13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - You Can Tell the Heart of a Man by How He Grieves - full transcript

The police bring in Tony for questioning. At Bryce's funeral, Ani uncovers two damning secrets.

Do you plan on taking these off
or am I still a risk to your safety?

♪ What could I say? ♪

We all have secrets
that we carry with us.

♪ Taken aback ♪

And the more we carry,
the heavier the load.

♪ All that you gave ♪

Though some of us have more practice
than others.

So, we're just trying to understand
your relationship with Bryce.

Well, that's easy,
'cause there wasn't one.

Did you ever have any contact with him?



So, you went to the same school,
and knew some of the same people,

but your paths never crossed?

Obviously, our paths crossed in the halls,
but he wasn't my friend.

I don't imagine he would be,
after what he did to your friends.

And what he got away with.

But that doesn't mean
you didn't have contact.

It's his funeral today.

So it is, yeah.

Still, it's... sad...

isn't it? Any young life taken like that,
that's sad, don't you think?

It isn't the greatest sadness

of my life, so...


♪ What could I say? ♪

♪ Taken aback ♪

Tony Padilla was always
the master secret keeper.


we should have known
he was keeping a big one.

♪ It's inside ♪

♪ Keep in the know ♪

They promised four uniformed deputies
and the sheriff is here.

They don't really think
children would disrupt a funeral?

They found flyers at the school.

But all these people have come
to pay their respects.

I'm not sure that's why they're all here.

I can't help but think
his killer might be one of them.

In some families,

secrets build up over years.

Lifetimes, even.

But death has a way
of shaking things loose.

I don't think I can do this.

You can.

You have to.

It's okay to love the things
about him you loved.

You can tell whatever truth
that you want to.

Grief makes us behave in ways
we might not expect.

How you holding up, Justin?

Yeah, I'm good. Good.

- Thank you guys for coming with me.
- Of course.

♪ Taken aback ♪

I'm going to go say hey to the guys.

Yeah, I got a thing real quick.

♪ All that you gave ♪

♪ Wasn't enough ♪

And, yes, to answer your question,
I grieved Bryce Walker.

I absolutely did.

I told you not to even look at me today,
let alone text.

I'm stuck between Mrs. Walker and my mum.

- We have to talk about the Mustang.
- I am 99% positive it's his.

Tony told me he sold it
to help his dad's shop,

to a family in Arizona. He says,
"A piece of my heart is in Arizona."

- You've heard him say it.
- You always believe him?

He's never lied to me.

He's withheld certain information
for a period of time,

- but that's a whole other story.
- Clay, I'm telling you, it's his.

There's no way. And I can prove it to you.
As soon as I can find Tony.


Caleb's not answering texts or calls.

The garage is closed.
We'll go by his house later.

Shit! My mum. Bye.

- It's not Tony's car.
- We'll discuss it later.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Whoa, what a turnout.
Oh, look. You made it.

Late, to his own son's funeral!

What's that? No, it's...

Why am I not surprised?

It's fortunate that he was able
to find his way back to attend.

He found his way back
to sign the divorce papers, but, yes.

Sorry, Mum. I ran into a friend
on my way to the restroom.

And I see you never made it
to the restroom. Now hush.

Look at him. Like it's a goddamn wedding.

- Don't you start crying. Don't you dare.
- All right.

You owe me money.
Yes, you do.

All right, thank you.

- Bryce.
- Dad.



This is Katya.
Katya, this is my son, Bryce.

I've heard so much about you.

Yeah, yeah, me too.

It's good to see you, son.

- Um, I think your mom...
- Listen, if you're in town for a few days,

you know,
we haven't been to the club in forever.

- I'd like that.
- Cool.

I'm headed to Dubai tomorrow

for a couple of weeks.

- And possibly longer.
- I thought we were meeting

- with the decorator at the house?
- You got a new house?

That's great, Dad. I know you always
had your eye on that big colonial

- on Summer Drive...
- We'll have to postpone the decorator.

We're in a great new modern
they just built on Cosgrove.

We thought it might be good to...
get a property in town.

Sure, sure.

We're gonna have to
reschedule the decorator.

Maybe when you get back.
I'll let you cheat on your handicap.

We'll get something on the books.

The wait's too long, Bryce.
Let's go to Chez Mitchelli.

All right.

I'll see you soon, then.

It was as if Mr. Walker had tried
to erase Bryce from his life.

And yet, he couldn't seem to escape.

- Barry.
- Yes?

- Hello.
- Nora, hi.

We've got a seat for you up front
with the family.

- All right.
- You don't mind if I steal him?

Thank you.
Thank you for coming, all of you.

- It's all right.
- Thank you.

How many drinks have you had
this morning?

Get off my ass.

- We are burying our son today!
- Yeah. Exactly.

Barry Walker.

There he is!

Over here, young man..

Harrison, it's so good to see you.

- Don't be a stranger, you hear me?
- Not a chance of it.

- Barry.
- Yeah?

I assume Richard will call
when the papers are ready?

Or should I expect
you'll get cold feet again?

No, I consider it settled, Nora.

We got the numbers.
Richard will be in touch.

I'll show you to the door.

Not necessary.

Harrison, good night, and be well.

- Bryce.
- Terra Tech, Walker.

I'm telling you, it's undervalued.

It's not about the money, Mom.
It's about making you pay for leaving.

As soon as he signs,
he can't do that anymore.

- Scares him shitless.
- Watch your language, kid.

I think you're a fool, Nora.

That's nice, Dad. Thank you.

He was the best thing
that ever happened to you.

A fighter, that man. A climber. Self-made.

- Self-made with my money.
- My money!

You didn't work a goddamn day
in your life!

Perhaps it's time for a nap.

Don't touch the goddamn chair!

- Let's just...
- I said no,

- goddammit!
- Dad, calm down!

I will not calm down!

You never treated Barry
with the proper respect!

You were taught better than that.

By the way you treated Mom?

Listen to me, you selfish bitch...

That is enough. Enough!

You do not speak
to my mother that way!

Ever again. Or I swear to God,
I will roll you out into the street

and you can crawl your way
back into this house.

Mr. Walker, I'm sorry for your loss.
Bryce was a fine boy.

Yes, he was really. At heart. Thank you.

And what's your name?

Amorowat Anysia.

That's a beautiful name.
What does it mean?

Amorowat means "loves God."

- Good. Can you put in a word for me?
- Barry.


Leave the girl alone.

Are you okay?

Clay couldn't accept the idea
that maybe Tony killed Bryce.

Mr. Walker.

He was doing anything he could
to find another suspect.

Mom? What's the deal with Bryce's dad?

- I don't really know him. Why?
- Taught me everything...

Didn't you guys get into a big fight
after I went over there last year?

Yes. His wife played mediator, though.

I think he's mostly talk.

Did you know he just, like,
abandoned Bryce?

I didn't know that.

- But I can say I'm not very surprised.
- Honey. It's his son's funeral.

You wouldn't know it from looking at him.

Thank you, kid.

- How's the family?
- His dad seems pretty good.

- His mom, maybe not so much.
- Did you talk to Zach?

That asshole hated Bryce.
I don't know why he's talking.

'Cause he's the team captain.

Why are you even here?
You weren't his friend at the end.

Neither were you, man.

But there was a time
when we both loved him.

I didn't... love him.

I did.

He was always really nice to me.
Even when I was a freshman.

I guess he changed.


The same guy who was nice to you
is the same guy someone wanted dead.

You may not know this, Tony,
but whenever there's a murder

involving a vehicle,
we pull that vehicle apart piece by piece.

And we found this new tail light lens.

And we traced that back
to the distributor,

and we found out where
that particular part was wholesaled to.

And it led us to...

Padilla Automotive.

I guess he brought his car into the shop.

But you said
you didn't have any contact with him.

Maybe Javier dealt with him.


Well, we can bring Javier in.

Of course, that would mean
a complete check of his legal status.

It's not illegal to fix a tail light.

It's illegal to lie about it
if you're covering up a crime.

I think I'd like to see a lawyer now.

All right.


I want you to think about this.


You got a good heart.
I know you do. My son told me that.

I feel the same way about him.

All right, but you got a history
working against you.

I don't want to put you in the position
where you appear to be uncooperative.

I appreciate that.

I'd also appreciate seeing a lawyer.


Bryce was a real competitor on the field.

He fought for his team.


He was loyal,

and he was strong.

He was...

the kind of strong
that I always wished that I could be.

In a way.

I didn't always agree with Bryce.

Or what he did.

But I wonder sometimes
if all we are is the sum of our actions...

in the end.

Or if we're more than that.

I want to believe
that we're more than that.

There was a time
where I called Bryce Walker my brother.

And there was a time where I didn't.

But we're all brothers and sisters.

All of us.

And whether I like it or not...

I am my brother's keeper.



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, and...

And goodbye.

There is a son that

only a mother can see.

A mother always sees the little boy
inside the man.

So, there is a a Bryce
I wish you all had known.

He was capable...

of hurtful things.

And he was capable of deep love.

He had a soul that...

wanted to be good.

And a heart that didn't always know how.

But he...

He was growing...

and getting better.

And there were moments
in these last months

where I saw not only the little boy...

but the good, good man he might become.

Need a hand?


No, thank you.
I hired the painters for next week...

but I got a bee in my bonnet.
We'll see how far I get.

All right. Well, here, let me help.

Dear God, how bored are you?

I'm fine. I just want to help.

Oh, this is a very enthusiastic color.

It was very fashionable in the '70s.

Well, that decade was on
all kinds of drugs.

Hey, maybe after this
you could paint Grandpa's room magenta.

And then we could do my prison cell
in, like, tangerine.

Your prison cell?

You feel like
you're serving your sentence?

No, I didn't... I didn't mean that.

I asked your grandfather
to paint these walls when I was a kid.

I wanted a lime green base
with dark green circles.

I begged.

And he was remodeling, too,
I thought it'd be easy, but... no.

I came home one day,
walked in and...

he'd painted the walls that.

The sweet revenge of lime green.

His interior designer, who'd become
step-monster number three, Donna,

she said green was "trés gauche."

And what Daddy wanted, Daddy got, so...

Donna got her walls.

And now you get yours.

Oh, shit!

Um... do you have...

What are you...

What are you doing?

- Well, we'll paint the floors, too.
- What?

And the ceiling.
No. No, the ceiling we paint sky blue.

- Are you being serious right now?
- Yeah.

All right, are you sure that a 31-Flavor
color palette's what you want to go with?

- Oh, need more.
- Jeez, no!

No! No!

Mom, this...


I can't... I can't juke in this room!

I loved him.

We loved him.

Bryce Walker was a rapist!

Believe survivors!
- Mourn the victim, not the rapist!

Get that sign down!

- Bryce Walker should burn in hell!
- Shut up!

Justice for Hannah!

- Take that sign down!
- Justice for Jessica!

- Shut your mouth!
- End rape culture!

Where the hell are the police?

Come with me now.

Get your hands off our bodies.

Get off me!

Disrupting a boy's funeral,

you little shit!

Do your job!

Thank you.

Amorowat, we're leaving.

Where's Barry? What's going on?

It's going to be just fine, Mr. Chatham.
We're taking you home now.

Did they arrest those girls?


As I was saying,

one minute he's laughing
way too loud for a funeral,

the next minute he's attacking a girl.

Are you looking at Mr. Walker
because you really think something,

or because you want to look
at anyone besides Tony?

Barry Walker is one scary dude.

It's his son's funeral.
And he's signing his divorce papers today.

Yeah. He was drunk and he was angry.

Hey, you're telling me
you've never seen him like that before?

Mr. Walker had a temper.

That much I knew for sure.

God damn it, you little shit.

Hey, Dad.

Twenty thousand in damage,
you goddamn little bastard.

Twenty fucking thousand dollars!

I should break your fucking head.

Well, let's do it. Hit me.


Let him go!

Let him go!

You just let him run wild.

You let him do whatever the fuck he wants!

- What are you talking about?
- I come home last night,

I find a broken window,

my alarm going off,
the house turned upside down.

I thought I'd been robbed,
but nothing was missing.

I'm sure it wasn't Bryce.

Yes. Yeah, actually, it was.

What? Bryce?

Well, it's kind of a funny story. I went
to the wrong house first a few weeks ago.

And then we were lucky enough
to run into Dad and... Katrina.

- Katya.
- Which is a stripper's name, but whatever.

So, I knew which ridiculously
expensive house they'd chosen.

And then when the two of them
skipped town again, I just...

went over to Dad's
and I played a little golf...

in the living room,

and the kitchen and then the wine cellar.
Then I drank some wine

then I had to piss,

- so I did that up in the bedroom.
- You're paying.

You're paying for the damage.
Every goddamn dime.

- No, I don't see that happening.
- You've fucked with me enough

in this lifetime.

All right. Well, why don't you
just take me to court, then?

And I'll tell the judge about Caitlin.

- How do you...
- Who's Caitlin?

Caitlin is your nuclear option, Mom.

Wouldn't matter if Dad
had signed the divorce papers, but...

he decided to risk it.

You're gonna regret this, son.


Are you fucking kidding me?

Get out.

I'll fill Mom in.


How deep were the Walker family secrets?

And just how much was Mr. Walker hiding?

We had to think,

what about Mr. Walker?

I have to tell you about Caitlin.

Come on.

I didn't want to believe
that a father could kill his own son.

But then again, I didn't want to believe
that anyone could.

Thanks for coming with me
to this today.

No, happy to do it. For you.

- Hey, you two. Welcome.
- Hey, Ani.

Do you mind if I steal Clay?
We've got a project.

- I should probably stay with Justin.
- I'm good alone.

- Brilliant.
- Okay.

There are valets guarding the garage,

but we can get in
once people start leaving.

We have to find those divorce papers.
If Bryce knew about a mistress...

They’re both stinking rich.
Money wouldn’t be a motive.

What if Bryce broke up the relationship?

Can we look at the car?

Amorowat. There you are.

Please, refill the ice.
These caterers can't keep up.

Yes, Mummy.

Young man, you're a welcome guest.

You should go enjoy the party.

Yes, ma'am. Mrs. Achola.

I'll just...

find my way round.



Ah, I was just looking for the bathroom.

Oh, yeah. Ani...

had me looking for some more...

flowers. I guess they're not up here
after all.

Right. Well, I'm just...
gonna keep looking for the bathroom.

- Right. Good luck.
- Yeah, thanks.

Did you find anything?

Caitlin wasn't the mistress.

I found the divorce papers.

She's listed as one
of Barry Walker's dependents.


Like a child?

Mr. Walker had secrets, yes.

But secrets lose their power
once they've been exposed.



Was that his plan all along?

To replace me?

I don't think he had a plan.

I think he just

took what he wanted
when he wanted it.

And the rest of us
are collateral damage, including her.

So you're not going to destroy him
with it?


I have no need to destroy him.

And certainly not her.
She's a 12-year-old girl.

Maybe it's time
to stop letting his whims rule our lives.

To be done with the anger.

And if it helps...

she's stuck with him.

You're not.


I guess I'm just not done
with my anger yet.

I know.

Mr. Walker had abandoned his son,

and tried
to hide an illegitimate daughter.

But he didn't want Bryce dead.
He had other ways of hurting him.


no consequences, no motive.

Mr. Walker's an arsehole,
but not a killer, it seems.

Though you think Tony might be?

I don't, but...

Okay, hurry.

While Tony's secrets...

were still safely locked away.

Everybody collects Mustangs.
They're a whole thing, apparently.

Well, I feel like
this is a very specific Mustang.

There's got to be a good explanation
for this.

What do you think it might be?

I don't know.

But he didn't do it.

Can I help you?


No, I'm looking for Tony Padilla.

Or his parents or brothers.

They don't live here anymore.


Really? Where...
Do you know where he lives?

I don't.

I'm looking for him.
I'm a good friend of his.

You're a good friend, huh?
Doesn't know where he lives.

His family, they left the neighborhood.

My friend, I think
that maybe you should do the same.

What, so he's there all alone?

- Why didn't he call anyone?
- He called me.

And he's still...

- They've still got him there?
- Yes.

- Does he have a lawyer?
- Yes.

Caleb, what the hell?

- Why did they bring him in?
- It was a misunderstanding.

Where'd his family move to?

- You really have to talk to him.
- I can't right now.

Why did Bryce have his Mustang?

Did he steal it?


Tony sold it to him.


My mom's gonna love you.

She is, she's gonna love you.
My brothers, they'll try and scare you,

but you can take any of 'em,
and they know it.

I'm more worried about your dad.
He's old school, yeah?

Yeah, he is, but he's learning.

I came out to him when I was 14 years old.

He kissed me on the forehead,
he said he loved me,

and then he walked away,

fell silent for six days.

Then he comes to my room,
and he's all, "Tonio,

let's watch The Modern Families.

Let's watch The Modern Families together,
I love that show."

God bless that show!

I'm like, "Papá, I'm not gonna watch The
Modern Families, 'cause I got shit to do.

PS, there's no 'the, '
it's just Modern Family."

Now I'm worried I might not be gay enough.

- He's gonna love you.
- You sure?

Yeah. 'Cause he knows that I do.

Maybe they went to the store.

No, something's... something's wrong.

- This doesn't make any sense.
- What do you see?

They left everything on.

They must be
around here somewhere.


Tony, what's going on?

Tony. Tony, please.

What happened?

It's my family, they...

They're gone.


Oh, God.

Oh, God, Tony.


There are many things we grieve
that aren't death.

Tony, this is the third day
of school you've missed.

School can wait.

The shop can't.

Padilla Auto.

Yes. Yes, I can accept the charges.


No, we got a lawyer, okay?
I don't care about the odds!

I don't care.

Don't worry.

Don't worry.

I'll be strong.
I'll be strong for everyone. I promise.

Are they okay?

My dad's in a detention center
in fucking San Diego.

He got separated from my brothers
and my mom.

He doesn't know where they are.
He hasn't seen them.

The lawyers can work that out.
You told him you have a lawyer?

Yes, but we have to
send a lawyer down there.

They already have him...

They already have my dad scheduled
for de...

For deportation.

Oh, Jesus, Tony.

Jesus, Tony.

There is a grief beyond death.

- Beyond imagining.
- It's just you and me.

Beyond words.

I was able
to sell everything that I could.

I tried to give Alejandro some money
for taking care of Graciella,

but he wouldn't take it, so...

I guess I have enough money
to pay the lawyers what we owe them,

and after that,
I will figure something out.

- We'll figure it out, Tony.
- No, I got this.

Fuck you, Tony. You don't got this.

Where are you going?

I'm gonna crash at the office
in the garage for a few nights,

and then after that,
I will figure something out.

- Somewhere.
- You're staying here.

I've been here for three nights.

You're staying here, Tony.
This is your home.

This is not my home.

My home is on South 15th Street.
My home is where my family is.

I know. And your home is
with people you love, and I love you.


Listen to me.

- You're not alone.
- I...

I can't move in with you.

Not like this.

- I'm 18 years old.
- Yeah, so we're perfectly legal.

We can't move in together
because I'm in trouble.

How about because we love each other?

- Because we want to live a life together?
- Life?

Very messed up right now.


But your life is my life.




How did I not know?

He swore me to secrecy.

He told me his dad was struggling,
that the garage needed help. I...

I just took his word for it.
I'm a terrible friend.

This is crazy.

I mean, is he really that good
at keeping secrets?

- Yes.
- Yes.

You know the whole Hannah thing?

Some of it.

- He's still down there?
- Yeah.

I came back to open the gym.
I'mma head back there.

We're coming with you.

Stop and think if that's really
a good idea, in any way.

Okay. Well,

you'll text us as soon as he's out?

If you promise not to come running,
because he's gonna kill me.

- We promise. Absolutely.
- And don't tell anyone.

- Clay!
- I didn't agree to any of that.

Justin. Hey, how's it going?

It's pretty good, Charlie.
Think you could...

If you could just give us a minute?


- For sure. I'll go do some gum.
- Cool.

Yes, good!

He's well trained.

He's a good kid.

Hmm. Jury's out.

What's up?

They, um, arrested Tony.

He's been there all night.

Clay says they've made some connection
with Bryce.


- Tony? I...
- I know.

- You don't think he could, right?
- I don't know.

Shit, I don't know.
I mean, he does lose it sometimes.

You know Alex was taking roids?

Buying them off of Bryce.

God, I had no idea.

You know, when Clay and Ani showed up
at the motel the other night, I...

I was like, "This is ridiculous."


now, I...

One of us...

Someone we know could've done this.

Killed him.

That's crazy.

- Right?
- Is it?

When your girls broke up the funeral...

- I didn't want them to do that, Justin.
- Jess, I know.

It just felt like
everyone was shitting on him

and I could feel myself wanting
to stand up for him.

I hate myself.
I fucking hate that I feel this way!

Hey, hey, hey.

Don't hate yourself.

I get it.

Fuck, I'm such an asshole!

It's okay. No, you're not.

He didn't deserve to die.

He didn't.

No. There's no way.

I mean,
there's no way it could be Tony, right?

I don't know.

I mean, he's...
like, he can be a scary guy,

but he's a really good person, isn't he?

Yeah, I don't know who anyone is anymore.

Maybe we shouldn't even work out.

- Can your mom drive me home?
- Let's get in the ring.


No. I mean...

- First of all, you're not supposed to...
- Fuck that. I'll be fine.

We could get in so much trouble.

Well, I won't tell if you won't.

We keep secrets for each other, right?

Tony's grief for his family
took on many forms.




So, it is easy to cast suspicion.

What's up, man? Burning the weekend oil?

Yeah, a few of us are meeting up
with Charlie. Get him ready.

Oh, yeah?

Okay. Yeah, that's good.

That's good.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah. Great.

Did you go to the funeral yesterday?


Still saying that...

someone killed him.

I don't know about that.

Well, I'm just saying.

It's a tough thing.

- I know he was a big part of your life.
- I guess, yeah.

Those fucking rape girls
protested his funeral

with, like, banners and shit.

Yeah, I heard.
How'd you guys take it?

It pissed us off.

I mean, they didn't know him.

Burns me up, you know?

Yeah, man. You loved him.

Jesus, I didn't.
Why do people keep saying that?

Look, he was your brother.

And you loved him.

And it fucking hurts.

That's all okay, man.

Yeah, it fucking hurts.

It was easy to misread the signs.

I understand why
you got it wrong at first.

Because we did, too.

Red 25, wide shoot.

Um, quick sling to you?

I mean to the tight end?

No. Three wides, backs block,
so you have time to read the defense,

then I release and you throw it to me.

Backs block, you read the zone,
you have two wides on crossing routes.

You've got two wides and, uh...

One of them'll be your first option, okay?


Holy shit, they arrested Tony Padilla!

- What the hell?
- Shit, for Bryce?

What, you were gonna keep that
a secret, Zachy?

Tony didn't do anything. He wouldn't.

- He totally would, the kid's a thug.
- No.

He isn't. He has, like, integrity.

You're the one
that deserves to be in jail.

Okay. Charlie, who would you trust
to have your back,

me or that faggot Padilla?

- Wait, Tony Padilla's a fag?
- Charlie!

Be better, shut your mouth and listen.

You got five days to learn an offense.

Let's go.

Your power comes
from your back leg and your hips.


Right, except that's not...

I didn't think about your bad leg,

how it can't really pivot.

- Ow. Hey.
- I'm fine. Let's go.

But your head, I don't think...

- Dude!
- Come on, don't be a pussy!

I thought you knew how to hit?

Come on. You wanna hide in your room?
Look at your pictures?

- Hit me, you freak!
- I said stop!

Oh, my God.
I'm so, so sorry. Are you okay?

- I'm fine.
- Alex, come on.

Let's go again!


Tony, come on.

Guys, what did I say?

I very specifically did not commit
to any of the things you asked.

Well, what happened? Is he okay?

They released him.
They told him not to leave town.

- Clay!
- Hey, Tony. Tony!

Look, come on. We deserve an explanation.

You deserve an explanation?

You got one, and I don't know why
you think you deserved it.

Because we're friends!
Or I thought we were.

We are. Of...

Of course we are.

Why didn't you tell me about the Mustang?

I'll take it!

- I'm sorry?
- The Mustang, I'll take it.

Oh, that's funny.

It's not, though. It's a fucking tragedy.

You without your sweet red ride?
It's not a world I want to live in.

- Are you just tired of it, or...
- I'm sorry, can I help you with something?

Yeah, busted tail light.

- You do fix cars, right?
- Maverick Autos down the road.

But they're closed, you're open,
and I need it fixed fast.

I'm not looking for a friend discount
or anything.

Well, that's good.

Man, I just need it fixed.
By tomorrow,

or I'm kind of a dead man.

Can I just give you the work?

Or does your dad hate my guts, too?

My dad's not around very much.

Well, I hear that.

I'm sorry.

Oh, man. Okay, it's fine. Um,
I'll have it ready for you tomorrow.

Tony agreed to help him out.


He'd regret it later.

I understand. Thank you.

They won't do anything else
unless we settle up.

Fucking lawyers!

Lives are in the balance.

We can take money out of the gym reserve.

We will do no such thing.

I have...

Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt.

The Rover's good to go, man.

- Javier will ring you up out front.
- I wanted to give you this myself.

I'll take the Mustang off your hands.

This is for 50.

The car's 25.

You don't sell that car

- unless you need the money.
- I don't take fucking charity.

All right. Well, what's labor here?

A hundred an hour?

You add up all the labor you've put
into that car over the years,

especially after Monty fucking wrecked it,
and what do you get?


It's my dad's money.

It's what he gives me to stay away.

Bryce was trying to make amends,

but it wasn't until later
that he and Tony learned

just how much he had to make amends for.

But that's another story.

Thanks for driving her, Alejandro.
Thank you for everything, man.

- Of course, mijo.
- Gracias.

Her flight leaves soon, okay?

You’re going to have so much fun
with Tío Tomás and Tía Marta. Right?

They're so excited to see you.

How long do I stay?
When are Mamáand Papá coming back?

Come on, come stand next to me
like we always do.

Like Papá taught us. Right? Come here.

Arturo and Rosa Padilla
came to this country in...

- 1999.
- 1999.

And we have five children.





- And...
- Graciella.


Look at how good we look.


You see all of us?

No matter...

what may come...

or where we go...

if it's one person in the mirror
or all of us,

we remember how good we are.

Graciella, look at me.

I'm going to need you
to remember on your own for a little bit.

- Okay?
- I want to stay with you.

I would love nothing more than that.

But I can't take care of you on my own.

But I have a plan.

So, there's hope.



Come here.

You are too.

You can tell a lot about a person
by the way they grieve.

When you said a piece of your heart
was in Arizona?

Yeah, I couldn't give a shit
about the Mustang.

And the lawyer?

Was a bust.

My family got deported
at the end of the summer.

- Wait, why didn't you come to me?
- And say what, Clay?

You can't save the world.

But you can try to save your friends.

I should've been there for you.

Like you were there for me.

With Hannah.


There's a lot of shame involved,
you know?

No, I don't know.

Maybe that's why I didn't come to you.

I love you, man.

I love you, too.

♪ Eyes aflame she ran away ♪

♪ I will be where I want to be ♪

Clay, what the...
Why are you ringing the doorbell?

I love you.

♪ Need a place to call my own ♪

I love you.

I love you too, kiddo.

Dude, what's wrong with you?

At this moment?


I'm good.

So, yes,
I grieved for Tony and his family.

I grieved for Bryce Walker.

And I grieved for Clay Jensen.

We need to put Justin's picture up.

That's a great idea.

Yeah, we'll take some pictures.

That's who you really want to
talk about, of course.

Clay Jensen.

What do you got?

Well, Barry Walker turned over
the digital files

from the security cameras
around his house.

I thought it was a waste of time.

Till I found this...

It's from last spring,
during the Hannah Baker trial.


Let's pick him up.

You think you know the truth
about Clay.

And maybe you're right.

♪ Can you come to where I'm staying ♪

♪ And make some extra love ♪

♪ That I can save till tomorrow's show ♪

♪ 'Cause I need somebody
To remember my name ♪

♪ After all that I can do
For them is done ♪

♪ I need someone to remember me ♪

♪ I need something bigger than the sky ♪

♪ Hold it in my arms and know it's mine ♪

♪ Just how many stars
Will I need to hang around me ♪

♪ To finally call it heaven? ♪

♪ I need somebody to remember my name ♪

♪ After all I can do for them is done ♪

♪ I need someone to remember me ♪

♪ I need something bigger than the sky ♪

♪ Hold it in my arms and know it's mine ♪

♪ Just how many stars
Will I need to hang around me? ♪

♪ To finally get somewhere ♪

♪ I can be all done ♪

♪ Somewhere like heaven ♪

Well done, Ed, well done.