know what
she was doing behind your back.

It's a question of judgment.

I trusted her.

And unless tom's plan succeeds...

that mistake will bring us to war.

and finally we're done.Here we go.

You okay?

I'm great.That was great.

It felt like you were somewhere else.

I'm just tired.

It's been a long day.

I'll be right back.

Do you think he's just concerned or...suspicious?

Yeah,I don't know.

But she is leaving him alone with the pda.

This could be it.

He's making his move,he's making his move.

Is that excellent?

That must be the device he's using to
forward the e-mails to the russians.

GentlemeN...he is taking the bait.

He's not going to,sir.

He's putting her pda away.

Sweetheart,I'm just gonna pour
myself a glass of wine.

- You want something?
- Sure.I'll have what you're having.

You know,I don't think it's just
that you're tired.

What are you talking about?

I can tell from the way you were in bed
that something's wrong.

All right,we have a problem here.

I told you everything's fine.

Then why can't you look me in the eye?

Because you're making me nervous
staring at me like that?

Can we stop talking about this?

- Mark...
- I know you.

- You don't get nervous.
- Stop it.You're hurting me.

- What's going on?!
- Nothing's going on!

- You're lying!
- I'm not lying!

Tell me what's going on!

All right,this is not good.

All right,I'll tell you what's going on.

- What's going on you're a lying son of a bitch!
- We got to get in there quick!Come on!

I put myself on the line for you and all you were
doing was whoring yourself to the russians,

stealing my e-mail,you bastard!


They're gonna charge me with treason!
I'll be put in jail!

who knows about me and the russians?!Who knows?!

Freeze!Get him off her!

Put Mr. Bishop in the bedroom.

She's got a pulse.It's faint.

She's breathing.

All right,let's get an ambulance here fast.

Mr. Bishop,I'm tom lennox.

I would guess you've already familiarized
yourself with the white house staff.

If I could have a moment alone with the prisoner?

Mr. Bishop,we have incontrovertible evidence
you were spying for the russians.

We have recordings of you on the phone
with the agent running you,

and now,of course,we've got this.

Do I have your attention?

All right.So here it is.

You are going to upload the e-mails
on Ms. Miller's pda

to your russian employers.

Additionally,you are going to call your handler

and back up the story these e-mails tell

namely,that our country destroyed the circuit board
before it could fall into chinese hands.

Now,if you comply,
we'll push for leniency in your sentencing.

If you do not,I can all but
guarantee you the death penalty.

- what is it,cheng?
- I lost the boy.

- Who has him?
- Ctu and your son.

This is totally unacceptable.

The boy was my price for repairing
the circuit board.

I lost many men trying to give
you your price,Mr. Bauer!

I really don't give a damn about
your operational incapacities.

- Our arrangement is over.
- It cannot be over.

You have our component.

You failed to hold up your end of the deal.

The circuit board is no longer yours.

You repair the circuit board and return it to us
or there'll be serious consequences!

Now you listen to me.

I'm not afraid of you,cheng.

And the next time you threaten me,
the consequences will be serious

but not for me.

Any luck?

Chloe,have our teams been able to locate cheng
or the sub-circuit board?

No,nothing yet.

What's the status on our satellite?

We managed to reroute circuits through an undamaged subsystem.

We should have the gd back up in ten minutes.

Try to make it five.

Nadia yassir?

Yeah,can I help you?

My name is ben kram,I'm from division.

You should have received a flash memo alerting you of my arrival.

Well,our systems are still down so we can't receive memos just yet.

That's exactly why I'm here.

I've been authorized to compile an accounting
and assessment of your security breach.

Well,sir,we're right in the middle of a recovery operation
and it's 3:00 in the morning.

I mean,this isn't the best time to be questioning my people.

Frankly,Ms. Yassir,I don't particularly care what you think.

Excuse me?

This incident represents a serious breach in your security protocols,

one which resulted in a loss of ctu personnel.

Obviously,mistakes were made; errors in judgment.

Not the least of which was my accepting bill buchanan's recommendation

to leave someone with your limited experience in charge.

So,can I,uh,count on your full cooperation or not?

I never said otherwise.


I'll need a full staff roster and access to

all departments plus some kind of a station to set up my investigation.

You can work out of that conference room over there.

Thank you.

Yeah,this is nadia yassir.

There is a group from division here in conference room "B.??

Please give them whatever it is that they need.



This may not be my place,
don't let those buggers from division get to you.

You're not responsible for what happened.

Of course I'm responsible.

It happened on my watch.

There's nothing you could have done.

Do not let them hang you out to dry.

No,morris,people are dead.

Milo is dead because of me.

That's ridiculous.

There's nothing anyone could have done,darling.

No,I...I could have stood up.

I could have said something.

There was no time.

Milo jumped in.

There was time.

I just hesitated.

I was just...

you were just afraid?

Yeah,I have a bit of experience with that.

Look,I'm not one to give advice on
how to handle self-recrimination,

but I know this: Milo was a brave man.

He never would have sacrificed himself

if he knew you could allow others to lay his death at your feet.

He'd want you to stay strong,stay in charge.

Sir,tom lennox is on the line for you.


Tom,I'm here with karen.

Yes,sir,that information we planted for the russians,

that has been sent on to bishop's contact.


Do you think it's made its way to suvarov yet?

I'm confident it has,sir.

But I do think a call to the russian president
giving him the news ourselves,

that might well strengthen the credibility of our story here.

I agree.


Uh,sir,there is one other thing.

What's that?

We had some complications,and,uh,
lisa was injured in the operation.

How badly?

Well,she experienced a loss of oxygen to the brain.

Won't know the extent of the damage
till she regains consciousness.

She is on her way to the hospital.

How the hell did this happen?

Sir,she attacked bishop suddenly
before we could even get in there.

He almost strangled her to death.

And what were you doing during all this?

You were supposed to be watching her the whole time!

Where was secret service?

Sir,we did everything we could.

It just happened too fast.

All right,thank you,tom.

All right,I'll be back there shortly.

I'm so sorry,sir.

I know that despite her betrayal,
you still have feelings for lisa.

Unfortunately,we do have a pressing matter to address.


Yes,sir,we've got to call him immediately
and tell him that the chinese no longer have the component

and that it has been destroyed.

Set it up in the telepresence suite.

Right away,sir.

I'm gonna get you back to your mom soon,okay?

Just sit here.

I'll be right back.

- ctu
- This is jack.

- Patch me through to marilyn bauer's cell phone.
- Yes,sir.

Jack,ground teams have done a thorough search
of the area and cheng's vehicles.

The sub circuit board's not here.

What about aerial surveillance?

The choppers have picked up nothing
and we just now got satellite back online.

It looks like cheng got out.

There's nothing more we can do here.

- Get your men ready. We'll go back to ctu.
- got it

- Hello?
- Hey,it's me.

Did they tell you josh was safe?

Yeah,but that's all they'll tell me.

What's going on?

When can I see him?

We should be back at ctu in the next few minutes.

Marilyn,the chinese were doing this for my father.

They were trying to get josh to him.

Are you sure?

Yeah,josh spoke to him.

What did he tell josh?

He said he wanted to take him back to china,
that josh was his legacy.

That's it? That's all he said?


Can I talk to him?

Of course. Hold on one second.

Hey,it's your mom.

- Mom.
- Hey!

Hey,are you okay?

Did they hurt you?

No,I'm all right.

I don't know what i would do if I lost you.

Mom,uncle jack,he saved my life.

I know.

I love you so much.

I love you,too,mom.

I'll see you soon,all right?


You okay?

Come on. We need to go.

Sir,president suvarov is standing by for you.

Whenever you're ready.

Let's do this.

President suvarov,
you have a secure conference with vice president daniels.

Mr. President,I have some good news to share with you.

And what is this good news,Mr. Vice president?

We were successful in locating and taking out the chinese agents

who were attempting to smuggle the fb sub-circuit board
out of the country.

Are you saying you have the component back in your possession?


The sub-circuit board was destroyed when we attacked the chinese.

I see.

I assume you have proof of this?

Yes,we do.

In addition to fragments from the destroyed component,

I'm prepared to give you whatever images
or documentation you need to assure

that this threat's been neutralized.

Do you mean the same documentation
you planted with one of my agents?

Excuse me?

The same images you coerced him into
sending to my people of a strike

that accomplished nothing but destroying an empty building?

Yes,I know you exposed one of my operatives.

I had him under surveillance,
which is how I know about your raid on his apartment.

Mr. President...

now,if the chinese agent in possession

of the sub-circuit board is allowed to transfer it to his government,

the entire russian defense system will be compromised.

I told you I would hold you and your government responsible.

I will not tolerate any threats from you,Mr. President.

We're doing everything in our power
to ensure this component does not reach china.

I have already given you ample time to recover it.

Now I am feeling less generous.

If you do not deliver complete
and irrefutable proof to our embassy

that you have recovered
or destroyed this component within two hours,

I will have no choice
but to extend my country's forward perimeter

to compensate for our defensive vulnerabilities.

You are talking about attacking one of our military bases.

Now I would urge you to consider the consequences of that.

We have just as many troops in that area and allies

who will not look kindly upon any unprovoked aggression on my country.

You and I both know it will not be unprovoked.

This is a matter of survival for us.

It is in both our interests that you get that component back.

You have two hours.

It was all for nothing.

Excuse me,sir?

This ruse,it bought us nothing.

We're about to go to war over a piece of circuitry.

this is the agenda for the vice president's
briefing with the military.

Okay. When did they start?

A few minutes ago.

they're in the oval office.

All right,I'll play catch up.

Tom lennox.


All right,put him through.

The russians are blaming us for allowing
the chinese theft of the fb sub-circuit board

and they're preparing to retaliate against us.

All our efforts to reacquire the component have failed,

so we have no choice but to defend ourselves.

And to make provisions for the escalation of this conflict
beyond the central asian theater.

excuse me,Mr. Vice president.

I'm glad you could make it,tom.

General kram is about to run some response scenarios.

Before we do that,sir,I need a moment alone with you and karen.

Excuse us,ladies and gentlemen.

I've got phillip bauer calling for you on a scrambled line.

What? What does he want?

I don't know.

But he's in league with the chinese.

I think we need to hear him out.

Put him on speaker.

Mr. Bauer.

Thank you for taking my call,Mr. Vice president.

What's this about?

I think you know what this is about.

Tell me anyway so there's no miscommunication.

I want my grandson.

And I want clear passage to the country of my choice.

You give me that,and I'll give you the fb sub-circuit board.

You're working with the chinese?

I was.

They had their chance,they blew it.

How do I know you even have this component?

Serial number 3ptl3.

Check it against any records you have.

And there it is,sir.

You realize what you're asking?

I'm offering you the opportunity of avoiding
a conflict this country does not want,

a war this country cannot afford.

Not after what's happened today.

I'll send my instructions on an encrypted data stream.

Mr. Bauer...

sir,you're not seriously considering this?

Phillip bauer is a federal fugitive...

complicit in selling nuclear weapons to terrorists.

I know what crimes he's committed.

Then how can you even entertain
the thought of negotiating with him?

Because it may be we can't afford not to.

We are talking about trading the life of an innocent young boy.

We're talking about the lives of a lot more young men
if we go to war with russia.

And you think phillip bauer is somebody that we can trust?

The man is a sociopath.


He is a sociopatH.

She's right about that.

But given the stakes,this is a risk worth taking,sir.

None of this makes sense.

Everything we know about suvarov tells us the man
wouldn't risk military engagement,

even for this piece of technology.

Unless he's being squeezed.

Who by?

His cabinet?

No. The military.

Gredenko was not the only anti-american general left
over from the soviet regime.

Yes,some of them are still in power,
and suvarov does rely on them.

So you think these generals are just looking for
an excuse to pull the trigger.

Well,certainly sounds plausible,sir.

Well,if that is the case,then we have no choice.

We have to recover that stolen circuit board.

Get me ctu.

As soon as we get back to ctu,

you and your mother will be transported to a safe location.

How long will we be there?

Until we find your grandfather.

Uncle jack,when you find him,what are you going to do to him?

Josh,I don't want you worrying about this.

But I promise you,
he will never threaten you or your mother again.

Agent bauer!

Call for you. It's urgent.

Josh,get in the car I'll be right there.

Josh,you need to come with me.

What do you mean?

Come now!

Uncle jack!

Agent doyle!

Uncle jack!

Agent doyle!

Orders jack!

Go back to ctu!

The boy stays with me!

Get out of my way.

take him dowN.

What are you doing?!

Uncle jack!

Take him to ctu!

Uncle jack!