24 (2001–2010): Season 1, Episode 13 - 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack has a final confrontation with Gaines as a CTU chopper heads to the compound. Nina and Tony talk to Jamey's mother in order to learn why she was helping the assassins. Carl Webb ...

Right now...

...terrorists are plannlng to assassinate...

...a presidential candidate.

My wife and daughter
have been kidnapped...

...and people that I work with
may be involved in both.

I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer.

This is the longest day of my life.

Take the jeep, cut 'em of
at the service road.

- The rest of you go behind him.
- I thought...

How could you let this happen?

Cutting 'em off at the service road.

Bauer, his wife and daughter and Rick.

Make sure they don't double back.

I thought I could handle them.

Stop thinking.

We have to keep moving.

- What if Dad is...
- Your Dad's okay.

He said meet him at the water tower.
Let's do that.

Come on, we just have to follow the creek.
Let's go, come on!

I can't.

Shut up. You can and you will.

I'm slowing you down.

Yes, you are,
so you better start speeding up.

Get down.

Pollock, where are you?

Yeah, I got nothing.

We can move.


Get down.

What are we going to do, Mom?

We can't go back,
we can't go forward.

They're everywhere.

We can catch the road
where it cuts through the woods.

- Dad told us to follow the creek bed.
- We don't have a choice, do we, Kimberly?

We'll go up here.

Come on.

The subscriber
you're trying to reach...

Hey. The property where
they're holding Jack's family...

...was leased six months ago
by a company that doesn't exist.

I have to go over the tax records.

You all right?

Jack's still not answering his cell.

He could've shut it off
to keep it from ringing.

Maybe something's happened to him.

If anybody knows
how to take care of himself, it's Jack.

Our tactical unit should be
there in minutes.

Bundy's heading up the operation.
He's good.

Maybe you're right.
I should've brought Green in sooner.

You let Jack make the call
because it was his family on the line.

What could you do?


Look, I'm sorry.

Since this whole thing got started...

...I guess I've been a little harsh.

A little?

Okay, maybe a lot.

I've been afraid...

You don't have to explain, all right?

You want to talk about us,
we'll talk about it later. Okay?

I just want you to know that it's nothing...

You're bringing in Jamey Farrell's mother?

Yes, to pick up Kyle, her son.

Before she sees him
I want the two of you to question her.

If she has information that
can help us protect Palmer, I need to know.

Why do you think she has information?

$300,000 was deposited in her
bank account over the last four months.

They killed George Ferragamo.

That fire was no accident.

I want to talk to Maureen Kingsley,
then go right to the DA.

Wait until you have the facts
before you go off.

The facts?

- He was killed so I'd get elected.
- You don't know that.

- What do you think happened?
- I'm saying let's take a beat...

...to see how we should play this
before we do anything.

There's only one way to play this, Mike.

Maureen Kingsley is going to get
the story of her career after all.


After I talk to her, I'll see the DA.

Shouldn't you ask Sherry?

Why? So she can try to talk me out of it?

She's your wife, David.

This is her life, too.

She deserves to know.

Has the compound been cleared?

Yes, but there's been a change of plan.


Bauer showed up here
like I said he would.

You have him.

Not yet, but I will.

Congratulations, Ira.

You may have bought
yourself a second chance.

My contract included killing Palmer.
I want to make good on it.

The way you were talking...

...it sounded like you handed it off
to someone else.

Bring me Bauer's body.

Then we'll talk about the Senator.

You'll hear from me soon.



Either we eliminate Bauer...

...or Drazen eliminates us.

And that's the only option here.


Getting Bauer
is not as easy as it sounds.

I heard him phoning in some
GPS coordinates to somebody.

Whoever that somebody Is,
they'll be calling the cavalry In soon.

I say we just cut our losses
and get the hell out of here.

You don't get the hell out
with these people.

They come after you and keep coming until
they find you, no matter where you are.

And when they do...

Believe me, killing Bauer...

...is our only chance of staying alive.

They should've been here by now.

Come here. Sit down.


Let me take a look at It.


This Is going to sting for a while
but you're not mortally wounded.

The bullet passed straight through,
didn't hit bone...

...and it missed your major artery.

You got any loose clothing?

Yeah, in my back pocket.

I got it.

Take a deep breath.

Wait. Hold up, honey.

Are you okay?

Yeah, no, I just...

I just want to check where we are.

We may have veered a little south.

We should've hit the road by now.

I can't see it. Do you see it up ahead?

You don't know where we are, do you?


We're lost, aren't we?


We should just go straight.

It should be just up ahead.

Are you sure?

That'll help stop the bleeding.

That's good. Just put it on the clean print.

Mike's your advisor. What's his advice?

He agrees with me.

He thinks you're making a mistake
by taking them on.

They've already covered up one death.

You don't know what happened
to Ferragamo.

But even if you're right...

...will turning this into a media circus...

...bring him back to life?

No, that's not the point.

Your career...

...and your family...

...you're throwing away...

...everything you've built.

Without any hard evidence...

...of what really happened.

Police will find the evidence.


They won't because Carl...

...and the people he works for...

...they will twist the system...

...to get the result that they want.

That's what they do, David.

And you'll be left with nothing.

Sweetheart, to fight these people,
you need power.

The kind of power you will have...

...once you become President.

We knew from the start
that this was going to be an uphill race.

But we're almost there.

Look at the polls.

Sherry, I don't know.

No, think, David. Think.

Think of the millions of lives
you can make better...

...once you win the candidacy.

How can I do the job...

...when my own house isn't in order?


I told them to wait at the water tower.

You heard me say that, right?

What are you going to do?

I gotta go back and find them.


- Alberta, there's been a complication.
- I'm listening.

Teri and Kim are not where
they were supposed to be.

I've got to go back and find them.

I need to tell the incoming team
where to pick you up.

At an abandoned water tower,
north area of the compound.

Check your satellite photos.
It's overlooking a reservoir.

If I'm not back when the team arrives,
they'll flnd a kid In here.

- His name is Rick. He's wounded.
- Who is he?

He helped us get out of there.

Three tactical units are on their way.

How much longer?

Ten minutes, 15 tops.

Okay, I copy. Out.


- What?
- Thanks.

Don't thank me. Thank my daughter.

This thing, believe me,
I had no idea what was going on.

Dan said we were just trying to scare guys
who backed out of a deal.

When you started to see
what was happening...

...you should have done something.

He was my friend.

Hey. You kidnapped my daughter.

You're going to have to live with that.

Part of getting a second chance
is taking responsibility...

...for the mess you made.
You understand me?

Good. I'll be back in a few minutes.

That shack over there, maybe we can
find it on this and see where we are.

See? I don't think we're as far off
as I thought.


Honey, come on. Stay down.


Kim, get down.

It's Gaines. Everyone circle
back to Section Five.


When he gets to the back of
the shed, we'll go.

What if he sees us?

We'll be all right.

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's nothing.

Mom, you keep saying that, but...

It's going to be fine.
I promise, honey, it's fine.

- Mom!
- Teri, stay down!


- Are you both okay?
- Yeah.

Come here.

Who's shooting?

Whoever's shooting...

...call in your position now.

They're going to be swarming this place.
We gotta get out.

Where's Rick? Is he okay?

- He's fine.
- Where is he?

By the water tower.
CTU's sending a chopper.

We got to get out of here now. Hold on.

Okay, come on. It's clear.

We gotta move, we don't have much time.

Hello, Mrs. Vasquez.
Thank you for coming in.

Where's my grandson?
They said I could pick him up.

We'll take you to him.
We want to ask a few questions.

Yes, I have a question, too.

How can a woman bleed to death...

...and nobody does anything about it?

We're sorry about Jamey, Mrs. Vasquez.

But it wasn't like that.

My daughter's dead, isn't she?


...take me to Kyle.

We really do have to
ask you a few questions.

I'm not interested in your questions.

Mrs. Vasquez.

Your daughter was a traitor.


She confessed before she died.

And if you withhold information...

...you can be held as an accomplice.

If that happens,
who's going to take care of Kyle?

What do you want to know?

IRS records show you earn $45,000 a year.

But an account in your name
shows deposits...

...that add up to more than $300,000.

It's from Jamey...

...so that Kyle would have enough money...

...if something happened to her.

Who gave Jamey the money?

She never said.

And you never asked?

All this money in your account...

...you never once asked
where It came from?

Kyle needs you.

Don't do anything to jeopardize that.

Maxton and Neil, you two
haven't checked in yet. Where are you?

One more time. Maxton and Neil.

This Is Maxton.

Where the hell are you?
Why haven't you called in?

Crossing the creek
to meet Peterson's group.

Trying to cut Bauer off
from the service road.

Not if you keep telling me
where you are.

Give me the Palm Pilot.

Neil's the only one
who hasn't called in.

Maxton, what area was Neil patrolling?

The northeast side of the creek.

He split off on his own.

Okay. They're coming from over there.

We can hit the road down a little farther...

...avoid them completely. Come on.

Maureen? Don't make me get hotel security.

I know you're in there.

Why are you shutting me out?

Because I think we've pretty much said
everything we need to say.

Can I at least come in?

Maureen, please...

...open the door and let me in.

I know I asked you to...

...back off the story about my son,
but I've changed my mind.

Dr. Ferragamo's dead.

- You already knew.
- I don't want to hear any more, Senator.

What do you mean? You've been...

I've left the network.

What? When?

You should leave it alone, too.

That's my advice.

As a friend.

They got to you.

Did they pay you off?

Because I wouldn't have thought
you were for sale.

They threatened you, too.

- I'll see that you're protected.
- I've already protected myself.

You're withholding evidence
in a capital crime.

What evidence?

Dr. Ferragamo is dead.

His files have been destroyed.

The paper from the hospital
with my son's handwriting?

There is no piece of paper.

Not anymore.

There's still my word.

That counts for something.

That's not enough, Senator.

Not against these people.

I'm sorry.

There's no radio.

Bauer's been listening...

...to every damn word!

Mrs. Vasquez received
two wire transfers since January...

...both from a holding company...

...called Luca Univox based In Belgrade.

Jack thought there might be
a connection to Belgrade.

He was on assignment there two years ago.

Did you check his mission files?

Was there a connection
to the hit on Palmer?

These new files may give us a new angle.

So, who do we know in Belgrade...

...who's keyed into
the financial community?

Come on.

Can you call them?

Maybe. Chopper should
have been here by now.

What about Rick?
Isn't he supposed to meet us here?

Damn it. No signal.

Rick was wounded.

He's waiting in the water tower.
When the chopper arrives, he'll come out.

- So what are we waiting for?
- Kim.

Shouldn't he know that we're here?

As soon as your father says it's okay.

There's no one even around.

- Dad...
- Kim, no!

Get back!

It's a sniper rifle.

Then what do we do?

Stay here.

Don't move for anything but the chopper.

Not for anything, you understand me?

Where are you going?

He wants me.

No, Jack!

He's trying to draw us
away from the women.

That's fine by me.
Once he's dead, they'll be easy.

I'll keep him pinned down.

Circle around until you get a clear shot.

Damn it.

That's right, Jack.

You don't have a shot from that distance.

How much longer do we have?

Until what?

Until your people get here.

I wouldn't wait around
to find out if I were you.

I don't have a choice.

People I work for made that pretty clear.

The DA's inside. You want me to sit in?

Give me a minute.


It's okay.

He's with the campaign.

The DA's down the hall, Carl...

...waitng for me to tell a story.

It's over.

And I think it's just getting started.

Don't get stupid on me now, David.

Seems I've been stupid for a long time.

Then open your eyes for once.


The whole thing, it's one big machine...

...and I'm the oil that
keeps the pistons pumping...

...the motor turning, the wheels spinning...

Not anymore.

I like you, David, I really do...

...and I think that you
would make one hell of a...


I know what you did to Ferragamo.

Every engine produces waste.

It's the physics of the situation.

- Listen to yourself.
- Consider the alternatives.

A year from now, you'll either be promoting
your agenda for the nation...

...or visiting your son in prison.

A jury will believe that it was an accident.

I'm not talking about the rapist, David.

I'm talking about Dr. Ferragamo.

The kid didn't have anything to do
with Ferragamo.

Of course he didn't.

But If somebody
were to mention the word "arson"...

Son of a bitch!

You planted something?

The people we both work for, David...

...they know how to get what they want.

Hi, Mike.

What was that all about?

The DA is waiting in there.

What do you want me to say?

Tell him I'm sorry.

I have nothing to say.

I made a mistake.

I don't understand.

I'm running for president, Mike.

And I'm going to win.

Hey, over here!

Mom, wait.

Federal agent! Drop your weapon!
Put your hands in the air!

- Mrs. Bauer?
- Yes!

Hands down. Are you all right?
Do you two need medical attention?

We're fine, but my husband...

- Where is he?
- Somewhere up there.

Go! Come on.

Stay back.

- Kim!
- Mrs. Bauer, wait!


Kimberly, stop!

Dad said he'd be in here.

- I know.
- Where is he?

Wherever he is, they'll find him.

- What if Gaines' men found him first?
- He'd be dead...

...and they'd be carrying him
out of here in a body bag.

No, he's got to be around here somewhere.
I got to find him.

No, stop it, Kimberly.

I know you care about this boy...

but I need you to be
here for me right now...

...and your Dad needs both of us
to be there for him.

You're losing blood.

Not enough to stop me from killing you.

Maybe neither of us has to die.

Like I said, Jack...

...I don't have that choice.

Maybe at least you could tell me
what's going on.

Cofell. He mentioned something
about Belgrade.

That was a military operation.
How's Palmer connected to that?

You were there, Jack. You should know.

Let's say I don't.

Neither do I.

The less I know, the better I work.

That's just the nature of our business.

And why did you bring my family into this?

That might have been a mistake.

They wanted to make it personal.

Who's they?

Put down the weapon, Mr. Gaines.

We can protect you.

No, you can't.

Put down the weapon!

Good luck.

Federal agent! Drop your weapon!

Interlace your fingers behind your head!

Sir, we have Bauer In custody.

We also have another man down.

Bring Bauer to the landing zone right away.

Roger, bringing him in.

- Sweetheart?
- Jack!

Thank God you're okay!

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

This nightmare's finally over, right?

Yes, I promise.

Agent Bauer...

...chopper's waiting.

My family's been through hell.
I want them with me.

- That'll be fine. Come on.
- Okay.

Sweetheart, put this on.

Jack and his family were rescued.
They'll be here in 10 minutes.

That's good news.

We need to move on something else.
A lead we got from Jamey's mom.

- Find out where the money came from?
- Offshore bank account.

- We back-traced the funds to Belgrade...
- Wait. Belgrade?

Before I lay it out, you need to upgrade
the threat assessment on Palmer.

You need to give me
more than that...

The same account shows
a transfer of funds...

...to an assassin based in Belgrade.

That's old news.
The photographer at the breakfast.

No. Our contact over there says
this assassin left Yugoslavia this morning.

Which means he's probably already here.

- A second hitter.
- Mm-hmm.