24 (2001–2010): Season 1, Episode 14 - 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. - full transcript

Director Green and Regional Director Ryan Chappelle question Jack about the day's events. Nina takes Kim and Teri to a safe house after getting them medical attention. Palmer wants a meeting with Jack.

Right now

terrorists are plotting to assassinate
a presidential candidate.

My wife and daughter are in danger

and people that I work with
may be involved in both.

I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer.

And this is the longest day of my life.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Are you all right?

- Who's in this chopper?
- Just Jack and his family.

The prisoners are in another transport.

Are you hurt?

No. My stomach's been bothering me
for a couple of hours.

Sweetheart, did something happen there?

No. It's probably just from
all the stress, honey.

They called ahead.

There's an ambulance to take you both...

...to a clinic where a doctor
will examine you.

- Can't we stay with you?
- No, I've got to stay here at CTU.


Alberta, this is my wife, Teri,
and my daughter, Kim.

- Hi.
- Thanks, Nina.

The ambulance will take them
to the clinic.


You'll go with Agent Scott.
He'll take care of anything you need.

- Jack, what's going to happen with you?
- It's all right. They'll just debrief me.

Hey, come here.

Call them in, give them an ETA.
Give us five minutes.

Don't worry, okay?
I'll call you as soon as I can.

We'll be doing more than debriefing you,

I have to place you under house arrest.

You'll be held here and questioned
until we hand you over to the FBI.


I want you to watch over Teri and Kim.
Make sure they're okay.

Green's got me doing mop-up
on the operation.

Get Tony to do it.
Just get over to the clinic.

- I have to get Green's approval.
- Nina, please.

Contact District.
Tell them we have him in custody.

All right, I'll take care of it.

Could you ask them for some water?

Right away, sir.


Tony's finishing the procedures
and the mop-up.

I've been here since before midnight.
I'd like an hour off, go home, clean up.


Come on, Alberta, please?

I've been through hell today.

One thing I have a great eye for is B.S.

If you want an hour off,
tell me where you're going.

Jack asked me to look after Teri and Kim.

They're feeling a little isolated
since he can't be there.

There's an irony for you.

You looking after Jack's wife.

Make sure Tony's got everything
he needs before you leave.

Elizabeth, have we heard
from Christopher yet?

Yes, but he only had
early projections...

...and those were from New York and

Get with me when he has
the numbers from the other states.

I want to know If the Incident
at the breakfast Is hurting us.

Of course.

This is not what I asked for.

What's on your mind, Sherry?

You've got to go out there today
with your best face on.

There can be no talk about Keith...

...and no talk about Ferragamo.
Ferragamo's death was an accident.

I'm not going to talk about Ferragamo.

I'm dropping it.


I'm being blackmailed.

By who?

By some of the people
that have been financing my campaign.

What do they want?

They're determined to see me
in the White House...

...and if I don't do what they want...

...they say they can build
a first-degree murder case against Keith.

- For Lyle Gibson?
- No.

For Dr. Ferragamo.


Keith was nowhere
near Ferragamo's office today.

According to Carl,
who's been doing all their dirty work...

...someone planted evidence...

...that could implicate Keith
in Ferragamo's murder.

No, David.

This is what happens
when you cover things up.

Don't preach to me, David, okay?

What are we going to do?

I don't know yet.

- Does Keith know anything?
- No.

And he's not going to.

You must be Teri. I'm Dr. Kent.

We're going to be taking
very good care of you today.

- This is your daughter, Kim?
- Hi.

We were alerted to your abdominal
pain. I'd like to get an ultrasound.

It's actually not as painful
as it was before.

That's good.

But we want to make sure
we know what It Is.

Is there any other discomfort? Anything
you want to tell us before we examine you?



Mrs. Bauer?

I was raped.

I see.


Then we're going to need to draw blood
and do some tests...

...and I would like to recommend you
to one of our psychiatrists.

That's not necessary.

Mrs. Bauer, you can do what you want...

...but under the circumstances...

...It's Important for you to take
a few minutes and speak to someone.

I'd like to keep this confidential.

The records are private.
Only the doctors involved have access.

I mean, from my husband.

All right, if that's what you want to do.

A nurse will be in shortly.

We should spend some time...

...with Senators Blalock and Gleeson
pretty soon.

I don't feel comfortable
aligning myself with those guys.

You're going to need their states.

Just being seen with them
will go a long way.


Was there something else
you wanted to discuss?

I'm worried this Ferragamo thing
is not going to go away.

Let me handle
the Ferragamo situation, Mike.

You just make sure the rest of the day
gets back on track.

Did I hear you say something
about Dr. Ferragamo?

- There was a fire in his office.
- I'll get on this.

- Thanks, Mike.
- Dad, what are you...

Keith, I'm sorry.

Dr. Ferragamo died.


About an hour ago.

We just found out.

Wait, I don't get it. What kind of fire?

We're still waiting to hear the details.

What's going on?

Are you saying that my psychiatrist...

...Dr. Ferragamo, was involved in this?

That he told Maureen Kingsley
something I said to him during a session?

Is that how this whole story
about Lyle Gibson started?

Seems that way.

But he died in a fire an hour ago?

It was an accident.

No, I don't believe this.

Keith, look...

- We have to let it go right now.
- Let it go?

No, you mean cover it up.

There's nothing to cover up.

Sure there is.

Somebody didn't want him to talk about
this because it'll hurt your campaign.

What do you want me to do?

Go to the police.

- I can't.
- I don't get it, Dad.

What were you saying before
about trusting the system?

I do trust the system.

When my hind parts are on the line.
But when it comes to your campaign...

My campaign's been on the line ever
since you lied to me about Lyle Gibson.

I don't understand.

You've been on me all night to keep
quiet about Gibson's death.

This isn't about Lyle Gibson anymore, is it?

I might have been Involved
In Gibson's death...

...but somebody murdered Dr. Ferragamo
and they have to pay.


He meant something to me.

That's right.

I was in real pain...

...and Dr. Ferragamo was the only one
there for me.

So we're not going to pretend
like this thing never happened, okay?

- Keith...
- You don't know how I was.

I wouldn't have made it without him.

Just give me a little time.

Let me get to the bottom
of what happened.

If there was foul play...

...I promise you, we'll come forward.

- Why can't we come forward now?
- Because we can't.


I love you.

You have to know...

...I'm doing what's best for you.

You have to know It.

Afternoon, Tony.

Mr. Chappelle.

Looks like they're bringing in the big guns.

What do you think they're going
to do to Jack?

Not going to name a street after him.

- He's in Holding 2.
- All right, thank you.

Come on.

- Hey, Jack.
- Ryan, it's good to see you.

I've got five priority cases on my desk
this morning.

- Your name's on all of them.
- I can imagine that.

- Look, I just want to say...
- Hang on.

You were saying?

At approximately 12:15...

...I got a phone call from
Agent Nina Myers...

...telling me to assemble the team at CTU...

District Manager Walsh...

Where's Teri Bauer?

I don't know.

Who are you with?


And you?


Waiting for the rest
of my debrief team.

We're going to interrogate some of the
prisoners they're bringing to the clinic.

Okay, thanks.

I'm with CTU. Where's Teri Bauer?

- She was moved to Room 7.
- Thank you.


- There you are.
- Nina.

I didn't know you were going to be here.


Hi, Kim.

We didn't officially meet.
I'm Nina Myers. I work with your dad.


I'm so glad the two of you are okay.

I'm here until you're done. If you
need anything, I'll be in the waiting room.


What's happening with Jack?

He's being questioned.

- Is he in trouble?
- That depends.

He broke a few laws last night
but he was doing It to save you...

...so I think they'll understand.

If he doesn't piss them off first.

My thoughts exactly.

Excuse me. I'll be back.

I guess you know Jack
just about as well as I do.

I'm sending someone to your house
to pick up some clean clothes.

What's going to happen
when we get released?

Why can't we just go home?

Until we know what happened, we
want to take precautions to keep you safe.

When do we get to see my dad?

I don't know.

A lot of things have to happen first.

Some people are going to
want to talk to you.

Division, Secret Service, us.

Because you see,
this wasn't a simple crime.

This was a terrorist conspiracy,
and you were In the middle of It.

But that's over now.

Nina, wait.


I don't know all the details,
but I understand...

...you're a big part of the reason
why we're still alive.

So thank you.


I'll be out here.

Close this area down.
There's so much going on all the time.

We have radiology. The pharmacy Is
on the other end.

- Hold on. Yes?
- Nina Myers, CTU.

Is that man FBI?

Hold on. Yeah, he's with me.

He was in 3 earlier.
I'd like to speak with him.

Sure. But he wasn't in 3.
We just got here.


- Who else is here from the Bureau?
- Just the two of us.

- Are you sure?
- Of course, I'm sure.

And the reason I didn't call CTU
immediately for backup...

Frankly, I was worried things could
get out of control.

My family was still in the compound...

But you did eventually call.

Yes. The second Teri and Kim
were with me, I called Alberta Green.

You did what any loving father would do.

Unfortunately, as you know...

...our procedures don't allow for
any deviation from protocol.

I can't reinstate you, Jack.

Ryan, have you heard
a single thing that I've said?

Do you understand what's happening?
Senator Palmer is still in danger.

Now that my family is safe,
I can help you.

As of right now, your case will be
put in the hands of the Justice Department.

Justice Department?

For God's sakes, yes,
under the circumstances...

...I had to break the rules of procedure
with CTU to protect my family!

But I never deviated from
my assignment...

...to protect Senator Palmer,
and you know that!

I know that and that's what
might keep you from going to prison.

But that's not my call.

You don't have time for this, Ryan.

I have come in contact
with suspects still at large...

...and I guarantee you they
have a contingency plan.

I am a resource. I can identify them.

You want to put me in jail?
You do that later.

But you let me help Senator Palmer
get through the rest of this day.

- I'll ask Alberta if she wants your help.
- She's been here for four hours, Ryan!

- Chappelle.
- Can Myers talk to Bauer?

- Yeah.
- I'll patch you through.

It's fine.

Okay, we're through here.

It's Nina.

- Keep him company.
- Yes, sir.

Hey, it's Jack.

How's It going over there?

They're handing me over
to the Justice Department.

Didn't you explain to them why you did it?

Yes, of course I did.

I think Alberta Green Is trying
to make a career move.

How's Teri and Kim?

They seem okay, considering
what they've been through.

How much longer will they
stay at the clinic?

A couple of hours,then they'll
be transferred for questioning.

Nina, I can't thank you enough
for being there.

Really, I appreciate It.

- Nina?
- Yeah, I'm here.

What's wrong?

When Walsh told you that someone inside
the agency was working against Palmer...

...did you think that It was
more than one person?

He didn't say,
but I've been thinking about this, too.

Someone had to recruit Jamey.

You're going to have
to work under the assumption that...

...someone else is on the inside.
Maybe not CTU.

The District, Division, maybe Secret
Service. Why? What are you thinking?

I just want to make sure
that Teri and Kim are safe here.

- What do you mean? At the clinic?
- Yeah.

- Why wouldn't they be?
- I don't know.

I'm just exhausted
and probably getting paranoid.

- What's going on there?
- Nothing. Don't worry.

I'll make sure that they are safe here.

Okay, thanks.

- Can I talk to them?
- They're being examined right now.

Okay, get back to me as soon
as they can talk, please.

- Yeah.
- Okay, thank you.

Any more information
on the backup plan to assassinate Palmer?

The information that came in
half an hour ago...

...matched what we got
from Division's database.

- Things are falling into place.
- Give me the headlines.

Three shooters, possibly hired to kill
Palmer in case the breakfast attempt failed.

Jovan Myovic entered the country
two days ago.

Mishko Suba, also from the Balkans,
came in three days ago through Florida.

And the other one?

No names yet.

Keep looking.

If he's connected with the others, we need
to know where he is and what he's doing.

Let's leave it right there.

Get the equipment in the shed. I'll
be in to brief you on our exit strategy.

Let's move it out!

- Mr. Drazen, it's Kevin.
- Yes.

We just got to the transfer point.

- What about Gaines?
- He's dead.

I see.

Listen, Mr. Drazen...

...when Gaines hired me for this...

...I told him there were
a couple of defects in his plan...

...that could be exploited.
Not to say "I told you so"...

...but I'm not surprised that any of this
happened the way It did.

- Is there a point to any of this?
- Yes.

Yes. I can fix it for you.

And how can you do that?

I've done this before.

I know people.

When I was working
for the DEA in Florida...

...I was able to get to a witness
that no one else could find.

12 hours later, he was dead.

Problem solved, if you get what I'm saying.

I appreciate the offer, Kevin,
but as you Americans so often say...

...Plan B is already in effect.

What does that mean?

Hello? Drazen?

Get away from me.

Is there anything left in the truck?

Go to hell.

I need copies of this report
as soon as you can get them.

Yes, sir.

Are we saying Senator Palmer
should stay in for the duration?

No. He's got to get out of California now.

The backup shooters are in LA
and they're going to come after him.

All right, leave that with me.

Let me look it over
one more time before I do anything.



Are you satisfied with your position here?


Because I always had the impression
you had too much talent...

...to be a number three at CTU.

What do you want me to do, Alberta?

That's what I like about you, Tony,
you get right to the point.

Before Chappelle makes his final evaluation
of Jack, he's going to want to talk to you.

Why me?

Because you called in
the lockdown.

And, let's face it...

...Nina is hardly impartial when it comes
to Jack, and Chappelle knows that.

And you want me to tell him what?

The truth.

That even though Jack's family was in danger,
he could have dealt with it...

...without compromising
the integrity of CTU.

If Jack had confided in you
from the beginning...

...you never would have had to call
George Mason to lock things down.

Am I right?



Chappelle asked me
to debrief you personally.


I have to tell you, Jack, this is your turf.
I feel uncomfortable debriefing you.

That's quite all right.

It's pointless for me to ask you questions.

Why don't you just tell me
what you think I need to know?

Save us some time.

I went through
the timeline events with Chappelle.

You need the threads and IDs...

...to proceed tactically
over the next few hours.

Do you mind?

No, but before we get started,
I need something.

What's that?

I want to be able to phone my family.

They don't know what's going on with me.
I want to ease their minds.

Sorry, Jack, I can't do that.

Why don't we dispense with the, "Are you
all right, Jack? I feel uncomfortable" crap?

Okay, you want to talk straight?
Fine. Don't handle me.

Tell me what you know.

First thing you need to do
is get a hold of Langley.

Have them open up
their Balkan terrorist database.

Why the Balkans?

The people buying
the Palmer hit...

...were being financed
by a man named Ted Cofell.

He was an investment banker with
family connections in Europe.


He died three hours ago.

Keep talking.

The money that we traced...

...came back to Ted Cofell Industries
which Is based out here In LA.

- CTU. Almeida.
- Tony, I have a problem.

20 minutes ago a man identified
himself to me as FBI...

...but I know he's lying.

How do you know?

Because I met the only FBI agents
assigned here.

They knew nothing about him.

Maybe the right hand's
not talking to the left?

No, I don't think it's that.

Can you send someone over?
I need to pull prints off a phone.

- Sure. Anything else?
- No, that's it. Just hurry.

All right. You got it.

And the Senator
wanted to get your approval on these.

What are they?

Photographs for the Time magazine piece.

Right, I wanted to see those.


- Mom?
- Hey.

Use that one.

Okay. Thanks.

So, what's going on?

I talked to Dad.

- And?
- And I'm a little confused.

He's been trying to convince me...

...that it's best
to air this thing about Nicole's rape...

...and the death of Lyle Gibson.

- Don't worry about that now.
- No, that's just it, we do have to.

I know about Dr. Ferragamo.

I know the fire was no accident.
We got to do something.

- Keith, look...
- Dad wants to keep it quiet...

- Don't get yourself worked up.
- I am worked up.


Covering up an accident is one thing...

...but we're talking about murder.

- I'm going to the police.
- You will not.

- I'm sorry. I've made up my mind.
- You will listen to me, Keith!

It is not your decision to make.

Can't beiieve you're saying this.

Because you don't know what it takes
to raise a family and to keep it safe.

- What does this have to do with safe?
- Everything.

Nothing is simple in life.

Sometimes you just have to
make a decision.

That is what we did, and you will
respect that. Do you understand?

I understand...

Have Patty pack up your things.
We have to leave the state today.


They've done a threat assessment. They
claim it's too dangerous to stay here.

- Where are we going?
- Nellis Air Force Base, in Nevada.

- Have you discussed this with Mike?
- Of course.

He believes this isn't a call they would
make unless the threat was imminent.

I thought you said that the man
from the breakfast, Jack...

...Bauer, was already in custody.

He is, but he may not be working alone.

There are others...

...that are after me.

So, let's go.

Let's get our things together.
Let's go. Now.

Come on, Keith.

You didn't call it in.

As long as my family was in danger,
I didn't want to call CTU.

- Yeah?
- Chappelle's ready for you.

All right, thanks.

Hey, Tony.


Have a seat.

We have an important decision
to make pretty soon about Jack Bauer.

Whether or not to pursue criminal
and disciplinary charges.

I understand.

I'm not going to lie to you.

This may boil down to your testimony...

...as you seem to be the most impartial
direct observer of last night's events.

Let me save you some time, Mr. Chappelle.

I'm not the biggest fan of Jack Bauer.

I don't agree with the way
he delegates authority...

...and I don't like the way
he runs operations.


...since midnight last night...

...you won't get me to disapprove
of a single action he's taken.

Fair enough.

You talked to Nicole?

Yeah. They're taking care of her.
They're going to meet us at the airport.

Yeah, I'll tell him. Thanks.

That was the Pentagon.

Remember after the Incident
at the breakfast...

...you asked me to check out the name
Jack Bauer?

Who is he?

He used to be in Special Forces.

Led a six-man team into Kosovo
a couple years ago.

That's what it was.

The Drazen mission.


He handpicked his men and trained them.

Only Bauer survived.

He blames me for the loss of his team.

That's what this is about.

Can you get this to Mrs. Palmer?
I didn't have time to pack it before she left.

- Aren't you coming with me?
- No. I'm taking a later flight.

I have an aunt in town.
I promised my mom I'd visit.

She's in a nursing home.


Okay, now we need to get
the estimations on that one...

...and make sure you fax that
to the other office.

Hold the elevator, please.


I can't stay long.

Then we shouldn't waste any time.



That can't be.
I'm sure I saw him holding the phone.

- Those prints have been wiped off.
- But it doesn't make sense.

Housekeeping didn't come in.
No one used the room.

It wasn't housekeeping.

There's not a single print
on that phone.

This was done by a professional.

The grade of weapons there
would be consistent with that scenario.

Excuse me.

- Green.
- Alberta, It's Nina.

I'd like permission to move
Teri and Kim to the safe house now.

Are they done there?

Everything but the debrief.

I can do that myself,
once we're over there.

- Fine. Do it.
- Thank you.

The ultrasound showed
the remnants of a small follicular cyst.

A cyst?

It must have burst.
That's what caused the pain.

The good news Is, It's the most common
type of ovarian cyst and It's benign.

- Why did it burst?
- Could have been the assault.

It can also happen when your uterus
enlarges. When was your last period?

Last month. It's due sometime this week.

I'd like to do a pregnancy test
just to rule it out.


Excuse me, Doctor.
Teri, we need to go. Get your things.

I'm sorry, we're not finished here yet.

Plans have changed.
We must move them.

Is something wrong?

We want to get you and Kim
to the safe house now.

Aren't we safe here?

Everything is fine.
You're just not as contained as we'd like.

Kim! Come on!

Kim, get your things.

- Right now?
- Now! Go.

Here's the test I told you about.

- I want you to take it soon.
- Thank you for everything.

They're leaving now.

His name was Theodore Cofell.
We traced his finance company here to LA...

...from money that they
rerouted from the Balkans.

Senator Palmer.

- Can I help you, sir?
- I'm here to see Jack Bauer.