24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 21 - Day 6: 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. - full transcript

Russian ire worries the White House, while the Chinese take on CTU, and the damaged circuit board is in surprising hands.


Jack, what happened?

My father escaped.
I don't know where he is.

He might be in the area.

I want you both
to go back to CTU.

Josh, I know that
there's a lot to explain,

and I promise you
when this is over,

you and I are
going to sit down

and I will talk you
through what happened.

Thank you for saving my son.

He reminds me of you.

I told you I was sorry.

You said I should stop

helping terrorists
arm nuclear bombs.

We're done.

I've interfaced the component.

There's a problem.

The circuit board is damaged.

Can you fix it?

No, not unless I have

the security override.

We don't have access
to that information.

We'll have to find someone
who has the necessary expertise.

An FB sub-circuit board from one

of the weapons is now
in the possession

of an agent of
the Chinese government.

If you do not intercept
this component,

my generals have instructions

to initiate
an appropriate response.

How the hell did the Russians
find out about this?

Only select people
at the White House

even knew about this.

So you're saying there's a spy?

Which staff are
we talking about here, Tom?

Lisa Miller, sir.

Bishop's been passing

intelligence to the Russians
that he got from you.

I swear to you, I didn't know.

It's still treason.

You're going to go back
to your boyfriend

and you're going to
make him believe

that we have the component back.

White House is pressuring us
to find Cheng.

We have to hope we can get
some information out of her.

It's going to be
next to impossible

to communicate with her
in the near term

unless we essentially attempt
to shock her out of this state.


will they let me
speak to Audrey?

The shrink who's treating her

doesn't think
it's a good idea.

And he's about
to try some protocol

of his own using
big doses of drugs.

It could kill her, Jack.

Why did you uncuff me?

'Cause I think you need to do
something about it.

Is there anything
that you can tell me

that can help us find Cheng

or at least where
they were holding you?


Jack, put down your gun.

Not until I get a guarantee
from you that Audrey is safe.


What'd you say?


Morris, did you get that?

Have Chloe track it down,
keep Doyle in the loop.

I got through to Audrey.

I can do the same thing again,
I just need some time.


Stay away from my daughter.

Everything you touch,

(cell door closes)

I thought you should know,

James Heller just left
with his daughter.

He also reiterated to me
his demand

that you're to stay away
from her.

He'll be filing a restraining
order to that effect.

I'm sorry, Jack.

The name that Audrey gave us

when I was talking to her--
Bloomfield-- did it pan out?

It did.

It's an old copper refining
facility in Jefferson Heights.

We found oxidized copper
particles on Audrey's clothing,

so we're pretty sure that's
where Cheng was holding her.

Now, if that's his base
of operations,

he should have the Russian
component there,

so we're locking it down

and dispatching teams now.
You need to let me
go with them.

You're still under arrest, Jack.

For 20 months
in a Chinese prison,

Cheng tried to break me.

I know him.
I know how he thinks.

I am your best chance
at stopping him.

You willfully disobeyed
a presidential order.

Your actions resulted

in Cheng getting ahold
of that component.

That's why I'm begging you
to let me go.

I caused this mess;
let me clean it up.


Damn it, Nadia, you have the
authority to let me do this.

This isn't about finding
that component for you, Jack.

This is about getting
revenge against Cheng.

Cheng is responsible
for Audrey's condition.

You're damn right
this is about revenge.

I want Cheng more than anything
in the world.

But I gave President Palmer
my word

that I would destroy
that component

before I let it
fall into enemy hands.


give me a chance
to keep my word.

I'm sorry, Jack, I can't.

Don't even think
about it, Jack.

If you make a move, I will
have you put in restraints.

Maybe I could help from here.

I could run tactical.

Division is sending over

a ranking section chief
to replace me.

I promise you I will take it up
with him when he gets here.

Okay, thanks.

We have a land sat image
of Bloomfield.

It's a big place.

There's Cheng's Hummer
at the rear entrance.

All right, port it over to
tactical for analysis.

It's already happening.
Status update

on LAPD?
All reserve units
are on the way.

They should have a perimeter
in 20 minutes.

You okay?


You don't look fine.
Since you're so

keen to know, Chloe
and I have split up.

Shut up, Morris.

Pointless being coy
about it, right?

We're still doing our jobs;
we're all professionals.

It's just that if
I were you,

I'd stay out of it.

I will.

These are the transcripts
from Marilyn Bauer's statement.

She needs to review them.

I'll take care of it.

Wheels are rolling
in five minutes.

All right, gentlemen, listen up.

Your objective is

the Bloomfield Copper facility
in Jefferson Heights.

We have good reason to believe
this is Cheng's safehouse

and that he has
the component in
his possession.

LAPD is setting up
a five-block perimeter.

Your job is to penetrate
the facility, apprehend Cheng,

and secure the component.

If Cheng gets out of the country
with that component,

Russia will hold us responsible
for providing the Chinese

access to their defense codes.

And they'll strike back at us.

We need to recover
that component.

There is no room
for error.

Real-time tactical feeds
and satellite recon

will be uplinked to your PDAs.

Any questions?

Good luck.

You're doing a good job.

I'm just trying to keep
the roof from caving in

until my replacement
gets here.

Listen, we're putting
every available agent
out in the field.

If Cheng is in
that facility,

we're going to get him
and the component.

Be careful.

(speaks Chinese)

You have the data.

It's about time.

We have to finalize
our attack plan.

I want to attack the target

in 15 minutes.

We'll be ready.

(speaks Chinese)


you got to stop watching this
and try and get some sleep.

They're saying that
12,000 people are dead.

All because of
what Dad did.

Honey, it's not
that simple.

Terrorists were responsible...
But he was involved.

He let it happen.

I wish I was never even born.

Don't say that.

Why? That's how I feel.

I wish I was never part
of this sick family.

You listen to me.
Listen to me.

You are not your father.

You are not responsible

for anything he did.

Come here.

I love you.

I do.

We're gonna be okay.

I promise you
we'll get through this.

We've been here for hours.
I want to go home.

I know, we'll go home
in the morning.

Right now...

I want you to close your eyes
and get some sleep.

Okay? Come on, lay down.

Sorry to interrupt.

It's okay.

This is a transcript
of your statement.

I need you to review it
and make sure it's accurate.

All right.

Mrs. Bauer?

Please call me Marilyn.

I know you and Jack are close.

There's something
that you need to know.

What is it?

It's about Audrey Raines.

She's still alive.


(phone rings, vibrates)


It's me.

Hey, you.

Thought I wouldn't hear
from you again till morning.

Sorry I left so suddenly.

We had a crisis
with the Russians.

What kind of crisis?

It doesn't matter anymore,
it's been averted.

That's good.

Anyway, I was thinking maybe we
could pick up where we left off

if you want.

Well, you know I do,
sweetheart, but, um...

isn't Daniels going to
want you to stick around

so he can paw you
every chance he gets?

I'm the last thing
on his mind right now.

Well, his loss.

How soon can you get here?

I'm on my way.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I'll see you soon.

All right.

Sounded, uh...
genuine enough.

Now, when you go back

to Mr. Bishop, you will find

a way to excuse yourself
from the room to allow him time

to access your PDA.

We've uploaded memos stating
that a Chinese agent was trying

to smuggle a piece of Russian
technology out of the country,

and was taken out
in a military strike.

Do you understand?

You want the Russians to think

the component was
destroyed in the attack?

That's correct.

It's up to you now.

If you can feed all this
convincingly to Bishop,

he will relay it
to his Russian contact,

and with any
luck at all,

President Suvarov
will call off his threat

of military action
against us,

at least for
the time being.

I'm sorry, I just don't know...
if I can go through with this,

if I can be
with him again,

and act like nothing's wrong.


Oh, I'm sure you'll manage.

For the last year, you've
had no problem lying to me.

So, at any rate,

Agent Hollister
and I will be in a van

parked across the
street from Bishop's.

We'll be monitoring everything.

You do as you're told and...

it should all go smoothly.


What are you
doing here?

You should be
with Josh.

I had to see if you
were all right.

I'm fine.
I don't think the charges

will stand up, given the
extenuating circumstances.

I meant...

I meant about Audrey.

I'm so sorry, Jack.

I feel awful telling
you she was dead.

You didn't know. No one knew.


I heard the Chinese caused
her to have some kind of...

psychological breakdown.

Is she going
to be all right?

I don't know.

What do her doctors say?

It's out of my hands.

What do you mean,
it's out of your hands?

Her father's Secretary Heller.

He's already taken
her away from here.

I've been ordered
to stay away from her

and to stay out
of her life.

How could he do that to you?
You saved her life.

Marilyn, please.

I don't want to
talk about this.

Miss Yassir told us
that Josh and I don't need

to be in CTU custody anymore.

They're going to process
us out in the morning.


I'd like to bring Josh by

to see you
before we go.

That will be fine.

Jack... whatever happens,

when all this is over,

I want you to know...

I'll be there for you.

Thank you.

Mrs. Bauer?

Marilyn, you really should go.


Any word on Cheng?

Doyle's leading a team
to Bloomfield right now.

They should be there any second.

Please, keep me informed.

Jack, we'll get Cheng
and the component.

(door closes)


There's the
entrance point.

There's only one.
Yes, but they will put you

in an optimal position
for a quick surgical strike.

Hey, Ryan,
take your team around back.

The rest of you, follow me.

You know, this isn't going
to be bloodless, Cheng.

People are
going to die.

You do what you need to do.

Doyle's team's moving
into Bloomfield now.

Remember, your objective
isn't to cause


Your objective
is to obtain the package.

Nothing else
takes precedence.

I understand.

* *

We'll access the sewer
lines from here.

Once below ground,

it's roughly 180 meters
to the target.

All right?

Let's move.

Don't let me down.




There's nobody here,
but you have to see this.

We have empty
rifle magazines,

stun grenades, C-4.

Look, this is
an arsenal.

Continue with the search.

See if you can find
anything else.

Yes, sir.


(clears throat)



Chloe, put Nadia on.

Nadia, it's Doyle.

Go ahead, Mike.

Yeah. Cheng's not here.

Bloomfield's been evacuated.

If they haven't hit
one of our roadblocks,

then I'm guessing
they got out before

we could lock
down the perimeter.

Check the satellite feed.

Try to back-time the frames
before we repositioned.

And there's something else.

We found a whole bunch
of empty weapon crates.

What kind of weapons?

Large-caliber rifles,

C-4, grenades.

There's enough of an arsenal
for a small army.

Looks like the Chinese
are planning

to launch a major assault.

Assault on what?

We're at the junction.

Good. Head east

153 meters.

That will put you

directly beneath CTU
and the entrance point.

I'm scanning these satellite
images from Bloomfield.

I'm getting a lot of dropped
data fields in Sector Eight.


I heard you.

Well, have you any idea
what might be causing it?

'Cause I'm practically
blind here.

You know that patch we
downloaded from the USGS subnet?

Sometimes it conflicts

with the imaging software--
try deactivating it.

Thank you,
that's what I needed.


I know you're trying to be
professional about everything.

I'm sorry.

I'm really having a hard time
with what happened between us.

You have nothing
to apologize for, darling.

You broke up with me because
I said something stupid,

something I didn't mean.

About me arming the nukes
and being a coward.

That wasn't stupid.

It's the God's
honest truth.

I don't believe that.

Well, it's a fact.
You were right,

whether you want to admit it
to yourself or not.

So you're saying what
I think doesn't matter.

No. I'm saying...

that I didn't
break up with you

because of what
you said.

I broke up with you
because of what I did.

No matter how much
you think you love me,

I know there'll always
be that knowledge, and...

you won't be able
to get past it.

You're wrong.

You know me better
than anyone, right?


When am I ever wrong?

Remember, as soon
as you're in,

you will create
an opportunity

for Bishop to access
your PDA.

Something wrong?

I'm frightened.

Well, you should be.

If this thing doesn't work,

you will be facing
treason charges.

I've cooperated fully.

Great, you can testify

to that at your trial.


get a grip here.
You will do

whatever is necessary
to assure Bishop

that nothing has changed
between the two of you.

Do you understand?


All right, let's get
the car up here.

The surveillance camera's
all set

in the bag, sir.

It's all yours.

All right,
let's button things up here.

* *

(phone ringing)


She's on her way inside, sir.

Are you sure she can
pull this off?

Let's hope so, sir.

I appreciate what
you're doing, Tom.

I know this doesn't...

exactly fall under
your job description.

Well, we're all doing
some improvising today,

aren't we, sir?

We both agreed
it is in our interest

to keep this
circle small.




You okay?

Of course.


You seem,
I don't know, tense.

Mark, come on.
With everything that's happened,

who isn't?


Well, maybe
I can loosen you up.

How's that? Better?


You know, um,

I'm going to
freshen up first.


We already had
a shower, remember?

I'm really happy
you came back.

The more time I spend
away from you

the harder it is
to let you walk out the door.

I may have to strap you
to the bed.


Just get out of the room.

Leave him alone
with the PDA.

I bet you'd like that.

Mm, immensely.

You know what?
I'm sorry.

I'm just feeling
really grungy.

The situation at the White House

has me stressed.

I'll be right back.

I thought you said

that crisis was averted.

It was.

Then you should feel

Well... you know me,

always worried
the next crisis

is around the corner.

Mm. I think I know

how to take your
mind off of it.


We're here.

Set the charges.

Are you ready?

We're in position.
The charges are being set.

Stand by.

Input the code.

It worked. We're in.

Tying us
into their security system.

Overriding their comm.

We'll go in sectors.

Two minutes until
everything is shut down.

Nadia, escape vectors
from Bloomfield.

We analyzed every route
from the facility.

There are over 20.

So whoever was
holding Audrey

could be anywhere
in the city now.

Morris and Chloe are still
back-timing the satellite feed,

so hopefully, they'll get a fix
on one of the vehicles.

All right,
keep me posted.

Have we heard anything
from Doyle?

His team's halfway
through the forensic sweep

and they haven't found
anything so far.


Never mind.

Listen, Milo, I saw the look
that you gave me

when I was talking
to Doyle.


I understand if
your feelings

for me have changed.

Yes, I, I was hurt, but...

if there is
something going on

between you and
Doyle, I just...

I want you to know
that it's...

...it's okay.

Milo, to be completely honest,
I don't know what I feel.

So much has happened today
I haven't had a chance to...

I haven't had a chance
to think through anything.

I just need some time
to sort it all out.


Nadia, I've got

What is it?

This is from
about 50 minutes ago.

I've checked the frames
before and after.

MILO: So they definitely got
out of Bloomfield

before Doyle's team arrived.

Notify LAPD.
Give them a description

of the vehicles.

Chloe, widen the search vector--
see if we can figure out

where those vehicles
were headed.

Charges set.

Clear out.



CTU to Field Unit Bravo,
come in.

Can't get
an outside line.

Yeah, I can't reach Doyle.
Comm's down, too.

Could be a hiccup
in the server.

Check it out.


I don't know what the hell
is happening.

I can't access any
of the servers.

The permissions
have all been reset.

(speaks Chinese)

Got a visual on the SUV
and the van.

Cheng was heading south
on the 110.

He exited Florence heading east.

That's six blocks from here.

That was security.

They just lost visual

What the hell are you
talking about?

Every one of our
security cameras,

they all just went out at once.

Chloe, Code Red
emergency lockdown.

(alarm buzzing)

(phone rings)

This is Nadia Yasser,
Code Red is confirmed.

Lock this place down!

Right away.

Everyone get to your assigned
safe rooms now! Go!

Get moving!

(machine gun fire)

Morris, flood the outer sectors
with tear gas.

I can't. I can't get
into the system.

I don't know
how they've done it,

but we're completely

Base One, come in!
Base One, come in!

Listen to me!
CTU is under attack!

You need to open the door now!

Base One, come in!

Base One, come in!

Everyone on the floor!

I can hear them!

They're in sector three.
They're coming this way!

Now, let me out!

No one's responding.

They've cut us off
from the main floor.

We need to get up
to the lounge.

There's civilians there--
I'm gonna need a weapon.

Cell phones, throw them
in front of you!

Head count.
Check the roster.

Set up the comm unit.

Filter all communications
that comes in here

and turn off the alarm.

(gun cocks)

(alarm continues buzzing)

(automatic gunfire)


Who's in command?

Who is in command?

I am.

Milo Pressman.

I'm Acting Director of CTU.

Come here!


(gasping breaths)

The phones are dead.
Mom, what's going on?

I don't know.

(gasps) Josh! Help me push
this against the door!

Hurry, Josh! Hurry!

(Marilyn grunting)

On the floor! Now!

We found Bauer.

The boy's with
his mother.

ZHOU: Good. Bring them here.
On our way.

All right, get up!

MARILYN: Leave my son alone!
Where are you taking us?

(Marilyn yells)

You all right?

Yes, Jack! What's going on?
What do they want with Josh?

What do you mean, Josh?
They came here to get him.

Are you sure they came for Josh?

That's what they said.


We got to get out of here.
Come on.

(Marilyn crying)

Stay close. Come on.


Shut the door.

(loud clang)

Come here.

Josh, I want you to climb up here
and crawl through the air duct.

Just go.
I'm not leaving you!

Josh, you're not leaving
anyone behind

We're gonna be following you-- just
go through there. Go.

Keep going.

MAN: He's out of ammo!
Let's go! Let's go!

Put your weapon
down on the ground.

I'm putting the weapon down!

I'm putting it down!

Both of you, get on your knees!

We have a problem.

What is it?

The boy got away.

He's inside one
of the ventilation ducts.

We have
the boy's mother...

and Jack Bauer.

Send the woman and Bauer
to me-- you wait there.

(speaks Chinese)

Get up.

Let's go!
Let's go!

Cut power
to the ventilation system,

and tie me in
to the public address system.

I want to talk to
the boy directly.



The boy's escaped.

We've captured his mother
and Jack Bauer.

Get the boy back.

I don't care

what you have to do!

We're getting another call
from Agent Doyle.

I think we need to respond.

Nadia Yassir!

Nadia Yassir, stand up!

Come here.

According to that roster,

you are the ranking
officer here.

Are you?

Are you the ranking officer?


One of your men
has been calling.

You need to answer him.

Tell him you had a problem
with your communication system.

If you try to warn him,
I will kill everyone here.

Starting with you.

Do you understand me?

Come on.

Answer it.


This is Nadia.

Nadia, it's Mike
I've been trying

to get ahold of you
for a while now.

Yeah. We had
a problem with comm.

What kind of problem?

Doesn't matter--
it's sorted out now.

My team still
hasn't picked up

any leads on Cheng--
have you been able

to get a visual on him?

Not yet.

What is taking so long?

Nadia, all you had to
do was reposition

satellite surveillance
over Jefferson Heights.

Mike, we're working
as fast as we can, okay?

What else do you
want me to do?

As soon as we get a visual
on Cheng's vehicles,

I'll let you know.

All right, thanks.

Now go sit back down.

(Marilyn gasping)
Bring her over here.

What do you want with the boy?

Who sent you?

You don't ask
the questions here.

He makes another move,
shoot him.

Activate the P.A.

(over PA):
Josh, I want you to listen

to me very carefully.

I know you're scared,

and I don't blame you,
but you really don't have to be.

The truth is,
we're not going to hurt you.

We're going to take you to
a safe place-- that's all

I can tell you right now.
Leave him alone!


I know you heard that, Josh.

Your mother's here with us.

She's okay...

for now.

I don't want to hurt her, Josh.

There's been enough
bloodshed today.

Show yourself to one of my men.

If you do, nothing will happen
to your mother.

If you don't,

I'll shoot her.

She'll die for nothing, Josh,
because one way or another,

we're going to find you,

even if we have to tear
this building apart.

So I'm asking you
to save your mother's life.

I'm going to give you
ten seconds.

If you don't show yourself
by the time I finish counting...

she dies.









eight... nine...


I can hear him.
He's coming right now.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go, let's go.

I got him.
We're coming to you.


We have the boy.

Good work.

Bring him to me right away.

Put her with the others.





The operation was successful.

My men have your grandson.

How is he?

Under stress,
a little emotional,

but physically unharmed.

Is his mother alive?

Yes. So is your son, Jack.

Good. You have any trouble?

None to speak of--
the codes you provided us

gave us full access to CTU's

security system.

Have you finished repairing
the sub-circuit board?


I'll return it
when you bring me my grandson.

We will meet at the rendezvous
point in 20 minutes.

It'll be waiting.

Call me when I can talk
to the boy.

Will do.