13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Nobody's Clean - full transcript

The police search the school after finding steroids in Bryce's car. Alex remembers how Bryce supported Alex after Jessica dumped him.

Kids my age,

they say the future is fluid.

- This was inside?
- Yeah, just laying on top.

Those old ideas of what it is
to be a man or a woman are going away.

I believe it's true.

I hope it is.

But we're not there yet.

Make sure you get that.

I'm gonna take my kid
home. I'll be right back, okay?

- Take your time.
- Yeah, yeah.

You okay, buddy?

- I think so. It's just a lot.
- Yeah.

Yeah. Well, let's get you home.

Did you find any, like, clues or whatever?

Well, I mean, you know,

we try to put together
everything we can, but...

you don't know what the clues are
until you know the crime.

Plenty of boys think
there's not much choice at all.

They have to be strong...

...and stoic...

♪ Come closer and see ♪

♪ See into the dark ♪

♪ Just follow your eyes ♪

♪ Just follow your eyes ♪

♪ Suddenly I stop ♪

♪ But I know it's too late ♪

...and in control.

♪ I'm lost in a forest ♪

They have to be a man.

♪ The girl was never there ♪

And hide the things
that hurt the most.

♪ I'm running towards nothing ♪

♪ Again and again and again ♪


What happens
when they can't hide anymore?


Hello, Sheriff.

And where did you find it?

I see.

No. No, I don't know the place.
He never mentioned it.

I understand.

Yes, that's fine.

I don't know, um...

I know my son did drugs on occasion,
but I never saw steroids.

You haven't mentioned if...

there was evidence he was harmed.

That boy Clay Jensen...

you'll talk to him again, I hope?

Thank you, Sheriff.

Hey! Keep your mind on the medicine.

Yes, Mum.

Keep your head down,
and leave this woman to her grief.

- Amara Josephine?
- Yes?

They found blood on the ground.

Oh, no. Upstairs.

Someone hurt my son.

Oh, dear God.

We both know that's where
this whole story begins and ends.

With boys trying to be men.

And everyone they hurt along the way.

Everyone they hurt.

Including their own damn selves.



Hey, Jess...

Justin, they found Bryce's...

What the hell?

Uh, it's Jess.
Jess has just... she lost an earring.

- Yeah...
- Justin, what the fuck?

Uh, I... I'll call you back, okay?

I thought you got rid of it last night.

First guy didn't work out, okay?
I will... I got it.

- You can't just leave it lying around!
- Just chill. I got it.

They found his Range Rover
and blood on the ground.

They're calling it a homicide.

- Fuck!
- They found drugs


- fingerprints.
- Drugs? What...

What drugs?

She didn't say, but they found
fingerprints that weren't his.

Okay, well...

That's all right, right?

It's a car.

It's got a ton of fingerprints.

He probably drove
his Hillcrest friends around.

Justin, my prints could be on it.

Did you kill him?

Of course not.

Then don't worry about it.

You don't...

You don't want to know
why my prints could be on it?

No, I really don't.

How are you feeling today, Dad?

Amara Josephine says
you've not much of an appetite.

It's those West Indies spices
she puts in everything.

She's Kenyan, Dad,

by way of the UK.

And I don't think she puts anything
in your scrambled eggs.

Where's the boy?

He hasn't been in to see me for days.


with friends...

for a few days.

Off drinking
and causing trouble.

Good for him.

Boys need to blow off steam.

You're too hard on the kid.
Boys need their wild time.

Yes, Dad.

It's how they grow up to be men.


I remember being young in this house,

raising holy hell.

Give him room, for Christ's sakes.

Let him make his fucking mistakes,
he's a boy.

Yes, Dad.

The new painkillers are for shit,
by the way.

That doctor doesn't have a clue.

Goddamn witch doctors,
all of ‘em, there’s no science...

You found steroids
in the Range Rover in quantity.

You thought: "Drug deal gone bad."

Makes sense.

You know, you can't just do this.

What about our First Amendment rights?

Yeah, that would be the Fourth Amendment,
Mr. de la Cruz. And the Supreme Court

has established our school's right
to function in loco parentis.

Dempsey, what the hell?
You got nothing to say about this?

We talked about it in pre-season.
Liberty Tigers play clean.

I say go ahead and search.

This yours, Justin?

Uh, yes, sir.



Take a look.

Quite a few of the guys
at Liberty were using, it turns out.

And you can draw a line
from every one of them to Bryce Walker.


Yes, sir?

Come with me, son.

One of those lines is brighter
than the others.

And I'll tell you why.

Hey, Dad. What's up?

Just doing some business, buddy.
Nothing to worry about.


Hey. Do you guys know what's going on?

They searched
the football lockers this morning,

- Caught Luke with juice.
- Luke?

You want to tell me
where you got the steroids?

How long you been juicing?

Do you know
if anyone else on the team is on steroids?

No, sir. No.
I didn't even know about Luke.

Do you know of anyone else

who might have been
still talking to Bryce Walker?

No, sir.

You're gonna protest his funeral?
I mean, Jess, come on.

This is so fucked up.

This wasn't me!

You guys, heads up if you have shit
in your lockers. They're doing a search.

Yeah, they already did, the football team.

No, my dad's still here.
They'll do the whole school, I promise.

- Well, I've got nothing to hide.
- Well, good for you.

Why does he give a shit
about a locker search?

So, you and Bryce,

you weren't in touch?

Homecoming was the first time I saw him
since he left Liberty.

So, you didn't know he was dealing?

- I didn't.
- You bought from Bryce Walker?

- No, sir.
- You didn't?

Then who?

Son, this is a murder investigation.

If you didn't buy
from the kid who was killed,

I need to know who you got them from.

Tim Pozzi.

He works out at City Gym.

In the warehouse district.

It's not just athletes.

Okay? I've known kids, all kinds of kids,
that juice. It's...

a body thing.

What kids? Who?

I mean...

I can't think of any names...

off the top of my head.

I don't believe it. Not Alex.

"Testosterone cypionate."


Bryce was dealing them.

Why would Bryce deal?
He didn't need the money.

Maybe it was about control.

Anyone who bought from him,

he had a hand on them.

But Alex, he's a mellow guy.

Alex is mellow?

- They're searching lockers today.
- Good.

Find a lot of those.

Wait, they told me
that you wanted to do this.

We don't need her permission.
The group decided.

The group did not decide, you decided.

You just want to piss people off.

Yes, I fucking do.
People should be pissed off!

This doesn't end 'cause
they put a fucking rapist in the ground.

My rapist! My rapist, okay?

And I say we can't do this.

We can't be this!

'Cause you want to protect your rapist,

- and that's messed up.
- No, because there's human decency!

I think I understand.

You're still a victim.

Well, you'll know where to find
the survivors on Sunday.

This is fucked up.

This is like an invasion of privacy.

He got it out of a garbage can.

Fuck Justin!

He's gonna rat people out about drugs?

Are you...

Are you okay?

Are you?

Are you okay? Ani, are you?

Fuck you guys!


Just... just don't tell my dad, okay?

Is it about Bryce?


I didn't buy from Bryce.

Luke hooked me up with a guy.

But why?

Why do you think?

Just look at me.

I think you're very handsome.
I think you're adorable.

Yeah. Well, you're the one girl
in this county

that would go for a skinny, sad kid.

And you went for Clay, so...

I'm gonna let that go
because you're under stress.

Wouldn't you have done anything
to have Hannah love you back?

To choose you over Zach,
or stupid Justin?

Even before I shot myself,
it's like the pieces never worked.

And they're never going to.

The quiet boy.

The gentle one.

There's more going on than you know.

But I don't have to tell you that, do I?

- Hey.
- Hey.

I finished.

This is the last drink on the menu
including the seasonal specials.

Wow, that's...

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Yes, it's been quite the odyssey.


You want to sit?

I mean, we can be the kind of friends
that drink coffee, right?

- I think we can be that.
- Yeah.

Our friendship survived
you dumping me for Justin before, so...

That was a joke.

I'm sorry.

Let's talk about anything else.

Can I just ask you one question?

What is it about me
that isn't good enough?

Alex, come on. It's not...

It's not about that.

Then what? 'Cause I don't understand

why you weren't ready to date me
but you're ready to date him.

Why you want to be with one person
and not someone else,

you can't always explain it.

Well, try.

It's like...

you learn to listen to your body.

Who you're attracted to.

Who makes you feel safe.


He let his best friend rape you!

And then he lied to you about it!
How the fuck does that feel safe?

You should probably go.

Right, yeah.

- Shit!
- Jess!

- I'm so sorry! I'll get napkins.
- God!

- You okay?
- Yeah. Thanks.

Sooner or later,

what's hidden comes out.

Sooner or later,

enough is enough.

So for now, just gonna have to do the bar,
make sure you have proper form.

And then, after a couple of sessions,
maybe we'll add a little bit more weight.

I can do more weight than this.


let's just see how this goes first.

Oh, don't start yet. Forgot something.

Hey, if you want some shit
to get you started, let me know.

- Okay.
- Dude, no shame. Everyone needs help.

Come see me later, and don't tell Dempsey.

All right, here we go.

Don't want you to hurt your back.

- Yeah, awesome. Thanks.
- Yeah.

♪ They got sick of the boys club ♪

♪ They got sick of those men ♪

♪ Tellin' them what they couldn't do
'Cause they were too shy or too femme ♪

♪ Until they thought of their own space ♪

♪ Where they could plug in that tight ♪

They clean out the gym lockers
at the end of summer,

so keep these in your main locker.

- In summer, I don't have a locker.
- Use the one from last year.

They lost the master key,
so no searching, no new combos.

All right, got it. Thanks.

The steroids led us to Alex...

but he didn't buy from Bryce.

- Hey, Alex. What's up?
- Hey!

Just working out and then
I just wandered over here. How about you?

Math! I mean, math! Come on, let's go.

- No one uses it!
- Picking him up from Summer School.

I feel you, man.
My brother's an asshole, too.

Yeah. See you, man.

Who else showed signs
of steroid use?

Violent mood swings. Aggression.

Montgomery de la Cruz.

The police took Luke,
but he didn't buy from Bryce.

And Monty did.

He's clearing out.

I hate to admit
Alex and Monty had anything in common...

and Alex would hate me for saying so...

but it turns out they had way more
in common than we thought.

Wait. What do you think
Monty doesn't want Winston talking about?

This was on the seat.

Is that... blood?

This is a lockdown.
Return to your classrooms immediately.

But Alex and Monty were hiding
some of the same things.

Some of them were things
all boys hide.

You want to tell me
why you were out of class just now?

Just late driving back from lunch.

They let you drive off campus for lunch?

You ever ride with Bryce Walker?

Uh, to lunch? No.

Or more recently?

Their secrets.

Their fears.

Their deep, shameful desires.

Their rage
at the unfairness of everything.

Pick all that up.

- What's going on?
- Nothing. Locker's clean.

Their rage at the world...

And you think
given the circumstances of his death

that this kind of protest is appropriate?

Well, he was a rapist.

He was also a child
whose family is mourning his death.

And we're reminding them what he did
when he was alive.

Miss Davis,

we've supported your group,
we've given you all access

to meeting rooms, school resources,

but this... This is...

This does not feel like activism.

This is a vendetta.

This is personal.

Well, the group decided, not me.

But it's all personal, Mr. Bolan.

- The personal is political.
- I don't suppose

you'd believe me
if I were to tell you that...

I'm a feminist.

No. Not really.

Well, I am. And I value activism.

I was arrested for protesting apartheid.

I've walked these picket lines three times
as a teacher.

So, I'd like you to ask yourself

if your ends justify these means.

- We believe in our cause.
- So do I.

Until you do this.

It's a troubled time, Miss Davis.

Think hard...

before you make it worse.

But Monty never bothered
hiding his rage.

He was just desperate to hide
where it came from.

Can I ask you something?

Why do you care so much?

About finding out?


I heard Mrs. Walker this morning
telling the cops to look at you again.

So it's about me?

It's not...

It's not about Bryce?

How you felt about him?

Can it be both?

We followed him home and waited.

There were things he was hiding...
that he couldn't show anyone.

Oh, shit! Sorry.

Oh, it's all right. Really.

Oh, my God. What time is it?

We gotta get you home!

Get your ass over here!
Get your ass over here!

Fucking little criminal!

Where are you?

I'll split your head open,
you little shit!

God damn it!

- What the hell?
- Hey!

Hey, I see you.

Don't move!

Not so tough now,
you fucking piece of shit!

- Do we call the police?
- I don't know.

- Just get in the car.
- You get in the car!

I'm not getting in the car
if you're not getting in the car.

- What the fuck are you doing here?
- We...


Is that blood?

What's it to you?

Is it Bryce's?


No, it's mine.

And his.

You want a taste?

No, thanks.

He was my best friend, asshole.

Leave me the fuck alone!

- I really need to get home.
- Yeah.


- You got it?
- Straight swap?

Works for me. Bargain.

One condition.

You never sell to a kid again,
you got me?

Whatever, dude.

Yeah, sure. Fine.

Tell your mom
you have Biology Club tomorrow.

So, tell her you have Chemistry Club.

Wait, so she'll believe Biology Club
and not Chemistry Club?

How does that even make...

I found his Facebook.

Winston Williams...

still at Hillcrest.

Now he's white.

What the hell?

Brian Chu.

He took the SAT for me.

How did Montgomery get it?

Bryce Walker got it from Brian.

- Why did Bryce want it?
- Leverage.

So I wouldn't talk.

About what?

Dude, Bryce is dead.

It's not about that.

I made the deal with Bryce
to keep quiet,

but really it was for Monty.

You know Bryce from Hillcrest?

How do you know Monty?

We met at a party.

Man, I hate rich kid parties.

Monty, every party I've ever had
was a rich kid party.

- I don't even know anybody here.
- So, you'll meet people.

If it sucks, we'll leave.
I don't care. Just glad to be hanging out.

Yeah, man, me too. For real.

You're the only decent human left
at Liberty.

Got that right.

All right, it is time to get fucked up.
Bet this house has top-shelf whiskey.

Who's the Latinx?

I dunno.

Where's the fucking bathroom?

Not the bathroom, friend.

And don't piss on the bed.

Rumor has it Purcell isn't much into that.


♪ Kick my shoes off and run ♪

You look lost.

Yeah, I'm looking for Bryce Walker.


- Hey! You found the place!
- Yep.

- What's up, buddy?
- Nothing.

Hey, come on in.
Take a seat. Grab a drink.

I'm not here to party.
You said that you had the stuff.

The juice? Yeah, and for half the price
that towny gym rat charges.

- Dude!
- Relax, man. No one here gives a fuck.

- There's a dude selling coke out back.
- Okay. Can we just...

Yeah, stuff's in the car.


- What is it, 100?
- Yep.

Bryce, what the fuck, man?
Where have you been?

Let's get the fuck out of here.
It's all rich fuckheads. No offense.

Hey, it was nice meeting you.

We should hang out sometime.

What'd you say to me, faggot?

Dude, chill, all right?

What the fuck?

- Whoa!
- Jesus!

Monty! Hey!

Get off of him, man!


Why'd he go after you?

No clue.

Never seen him before.

No one called the cops.

No one has to. Here's 2,000.
I can get you three more tomorrow.

Look, man, I'm sorry. He's... fucked up.
He gets, like, beat at home and shit.

Five thousand more tomorrow.

All right.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Hey, you sure that you're okay to drive?

Oh, Alex, I'm touched you care!

Yeah, I'm all good.

He's gonna fucking talk.
He'll just take the money and talk.

I'll take care of it, Monty.

Don't I always?

Pleasure doing business with you, too.
See you in a couple of weeks.


Yeah, you will.

Your friends are messed up.

Yeah, they're super messed up.

Also, they're not my friends.

Are you sure it was Alex?


But Bryce and Alex didn't know
what happened with you and Monty?

And Bryce got the ID to keep you quiet?

Bryce brought me the cash.

He said he got the ID from Brian
and we didn't talk about it anymore.

I'm fourth-generation Princeton.

Unless that gets out.

You kept Monty's secret,

even though he beat the shit out of you?

That's a secret you keep.


use it well, okay?

Monty's a sick boy,

and violent as shit,
but he hasn't got a motive.

How could Bryce not find out?

I don't think he knew.

- Because then you would've known.
- Clay!

Forget it.

Alex lied to us.

About buying from Bryce.


As for Alex,

there's not much more to say, really.

- Hey, man.
- Hey.

You work out here?

Uh, I was...

I don't know, self-improvement, you know?

I don't recommend illegal supplements,
for what it's worth.



will you show me, like,
how to do all this shit?

Justin is always like, "Squats are key,"

and all I can think about
is him taking a crap.

It's actually somewhat like that.

Uh, here, you should probably start
with just the bar.

It's my two favorite sad,
skinny guys.

It's too soon to joke.

I love you, and you know it.

- And you two working out together...
- Please don't say we're cute.

...are so fucking hot!

I can't even stand it. I'm overwhelmed.

Feet shoulder-width apart.

Yeah, and then, okay.

- Core tight.
- Sorry, core?

Like your abs.
So, core tight and then, yeah,

- the bar wants to rest across your delts.
- Okay.

- And then you just lift.
- Like that?

- Yeah, and then now you just...
- Cool.

...squat. Yeah.

We certainly had no reason
to continue to suspect him.


Try "Jessica."

That's seven. How about her birthday?

- Well, I don't know her...
- I do.

Yeah, that's it.


He was lying to us.

Every few weeks,

$100 to Bryce.

Wait, hold on.

Later in the summer
the payments doubled.

He sends $300
to somebody named Melody Scott?

And it goes to $200 to Bryce,
but still every two weeks.

Who's Melody Scott?

We will find out.

Here. Get this back in the bag.

A prostitute?

I'm, like, 90% certain.

- We have prostitutes in Evergreen?
- Shocked. Shocked!

I think they perhaps prefer "escort."

That's just ridiculous,
'cause no one's getting escorted anywhere,

but how do you even know...

Well, she said that she only worked out
from her home. No "outcalls."

So, she's an escort or a masseuse.

Or perhaps an aesthetician.
Or a medium of some sort.

But when I asked for an appointment,

she had me confirm
that I wasn't in law enforcement.

So it's all sort of clicked.

Okay, but we're not going there.
We know enough, right?

Alex went to a prostitute.
Bryce blackmailed him.

But does that sound like Bryce to you?

It seems like Bryce would celebrate him
for scoring with a pro.

That's the most anti-Bryce thing
you've said in days.

Oh, good God, it wasn't anti-Bryce.
If anything, it was anti-men.

But, I mean,
she's not going to tell us anything.

There's, like,
patient-client confidentiality.

Well, you'll just have to play along then,
until she talks.

Wait, what?

We're not gonna...

Wait, what?

We'll pay you
for your time.



what will we be...

doing with that time?

Our friend recommended you.

- Who's your friend?
- Alex.

His name's Alex.
I think you saw him last summer?

Sure. I remember Alex.

And why did he... refer you to me?

Well, um...

to be honest, he didn't refer us exactly.

He mentioned you.

And we're worried about him,
he's not in a great place.

I'm sorry to hear that.

We lost a friend of ours a few days ago.

His name was Bryce Walker.

We think he might've known
about Alex coming to see you.

He did.

I knew Bryce well.
He brought Alex here the first time.

Luke didn't want to get caught selling,
so he sent me directly to his dealer

who'd seen me around with my dad and
said no way he was dealing to a cop's kid.

So, I went to Bryce, 'cause I knew
that's where Monty got his shit.

How did you get from buying from him
to going to a hooker together?

It was stupid. It was just one time.

She said you went back
a second time alone.

And after that,
Bryce was... blackmailing you?


So, yeah,
Alex did buy steroids from Bryce one time.

That was it.

I don't think they saw each other
after that.

Relax, man. The nurse has the night off.

Mom's out.

Grandpa's senile.

It's just you and me.

Does it hurt?

Find out.

You gotta commit, though.
Do the whole line.

Okay. Holy shit!

That fucking hurts.

Give it a few minutes.


We got to get you laid, man.
That's the key here.

- I'm good.
- No, you're not.

No, I'm not.

It's not like
there's anything I can do about it.

Ah, but there is.

This is a terrible idea.

Dude, it's her job
to make you feel better about yourself.

When was the last time you got laid?

Like, months ago.

Porn and j.o. since, right?

Multiple times a day some days.



After the... the trial,

last spring,

Chloe didn't want to...

Well, I mean, she'd...
she'd barely even touch me.

And now, I mean...

no one will...

touch me.

Unless some asshole at Hillcrest decides
to sucker punch me in the hallway,

but that's the...

entirety of my human contact


Except for Melody, who provides a service
that you and I need.


Go get 'em!

Sweetie, slow down. You're not in a movie.

Can we kiss?


Shit. Sorry.

No, you're good. You're good.

- Sorry.
- All good.

Talk to me. Talk dirty.


Come on, stud.

Talk to me. Tell me what's up.

- I think I'm gonna come.
- That's it.

Show me you're a man.

Bitch! Fucking bitch!

So, wait. Where are we?

Finish your story.

No, I just, I mean literally,

the next night after we went
to fucking what's-her-name...

The next night, I met her.

She goes to East County, and we've been,
like, doing it every night this week.

Dude, hell yeah! I'm honored you fit me
in to your busy schedule.

She has to spend some time
with her boyfriend.

Dude, what are we even doing here?

It's my father's new place.

He's in Telluride with his lady.
We're gonna go in and fuck the place up.

- Dude, that's breaking and entering.
- No, he's my dad.

I'm just messing up my own place.


Oh, fuck, yes.

That'll do it.

Oh, hell yeah!

Good call!

♪ So long sitting here ♪

♪ Didn't hear the warning ♪

♪ Waiting for the tape to run ♪

♪ We've been moving around
In different situations ♪

♪ So they know
Everything you say is true ♪

♪ Turn it on ♪

♪ Turn it on ♪

♪ No love lost ♪

Dude, it's the wrong fucking house!

Oh, shit!

No! No! Hey! Hey. It's fine.

Speak and you die.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No, no! It's okay. You're fine.

Oh, that was some fucked-up shit!

Oh, fuck it, man!
I can't believe we just did that.


You're a horrible person.

Yeah, pretty much.

That kid is scarred for life
because of us.

Alex. Baby, we're all scarred for life.
Check your fucking head.

- I don't ever want to see you again.
- What?

Alex, come on.

Come back.


Where are you gonna get your shit from,

Only friends and family get the discount.


It's good to see you again.

What's your pleasure today, honey?


Come here.

Come here. It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

I don't think
I'll ever forget that little kid's face.

I'm sure he won't forget mine.

After that, I didn't get the discount,
which is why the payments went up.

He never blackmailed me.
He never said a thing about anything.

Wait, so are you...

Are you using now, or are you clean?

Nobody's clean.

- Alex, you don't have to go.
- Yeah. Well, I'm not going to stay.

I don't want you to...

I don't want you to hurt yourself.

Yeah, I've run out of ways to do that.

Do you think I'm a sad, skinny kid?


I think you are a lean...

but right-sized...

very handsome,

very complicated kid.

I'll take it.

How's... how's Alex?

Messed up.

But aren't we all?

You know, I really didn't think
he had anything to do with Bryce, but...

drugs of any kind, man, they fuck you up.


I'll have you know,
the gun is gone for good.

Awesome. Thanks.

You seem awfully dark tonight.

How are you not?

I guess I am.

But I'm alive,
so I figure I'm ahead of the game.


I don't want to believe
someone we know killed Bryce.

But it seems like
everyone we know had a reason.

Everyone's got their shit.


♪ Jesus Christ I'm so blue all the time ♪

♪ And that's just how I feel ♪

♪ Always have and I always will ♪

♪ I always have and I always will ♪

Yeah, it's coke.

You ever tried it before?
I've got some more.

No, thank you.

I offered to help the maids
prepare the study.

Your grandfa...

I'm sure you've had it before.
You're a city girl. You're all fancy.

Your grandfather plans
to receive some old friends tomorrow.

Well, let's hope they don't notice
the missing bourbon.


You look tired.
Perhaps you should get some sleep.

He's a piece of work, my grandfather,
isn't he?


an interesting man.

He's a...

racist, homophobic, angry piece of shit.

My dad bought a new house.

Same fucking neighborhood as the old one.

Not the big colonial on Summit,
it turns out, but...

somewhere in that neighborhood.

Asshole abandoned his family,

didn't even have the decency
to move to another fucking town.

Maybe he wants to continue
to be a part of your life.


I look at him

and I look at my grandfather,
and I think, "Where the hell do I end up?"

Wherever you want, I think.

Do you?

Did you end up where you want to be?

Cleaning up coke for a rich white kid.

I'm helping my mother, so,
I'm exactly where I want to be.

Well, fucking good for you.

Fucking good for you!

- Bryce! That's quite enough.
- Hey, Mom.

Go to your room. Now!

Guess I'm in trouble.

Good night, Ani.

I'm sorry about the mess.

You are never to speak to her again.
You are not to go near her.

Or you will have no home here,
do you understand me?

- Understand?
- Yes. Yeah, I understand.

I'm so sorry, Mrs. Walker.

Don't be. You did nothing wrong.

He was tired and upset about his father.

Yes, there are all manner of excuses.

But my son...

You should be very careful.

That's why I think
it must be hard to be a boy.

Because they still have no idea
what a man is.

- Is that comfortable?
- It's fine!


Is he awake?

Yes, but he's just taken his medicine.

Excuse me.



This will only take a moment.



I'm afraid your grandson is dead.

We're attending his funeral tomorrow.

My grandson?


Is dead?


What the...

What the hell happened?
What have you done?

Where's Bryce?

He's with the mortician,
being prepared for tomorrow.

What have you done to him?

Dad, please, lie down.

Get the fuck out of my way,
I need to see my grandson!

Where's my cane? Bryce!

Get me my cane, God damn it.

- I need my cane.
- You are not to stand. Doctor's orders.

Where's my cane?

Perhaps if you get him his cane
it will help calm him down.

I had the maid store it
in the carriage house.


Men and their rage...

and their insecurities,

their fears...

and all the things they do
to keep those hidden away.


We're sending you back to the future!

Alex was right.

Nobody's clean.

What the hell?

♪ Something I learned today
Black and white is always gray ♪

♪ Looking through the window pane ♪

♪ Something I learned today
Yield to the right-of-way ♪

♪ Stopping at a four-way sign ♪

♪ Someone else's rules ♪

♪ Oh, not mine ♪

♪ Something I learned today
Never look straight in the sun's rays ♪

♪ Letting all the sunshine in ♪

♪ Can't remember where ♪

♪ I've been ♪

♪ Something I learned today
Something I learned today ♪

♪ Something I learned today
Something I learned today ♪

Well done, Ed. Well done.