13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Thursday - full transcript

[theme song plays]

[Zach] Clay.

Clay, help me!

[Clay] He was hurt.


And I couldn't help him.

[distant sirens wail]

[indistinct voice over radio]

[Clay] I just watched him bleed.

[indistinct voice over radio]

Jesus, Clay. Come on. Help me.

-[tires screech]

-[sirens wail]

[Justin] Clay!

-[brakes squeal]

Clay! Clay, what the fuck?

[Kerba] And... time!

I'm afraid
your victim didn't make it, guys.

[exhales shakily]

-[Clay] Sorry.
-[Kerba] Let's see how other teams did.

Wow. You guys really nailed it, huh?
Really nice work on the bandages too.

I just figured close range
with a clean exit point.

Probably best to apply constant pressure
with a compress.

It would really be more realistic

for us to deal with a high-velocity,
high-impact wound,

like a .223 from an assault rifle.

Those are illegal in California, no?

No, yeah, they are.

Hey, great work, everyone.

Look, I know this can be a tough exercise,
but it only takes two to five minutes

for someone to bleed out
from a gunshot wound. Right?

Our goal today is to...

[Clay] A tourniquet would do fuck-all
when a single bullet

from an AR-15 rips open your insides.

So, how about this?

Instead of teaching us to stop the bleed,

they make it less likely
we'll actually get shot

at our own fucking high school?
Wouldn't that make more sense?

It must be upsetting
to go through that kind of training.

This is when I lose respect for you,
when you ask the most obvious question.

[Ellman] Would you rather I presume
to know how you feel without asking?

OK, now you're just arguing.

[Ellman] I don't mean to be.

How'd the stop-the-bleed exercise
make you feel?

[Clay sighs]


It's awful. Feeling helpless
is the worst feeling there is.

-Tell me why.
-I mean, isn't that obvious?

Let's say it's not.

Why is feeling helpless,
for you, the worst feeling there is?

Is helping people important to you?

Isn't that important to you?

Very, and sometimes I can't help them.

And what do you do?

Well, I try...

everything I know to try.

I consult with colleagues,

but in the end,

if I can't help a patient,

then I try to find someone who can.

[Clay] But after all that,

are certain people beyond help?

[Ellman] I hope not.

Do you worry that you're beyond help?


[Ellman] A few sessions ago,
we talked about how you punish yourself.

Do you think you deserve to be punished?

[Clay] I think I do.

I feel like I've let my friends down

and I'm not there for them
like I should be.

[Justin] I've been asking around
trying to find him.

Pizza place doesn't know.

So he meets up with Tyler
and then just disappears?

He hasn't been in the neighborhood.
I went and asked around the docks.

I told you not to go down there.


You "told me."

You never did say what you were doing
there in the first place.

Tony, my recovery is strong enough
to see some familiar faces.

Forgive me if I'm not a big believer
in people recovering at the moment.

We don't know Tyler slipped.

We don't know for sure what we even saw.

Really? What did it look like to you?

Yeah, but there's been nothing since,
right? Has he done anything?

Said anything weird?

He's Tyler.

He says weird shit all the fucking time.

-Should we tell Alex about what we saw?
-You think we should tell Alex.

Now I know you're worried.

I believe in Tyler.

I want to.

[tense music plays]

[Clay] I made a bunch of messes
I don't know how to clean up.


Welcome back.

Welcome back?

Fuck you!

[under breath] Jesus.

Zach, I...

I don't know what happened.

You mean after you crashed my car
and ditched me.

I don't remember anything.
You gotta believe me.

From before the party, Justin told me
all kinds of crazy shit happened,

-and I don't remember.
-At some point, you had to have realized

you crashed my car
and left me for dead. Right?

I swear to God, I don't remember.

[Zach sighs]


You know, the crazy thing is...

you didn't even seem scared.

No, your eyes,
it was like you weren't even there.

It was like you were... somebody else.


Right before you drove my car off the edge
and sent me flying 30 fucking feet.

-Zach, I am so sorry.

Don't worry about it.
My lawyer says he can get me off.

He has a lot of practice.
He was Bryce's lawyer. [snickers]

It's funny, right?

Um, no.


None of this is fucking funny anymore.

You are a goddamn nightmare, so please...

please just stay the fuck out of my life.


[Clay] I've just... I've lost friends.

I've made enemies.

I need my life to change,

something to, like, wake me up.

He just sat there
and let the dummy bleed out.

Luke, he saw the whole thing.

Said it was fucking creepy.

Oh. Well, maybe he didn't like
the sight of blood.

It's kind of fucked up
they're making us learn that stuff.

I'm just saying.
He's this close to full-blown psycho now.

Well, that wouldn't have anything to do
with you and your boys, would it?

I told you,
we're not messing with him anymore.

We got other ways
to figure out what he's hiding.

-What's that supposed to mean?
-Just that he's got a lot of friends...

and one of them
is bound to know something.

Well, you'd better not do anything stupid,

or you're just gonna get yourself
suspended again.

Good thing
I'm dating the school president.

Which means
you really don't want to piss me off,

especially when we're having
so much fun together.

Sit, Mr. Jensen.

Not to be rude, but, like, who are you?

Dean Foundry.

Dean is your name or your title?

Title. I'm the new dean of discipline.


Dean of which now?

[Foundry] The district feels
it needs a more active role

in monitoring the student body

and managing disruptions
to the learning environment, and...

it seems they're right,
judging from the smashed security cameras

we've been dealing with
for the past two weeks.

Can you account for your whereabouts
between midnight and 7:00 a.m. today?

-I'm guessing I was in bed.

I was in bed.

-What time did you arrive at school?
-I don't know.

-9:30 or something.
-Or something?

-9:47, actually.

Almost two hours late.

I was in an appointment.

Right, ask my mom.

I already have done.

She wasn't aware of any appointment.
She'll be speaking with you tonight.

Anything you wanna tell me
about the cameras?

Or who might have seen fit
to destroy them?

No. Nothing I want to tell you.

Well, if you think of anything later,
I'm always here.

Now, back to class.

Take good care.

Wait. How...

How did you know
that I got here at exactly 9:47?

I know a lot, Clay.

Get to class.

[tense music plays]

[Jess] Hey!

Congrats on the interview.

-Uh, what? What are you talking about?

Uh, the alumni reps are coming next week.

I saw the schedule on Bolan's desk.

That's gotta be a mistake. I...

Not unless
there's another Clay Jensen around here

I don't know about, which is, like...

One is enough.

But you...

you did apply there, didn't you?

I, uh...

I mean, I guess.

[ominous music plays]

[tapping keyboard]

[door opens]

[Estela] Hi.

I didn't realize the door under the stairs
led anywhere.

-It's quiet down here in the mornings.

I get work done.

I looked through
my brother's stuff like you asked.

The police kept most of it,

but I thought this might be something
to look at.

-A football playbook.

I don't understand the plays or anything,

but while the coaches taught the plays,
the guys wrote notes to each other.

Monty, Bryce, Diego.

There's, like, two years' worth,
from before and after Bryce died.

OK. "Es dudoso que...

lloverá mañana."




See, you're using "que,"
so it has to be the subjunctive.

The subjunctive mood can also be used

when expressing a speaker's feelings
about a perceived reality.

"I'm sorry you're cold."

Siento que tengas frío.

Tony, I'm sorry you have to hear this.
You could school us both.

Yes, but it wouldn't be
nearly as entertaining.

-[Alex laughs]
-[PA beeps]

[Bolan] May I have your attention, please?

We are currently moving
into a lockdown situation.

Code Red.

This is a hard lockdown.

Staff, please initiate
lockdown procedures immediately.

Students, please do not panic,
and listen closely to this announcement

and the instructions of your teacher.

Seek immediate shelter
in the nearest classroom.

I repeat. This is a Code Red.
Hard lockdown.

-Code Red. That's active shooter, right?
-Yeah, it's gotta be another stupid drill.

[Foundry] OK, listen up, please!

I need students
to help barricade the doors.

-You, you. You three, let's go.
-[boy] Come on, let's go. Come on.

He, uh, doesn't look like
he was expecting a drill.

-[Foundry] Let's get those lights off.
-What is it?

Tyler's gone.

[tense music plays]

The rest of you, stop what you're doing
and you need to shelter under the tables.

[students chatter nervously]

[girl] Right here.

Tony, hey.

Hey, what is it?

Yeah, what do you know?
What's up with Tyler?

[sighs] I think he's been buying guns.

[panicked breathing]

OK, everybody,
just stay down, stay quiet.


Come on. Quicker.

Why can't we do this bullshit
when I have English?

[Kerba] Hey, Justin.

Once everyone's inside, lock the doors.
You know the protocol.

All right, Coach.
This is just a drill, right?

I'll see what I can find out.

Hey, towards the back, in the showers.
Away from the doors.

All right? Y'all stay low.

[panicked panting]

Hey, man.

You OK?

[shakily] Code Red means it's real, right?

Hey, check it.

No windows. Cement walls.

And if someone does try and come in here,
we... we handle it.

No one's getting hurt today.

No talking.

[footsteps approach]

Why so concerned? Your boy Clay bring
something bigger than a knife this time?

I've got a right to know.
I'm on his list.

-That's not even funny.
-No shit, it's not.

[keys jingle]

[Clay pants]

[lock clicks closed]

[door rattles]

[ominous music plays]


[Clay] For instance,

I thought I helped my friend Tyler
after his assault,

but now I'm not sure I helped him enough.

Or if I helped him at all.

[metal clanging, door rattling]

Oh, fuck.

-[panicked breathing]
-[door opens]

-[door closes]

[inhales, exhales slowly]


-Saw that one coming, didn't you?
-[Clay gasps]

[sighs] It's just a drill.

-What if you're wrong?
-I'm not.

-What if it's Tyler?
-It's not.

Because what?

He's better now?

Because it's a drill,

and, yes, he's better.

What reason would he have
to do this again?

Same reason as before.

Me, everyone who treated him like shit
since he was seven.

You of all people should know that.
That shit doesn't just go away.

It haunts you for the rest
of your fucking life... [inhales sharply]

...which may end today.

Fuck off.

[Monty] Are you scared?

Are you feeling what terror actually is?

The feeling of sitting here helpless,

and death is on the other side
of that door.


-[Monty] Yes what?
-I'm scared!


I know that feeling.

[suspenseful music plays]


[call tone rings]

[voicemail] At the tone,
please record your voice message.

[voicemail beeps]

Hey, Mom, it's me, Estela.

I know you're at work,
but... just thought I'd call.

They're doing one of those drills again.
I'm sure it's nothing,

but you always said to call.

[sobs] I love you...

so much.

-[choked sobs]
-[phone beeps]

[Zach groans] Come on.

[footsteps approaching]

Jesus. Fuck! [sighs]

What are you doing?

Code Red.

Did you not hear the announcement?


I was in the darkroom, I had these on.

[Zach] So...

should we wait to die?

Vicodin, huh?

That's for the car accident?


And the vodka?

That's just for fun?

Sorry, I can smell it from here.

Dude, you try walking around
with a broken arm and a fucked-up knee.

If you keep judging me,
I'm lockin' you back up in your cave.

No, I'm...

not judging.

But maybe you want to try something

that might actually take the pain away.

[Clay] We're all, like, isolated,

trying to make sense of it.

Trying to hold on.

[shakily] Can I get my phone?

Sorry, Rob. We need to stay low, OK?

[Rob breathes shakily]

I just wanna text my parents
just to say goodbye.

Hey. None of that.

No goodbyes.


don't they usually tell you in advance...

if it's a drill?

[Rob sobs quietly]

[Kerba sighs heavily]

All right, look.

We're all gonna be fine. We just need
to sit tight till the all-clear.

Or we nut up and bring the hurt

instead of just waiting around
like sitting ducks!

What the fuck are you gonna do?
Swing at the bullets? Don't be stupid.

At least I'm not a coward.

-So you admit to being stupid?
-That's enough!

-Just set an example. Both of you.
-I take offense to being called stupid

by a recovered addict
who still gets shit-faced at parties.

You fuckin' kidding me?

-Hey, Justin.
-Let's go.

Listen, Justin.
Let's go check the doors in the office.

[Clay] Maybe we all have that moment
of "what the hell have I done?"

What do you think you're gonna find?


Something to tell me not to lose my shit.

He doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Not anymore. You guys know he's better.

I'm not sure what I know.

Charlie, you and me,
we spend more time with him than anyone.

[Charlie] But didn't something change
after the cops called him in?

What the fuck?

OK, there's gotta be an explanation.
It's not what we think.

Or it's exactly what we think.

We have to turn these in and tell someone.

Wait, hold on.
We don't know that this isn't a drill.

Do you really wanna risk that?

If it's real, what good will it do
to turn the photos in?

-You think it'll stop this?
-It might!

There's a chance. If there's a chance,
we gotta do something.

We don't know that it's Tyler.
My dad said he was fine.

Maybe your dad thinks
everything's fine for you.

What does that mean?

That I'm the one
who threw Tyler's guns away,

and if I gave him a second chance,
and he comes in, and he does this...

All right, let's just take a second,
and we can think about what we need to do.

If you're wrong about this,
his life is over.

If he goes down, how long do you think
it's gonna be before we all go down too?

[Clay] Maybe we're all terrified
to find out

just what the hell have we done.


Do we protect everyone or just ourselves?

[tense music plays]

It's a drill.

-Can't stop thinkin' about Tyler?
-[Bryce] Maybe it's not Tyler.

Maybe it's another kid.

There's, what, 1,000 kids at this school?

You think Tyler's the first
to think about taking a gun

and shooting as many kids as he could
before he died himself?

Nah, I'm still Team Tyler.

No, Tyler's better.

You... you saw that.

I did, but your plan's
kinda falling apart, isn't it?

You don't know what Tyler's up to.

I don't care. It's not my problem anymore.

[Bryce] It's not your problem?

So you don't think if someone out there
put a gun to the head of, say, Jessica,

you don't think she'd rat you out?

Oh, or Alex? Or Zach?

Or Justin. Jesus.
I bet he'd piss his little pants.

No, he wouldn't. None of them would.

OK, what about you?
What would you do with a gun to your head?

I've had a gun to my head.

I've had an AR-15 here.

Right here, and I survived,
and I did the right thing.

[Bryce] 'Cause you're Clay Jensen.
You're Liberty High's hero.

You've stared down the barrel
once already.

Hell, you drove off the road 'cause
you're not scared of anything, right?

Are you a hero

or a martyr?

[door rattles]

[breathes heavily]

It's just a teacher, checking the locks.


[Clay sighs]

So you're not afraid to die,
just as, like, a general thing?

Maybe I just don't care anymore.

You say that,
but speaking from experience,

you really do 'cause once you're gone,
all that's left is the shit you didn't do.

Or the shit that you did do,
but you did wrong.

I always tried to do the right thing.

Did you?

If you die today,

is your conscience clear?

I'm not dying today.

No one can ever say that and know.

-[door rattles]
-[exhales sharply]


[rattling intensifies]

-[rattling stops]

[muffled sobbing in distance]

[dripping tap gradually intensifies]

[distant sniffling]

[suspenseful music plays]

[distant panting]

[music intensifies]

-[Estela screams]

-Have you been in here the whole time?
-I'm sorry.

I was gonna say something earlier,
but then I heard you talking on the phone,

and I heard you say your name.

Oh... right.

I'm sorry we haven't ever,
like, officially met.

I was gonna say something, sometime,
but I just didn't know what to say.

It's fine.

I get it.

[Tyler sniffles]

It's just a drill.

At least that's what I think it is.


It's just...

[choked sob] ...this is the last place
in the world I want to be.


[Clay] Everyone's past is the reason
for what they do today.


Hi, Ani.

Hey, it's me, Jess.

Look, I'm sorry I haven't texted you
or called you at all.

I hope your mom's doing OK.

Listen, uh, the night that you left,
you said something.

You said, um...

hating weakness doesn't make us stronger.

I thought I knew what you meant, but...

...now I don't know.

I was just wondering...

if you meant me?

Sorry. Anyway... [chuckles]

...you don't, um, need to call me back,
I'm being dumb.

I'll talk to you.

I miss you.

Tell your mom I said get well.


[phone beeps]


shit's weak.

I don't feel anything.

I expected quality premium substances
from you, Hillcrest boy.

[sighs] You have eaten

all of the yearbook's snacks.

-That's the last of my lunch, so...

...you're stoned.

Mm-mm. You're talking to the guy
that's been fucked up for half a semester.

I think I'd know if I was...

[both snicker]

So why are you always fucked up?

It's fuckin' high school, man.

[sighs] People suck.

Your friends suck.

I learned that in Burnham Woods.

You talkin' about what happened with Alex?

You know about it?


So, yeah.

Come to me when your boyfriend
breaks up with you for no reason

and won't even look at ya
and basically hates your guts.

Don't pretend to be innocent, OK?

You lied to him.

How's anybody supposed to believe
you actually gave a shit about Alex?

I do give a shit about Alex.

-I give lots of shits.

I wasn't playing him.

I loved him.

I still do.


What did you love about him exactly?

He's, like,

the kindest person I've ever met.



Are you in love with him too?


But I.. [stammers]

I do love him.

He's a good person, really.

I've done a lot of fucked-up shit, and...

he never judges me.

You've done some shit?

Like what?

[tense music plays]

[footsteps approach]

Oh, shit.


[Zach gasps]

[Zach breathes heavily]

Oh, shit. Did you see that?


-This isn't a drill.
-[breathes heavily]

[Clay] And we try to clean up
the messes we've made.

He's our friend, Tony.

I know that. Of course I know that.

We all want to protect Tyler
and believe that he's better.

-What if we're wrong?

-[loud banging]

-What was that?

[girl] Oh, shit.

[panicked gasping]

Fuck this. I'm taking this stuff
to Foundry right now.

What...? No! [gasps]

Alex, are you OK?

[Alex] I did this.

[gasps] Everyone's gonna die,
and it's all my fault.

[Charlie] What? No.

Tony was right.
Maybe we coulda stopped him.

[panicked] I fu...

I fucked this up
like I fuck up everything! [wheezes]

Alex, hey, listen to me. Listen.

[breathes wheezily] I can't breathe.

I think I'm dying.

Huh? Uh...

Focus on your hands.
What do you feel like? Describe it to me.

I don't fucking know!

[labored breathing]

Just squeeze my hands.

OK, you can do that.

Come on. I know you can.

[Alex grunts]

Come on, Alex. Focus on me. OK?

-Just breathe.

-[gasping breaths]

[whispers] You got it.

It's gonna be OK.

Just breathe.

[breathing becomes calmer]

[Tyler] I think he's gone.

[Estela] Do you think
he'll find us in here?

[Tyler] I don't know.

Sounds like he's moving away,
but if he comes back,

bathroom doors can make great shields.

They're two layers
of a really heavy metal.

We're gonna be fine.

Why would someone do something like this?

Maybe they're in a lot of pain,

and they think that this'll make it stop.

Why would hurting someone else
make it stop?

[Tyler] It doesn't,

but you don't know that. You're just...

You're so sad,

and that sadness makes you angry...

all the time.

[sniffs] Like you thought making a fist
would feel good,

and it does.

You feel strong again,

but then you can never...

never unclench that fist,

and you just feel like...

like you just need to hurt someone else.

Did you hurt someone else?

I almost did,

but my friends...

helped me get better.

I'm glad that you didn't do anything.

Me too.

I'm sorry for what my brother did to you,

everything that you had to go through.

Thank you.

I wonder
if Monty could have gotten better...

if he had the chance.

I guess, yeah.

He fucked up,

but I loved him.

[voice trembles]
He was lucky to have you for a sister.

It means he had something good
in his life.

[holds back sob]

[Jess] Mom. Hi.

Oh, no. Nothing's wrong. [chuckles]

I just, um...

I was on my free period,
and I was just missing you guys.

How's Seattle?

Oh, that's so cool!

I can't wait to visit you guys.

How are Elijah and Cooper?

Oh, my God. You're kidding me?

Can you tell them I love them...
for me, please?



[suspenseful music plays]

[distant gunshots]

Hey, Mom, um...

I actually have to go now.


I love you.

[chuckles] OK.


[phone beeps]

[distant gunshots]

[choked sobbing]

Hey, what the hell do you think
you're doin'? Get back in there.

Those were gunshots. We can't sit here
and let people get killed.

[Kerba] Look,
that hero talk ain't worth your lives.

I'm done hiding, and I don't run.

No, see, you fight as a last resort only.

Now go sit the fuck down.

All right, come on, Diego.

People are scared.

Well, I ain't scared.

I'm ready to fight.

[Justin] OK.

[Diego] Why aren't you, Foley?
You don't want to stand and fight?

You don't even know where Jessica is,
do you?

You're OK to just let her die.


Hey. OK, enough!

-[players murmuring]
-Back in there!

Let's go!

Coach, come on, please!
I don't wanna die like this!

If this is the last day of my life,
I want to be doing the right thing.

It's not gonna be
the last day of anyone's lives.

No one's goin' anywhere, OK?

-[buzzer sounds]

OK, everyone. Sit down!

Head count.

[buzzer continues sounding]



-[players muttering]
-[breathes heavily]

[ominous music plays]

[Clay] We try to unburden ourselves.

I can't believe I survived
a roll-over crash for this.

Death is playing games with me.
It's just a matter of time.

-[distant buzzer sounds]
-And no offense, 'cause...

you're actually cooler
than I thought you were gonna be, but...

I don't wanna die with you.

Don't worry.

I don't wanna die with you either.

[inhales, exhales slowly]

-[distant gunshots]
-[Zach] Jesus.



[strangled laughter]

Listen, if...

if I die and you live...

[strangled sobbing]

...will you tell him something for me?



Will you tell him
he's the first boy I ever truly loved?

-[breathes heavily]

Yeah, I'll do that.

-I beat up Bryce.


The night he died,

I beat him up.

-You killed him?

No, I went to the police. They told me
that he didn't die from getting beaten up.

I still feel like shit, though.

That maybe he wouldn't have died
if it wasn't for me.

If I die,

and you live,

would you please...

would you tell Miss Walker that I'm sorry?

Of course.

Thanks, man.

[suspenseful music plays]

-[panicked gasping]

See? Now that would freak me out.
That sounds like more than just a drill.

Mm, a lot more.

Shut up! Just... just...

just shut up!

OK. Say it isn't Tyler.
Say it's another kid.

Oh, like little Roddy Corman
who stood up at the assembly.

I don't know why anyone would want
to fuck with that little shit. [chuckles]

-Jesus, you're disgusting.
-OK. Whatever. Sorry.

It's that sweet, young Roddy.

He just couldn't go on.

Or it's another kid, gets beat at home.

Tryin' to figure out his sexuality.

Angry all the time.

Why aren't you saving him?

Tyler was my friend.

So only your friends deserve to be saved.

-Everyone deserves to be saved.
-[Bryce] Then why aren't you saving him?

Then why didn't you save me?

And me?

Now, what happens
when one of those doors opens, Clay?

Some sub didn't know
you need to pull on the door,

so the deadbolt
goes into the strike plate.

Didn't get locked all the way.

Kid gets the door open, and he sees
20 sophomores huddled under two tables.

There's nowhere to run.

Sitting ducks.

Fish in a barrel.

You know, he's got a 60-round magazine
and a bump stock,

and they're gone in a minute.

Femoral bleed, hearts burst by bullets,
skulls shattered.

Shut the fuck up! Leave me alone!
Just leave me the fuck alone!


Fuck! [sobs loudly]

So now 23 kids and a teacher are dead.

She died trying to shield them.
The bullets went right through her.

Clay, that kid,

the kid that you couldn't save,

-what happens to him now?

[Bryce] Does he still deserve to be saved,
or should he die?

No one should die.

Before he got to those sophomores
under the table in the room

with the broken door,
before he got there,

-he shot Tony.
-[Clay, strangled] No!

He shot Alex...

he shot Justin,

and you couldn't stop it.

You couldn't save anyone.

[inhales deeply, sniffs] I...

[choked] I can't save anyone.

I never could.

-And you found this in Tyler Down's bag?
-Yes, sir.

I thought, what if this is him, right?

No, it's good thinking.

No, it's good you brought it to me.
I'll certainly look into this.

Are you going to do something,
like, now, like something?

-Call someone?

I think it's best we handle it
after the lockdown.

But what if there's something
you can do now, and...

There's nothing to be done right now.

-We'll handle it.

-We'll handle it.

Thank you, Mr. Padilla. No, stay here.

Gonna wait for the all-clear.

[ominous music plays]

-[window squeaks]



[Jess] Fuck.

[window rattling]

[suspenseful music plays]

Oh, shit, OK.


[panicked gasping]

-[Jess grunts]
-[cries out in pain]

Hey, hold on! No gun!

[gasps] Aah!

What the fuck?


[Clay] But sometimes the weight
of what we carry is too much.

That's my dad.


My dad. He's out in the hallway.

I don't...
I don't think anyone's out there.

[Alex] No, I hear him.

-Alex. Stay down.
-Fuck, I hear him.

No, that's my dad! He's right out there.
Can't you hear him?

He needs to shut up.

-No, it's my dad.
-You two, down, now.

He's calling my name.
He's out there.

-Get down.
-I can hear him!

-[girl] Tell him to get down.
-Shit. Uh...

Alex, it's the TBI. OK?
You're not hearing your dad.

It's your brain making you think you are.

-He's not there. It's the stress.
-[Alex] No, I hear him.

Alex, it's not him, OK?
It's your mind. Trust me.


Come on. Come on. Let's go.

[Clay] Sometimes it's too much to handle.

What do we do then?

So you still don't care about anything,

You still don't have any regrets?

You're glad that I'm dead,
and he got blamed.

-Leave me alone.
-[Monty] Last day of your life.

No need to keep secrets.

Are you sorry?

Are you sorry for what you did?


Yes, I'm sorry.

-Wow. [chuckles]
-I didn't think he'd actually admit it.

We got through to him.

It's too bad you won't live,
but then again, who does?

[snickers] Blade Runner. Nice.

Well, we only know it 'cause he does.

[tense music plays]

Am I going crazy?

[both snicker]

Asked and answered, no?

Going crazy?

My boy, you done gone.

[Clay sighs]

If there's someone that needs to be saved,
I'm gonna try to save them.

And if this is the day that I die,

then I die standing up.

Though I still think it's a fucking drill.

[suspenseful music plays]

[Clay] My dad gave me this quote once.

"If you're going through hell,

keep going."

[door closes loudly]

-[buzzer continues sounding]
-[sounds distort]


[metal scraping]

[footsteps approach]

No, no, no! Don't shoot!

[panicked] Um...

Look, this...

this doesn't have to go this way.

Whatever you've done...
[breathing heavily]

...it can be OK.

OK? Just...

please don't shoot.

Don't shoot. Please.

[suspenseful music plays]

[music stops]


[Clay yells, gasps]

Clay! Clay Jensen!

-What the hell are you doing?


-[buzzer continues sounding]
-[Bolan] Clay!

Get in here! Get in here.


[door closes]

[Bolan] Get down.

Is this a drill?

-What were you doin' in that hallway?
-Is this a drill?

-Did you hear the gunshots?

You did.

-So, why did you leave your classroom?
-I thought it was a drill!

Goddamn it, Clay.

This is a hard lockdown.

There were first responders on the scene
with guns drawn.

You thought that was a drill?

Another rule
that just didn't apply to you,

so you thought you'd run around
and be a pain in my ass?

No! Someone kept trying the door,
and I thought someone might need help,

and I didn't want to die sitting down!

[Clay breathes heavily]



-All right. Now listen to me.

No. Look. It's OK.

Clay, you are not gonna die.

You are not gonna die.

The bullets were blanks.

The officers tried the doors.

The alarms were to make sure that
students and teachers followed protocol,

and the only one who didn't was you.

-They... they pounded at the doors.
-Those were their instructions.

The bullets were blanks?

Simulated gunfire to make sure
the students will be able to recognize it.

So it was a drill.

Well, if it wasn't,

you'd be dead.

[Bolan sighs]

Wait here.

[door opens, closes]

[Clay] Well, I'm going through hell.

A lot of us are going through hell.


that was a fuckin' stapler.

If I had a gun, I would have shot you.

You want to shoot me, don't you?

Deep down, you always have.

Oh, my God.

Justin, you came out of a window
during a lockdown.

Who does that?

I... [sighs]

I was...

We were hiding in the locker room,

and I was just thinking,

what if this is the last day of our life,
you know?

And then I realized...

if this is the last day of my life,

I want to spend it with you.

OK, uh...

I guess I'll just...

I'll just go back, OK?

Oh, my God, shut the fuck up.

[Justin chuckles]

["Today I'll Have You Around"
by Florist plays]

-[PA beeps]
-[Bolan] This lockdown is all clear.

I repeat. This lockdown is all clear.

An announcement will be made shortly
to provide staff and students...

♪ Walk to see the world ♪

Tyler, it's over.

♪ Through a yard
You could have it all ♪

[Estela] Tyler?

♪ Flower only in the sun... ♪

Yeah, that happened to me before,
last year early on, but...

it hadn't happened in a while.

That was the stress.

Yeah, how did you know, like, what it was?

Uh, I, um..

I googled TBIs a while back,

just to, you know, uh...
know what they entailed.

Like, what you were going through.

Oh, yeah. Um...

Yeah, you know, I'm a freak, so...


No, no, no.

♪ Today I'll have you around ♪

♪ Today I'll have you around... ♪

That... was surprising.

Surprising good or surprising bad?

Well, you two recovered.

Kind of.


-[Charlie] What?
-[sighs] Well, I shoulda seen that comin'.

Wait, what did Foundry say?

He, uh, said he was gonna look into it,

and then he said he heard from the office
that this was just a fucking drill.

OK, so if the cops bring him in again,

what is that gonna mean for us?

[ominous music plays]

[Zach] Hey, listen.

What I said earlier,
about what happened with Bryce.

I was super out of it.

And even though you didn't kill Bryce
that night, you don't want to be known

as the guy who beat the shit out of him
before he died, right?



Don't worry.

I can keep a secret.

Thanks, man.


Except, here's the thing.

[tense music plays]

If you know for a fact
you didn't kill Bryce,

then you must know who did, right?

-[Bolan] Fantastic job.

-Thank you very much.
-Thank you, sir.

[Bolan] Gentlemen, thank you
for your expertise, for your training.

[Clay] A lot of us are going
through hell...

I understand this is not easy...

-...and I don't know how we keep going.
-You made a big difference today.

What the fuck?

What the actual fuck are you thinking?

Clay, would you take a seat
in my office, please?

No! I will not take a seat in your office!

You think that this is the way
to make us safe?

You know what would make me feel safe?

Not having to go to a school
with metal detectors

or video cameras
or armed fucking guards!

[Bolan stammers]
There's still class, folks.

OK? Bell has not rung.

[Clay] No, you're killing us!

You are killing us! Don't you get that?

You made a drill with gunshots

and hammered down the door
to prepare us for what?

What it feels like to be hunted?

To practice getting ready to die,
to make us feel afraid for our lives?

We already know how that feels!
You're scaring us to death!

-Every day! Every day! Every day!
-[guard] Calm down, son.

I am not your goddamn son!

Get the fuck away from me!

[shocked gasps]

We are children!

We're kids!
We should be living our fucking lives

instead of practicing how to cheat death,
because you know what?

Everybody fucking dies!

Everybody dies!

So, please, please let us live!

We are trying to keep you alive.

That's what every minute
of this drill has been about.

No! It was about you
checking a fucking box, a regulation,

a law, whatever the fuck,
because you know what?

-You know what? We're not safe.
-[guard] That's enough.

Hey, fuck you, "that's enough."
Who are you?

Who are you to say it's enough?

Who are you?

[Clay yells]

[Bolan] Clay! Stop!

-Am I safer now?

Huh? I've got your gun!
I've got your gun! Am I safer?

-Look at me, I'm armed.

Should I give this to a teacher
so they can save their fucking class?

Clay, please.

Put the gun down. We'll go to my office,
and we will talk this over, OK?

Come on.

[Clay breathes heavily]

[Clay] Tyler...

what happened to us?

What did you do?

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

[sobs quietly]

[Bolan] OK. OK.


Get off me! Get off of me now!


No, please!

No! God, no!

-[Clay] No!

[thud echoes]

[gentle music plays]

["Melt the Guns" by XTC plays]

♪ Da da-da da-da... ♪

[Clay reads text]

♪ Da da-da da-da ♪

♪ Programs of violence
As entertainment ♪

♪ Brings the disease into your room ♪

♪ We know the germ ♪

♪ Which is man-made in metal ♪

♪ Is really the key to your own tomb ♪

♪ Prevention is better than cure ♪

♪ Bad apples affecting the pure ♪

♪ You'll gather your senses, I'm sure ♪

♪ Then agree to ♪

♪ Melt the guns
Melt the guns ♪

♪ Melt the guns
And never more to fire them ♪

♪ Melt the guns
Melt the guns ♪

♪ Melt the guns
And never more to fire them ♪

♪ Melt the guns
Melt the guns ♪

♪ Melt the guns
And never more desire them ♪

♪ Da da-da da-da ♪

♪ Da da-da da-da ♪

♪ Children will want them ♪

♪ Mothers supply them ♪

♪ As long as your killers are heroes ♪

♪ And all the media ♪

♪ Will fiddle while Rome burns ♪

♪ Acting like modern-time Neros ♪

♪ Prevention is better than cure ♪

♪ Bad apples affecting the pure ♪

♪ You'll gather your senses, I'm sure ♪

♪ And agree to ♪

♪ Melt the guns
Melt the guns ♪

♪ Melt the guns
And never more to fire them ♪

♪ Melt the guns
Melt the guns ♪

♪ Melt the guns
And never more desire them ♪

♪ Melt the guns
You want to melt the guns ♪

♪ Melt the guns
And never more to fire them ♪

♪ Melt the guns
Melt the guns... ♪

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.