13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - House Party - full transcript

it's like I'm watching myself

in the movie of my life.

It's like I'm removed from reality.

It's gonna be fucking freezing tonight.

- Please, I don't want to die out here.

And then
reality comes crashing back in.

I was just out for a run.

I found him out on Navy Pier this time.

Just standing there.

I lost track of time. That's all. I...

-How did you even find me?
-Clay, last week you go out running,

and you wind up
in front of Bryce's old house,

now you're at the place
where he got killed?

- I didn't mean to go there.
- I just... I kept running,

and I didn't hear my phone
'cause I was... thinking.

Well, um...

we told you that we were going to be doing
random drug testing on you both

while Justin was still in the program,


now seems like as good a time as any.

Like, right now?

Yes, right now.

Is that a problem?


No, it's not a problem.

Jesus, you're overreacting.

We just want to make sure
you're being safe.

We want to know we can trust you.

If you trusted us,
you wouldn't be testing us.

OK, Clay, that's enough. You're up first.

But lately,
even reality isn't making sense.

I mean, the test must be...

expired or something.


The tests are fine.

-Then he must have switched the samples.
-Are you serious right now?

How would I have switched them?

I don't know.
I'm sure it's something you would know.

What does that even mean?

Guys, I have been going
to all my meetings.

I have been checking in
with the counselors.

I'm doing good.

Justin... did you go back
to your old neighborhood last week?

How did...

Yeah, I might have.

-What were you doing there?
-I wasn't buying drugs.


So why were you there?


If that's how it's going to be,
then both of you are grounded.

Until one of you can tell us
why this test is positive,

neither of you are leaving this house
apart from going to school. Understand?

All right, get some rest.

You're fucking using again?

Fuck you. You know I'm clean.

Then why were you
in your old neighborhood?

You tell me,
'cause clearly, you followed me

and then ran straight home to rat me out.

I didn't follow you.

Then how the fuck did they know
I was there? Hm?

They were asleep when I left,
and they were asleep when I came home.

How did my dad know I was at the pier?

He just happens to see me
from the overpass?

He just happens to find me last week?

He couldn't have followed you because...

'cause he left way after you.

What if it's our phones?


They gave us these phones for Christmas
with a bunch of apps already loaded.

What if one of those apps is, like,
tracking us?

All right, Clay, you're being so paranoid.

Your dad found you
because you've been doing crazy shit,

like showing up at the fucking pier
or Bryce's house!

-What the hell?
-Why were you in your old neighborhood?

What the hell have you been up to, Justin?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Why'd you test positive?

Fuck you.

And I'm just sitting watching
the whole thing from somewhere else.


Yeah, it's, uh... it's Foley.

I need to see you.

Hey, baby girl.

Sorry I missed dinner.

That's all right. I was out.

With Diego?



My, you two have been spending
quite a bit of time together.

Should we have him over for dinner?

You know, he doesn't really do so well
talking with adults, or most people.

Football player, right?

Yeah, sounds like a charmer.

Guess he's texting you
night and day, though.

-Not really, no.
-Yeah, well, I'd love to have him over.

Hey, what about, uh, Saturday night?

I mean,
I'd rather have you home than at that...

What's it called?
The Find Your Drink party?

-How do you know there's a party?
-Air Force intelligence.

Sleep well, my love.

You're in logistics.


- Hey, Coach.
- How you doing, kid?


Not so good.

I, uh...

Yeah, not so good.

-Did you take a fall?

No, I'm still clean. I...

Uh, actually, the...

The Jensens drug tested us,

and I was clean, and...

Clay wasn't,

and then he accused me
of switching the tests.

I don't know. I think they might...

they might have believed him.

You think, or you know?

I don't know.

Just feels like...

like no one believes in me.

Like no one trusts me.

The Jensens tested you.

That doesn't mean
they don't trust you, right?

Probably means
they want you to be successful.

You working the steps?


You're making amends?

Trying to.

I don't really feel like I can.

You know, I've got all this...

I've got all this on me, and I...

-I never know how to get out from under.
-OK. Sure. Right.

Let's talk it out. OK?



Yeah, OK.

Not only am I not in control,

I'm not even there.

Hey, Tony.

Man, what the hell happened to you?

I haven't slept so much lately. I...

I think things are wrong.
I think shit's happening.

Yeah, that's, like, for years now.

You mean something new?

I'm trying to figure that out.

- I don't understand.
- Hey.

-Hey, Tyler.

Um, so you have your first fight
this weekend, right?

-You're fighting?

Yes, to both questions.

It's my first league match
since I got my certification.

Well, if you still need a cutman, like,
in your corner, I'd really like to do it.

Yeah. OK. Uh...
Can you train after school?

Yeah. For sure.

Yeah. OK, great. I'll see you then.

He hasn't spoken to me in two weeks

since I pissed him off
at the camping trip, so why now?

Why are you fighting?

What else am I gonna do?


Guess I hear that.

It's hard to know what's real
and what's, like, paranoia.

So, um...
you've never met my dad, have you?

Or talked to him?

Oh, shit, why? Is he after me?

No, uh...
he just seems to know who you are.

Everyone knows who I am.
I'm prominent and noteworthy.

Oh, wow! That's so cute, your vocabulary.

Fucking party's off.

-What? Why?
-Beecher's parents found out.

So we find another house.

How did Beecher's parents find out?

Read his email or some shit.

Whose parents are loaded
and out of town right now?

I don't know.

Such bullshit.

Did you hear?
Find Your Drink got canceled.

I did not hear
but wasn't really listening.

I wasn't planning on going to that.

What is a Find Your Drink party anyway?

You find your drink
before you head off to college.

You know, like tequila, vodka, whiskey.

You try them all,
find which one is your drink, so you know.

Can't you just know?

It... Yeah, I don't know.
I don't endorse the traditions.

I'm just simply reporting the details
as I get them.

Yes. And it's appreciated.

Thank you.

So I try to focus,

try to catch up to the plot.

My dad knew
how much Diego and I have been texting,

and he knew what was on the texts.

He probably tracks your GPS too.

But this is crazy, right?

I mean, I bet it's not a coincidence.

But it's not just us.
It's why Beecher canceled his party.

We have more to lose than Beecher does.

Isn't your dad on you all the time?

Yeah, he's been watching me closely,
but he doesn't track my phone.

That you know of.

He trusts me.

Yes, I get the irony.

Tony, I mean...

This isn't crazy, right?

Your folks don't seem like the type
to track you.

How else have they known everything?

Where's Justin?

Why isn't he here?


Justin. Do you remember
when you and me went to see Monty?

We... we never went to see Monty.


Wait. What time is it? What...
Where have you been?


It's midnight.


They'll find out.

Your parents?



The party's off
because they're watching us.

We gotta figure that out.

We need to get sleep.


All right, we can do it, no problem.

But seriously, Clay, you're doing this
so the jocks can have a party?

We can all go to the party.

And if we can message everyone
a new location

without any adults finding out,

then I know that my secret shit
can stay secret from here on out.

All right. We're on it.

We'll have to get a GPS spoofer
on everyone's phone.

And set up a VPN
so people can download it

-without the school knowing.
-And we'll need everyone who uses email

to have a translator and a cipher
from the dark web.

- Yup.
- Who uses email?

People do, dickhead, OK?
I've seen the stats.


Amazing. I mean,

how can you guys be punks
and geeks at the same time?

There aren't genres anymore, Clay.

No labels,

just people.

I mean, you just called the jocks "jocks."

It's how they self-identify.
I'm just being respectful.


Of course I keep secrets.
Everybody does.

It's called survival.

So, I hear the party's back on.

Um... hi.

We're working.

So sorry to bother you.

I just wanted
to introduce myself to Estela.

I'm Winston.

-I knew your brother a little bit.

We met at a couple of Hillcrest parties
last year.


-Cool, you friends with Jess?

Well, I'm new,
but, uh, I'm a huge fan.

I think it's great
how committed Jessica is

to getting justice for people
who've been wronged by the system.

-It's really inspiring.

Totally, right?

Anyway, uh, I talked to Diego and the guys

about doing a little memorial thing
for Monty tomorrow at the party.

-Thought you might wanna be there for it.
-That sounds really cool.

We'll think about it. Thanks.

So I'll see you tomorrow, I hope.

He seems nice.

He's not.

Could be cool to go to the party.

The trick is keeping track
of which secrets are which,

and what lies go with them...

and who helped you with which lie.


So, we need more Zach and Alex time.
How about I stay over tomorrow night?

I'm not gonna kiss you again
if that's what you're hoping.

Ha! I like that we can joke about this.
It's a good sign.

- Progress. But seriously, tomorrow night?
- Uh... yeah, I guess.

Perfect, yes, 'cause the real is
we're going to the Find Your Drink party

to find many, many drinks.

My mom set up cameras in my room,

so I need a cover story
and a place to sleep it off.

OK, you can have the cover story
and the guest room,

but I'm gonna pass on the party
because I'm anti-people currently.

And I get that,

but maybe that's why you should go.

Your mom put up cameras in your room?

That's only part of it,
but don't even get me started.

Anyways, I'm picking you up at 8:00,

and if you make any attempt
not to go to this party,

I will actually come
and pick you up at 8:00.

It's hot, right? I'll actually come and,
like, physically pick you up.

-Come on! We can have hot banter, right?
-How am I even friends with you?

I'm handsome, charming,
and, mm... I saved you from drowning.

Eight o'clock!

Then there's the secrets
you know nothing about,

that you're not even a part of...

that are eventually going to show up
and bite you in the ass.

Right along here.

OK, judge's chair is here.
Your barrier line is right here.

Two rows of chairs all the way around.


So, the latest we hear is
the party's called off.

My daughter heard the same at East County.

-I'm thinking of pulling the checkpoints.
-No. I heard chatter later in the day.

They're looking for another venue.

I got the Padilla kid fighting here
tonight. He might know something.


Is he opening up to you?

Not yet, but he will.

Maybe I'll come by tonight.


And then what do you do about
the person who shares your secrets,

but no longer shares your life?

Welcome to Monet's.

Can I direct you to the nearest Starbucks?

Wait, you're being a dick to me?

That is the situation, yeah.

-But it shouldn't bother you

because you only trust yourself, right?

You're a strong, independent woman
who doesn't need a guy to...


Who is that? That...

Is that Diego?

Fuck you!

-You know what that's about.

I do.

Do you?

Can I just get a vanilla skim latte
and a black coffee?

You coming tonight?

If I am, it'd be in my bedroom.


He'll ring you up at the register.

I've got enough secrets.

I have a hard enough time
with the secrets I already have.

So, you don't know how the test
could have been positive?

I literally have never tried pot
in my life.

I'm scared of drugs.

Benadryl is a bad trip for me.

You know, Clay, I can't tell your parents
what we talk about here.

And by law, unless you're in danger
of harming yourself or others,

-I can't tell the police.
-So you don't believe me either.

I'm not saying that.

I just want to make sure
you understand the ground rules.

I've done some bad shit.

I haven't done pot.

D'you wanna talk about the bad stuff?

I look at you, Clay,
and I see a kid who's paying a price.

A very high price,
and I don't yet know what for.

So I suspect it might be
for some of the secrets you keep.

Look, some of it...

is just high school stuff.

-Come on!

You rule!

Like, kids should have parties,

parents should look the other way
by technological deception if necessary.

St. George!

Luke, what's up, man?

I am already mostly drunk.

Oh, preparation, man!
I learned that from you.

You're not drunk enough.

Are we gonna get you laid tonight?

I'm gonna bet no,
but I appreciate you thinking of me, Luke.

Always, man. Always.

Let's go, boy.

OK, the game is called Paranoia.

The first guy up whispers a question
to the next guy.

Who did this or that?
Who's the worst ho?

Who lies about the size of their dick?

So it starts like this. Go.


For sure, Jessica.

What? What about me?

Now, if you want to find out what he said,

you have to take a shot.

All right.



The question was,

which girl at this table
is most likely to beat me up?

-Jess, now you go.

I'm gonna say Walton.

His name is Winston.

What was the question?

Who's not as smart as he thinks he is?


If you can prove that,
Jess has got to drink.

I think people assume
you must have been happy when Bryce died,

but I bet your life would be
a lot less complicated

if he were still alive.

Dude, what the fuck?

Well, I guess I drink.

Yeah, I mean, I have secrets,

but not drugs. I've never done drugs.

Shit! Nice lungs, dude.

That's a fucking rock star rip, man.

No, that's a hip-hop rip.

Oh, my God.

Are you fucking kidding me?

-What the hell are you doing here?
-Looking out for you.

-What are you doing?
-Well, thanks to you,

my parents think I smoke, so why not?

Look, Clay, I know I'm the last guy
to tell you not to do drugs,

but what the fuck are you trying to prove?

It's just weed.

It's not like I'm shooting heroin
in a fucking alley in Oakland.

I don't know what I did to piss you off,

but, Clay, I am not the enemy.

Yeah, whatever.

-Yeah, whatever is a piece-of-shit word.
-Get the fuck off me.

You lied to Matt and Lainie
about the drugs.

They think I relapsed.

You have any idea
how long it took them to trust me?

Sorry, who the fuck are Matt and Lainie?

Your mom and dad.

Yeah, my mom and dad.

They're not your fucking parents,
so stop pretending they are.

They know what you are.
You're not fooling anyone, Justin.


They never trusted you,
that's why they drug tested you.

Hey, Clay.

Coming out back?

No. Why?

We're gonna pour one out for Monty,
thought you might want to be there.

Why would I?


I hear you're the guy
who made the party possible,

you know,
free from the eyes of parents and cops.

That's... a nice trick,
fooling all those people.

It wasn't me.

-It was some friends of mine.

Always is, isn't it?

Everybody, listen up!

Yo, turn that fucking music down!

I just wanna say, welcome, everybody,
to this year's Find Your Drink!

There's one person who was
really looking forward to this party

'cause they wanted our senior year to be
bigger and better than anything before,

but he cannot be here with us tonight.

Instead, we're gonna pour one out
in his honor.

Now, I know some of you didn't like Monty,

but I think we can all agree
he deserved to live to see this day.

Estela, get over here.
You gotta be a part of this too.

-Will you come with me?
-Yeah, of course.

To our friend and brother.

- Yep!
- Monty de la Cruz.

To Monty!

Rest in peace, man.

Never forget. Right, Jess?

You're gonna want to go to the body
with this guy, OK? His chin is rock solid,

so you're not gonna get him
with blows to the head.

Iron jaw. Hear me?

-Focus on the body.
-That's right.

Fight calm, all right?

You fight angry,
you start to push, you miss,

you wear yourself out,

you leave yourself open. OK? Calm.


-Sure this guy's a welterweight?
-That's what they tell me.

You know what? Doesn't matter. All right?

This is about how you fight.
OK? You got the speed. Use it.

All right, gentlemen, come on in.
Come on, let's go.

All right, I want a clean fight.

I don't care who wins,
I just care about you.

So you get knocked down,

I'm gonna look at you
and ask if you're OK.

You're gonna say yes
and look me in the eye,

or I stop the fight.

-You got it, blue?

You got it, red?

All right, gentlemen, touch gloves.
Let's get it on.

Two rounds, that's all you get.

-What'd you say, motherfucker?


-Come on. Fuck that!
-What'd I say? Calm!

-I got this, Tyler.

Yeah! Come on, let's go!

Sometimes I wish I had
more of the good kinds of secrets,

like a secret friend.


You, uh, made it.

What are you doing in here?

I'm hiding.

I'm not really sure why I came.

Yeah, I hear you.

Uh... do you want a cookie?

You seriously brought cookies
to a Find Your Drink party?

Well, these are special cookies.

Oh, shit.

I didn't know you were a stoner.

I prefer the term "cannabisseur."

These are actually really good cookies.

And they don't stink.

You're like a baker or something.

I, uh, had to learn how.

My mom died when I was 13.

So, uh, me and my dad,
we had to figure it all out.

Oh, shit. I'm sorry.

It's all good.

I, uh, actually learned how to make these
to help my mom through chemo.

Oh, man, Charlie, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, no, it's fine.

I mean, it's not fine,
but it's fine that it's not fine,

if... that makes sense.

Yeah, no, it totally does.

I wish I could be fine
with not being fine.

You will be...


Wow, you and me do not know how to party.

-Or do we and everyone else has it wrong?

I need another cookie.

Oh, um...

I'd give it a minute.


A cool secret talent.

You play piano?


Yeah, my mom forced lessons on me
for, like, seven years.


Oh, you... you find your drink?

Yeah, it's a Z-Man rocks.

A Z-Man rocks?

-What's in it?

Everything the Z-Man
could get his hands on.

On the rocks.


Look... I fucked up.

Yeah, you really did,

but which time in particular
are you talking about?

I shouldn't have kept the thing
about Winston from you guys.

I was just trying to do the right thing.

You were trying to be a hero.

I was trying to be a fucking hero.

And being a hero is a waste of time.

It is.



That was hilarious.

Dude, she's checking you out.

No, she's...

I don't get girls.
Even if I did, you'd steal her anyway.

Yeah. I deserve that one.

But still, I mean,
you and Ani are broken up, right?

In a significant way, yeah.

All right, I promise,

if you whisper one thing in her ear,

she will sleep with you tonight.


That works?

Every time,

but you gotta go for it.

Oh, my God.

OK, if I...

- If I go for it...
- Mm?

...and I get laid tonight,

you let me drive the Audi.


Sure. OK.

-All right.


Make me proud.


A secret hookup.

Hey, I'm... Clay.

I know who you are.

Oh, you go to Liberty?

No, but your face was kind of everywhere
for a while

when you got arrested.


So you probably think I'm a murderer.

I don't, actually,

even though my dad was working,
like, full-time to put you behind bars.

Holy shit, your dad is...

Sheriff Diaz.

I'm Valerie.

Holy shit. You...

Your dad lets you go to parties like this?


I do a lot of things
my dad doesn't know about.

- Round three, motherfucker!
- Break!

Stick and move! Stick and move!

That's it! To the body!

It's all right, shake it off.
Breathe. Breathe!


Get out of there!

That guy's a rock.
Tony's gotta go for the head.

No, he doesn't have the reach.

-Who the hell are you?
-I used to be his trainer.

Tony's got an uppercut
that could put that guy out.

Do you have a condom?

No. Fuck. I don't.

I'm sorry.

Boys never come prepared.

Hey, are you sure you're OK with this?
I mean, we don't have to...



Is this... your first time?


Would that be a problem?

No! No, um...


Let me drive.


Oh, my God.

You... It... Uh...

Was that...

Did you finish?

No, um... but it's OK.

It takes practice.

I had fun, Clay Jensen.


- He's got no guard between his arms.
- Two!

- Tony has got to go for the head.
- Three! Four!

Five! Six!

- Tony!
- Seven! Eight!



Got it?

-Good to go?

-You all right?

All right, let's go.

San Diego State?

-That's amazing. Congrats.
-Thank you!

I've had to work my ass off to get here,

but... things are finally

actually really good.

I would have told you earlier, but...


Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't return your call,
I've just been...

...busy, I guess.

No, it's OK. I get it.

Anyway, I just...

I wanted to say thank you
for helping me get to where I am.

I mean, you were there for me
last summer when I needed you, and...


I have... a boyfriend.

I should've told you.

No, I shouldn't...

I shouldn't have kissed you.
No, I'm sorry, that was really stupid.

No, it's OK.

He's a really great guy.

You'd like him.

He's outside if you want to meet him.

No. I'm, uh...

That's OK.
Yeah, I'm really happy for you though.


-I should go.

Yeah, it was really good seeing you.

Do you want to meet up
at the steps this week,

like, after school sometime?

No. I'm, uh... I'm...

just probably gonna be
really busy, so...


I'll see you soon.

-I hope.

Secret heartbreak.

Why didn't you tell me you had
so much power in your uppercut?

Hey! Thanks for the assist.

I guess you know our boy
a little better than I do.

I don't know, maybe.

So, what, he's your real trainer?

Yeah, he's my trainer.

Hey, Tony, congratulations.

-The whole department's real proud of you.
-Thank you.

Swing by my office this week.

We can chat about what's next for you.
You know, after high school.

Uh... Yeah, I don't know,
I'm kind of busy.

Maybe the week after then?

-I'm headed into town. Anyone need a ride?
-I do.

No, I got you.
I picked you up, I can drop you off.

OK. Yeah.

Just wait here. I'll shower real quick,
then we'll head out.

-Thanks anyway, Sheriff.

Good job.

all we have is our secrets.

Aren't you grounded?

Uh, folks are out.

Left our phones at home.

-I came looking for Clay.

How'd that go?

He hates me.

And I don't know why.

You hate me.

And I do know why.

I don't hate you.

I could never hate you.

Are you smoking weed?


The other guys were.

But you're drinking.

Yeah. I am.


Is that OK?

What of any of this is OK?

It just fucking is.

My mom, she's been calling and texting.

Justin, shit.

-She's back?

She's, uh, staying
in our old neighborhood again.

She's in bad shape.

She just wants money.

She doesn't give a fuck
about how I'm doing, of course.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna...

I'm gonna keep trying not to die.

Try to stay out of jail.

I feel like, um...

I feel like I can't fucking breathe
at this party.

I feel like everyone knows.

Do you think maybe they do?

Diego and Winston, I...


I don't know yet.


do you think we're ever gonna
make it out from under this?

-Whoa, what the fuck is going on here?

Foley, are you and me gonna have
a problem? Are we gonna break shit?

-Diego, shut up.
-Most definitely not.


I'm just fucking with you, man.
This party's all about love.

Come on, Jess.
I haven't seen you all night.

But if you think about it,
the closer you are to someone,

the more secrets you have.

Hey, so what's up with you and Winston?
Are you, like, friends?

We've hung out, why?

No reason. Just...

I don't know. You don't seem like
you'd have a lot in common.

Well, he was friends with Monty, so...

So you know where they met?

The Hillcrest party?

I mean, yeah.

Did he tell you Monty beat
the living shit out of him that night?

No, that's not true.

Ask anyone from Hillcrest.

People saw it happen.

I don't know.
I guess Monty must have really hated him.

Look, I don't know
what Winston's told you,

but I wouldn't trust him.

We never really tell people
all of how we feel.



I've been meaning
to talk to you.

Yeah, me too.
I wanted to ask you about my brother.

Look, I...

I want to be honest with you.

We weren't friends, exactly,
but we were...


and I've been wondering...

have you ever tried to figure out
what really happened?

Also, in addition,

I'm extremely high right now.

I told you not to eat a second cookie.

I besieged you.

I think you mean "beseech."


Wait, why is this on?

It's not even Christmas.


it's been on since I got here.

You chose it.

I chose it?

No, that doesn't seem like me.

To make a choice.


chose you did.

You sounded like Yoda just now.

What if I was Yoda and you didn't know it?

I think I'd know.
I mean, you'd be green, and...

it's a puppet.

I am nobody's puppet.

Nope. You are not.

You are Charlie.

I am Charlie.

Yup. Charles.

Hm, Charles Hayden Brixton Saint George.

Shut up.

No, that is not your name.

Shit you not I,

my name it is.

You're rich.

Nah, just old-school WASP.

No money.

Nice antiques.

You look rich.

Thank you? Or...

-Shut up!
-You're welcome.

Do you think it really is
a wonderful life?



Oh, can I get you a drink?

Uh... what do you know how to mix?

Try me.


- Um, there's no...
- Where the hell have you been?

Oh, great. Here it comes.

Logan said he saw you
making out with some guy.

Yeah. So?

You don't own me, Aaron.

What the fuck, Valerie?

- What is this?
- Hey, man, back off.

Who the fuck are you?

He's the guy I just had sex with.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm her boyfriend,
you scrawny little shit.

Are you kidding me?

Clay! What the fuck? Come on!

Fuck you!

Get off!


Who's next?

Who wants it, huh?

-Come on! Come on!
-Clay! What...

What the hell's going on?

I will end you.

Jensen's fucking crazy.

No. He knows we're close.

We gotta figure this out for Monty.

Hey, um...

is it true that Monty beat the shit
out of you at a party?

-Who told you that?
-Jess did.

You said you were friends.
Why the fuck would you lie?

I didn't think you'd understand.

Understand what?

Monty and I,

we hooked up at that party.

He didn't want anyone to know,

that's why he beat me up
in front of everyone.

The reason I was with him
the night Bryce died,

and the reason he didn't give an alibi,

is because we were together.


I'm not...

Monty said he wasn't gay...

No, it's cool if he was.
I just didn't know.

You know why Jess told you
about me and Monty, don't you?

She's playing you.

No, man, she's just looking out for me.

You sure about that?

You start to lose track
of what's secret and what isn't.

I'm not a virgin anymore!

You're not a virgin anymore!

I have had sex!




Shh! What the fuck are you doing
in this neighborhood?

What the fuck are you doing?

Shit, come on.

There's something up with Tyler.
He ditched me after my match.

The more you wanna say,
"Fuck these secrets,

I don't want 'em anymore..."

Oh, shit.

Dude, I know that guy.

- How?
- He deals guns. He...

He sold to Tyler.

Dude, this car is fucking amazing.

This car is an animal.

I am an animal.



You lose track
of what's real and what's not.

You lose control.

What the fuck, Clay?
What the fuck?

Slow down!

Well done, Ed. Well done.