24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 16 - Day 6: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack baits Fayed with Gredenko, while the President faces a challenge to his office.

Mark Hauser?

- Who's this?
- You know who it is.

I already gave you what you asked for.

But your employer
has tightened security,

so the access I paid for is no good.

It'll take some time to download
the new security protocols.

I'll be there in 40 minutes.

Federal agent!
Down on the floor!

Hauser admitted to selling Gredenko

the security specs
for Edgemont nuclear power facility.

Does Gredenko have the specs?

Not yet. He's going to pick them up
in 20 minutes.

Hauser was wounded,
but Gredenko knows his brother.

We're going to use him
to go through with the transaction.

You look nervous, Brady.

All teams, take out your targets.

There's a third hostile
inside the vehicle!

You know who I am

and you know
what I'm going to do to you

unless you tell me where the bombs are.

First my terms:

amnesty from your government

and a guarantee
I won't be returned to Russia.

Nadia's being processed
as an enemy combatant.

I don't know
if I can accept that she betrayed us.

She spied for Fayed?

I think we're wrong.

I hear you and Nadia Yassir are friends.

Yeah. Why do you ask?

Because I came across
evidence at the switching station

that proves Nadia's innocent.

You're clear, Nadia.

Admiral Smith,
is the Vickery ready to launch?

It's seconds from optimal
launch position, Mr. Vice President.

Good, proceed with the strike.

Vice President Daniels

is about to launch a nuclear
strike against the Middle East.

This strike is a complete reversal

of everything
your brother was working for.

You want Dr. Welton
to bring him out of the coma.


It's for you, sir.

- Yes.
- I've called off the strike, Noah.

I'm resuming my duties
as Commander in Chief.

Inform Admiral Smith and the others

there's to be no hostile action
without my direct authorization.

It's apparent to me that
the president is still

suffering the effects
from the attack on his life.

I can't let him remain in power.

Get me the Attorney General.

Secretary Dawes,
can you see and hear me clearly?

Yes, I can.

What about Secretary Durant
and Attorney General Graves?

Their connections
are being set up now.

- How about the president?
- He should be arriving any moment.

What are you doing?

I need to get up from this wheelchair.

No, you need to take care of yourself.

Sandra, I can't afford to look weak.

Roosevelt did just fine
from a wheelchair.

Listen, when I face Daniels,
I want to be on my feet.

Dr. Welton?

Yes, sir?

Can you give me a shot of adrenaline?

I can.

It'll raise your blood pressure,
which is not what you need right now.

Could elevate the risk...

Mr. President, it is time.

- Give us a few minutes, please.
- Yes, sir.

Excuse me, Mr. President.

- Mr. President--
- Just do it.


What do you have, Jack?

Gredenko offered us Fayed
in exchange for immunity

and a guarantee that we won't
extradite him back to Russia.

Bill, I don't trust him.

He rolled over too easy.

What do you think his play is?

I don't know yet.

Well, it's your call, Jack.

But you should know
what's happening in Washington.

President Palmer's
regained consciousness.

How is he?

Well enough to reassert his claim
on the presidency.

But Daniels is challenging him
under the 25th amendment

in large part so he can go ahead

with the nuclear strike
against Fayed's country.

Does he have a chance of winning?

It's unclear, but if Fayed
detonates another bomb,

no one will be able
to stand in Daniels' way.

If there's a challenge
for the presidency,

the immunity agreement
will have no authority.

It won't be binding.

Bill, you need to understand
that I have no intention

of honoring this agreement.

Tell the Attorney General,
drop the papers.

I'm calling him right now.

The president
should be here momentarily.

I know I speak
for everyone here in saying

how very happy I am
to have you with us again.

Let's proceed.

As you know, an attempt was made
to assassinate the president.

He sustained injuries so serious

that the doctors had to induce
a temporary coma

in order to relieve
the pressure on his brain.

In so doing, they saved his life.

The question now is whether,

in the words of the 25th amendment,

he is unable to discharge
the duties and powers of his office.

Mr. Lennox, isn't this
really a medical question?

Well, to a degree it is,
but the 25th amendment

puts the final decision
squarely in the hands of the Cabinet.

- May we hear medical testimony?
- Yes, we may.

And to that end, let me bring in
the surgeon in charge

of the president's case.
Dr. Welton, if you would, please.

The president has undergone an ordeal,

but from a medical point of view,

I believe the greatest danger is passed.

His cognitive functions
are presenting normally.

I have every expectation
that President Palmer

will make a full recovery.

Might the pressures of the office
increase the possibility of a relapse?

It's difficult to say.
It's certainly a possibility.

Can you estimate those chances?

I'm afraid I can't.

If you had a vote, Doctor,
how would you cast it?

This is precisely the question
which the Constitution

demands that this Cabinet answer.

Thank you very much, Doctor.

Mr. President, I think now
would be an appropriate time

to address the Cabinet,
if you would, please.

The vice president
initiated this process

because I stopped him
from launching a nuclear strike

against the Middle East.

But this vote shouldn't be about policy.

According to the Constitution,
you're judging me

to see if I am unable
to discharge the duties of my office.

Well, as you can see,

and as you were just told
by my physician,

I'm in complete possession
of my faculties,

and so to remove me from this office

would be to betray both your oath

and the American people
who voted me as their president.

Mr. Vice President.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Cabinet,

the 25th amendment is purposely vague

on how you're supposed to judge

if a president is unable
to discharge his duties.

It's open to interpretation,

which is why this is very much about

the president's policies
and his actions.

Here are the facts:

When a second nuclear attack today
spread radiation

over one of our major cities, I decided

it was necessary
to launche a retaliatory strike

to show our enemies that if attacked,

we would make them share our pain.

Wayne Palmer's

first act upon regaining consciousness

was to stop that strike

to respond to the attack
by doing nothing.

In a time of war,

the president must be strong enough
in body and mind

to defend this country.

And I'm afraid Wayne Palmer's actions

are the proof in this matter that...

indeed, he is unable
to discharge his duties.

All right, time is of the essence,

so unless there's an objection,
I would like to recess

and then reconvene
for your vote in ten minutes.

Any word on the Cabinet vote?

No, they haven't come back yet.

Look, Milo, about what happened today,

let's just put it behind us, okay?

Which part, the suspicion of terrorism

or the... the other thing?

The suspicion.

And the other thing?

Let's not worry about it right now.

Let's try and get through the day.


I'm not going to forget about the kiss,

and I don't think you are, either.

Nadia, it's Doyle. Don't say my name,

- just listen.
- All right.

I need you to come up
to my office right now

and don't say anything to anybody,
just come.

On my way.

Have a seat.

Look, I know you and I
got off to kind of a bad start.

A bad start?

You assaulted me.

This country is under attack
by Islamic terrorists.

We had reason to believe
there was a mole in this building.

Starting with you wasn't racist.

It was common sense.

Okay, so you're not a racist,
you're just a sadist.

You don't know me.

I think I do.

Why'd you call me here?

It turns out there was no mole.

The terrorists
were able to hack into our system

'cause someone screwed up and
logged the wrong security parameters.

I'm pretty sure that someone was Milo,

and the proof is on his computer.

I need someone to get it
without him noticing.

I can't do that.


Is it 'cause you're too busy deciding
if you want to sleep with him?

Listen, if you don't get
the evidence for me,

I'm going to call a forensics team,

and they're going to come
and tear his system apart

as the entire floor watches.

And if they find
what I think they're going to find,

everyone gets to watch Milo hauled out
of this building in handcuffs.

I'm sure it wasn't pleasant
when it happened to you.

But you're going to stand by

and watch it happen to him?

That's your idea of being a friend.

So you want me to betray him
for his own good.

I promise you, Milo will be better off
if you help me than if you don't.

Your call.

If the Cabinet sides with you,
what are you going to do about Daniels?

The Constitution
doesn't allow the president

to fire his vice president.

No, but you can marginalize him.

Karen's right.
Get him out of the bunker.

I would love to,
but Daniels has way too many supporters,

and I can't afford to alienate
any one of them right now.

Besides, I'd rather have him somewhere
where I can keep an eye on him.

- The Cabinet's reconvening.
- Thank you.

All right, let's go.

Please, sit.

All right, ladies and gentlemen

of the Cabinet,
let us now begin the vote.

Will those of you who believe
that President Palmer is able

to discharge his duties

please, at this time, raise your hand.

Do we have any abstentions?

The vote is seven to seven.

Mr. Attorney General,

what would be the next step?

Well, there's no need for a next step.

The amendment requires
that the vice president

and a majority of the Cabinet agree.

There is no majority in the Cabinet.

It's split evenly.

President Palmer remains in office.

It's not that simple...

one of the Cabinet votes is invalid.

Sir, which vote is not valid?

National Security Advisor.

- What are you talking about?
- She resigned.

I resumed my duties.

I don't agree.

And I haven't seen any evidence
that you've been reinstated.

That is ridiculous! I sat here with you

in a Cabinet meeting
less than one hour ago!

Allowing you to sit in on the meeting
isn't the equivalent

of formally recognizing you
as National Security Advisor.

In fact,
I did not and do not so recognize you.

Oh, my God!

And if Ms. Hayes' vote is invalid,

then the tally's seven to six

in favor of invoking the 25th amendment
and removing...

President Palmer from power.

I'm sorry, Wayne.

Noah, don't waste your apologies on me,

because I won't let you
steal the presidency.

That's just not going to happen.

And what do you suggest?
The country has to be governed.

Well, I would suggest, sir, that this is
properly a matter for the courts.

I concur.

- We don't have time to go to...
- Mr. Vice President,

if I may.

I agree with Mr. Lennox--
this is a legal question.

The Supreme Court
was in session this afternoon.

We can recall it and have them
render a decision

regarding the validity of the vote.

The whole matter could be resolved
in well under an hour.

Thank you, Attorney General Graves.

Why don't you simply get
the process started,

and keep us advised of your progress.

- Certainly.
- I think this meeting is concluded.

Get my affidavit started.

You know something?

I'm beginning to think
you're not on my side.

Well, sir, I'm on the side
of the United States of America,

and if you ever thought otherwise,

you were very much mistaken.

Gredenko's attorney approved
the immunity agreements.

Yeah, we're just waiting
for digital signatures.

All right.

I'll inform the attorney general's
office it's on its way.

Thank you.

- What's up?
- I'm having a problem with my station,

it keeps telling me
to refresh the system credentials.

It's the hardware codes.

You have to reset them
in the machine room.

- I can take care of it.
- Thanks.

You okay?

Well, you were right.

Milo forgot to refresh
the security parameters.

The breach was his fault.

So when you tell District, they can fire
and maybe even arrest him.

Which is why I'm going to alter the logs
so they'll never know.

This should work,

as long as they haven't
changed the password.

There. It's done.

Why'd you do that?

'Cause all I care about
is finding those nukes,

and we have a better chance
of doing that with Milo on board,

whether he likes me or not.

"And mankind was naught
by a single nation."

You've read the Koran.

Yeah, and the Bible and the Upanishads.

Anything I can get my hands on.

You're lucky... you found your answers.

I'm looking for mine.

I'm going to get ready to deploy.

What did Doyle want?

We were just reviewing some data sets.

Your system's back up.


Hi. It's me.

Hey, how did the Cabinet vote go?

It was a tie, which, in effect,

means that Palmer's still in office.

Good, that's good.
That's what we wanted.

Yes, well,
Daniels is contesting the vote.

He's saying that mine is invalid.

Based on what?

Based on the fact that I resigned,

and I was never officially reinstated.

That's ridiculous.

You attended Cabinet meetings;
you had no replacement assigned.

- How does he explain that?
- I know, but maybe he's right, Bill.

I did hand in my resignation.

Which was rescinded
before it was officially accepted.

Daniels knows that.

He's grasping at straws, Karen.

I'm so scared, Bill.

If he wins... this will all be my fault.

It's desperate maneuvering on his part,

Karen, nothing more.

He hasn't got a case.

And the Supreme Court will agree.

Well, we're giving
our arguments in 15 minutes.

Call me as soon as the decision is in.

Thank you for being there.

You don't have to thank me.

It's my job.

I miss you so much.

I miss you, too.

I'll talk to you soon.


Da svidanya.

My attorney has verified the agreements.

Bill, we're set.
Gredenko's ready to make the call.

All right, Jack, we're standing by.

Doyle's got a team ready to go
as soon as Fayed tells Gredenko

- where to meet him. - Copy that.

You try and warn Fayed

with anything you say or how you say it,

and I will kill you
right here right now.

I believe you, Agent Bauer.

Make the call.


It's me.

Do you have the security protocols
for the power plant?

Yes. Where do you want to meet?

Are you certain
you're not under surveillance?

Of course.

Do you think I'd be calling you

I can't allow another one
of your mistakes

to disrupt my plans
for the remaining two devices.

Do you want the protocols or not

Where are you right now?

Culver City.

Meet me at the Santa Monica Pier
in ten minutes.

It may take me more time.

I won't wait.

Where do I find you?

Just be there.

I'll find you.

Give him the phone.

How long will it take Doyle's team
to make it to the pier?

- He's about 30 minutes out.
- We'll make due with Ryan's team.

Put him in the vehicle.

Instructions from the Supreme Court.

Our arguments have to be submitted
in writing,

in the next ten minutes.

Sandra's working on our brief.

How's it coming?

I'm just about finished.

We have a strong case.

You resigned, and Daniels was in charge
when you returned.

So the legal question is,
did he consent to your reinstatement?

Of course he did.

And he made no objections
when you returned to the bunker,

you sat in his first Cabinet meeting,

and he never questioned
your right to be there?

No, he didn't.

His own actions prove our case.

Thank you... for everything, Sandra.

My affidavit explains everything--

that I never really intended
to reinstate Karen,

I was only allowing her
to perform her duties temporarily,

therefore, she had no authority

to cast a vote under the 25th amendment.

The problem is, after Karen returned,

you treated her as if she were still
National Security Advisor.

It's really a question
of my state of mind, though, isn't it?

Yes. And your state of mind
will be inferred from your actions.

Doesn't sounds like
you think our chances are very good.

I don't.

Then I am...
deeply afraid for our country.

When the world sees that Wayne Palmer

isn't willing to fight back,
our enemies will be encouraged.

These recent attacks will be

just the beginning.

America will be vulnerable
in a way it never has been.

There may be a way

to illuminate
your state of mind more explicitly.

I can swear an affidavit that,
earlier today,

you told me to inform Karen Hayes
you had no intention of reinstating her.

But that you were going to allow her
to perform her duties

on a temporary basis only.

Then Wayne regained consciousness

before I could have
that conversation with her.

you're talking about perjuring yourself

in front of the Supreme Court.

I'm aware that it's perjury,

but the end justifies the means.

My affidavit will push the court
to rule in your favor

so that you can do
what's right for this country.

You're right.

Do it.

Prepare your affidavit.

And, Lisa...

...thank you.

Yes, sir.

Kasim, Hassan, with me.

I'm meeting Gredenko.
I'll be back within the hour.

And if you're not?

Are you worried for me, Halil,

or just anxious to take my place?

I think we're wasting time.

We have the bombs.
We should use them right now.

Gredenko's information will enable us

to inflict damage
across half of California.

There's other target out there

that will result
in large amount of casualties

without the additional risk.

I've made my decision.

Let's go.

Come in.

Mr. Vice President,

I need to speak with you alone.

There is something in this room
you need to know about, sir.

Something in this room?

What are you talking about?

This small object here
is a microtransmitter.

After you directed me
to lie to the ambassador

about the attempted assassination,

I decided it was time to protect myself.

Now it turns out
I was protecting the country as well.

Be careful, Tom.

Be very careful what you try to do here.

Actually, sir, you are the one
who needs to be careful here.

I'm aware that it's perjury,
but the end justifies the means.

My affidavit will push the court
to rule in your favor

so that you can do
what's right for this country.

You're right.

Do it.

Prepare your affidavit.

Turn it off.

As I'm sure you're aware, sir,
conspiracy to commit perjury

is a felony offense.

Now, I strongly urge you

to pick up that phone
and call the Supreme Court

and tell them
that you have withdrawn your affidavit,

and that of Ms. Miller as well.

Tell them that you support
the vote of the Cabinet.

That you have no further objections

to President Palmer
continuing his presidency.

You do understand

that I'm just trying to do
what's right for this country.

So am I, sir.

Are you going
to make that call now, sir?

Karen, I need the launch protocols

the Joint Chiefs set up
with Vice President Daniels

along with chain of command signing.

They just came over from the Pentagon.

Everything is in place.

If the court sides with you,
you can cancel the strike


I also need want an update
on the situation with Fayed.

Has CTU made any progress?

Yes, they have Gredenko in custody.

The last time I talked to Bill,

they said they were going to use him
to lure Fayed out in the open.

Who's running it?


The Supreme Court was just notified

Daniels withdrew his suit.

- What?
- It's over.

He gave up before the court
had a chance to make its decision.

- Why?
- I don't know.

I just know that you're still
the President of the United States.

Let the Cabinet know
I won't take any action

against those who sided
with the vice president.

Yes, sir.

Tell Bill I want him to keep me
up to date on CTU's progress.

Tell Dr. Welton I need to see him,

I don't have a visual yet,

but Fayed won't show himself
until he sees Gredenko.

Understood. Ryan,
what's your status
with Gredenko?

I've got the audio transmitter set up.

I'm preparing the tracker now.

Roll up your left sleeve.

What's its range?

We can track the isotope's signature
up to 15 miles.

Copy that.

Is it radioactive?

It penetrates into the bone.

It's got a half-life of about 11 hours,

so you can forget about trying
to dig it out or making a run for it.

He's good to go.

How far out is Doyle's team?

About 20 minutes.

We can't wait.

Fayed was clear about his timeline.

Send in Gredenko.

Gredenko's moving now.

I'm getting a clean audio signal
from the transmitter on Gredenko.

And we are locked
on the isotope signature

that's being emitted
from Gredenko's arm.

I have the gain on
Gredenko's transmitter up all the way.

There's no one
on the other end of the call.

He's reading something off his phone.

It's a text message.

Fayed's made contact.
Everyone get ready.

Gredenko is heading south.

Milo, have you got him on the tracker?

Yeah, he's still moving.

I'm heading in.

I'm going to follow him.

I've lost audio signal.

I'm going to secondary channel.

There's no audio
on the secondary channel.

But he hasn't moved.

I don't like it. Something's wrong.

You led them to me.

I had no choice.

But if you listen to me,

we'll both get away from here alive.


Which direction, Milo?

I'm nearing the south end of the pier.

That's where he stopped
and entered the building on the left.

Is he still inside the room?

Yes, he's right on the other side
of the door.

I'm going in.

Milo, no one's in here.

The tracker's showing the signal
right there in the same room with you.

My God.

He cut off Gredenko's arm.
Ryan, move your men in now!

Hold on.

I've picked up his blood trail.


their men will be coming
from the west side parking lot.

We should go this way.

Have your men circle back
to the east side of the pier.

Try and cut them off.

I want Fayed alive.

- Ryan, have you got anything?
- Negative.

How far out is Doyle's team?

14 minutes.

Have him set up a perimeter
as soon as he gets here.

Ryan, where are you?

I'm pinned down!

Moving towards you now.

Show me your head.

... the same terrorist cell

is most likely responsible
for the nuclear...

We're trapped.

This way.

That's him.

I recognize him from the news.

He's the terrorist they're looking for.

That is him.

You bastard.

Federal agent!

I am a federal agent!
I'm taking this man into custody.

Now, back off!

Back off!

- He shot my friend.
- I'm sorry about your friend.

We'll get him medical attention.
Just stay back.

- I hope your friend is dead.
- Shut up!

Everybody out of the bar now! Move!

Gredenko is not here.

I need you to lock down
the area and initiate a search.

We have two men down.

One is a civilian, the other is Fayed.
He's in custody.

I need Medical up here now.

All right, Jack. Good work.

Nadia, get me the president, please.

I understand you're weak.

Another dose of adrenaline will raise
your blood pressure levels even higher,

to the point where we know
there'll be vascular damage.

And that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Your well-being is my responsibility.

And my responsibility, Doctor,

is to the well-being of this country.

So give me another dose
so I can go back to doing my job

or I will find someone else who will.

Bill Buchanan is on line one.

I'll take it.

Thank you, Arthur.

Mr. President, I'm calling to tell you
that Jack has Fayed in custody.

What about the bombs?

We haven't finished
the radiological scan yet,

so we can't confirm
the bombs are in the immediate vicinity.

Jack is going to interrogate Fayed
as soon as possible.

But there's no way of knowing
how long that will take

or how successful that will be, right?

- No, sir.
- All right, Bill.

That's what I wanted to know.

Thank you, sir.

But since the case was withdrawn,

the court has no reason
to retain the documents.

They should be sealed
and returned to me immediately.

Okay. Good. Thank you.

I was thinking that maybe

it's time to declare a truce.

Okay. Well... maybe it is.

You know, we both want the same thing
for this country--

what's good for the country.

We just don't always agree on the means.

I would love to go forward
without the threats

and the intimidation.



One more thing.

Do you know why the vice president

withdrew his suit
from the Supreme Court?

No. I have no idea. Why?

Well, one of my aides saw you with him
before it was announced.

I... I guess just put this down
to happy coincidence.

For now.

But someday
I'd love to know the real story.

Okay. Some day.



This cannot be,
this has got to be some mistake.

I'm on my way.

- President Palmer.
- What?

He's about to go ahead
with the nuclear strike.

If I may, sir.

I understand
you're about to launch the very strike

we just prevented Vice President Daniels
from launching.

- That's right.
- This makes no sense, sir.

I mean it's what
you risked your life to stop.

Tom, I risked my life
to reassert my authority.

I've got Vice President Daniels
calling me weak.

Even you thought the same thing.

I implore you, sir,

do not mistake being reckless
with being strong.

Tom, I am done talking.

We have a successful launch.