24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 14 - Day 6: 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack and Doyle head to the location of the drone pilot when CTU learns that the target is San Francisco. Vice President Daniels arranges a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to talk strategy. Karen Hayes and Tom Lennox agree to work together, while CTU discovers that their tracking system has been sabotaged.

Previously on 24...

Abu Fayed, a citizen of your country,

enters the United States,

detonates a nuclear bomb

killing thousands.

Next, Assad attempts
to assassinate the president.

You know fully well
that we have cooperated

with you since the inception
of this crisis.

I had an understanding
with your president.

And now you're going
to have one with me.

You help us find those nukes
before another goes off,

or I'm going to unleash the full power
of our military on your country

I'm terminating the American.

- Do you confirm?
- Yes.

The American has shot Vasili.

He's in the basement.

Shut down the phone lines,
DSL, everything!

Morris, it's Jack.

I know how to find Gredenko.

Jack Bauer
is currently being held captive

in the Russian consulate.

Doyle will help you put

a tactical profile together
for an assault on the consulate.

Our primary objective
is to abduct Anatoly Markov, the consul.

According to Jack,
Markov knows how to find Gredenko,

who controls
the remaining three suitcase nukes.

The Americans are coming in.

I thought
you had that under control.

Won't be long
before they have your position.

This drone is ready to launch.
Arm the bomb.

What's going on at the consulate?

Jack Bauer's still at large
and somewhere inside.

We have to go in.

Drop your weapon!

My name is Jack Bauer.

You need to contact Bill Buchanan.

Tell him that Fayed and Gredenko
are in the Shadow Valley.

Patch me in with Buchanan.

Medevac's on the way.
How you holding up?

- I'm fine.
- Doc?

He may have floating rib fragments
which could cause internal bleeding.

He needs to be stabilized.

I told you I'm fine.
I want to be involved in this mission.

CTU has the ball, Jack.
Right now, this is out of your hands.

We now believe Gredenko is in possession

of at least five RQ-2 Aerial Drones

somewhere in Shadow Valley.


Unmanned stealth aircraft

which can be remotely piloted
from anywhere in the world.

And Gredenko's arming them

with the nuclear weapons
he provided to Fayed?

Yes, sir.

We're redirecting satellite coverage
over the Mojave Desert,

and the Air Force
is scrambling F-16s from Edwards.

But you have no idea
how close Fayed and Gredenko are

to launching these drones?

No, sir, we don't.

All right, Bill. You keep me updated.

Yes, sir.

Bring the trucks around.
We are moving out now.

What's wrong?

How many drones have been armed?

- Just this one.
- Damn it.

We need to launch it now.

Get it ready.

Go, go.

Tell me what's wrong.

- What's wrong?
-The Americans know our location.


It was Markov, huh?

Markov told them.

All that matters is that they know
we are here.

We need to launch the drone
before they close in.

We have three bombs and three targets.

We'll find a way
to deliver the other two bombs.

All this time
we've tolerated your condescension,

berating us for losing the other bombs.

But now it's your fault.

Markov was your man.

Blame me all you want,
but if we stay here,

we'll be captured or killed.

Refit the other bombs into their casings
and load them on the truck.

Do it now! Take them out!

We're accelerating our schedule.

- Why?
- I don't have time to explain.

I need you to launch drone 0-7-0-9.

I haven't finished
implementing the evasion vectors.

They'll shoot it down
before it reaches its target.

Launch the drone.

You'll execute evasion tactics
once it's in the air.

Yes, sir.

We need to leave now.

Come on, let's go.

We're repositioning our satellites
as fast as we can, sir.

As soon as we make visual contact,

we'll uplink a real-time feed
to your command.

Just get me that intel, Yassir.
Lives are at stake.

Yes, sir.

You okay?

The truth? No, not really.

We're going to get through this, okay?

I hope so.

Is there a problem, Chloe?

Are you going to tell us what it is?

I was installing security upgrades,

and I noticed
you were using Milo's clearance code.

Which, in case you didn't know,
is a felony security breach.

No, it must be a mistake.

My system's been glitchy, and I...

It's not a glitch, Milo.

Nadia's been working with your user I.D.

So unless she stole it,
you gave it to her.

Milo was just trying
to help me do my work.

Homeland Security sent down
an order restricting my security access

because I was born in the Middle East.

I've heard abour that directive
and I think it's wong

to be racially profiling our own agents,

but it's still a felony security breach
for you to be using Milo's code.

If you report this,

we can't help the situation

if we're fired and arrested.

If I wanted to report you,
I wouldn't be talking to you.

I'm telling you this
so that you'll be careful.

I mean, I noticed it.

Someone else is going to notice it
sooner or later.

Yes, sir.

Morris has a satellite visual
on Shadow Valley.

It looks like the terrorists
have launched a single drone.

I'm conferencing with General Walsh now.

I'll be right there, sir.

Coordinate with first-responders
in all target zones.

Put General Walsh through.

Sir, you're on with Bill Buchanan.

This is Walsh.

General, we've made visual contact
with a single drone.

We're tracking it on satellite.

It's heading on a northwest vector
out of Shadow Valley.

Altitude is 3,300 feet and climbing.

Velocity is 360 miles an hour.

I'm looking
at the specs on the RQ-2 now.

It's got a low-profile design,

virtually impossible to detect by radar.

We'll need to manually guide
our F-16s to intercept.

We're uplinking a video feed to you now.

Have you determined its intended target?

Yes. This is Nadia Yassir.

The closest target
is downtown Los Angeles.

That's a four-minute window.

Maximum airspeed of an RQ-2
is 400 miles per hour.

My F-16s should be able to intercept it
within two minutes.

That may be a problem.

I can't find the drone.

The drone's gone.

How can it be gone?

It was passing between grids
when I switched satellites.

Read just based on projected vectors.

I'm doing that now, General,
it's just not where it's supposed to be.

Until you find it, I'll have my F-16s
stay in a holding pattern.


I've accessed our connection to CTU.

I've disabled their tracking capability.

Then they cannot detect the drone?

No. And I'll be able to keep it hidden

from their satellites
until we've hit the target.

Good. I'll contact you again
once we are out of the area.

Sir, I was just talking
to Bill Buchanan at CTU.

They were tracking one of the drones.

They've now lost visual contact with it.

Lost visual contact?

Yeah, it's unclear just how, sir.

They just simply can't find it.

We have the most sophisticated
satellite network in the world.

How the hell did this happen?

CTU is still trying
to determine that, sir.

What about the military?

Well, they've got three squadrons
looking for it,

but these drones are invisible to radar,

so the pilots are limited
to making visual ID at night

over hundreds of square miles.

Now, CTU has a ranked list

of potential targets.

They're running
civil disaster scenarios...


Advance the meeting
with the Joint Chiefs.

When do you want it to happen?

Right away.

Wait, sir. Why...

Why are we assembling the Joint Chiefs?

I warned the ambassador, Tom.

You heard me tell him
that I'd hold his country responsible

if another nuclear weapon
was detonated on our soil.

Sir, there's absolutely no evidence

that his country
either sponsored these attacks

or is even in support of them.

His people need to understand

that I'm not just rattling my saber.

They need to see with their own eyes

that I will answer this threat

with an in-kind military response.


"In kind," sir?

I want the Joint Chiefs

to draw up our own target list
for a nuclear strike.

I won't let another attack
go unanswered, Tom.

At its rated speed, the drone
should have reached Los Angeles,

so we can eliminate us as a target.

In the next few minutes,
I can take Santa Barbara

and San Diego off the list.

How many targets does that leave
within the drone's range?

Counting cities
with populations over a million...


We have to narrow it down.

Assuming they want
the maximum civilian death toll,

how many likely targets
within the drone's range?

Areas with the highest
population density are

San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Confirm that NEST teams
and First Responders

have deployed in those cities.

make sure the Air Force prioritizes

their search on that basis.

Give me the projected coordinates.

Bill, did we pick up Gredenko?

We're working on it.

Bill, what happened?

Gredenko escaped.

But not before
launching one of the drones.

How close is the Air Force
to intercepting it?

F-16s were minutes away,
then the drone disappeared

from the satellite grid;
we're still looking for it.

Get to medical.
There's nothing you can do here.

- Just keep me informed, please.
- I will.

Doyle, I want you to run point
on the search for Fayed and Gredenko.

Milo's monitoring from
the Situation Room. I'll be right there.

I'll see you over at Medical.

- Could we have a moment, please?
- Certainly.

- They said you were hurt.
- I'm, I'm fine.

As soon as all of this is over,
I'll come by and check on you and Josh.

I always regretted
things didn't work out between us...


I always believed you did, too.

Maybe I was wrong.

No, you weren't.

Listen, Marilyn,

before I was taken prisoner
by the Chinese...

I was with someone.

She doesn't even know
I'm still alive, but...

I need to talk to her...

see what happens.

Are you talking about Audrey Raines?


You don't know. Do you?

I'm sorry to be the one
to have to tell you this...

Audrey's dead.

I don't know all the details,
I just know what I read

in the paper about her accident.

What accident? When?

It was a few months ago.

It was a car accident.

Somewhere in China.


Excuse me. I'm sorry.

I have to go.

Why the hell didn't anybody
tell me about Audrey?

Buchanan didn't want to tell you
when you first got back,

because we all thought
Fayed was just going to kill you.

But I probably should have.

I'm sorry.

She was in China looking for me?

She was the one who figured out
the Chinese had taken you.

Apparently she spent the past year
going through back channels,

to try to get you out.

The rest of it's classified by Division,
I don't know any more.

We were asked to send the DNA records,

so that they could get a positive ID

on the remains...
which I guess they did.

I want that file.

- All right, Jack.
- Now!

- I have to dig it up in archives.
- Just do it.

The Secretary of Defense
and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

will be attending in person,

the State
will be monitoring via satellite.

And the rest of the Cabinet
will be provided with video transcripts.


You should also know
that Karen Hayes will be attending.

I thought I told you
I wanted her excluded from this.

She supported Wayne Palmer's
policy of appeasement.

She's going to be a problem.

Well, there was nothing I could do.

She's still acting
National Security Advisor.

But I've only given her
current circumstances.

Any objection to your plans
will not be able to gain traction.

Oh, I've known Karen Hayes
for many years.

It's always been a mistake
to underestimate...


Hello, Tom.

Somebody push you down the stairs?

No, Karen,
I tripped over your ineptitude.

On that subject, welcome back.

Look, Tom, I don't want to play games.

I won't let you blackmail me again.

So you do what you need to do,

I am here to represent the President,

and I intend to stay.

All right, fair enough.

No one is sorrier than I am
about what happened to Wayne.

Well, at least we have that in common.

Please be seated.

As many of you are already aware,

the terrorist
who attacked us this morning,

Abu Fayed,
|with the help of Dmitri Gredenko,

has launched an aerial drone
that we believe is armed

with another nuclear bomb.

Efforts are ongoing
to locate this drone.

But should those efforts fail,

we are looking at a second
nuclear attack on our country

in less than ten hours.

And I am determined

not to let this attack happen

without a military response on our part.

A military response directed
against whom, Mr. Vice President?

We were under the impression

that these terroristsstate
were essentially stateless.

Secretary Kanin,
that is the fiction they hide behind.


everyone in this room knows
that elements within Abu Fayed's country

train and fund terrorist organizations
like his.

It is time

to hold them accountable.

The Ambassador has just been informed

that if the nuclear weapon
on that drone detonates,

we will retaliate
with our own nuclear strike.

Now this will be a warning shot,
not a full-scale attack.

The Joint Chiefs
have been instructed to identify

an unpopulated area

where there will be
limited civilian casualties.


The closest match
we have to that scenario

is territory near their northern border.

We believe this should result
in fewer than 2,000 deaths.

Long-term damage
from radioactive fallout, however,

could double that number,
depending on ground conditions.

I can accept that.

I'm sure you're aware
that our intelligence suggests

that their government
can't control Fayed either.

They are doing the best that they can.

And I'm saying they need
to figure out a way to do better.

Something tells me
that once this bomb hits, they will.

If this bomb hits,
the opposite will hold true.

The moderates will be driven from power,
the terrorists' position

will be strengthened there
and in the region,

and I don't hear anyone talking about
the Chinese or Russian response to this.

We could start another world war.

If I thought
there was a high likelihood of that,

I wouldn't be suggesting this.

Mr. Vice President,

the stakes are too high
for this decision to be based

on your personal judgment.

It is my opinion
that this course of action

would be dangerous and reckless.

Consider your concern registered, Karen.

But the debate is over.

America must start
to stand up for herself.

The attacks on this country must stop!

And as acting Commander In Chief,

I believe this is
the best way to make that happen.


have a nuclear strike sub standing by.

Yes, Mr. Vice President.

I never got those SIM files
you were gonna send me.

Oh, yeah, your system was overloaded.

So I gave them to Morris,
he's going to take care of it for you.

You really think he can handle it?

Well, he seems to be himself again.

Is he himself because
he had a drink and he smoothed out?

I don't think so.

What are you doing?

Setting up a reverse data stream
on the drone's satellite intel, okay?

Morris seems better.

Is that a question?

Is he?


Look, I need you to do me a favor.

- No.
- I need you to check his breathe.

If he's better, great.

If he had a drink and he's headed for
another crash we need to know about it.


Thanks, darling.

- What was that for ?
- Just checking your breath.

He's fine.

Thank you.

Got to love this place.

Yes, Karen, I hear you.

You can't possibly be in favor of
Daniels' plan for a nuclear strike.

You heard the Vice President.

It's a warning shot into an
unpopulated area.

It is a military offensive
on foreign soil.

And you and I both know

it will be impossible to contain.

Tom, you know this is insane,
I know you do.

I saw you in that meeting.
I saw the doubt in your eyes.

Do not presume

to know what I am thinking or feeling.

I serve at the discretion
of those above me.

You serve the interests
of the President.

And you know that Wayne would not
sign off on this course of action.

Wayne was wrong.

Every decision he made today was wrong--

rejecting my security initiatives,

using Assad as an appeal
to extremist groups.

And look what we've been led to !

You can't seriously believe that !

Doesn't matter what I believe.

As long as the President is in a coma,

Daniels is the acting
Commander in Chief.

Now, if you want him to abort
that missile launch,

you would better pray that CTU
can find and stop that drone.

We've got ground teams on
all roads leading out

of Shadow Valley looking for
Fayed and Gredenko,

but with SAT support dedicated to
finding the drone,

there's not much to go on.

And CalTrans doesn't have any camera
set up in the outlying areas.

We figured out how the drone is able
to stay hidden from our satellites.

Whoever is piloting
it is able to anticipate

our repositioning directives,

flying through the gaps in the images.

- How can he do that ?
- Our satellite data is being relayed

to the drone pilot
through a workstation here.

We have a leak.

One of our own people ?

Looks that way.

Can you isolate the workstation ?

No. It's being masked
through a sub-circuit.

Morris is working on it, but there are
over 50 stations in this building.

It could take 1 h
to do a signature trace.

We don't have an hour.

Run a trace match
on Nadia Yassir's station.

- Why Nadia ?
- Do it.

You think just because she's a Muslim...

I'm following standard protocol.

- Standard protocol ?
- She's already been tagged

and given restricted clearance.

And, yeah,

she is a Muslim.

That's enough to go on.

Everyone here is thinking it,
even if they won't say it.

You're a racist.

I understand your distaste.

But we have to vet every system
in the building.

There's no reason
not to start with hers.

No, sir, there's every reason.

Nadia Yassir's 100 percent loyal
to this country.

She is not a terrorist.

Is this assessment based on some
private knowledge ?

Or is it because you're itching
to sleep with her ?

- Son of a... - All right !

That's enough !

Agent Doyle,

that was way out of line.

We don't have time for your
personal differences.

We have to find out who's subverting
our system !

It is Nadia.

The signature trace
matches her computer.

Shut down her workstation.

The only way to cut the data flow
is to reboot CTU's mainframe.

We'd be without system power
for more than 20 minutes.

Get security on the floor now.

Surrender your station.

Excuse me ?

Who are you streaming
our satellite data to ?

- What ? !
- Where is the pilot ?

Doyle, damn it, that's enough !

Take her to holding.

Bill, don't let, don't let him do this !

Bill, I'm innocent ! I'm not a traitor !

Secure her station.

See if you can run
a back trace on that leak.

Find out where the feed is going.

Excuse me.

What is the drone's current position ?

130 miles southeast of target.

Have you locked in the GPS coordinates ?


The bomb will detonate
over San Francisco

within 20 minutes.


15ccs, I want the drip to stay steady.

Add in some glucose after about an hour.

If you see anything, any movement,
twitch of the eyelids, you get me.

- Got it?
- Yes, sir.

Dr. Welton,

I need to speak with you.

- I don't have much time, Ms. Hayes.
- What's the President's condition?

It's worsened in the last 15 minutes.

There was a buildup
of intracranial pressure.

We had to induce a coma to relieve
the swelling.

I see.

Good news is we stopped it in time.

Doesn't seem to have been
any neural damage,

and his vitals are surprisingly strong.

He's a fighter.

We have that much going for us.
Excuse me.



Is there any way that you can bring
the President back to consciousness?

I know this is an unusual request,

but it's a matter of national security
that I speak with him.

I'm sorry. It could pose a serious risk
to his life.

I couldn't possibly authorize it.

Who could?

I'd need consent from his family.

His sister is here.

But I would strongly advise against it.

If the swelling isn't contained,

the President could suffer permanent
brain damage.

I have to go, Ms. Hayes.

This is insane.

Nadia can't be involved in this.

The signal was routed
through her station.

We can't ignore that fact.

Do you really believe that Nadia is
helping the terrorists?

I don't want to believe it,
but I really don't know.

Doyle's an ass.

He's doing his job.

If we want him to stop,
we have to prove she's innocent.

Hello. Think I got something.

- What is it?
- I've set up a feedback pulse.

Whoever Nadia's feeding
our data stream to

will read it as some static in the line,

but we may be able to ride the pulse

back to its source, find the location
of the drone pilot.

I've got it.

1530 Hillcrest.

Hillcrest, that's close.

- Bloody close-- three blocks away.
- Okay, tell Buchanan.

I'm asking you once again, cooperate.

Help me put an end to this.

I'm warning you.

I will do what's necessary to get
the answers I need.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

I understand everything.

I read your file.

I know what you did in Denver.

You enjoy hurting people.

You get off on it.

We're not here to talk about me.

We're here to talk about what you know.

I don't know anything!

Get away from her, Doyle.

I said let her go.

What the hell are you doing?

We got the drone pilot's location
through Nadia's computer.

Where is it?

Three blocks from here.

1530 Hillcrest.

We're not through with her, Milo.

Are you okay?

You know I didn't have anything
to do with this.

Get out of here.

Agent, what's going on?

We have a location on the drone's pilot.
We're mobilizing now.

As you know, whoever's piloting
the drone

is operating in close proximity to CTU.

I'm instituting a level one
security lock-down.

All provisional safeguards are in effect
until further notice.

Let's go to work!


contact LAPD.

Have them coordinate with tactical.

- Seal off a perimeter.
- Yes, sir.

Have they confirmed the address?

Yes, it's a relay station.

I've got the building specs and layout.

I'm gonna need a PDA and a phone.

- I'll get them for you.
- Thanks.

What are you doing?

I'm going with the team.

You're injured.
You should be in medical.

You should have told me
about Audrey, Bill.

We were asking you to give your life.

I didn't think it was right to tell you
about her accident.

It wasn't an accident. She was murdered.

- No one knows that for sure.
- I do.

Bill, Audrey gave her life trying
to get me out of a Chinese prison

because she thought I was worth it.

I'm not going to let her
die for nothing now.

I'm going to finish this.

And when I do,

I'm gonna track down the people
responsible for her murder,

and I'm going to take care of them, too.

Please, you have to let me finish this.

All right.

I'll tell Doyle you're running point.

Thank you.

The drone is approaching the city.
I'm beginning descent now.

How long until the bomb detonates?

At its current speed,

the drone'll reach the target perimeter
within three minutes.

It will detonate automatically
when it reaches the perimeter line.

I'll bring it in
at an altitude of 500 feet

to achieve maximum damage.

Don't worry, tovarish,
everything is set.

It will happen exactly as you planned.

Concentrate on the task at hand.

- Then call me when it's done.
- Yes, sir.

Bill, it's Jack. We're in position.
The gate was open,

there's a utility truck
parked behind the building.

Our back-trace shows the intrusion
into our system is coming from a room

in the northwest corner
of the switching station.

I'm looking at an updated schematic now.

Your most direct route is through
the rear entrance, to the left.

Okay. Did you get that?

Do you want me on point?

I got it.

- Let's go.
- Whatever you say.

What was that? Go check.

Let's get a medic.

Chloe, it's Jack. Do you copy?

- We copy.
- Jack, what's your status?

The drone pilot is down.
I'm at his controls now.

The target is San Francisco.

I repeat, the target is San Francisco.

Alert local law enforcement
and First Responders in the area,

and open a channel with the Regional
Control Center up there.

Got it.

These controls are for navigation only.

There is no way
to deactivate the bomb remotely.

CTU, we're linking you in now.
You should have it.

It's coming through.

Jack, is there any way for you
to determine

what triggering mechanism they're using?

It looks like they wired a GPS module
into the bomb.

It'll detonate as soon as it crosses
its designated perimeter.

I'm trying to steer it away now.

Don't turn the drone too sharply,

or it'll stall, and you'll lose control.

Copy that.

On its current course,

the drone will cross the perimeter
and detonate in 30 seconds.

Jack, you're getting
a stabilizer warning.

I see it.

20 seconds.

Ten seconds.

Okay, it's turning.

The drone did not cross the perimeter.

I'm fighting a stall.

I'm losing control of the drone.
I need to find a place to land it now.

All right, according to the specs,

it's gonna need 500 feet of runway
to land.

Okay, closest to the drone's
current position,

there's a long stretch of residential
road straight ahead of you.

That's a negative.
Find me an area that's unpopulated.

Hold on.

If you can get the drone farther east,

there's an industrial park
along the Bay.

I'm uploading the coordinates now.

Have Regional Command deploy units
to the area immediately.

Regional Command...

Come on.

The drone is down.

Mr. Buchanan, none of the First
Responders in San Francisco

are reporting a detonation.
The bomb did not go off on impact.

- Jack, did you copy that?
- Yeah.

Can we get a visual
from anyone at the site?

I'm showing a fire and rescue unit
already arriving at the scene.

What's the status on the pilot?

He's alive, barely.

Do whatever you have to
to get him conscious.

Get the Geiger counter.

Move out! There's radioactive material
in this area!

Pull back and wait for HAZMAT.

Move it!


I have Bill Buchanan on line one.

Bill, what do you have?

Mr. Vice President,

the drone was intercepted before
the nuclear bomb was able to detonate.

Oh, thank God.

Congratulations, sir.

We were able to take control
of the aircraft,

crash-landing it in an industrial park
at the edge of the city.

But in the process,
the bomb's nuclear core was compromised,

and radioactive material was released.

So what we're essentially
dealing with is a dirty bomb.

Sir, this was not a dispersal device.

It was a radiological spill.

It was an attack on our nation.

Bill, are there casualties?

Local Responders got there
before HAZMAT.

They were almost certainly exposed
to fatal doses of radiation, but so far,

it appears that radioactive material
was not widely dispersed.

Casualties should be minimal.

At least we've got that
to be grateful for. Thanks, Bill.

Proceed with the warning strike
as planned.

Sir, the primary attack was averted.
CTU was successful.

There will be civilian deaths, as well
as untold environmental damage.

I hardly consider that a success.

The damage will be minimal
compared to what we just avoided.

Sir, I think we should
consider ourselves fortunate.

Mr. Vice President,
we were led to believe

that this warning shot
would be fired only in response

to the detonation of a nuclear device.

That is a technicality, Tom.

I gave fair warning
to the Prime Minister,

and I intend to carry it out.

Secretary Kanin?

How long will it take to move
the submarine into position?

Once you've given the order...

within the hour.

The order is given.

Launch the missile...

as soon as they're in range.