24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 18 - Day 6: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. - full transcript

The Chinese want Jack to give them Russian nuclear technology, and the President wants the Vice President's resignation.


Season 6 Episode 18

Previously on 24.

we have a successful launch.


Mr. President,my government has alerted me
of the nuclear weapon heading toward my country.

That's correct,Mr. Ambassador,
we've made good on our threat.

We've identified a general in our
central command-- general mohmar habib,

who has also been in contact with fayed.

He's been helping orchestrate
thattacks on your country.

I really hope protecting this man was worth
pushing us to the brink of world war iii.

I've never found pharmaceutical
torture all that affective.

I have.

If this is supposed to frighten
me,you're wasting your time.

I won't tell you a thing.

Watch out!

We staged a fake rescue of
fayed by ctu agents posing

as members of a terrorist
cell with loyalties to habib.

He wants us to help you
rendezvous with your men.

Where do you want us to take you?

If you take your orders
from general habib as I do,

how is it I've nev heard of you?

Fayed's gone!

Jamal's still alive.

Stay with him,call in a medic.

Ctu,the bombs are secure.


Jack,are you there?

Can you hear me?


Help me,jacK.

Hello,Mr. Bauer.

Yes,ms. Raines is alive.

If you wish her to remain that way,

you will call me back in ten minutes.

If you make any attempt to
find our location,she dies.


The following takes
place between 11PM&12AM

Agent bauer,you really do
need to get to a hospital.

Thank you.

Hey,jack,so the marines,they're going to
secure the nukes and prepare them for transport.

They're calling the shots now.

The military's taking over?

Yeah,according to presidential order.

I guess dod doesn't want ctu in charge anymore.

So buchanan,he wants you to call him as soon as
the nukes are ready for transport to a nest facility.

Can you handle that for me?




I just...I know you've
been through hell.

Not just today,but the
last couple of years,and...

I just wanted to thank you
for what you did today,

'cause it could have
ended a hell of a lot worse.

And it would have if you weren't here.

I appreciate that.

Excuse me.

This is bauer,let me speak to audrey.

You've already spoken to her.

I want to make sure she's all right.

Her well-being is entirely up to you,Mr. Bauer.

Everyone has given up on you.Everyone,

except for ms. Raines.

Over the objections of your
government,her family,her friends,

she came to beijing,just to find you.

Since you proved to be a
uncooperative prisoner,

we felt she would be an asset we
might be able to exploit one day.

And that day is here.

I will hand myself over to you.

Tell me where.

A man who won't break is of no use to us,

but the russian suitcase nukes you captured...


Your country has the technology to build those weapons.

It's not the weapons themselves we're interested in.

What we want is a component from the triggering mechanism.

It contains a prototype algorithm...

old enough to be free of any
modern decryption safeguards.

With it,we'll have access to virtually
all russian defense technology.

It's a simple exchange.

You give me the component,I give you audrey.

If you refuse,I kill her.

The russians will know that we
supplied you with the algorithm.

You would be starting world war iii.

I suggest we leave that to
the diplomats to sort out.

Even if I wanted to,the bombs
are under military control.

I couldn't get anywhere near them.

You'll find a waY.

If I'm going to agree to this,
I want to speak to audrey now.

Very well.

Speak to him.

- Jack?
- Audrey.

Are you all right?

Did they hurt you

no.Jack...I...I'm sorry.

You have nothing to be sorry for.

The only thing that's important is that you're alive.

I know what they're asking for.

I can handle it.

I promise you,I'm going to get you out of there.

Just don't be ftened.

You have one hour to call this number
when you're ready to make the exchange.

An hour's not going to
give me enough time.



You know,you really
should work from medical,sir.

Come on,at least they can monitor you there.

I'm fine,tom.

i don't think that you are,sir.

And neither does dr. Welton.

Putting myself under medical supervision
might give the vice president yet

another pretext to try and take a run at my job.

You don't need to worry about that,sir.

What exactly do you have on vice president daniels?

I have the truth,sir.

Now is the time that I need to know what that is.

It is a tape recording of vice president daniels

conspiring with lisa miller to commit
perjury at your competency hearing.

I'd love to hear that as soon as possible.

Mr. President,tom.

I have good news.

Ctu has recovered the two remaining suitcase nukes.


Just a few minutes ago.

I just got off the phone with bill.

He's waiting to brief you asoon as you're ready.

What about fayed?

He and his men were killed during the assault.

Then it's over.

The american people should know.

And I want to tell them that we're no
longer at risk of a nuclear attack.

I'll have the press corps down here in 30 minutes.


We're going to do this from upstairs,in the press room.

Should we wait for clearance from secret service?

No,tom,there's no need for any of us to
be hiding underground for a minute longer.

Inform secret service that we'll be leaving the bunker

and returning to the oval office.


Morris is coordinating with
the marines technical escort

unit to transfer the bombs to a nest facility.

Now that they've taken custody,

I'd like you all to submit your briefings
to the respective department heads.

I'd like to share my pride in
the work that you've all done.

We were hit hard.

But not one of you gave up.

You've done excellent work today.


Hey,it's me.

Jack.You did it.

Chloe,listen to me.I need your help.

Well,can't it wait?

We're just transferring the
bombs,and doing cleanup.

No,it can'T.

What is it?

Chloe,audrey's still alive.

No,she's not.

Yes,she is,I just talked to her.

The chinese faked her car accident.

They've been holding her a prisoner since
she was in beijing trying to find me.

Oh,my god.

We have to tell Mr. Buchanan.

He'll never go along with it.

Go along with what?

The chinese want to exchange audrey for an
fb-sub-circuit board from one of the nukes.

It'll give them complete access
to russian defense technology.

I want you to help me retrieve
one of those circuit boards.

Jack,we both know that if we do this,it will
create an international situation big time.

Chloe,I know.

I promise I will do whatever I have to to
stop the chinese from getting that circuit board.

But right now I need you to get
me the schematics for those bombs.

Those files aren't on my system.

They were reclassified when the dod took
possession of the suitcase nuke you disarmed.

Then you're going to have to
figure out a way to get them,

'cause without those schematics,
I won't know what I'm looking for.

Yes,I understand,but I
don't know how I can do this.

Chloe,audrey's life is at stake.




He had to file a report with dod about
the work he did on the nukes.

It contained a revised schematic.

It might still be on his hard drive.

Can you access it?

Only directly from his terminal.

Chloe,please,do it.

Where do you want me to send it?

To the cell phone that I'm calling you from.

Use a secure line-- alpha-539.

Hold on.

It's here.

The file's coming up.

I'm sending it to your screen.

Stand by.

Copy that.

Come on.

Chloe,I don't see anything.

It needs to load before it sends.

There's still 30% to go.Damn it.


Morris is coming back to his station.


There's nothing I can do.

I need to log out now.He's here.



I got it.


Mr. President,the vice president is here.

Send him in.


please sit.


I want to begin by expressing my gratitude to you.

For a lesson well learned.

I'm not sure what you mean by that,Mr. President.

I still believe attacking abu fayed's country with
a nuclear weapon would have been a serious mistake,

noah; I'm not going lie to you about that.


if you hadn't put that option on the table in the first place,

I never would've gone as far as I did.

And the bombs might still be out there.

That being said...

I think we would both agree that our relationship
has always been a marriage of convenience.

A way to strengthen the ticket,

rather than a case of us actually seeing
eye to eye on pretty much anything.

And now that it's over,this crisis,

it's become clear to me,noah,

that I just don't think it's possible
for us to work together anymore.

Excuse me?

I'm asking for your resignation.

How dare you.

You don't have the right to
ask for my resignation.

This isn't about what the
constitution says,noah.

It's about what's best for
this country in a time of crisis.

How in the world do you figure that?

I can't lead effectively
with you undermining me

at every single opportunity that you may get.

Now let's be honest with each other.

That's exactly what you would
do if you stayed in place.

Mr. President...

I refuse.

Good night.

You don't want to walk out that door.

Not like this.

Otherwise I may have to make this
extremely unpleasant for you.

Now what are you talking about?

I'm talking about the recording that
tom lennox has in his possession.

That's what I'm talking about.

Conspiracy to commit
perjury is a serious offense.

Now I have to assume you'd rather resign,

than spend the rest of your life living
with that kind of humiliation.

So is resorting to blackmail your
idea of effective leadership?

If there is anything I've learned
anything from you,noah,

it would be that sometimes it's
necessary to apply a little brute force.

I don't need your resignation immediately.

Let's give the country a chance to take
a breath after what happened today.

Some time in the next week will
be just fine,Mr. Vice president.

Nest wants a flight path cleared to
edwards for 20 miles in each direction.

Could you get back to me with confirmation?

Thank you.

Eta on the helicopter that will
transport the bombs is 15 minutes.

You ould distribute protocols to the nest team.

I'm on that.

that's odd.


I think someone's hacked into my system.

Are you sure?

Yes,I'm sure.

Ever since what happened to nadia,

I installed a logging program to track
any unauthorized access to my hard drive.

You did?

It's telling me that someone accessed
my files ten minutes ago...

and downloaded the updated
schematics to those suitcase nukes.

I'm calling security.

Wait! Don't call security.

I'm the one who hacked into your system.

Why would you do that?

I'll explain it to you in a little while.

Explain it to me now.

I did it for jack.

Audrey raines is still alive.

The chinese are holding her hostage.


They're going to kill her unless jack delivers an
fb-sub-circuit board from one of the bombs to them.

You've been to all the same briefings.

The russians have been trying to keep that
technology out of chinese hands for years.

I know.

Well,what are the russians going to say

when they find out we just gave it to them?

It's not going to get that far.

How in the world do you know
it's not going to get that far?

Because jack gave me his word.

I'm sorry,darling.I can't leave it at that.

Yes,you can.

The bombs that I reprogrammed for fayed could
have killed tens of thousands of people.

But that didn't happen.

I know what it felt like to think
that I could've been responsible

for each and everyone of their deaths.

I can't be involved with something that
could easily end up starting a war.

It's not going to start a war because
it's not going to get that far.

Besides,this has nothing to
do with you.I did it.

Yes,it does.

Now that you've told me,it does.

You have to tell buchanan.

I can'T.

Then you're forcing me to.


I'm going to do it.

- No! Morris!
- I'm doing it.

I'll tell him.

Reinforcements aren't necessary at this point.

The military is guarding the bombs.

There's a ctu swat team standing by.

They'll be en route soon.

All right,thank you.

What is it,chloe?

Mr. Buchanan...

I'm sorry,there's something that you need to know.

You two,come with me.

Sir,this area's off-limits.

I'm agent bauer.

I was the man that was responsible for securing these nukes.

I'm under a presidential order to remove the fb-circuit board from one of these bombs,

have it transferred back to ctu for immediate analysis.

We don't have much time.This building has been compromised.

Now open the gate.

Sir,no one is allowed in here.

Are you countermanding a presidential order?

How dare you,sergeant?!

Now you're wasting my time.

What's your name?

What's your name?!

That's not necessary.

Open the gate.Open the gate!

I want both of you to stand guard
while I remove the circuit board.

Come on!

Stand down,jack!

I can't do that.

- I won't say it again!
- Drop it.

Agent doyle,I am following orders
that exceed your security clearance!

He's a rogue agent.

- Take him out!
- I will shoot!

Put your weapon down or I will shoot you!

Take him! Now!

secure him,he's under arrest.

Doyle,please.Just listen to me.

Ll,we've got jack.

- What did he say?
- Not much.I had to subdue him.

- Let me talk to him.
- Hold on.

Buchanan wants to talk to you.


jack,chloe just told me about audrey and the chinese.

I can't let you give them the component.

I'm not going to.

I only need to have it long enough for them to let her go.

I was never going to let the chinese keep it,bill,I swear to you.

Whatever you have planned,jack,I can't let you do it.


right now we're the only chance she's got.

I understand what audrey means to you.

I promise I will do everything in my power to get her back.

You didn't even know she was alive.

Cheng is going to make it impossible for us to ever find her again.

We are her only hope and you know it.

I don't know what to tell you,jack,

except let doyle bring you back here and we'll work out a game plan.

Will you let me make one more call?

I'm asking you as a friend.

Who do you want to talk to?

President wayne palmer.

I'll see if I can reach him.

- Let me talk to doyle.
- Yeah.

He wants to talk to you.


Keep jack in custody while i try to contact the president.

- I'll route the call through your cell.
- Yes,sir.I understand.

Get him up.

White house sources have confirmed that terrorist leader abu fayed is dead.

The president has reportedly recovered from injuries sustained from the failed attempt on his life,

and he is expected to make a statement
shortly regarding unconfirmed rumors...


Mr. President,bill buchanan has jack bauer on the line.

Put him through,please.

- go ahead.
- Please hold for the president.

It's the presidenT.

Excuse me.

- Is everything still all right?
- Yes,sir.The bombs are secure.

But I'm calling because I want you to
authorize a field operation.

- For what purpose?
- To save audrey raines.

- What?
- Mr. President,she's still alive.

The chinese have been holding her for the past few months.

Now they're using her as a bargaining chip.

In exchange for what?

For an fb-sub-circuit board from one of the nukes.

They say they'll release audrey unharmed if I bring it to them.

It's my understanding,jack,that component holds the key to russian defense codes.

Yes,sir,I'm aware of that.

I'm sympathetic,I am,and I promise you that I will make available to you the full resources of this country to get audrey back,

and I promise you that I will make available to you the full resources

of this country to get audrey back,

but I hope you're not expecting me
to authorize this exchange.

- Not exactly.
- Then what exactly?

Mr. President,I need the chinese to believe that I am willing to go through with this exchange.

I need to have that component on me.They're going to need to see it.

As soon as I know that audrey is free,I will destroy it.

And how can you guarantee that?

I'm asking you to trust me,Mr. President.

I give you my word that that component will not end up in chinese hands.

But if it does,the russians,despite our peace accord,

may take action against us for allowing it to happen.

Now,under most circumstances,yes,your word would be sufficient,

but in this case,jack,I need to know details.

If I have to,I will destroy that circuit board with a concealed charge of c-4.

An explosion of c-4 would take out
anything within 30 feet of it.

- You're going to sacrifice yourself?
- Yes,sir,if I have to.

- Jack...
- Mr. President,please.

Please,I am begging you.

Audrey raines was willing to give up her life to save mine.

I cannot and will not do anything less for her.

You're asking me to sign off on a probable suicide mission.

With all due respect,Mr. President,16 hours ago,

your people were willing to hand me over for dead,

and I did not hesitate.

Mr. President,

you owe me.

And you're sure this is the only way?


All right,then.

I will not fail you,Mr. President.

I'll tell bill to give you whatever you need.

Now I'm going to need confirmation that circuit board has been destroyed after audrey has been released.

I'll have ctu embed a tracking device in the board.

You'll have your confirmation.

- Good luck,jack.
- Thank you,Mr. President.

- Yes,sir.
- Let me speak with bill buchanan.


Yes,sir.I understand.

Get over here.

What did he say?

Buchanan said the president signed off on this,

and to give you whatever help you need.

I'm going to need someone to help me with audrey's extraction during the exchange.

I want that to be you.

Fine.Where are you going to be?

The name of the chinese agent that's holding audrey

is cheng zhi

He was responsible for my interrogation and torture for almost two years in that chinese prison.

As soon as I get the signal from you that audrey is safe,two things are going to happen.

I'm going to destroy that circuit board,and cheng zhi isn't going to make it out of here alive.

and cheng zhi

sn't going to make it out of here alive.

So,in answer to your question,where am I going to be?

Wherever I have to.

Let's go.

Are you going to tell me what happened?

The president agreed to jack's plan.

The prident's going to allow jack to hand over a defense algorithm to the chinese?

No.Of course not.

Jack will destroy the component as soon as he knows audrey's safe.

The chinese will never get it.

And how is he going to manage that?

I don't know.I guess president palmer trusts him.

Telling buchanan was the right thing to do.You know it was.

It doesn't matter.You should have trusted me.

Trusted you?

You're the one that broke into my system.

That's because I didn't think you'd back me up.Obviously,I was right.

So you're going to hold this over my head now,are you?

Yeah.For a long time.

For how long?Could you give me an estimate?

I'll get back to you.


doyle's on line three.

They're going to lock you on the tracker frequency.

- This is nadia.
- It's me.The tracker's on line.

The frequency marker is alpha-1793.

- Signal's good.You're on the grid.
- Copy.Jack and I are getting ready to move out.


I have the circuit board.Where am I going?

Get on the 180 and head north.

Get off the first exit after mile marker 49.

I will give you further instructions when you've exited.

I got it.

You have a half an hour.

I don't think i need to remind you what would happen if you are late.

I understand.

Ctu has the signal.They're monitoring the device.

I'm set.Let's go.

Jack,you're taking a hell of a risk.

If this goes sour,it could stir a firestorm.And for what?

If you were in my shoes,you wouldn't do the same thing?

I don't mix relationships with my job.

Whatever you had with this woman,I hope it's worth it.

This isn't about what I had with a woman.

Her name is audrey raines.

She served this country with honor.We owe her.

So get in the truck.

come in.

You wanted to see me?

Close the door.

The president has just asked me to resign.


And I'm going to comply with his request.

I wanted to tell you personally before you found out from someone else.

I don't understand.

Why are you going along with this?Why don't you just tell him that you refuse?

He has a tape of our conversation.

The one where we conspire to commit perjury,

and he's threatening to use it against me unless I step down.

Oh,my god.

Tom lennox recorded it.

Bottom line is,

I'm not being given a choice here.

This is all my fault.

If I hadn't asked you to lie about karen hayes,none of this would be happening.

You were just trying to protect me.I could have turned you down,but I didn'T.

Don't blame yourself.

I'm so sorry.

I don't know what to say.

Aw,hell,at least we'll have a lot more time to spend together.

at least we'll have a lot more time to spend together.

The president said to take a week,

but I want this...

etter of resignation in his hands

by the time he finishes his press conference.

I am through being the loyal opposition.


First,I want to say that I'm grateful to report that abu fayed,

the man responsible for these attacks,has been killed,

and that all nuclear devices have been recovered.

I want to take the time to acknowledge the brave men and women in our various law enforcement agencies,

and let us not forget our armed services.

All these people have worked so hard to bring this crisis to an end.

Their dedication,their perseverance is without equal.

Despite the brutality of these attacks,

we did not allow the violence born of extremism to push us to extremes.

And,as americans,we can and should take pride and comfort in that fact.

Let me conclude by asking for your prayers tonight

for all those who grieve this day.

For all those whose lives have been shattered.

Let us reach out and begin the process of rebuilding.

Let us reach out and begin the process of national healing.

Thank you.

I'll take some of your qutions now.


Mr. President,how certain are you that the crisis is,in fact,over,

and that there are no more of these weapons on american soil?

Well,based on the intelligence that I've seen,

I can say with full confidence,ian,that the worst has passed,

and that the individuals responsible for these attacks have been apprehended,or else killed.




I'm sorry,it's been a,it's been a very long day.

Please,go ahead.

Mr. President,there are several thousand muslim americans still being held in detention facilities across the country.

What's going to happen to these people?

I've already directed homeland security to begin dismantling these detention facilities.

all detainees are to be released once the immediate crisis is passed.

Excuse me.

Um,now that the crisis has passed,we will be,um...

we will be reviewing the situation regarding individuals that we have in custody.

I'm sorry.I'm,not,uh,

I'm not being very clear.

Uh,let me say again regarding your question,andrea,that...robin.

I'm sorry.Robin.

Let me say again regarding...

regarding your question that the,uh...

the detention facilities that,
that,that we will,uh...

we,we're going T...

- Oh,my god.
- Get medical right away!

Code 4.Repeat,code 4.

We need an emergency medical team to the press room.

Get these people out of here.

Ladies and gentlemen,we need to clear this room.

Please exit by the south door.

all signs indicate the president has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage

brought on by injuries he sustained earlier in the day.

Meaning he never should have been brought out of the coma.

However detrimental that decision was to his health,

I'm confident that in light of his actions today,

he would continue to support it.

I'm glad you're so confident,karen,

since it was your reckless action that resulted in his stroke.

Sir,it's unclear if the stroke was inevitable,

but in any event,I'll take full responsibility.

Excuse me.

Now is not the time for recriminations,self-imposed or otherwise.

Doctor,when will we know the extent of the damage and the prospects for recovery?

After the mri.

The president is being prepped for transport to bethesda as we speak.

Based on my impressions,the damage was severe.

I don't think we can expect the president to regain consciousness anytime soon.

So it is incontestable wayne palmer won't be able to continue his duties as commander-in-chief.

There's no denying that this is a great tragedy for the nation and...

for those of us who know the president personally.

Just...take care of him,doctor.

Of course.

Excuse me.

Notify the senate and the house of the transfer of power

and have the sec def and the chairman of the joint chiefs authorize me under the 25 amendment.



have the press secretary issue a statement.

President palmer's been...


No need for alarm.

Executive authority's been transferred to me.

Our...hopes and prayers are with him.

All right,sir.

And I'll also need you available to review everything on the president's agenda.

All right,sir.

Actually,there's something on the agenda I think you'll want immediate clarification on.

What's that?

Wayne palmer just issued a finding allowing jack bauer to hand classified russian technology

over to the chinese in exchange for the return of a covertly held hostage.

Can you explain this?

Yes.That was a personal request from jack bauer to the president.

They have a longstanding relationship

and as jack bauer was largely responsible for recovering the suitcase nukes today,

the president wanted to honor his service to this country

Karen,I asked you to explain it,not excuse it.


Bauer has guaranteed that the technology will not fall into the hands of the chinese.

It will only be used to secure the hostage.

Incidentally,sir,the hostage in question is audrey raines,daughter of james heller.

Even jack bauer can't guarantee that outcome.

Now,I am happy to honor agent
bauer's service to this country,

but not at the risk of giving classified
technology to the chinese and...

potentially damaging our relationship
with russia in the process.

You tell ctu to stop bauer-- immediately.


The president expressly...

that's all for now,karen.



Less than a minute behind his desk and he's already disregarding the president's wishes.

Nevertheless,we both share daniel's unease in handing military secrets over to the chinese.

I know,tom,but that is not the point.

No,here's the point.

Daniels is now the acting president,

whether we like it or not.

I'm off to the hospital.

I'll see you there.


Hi,it's me.

How's president palmer?

Not good.

The doctor says that he has a cerebral hemorrhage they don't know the extent of the damage,

but obviously he's not able to serve.

Daniels is going to assume the office,

and the first wave of his hand,he wants to stop jack's operation.

Jack has to return to ctu as soon as possible with the component.

Does the vice president understand the circumstances under which wayne palmer agreed to this?


He's not that kind of a man.

He doesn't operate in shades of gray.

Does he understand jack's not gonna give up without a fight?

You just have to get jack back to ctu as soon as possible,okay?

Okay,I'll take care of it.

Listen up.

The white house has ordered us to shut down jack's operation.

How far away are support teams?

Six miles.

Have them standing by,ready to move in,contact chp.

Have them set up roadblocks.

Chloe,I want you to stand down on this operation.


You've shown me I can't trust you.

Morris,you cover comm.

Jack's not gonna go along with this.

I know.


Mike,it's bill.

Can jack hear you? Say yes or no.


There's been a change in profile.

Noah daniels is acting president.

He wants the operation shut down and jack brought back to ctu immediately.


What's your current location?

We're about two miles east of the 180 interchange.

Okay,I need you to exit at the 70,make the first left.

We'll have roadblocks set up with a backup team ready to take jack intcustody and recover the component.

All right,we'll do that.

You need to disarm jack as soon as quickly and quietly as possible before he finds out.

No problem.

ctu's got a report from cal trans.The 180's closed due to high winds.

They're concerned about possible fallout.

They want us to take 70 instead.


Don't you move.

Jack,what's the problem?

Earlier today,I shot my old partner,a friend of mine,

because he tried to stop me from doing what I have to do.

Don't think for a second I won't do that to you.

Slowly I want you to pull over.


Take the keys out of the ignition.Put them on the center console.And your phone.

Jack,you don't want to do this.

Slowly get out of the truck.

Back up towards the fence.

Jack,listen to me.Daniels is the acting president.

He's the one who called this off.

Shut up and grab the fence!

This is gonna end badly,jack.

You can't go against the white house!



Season 6 Episode 18