13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - There Are a Number of Problems With Clay Jensen - full transcript

The police interrogate Justin and Clay about the night Clay pulled a gun on Bryce. Clay discovers that Ani and Bryce's bond ran deeper than he realized.

Look, here's the problem
with Clay Jensen.

Wait, strike that.

There are a number of problems
with Clay Jensen.

Clay, a minute ago you told me

- you just went over there to talk to him.
- I mean, I did.

- That's just talking?
- It's not what it looks like.

- What do you think it looks like?
- Behind that nice guy surface,

there's a whole bloody mess.

And if you're a friend of his,

you sometimes find yourself getting
dragged into that mess along with him.

I talked him down and we walked away.

What would've happened
if you hadn't been there to talk him down?

I don't think anything.
I mean, Clay wasn't going to...

If anything, he would've hurt himself.
I was more worried about him than Bryce.

Did you go over there
with the intention of killing Bryce?

- No, I was just... angry.
- About what?

It was the day we found out that Bryce was
going to get away with... everything.

But he didn't get away with everything.

Yeah... he did.

So, you were trying to avenge Hannah Baker
by killing her rapist?

No! If you look, I didn't do anything.

Back then. Someone stopped you.
Where'd you get the gun?


this guy I found on the internet.
I never learned his name.

Did you bring it to Bryce's a couple weeks
ago when you threatened to kill him then?

- No.
- Then where is the gun?

What happened to the gun?

Justin got rid of it that night.

He threw it in a dumpster downtown

I threw it out,
behind some restaurant downtown.

I really didn't want Clay to...
try and hurt himself.

Or try to hurt Bryce again?

- No. That night was the end of it.
- It wasn't really, was it?

It wasn't the last time
you confronted Bryce.

- Clay hadn't told you about this?
- No.

Did you know Clay had a gun?

- Have you ever seen him be this volatile?
- No.

How well do you know Clay?

Not all that well.

- Well, he picks you up for school. Often.
- We're partners...

in robotics.

We're not really close friends.

Well, you know he had
a long-standing hatred for my son?

- I know there was bad blood.
- You knew they fought,

when Clay came over to buy drugs.

I didn't know that.

But you know about Hannah Baker?

Only very little.

Clay wasn't terribly eager
to talk about Hannah.

Neither was Bryce, for that matter.

Did Bryce and Clay have any reason
to fight...

- over you?
- No.

No, I mean, I can't imagine.

Well, the police have Clay and Justin
down at the station now.

They'll sort this out.


I know this must be a shock,

to discover that a boy you cared about,
a boy who seemed good,

could be capable of something so violent.

- My mother...
- Doesn't need to know.

For now.

It turned out there was a lot
I didn't know about Clay.

We found your fingerprints outside
the driver's side door of Bryce's car.

My friend lives at Bryce's house,
I've been around there a lot.

- Your friend Ani?
- Yes.

- Your girlfriend?
- Just friend.

If she had a boyfriend,
would you be jealous?

She didn't have a boyfriend.

No, but you care for her,
feel protective of her?

Everyone feels protective
of their friends.

Yeah, but maybe you thought
you needed to protect Ani,

from Bryce, kind of how you thought
you were trying to protect Hannah

- back then.
- I wasn't protecting Hannah.

- Hannah was dead!
- Because you failed to protect her.

Maybe without Hannah,
you were looking for another girl to save.

I wasn't trying to save anyone!

And Ani was living
with the person who hurt Hannah.

That's not the same at all!

Ani is...

nothing like Hannah.

Clay and I had fun together.

At first.

He had opinions, so did I.

You're speaking insane things.

You're being very defensive.

You just ripped my favorite character
to shreds.

That's where you went wrong,
choosing Percy as your favorite character.

Terrible decision. Your taste is shit.

- Sorry.
- Your taste is shit, sorry!

You actually root for Astrid and Zymorx!

He's a douchebag robot
with the good pieces of his brain missing.

- Astrid deserves better.
- Astrid is a self-sufficient healer

who chooses to see the best in everyone.

Need I remind you
that Percy's only personality trait

is to save everyone?


Okay, now I get it.

I hate you so much.

No, you don't.

Now, stop holding my coffee hostage
with your bad opinions.

Give it here.


Say you like Percy.

- No.
- Say you like Percy.

- No.
- That's how you're gonna get the coffee.

- You like Percy. That...
- Knock knock. Parent entering.

Hi, Mom. Um... this is... this is Ani.

Very nice to meet you, Mrs. Jensen.

It's very nice to meet you, too.
I've heard so much about you.

You have?


We had a good deal in common.

We're both nerds.

It is not "dress up," it's cosplay.

Explain the difference.

Oh, come on. You're quite deep into

at least half a dozen
different mythologies and universes,

and you're obsessive
about what is and isn't AKR canon.

Turtlebot was a spin-off for kids
and the creators disavowed it.

Right, and you're pretending
you don't know what cosplay is.

And that you haven't been dying
to do it.

I hate costumes.

Like, I even hate Halloween,
and I love candy.

You spend your life hiding from people
and you hate costumes.


Don't do that "I'm quite perceptive"
thing, it's annoying.

But what you're wearing now
is a costume.

We're all in costumes all the time, trying
to become the thing we're wearing.

If that were true,
I would've become a hoodie

a long time ago.

I mean, haven't you ever fantasized
about being Percy?

About saving the world?

Why else do you read AKR?

For the story lines
and the literary quality.

Oh, yeah, the literary quality,
Alien Killer Robots.



It lets you escape into another world.

Away from all the things you have to do
and be in this one.

You can become someone else.

And that's cosplay, as well.

I don't...

Look, A, I'm terrible with costumes.

Oh, I've got you.


already got a start on your look.

And mine.

We were friends.

Just friends.

So, I never thought there'd be any reason
for him to be jealous of anyone.

What do you know about the interactions
between Ani and Bryce?

She told me they barely talked.

- That she kept her distance from him.
- You believed her?


But apparently, I was wrong.

And I learned
it wouldn't be the first time

Clay loved a girl
who didn't love him back

like he wanted her to.

- Jess.
- Hey.

- Have you heard from Justin?
- No. Why?

He and Clay are with the police.

They found security footage

of Clay literally pointing a gun at Bryce
and Justin trying to talk him down.


Of course that house
had a security camera.

Wait, you knew this happened?

- Yeah, Justin told me about it.
- Jess, do you...

You don't think Clay...

You don't think he could've actually
done something, do you?

No! I don't...

I don't know.

Was he in love with Hannah?

Did he not tell you?

- About Hannah, the tapes, the trial?
- Almost nothing.


In here.

So, Clay went after everyone
on the tapes?

I mean,
I knew he could be obsessive, but...

And when the trial started, it was like...

he cared more about Hannah

than me or anyone else who was alive.

I mean, that's not fair, because I think
he knew that I was hurting, but...

But he didn't respect that

- you weren't ready to speak about it?
- I mean, I'm glad I ended up testifying.

After everything.

It made me feel stronger.

But after that night, after Bryce,

I was constantly afraid.

I had to go to school every day
and see him.

I was just starting to get over that,
and Clay...

God, he made me feel...


Do you know where Clay went
after Homecoming?

Did he go home with Justin?

Justin was with me.

But Tony was with Clay at the game,
maybe he knows where he went after.

- Right.
- You don't think

Clay had anything to do with Bryce?

- I don't want to.
- The trial was months ago.

Hannah was a year ago. Why would he?

Now? It just...

I... I don't know.

I don't know anything.

I have to go.

- Let me know if you hear from them.
- Right.


That fan boy shit is charming
when it's about robots,

but when it's about a real live girl,
it doesn't seem so charming.

Ani's fingerprints were found all over
the inside of Bryce's Range Rover.

- Okay.
- That's not odd to you?

You said she kept her distance from him.

Maybe he gave her a ride to the store
or something.

She helps her mom out
with groceries sometimes.

Sure, that could be it. Or,

maybe Ani and Bryce hung out together

- Maybe they were friends.
- They weren't.

Living together,
being around each other all the time.

Hard to believe
they didn't get to know one another.

I think they knew each other a little bit,
but that's all.

You don't think it's possible
that they were intimate?


We found those in Bryce's room.

Had them tested.
We found semen that belongs to Bryce,

and some blood that doesn't,
not his type.

We thought maybe
they were his ex-girlfriend's.

So, we asked Chloe Rice.

Turns out not her blood type either.

How was there blood?

Just traces. Not uncommon.
Maybe menstrual.

Might be aggressive sex.

They never had sex. Those aren't Ani's.

We're gonna get a DNA sample.
We'll know for sure in about a week.

I think those underwear do belong to Ani.

And that she and Bryce were intimate.

Maybe it was consensual.
Maybe it wasn't.

Either way, I think you found out,

and it was more than you could handle.

You have to breathe,
so I can get your true measurement.

- I'm breathing.
- You're not. At all.

♪ So I can still hold you ♪

♪ Just as tight ♪

♪ And everybody knows that day like ♪

It's possible I'm sensitive
about my chest.

You have nothing to be sensitive about.

I think partial nudity
is always sensitive.

But men walk around with their shirts off
all the time.

I am not now, nor have I ever claimed
to be, a man.


Well, my turn.
You have to get a close measurement.

For the leggings.

Wait. We can just measure
over your clothes

- and subtract the...
- Just calm down

and measure.

Clay, is there something
you want to tell me?

There's got to be a reason for those.

- She didn't have sex with Bryce.
- I know it's got to be upsetting

to think of those two together.

Because you loved her, didn't you?
You loved Ani.

Just like you loved Hannah.
And Bryce destroyed them both.

- Excuse me.
- We're done here. Clay, let's go.

We're having a friendly conversation.

No, you're interrogating him.
And you're harassing him. And we're done.

- Clay gave his consent.
- Did Justin? He's 17.

- We left word for you.
- At my old firm.

That's hardly reasonable effort
to contact.

- This is a homicide investigation!
- Are you making an arrest?

I'm taking them both home. Now!

I learned that even his best friends
have very different ideas

- of who he really is.
- That's fucked up.

I mean,
I knew Clay was messed up back then,

- but I didn't know it got that bad.
- It was a rough time for everybody though.

- For you, too.
- Yeah, but...

Do you guys know where Clay went
after Homecoming?

It was his night with Tyler,
and they left together after the game.

- In the Prius?
- Yeah.

- Do you know where they went?
- Ask Clay.

- Or Justin.
- Jess said that

Justin was with her after Homecoming,
not Clay.

Wait, she told you that?

Clay didn't do anything.

- He threatened to shoot Bryce.
- That was a long time ago.

- Where did he even get a gun?
- It was one of Tyler's.

Clay and Justin
got rid of it after.

Look, Clay doesn't have it in him
to do something like this.

He thinks too much.
He doesn't just go off on people.

He went off on Bryce. About Hannah.
Everyone heard it.

Wait, you mean the fight at Bryce's house?

That was one time.

Okay, I'm just saying.
He got crazy about Hannah.

Like, when he found out
that Zach slept with her,

even when he found out that
I just kissed her, like, as a friend.

That was just jealousy.
What does he got to be jealous about now?

So, you don't...

I mean,
going with your whole imagining thing,

like, immersing yourself in the AKR world,

you just, like,

don't find Percy attractive

at all?

He's just not my type.

Well, what... what is your type?

I don't know, really.

I don't believe that I have just one type,
now that I think of it.

So, you don't have a type,
but Percy is not your type?

This is very important to you.

No, it's not. It's...

It's totally not.

Just joking.

I sometimes worry that Percy
might take everything too seriously,

and some things are meant to be just fun.

Yeah. I get it.

I learned Clay could be jealous.

Which I hadn't realized.

If you want to catch a nap
under the table,

we'll kick you at the bell.

I was up till midnight.

- Mm-hmm?
- Doing laundry.

My mom makes me do it.

Yeah, mine too.

Yeah, but at midnight?

Like, it can't wait a day?

Well, you have to learn how to work.
Nothing will be handed to you on a plate.

Yeah, she made sacrifices
so that I could have opportunities.


My mom used to make me clean,

but then I just made a point
of being really bad at it, so...

Yeah, I don't really have that option.

And then on top of that,
I asked my mom if she could make a list

of, like, which chores I had to do
on which day, but...

she doesn't show me the list.
She doesn't show me anything.

Then every day, there's this new list
and that list just never ends.

Well, she doesn't want to leave you
any time for trouble.

Yeah, well, if I actually do have
free time and I want to spend it,

I have to come up
with a really elaborate lie.

Oh, yeah. I know.

I'm a member of at least six
non-existent academic clubs.

- Six?
- Mm-hmm.

- Can I join?
- Oh, absolutely.

Why didn't you call me
right away?

I didn't want you to worry.

- Well, we're worried.
- Clay...

Justin said you were brought in
last week, too.

It was just random.
They were talking to a lot of kids.

So why would you agree to talk to them
again without a lawyer

when they clearly think
you had something to do with this?

Because I don't have anything
to do with it.

- We're getting you a lawyer.
- Clay didn't do any...

- Okay, let's just... Let's take a minute.
- He had a gun in his hand, Matt.

- Yeah, that was nothing.
- Nothing?

A gun is nothing?

Where did you get it?

Where is it now?

Clay, what the fuck were you thinking?

It doesn't matter, okay? I was upset
and I borrowed the gun from a friend

- and gave it back.
- What friend?

- Justin, do you know?
- Leave him out of this.

Clay, you don't understand
what's going on here.

- I didn't do anything.
- But the police think that you did.

Yeah, but I didn't!

You know as well as I do
the court system is not perfect

and that innocence is not
a perfect defense.

You don't believe me?
You think I did something?

- I don't fucking believe this!
- Okay. Hey, let's just take a breath.

- Dad, you believe me, right?
- Of course I do.

Clay, we will take care of this.

We will move heaven and earth to keep you
safe. But you need to tell us everything.

No more lies.

- I never lie!
- You withheld.

You think... I could kill someone?

It doesn't matter what I think.

Yes, it does!



He was a little out of his mind
that night, but it was just that night.

I drove him home. I talked him down.

- He was fine.
- And the gun?

He gave it back.


When you say he was out of his mind,
how do you mean that?

It was that day.

All the stuff that Bryce said in court,
he couldn't get Hannah out of his head.

Like he couldn't stop thinking about her,

like he was hearing her
in his head?

Just that he was...

he was thinking about her, a lot,

- I guess.
- Is Clay having his nightmares again?

Justin, we know that you care about Clay
and you want to keep his secrets,

- but the time for secrets has passed.
- I know, I just...

I was one of his secrets once.

He dropped me off around 11:00,
then left again.

Did he say where he was going?

No, but I figured he was headed home.

Clay didn't do anything to Bryce.
He wouldn't.

He hated him.

Everybody hated him.

But Clay's a really good person,
and he wouldn't hurt anyone.

Jessica told me that he hurt you once.

He sent a photo of you around.


He did.

And I guess I hated him for it.

Back then.

I mean, I did worse.

To Hannah.

And Courtney.

That doesn't make it right, though.

I don't know
what makes what right anymore.

All these people hurt me.

And I hurt some of them, and I don't know
how any of that gets made right.

All I know is the only one
who ever reached out,

the only one who ever really gave a shit
about me, was Clay.

I knew Clay didn't like Bryce.

I just didn't know how much.

Sorry to disturb.
I was looking for my mum.

She's bathing my grandfather.

She's a fucking saint, you know that?

- It's her job.
- Nah.

She cares about people.

She's gentle with him.

He stops cursing.

Mm-hmm, well,
she's not gentle all the time.

Oh, don't get me wrong,
I'm scared shitless of her.

Yeah. Me too.

But she's all I have, so...

She loves you.

Yeah, quite a lot.


nice watch, that.

My dad's in Geneva.

He sent me an apology.

No note or anything, but...

it's implied by the price tag.

Do you miss him?

Kind of hope I never see him again.


you and Clay Jensen are hanging out?

We're just friends.

I bet he has some things to say about me.

Well, he doesn't like you.


That's an understatement.

Do you?

Like me?

I didn't understand
the depth of his feelings.

All his feelings.

Holy shit!

Your side looks like my side.

They talk to you about me?

Yeah. I didn't say anything.

- How does it feel?
- What?

- To be the good kid.
- Dude...

- come on. I'm on your side.
- Whatever.

What did the cops say to you?

They think Bryce and Ani...

had a relationship.

- Had sex.
- What, like, he raped her

- or, like, they had a thing?
- Either,

- I guess.
- What do you think?

She told me they never did.

You believe her?

I don't know.

I should have realized
that Clay was

invested in our friendship

in a different way than I was.

I just continue to be impressed
that you can sew.

My dad taught me.

Which, like,
I think is supposed to be embarrassing

for me or my dad.

When, in fact, it's neither.

Uh, why do we...
why do we only do this here?

What do you mean?

I mean, we only ever work over here,
you leave all your stuff here.

If I'm not supposed to be embarrassed
about any of this, then...

are you?

It's just easier.
You have the place to yourself.

My mom makes an excuse to come in here
at least twice every time you're here.

- And there's always the threat of Justin.
- Mm-hmm.

Does your mom know
that we're working on this together?

Does your mum know everything you do?

Well, clearly yes, lately.

Well, it's just...

This is for me.

You know? Mum doesn't need to know.

She has this idea of who I am, and it's...

It's best I leave her to it.

Separate worlds, you know?

She doesn't know the things you love,
like cosplay and stuff?

It's just easier.

- Seems harder.
- Trust me,

it is way easier for all involved

if I just be what people need me to be
when they need me to be it.

That seems like a lot of pressure.

No, not really.

I like how it works.

I should've seen
that he has a problem with boundaries.

I just want to point out that
Zymorx would rudely drive up the hill

and introduce themself to your mother,
and possibly atomize her.

- Percy, however...
- Is well trained.

I'm starting to come round
to the virtues of Percy.

Okay, I'm just saying...

Listen, you know you don't have to
be anyone with me, right?

Like, any particular anyone, except you.

Is all you have to be. For me.

I mean, not that you have to be for me...

Although I'm glad you are being for me.

With me.

Near me.

Shit, sorry. I shouldn't have done that.

I fundamentally disagree.

Hey, what up, Jensen?

- Ani, you need a ride up the hill?
- She's fine. She likes to walk.

Who likes to walk?

Ani, ride?

No, thanks.

- Ani, are you okay?
- All good. See ya.

Wait, you...

There was never anything romantic
between me and Clay.

I mean, we never even kissed or anything.

But I realize now
that didn't stop him from being jealous.

How can I go in there?

Everyone thinks I'm a murderer.

Shall we just skip or something?

That seems like not a good idea, right?

You know, you just gotta walk
back in there like...

like you know the truth
and just fuck everybody else.

It's the only way to walk back in there.


- Hey, Tony.
- What the hell?

They had you down there all day.

Yeah, I was trying to break your record
and stay all night, but...

- Sorry, that was humor.
- Listen,

Ani has been asking around.

About Homecoming.

About where you were after the game.

She was?

If you need cover, I got you.

- Cover?
- For whatever.

Why would I need cover
if I didn't do anything?

- Come on, Clay.
- Where were you that night, Tony?

Can you account for every minute?

Wait, Clay...


Are you fucking kidding me?

You're lying for Justin?

Alex, Jesus. Calm down.

You told Ani that you were with Justin
after Homecoming?

- What the fuck?
- Alex, you need to calm down.

How far will you go for him?

- He didn't do anything.
- What the fuck are you doing?

- Alex, I'm afraid of you right now.
- Why?

Why are you afraid of me?

Justin told me that you've been juicing?
For months?

Of course Justin told you that.
It has nothing to do with anything.

This, the way you are, all of this. This...

This isn't you.

Fine. Okay. Keep lying, Jess.

You know, keep lying
so that you can keep fucking Justin!

He came home at, like, 1:30.

Where was he before that, do you know?
Any ideas?

- He wasn't killing Bryce.
- How do you know?

Because that's not who he is.

But he's the guy that brings a gun
to Bryce's house? The guy

- you have to talk out of using it?
- One night.

He was that guy one night.

The rest of the time, he's the guy
that'd save your life if it needs saving.

One night he was that guy,
he could've been once more.

Do you really think he could do it?

Do you believe that?

Or are you trying to do anything
to deflect the fact that you fucked Bryce?


I'm sorry, what gives you the idea

- that I...
- I don't have secrets with Clay. Do you?

If he wasn't with you that night,
then where were you?

You know what, Ani?

Fuck off.

We agreed, not at the funeral.

No, you said not at the funeral,
we did not agree.

People were in mourning!
They were in pain!

Well, fuck their pain,
what about your pain?

And every girl he raped?

And every girl who got attacked
in that fucking clubhouse

or at every party?

What about the girl

who went over to hang out with friends
and got raped on a basement floor?

- Look, I get it.
- No, you don't.

You don't get shit. If you did,
you wouldn't be back with Justin.

I don't have to defend my choices to you.

My personal life
has nothing to do with this.

Your personal life has everything
to do with it, are you fucking kidding me?

This is a fight, Jess, and you started it!
And you can't finish it, and that's fine.

That's fine! But you are not going
to stand in the way

of those of us who actually want
to make things change!

But you're not making any change,
you're just making noise!

I am making them uncomfortable!

I am reminding them
that their actions have consequences.

When I shout, they look in my direction

and they see the pain
that I feel every minute!

I will make them understand
that I will never yield from this

and I am not okay!

And you going back to the guy

who let you get raped is not okay!

Things are always way more complicated
than you think.

Not this one,
this one seems pretty fucking simple.

What the fuck's going on, guys?

I just have to say, with respect to
everybody, you're my fucking hero.

Jessica Davis is scary as shit,
but... she's so hot.

- What the fuck are you talking about?
- You've been holding out on us!

Turns out the reason she wants
to shut down guys' sports

is so you'll have more time to bone her.

Let's go! On the field!

- I don't want to hear it, Zach.
- You love her, right?

So, don't listen to what anybody else
says. Just take care of her.

Yeah, I mean...

I will.


The cops. They don't think
you actually have anything

to do with Bryce, do they?

- They think Clay did it.
- What?

Why, what do they think?

I mean, he hated Bryce.

Dude, how the fuck did everyone find out?

- About me and Jess.
- Who knows, man?

No one's secrets are safe these days.

I know Justin feels
like Clay saved him,

but in the beginning, at least,
it was for Clay's own purposes.

And "saved" is debatable.

I'm sorry about kissing you.

Well, I kissed you, technically.


I'm sorry you regret it.

No, I don't regret it.

I don't have regrets, ever. I just...

- shouldn't have done it.
- That seems like regret.

Can we... not talk about this?

Oh, yeah.

Why didn't you tell me?

You don't know the whole story.

You were lying to me the whole time.

- As long as I've known you.
- No!

You're a liar!
You even told me that yourself.

I was so stupid. People always tell you
who they are. You just have to listen.

- And you're a fucking liar.
- That's not fair.

You know, all this shit about Bryce
that keeps coming out,

I keep giving you
the benefit of the doubt.

And all that time,
I thought I did something wrong.

You didn't want to kiss me
because you were kissing him.

No, that's not the whole story!

Then what is the fucking story, Ani?

Because I had to sit there
as the cops showed me your underwear

- with Bryce's fucking cum on them!
- Okay. Right. You need to calm down.

You're always whoever you need
to be, right?

Who were you with Bryce
who you couldn't be with me?

You just thought I was some lonely girl
with her walls up,

waiting for the right guy to break
them down and save me from myself.


To save you from Bryce! The guy who...

Who you refused to see
as anything but a monster

rather than a human being
who was actually trying to change.

- Bullshit!
- Would you want your entire life

to be judged
by the worst thing you'd ever done?

He was a rapist!

Okay, Tyler nearly murdered all of you

and you did everything you could
to help him.

That is not the same.

Bryce didn't deserve...

So only Clay Jensen gets to decide
who's worth saving?

Oh, so that's why you fucked him?

- To save him?
- Clay, just don't be a fucking child.

- Were you in love with him?
- It's not that simple!

It's super simple, Ani. Yes or no?

Yes or no?

He was never gonna get better, Ani.

No matter what you did.
He was always going to be who he was.

This whole fucking world is better
without him in it.

Where did you go after Homecoming?

After the fight?

What did you do?

It's my mum. I've got to go.

Of course you do.

Clay sees the world
the way he sees it.

Does what he thinks is right.

And has trouble seeing it any other way.

Are these your underwear?

No, sir.

Ani, did Bryce ever do anything
or try to do anything to you

that you didn't want him to?

No, sir.

And you're friends with Clay Jensen,
is that correct?

Yeah, we're school friends. Classmates.

Did Clay ever mention anything
about Bryce to you?

When we first met, he warned me
about things Bryce had done.

Did you ever say anything to Clay
about your home life with Bryce?

Clay knew that I lived there.

But other than that, I keep my home life
and my school life separate.

And you and Bryce, you were friends?

Not really.

That was so close!

I thought my mum was off tonight?
I'm so fucked!

Oh no, it's fine.
Come on, we'll sneak out the window.

No. We're on the third floor.

Oh, shit. You're right.
I didn't even think of that. I'm so sorry.

- Mm-hmm.
- Maybe she won't recognize you

in your hat.

Why do I ever say yes to you?

Oh, come on.
There's some amazing shit in that attic.

I'm never hanging out with you ever again.

You're evil.

I... I know. I'm... I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.

No, I know, but I just...

I shouldn't have
risked you getting in trouble.

You've been really nice to me.

When Sheriff Díaz called me in
last week for that first interrogation,

- I lied.
- Do you think it's possible

that Clay thought
Bryce had done something to you

and he went after him on your behalf?

- There was nothing for him to think.
- Okay.

Good. So you wouldn't mind
taking a DNA test for us?

Amorowat is a good girl.

She has nothing to do with any of this.

She knows better than to get caught up
in schoolboy drama.

I lied about Bryce.

And if Clay had known the truth,


it could've been enough motive
for him to kill.

You're obliterating me.

And this is surprising?


Are you okay?

You seem kind of somewhere else today.

Do we have to talk?

We can do whatever you want.


Bryce and I, I mean...

we were just two kids, alone
in that big empty house, you know?

It was just...
it was something that happened.

Wait, slower. Slow, slow, slow, slow.

- I'm almost there.
- Okay.



Oh, fuck!



It's all good.

No, you said slower. I just...

I don't know.


- It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.

We shouldn't be doing this.

It's not good.

Well, it seemed good for you.

Just now.

I mean for you.

Why would you...

Why do you even want to?

I like you,

I guess.


I don't even like me.


- Hey, come on now...
- There's something wrong with me.

There's something seriously wrong.

You shouldn't be here.

I'm fucked up.

Maybe not forever.

Let me do you.

Do you even know how?

Yes, I do.

I think. You know what?
I'm actually not sure.

- But I bet you can instruct me further.
- I can.

No, I didn't love him.

It was...

I wasn't thinking.

You want things even when you shouldn't,
and you don't know why.


Your mom's gonna be up soon.
You should go.

No. Five more minutes!

- Hey, Ani?
- Mmm?



I've never felt like this with anyone...

about anyone...



yeah, I don't know what that means,
but I just wanted to tell you that.

What happened
between me and Bryce...

I can't explain it.

And I certainly couldn't talk about it
in front of my mother.

Hey, buddy.


you knew this was coming, right?

The dead don't stay dead in your life.
Not for long.

- You're not here.
- You think I'm gone?

You think you got rid of me?

I'm fucking immortal, Jensen.

I'll live as long as you do.

Every time you look at Jessica,
or think about Hannah...

or look at Ani,

- I'll be right there.
- Fuck you.

You think
you're gonna get out of this town,

go off to college...

I'll be there.

Graduate, get some shit job,

I'll be there.

Or maybe you get some sweet gig
in finance,

maybe you'll be a lawyer, like your mom,

and I will be all over that shit.

I'll be everywhere you look
as long as you live.

Fucking Jessica.

Fucking Hannah.

- Fucking Ani.
- No!

You can't punish me...

but you can punish her.

You're dead.

You are gone from this Earth,

you are a bloated corpse
with a hole in your head!

I may be gone from this Earth,

but I will be reborn in the bodies
of a million men.

And there is nothing,

there is nothing you can do to stop me.

You're not well, Clay.

You need help.

The minute you hire a lawyer,
it looks like you're hiding something.

Not hiding, preparing. Protecting.

I spoke to Dennis about a plea bargain,

we might come at it
from a mental health angle.

Are you even listening to yourself?

Justin said Clay had Hannah in his head,

not just thinking about her,
but in his head.

You remember how angry Clay was?

If it comes out he had something,

- anything to with this...
- He didn't.

He got a gun. He went to that boy's house.
He pointed it at him.

He pointed the gun at Bryce,

- then he pointed it at his own head.
- Yes.

- Matt, I saw the tape.
- He was out of his mind.


You don't seriously believe
Clay is capable of taking life?

Can you tell me that in the past two years

you haven't been surprised
by what Clay is capable of?

You were right
about a lot of things.

Clay Jensen is a dangerous kid.

He's self-righteous,
entitled and obsessive.


Clay, are you here?

But could he kill someone?

Could he take a life?

I'll admit, I was beginning to wonder.

What are you doing?

- What happened to you?
- I walked home from school.

What the fuck are you doing in my room?

Are you...

afraid of me?

♪ Slaves of fear ♪

♪ Till we're dead in the ground ♪

♪ Why do we waste our years? ♪

♪ Save your tears
We're here on our own ♪

♪ Why do we waste our years? ♪

♪ Till it's somebody else's turn ♪

♪ Save your tears ♪

♪ For the moments to come ♪

♪ We want to give up ♪

♪ When there's nowhere else to run ♪

♪ Slaves of fear ♪

♪ Slaves of fear
Till you're dead in the ground ♪

♪ Why do we waste our years? ♪

♪ When there's nothing to fight about? ♪

♪ Save your tears ♪

♪ We're here on our own ♪

♪ Why do we waste our years? ♪

♪ Till it's somebody else's turn? ♪

Well done, Ed, well done.