24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 17 - Day 6: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. - full transcript

To find the remaining suitcase bombs, both Jack and the President set up bluffs.

Fayed has the bombs.

Where is he?

I don't know,
but I can help you find him.

Preparing the tracker now.

We can track the isotope signature
up to 15 miles.

We are locked on the isotope signature

that's being emitted
from Gredenko's arm.

You led them to me.

I had no choice.

I don't like it. Something's wrong.

I'm heading in. Which direction, Milo?

He stopped
and entered the building on the left.

Milo, no one's in here.

Oh, my God.

He cut off Gredenko's arm!

Ryan, move your men in now!

I want Fayed alive!

We're trapped. This way.

I recognize him from the news!

He's the terrorist they're looking for!

That is him!

You bastard.

Back off!

Gredenko is not here.

I need you to lock down the area
and initiate a search!

One of the Cabinet votes is invalid.

The tally's seven to six

in favor of invoking the 25th amendment

and removing
President Palmer from power.

I'm sorry, Wayne.

Don't waste your apologies on me

because I won't let you
steal the presidency.

As I'm sure you're aware, sir,
conspiracy to commit perjury

is a felony offense.

My affidavit will push the court
to rule in your favor

so that you can do
what's right for this country.

You're right. Do it.

Turn it off.

Wayne, the Supreme Court
was just notified.

Daniels withdrew his suit.

You're still
the President of the United States.

- President Palmer...
- What?

He's about to go ahead
with the nuclear strike.

This makes no sense, sir!

It's what you risked your life to stop!

Tom, I risked my life
to reassert my authority.

We have a successful launch.


The missile is just entering
target's airspace.

I said I was done talking.

We both agreed

a nuclear strike is pointless,
Fayed's actions are not state-sponsored

and his country
cannot be held accountable for this.

Five minutes till impact.

The ambassador assured us

he country is doing everything possible
to find those suitcase nukes.

They simply don't know anything!

Well, one way or another, Tom,

we're about to find out if that's true.

Bill, it's me.

Have you gotten anything from Fayed?

Jack's interrogating him now,

but frankly, he's not optimistic
about breaking him.

What's going on?

The president's gone ahead
with the missile strike.

- He what?
- He's launched it, Bill.

- Why?
- I don't know why.

He fought the vice president
to regain his office,

and now he's just going ahead
with Daniels' plan.

It doesn't make any sense.

We've got to stop this.

Look, can I tell the president

that you have a solid lead from Fayed
on the location of the suitcase nukes?

If you're asking me to provide a pretext

to bring the missile down,
I can't do that.

Fayed's not talking and Gredenko's dead.
I don't have anything.

I'm sorry.

Me, too. I'll call you later.

Sir, we have confirmation
their radars tagged the missile.

They're scrambling fighters
and readying air defenses, sir.

Then they know we're coming. Good.

Sir, I just got off the phone with CTU.

Bauer's interrogating Fayed.

It's just a matter of time before he has
the location of those bombs.

No, we can't afford to wait longer.

Sir, we can't afford not to.
Please, why are you doing this?

Four minutes to impact, Mr. President.


Excuse me. We have
the ambassador on for the President.

This is President Palmer.

Mr. President,
my government has alerted me

of the nuclear weapon
heading toward my country.

That's correct, Mr. Ambassador.
We've made good on our threat.

For God sake, I implore you to stop it.

On what grounds?

We have uncovered new information
regarding your situation.

I'm listening.

We've identified a general
in our Central Command,

General Mohmar Habib,

who has also been in contact with Fayed.

It's our belief that he's been helping
orchestrate the attacks on your country.

Have you arrested Habib?

Yes. He's being interrogated
as we speak.

Please, you must abort this attack
before it's too late.

Does Habib know the present location
of Fayed's nuclear weapons?

It is my understanding
that the general's

last contact with Fayed
was during the drone operation.

He has no current knowledge
of the weapon's whereabouts

or their intended targets.

Mr. President,
two minutes to impact, sir.


your government has known about this man
for quite some time, haven't they?

Mr. President, this development
has come as a shock...

Stop lying to me!

That missile will hit
in less than two minutes.

So please don't try my patience again.

You must understand the fragile
political climate of our country.

General Habib
is a high-ranking military commander.

I really hope protecting this man
was worth pushing us

to the brink of World War III.

The missile will be aborted,
Mr. Ambassador.

But in the meantime, I strongly suggest

you get me
a full dossier on General Habib.

I want a thorough update
on the progress of his interrogation.

I'm also demanding that you return
here to the White House immediately.

I want direct access to you, sir,

for the duration of this crisis.

As you wish, Mr. President.

Commander, abort code:

Ditch it in the Gulf.

My God,

they were lying to us all the time.

Withholding information
and you knew it.

I suspected it.

Well, I'll see that the Vickery
sends a recovery team

to retrieve that nuclear warhead.

That won't be necessary, Tom.

The president ordered the launch

of a secondary missile
on board the Vickery,

an unarmed one.

- What?
- This was all a bluff?

The vice president was right.

Well, about one thing, anyway.

That it was going to take a willingness

to strike back before getting any
real cooperation from their government.

The difference is I wasn't about to take
innocent lives to prove my point.

Now let's get this information to CTU.

Perhaps it's the key to breaking Fayed.

This country is planning a full
retaliatory strike against your people.

Now, I can stop it,
but tell me where the bombs are.

Where are the bombs?

Fayed, this is over.

You lost.

Save your people.

Just tell me where the bombs are.

Are you enjoying yourself, Bauer?

As much as you enjoyed
butchering my little brother?

Your brother was responsible for
the death of dozens of innocent lives.

Now you're responsible for thousands.

Trust me,
I haven't begun to enjoy myself.

Go ahead.

You'll get nothing from me,
and you know it.

We'll see.

This is not working.

- Let me have a go at him.
- No!

That's exactly what he wants.

He knows he's lost.

He wants us to martyr him.

Hold on.

- This is Bauer.
- Jack, it's Bill.

What's your status with Fayed?

Same as before.

We're getting nowhere.

I just got some new intel
from the White House.

Fayed's government
arrested one of its generals...

Mohmar Habib.

Apparently, he's been running Fayed,
helping him coordinate the attacks.

Then Habib would know
where Fayed's men are.

Unfortunately not.

He claims there's been no contact
since the failed drone attack.

They're interrogating him now.

Unless Habib's going to give us
something more useful than that,

we still have no location
for these bombs.

We have to try something more drastic.

How soon can you have Fayed
ready for transport?

but I think we've got to play.

You really think
you're going to be remembered

as some great martyr
for your people, Fayed?

Yeah, you blew up a little city,
and you killed a lot of people today.

But let's face it,

that's going to be
of no real political significance.

Let me tell you what's going to happen.

Your number two guy,

once he realizes
that you're out of the picture,

he's going to take
those remaing suitcase nukes,

and he's going to blow up
a substantial target,

something that's really going
to hurt this country.

And if, by some chance, he succeeds,

he's going to be the hero of your jihad,

and you will be forgotten.

Is that what you want?

Do you honestly believe

you can manipulate me
by playing on my vanity?

I serve the will of God.

No, you don't.

And if you don't believe me,
ask him when you meet him.

Agent Doyle, lower your weapon.

I said lower your weapon!

Buchanan wants us to transport Fayed
back to CTU.

We don't have time.
His men are probably on the move.

The only way we're going to break him
is with a pharmaceutical package.

Burke is standing by.

We don't need Burke.
Just give me some time with him.

Those are your orders.

Agent Doyle, do you have a problem?

No problem.

Good. Get your men ready.

Now we're gonna have some fun.

Excuse me, sir.
Here's the file on Habib.

Is this the complete dossier
on General Habib?

No, sir. That's preliminary.

And I was told by the ambassador's staff

that more will be forthcoming
and will be relayed concurrently to CTU.


How soon before the ambassador
gets here?

Within 15 minutes.

And I spoke with Secret Service.

They said your sister is on her way back
to the hospital to be with Walid.

And she's going to call you soon.

All right. Thank you.

I did want to say,
your handling of the crisis...

I know that you're not happy for being
kept in the dark about the bluff.

But the Joint Chiefs and I agreed
to keep the plan closed.

That's not it.

I just want to say I'm sorry...

I doubted your strength
and your leadership.

It's all right.

Well, respectfully, sir, no...

it's not all right.

You and I go back a long time,

so let's be honest with each other.

You made it no secret that you believed
the vice president was better suited

to lead this country
through this crisis.

And I was wrong about that, sir.

No, if that missile had
on foreign soil...

Russia, China, every nation
with a nuclear capability

might well have inserted themselves
into this.

No, this could have been a world war.

Unfortunately, we're already
in a world war, Tom.

It's just taken me some time
to fully realize that.

If it hadn't have been for Daniels
initiating that missile launch

I would have no gambit to play here.

And the ambassador would never've
come forward with this intel on Habib.

I'm not David, Tom.

And I never will be.

But I am learning
that who I am is not so bad.

Yeah, we're all doing some learning
here today, aren't we, sir?

Daniels withdrew his challenge
to my competency very suddenly.

And from what I know,
without any discernible reason.

Change of heart maybe.

Something must have changed it.

You have something on him, don't you?

Sir, as chief of staff,
I'm here to inform you

and also to protect you.

Those jobs don't always work
in combination.

We're northbound on Washington.
ETA about 16 minutes.

Tell Agent Burke
we're going to need everything he's got.

What if this doesn't work?

I've never found pharmaceutical torture
all that effective.

I have.

If this is supposed to frighten me,
you're wasting your time.

I won't tell you a thing.

Whether you do or not,

I get to watch you suffer.

Agent Doyle, I don't want you talking...

Watch out!

Everybody okay?

They're trying to flank us
on both sides.

We're sitting ducks here.

Try and get Fayed out the back.
I'll cover you from this side.

All right.

We're clear.

We're clear.

Bill, it's Jack, do you copy?

- Bill, do you copy?
- We're here, Jack.

The cover team just picked up Fayed.

- You think he bought it?
- We'll know soon enough.

Is the A/V feed up yet?

We're almost there.

Agent Doyle, you're bleeding.

Must have cut myself in the crash.

Mike, do you need medical assistance?

Negative, it's superficial,
but thanks for your concern.

Jack, I'm patching it
through to you now.

Copy that.

Talit, take evasive measures.

Keep off the main streets.

My name is Jamal Nasawa.

We are with the Al-Tahireen cell.

General Habib sent us.

- The general?
- Yes.

How did you find me?

Through contacts the general has

within the American intelligence

He learned of your route
and ordered us to intercept.

He wants us to help you
rendezvous with your men.

Give me a gun.

I want to speak to him.

- General Habib.
- That's not possible at the moment.

Why not?

The general is under tight scrutiny
by the government.

It's not safe.

He said he'll call us when he can.

Where do you want us to take you?

I'll let you know
after I speak to the general.

As you wish.

Bill, did you copy that?

Fayed's not going anywhere
unless he talks to General Habib.

I don't know if I can make that happen.

We've got to make that happen.

this play is going to fall through.

We have no other way to find the bombs.

I'll call the White House.

We need to involve the president.

I've got Bill Buchanan on the phone.
I'm patching him through.

You're on speaker
with Tom Lennox and myself.

So what's the situation?

Jack Bauer wasn't able to extract
any information from Fayed.

He considered it a dead end.

Consequently, we implemented a plan

intended to trick Fayed into leading us
to the location of the suitcase nukes.

What sort of plan?

We staged a fake rescue
of Fayed by CTU agents

posing as members of a terrorist cell
with loyalties to Habib.

We hoped that Fayed would lead us
to wherever his men are holed up.

But he hasn't, right?

Fayed is stalling
until he can get confirmation from Habib

that these men are taking orders
from him.

He wants to speak to the general, sir.

Habib is still being interrogated, Bill.

We don't yet know how cooperative
he's being or even if he will be.

I appreciate that, sir.

Our agents on the inside are trying

to circumvent Fayed's request,
but Jack believes

Fayed will not lead us
to the location of the nukes

unless he speaks
directly to the general.

- Where's the ambassador?
- He arrived a few minutes ago.

Karen Hayes is meeting him
in the lounge.

I'll do my best to put pressure
on the ambassador.

Maybe they can force Habib
to make that call.

Keep doing what you can on your end
just in case I'm not successful.

Yes, sir, we'll keep you apprised.

All right.

You know, sir,
if this ruse isn't working,

our time might be better served
getting the information

out of Fayed by more conventional means.

If Jack Bauer says that's a dead end,

then it's a dead end, and I believe him.

Let's not keep the ambassador waiting.

Are you all right, sir?

I'm fine.

The Prime Minister has asked me
to convey his gratitude

to you for stopping the attack
on our country

and his relief that an international
catastrophe was narrowly avoided.

Well, don't get too comfortable,
because there may be one yet.

Sit down.

Let me get right to the point.

At this very moment,
Abu Fayed is traveling

with a team of CTU agents
posing as a terrorist cell

allied with General Habib.

You have Fayed?

Yeah, we do,
but we don't have the suitcase nukes.

The problem is Fayed
will not rendezvous with his men

until he speaks to that general,

presumably to confirm
the legitimacy of our undercover agents.

So we need that phone call
to take place now.

I appreciate your dilemma,
Mr. President,

and I will gladly pass on your request.

But I'm not sure
the general would be accommodating.

He's proven to be quite stubborn
throughout his interrogation.

Well, perhaps you should be
a little bit more persuasive.

I resent your tone.

I don't need you to tell me
how dire the situation is.

This is not a moment
for your indignation,

it's your country's own inactions

that have brought us to this point.

I can assure you,
every effort is being made

to get information from him.

We have even arrested his family.

Have you threatened to kill them?

- I beg your pardon?
- Mr. President...

These are desperate times for us,
Mr. Ambassador.

I spared your country

a nuclear strike
that would have killed thousands.

What is your country
willing to do to insure

that another bomb
does not go off in mine?

What you're suggesting is barbaric!

I'm fully aware

of how your country treats
political dissidents.

So don't you dare speak to me
of barbarism.

Now I don't care how you do it,

but General Habib needs to call Fayed

and give him his orders directly
without compromising CTU's operation.

You'll make the call now.

If General Habib makes the call,
it'll be to Jamal's phone,

but the general doesn't speak English.

I'll set up a separate channel
and translate their conversation.

I need you to uplink a proprietary
channel on socket D to my terminal.

I can't. I'm busy.

Why don't you just do it yourself?

Because I don't have
level five security clearance.

Hasn't stopped you before, now, has it?

Milo, is there something on your mind?

I just don't get it.

A few hours ago,
Doyle was threatening you, hurting you.

You were barely talking
and now you two are best buddies ?

Just because I showed concern
for an injured field agent

doesn't make us friends.

Milo, besides,

he might not as bad as you think he is.

No. He is.

The guy is a creep and a sadist.

I don't have time for this.
I can have Chloe do it. It's fine.

That's it?
That's all you're going to say?

Let go of me.

I know it's none of my business,

but do we have a bit of a problem?

I'll set up your channel.

Thank you.

You all right, love?

Yeah. Thanks.

Don't mention it.

Pull into that garage up there.

We'll wait there.

Stop right up here.

Fayed, I understand your caution.

But we can't just sit here
while the Americans are looking for us.

I told you. We're not going
any further until the general calls.

Tell me, Jamal.

If you take your orders
from General Habib as I do,

how is it I've never heard
of you or your cell?

This is going sour, Jack.

Just be patient.

Don't be a fool, Fayed.

You know how this works.

Every cell is autonomous,

without the knowledge
of what the others are doing.

It is the only way
that we can protect ourselves

and our operations
should any of us get captured.

The general.

"Fayed, I can't speak long.

"I suspect I'm being watched.

"So I was told.

"These men who rescued me,
did you send them?

"Of course I sent them.

"Do you still have the bombs?

"There are two left.

"They're with Halil at a safe house.

"Why haven't you used them?

"The Russian Gredenko failed
to provide us

"with the means to a secondary target.

"You failed, Fayed.

"I should have sent Sameer
in your place.

"Are the bombs operational?

"They are.


"Connect with your men,

"get the bombs ready to move out,

"call me back at this number.

"By then, I will have chosen
a new target for you.

"Do you understand?

"Yes, General. "

Are we good?

The safe house isn't far.

Head east toward the 110 Freeway.

Target vehicle is moving.

Copy that, Jack.
Looks like it worked.

I'll let the White House know.

Let's go.

Are you feeling all right?

I'm fine, Karen.

Just a... just a little tired.

Mr. President, I just got word from CTU.

The general's phone call appears
to have satisfied Fayed.

He's leading them to the safe house
and the bombs.

Oh, thank God.

I'm pleased we were able to help,
Mr. President.

So am I.

Karen, would you please show
the ambassador to his car.

Yes, Mr. President.

Forgive me, but I believe you asked me

to remain here
until the crisis is resolved.

That won't be necessary any longer.

Thank you again for your cooperation.

Of course, Mr. President.

You handled him well, sir.

- The door, Tom.
- Excuse me, sir?

The door, lock it.

- No one can know!
- Sir!

All shadow teams have checked in
and are standing by.

They're ready to advance the moment
Fayed arrives at the safe house.

No one moves until Jack calls
with confirmation the nukes are there.

Make sure Fayed's vehicle
and the follow car have a wide berth.

No choppers in the area.
Nothing to tip Fayed off.


- Sir. I think we have a problem.
- What is it?

I analyzed the transcript
between General Habib and Fayed.

There's an inconsistency.

During the conversation, the general
mentioned a man named Sameer.

According to the inter-agency database,

a Sameer Al-Afted served
on the general's staff during the '90s.

He was later implicated
in money laundering

for various radical organizations.

Well, that's probably the guy.

The problem is,
Sameer Al-Afted was killed

two years ago in a raid
by Afghan forces.

But the general spoke about him
as if he were alive.

He could be referring to another Sameer.

Or it could be a code.

I think the general was trying
to tell Fayed

that he was speaking under duress.

I'd better warn Jack and Doyle.

Good work.

They're turning north onto Adams.

We just detected
what might be a duress code

in the conversation
between General Habib and Fayed.

Give me the specifics.

The general mentioned sending in
a man named Sameer Al-Afted.

But Sameer's been dead for two years.

Give me your phone,
we need to call Jamal.

If they're wrong, you could blow this.

If they're right, this is already over.
Now give me your phone!

Jamal, this is Agent Bauer.

I'm in the follow vehicle behind you.

I need you to listen to me
very carefully.

Go ahead.

We believe that General Habib
may have given Fayed a distress signal.

Fayed might know that this is a setup.

Jamal, do you copy?

Damn it, what the hell just happened?

CTU, we just lost video and audio.

They went into a tunnel
about a quarter of a mile ahead.

It may just be interference.

How long is it?


It's only 120 yards long.

They should've come out
the other side by now.

Copy that.
Aerial One, this is Jack Bauer.

We have lost the target vehicle.

It entered a tunnel on Adams.

We need you to seal off
the north end. We're going in.

We got a visual on the target vehicle.

It stopped in the middle of the tunnel.
We're going to engage.


They're both dead.

Jamal's still alive. Stay with him.
Call in a medic.

Aerial One, did you see anything
leave the north end of the tunnel?

Aerial One, do you copy?

It's me. I'm on my way to you now.

I'll explain when I get there.

Bill, it's Jack! Do you copy?

Jack, go ahead.

Fayed is in a sanitation truck
headed east!

Jack, say again. We didn't get that.

Damn it!

There's no contact from Agent Doyle.

Aerial One says
they're still inside the tunnel.

Send the call to audio forensics,
see if they can pull what Jack said.

Chloe, replay the satellite feed.
Back-time it 60 seconds.

Yes, sir.

Bill, this is Doyle.
I don't have a twenty on Jack.

But I have a dead body
at the loading dock.

Doctor, what is happening to him?

His blood pressure's dropped.

It's 80/40.

It could be any number of things:

vascular damage
from the adrenaline shot,

intracranial swelling...

We have to get you down to Medical.

No, I'm not going anywhere.

Just give me another shot of adrenaline.

No, sir.

Another injection would kill you.

I should never have given you
that last one.

I won't make that mistake again,
I'm sorry.

Sir, what are you doing?

I'm going back to work.

Would you please listen to this man.
Let him perform some tests.

When this crisis is over, Tom,
and those nukes are secured.

In my opinion, you won't last that long.

I might surprise you.

If you don't get down to Medical
right now, you can have my resignation.

I won't accept your resignation, Arthur,
so don't bother.

Will you excuse us?

For God's sake,
talk some sense into him.

It is his decision.

Call CTU.

I want to know what's happening.

All right, sir.

All right.

What's going on, Brother Fayed?

- What happened?
- Gredenko betrayed us.

- He led CTU right to me.
- What?

They may be tracking me.
It's not safe here.

Load the bombs onto the truck.
We're leaving.

- Where are we going?
- To finish this.

We're going to take out
downtown Los Angeles.

Let's move!

You wait here.

You guys, come with me.

Say hello to your brother.

- You all right?
- Yeah. I'm fine.

How'd you find me?

We tracked the sanitation truck
by satellite.

Bombs are on the table.

CTU, this is Doyle. We're on site.

The bombs are secure,
and Jack's all right.

Repeat, the bombs are secure.

Damn, Jack.

Let's get you to Medical.

I'm fine.

You got a call.

It's being routed
through CTU switchboard.


This is Bauer.

Are you there?

Can you hear me?


Help me, Jack.

Please, help me. You...

What the hell is going on?
Audrey, where are you?

Hello, Mr. Bauer.

Yes, Ms. Raines is alive.

If you wish her to remain that way,

you will call me back in ten minutes
at 310-597-3781

on a secure line.

If you make any attempt
to find our location, she dies.

Cheng... Cheng!