24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 23 - Day 6: 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. - full transcript

In order to prevent a war with Russia, the White House orders a trade of Jack's nephew for the circuit board, and puts Jack in custody so he cannot stop the exchange.

-=The Last Fantasy=-
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Bill Buchanan had Fayed
in custody...

and he let him go.

Karen Hayes put it
in a blue file over at Homeland.

Someone is going to have
to go down--

the farther from the
president, the better.

Are you asking me to resign?

No, Bill.

I have to fire you.

We're talking about
the end of my career.

An FB sub-circuit board
from one of the weapons

is now in the possession
of an agent

of the Chinese government.

If the Chinese agent

in possession
of the sub-circuit board

is allowed to transfer it
to his government,

the entire Russian defense
system will be compromised.

I will have no choice
but to extend

my country's
forward perimeter.

You are talking about attacking
one of our military bases.

You have two hours.

Everyone on the floor!

My men have your grandson.

Have you finished repairing
the sub-circuit board?

I'll return it when you bring me
my grandson.

Cheng, I'm sending the boy
to you now.

Hello, Josh.

Your grandfather
wants to speak with you.

What do you want from me?

I am going to give you
the future I promised you

when you were born.

I'm taking you away
from this ungrateful country.

Cheng, it's over!

Tell me where the boy is
and I won't kill you.





I lost the boy.

Who has him?

CTU and your son.

This is totally unacceptable.

The boy was my price
for repairing the circuit board.

Our arrangement is over.

Got Phillip Bauer calling

for you on
a scrambled line.

I want my grandson.

And I want clear passage
to the country of my choice.

You give me that

and I'll give you
the FB sub-circuit board.

You're working with the Chinese.

I was.

You think Phillip Bauer

is somebody
that we can trust?

We have no choice.

Get me CTU.

Josh, you need to come
with me.

What do you mean?!

Come now!

Agent Doyle!

Orders, Jack!

The boy stays with me!

What are you doing?!


Where are you taking me?

I thought we were going back
to CTU.

I'm sorry, Josh.

You're sorry for what?
What's going on?

This has to do
with my grandpa.

Josh, he's got something
we need.

Something that
will stop a war.

So we have to go through
the motions

of handing you
over to him.

What, meaning you're not
actually going to do it?

Meaning as soon as we
get what we need from him,

we're gonna recover you.

We have two Tac teams
and LAPD at the rendezvous site.

This is a locating device, Josh.

So we're going
to be able to track you

until we get
the green light

on your recovery

Look, I understand
you're scared.

I would be, too.

But I will get you
back, Josh.

This may sting
a little.


Ryan, we are making
a mistake.

You can't let
them do this.

You can talk
to Doyle.

You can't let
them hand Josh
over to my father.

Those orders come
from the White House.

Get in the car.

Are you arresting me?

Are you charging me
with something?
No, Jack,

we have orders to place you
in temporary

custody in order to
protect our operation.

Don't make this harder
than it is.

(indistinct radio transmission)

(phone rings)


Chloe, it's Jack.

Jack, Nadia said
you were in custody.

Why the hell is CTU handing
Josh over to my father?

It's a tradeoff.
The order came in
from the Vice President.

Your father got
ahold of the FB
sub-circuit board.

He's offering it
in exchange for Josh

and a safe passage
out of the country.

Whatever my father said,
he has no intention

of giving up
that circuit board.

The White House feels
they have no alternative.

Apparently, Doyle
has a plan to get Josh back.

My father will have
a better plan.

Damn it, Chloe,
we need to stop this.

Put me through to Karen Hayes.

Hold on.

My earlier deception
was a desperate move

on my part,
Mr. President.

It was a mistake

which I'm sure compromised
your trust in me,

and for that I'm deeply sorry.

But you are not calling
simply to offer your apology.

Sir, I'm aware that your
generals are pushing you toward

a military response, but an
opportunity has presented itself

that may allow us both
to avoid a war

that neither of us wants.

I am listening.

The man who has the component
is no longer working

with the Chinese.

He's offered to trade it
back to us,

and I've authorized
the exchange.

For the sake of both our
countries, Mr. Vice President,

I hope it happens soon,

because until you have
the component,

I have no choice but to continue
on our present path.

(phone rings)
The chatter
we are picking up

from Chinese military

is not encouraging,

and you and I both know
they are far from incompetent.

I cannot extend or rescind
this deadline

for anything other
than concrete results.

I understand your position,
Mr. President.

The purpose of this call
is just to keep you current

on our efforts to try
to avoid a conflict.

Karen Hayes.

This is Bauer.

Do you know of the Vice
President's plan

to hand my nephew over
to my father?

I do.

Karen, you cannot let
this happen.

It is a mistake
to trust my father.

You will get
nothing back.

He's gonna keep Josh
and the circuit board.

But why would he need
the circuit board?

Because it's his
only leverage

with the Chinese.

He's useless
to them without it.

Whatever you're offering him,
the Chinese are offering more.

Karen, my father is smart enough
to manipulate this exchange.

Look, Jack, I don't think

we should go through
with this either,

but the Vice President feels
it's the only way to avoid war.

He's given his order

and I don't have
the authority to
do anything.

You're gonna have
to take care of this

from your end.

I can't. CTU has put me
in temporary custody

to stop me from interfering
with their operation.

Karen, he is
an innocent boy.

You need to stop this,
and you need to stop it now.

Well, that did not go well.

Not that I expected much
good will from Suvarov.

I just got off
the phone with Jack Bauer.

I thought he was
under arrest.

He is, but he called me.

Okay, he called you...

Yes, and he's convinced that his
father will try to get the boy

and the circuit board.

How's he gonna do that?

We can verify the authenticity
of the board

before we hand over Josh.

You think Jack's concerns
are warranted?

Absolutely. He's Phillip Bauer's
son and he's been more right

than we have today.

Well, point taken there.

All right, let's say
we refuse to give up Josh,

which is the only thing
Phillip Bauer

seems to want.
How do we get the circuit board?

Well, if you don't have
any ideas, I think I might.

Wait. If your idea involves
keeping Daniels in the dark...

Tom, he won't listen
to me, but if you...

My relationship
with the Vice President

is complicated, at best.

I can't be seen making

an end run around him.

But I promise I won't be
looking your way if you do.

(cell phone rings)

(snaps phone shut)

Hey. Hey!

That's personal.
Nothing you need in there.

Mr. Buchanan, our subpoena
covers everything. I'm sorry.

It's a family photo album,
for crying out loud.

You haven't been
charged with

any crimes yet,
but that could change.

(phone rings)

RECORDING: You've reached
the Buchanan residence.

Please leave a message.

HAYES: Bill, I know you're there.
Please pick up.

Look, I know you don't want
to talk to me,

but I really need
your help.

I don't know where else
to turn.

What do you mean, you don't know
where else to turn?

Are you okay?

No, I'm fine.

I just...
I really need your help.

I'm listening.

Thank you.

I know that you're angry
with me, and I don't blame you.

What do you need
from me, Karen?

I just got off
the phone with Jack.

He's being held
in custody by CTU.


Because they don't want him

to interfere
with an ongoing operation.

What operation?

Phillip Bauer

is now in possession
of the component.


And he's claiming that he will
trade the sub-circuit board

for his grandson,
but Jack thinks it's a setup;

that Phillip will
get the boy,

keep the component,

and make a deal
with the Chinese.

I completely agree.

Have you spoken
to Nadia Yassir?

Oh, she won't budge
on this thing.

She's under direct orders
from the Vice President.

What are you asking
me to do, Karen?

Whatever it takes
to stop the exchange.


we just touched down
at the meeting point

and I'm not seeing any activity.

Satellite surveillance
confirms that.

How's the signal
on Josh's tracker?

Coming in clear.

Tracker's signal's strong.

Wait here.
I'm gonna check it out.

Come on.

(cell phone rings)

CTU, I've got a call coming in.
It could be him.

Morris, can you trace the call?

The signal's scrambled,

but we're still patched
into Doyle's phone,

so we'll be able to listen to
both sides of the conversation.

All right, Mike.
Go ahead. Answer it.

This is Doyle.

Before we do anything,

I want CTU to turn off
the satellite feed.

What are you talking about?

I have an uplink.

I know when
they're watching.

And I know when
they're off-line.

Stand by.

Nadia, can we tell
if he's bluffing?


He's not bluffing.
He's absolutely in our system.


I don't know.

Mike, we have confirmation that

Phillip Bauer has tapped
into our satellite surveillance.

Can he see
Josh's tracker signal?

No. That's on
an internal network.

All right.
Then go off-line.

Tell LAPD and
the Tac teams

to keep a really
wide perimeter

outside the
satellite area.

We can't afford
to spook him.

Morris, shut down the satellite.

Marcy, let LAPD
and our teams know.

On it.

It's done.

Mike, satellite is off-line.

Mr. Bauer,
CTU's satellite is off-line.

I can see that.

Now get rid of the chopper.

Aerial One,

return to base.
That's an order.

Now, how do you want
to work the exchange?

Wait there. Someone will come.


Whenever I'm damn well


Put my grandson on the phone.

Your grandfather.
He wants to speak with you.

But don't fight him, Josh.

Okay? The easier he thinks
this is going to go,

the less on-guard
he's going to be.


Hello, Joshua.

Have you given any thought
to what we talked about?

Yes. And I don't want
to go anywhere with you.

I hate you!

Joshua, listen to me.

I understand you're
frightened and angry.

But your father's involvement in
what happened today

will soon be
public knowledge.

Staying in this country
is not an option.

There's nothing here for you.

My mom's here.

Your mother can join you
anytime she wants.

But she is incapable of
giving you what you need.

Where we're going, I will
have the means and the power

to help you become
the kind of man

your father should have been.

Now, you think about that.

No sign of anyone so far.

Yeah. We're still looking for
ways to get satellite coverage

without Phillip Bauer knowing,
but so far,

it looks like
he's covered all his bases.

Yeah. That doesn't surprise me.

How do I verify
the component's real,

once they hand it over?


The component has an R-7-2
socket on its underside.

When you plug
your PDA into that,

I'll be able to verify
the circuitry from here.


Nadia, once I know
the component's real,

if I see a chance to get the kid
back, I'm gonna take it.

No, you're not, Mike.

Look, I want to see
Josh safe, too,

but we're under strict orders
from the White House.

We're not authorized to retrieve
him until the component's

back at CTU.

I'm not talking about
what I'm authorized to do.

Well, I am. Mike, there's
too much at stake.

You're not going
off-book on this. Understood?

Mike, do you confirm?

MARCY: Nadia, I have
Karen Hayes on two.

All right. Put it through
to my cell phone.

Mike, I have to take this call.

You're on com
with Chloe and Morris.

Yeah. I'll keep them posted.

Yes, Ms. Hayes?

Nadia, the Vice President
would like to check

on the status
of the trade with Phillip Bauer.

Well, the agent
handling the exchange

is in position with the boy

and he's waiting
to be contacted.

I did tell the White House

that I would report in
as soon as that happened.

Yes, I know,
but I just wanted

to make sure that
everyone's onboard.

That no one,
including yourself,
has any doubts

that this is the right
course of action.

The order comes from
the Vice President.

It's not being

What's the status
of Jack Bauer?

He's currently being transferred
to the detention at District.

Good. I need to be able
to view the operation

on your internal
deployment grid.

Do you mind me asking why?

Yes, actually, I do.
The Vice President

wants me
to keep track of Jack Bauer,

so I need the security code now,

Right away.

Log onto the grid on nine-four.

Security code

Got it. Thank you.

I just got a call
from Security.

You better head over
to the lounge.

Why? What's the problem?

Marilyn Bauer.

I'm not a prisoner,
so stop treating me like one.

I want to see my son,
and I want to see him now!

And if you can't
tell me where he is,

I will find somebody who can!

Get out of my way!
Get out of my way!

Listen, Mrs. Bauer.

If you just calm down,
we can talk.

Did something happen?
Did he get hurt?

No. Josh is fine.

He's just being
held at Division.

They want to debrief him
while events

are still fresh in his mind.

You have no right to talk
to my son if I'm not there.

He needs to have
a parent present. I want to be

with my son!
I understand what
you're going through.

No! You have no idea
what I'm going through!

And if you don't
get me to him

right now,
I'm going to get our lawyers,

and I will take
this whole place down,

including you!


(phone rings)


Morris, I need
you to send

additional security
to the lounge area

to escort Mrs. Bauer
to holding.

I want my son!

You can't keep me here!

They're on their way.

This is Morris O'Brian.

Can I have two additional
security to the lounge area

to escort Marilyn Bauer
to Holding, please?

Thank you.

It doesn't bother you

that we're doing this?

What if we don't
get Josh back?

Phillip Bauer
is a murderer.

I don't like it-- I hate it--
but we have our orders.

Since when do you care
about orders?

We're trying to avoid
starting a war.

Speaking as someone
that placed a lot

of people's lives at risk today,

I can see why it's
necessary. Yes.
Jack thinks

we're being manipulated.

That his father has no intention
of giving us the component back.

I don't think
we can count on Jack

being objective
about his father right now.

Who cares if he's being
objective, if he's right?

Are you actually angry at me?
As if I'm the one

that made the decision
to go through with this?

No. I... It's just
that Josh didn't do anything.

He's innocent.

Chloe, keep a close eye on
Josh's tracker. If that signal

weakens even a little,
I want to know about it

I will.

CTU, this is Doyle.

You're on with O'Brian.

I've got a helicopter
approaching out of the north.

It's too far
to read its markings.

You think it might
be Phillip Bauer?

I don't know, Morris.

That's why I'm asking you.

All right.
No need to get testy.

Pulling up the FAA database now.

Coast Guard has
a helicopter patrol

just west of
your position.

It's not Phillip Bauer.

All right. Thanks.


I know that a lot of people disagree
with this operation.

I just want you to know
that what you're doing,

I think, is
absolutely necessary.

Morris, the next time I want your opinion,
I'll ask for it.

Fair enough.

What is this lunatic doing?

(horn honking)

(tires screeching)

Don't move.

Get your handcuffs out.

Do it!

Mr. Buchanan?

What the hell are you doing?

You have Jack Bauer in there?

TURNER: We have orders to transport
him to Detention at District.

I need you to release
him to me.

Mr. Buchanan, you've been
relieved of duty.

You know me, Turner.
I'm no threat to anyone.

I'm not even armed.
Stay where you are, sir.

You're not going to shoot me, Turner.
Sir, you need to

stop coming at me. You know
what I'll have to do.

You don't have
to do anything.

You're a good
man, Turner.

I trained you. I know you can't
possibly believe

what's happening
here is right.

I know you're
following orders,

but your oath of allegiance
is not to one single person.

You swore to uphold the Constitution
of the United States.

The orders you're
following are illegal.

You have an opportunity
here, Turner.

Don't blow it.

Agent Turner, put
the weapon down.

Put it down.

They hand Josh over
to my father yet?

No. Doyle's in position
with the boy.

He's awaiting instructions
from your father.


Let's go.

Karen explain
everything to you?


Thank you for doing this.

You don't have to thank me.

You put yourself on the line.
I appreciate it.

Let's just hope you're right
about your father.

Unfortunately, I am.

Thank you.



find out who that is.

I'm so sorry.

I don't believe we've met.

Morris O'Brian.

This is Stuart-- Milo's brother.

Oh, I'm so very sorry.

Very sorry.

I have to sign a release
for his body.

I'll help you
with the paperwork.

Come on.

Thanks, Chloe.

He was
a good man.

It's Milo's brother, Stuart.

(phone ringing)

Hi, Karen.

Hi. I've got Jack.
We're on our way.

I just... I wanted
to thank you.

You didn't have to do this.
You made a big sacrifice.

I'm not the only one.

Won't be long before they figure out
how I was able to locate Jack.

Yeah, well,
they already have.

I've just been
denied access.

They're probably on their way
to arrest me.


I don't know when they'll let us
speak to each other again,

so I just want you to know
that I'm so sorry.

And I love you very much.

Me, too.

They're here.

Good luck.

They're about
to arrest Karen.




I'm Nadia Yassir,
acting head of CTU.

We're in the middle
of an operation right now,

so I don't have much time.

I just wanted to meet you
and tell you how sorry I am.

I know your name.
My brother talked about you.

I'd like to know
how he died.

Your brother died
saving my life.

He saw that I was in danger,

and he stood up for me
and sacrificed himself.

He was very brave.

No, he wasn't.

Not really.

It's more that he was
really in love with you.

(phone ringing)

Excuse me. I'll be right back.

Yeah, Chloe, go ahead.

Local police found
Agents Ryan and Turner

handcuffed to their vehicle.

Jack escaped? How?

They were intercepted
by Bill Buchanan.

Are you sure?

Why would Bill do
something like that?

Probably because
he agrees with Jack

that we shouldn't be
trading Josh

or trusting his father,

regardless of what
the orders are.

Have Tac teams in the area

move into position
to intercept them.

They're already doing that.

I'm sorry, I had to, uh...

Mr. Doyle...


Listen, please don't do this.

Okay, my grandpa's crazy.

Okay, just please,
just let me go.

Josh... your country
needs you to do this.

I'll get you
back, Josh.

I give you my word.

Doyle, this is Nadia.
Do you copy?

Go ahead, Nadia.

Any sign of
Phillip Bauer yet?

None yet.

Mike, Jack escaped
from custody.

We have to assume
he's on his way to you

to try and stop
the exchange.

How the hell does Jack
even know where we are?

Karen Hayes told him
and gave him your location.

Bill Buchanan
helped him escape.

Damn it.

I've got Tac teams
ready to move in.

Look, you know we can't
bring more men in.

Phillip Bauer will
spot them on satellite

and he'll pull
out of this.

Then you'll have
to face him alone.

I'll be fine.

Is my uncle coming?


Excuse us, please.

(door closes)

I assume you know

why I ordered your detention.

I do.

Then you admit to using

you got from CTU to assist
Bill Buchanan

in breaking Jack Bauer
out of custody.

Yes, I do, sir.


you and I have had
our differences,

but I thought that we
had worked past them,

that you and I had finally
reached an understanding.

Clearly, I was mistaken.

What in the hell

were you thinking?

I learned a hard lesson
today, sir,

when I trusted Fayed.

What lesson was that?

Never negotiate

with a sociopath.

Phillip Bauer is
a sociopath.

We can't trust that he'll give us
that component

whether we give him
the boy or not.

Damn it, Karen, that is
not your call to make.

I understand that, sir.

I wouldn't have done
what I did

if I wasn't willing to accept
the consequences.

Oh, believe me, there will
be consequences.

I will make sure that you
and your husband

go down hard for this.


You know, it was Tom Lennox

who said your different
point of view would be

an asset to my team,
and I believed him.

Was he in on this with you?

No, sir.

He didn't know anything
about this.


if Jack Bauer prevents this
exchange from happening,

the Russians will attack
our forces in Central Asia.

Any blood that is spilled
will be on you.

(knocks twice)

(door closes)

(phone ringing)

CTU, I've got
an incoming call.


Take Josh and walk
toward the water.

We're on our way.

Nadia, did you
get that?

Yes. Agent Doyle,
be careful.

We need to go, Josh.

Tracker shows them moving

towards the water.



You all right?
You look a little pale.

I'm fine. Just tired.

(distant whooshing)

You hear that?

Mike, what do you have?

Nadia, we got two men
in a small watercraft coming ashore.

We're taking cover.

(motor humming)

You stay here,

Don't move.

Stop right there.

Send the kid down now.

Show the sub-circuit
board first.

I need to verify it.

Walk forward.

Place it down.

Back up.



Mike, report in.


There they are.
They've got Josh.

I don't have a clear shot
without putting Josh at risk.


Get down!


We're gonna get you help.

The component was a fake.
It blew.

Take it easy, Doyle.

Help's on the way.

Stay with him,
I'm calling CTU.

(Doyle groaning)

Mr. Bauer.


We got the boy.

Be sure to scan him.

I don't trust CTU.

Yes, sir.


(rapid beeping)

They tagged him.

Short it out.

(electrical whoosh)

It's done.

(computer blips)

We lost the tracker.

Try the backup frequency.

I did, it's gone.

Morris, get that satellite
back up now.

I'm doing it.
(telephone rings)

CTU, Reynolds.

This is Bauer.
Patch me through to Nadia.

I got Jack Bauer on the line.

Put it on speakerphone.

Jack, this is Nadia.
Go ahead.

Nadia, I'm at the beach.

The component they delivered
to Doyle was a copy.

The case was loaded
with explosives.

They detonated it.
Doyle's been badly injured.

We need a trauma team
here now.

I'm on it.
Aerial One.

Aerial One, return
to the drop-off point.

As we arrived, two of
my father's men and Josh

were headed out to sea
in a small boat.

Jack, they just disabled
Josh's tracker.

Your father forced us to shut down satellite,
so it's gonna take us

a few minutes to get it back
up so we can track them.

How long is it gonna take
to get reinforcements?

Tac teams are
five minutes out.


how bad is Agent Doyle?

Bad. We need
that trauma team.



Melinda said
you read the flash

regarding CTU's attempt
to make the exchange.

They're still
trying to track

the watercraft Phillip Bauer's
men used to escape.

They've had no success yet.

Suvarov is expecting my call

to confirm that we've
retrieved the component.

Well, my advice is give CTU
a few more minutes

before we call the Russians.

We could still
get lucky on this.

Karen was right.

Yes, sir.

She certainly was.

And I was wrong.

Not just about...

Karen, but about Wayne Palmer.

I judged his performance
as President unfairly.

What he faced
these past

weeks was
an impossible situation.

Maybe he was right

to reach out to Assad,
I don't know anymore.

You know, Tom...
it's easy

to think you've got
all the answers when none

of the ultimate responsibility
lies with you, but...


Sitting in this chair...

until you sit in this chair,
you don't know anything.

You can't know.


in view of the fact
that Karen was right,

you might want
to reconsider

your punitive stance
towards her.

My decision may have been wrong,

but I can't condone
that kind of insubordination.

Sir, you do not
want the facts

of your disagreement with Karen
made public.

And that's exactly what will
happen if you prosecute her.

After this crisis
has passed,

Karen Hayes and
Bill Buchanan

can retire quietly to
their country home in Vermont.

You will be honoring
her service.

It's just a better outcome
all around.

I'll take your advice
under consideration, Tom.

But right now, I need a real-
time update on CTU's progress.

All right, sir.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(sighs heavily)

This is Jack. The trauma
team doesn't believe

that Doyle's injuries
are life threatening,

but he's gonna be blind
in one, if not both eyes.

I should've listened to you,

You did what you
thought was right.

Is satellite
back up yet?

Any minute.

But it'll be
next to impossible

to find a craft that
size in the dark.

Their boat had limited range.

They must be meeting up
with a larger vessel.

NADIA: Jack?
I want you to get me the names

and locations of every
offshore oil platform

within a ten-mile radius.

Wh...What are you thinking?

My father's company,

BXJ, has shelter corporations.

They owned oil leases
up ande coast.

He didn't pick this location
at random.

I'm on it.

All right, Jack,

I'll let you know what we find.

Are you still in the clear?

All clear.


Dock on the northeast side
of the platform.

Roger that.

They'll bring the boy here?


When do I get my component?

You get it when
they deliver the boy.


You're making the right choice,
continuing to work with us.

Your mistakes have been totally


But China is still my future.



Morris, no luck tracing the oil
leases through the CNC servers.

Try the EPA database.

Coastal leases have to have
regulatory approval.

That's a good idea. Nadia'll
have to call in an access code.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Oh, my God, Chloe.

Chloe? Chloe, darling...

You all right?
Can someone please help me?

Darling, darling,
can you hear me?

Can someone please help me?!