13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Senior Camping Trip - full transcript

[theme music plays]

I was the young guy.

The new kid.

But, uh, this past year, I feel like I...

truly became a friend.

Like I...
I found a whole new group of friends,

and we went through a lot together.

And we'll get through this.

[Clay] Anxiety is a motherfucker.

Excuse my language.

Just everything that's out there,
waiting to happen to you.

You couldn't identify any of the others?

[Foundry] Mm. Just one.

Diego Torres. Football player, wrestler.

As far as I can tell,
there's no connection to Clay Jensen.

[Diaz] Well, clearly,
there's some sort of connection,

and I bet it's Montgomery de la Cruz.

Well, that's a closed case, right?

[Clay] What you know is coming...

For now.

...and what you don't.

I did a terrible thing.

I know I hurt people.

I'd give anything to take it back.

I just...

Bringing a deadly weapon on campus
is usually an automatic expulsion.

It wasn't even a real knife.

Could it really have stabbed someone?
Did you really bring it into the dance?

Look, I mean,
they both admitted it was a prank.

Clay's already taken responsibility,

Because it's possible it was used
in self-defense,

and because you both have already served
your two-week suspensions,

the only outstanding question is,

will you be allowed to attend
the senior camping trip?

If there aren't any further statements,
the board should just deliberate and vote.


[Clay] When your fate
is in someone else's hands...

[door opens]

...or no one's.

If you make me miss
the senior camping trip,

I'll keep fucking with you
until the end of time.

This is on you, asshole.

I took the blame for the knife,
what more can I do?

-You brought the knife onto the field.
-You left it for me.

So you say.

Too bad there are no security cameras
in the boys' showers, huh?

They have them on the field.

Yeah, where you were acting
like a crazy motherfucker the whole night

and crying over a dummy.

-Innocent people don't act like that.
-You set me up.

You've been fucking with me
this whole time: breaking into my house,

the graffiti.

Cops had you cold.

Suddenly they let you go,
and it's all on Monty,

and he's not around to defend himself?

How'd that work, hmm?

[door opens]

This is over. OK?

-[Diego] We'll see.
-[Clay] What you see coming...

Well, I was outvoted.

...and what you don't.

-[bell rings]

Stop. My God.

[Jess giggles] Oh, my God.

-[Diego] See you tomorrow.
-[Jess] See ya.


Jessica, what the fuck?

Look, Clay, I'm sorry, but you know
you shouldn't be going on this trip.

If they break you in front of everyone...

I'm not breakable.

Dude, we're all breakable,

and you're the worst.

[Foundry] Everything OK?

-[Jess] All good here.
-Yeah, all good.

Then I suggest you get to class.

[Clay] And when people are watching you,
seeing you,

and you can see that they see it,
it only makes it worse.

Every year on the fucking senior trip,

the team singles out some poor kid
and destroys him.

Destroys him how?

They use this stupid fucking legend
about Burnham Woods.

No one fucking believes it,

but they pull all this shit
to freak kids out.

One year, this kid pissed his pants.

[Clay] I mean,
I see people talking about me,

and I feel lost.


-What are you guys whispering about?
-Oh. Nothing. Um, how did it go?

[Clay] Going back to school...

after a two-week suspension...

was like...

[voices distort]

...like coming back from war.

[tense music plays]

[distorted voice echo]

-Does everyone think I'm, like, crazy now?

Everyone thinks you're fine.

I'm gonna talk to Alex, all right?

Things have been getting way more serious
since you've been gone.

He's spending every minute with Winston.


[Clay] Even my friends looked at me
like I might go at any minute,

lose it completely...

And maybe they're right.

Is that what happened at the dance?
You lost it completely?


I don't know. No.

No, that's...
that was just the football team.

Just a prank.

You think the guys might do worse
on the camping trip?

Should you speak to a chaperone?

That would be the absolute worst thing
I could do.

You know, I sometimes think you adults

overestimate how helpful adults can be.

Other adults.
I'm not saying you're not helpful, I'm...

Well, that's good to hear.

What makes me helpful?

I can tell you what I'm afraid of.

Such as?


Outdoors. Fire.

Potential bears.

It's freaking me out.

But then the thought of not going
and everyone knowing that I'm not there

is almost worse.

Because it would be embarrassing?


Do you feel more anxious

when you're with others
or when you're alone?


Alone? I don't know.

And how do you respond to your anxiety?

What do you mean, how do I respond?

I feel anxious.
I try to stop feeling anxious.

Does that work?

It makes it worse.

Have you ever tried
going into your anxiety?

-What do you mean?
-Instead of running from it, look into it.

Find out what it's about.

Interrogate it.

That's... I...

I wouldn't even begin to know
how to do that.

How about this:
where do you feel your anxiety

in your body?

Point it out for me.

[sighs, clicks tongue]




And here, weirdly.

You feel it inside of you.

So maybe it's a part of you.

Just consider that,

and the next time
you feel the panic come on,

look it in the eye
and ask it what it's doing.

Look it in the eye?

That sounds terrifying.

I have a hunch you've faced worse.

Haven't you?

I get a sense
that you've been through a great deal,

and you've survived.

[suspenseful music plays]

So what is it exactly
that you're afraid of?

[Clay] I'm afraid
of not being strong enough.

Out with Diego again?

[Jess huffs] Maybe. So?

Are you really sure that's a good idea?

[sighs] Sorry, are you here to shame me?

Diego thinks Monty was framed.

Or maybe he just likes me.

Do you really want to tell me who I should
or shouldn't be sleeping with?

Like... [chuckles]

...who's not a good idea?

Are we actually gonna talk about that?


Diego destroyed Clay.

Bryce raped me.

And you slept with him.

-I know what I'm doing with Diego.

-[sighs] Are you sure?
-Better than you do.

Diego messed with Clay,
and you let that happen.

You two were supposed to handle shit,
and it is not at all handled.

There's something else. Um...

My mum had a fall at work today.

Oh, shit.

She's in hospital,

and she needs me to come home
and help out for a bit,

which means
I'm gonna have to miss the camping trip.

Of course. Go.

I'll take care of Diego and Clay.

Is there anything I need to know
about... anything?


Nothing new.


[cell phone pings, vibrates]

[Jess sighs]

You've got to be shitting me.

[Jess] "Guys, I know every one of you
is a good person.

You've kept my secrets,
and I've kept yours...

but we've all done terrible things.

I can't live with that anymore.

I can't keep looking over my shoulder..."


-[Jess] "I can't live like this."
-[cell pings]

[Jess] "We can't live like this.
I'm sure a lot of you feel the same."

-[cell pings]
-[Zach breathes heavily]

Something wrong?

No. Nothing.

[girl giggles]

[Jess] "Something has to change."

[cell pings]

Are you sure there's nothing wrong?

-[cell pings]

[ominous music plays]

[Zach] I...

am so...


[girl giggles]

[Jess] "Wouldn't it be better for everyone
if we just told the truth?"

"We hurt people,
and it's time to come clean.

If we don't all confess to what we did,

I'm going to tell everyone the truth
at the senior share campfire."

I mean, this is insane.

[Justin sighs]

I didn't write this,
you have to believe me.

I do believe you.

It just... It came from your account.

Yeah, someone must have hacked me.

Why would I write this?
It's fucking Diego and those guys.

Why would they come after you again?

I think it's 'cause I picked that fight.

Why did you pick that fight?

All right, Clay, uh...

let's just not go.

We can just hang here.

Camping sucks anyways.
It's intensely uncomfortable.

You don't think I can handle it.
You think I might, like, break.

No, I didn't say that. What's...

Like I'm actually crazy.


Clay, what happened on the football field?

Why won't you tell me?
Because you don't trust me?

Because nothing happened!


Let's just stay home, OK?

[door opens]


Look what I bought.

[Mrs. Jensen giggles]

Everything you need...

to go camping.

Mom, I'm not wearing that.

I know, I bought it for myself.
I'm going with you guys.

I'm sorry, what's happening?

Mom, no.

Just no. You don't even know how to camp.
Only Dad does.

I know, and unfortunately,
he's at a Dickens conference, so...

You won't even know I'm there!

look at all this great stuff I got us.

That REI guy really saw you coming.

Oh, check it out! Solar lanterns.

Oh, of course,
you need sunlight to charge them.

I'm gonna put them outside in the morning.

Hey, get your sleep. OK?

I guess we're going camping.

[Clay] The legend of Burnham Woods.

Some kids were partying in,
like, ancient times, like the '80s.

One of them was drunk
and fell into a ravine,

cracked his head open.

His friends left him for dead,
but he wasn't dead,

and he came back
to get his revenge on them

one by one with an ax.

He says he was hacked.

You can't really believe that.

We have to do something.
Take control of this.

But is that maybe exactly what
whoever wrote the email wants,

for us to do something
that makes us look crazy or guilty?

Someone wants a confession.

They're sure as hell
not getting it from me.

We have to make sure
they don't get it from anyone else.

[Clay] He buried them in the woods,

and marked their graves
with cairns and crosses,

and now his spirit roams the woods
with that ax,

terrorizing teenagers
and making them pay for their sins.


Hey, don't get me wrong,
I love that you're here,

mainly because I don't have to
share my tent with some dickhead,

but... you're not a senior.

Well, I'm team captain.They think
I can keep things under control.

That makes sense.
Well, good luck with that.


I'm more interested
in it being out of control, myself.

Well, I made granola camp cookies, so...

Fucking yes.



[Clay] Dumb story, right?

But here's the thing: when you're afraid,

and you can't just say
what you're afraid of or you don't know,

then one story is as good as another.

[tense music plays]

[indistinct chattering]

[Clay] So your mind takes the story
and tells it to you over and over

until it might as well be real.

-So you got into my email now too?
-I'm sorry, what?

The email you sent from my account.

-I don't know what you're talking about.

Look, I told you, I'm not...

...I'm not doing this anymore.


[Diego] Yeah, I know.

No, Jess was right.

You really shouldn't have come.

Are you threatening me?


Are you feeling threatened?

[suspenseful music plays]

[Clay] And the way anxiety works,
it builds on itself.

It just grows all on its own
until it's out of control

and you try anything you can to stop it.

Dude, that's... I am not dating Winston.
I mean, that's crazy.

Alex, Ani saw you in the hallway
at the dance.

That's not anyone else's fucking business.

Actually, it is.

Winston can alibi Monty
for the night of Bryce's murder.

They were together.

Winston told Ani right after Monty died.

So Winston and Monty?

But Monty wasn't gay.

Was he?

People surprise you.

Does he know what I did?

No, but it feels like
he knows something's up.

Ani thinks
Winston might have sent the email.

Has he asked any questions
about Monty or Bryce or me?

[stammering] I don't know. Maybe.

You and Ani knew about him all this time?
Why are you just telling me?

We just wanted to be sure.

-No one else knows yet.
-What am I supposed to do?

It's... I... I mean, we're just, like...

I don't even know what we are.

-I don't know.
-[Clay] Look, whatever it is,

it's not safe.

[Clay] But whatever you try,
you can't stop it.

[Tyler] I believe Clay.

I mean, it's easy
to hack into someone's account

and schedule an email to go out whenever.

I don't know, that all sounds
like really complicated computer shit.

[Tyler] Yeah.

[Tony] I mean,

who would know how to do that?

Would you?

Are you... Wait, do you think it was me?

How could you even think that?

Why'd you leave with Standall
the night of the dance?


-I didn't.
-C'mon, Tyler, I saw you.

[wood clattering]

Being at the dance...

just triggered some bad memories for me,

and I wanted to talk to you
or Clay or Alex about it,

but you were all busy.
I didn't want you to start worrying again.

So, I mean, Standall knows the story,
so I just called him,

and he drove me home.

You were with me all night.

-You seemed fine.
-How would you know?

Hey, guys.

-You OK, you need any help with anything?
-We're good, thank you.

I'm gonna go get some more wood.

[Clay] Your friends begin
to seem like strangers.

You don't recognize them,
and they don't recognize you.

Do you have a condom?

I gotta go help the guys.

Help the guys with what?

Just help them.

-Does it matter?

[groans] Well...

it does when you're turning down sex
to do it, so...

Is it about messing with Clay?

Why do you care?

You said he was crazy.

That's why I care.

You push him, he snaps,
you get suspended again.

I get bored and find another stupid,
hot guy. [chuckles]

This really about Clay?

Or is this about Justin?

Don't worry about Justin.

[boy 1] Wait up, Luke.

[Luke] We drink first, then we go.

So, will you drop the subject
if I tell you I won't fuck with Clay?

-[boy 2] ...beat the shit out of him!
-[boy 3] Shut up, Jessica's here.

-[Jess chuckles]
-[boy 1] Boys, let's get it!

Also, um, I'm not stupid.

[Jess] Really?

'Cause you're letting me walk away.

[boy 4] There you go.

[suspenseful music plays]

[Winston] Alex.

Hey, Alex. Wait up!

What's going on?

-Why'd you pack your stuff?
-I'm gonna bunk with my dad tonight.

-What? Why?
-I can't do this anymore.


No, us.


-Did I do something wrong?
-No, I just...

-I'm not sure I'm into guys.
-I don't believe that.

You don't know how I feel.

Tell me what I did wrong.
Please, I promise I'll fix it.

You can't fix it.

Don't I deserve an explanation?

[Alex] I gotta go.

[Clay] So maybe the danger's real
or maybe it isn't,

but the fear is.

OK, then, the question for senior share.

"Looking back on your time at Liberty,
do you have any regrets?"

You know,
let's pick something a little happier.


"Who do you trust most in your life

and why?"

[boy coughs]

[Diego] I'll go.

I, um...

I always trust my boys to have my back.


I... I trusted Monty,


He was the one that got me to play.

Freshman year,
I, um, remember telling him,

"Dominicans don't play football."

But he wouldn't take that.

He taught me pride,

he taught me what it was to trust someone,


and I miss him.

[Clay] And, yeah,

I'm afraid the football players
are gonna fuck with me,

and I don't know what I'll do if they do.

Everyone gets a sheet of clues
and a GPS device,

which I hope you know how to operate.

We've collected all of your phones,
and if anyone has a second phone,

then you're disqualified.

And also your parents are too rich.


Hidden around this camp are canvas bags
with treasure inside,

like this one.

So all these clues have been designed
to keep you in safe places,

but this is the wild.

We're out here alone,
and we need to look out for each other.

So stick with your partner, please.
And if you should encounter some wildlife,

try to remain calm and back slowly away.

Then come back to camp
and change your underwear.

-Yes, thank you, Diego.

-All right, stay safe, have fun.
-[boy] Yeah, bro.

-Come on up, guys.
-[boy] Get up!

[eerie music plays]

You sure you know how to use that?
Because I do.

Look, I just think it's best
if we do this totally together.

Are you seriously worried about me?

You don't really think I wrote that email?

-No! I don't.

I think someone sent the email,
and they want a confession.

-And you think it might be me.
-I don't!

Clay, I... I don't.

But I think someone wants shit
to go down on this trip.

And, look, maybe you're not
in the best place to handle that.

But you are,

of course.

I know how to use this, you don't.

And what about you, Justin?

Who has the best access to my computer?
Who knows my password?

-Just you.
-Really? It... [sighs]

-You say I'm not right in the head.

-You aren't the same person anymore.

You leave rehab, break up with Jessica,

you narc on me multiple times,
maybe this is your next thing.

Maybe you're the one
who wants a confession. Huh?



Justin, come the fuck on.

[Clay] I mean,
what happens if I go into my anxiety...

-[wind howls]
-...and they're waiting for me there?



-[tense music plays]
-[heartbeat echoes]



[heart beats faster]

[Clay] Justin?

[Clay's call echoes]

Shit, was that Clay?

No, Diego promised me
they wouldn't fuck with him.

What? You just believe
whatever Diego tells you?

You heard how much he misses Monty.

I know, that's why
I've got him on the hook.

You know? To check him.

What if he's got you on the hook?

He doesn't.

Even if he did, I'm not dumb enough
to let him get close to me.

I know what I'm doing.

Is this why you wanted to partner with me?
To criticize me?

No, I'm not...


Then why aren't you
with your new best friend? The new kid.

We're not even friends, really.

-You guys are bunking together.
-Not anymore.

[Jess] Why, what happened?

-[Alex] Why do you care?
-Wait! Look!



[suspenseful music plays]

[Jess gasps] Fuck!

-[Alex retches]
-Fuck! Ew!

[disgusted squealing]

Fuck! Ew!

-Fuck this. I'm out. [shudders]


Hey, wait, come back! What the fuck?

[Clay] What happens
if fear truly takes over?

I thought the first campfire was lovely.

Yeah, they certainly took it seriously.

[Mrs. Jensen] Wait.

Aren't these the clues?


Yup, I believe they are.

Then what clues are they hunting?

-[Clay] Football players fuck with people.

It's what they do.

[distant howling]




[reflective music plays]

[twigs snapping]


[Clay groans]
What the fuck? Hey, let me go!

-Hey! Help!

[cacophony of distorted sounds]

[distant screaming]

[breathes shakily]

[twigs snapping]

[suspenseful music plays]

[Justin] Fucking Beecher.


[grunting, groaning]

[both yelling]

-Justin, what the actual fuck?

I thought you were a football player.

I am a football player.

-And so are you. What the fuck is up?

[pants] Have you been with Beecher
and those guys?

I was supposed to be with Zach,
he ditched me.

-Why? What did Beecher do?
-It's nothing.

Tell me.

Him and a couple other guys held me down,
and... and Clay ran off.

I knew it was Beecher

'cause I could smell
his nasty-ass body spray,

and now I have to look for Clay or them.

They're fucking with Clay again?

[distant scream echoes]

[breathing heavily]

Or with us.

All right, come on, let's go.

[eerie music plays]

No, stop! Please stop! Please!

[screams, groans]

[gasps, groans]


[tense music plays]

-[gasps, cries out]
-[heartbeat pounds]

[heart beats faster]

[heart monitor pounds rhythmically]

[heartbeat increases rapidly]

[heart monitor beats rapidly, flatlines]

[rhythmic beeping]




[breathes heavily]




[eerie music plays]

[male voice echoes] Revenge.

[female voice echoes]
Fuck you! Enough!

[Monty] It's the football team, dude.
That's why you're in the hole.

[Clay] I don't get it.

Why are they coming after me?

For me.

You were that important to them?

I mean, no offense, but...

Yeah. They loved me, man.

I had their back,
any time, no matter what.

I was there, whatever they needed.

How can you be that way for them,
but then...

but then do what you did to Tyler?


I get angry.

Got angry.

And I lost myself.

I did things out of,

like... [sighs]

...rage and fear...

that weren't really what was in my heart.

Does that ever happen to you?

Anger taking over, do you ever have that?


What happened in the jail?

It was in the hallway.

Some old biker dude heard
that I was a child molester,

and decided he was gonna be
a fucking hero of the county jail,

just stuck a shiv in me,


Third time, he left it in.

Did it hurt?


It... it didn't hurt going in,

it hurt bleeding out,

and I knew I was dead.

[voice catches] I just knew it.

Can you...

can you ever forgive me?

I'm not who needs to forgive you.

[tense music plays]

[Clay] And what if I just lose it again?

-What then?
-[music stops abruptly]

[footsteps approaching]


You, uh, ditch the hunt too?

Yeah, it was stupid.


Can I?

Yeah, go right ahead.


Hey, so, what happened
between you and Winston?


I thought
you guys really liked each other,

and he seems really sad and...

Ty, drop it.

He's just a really good guy,
and you are too,

-so I just...
-No, he's actually not a really good guy.

Winston was with Monty that night.

And he's only our friend so he can
find out who really killed Bryce.

[dejectedly] Oh.

Shit, um...

Did you say anything to him?

You know, anything that could
get us in trouble, or...

I don't know.

And we shouldn't trust him?

I don't know who to trust anymore.

[tense music plays]

[Alex] I think those float better on water
than rocks.

Wanna find out?

No, my dad's just up the hill.


I just feel like maybe
I'm just not meant to be happy, or like...

Listen, man, happiness,

it just makes us unhappy.

I thought for a minute
maybe I had found something kinda close,

but... I was just wrong.


It's just like we chase shit
that we think is gonna make us happy,

but it doesn't.

It just ends sad.

Every fucking time. Every fucking time!

That's why you gotta be OK
not being happy.

That's what sets you free.
That's what makes us free.

The fact that
you can just let go of everything

and just say, "Fuck it," you know?
Just fuck it all.


-Fuck it all.

-Fuck it all!
-Fuck it all!

Whoa! [chuckles]

[both] Fuck it all.

Fuck it all. Let's go.

-You know what? Fuck it all!

-Fuck it all!
-[appreciative] Oh!


-Fuck it all!
-[coughs] Fuck it all!

-Fuck it all!
-Fuck it all!

-Fuck it all! Ha!
-Fuck it all!


[suspenseful music plays]

[eerie music plays]


-[Alex screams]


[strained gasping]


[breathes heavily]
C'mon, almost there. C'mon.

[groans] Fuck!

[both gasp, groan]

[Zach giggles]

Holy shit.

Alex, you almost died.

[gasps, groans]

Yo, are you with me or what?

Talk to me, come on.
What the fuck is going on, man?

[sobs gently]

Shit's so fucked up.

Yeah, you think?



Did you just leave Tony alone?

He seemed to prefer it that way.

Did you talk to Alex?

Tyler, whatever he said,
I can take it, just tell me the truth.

Like you told me the truth?


Why didn't you tell me
you were friends with Monty?

Who told you that?

You were just pretending to be my friend.

Just using me like you used Alex.

Is... is that what Alex said?

Is it true?

It's complicated.

I knew Monty a little bit.

Why didn't you tell me?

It's because of what he did to you.

And you were the first person
to ever be nice to me at Liberty,

and I hoped we could be friends.


Why did you hope that?

Because I needed a friend.

[tense music plays]

Aren't you gonna finish the hunt?

[indistinct muttering]

I'm telling you, we went back for him,
he wasn't in the hole.

Does Beecher have him?

We don't know where the fuck
Beecher even is. He's missing.



[Clay] What if someone started
fucking with the football team?



[haunting voice] Revenge.

[whispering] Revenge.

Who is that?

-Who is that?
-[branches snapping]

[jock] What the fuck?

It's blood!

[Clay] That'd be cool.

[lock clanks open]

Shit. They're not here.

If we hang out, they'll show.
Or do we go back and report Clay missing?

I don't know.
It's just attention we don't need.

We also don't need Clay lost.

-[door slams]
-What the fuck?

What the fuck?

Where's Clay?

We don't know.

Fuck you, you don't know.

What are you guys doing? What's the game?

We just... We fucked with the clues, OK?

We sent people places
to freak them out, that's it.

That's all we did.

And there's shit happening that is not us.

There's something out there.

[chuckling] Diego, man, give it up.

You're a somewhat decent DB,
but you are a shitty liar.

[muffled screaming]

Come on. Jesus, enough!

It's not us!

[muffled yelling]

Oh, shit!

[muffled moaning]

-[Luke] Get up. Come on.
-I told you it's not us.

-[Luke] Come on. Get up!

-Come on. You're OK, bro.
-[muffled gasping]

Can we... get him some pants?

[eerie music plays]


[voice whispers] Confess.

Fucking Diego.

I know it's you.

You're not gonna scare me, you asshole.

[Bryce] Hey, Jess.

Hey, Jess.

Hey, Jess.

What the fuck?

[Bryce] I raped Hannah Baker.

I raped seven or eight other girls.

-Who the fuck is that?
-[Bryce] ...other girls.

Who is that?

Seven or eight other girls.


[Bryce] Shit, that looks like it hurt.

You gotta be careful
running around in here.

Fuck! [gasps]

Why are you still afraid of me? I'm dead.

I'm not afraid of you.

You sure about that?

It should feel better.
You should feel better.

You killed me,


everything's OK now, right?

You should sleep better at night.

I sleep great.


Even when you lie there...

feeling my breath on your neck?

You deserved to die.


-[bugs slither, chirp]

[gasps, groans]

[malevolent screeching]


[screaming echoes]

[indistinct chattering]

Hey, buddy.

-You OK?
-Yeah, I'm just cold.

Is your hair wet?


Yeah, I, uh, almost drowned in the lake.

-What? Jesus, Alex.
-Dad, it's OK. It's fine.

Zach pulled me out.

But, Dad, I...

I felt like...

I was being pulled down,

like I couldn't breathe anymore.

And I couldn't even scream, and...

that must have been
what Bryce felt, right?

And I let him die.

-Oh, no. [shushes]
-Dad, I felt so alone.

Like, I feel so alone.

I can't keep carrying this around anymore.

-I know it's a lot, buddy, I know.

I could say something
that won't get anyone else in trouble.

You won't get in trouble.

I could just say that it was me alone
and that I lied to everyone else.

Wait a minute, buddy, listen to me.

It's not just you here, OK?

-No, I know.
-No, listen.

I don't want to put
any more pressure on, all right?

But every single one of us,
we want the best for you.

Your friends, they lined up
because you deserve your life,

and you do not want to throw that away.

But, Dad, it's not right.

The older I get, the less I think I know
what's right all the time

or that it's even ours to judge.

I know one thing:

your friends put it all on the line
for you,

and they're good, smart kids,
and I think they did the right thing.

But how do I deserve that?

Dad, how do I live up to that?

Look at me.

Believe this:

I love you.

OK? And I always will,

and you don't have to do a damn thing
to earn that,

but be exactly who you are
and live the best life you can.



it's OK.

-We're gonna get through this, OK?

I swear we're gonna
get through this together. I promise.

It's OK.

[distant screaming]

What the hell was that?


Stay here, OK?

-I'll be back.

Look, whoever it is, whatever it is,
it came after us.

They fucked up our tent
and stole our shit.

-They attacked Beecher.
-Then where the fuck is Clay?

Why do you care so much
about that little prick?

-We don't know where he is.
-[Luke] Tellin' ya, it's the dead kid.

-It's the woods.
-[jock] It's the ghost of Burnham Woods.

Oh, come on, stupid!

Can you honestly tell me you didn't see

or hear anything fucked up
out there tonight?



Jess, what happened?

[metal clanging, rattling]

All right.

OK, we're scared.

Enough, please.


[metal screeching]


Hey, fuck off, asshole!


[ghostly chuckling]

[banging, scraping]

[all yell]

We could starve in here.


you're not gonna starve
any time soon.

Hey! I have very low body fat, Foley.

This is muscle.

I have a few granola camp cookies.

[banging on door]

[kids scream]

-Oh, fuck!
-[Jess sighs]

This thing's getting
all kinds of fucked up.



We're out of here.

-Let's go.
-Are you fucking kidding? Stop them!

-We're all getting the fuck out of here.

We gotta talk.



[phone clicks]

How do I have my phone?

[cell beeps]

[suspenseful music plays]

What the fuck?


[Charlie] So, Winston... and Alex?

And Alex is, like, heartbroken.

And now we're fucked.

Oh, I'm sorry, more fucked.

-Does Winston know why Alex did it?
-[banging on door]


Oh, for fuck's sake.

Can we leave the damn door open now?

Diego pointed me this way,
so what the fuck is going on?

Winston Williams can alibi Monty.

-[Zach] Yeah.

[Tony] The Hillcrest kid?

He knows Monty didn't kill Bryce.
He was with him that night.

Oh, and on top of that,
Clay and Ani have known that for months.

Um... I'm sure it was just to protect us.

Big surprise. They failed.

So, the email was Winston?

-I mean, is he gonna talk tonight?
-We don't know that it was Winston.

Other people might want it out.

Like who?

Like Tyler.

Tony, what makes you say that?

Guys, maybe it was Ani.

Think about it.

It's way easier for her
to hack Clay than Winston,

and now she's not even here?

Honestly, any one of us
could have written that email.

-Including you.
-Yes, Zach, including me.

So are we gonna fucking fall apart
about it, or trust each other?

-What's it gonna be?
-Clay's lost. We need to find him.

[Bill] Hey, kids.

Everything OK?

Shall we get back to camp?

[indistinct chattering]

[horn sounds]

I won.

Where'd you get all that?

You left me for dead.

Oh, no way, dude. We went back for you,
you weren't there.

I was unconscious.

No. You were gone.

I don't know what you think you're up to,
but we know shit now.


Was it you? Are you working with them now?

I... Seriously, I don't know
what you're talking about.


But what about you?
You knew Diego was gonna fuck with me.

You said so.

[Bill] Hey.

Campfire's ready. Let's go.

The traditional question
for the final campfire.


The traditional question:
"How has this weekend changed you,

and what memory
will you take with you forever?"

I'll start.


It's great to finally be a part
of the Liberty community,

to see how folks really are.

I didn't know before,
so... that's really great.

Wonderful, Winston.

Welcome to Liberty fucking High School.

[Mrs. Jensen] Yeah.

Welcome. OK. [chuckles awkwardly]

Who's next?

Clay Jensen, help me out here.


How has this weekend changed me?

How has this weekend changed us?

It hasn't.

'Cause I know that my friends and I...

we'll be friends for life.

There will always be a...

a bond between us...

that we can never break...

even if we wanted to.

Can I go next?

[Bill] Buddy. Hey, buddy.

I just wanted to say...

or to confess...

[suspenseful music plays]

...that I fucking hate camping.

[kids laugh]

-[shell shattering]
-[boy] Hey, all right! Whoo!

[girl] Good job!



Zach said I could bunk with you guys,
but is there room?

Yeah. Of course there's room.



So, uh...

I'm sorry about everything with Winston.

That's not fair.

Oh, well, I mean,
it wasn't anything, really.

Seems like...

maybe it was.

What do you know?

I know that... you're a good person,

and I'm sorry if you feel like shit
or whatever.

That's all I know.

Oh. Um...



Granola camp cookie?

So, uh... thank you.

Justin, you forgot toilet paper.

If I see him, I'll let him know.

What do you want?

So Alex breaks up with me for no reason,

Tyler finds out I knew Monty

and ends our friendship,
and tonight at the campfire,

every one of your friends wants
to say something they don't say.

[tense music plays]

So which one of them...

killed Bryce?

[Clay] Yeah. Anxiety, panic,

it's not about what you know is coming.

It's about what you don't.

[unsettling music plays]

[Ani reads text]

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.