24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 15 - Day 6: 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack and Doyle discover the true source of CTU's security leak: an autistic savant hacker named Brady, who has been following his brother's orders. Sandra Palmer agrees to bring President Wayne Palmer out of his coma in an effort to stop the nuclear retaliation against Fayed's country. Meanwhile, Jack uses Brady in a sting, hoping to capture Gredenko.

The Americans know our location.

We need to launch the drone
before they close in.

We'll find a way
to deliver the other two bombs.

Launch the drone.

- I can't find the drone.
- Use projected vectors.

I am. It's not where it's supposed to be.

Until you find it,
I'll have my F-16s stay in a holding pattern.

We figured out
how the drone can stay hidden.

Whoever is piloting it
can anticipate our directives.

Our data is being relayed to the drone pilot
through a work station here.

- We have a leak.
- Find who's subverting our system.

It is Nadia.
The signature trace matches her computer.

Surrender your station.

- Who are you streaming data to?
- What?

I will do what's necessary
to get the answers I need.

- Let her go.
- What the hell are you doing?

We got the drone pilot's location.

We're not through with her, Milo.

What's your status?

The drone pilot is down. I'm at his controls.

The target is San Francisco.

I can't deactivate the bomb.
I'm fighting a stall.

I'm losing control.
I need to find a place to land it.

None of the first responders are reporting
a detonation. The bomb did not go off.

Move out!
There's radioactive material in this area.

We took control of the aircraft,
crash-landing it at the edge of the city.

But the bomb's core was compromised
and radioactive material was released.

So what we're dealing with is a dirty bomb?

- Sir, it was a radiological spill.
- It was an attack on our nation.

I warned the ambassador, Tom.

We were led to believe
this warning shot would be fired

only in response to
the detonation of a nuclear device.

They need to see with their own eyes
that I will answer this threat

with an in-kind military response.

The order's given. Launch the missile...

as soon as they're in range.

- Prep two units of plasma.
- You need to keep him alive.

Gredenko's got two more bombs.
This man's our only link.

Jack, I talked to CTU. There's a situation
where the drone went down.

The bomb casing cracked.
It dispersed in the air.

- How bad is the fallout?
- Casualties should be minimal.

They're starting to evacuate.

Go through the pilot's databases.
See if you can find any link to Gredenko.

Agent Bauer, he didn't make it.


- Buchanan.
- Bill, it's Jack.

- What did you get from the pilot?
- Nothing, he's dead.

We're running down leads.
Nothing's come up on Gredenko.

Doyle told me the fallout was containable?

It's not that simple. The incident has created
serious policy complications in Washington.

Daniels has ordered a nuclear strike
against Fayed's country.

What's he trying to do? Start World War III?
It'll be seen as an act of aggression.

- We have to find Fayed and Gredenko fast.
- When is it happening?

- Within the hour.
- That doesn't give us enough time.

I'll get back to you.

(ringing tone)

(TV) ...how an explosive device could have
been secreted into the White House bunker.

Victor is still not answering.

Because the Americans found him.

The bomb was supposed to hit San Francisco
ten minutes ago.

- But there's nothing on the news.
- Even if you're right, we are safe here.

Victor doesn't know our location.

- So we can continue our operation safely.
- What operation?

There is no operation.
It's over because of you and your people.

No, Fayed, it isn't over.

We have two more bombs.

I have the bombs!

But you need me to deliver them.

I'm the only one who can give you
the targets you want.

So come on, shoot me now!

Or put down that gun.

(phone rings)

- Yeah.
- (Gredenko) Mark Hauser?

- Who's this?
- You know who it is.

- I already gave you what you asked for.
- But your employer has tightened security.

So the access I paid for is no good.

- That's not my problem.
- It is.

It became your problem
the moment you took my money.

It'll take some time to download
the new security protocols.

- How much time?
- Half an hour, maybe longer. I can call you.

- I'll be there in 40 minutes.
- Gredenko.

I'm hungry.

- Knock yourself out.
- There's peppers in here.

- You like peppers.
- Not red ones. I don't eat red food, Mark.

- Since when?
- I don't like red food.

I'll take the peppers out, OK?

You take care of me, Mark.
You always take care of me.

I do my best, Brady.

While I'm doing this,
I need you to do something for me.


I need you to access some files
from the mainframe in my office.

- Can you do that?
- Yeah.

Let's go.

Nadia's being processed
as an enemy combatant.

She's being transferred
to a holding station in Temecula.

Sir, I don't know if I can accept that
she betrayed us, that she spied for Fayed.

I think we're wrong.

This is not easy for any of us.

But the facts at hand indicate
she was streaming intel from her station.

- Mr Buchanan.
- What is it?

We may have caught a break.

What do you have?

I've monitored everyone who's communicated
with Gredenko, through phone or emails.

The filter flagged a call
that happened a few minutes ago.

Mark Hauser. He does security consulting
for energy companies.

His company has contracts
with chemical facilities.

Oil fields, pipelines and nuclear power plants.

The call was scrambled,
but we do have Hauser's address.

Get that address to Jack.

- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah. Excuse us, guys.

While I was stripping data
from the drone pilot's hard drive,

- I found this.
- What is it?

A remote access module. It's how the pilot
breached CTU's satellite grid.

No. The pilot got into our system
cos Nadia Yassir let him in.

No. This guy got in through one of
the radical websites Nadia's been monitoring.

Access module proves it.

Nadia's system was compromised
and she didn't know it?

That's right.

You're in a tough position -
you led the witch-hunt against her.

I followed standard protocols
based on information that was available.

Nadia might not see it that way when
she takes it up with the Justice Department.

Once the dust settles today,
they might wanna make you an example.

Relax, Mike, you took care of me in Denver
and I still owe you for that.

- We're even now.
- Copy that. I'll call when we're there.

- We got a lead on Gredenko.
- How good?

We'll know soon. It's a few miles from here.
Put together a TAC team.

I need to stay behind. We're still processing.


- Ryan.
- Yes, sir.

Get your men together, come with me.

- Give us a minute, please.
- Yes, ma'am.

Sandra, how are you holding up?

I can't believe this is happening.

It doesn't feel real.

I'm so sorry.

Sandra, unfortunately
I need to ask you for your help.

There's an extremely volatile situation
developing at the White House.

Vice President Daniels is about to launch
a nuclear strike against the Middle East.

- A nuclear strike?
- Yes, and the cabinet is behind him.

I've tried arguing, but no one's listening.

- Are they insane?
- No. They're just scared.

Before the attempted assassination, Wayne
reached out to the Middle East governments

to solicit their help in stopping Fayed,
and it was working.

This strike is a complete reversal
of everything that he was working for.

You want Dr Welton
to bring him out of the coma?

Yes. And I need your consent.

But the doctor said he needs to be sedated
for a few days before the swelling subsides.

But we don't have a few days.

Even if Wayne regains consciousness,
we don't know what state he'll be in.

But we won't know unless we try.
I wouldn't dare to ask you to risk this

if I did not think it was absolutely necessary
for the sake of our country.

I'm sorry. I can't do it.

- Sandra, please.
- I've already lost one brother.

I can't lose another one.

I know you did not ask for this responsibility,
but like it or not, it is yours.

Wayne Palmer is still
the president of our country.

He's the only one who can stop this,

and you are the only one who can give him
the chance to do what he believes in.

Give him that chance.

Ask yourself what Wayne
would want you to do.

I'll talk to Dr Welton.

God forgive me if I'm wrong.

USS Vickery has been detached
from carrier group Falcon,

which is on patrol in the region.

The Vickery will reach launch position
in 40 minutes.

So in less than an hour
we'll have made our point to the enemy?

Yes, Mr Vice President.

The B-611 short-range tactical warhead
has a blast yield of 300 kilotons.

The message will be loud and clear.

Very good, Admiral. Exemplary.

Tom, give us the damage and
casualty estimates you got from COMPLAN.

- Tom?
- I'm sorry, sir.

- Is there a problem?
- No, no, no.

This projection is, of course,
based on theoretical models

generated at our nuclear facility
in Alamogordo.

COMPLAN estimates a high range
of general damage by zone,

as well as multiple casualty numbers
based on various climate models.

- Now, should the...
- I'm sorry, Tom.

I need to step out for a minute.

- Carry on with the briefing.
- Right.

Should the enemy mount a response,
the potential does exist

for the US to be drawn into a conflict
in which...

What does this mean?
They're taking him out of the coma?

Apparently Sandra Palmer
gave her consent a few minutes ago.

- This is Karen Hayes.
- I don't know, sir.

I only found out about this because
I have a source inside the medical bay.

- Put me through to Dr Welton.
- (woman) Right away.

I've cut the pentobarbital drip, his metabolic
rate's up. He's breathing on his own.

- What about the swelling in his brain?
- No sign of intracranial hypertension,

but it's still too early to know
when or even if he'll regain consciousness.

(man) Dr Welton, Vice President Daniels
on line one. It's urgent.

Dr Welton, what are you going to tell him?

The truth.

Mr Vice President, this is Dr Welton.

I'm told you're trying to rouse the president
out of his coma?

- That's correct, sir.
- I thought you induced it to save his life.

Treating patients with head trauma
is a fluid process.

It sounds to me like
you're risking the life of the president.

With care, we can minimize that risk.

- Let's cut the crap, Doctor.
- Sir?

We know why Sandra Palmer
wants her brother conscious.

- She's trying to subvert my policy.
- Policy's not my concern.

I think you're concerned
and that you agree with what she's doing,

and you're willing to risk the life
of the president to get it done!

So if you don't stop now,
I will compel you to stop!

With all due respect,
the president's treatment is not...

- You'll do what I tell you.
- No, sir. I'm sorry, I will not.

I am required to follow the wishes
of Sandra Palmer.

You're free to take up your concerns with her.

If the president dies or suffers any damage
from your actions,

I will nail your ass to the wall.
Do you understand me?

Perfectly, sir.

- Chloe, I need that photo. I need it now.
- Sending now, Jack.

- Team B, advise when you're in position.
- (man) Copy, sir.

- Team B in position.
- Copy that.

I've got a positive ID.
Move in on the house now.

All teams go. Move in.


Federal agent. Down on the floor!

- Mark!
- Don't move!

- Put him in the chair.
- Mark.

Mark. Mark. Mark.

- Mark!
- It's clear.

- Take him to the living room.
- He doesn't know anything!

- Shut up!
- Mark. Mark.

- He's bleeding. He needs to go to hospital.
- We don't have time. Stabilize him.

(Brady) Mark!


- Mark!
- Let me have the room.

I know you're scared right now,
but everything's gonna be OK.

I wanna see my brother.

I'll let you see him,
but I need to ask you some questions.

- I'm not allowed.
- You're not allowed? Why?

- Mark says don't talk to strangers.
- I'm not a stranger. I'm a police officer.

You can talk to me. It's all right.

My name is Jack Bauer. What's yours?

- Brady.
- Brady.

When we came in, you were working on
your computer. What were you working on?

- Getting files.
- What kind of files?

I don't know. Mark asked me to get through
the IBC firewall to set up a proxy server port.


Can I see him now?

Soon. I'm gonna talk to him first,
and then you can see him, OK?

You're doing great, Brady.

- Stay with him.
- Yes, sir.

You were paid to give Gredenko information.

You used your brother to get it,
now he's in trouble.

- My brother's got nothing to do with this.
- That's not what he told me.

He doesn't know what he's doing.

That's not how the Justice Department
will see it. They'll prosecute him for treason.

I'll help your brother, cos we both know
he didn't understand what he was doing,

but you're gonna have to give me Gredenko.

What kind of information
were you selling him?

- Security specs.
- What security specs?

The Edgemont nuclear power plant.

Bill, this is Connell Johnson.
He's on loan from District.

We swept the drone pilot's system.
Most of the files are encrypted.

- Our digital forensics people are waiting.
- We'll see what we can find.

- Got anything more from Nadia?
- She still claims she was set up.

- Is she in the building?
- Yes, she's being transferred. Why?

- Just curious.
- Sir, Jack's on line two. He's got Hauser.

- Jack?
- Bill.

Hauser sold Gredenko security specs
for Edgemont nuclear power facility.

- Does Gredenko have them?
- He picks them up in 20 minutes.

- Can your team handle the grab?
- We have a situation.

Hauser was wounded, but he's got a brother.
We're gonna use him for the transaction.

It's the best shot we've got to get
Gredenko alive. I'll get back to you soon.

Brady, we need to talk.

Are you really a policeman?


Then my brother did something wrong.

He's made some mistakes,
but he's helping us fix them.

Everyone makes mistakes.
I make mistakes all the time.

- And you try and fix them, right?
- Yeah.

That's what your brother's trying to do,
but he needs your help.

- Why don't we go talk to him?
- OK.

Come on, let's go.

- Mark. Mark.
- It's OK, Brady. It's OK.

It's not as bad as it looks.

- They're taking me to the hospital.
- I wanna go with you.

- You need to stay with them.
- Don't leave me alone.

Listen to me, Brady! Listen.

You need to do
whatever this man tells you to do.

You'll be fine.

Who takes care of you, Brady?

- You do, Mark.
- That's right.

So you need to trust me
when I tell you you'll be fine.

He'll take care of you.



Let's make the call.

(phone rings)

- Yes?
- It's Hauser.

I have the protocols, but there's a problem.

A problem?

My supervisor wants me to come in.

- I'll be there in 20 minutes.
- He wants me at the office now.

If I'm not there in ten minutes, the protocols
will default and need downloading again.

I need those protocols.

- I can leave them with my brother.
- Brady?

Unless you wanna wait
for me to get back from the office.

I don't have time.

Have your brother meet me
in the parking lot across the street.

He'll be there. Goodbye.

The parking lot across the street, 20 minutes.

- He needs to get to a hospital now.
- Take him.

- Mark. Mark.
- Brady. It's all right, it's all right.

We're gonna take care of him. I promise. Right
now I need you to listen to me very carefully,

just like your brother told you to, OK?


Milo Pressman? Connell Johnson.
I'm on loan from District. Data forensics.

- Yeah, we crossed paths in Denver.
- That's right, we did.

- What can I do for you?
- I hear you and Nadia Yassir are friends.

- Yeah. Why do you ask?
- I came across evidence

that proves Nadia's innocent.

- Explain.
- She wasn't streaming intel.

Her system was breached.

- Where is this evidence?
- Ask Doyle.

- Doyle?
- I hate to rat, but I didn't know where to go.

I gave him the evidence at the crime scene
and he still hasn't logged it in.

- What did you do?!
- Are you crazy?

- Milo, that's enough!
- Tell him!

He's got evidence that Nadia's innocent!

- Is this true?
- Yeah.

- And he buried it to save his own ass.
- He didn't bury it. Milo, he didn't.

It's a remote access module
that breached Nadia's computer.

- He gave it to me ten minutes ago.
- Why didn't you tell us about this?

I got it from an unreliable source. I wanted
to make sure it was real before I submitted it.

I ran a verification scan. It's definitely real
and Nadia is definitely innocent.

I'll review the evidence. If it's true, I'll release
Nadia. In the meantime, go back to work.

Come with me, Morris.


I owe you an apology.

- It's not your fault.
- Still.

Milo, forget about it.


You've screwed with the wrong guy
for the last time, pal.

Uncuff her.

Excuse us, please.

We found evidence at the switching station.

It proves your computer was breached
from an outside source.

You're cleared, Nadia.

I'm sorry this happened.

So am I.

Your first impulse will be to quit.

Take legal action.

I don't blame you.

That's what I'd do.

But I'm asking you to stay.

This crisis is far from over.
We can't afford to lose our best people.

We need you, Nadia.

I'll stay.

Milo's setting up your work station now.

I sent the assault vectors. Nadia is good to go.

Thank you.

We all thought she was guilty.
This is gonna be awkward.


Especially for you.

Why especially for me?

Your feelings for Nadia
aren't exactly a big secret.

Thank you for pointing that out.

Your station's all set. Comm's up.

- You have full security access to the subnet.
- Thanks.

- Listen, Nadia...
- I don't have time for a heart-to-heart.

I've got a lot of catching up to do.
Excuse me.

I understand that. Nadia, wait.

Dammit, you're not gonna
make this easy for me, are you?

You know what? I am. Whatever you thought
might happen between us, you can forget it.

- That's not fair.
- I don't blame you for suspecting me.

But you have to admit, this is not
the best place to start a relationship.

You're probably right.

But I still wanted to say I'm sorry.

You said it.

I should get to work.

- Here.
- Thanks.

We haven't heard from Dr Welton.
He's been giving us regular updates.

I'm sure if there was something to report,
we would've heard from him.

Gosh, I've never been good
at waiting for anything.

David had the patience of Job, but not me.

Wayne is always somewhere in between.

- We have a decision to make.
- What is it?

- There's an increase in intracranial swelling.
- How serious is it?

It's not life-threatening yet, but if it continues,
it could cause permanent brain damage.

I suggest we re-induce the coma.


- You understand the danger?
- But there's a chance he'd be OK?

Yes, there is a chance.

Well, even if it's a small chance for Wayne
to stop Daniels, then it's worth the risk.

I know Wayne would wanna see this through.

Dr Welton, you need to come quickly.

He's crashing. Get a code team
in here right away. Wait outside.

Code team to one. Code team to one, stat.

Let's get a crash cart in here.

The teams are in position.
You sure he can do this?

He just needs to get Gredenko out of his car.

We don't have another option.

Just tell Charlie team
they've got one shot at this.


Brady, I need you to wear one of these.
So we can talk to each other.

This way you'll be able to hear me
and I can hear you.

- I need to put it in your ear.
- Will it hurt?

No. No, I promise.

See? Now I'm gonna talk you through this.

But we don't want Mr Gredenko
to know that you can hear me,

so we have to pretend that you can't,
you understand?


Good. You're gonna give him this.

He's gonna meet you in the parking lot.
I want you to stand on the sidewalk.

That's your position.

- OK.
- We're set.

We should go now.

You don't need to be scared, Brady.

I'm gonna watch you the whole time
and I'm gonna hear everything that you say.

Go to your position.
Remember your position?

- Yeah, I'll go to my position.
- OK.

- Teams, report in.
- Alpha team in position.

- Bravo team in position.
- Charlie team in position.

Charlie team, you are responsible for taking
out Gredenko with the tranquillizer dart.

Teams A and B, acquire remaining targets.
Do whatever you have to to protect this kid.

- Brady, it's Jack. Can you hear me?
- I hear you.

- You're doing great.
- When can I see my brother?

As soon as this is over. I promise.

OK, OK. Good.

(radio chatter)

I have a visual on Gredenko's SUV.
Windows are tinted. I can't see who's inside.

Brady, do you see the car
coming towards you?

- Yeah.
- It's time to get ready.

I've got a visual on Gredenko. Charlie team,
take your shot as soon as you've got one.

- Do you have it?
- Yeah.

Give it to me.

I have a negative line of sight.
Hauser's in the way.

You look nervous, Brady.

Why are you so nervous?

(Gredenko speaks Russian)

Gredenko just gave the order to shoot the kid.

- Do you have your shot yet?
- Negative. Hauser's in the way.

- Can you move position?
- Negative.

Brady, don't forget to pretend
like you can't hear me. You're doing great.

Listen to me carefully.

When I tell you, I want you
to go down to the ground and stay there.

Wait till I tell you.

(Gredenko speaks Russian)

Brady, get down on the ground.

Brady, get down on the ground.

All teams, take out your targets.

All teams, there is a third hostile
inside the vehicle.

(man) All teams hold fire.

Move in, move in!

Brady, are you OK?
It's over. It's over. You did great.

- I want to see my brother?
- You can see your brother, like I promised.

Get Gredenko in the house. Prep him.

Advise Buchanan we've got Gredenko
and we're prepping him for interrogation.

Yes, sir.

Watch your head.

Brady, this man's gonna look after you.
He's gonna take you to see your brother.

- I wanna see my brother.
- Yeah.

You did great. Thank you.


We searched Gredenko's vehicle.
No sign of the bombs.

- Is he conscious yet?
- Yes. You want help with him?


You know who I am.

I know all about you, Agent Bauer.

Then you know what I'm gonna do to you,
unless you tell me where the bombs are.

And when I'm finished, I'm gonna put you
on the fastest plane we've got back to Russia.

I don't think President Suvarov's
gonna be too happy to see you.

- Fayed has the bombs.
- Where is he?

I don't know, but I can help you find him.

I'm listening.

I came here to get security specs
for the Edgemont nuclear power plant.

- That's your next target?
- Yes.

Fayed's waiting for my call.

Make the call.


First, my terms.

Amnesty from your government
and a guarantee I won't be returned to Russia.


I'm offering you Fayed.

What's the problem?

I'm not a martyr, I'm a soldier and realist.

If I don't call him soon,
Fayed will get suspicious.

Admiral, is the Vickery ready to launch?

- It's seconds from optimal launch position.
- Good.

Mr Vice President,
I just spoke to Bill Buchanan at CTU.

They've taken Gredenko into custody.
Jack Bauer is questioning him now.

- Does Bill think it could lead to something?
- He's confident Bauer's the man for it.

And he's hoping
they get the answers they need.

I hope his confidence is justified.

Sir, the Vickery's in position.
They're standing by.

Proceed with the strike.

Mr Vice President, if I may,
in light of the developments at CTU,

do we not wanna delay this launch
and see what Bauer gets out of Gredenko?

I'm not gonna delay our response based
on what Gredenko may or may not reveal.

If Gredenko gives up the bombs,
that is the desired result.

Then we can consider this strike
as retaliation for American lives already lost!

A reminder to the world there are
consequences to attacking our country.

- Admiral Smith, proceed with the launch.
- Yes, Mr Vice President.

Sir, the Vickeryjust received a message
over the COMPLAN subnet.

They've been ordered to stand down.

What the hell are you talking about?
Who gave this order?

President Palmer, sir.

- President Palmer?
- (phone rings)

- Conference Room, Lisa Miller.
- (man) Urgent call for the vice president.

One moment.

It's for you, sir.


Noah, it's Wayne.

Mr President, it is an incredible relief
to hear your voice.

To be frank, it's a surprise.

- I've called off the strike, Noah.
- We just received word.

Sir, this action is a product
of careful deliberation

between myself and the Joint Chiefs.

Yeah, well, be that as it may,
the decision is mine and mine alone.

I'm resuming my duties
as commander in chief.

Inform Admiral Smith and the others there's
to be no action without my authorisation.

- Is that understood?
- Understood, Mr President.


It's apparent to me that

the president is still suffering the effects
from the attack on his life.

He's not thinking clearly

and, in my judgment,

he's not capable of discharging his duties.

I can't let him remain in power.

Get me the attorney general.