13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Little Girl - full transcript

When Hannah's parents come under scrutiny, Jessica reaches out to Mrs. Baker. Justin struggles to stay clean. Clay reconnects with Skye.

[theme music playing]

[Andy] Seeing Hannah like that,
it was surreal.

The only thing that can bring
a grown man to his knees.

I felt privileged.

Privileged that this fragile,
little thing would trust me

before she knew to trust anything else.

And that I'd get to spend
the rest of my life getting to know her.

- I'm sorry.
- [Dennis] No. Don't be.

It's perfectly fine
to be emotional up there today.

- [both sniffing]
- [Olivia] God.

I remember he couldn't stop crying
that day.

- [Andy laughs]
- He cried more than I did.

[chuckles, sniffles]

You were so strong, I think the nurses
were more concerned about me.

You were scared. We both were.

Turns out we were right to be.

[Olivia] No, no, don't do that
to yourself.

Andy, you were an amazing father
from day one.

[Dennis] Look, it's natural to ask
yourselves these questions.

But what the jury needs to hear today
is how much you loved Hannah,

and how much trust you placed
in Liberty High School to protect her.

Well, there's lots of chatter online
about Hannah's tapes.

People are worried
it's going to affect the trial.

[Dennis] I'm not concerned.

It still doesn't serve the school
to admit them into evidence

any more than it does us.

But couldn't it work in our favor?

To have Hannah's story out there
in her own words?

Or will it bias the jury against us?

How? How could it do that?
To hear what happened to her.

It's a complicated story, Liv.

[cell phone buzzing]

- [door shuts nearby]
- [footsteps approaching]

[door opening and closing]

[Justin] Ho. Today is gonna suck.

What, you mean, because of...?

It's like the first day of school
or something.

But, like, in some weird,
alternate universe where, like,

everyone's been talking about me
for months.

Uh, yeah, that's surreal.

[indistinct chatter]

[Andy] Hannah was the kind of person
that made you want to be better.

The kind of person who left an impression
on everyone she met.

Listen, this is weird, right?



[Justin] This is about me, isn't it?

Yeah, must be.

[boy 1] Can't believe he'd show up here.

[students murmuring]

[Hannah] Helmet.

Hate to say I told you so, but...

Or did we just not think
this part through?

I'm curious, what happens to Jessica now?
Or Alex, or Justin, or you?

Clay, did you not get any of my texts?

- [stammering] My ringer must be off.
- [Clay's phone rings]

Skye? Hey, hello?

Hey, Justin. I'd say welcome back,
but kind of shitty timing.

- What do you mean?
- I mean about the tapes.

What about the tapes?

Did Clay not tell you?

Maybe he doesn't even know.

- Know about what?
- They're out.

Someone posted them online.
Everyone listened all last night.

- What?
- Yes.

Are you fucking serious?

Jensen, did you know about this?

I, um...

Yeah. I kind of, I guess I knew, but...

- Look, I gotta go.
- But...

Jensen. Hey, Clay!
The fuck are you going?

We're having a meeting, by the way.

[Andy] She always saw the best in people,
even if they couldn't see it themselves.

But when she walked through those doors
at Liberty High,

that's not the girl
they made her out to be.

My future is at stake here.
What if Harvard finds out?

What happened between you and Hannah
shouldn't keep you out of Harvard, Marcus.

You don't know that.
This could blow up my entire life!

- We'll figure out a strategy when we meet.
- [cell phone buzzes]

Everyone's confirmed.
Except... I didn't tell Jessica.

I didn't know what to say to her.

Tell her that there's somebody out here
trying to fuck up our lives.

[Andy] When people looked at Hannah,
they saw what they wanted to see.

They made assumptions. They spread rumors.

- Hey, Jess.
- Hey.

The hell is wrong with everyone today?

- Shit. You haven't heard?
- Heard what?

Maybe we should get out of here.
You want to skip school?

Why? What's going on?

- Tell me.
- The tapes. They're out.


Oh, my God.

I know. I'm so sorry.
This is... it's so fucked up.

[Andy] When I think of her
walking the halls with those kids...

- [Bryce] Yeah, the ribbon-cutting.
- ...those eyes on her...

[Scott] So, with a giant pair of scissors
and all that?

[Bryce] How the fuck else
do you cut ribbon, Scotty?

[Scott] What? I don't know. I've never
been to something like this.

[Bryce] Not that big a deal.
But bring your appetites.

My dad promised food trucks.

- Oh, hell, yes.
- Cool.

- [Bryce] Hey, you're coming today, right?
- [Zach] What? Yeah, no. Totally.

- Yeah.
- All right.

Hey! Who did this?

- Get the fuck back here!
- Hey, relax. It's fine. It'll come off.

- Just a stupid fucking prank, right?
- Dude, that's pretty fucked up.

- Should we do something?
- What would we do?

- It's messed up.
- I'm not worried about it.

[Bryce's voice over speaker]
You wanna call it rape, call it rape.

She wanted me. Me.

She was practically begging me
to fuck her.

If that's rape,
then every girl at school...

Where the fuck did you get that?

- [playback stops]
- [Scott] What the hell was that?

- Was that you?
- Yeah, it was me.

[Scott] What do you want us to do?
Want me to go after them?

How the fuck did this happen?

Someone posted the tapes online.

Last night.


- Anonymously.
- [Scott] That's fucked up.

What are you gonna do?


Uh, I, uh... I just...
I need to think for a minute.

I should call my dad.


Get off! Fucking let go!

[boy] I knew you were a fucking pervert!

Hey! Hey!

Hey, you fucking assholes! Come on!

But even if Hannah
couldn't trust her classmates,

she should have been able
to trust the school itself,

especially since we'd chosen Liberty

specifically because of their emphasis
on safety and support.

So when you enrolled Hannah at the school,

did you ask about their policies
regarding bullying?


We let them know that Hannah
had some problems at her previous school.

Girls being mean, that sort of thing,

and we didn't want her
to have to go through that again.

And when you asked about those policies,
what were you told?

They said they had
a zero-tolerance policy,

that they took that kind of thing
extremely seriously,

and that she was in good hands.

But then they just stood back
and let everything happen.

If the school had just stepped up
and paid attention,

then things never would've gone
as bad as they did for her.

And she'd still be that same
happy, hopeful kid she always was.

[girl 1] I know. Did you hear what he said
on the last tape?

[girl 2] Okay, but how could she
be dating him if he really did it?

[girl 1] Unless she didn't know.

Chlöe. Hey.

The ribbon-cutting today, I might be late.

- Are you still going?
- Yeah.

- Why wouldn't I be?
- Okay.

Well, we'll see you later.

- Okay.
- Bye.




[stall door opens]

[door opens]

Here you are.

I was starting to think
you were avoiding me today.

What? No!

No, I, uh...

- Actually, I got locked in.
- I know.

I had to move the chair.

You don't know why.

I kind of do.

Kind of everyone does.


Well, I understand if you change your mind
about the movies.

I didn't.

You promised me a date.
You're not getting out of it that easily.

Well... Well, can't you tell Warren
to handle it faster?

It's a shit show around here.

I... Hey, I gotta go.

I heard your confession.

You feeling okay, brother?

- You didn't look so good the other day.
- You're going down, Bryce.

How do you see that happening, exactly?
Without you going with me?

I will do whatever I have to...

to make you fucking pay.

I'm not gonna pay
for a goddamn thing, Justin.

I've got a legal team working for me
around the clock.

I've got state fucking senators

that will talk about
what a fine citizen I am.

What have you got?

A junkie mom and a deadbeat dad?

Oh, shit. Wait, that's right.
You don't even know your dad, do you?

You never met the guy.

You're just a white trash
piece of shit, Justin.

Nobody's gonna listen to your truth.

Nobody in this world gives a shit
about you.

You've got nothing and nobody.

[Justin] Hey, Jess.

Yeah, I'm just... Yeah, I'm at home.

Yeah, I had to split.

My mom called me super early.

She got in a fight with Meth Seth, so...

Are you...


I mean,
you were pretty out of it last night.

I mean, we both were. [chuckles]

Huh? Uh...

Yeah, we did.

Do you not...?

Do you not remember?

Shit, yeah, we were both pretty trashed.

Sorry, I mean...

Yeah, you seemed like
you were pretty into it last night.

Oh, we must've just both passed out after.

Yeah, it was a fucking great party.

- You sick fuck!
- What the hell?

- I will destroy you.
- [Cyrus] Hey, back off, man.

- Get the fuck off!
- [Cyrus] Hey!

- You took pictures of my sister?
- What?

You followed her
and took fucking pictures of her?

- No.
- Yes.

You took them
and put them in my locker.

- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- This isn't me. I didn't fucking do this.

- It's fucking you, isn't it?
- What?

You put the rat in my locker,
now this?

- What do you want from me?
- You got a rat in your locker?

- Someone's fucking with you, too?
- Yeah, you.

- Why, because of fucking last night?
- No, that's not...

Fuck, it's got to be Bryce.
It's fucking Bryce.

He's trying to keep us quiet, okay?
It happened to me, too.

It's not me, I swear.


You come near my sister
and I'll murder you, you hear me?


So, what do you want, an eighth?

- I got a really great hybrid right now.
- No, no, I need something stronger.

You got any Oxy?

Shit, man. I can get you Oxy.
It's bucks, dude.

- They got the supply choked off.
- Okay, what can I get right now?

I need to get really fucking high,
and I've got 20 bucks.

I got some H. If you really wanna
get blind, you got to shoot it.


- I mean, I don't got works or anything.
- I can hook you up.

[Sonya] Mr. Baker, you're currently dating
someone by the name of Valerie Hampton,

is that correct?

Yes, my wife and I...

we're separated.

Is it not true that you first began dating
Ms. Hampton in April of last year?

Prior to Hannah's death
and prior to your separation?

It's not something I'm proud of,

but, yes, we saw each other
for about a month, then I ended it.

Uh, we didn't reconnect
until after Hannah's death,

after my separation.

But if Hannah was alive
when you first started dating Ms. Hampton,

isn't it possible she knew
about the affair?

[Dennis] Objection, speculation.

Your Honor,
it's necessary to establish a timeline

so that we can take into account
all possible effects

on Hannah's mental state.

Overruled. Proceed.

Mr. Baker, is it not possible
that Hannah knew, given the timeline?

Regardless of whether the two of you
ever discussed it.

Unless you...

You did discuss it.

[car alarm chirps]

Okay. Okay.

I'll call you when I can.

[engine starts, car departs]


- How could you do that?
- I love your mother.

I love her with all my heart,
I swear to you.

But a marriage, honey...
Honey, a marriage is a complicated thing.

It's a terrible moment when you realize
that your, your parents aren't perfect.

Don't try and turn this
into a life lesson for me.


I'm sorry.

Look, I'll end it.

I'll end it tonight.

And you'll tell Mom, okay? Or I will.

I told my wife about Valerie immediately.

We dealt with it, and afterwards,
it wasn't a problem anymore.

Hannah knew that.

[Sonya] She also knew that you had cheated
on her mother

and she committed suicide
less than six months afterward.

No, we moved forward as a family...

[Sonya] Thank you, Mr. Baker.
No further questions.

No, her problems were with the school.

With us, she was always a happy girl,
she was hopeful.

- She was upbeat...
- [judge] The witness can stand down.

Why can't we explain
what actually happened?

- Why can't we make a statement?
- It's not the time.

When is the time? Everyone knows
what she had to say about it.

You wouldn't want it to sound like
you were attacking this girl to the press.

I just don't want people to think
I'm hiding from this.

- I want them to hear my side.
- They will as soon as you testify.

In the meantime, just block out the noise.

Now, let's try and enjoy
this damn thing, shall we?

We got a lot of eyes on us today.

You have some fans, dear.

[kids chattering]

This other girl, are we worried about her?

- The girlfriend? No, she seems harmless.
- No, not that Chlöe.

She's a trifle.

The girl on the tape. At the party?

We don't even know if there was anyone
at any party. It's just a story.

Is that the position you're taking,
or something you truly believe?

These kids, Nora...

they want what Bryce has.

You don't think your son
could do these kinds of things?

Of course not.

Jesus, do you?

I know the boy we raised.

Are you sure?

- Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Walker?
- [Barry] Hi.

What do you have to say for yourself?
And your son?

[Barry chuckles] Excuse us.

[Jackie] Everybody knows what he did
to Hannah Baker.

How can you let him
be celebrated like this?

We have everything well contained.

[Jackie] You should be ashamed
of yourself, Mr. Bolan.

[Olivia] The school is at fault.
The school.

These are children in their care.

If they know something is wrong,
they should take action.


Hey. Did anything...

Did anything happen to you
at school today?

Like what?

The field looks great.
And the news is here. What an occasion!

We're not staying.

Why not?

Do you know why the news vans are here?
Do you know about the tapes?

I know that she didn't say anything
about you

that you hadn't already said...

- That's not it, Mom.
- And at a time like this,

your friend Bryce needs you
to stand by him.

Let's go, May.

Zachary Dempsey, if you are not here,
what are people gonna say?

[Olivia] These kids are going through
so much.

And parents don't know.

Good afternoon.

I'm Marcus Cole, student body president.

[crowd cheers, whistles]

Happy to be here.

Happy to be here today.

Since 1913,
Liberty High has been committed

to helping students achieve
academic excellence

in a safe, supportive environment.

But in recent years, our values have...

gone to shit.

[low murmurs]

I'm part of the problem.

I lead a group called EnGUYtened,

which is supposed to be
for enlightened guys.

But today, I'm...
officially resigning from that group.

Because I'm a hypocrite.

How can I say
that I care about protecting girls

when I've been protecting...

a rapist like Bryce Walker?

[crowd murmuring]

[Jackie] Bryce Walker should pay
for what he's done!

Hannah Baker was a victim of Bryce Walker.

Liberty needs to change
the culture of their school.

- [Bolan] Okay, okay. All right. Uh...
- [Jackie] It does not protect a child.

[Bolan] Well, our students are playing
some sort of prank.

[Jackie] We must protect children
like Hannah Baker.

[Bolan] One that's in poor taste,

But let's move ahead with our program.

What the hell is going on at this school?

The young man clearly felt burdened
by something.

He needed to make a confession.

It's blackmail.
Someone's got something on him.

[Bolan] We are so thrilled to be he...

Excuse me.
Can we have some quiet, please?

Thank you.

We're thrilled to be here.

- Would you please join me... [indistinct]
- You know this is all bullshit, right?

- It's all lies.
- Yeah, of course, I know.

...the parents of our team captain,
Bryce Walker.

[Tyler] I can't believe
he actually fucking did it.

We're like the fucking puppet masters
of the school.

We can get anyone to do anything.

All right.

- Mmm! Nice. You're getting good.
- Well, success builds confidence.

Pranking the president...

pulling the ladies.

And by ladies, I mean my sister.

Kenzie told me you guys
are going on a little date this weekend.

I was gonna tell you about it, you know.

I just, I don't want it to be weird.
I just wanna...

No, it's all good. I mean, I trust you.

As long as you're not actually
some crazy stalker

who follows girls around with a camera.

[crow cawing]

Holy shit!


Hey! Yo, dude.

Dude, come look at this.

Did you hit it?



Look at it, it was like...

It was, like, flying, like,
30 seconds ago, and now it's just...

I mean...

[Olivia] Parents don't know
what happens at school.

Damn it, Clay, pick up the phone.

Do you have any idea what you fucking did?

And where the hell are you right now?

What the fuck did you just do?

Hey! Look, I came to you for help
and you didn't do shit, man!

They're blackmailing me.
They made me say that!

- Who the fuck is "they"?
- I don't know! How do I know?

Look, if that video gets out, man,
it's out forever, okay?

And I still have a future.
But for you, the tapes are out.

I didn't say anything
that hasn't been said already.

Big mistake. Big fucking mistake.

[Olivia] There are limits to what
we can do to help another person,

no matter how much we wish there weren't.

We need to take these tapes to the police.

We need to get these boys
that did this to her.

Noelle, I don't care what she wants.

She's here. I'll call you back.

Yes, I promise. I'll call. Love you.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, baby girl.

Let's talk.

- [sighs] Look, I don't want to talk.
- Honey.

Your mom and I wanna be there for you.

- Whatever you need.
- I'm fine.

I just... I have a lot of homework, okay?

Mrs. Baker called for you
a little while ago.

What did she want?

To check in on you,
see how you're doing.

I just... I need to be alone, okay?

[Olivia] So there's a limit
to what we can do to protect them.

And there are some things
you just can't protect them from.

I couldn't be there every time
someone judged her or shamed her.

I didn't always have the answers.

I didn't always know
all the right things to say.

[Jessica sighs]

After everything that happened
at Liberty High...

Well, I think it was just too much
for Hannah.

After all that, it was just too much.

[Dennis] And did anyone at Liberty inform
you of the issues happening on campus?

The Hot or Not List being circulated,
the suicidal poem being read aloud,

the anonymous question,
specifically about suicide?

No. No, they never...

I mean, had they sent out some kind
of notification to all the parents,

we could have talked to Hannah,
we could have started a conversation,

but they never informed us
about any of it.

So the administration was either ignorant
of the problems under their own roof,

or they were aware and did nothing?


Thank you, Mrs. Baker.

Mrs. Baker, were you aware
that Hannah knew about

- your husband's affair?
- I...

No, I was not aware, but I...

You never picked up on any signs from her
that she may have known

or might have been in distress?

[Olivia sobbing]

[shop door opening]

- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, sweetheart.

- Are you okay?
- Oh, yeah.

Your father and I just had
a little argument, that's all.

Nothing serious. [blows nose]

- How was school?
- School was school.

But here, I, um, got you something.


They're my favorite.

What's the occasion?

Nothing, I just saw them
in the window on my way home

- and remembered how much you like irises.
- Aww.

I know I never give you anything
unless it's, like,

Mother's Day or something,

but I just wanted to say thank you
for being a great mother every day.

Hannah, honey...

You're so thoughtful.

No, I never noticed anything.

So, even you didn't notice the signs
that Hannah was in distress,

and yet you expect the school
to have done so?

- [Dennis] Objection. Argumentative.
- [Sonya] Withdrawn.

Mrs. Baker, you say that you didn't notice
whether Hannah was in distress.

But is there anything
in your family history

to suggest that Hannah
may have had a predisposition

to any mental health problems?

There have been some issues with anxiety
on my side of the family,

but nothing serious,
and Hannah never showed any signs.

And were any of these issues
ever serious enough to require treatment?

Well, yes, I've seen a therapist
on and off over the years

during stressful periods...

So you've received treatment
from a mental health care professional,

but you never thought that your daughter
might require similar care?

She was just a child and, again,
she never showed any signs.

Did you or did you not take Hannah
to see a therapist, Mrs. Baker?

No, I never did.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You made it.

Yeah, I did.

- Hi. [chuckles]
- Hi.

[stammering] It's so good to see you.
You look great.

For a person in a mental health facility?

No. No, just for a person in the world
who always looks great.

[laughs] Stop. I'm kidding.

And thank you.

I was, um, really glad you called back.

Oh, I just got my phone privileges.
I haven't been dodging you.

Wait, so you just got
all those messages at once?

- I hope you skipped some.
- I listened to every one.

Okay, guys, we're starting yoga in here
in a few minutes

for whoever's interested
and who won't be making fun of the poses.

Then we've got our small group sessions.

Bring your share journals
or pay the price.

- Cool.
- [both chuckle]

This, uh...

- This place seems really nice.
- Come on, I'll give you the VIP tour.

[Skye] Like, everyone's brain chemistry
is different,

so it might take them a few tries

before they can find
the right combination of meds.

Wait, is this too much right now?

No, no, no. It's just...

Look, are they sure it's bipolar?

It feels like kind of a blurry line

between someone being manic and also just,
you know, being in a really good mood.

[chuckles] Clay, I tried to jerk you off
in front of your parents.

I mean, that wasn't just a "good mood."

[Clay] Yeah.

[chuckles] Yeah, point taken.
That was pretty fucked up.

But the meds and everything...

What if that all, like, changes you?

I hope it does.

Look, the person that I was,
it wasn't really working for me.

Like, the good moods,
they could be amazing, but...

I was like...

dancing on the edge of a really high cliff

and the fall
was just really fucking hard and far.

- I'm sorry.
- Wait.

You know it's not your fault, right?

No, I... I know.

I don't know if you do.

All this time...

- How could you keep that from me?
- I'm sorry, Olivia.

I thought I fixed it. I didn't wanna
make things worse for you or Hannah.

- I just wanted to move on.
- Clearly.

- I didn't know how to talk to you anymore.
- [scoffs]

I didn't know how to tell you
that I needed to...


...feel loved and held,
and I needed to be needed.


- Oh, so this is my fault?
- It's not your fault.

I'm not blaming you, I'm blaming us.
We should have communicated.

We should have noticed
that our baby girl was suffering.

We should have done something.

Don't you dare, okay?

Don't you dare make me feel
like I failed my daughter.

If we lose this trial, it's your fault.

If we win this trial, it's my fault.
How can you not see that?

How can you not feel that
sitting on that stand?

That's all it took?

This lawyer gets in your head,
and suddenly we're on trial?

I never wanted to go to trial.

I never wanted to, but deep down,
I thought we had a case.

I believed that the school,
the bullies, that monster

were responsible for our losing Hannah,
but we're in this, too, Liv.

We're part of it too, Liv.

And if you can't see that now,
I don't think you ever will.

I don't want to fight anymore.

I don't wanna fight.

I don't wanna fight with you
and not in this courtroom.

I think this case
is better off without me.

And so are you.

So, when do you come home?

The thing is, my mom doesn't want me
to go back to Liberty.

She wants me to transfer schools.

Like East County?

Like another state.

I'm going to live with my aunt and uncle.

Wait, you...

You're never coming back?

- I need to hit the reset button.
- The reset button.

- To delete everything that came before?
- No, not what I mean.

Not delete, not you, not our friendship,
but I need to move on.

- They're making you do that?
- No.

I'm doing it.

I can't keep pretending like I'm okay,
like I don't need to work to get well,

like it's everyone's fault but mine.

I wanna live a better life than that.

- You're gonna forget me.
- Oh, my God, I never could.

I'm just gonna be this one guy
you knew one time.

I can let you go and still love you.

I'll always love you.

I'm gonna miss you.

I'm gonna miss you, too.


You're a good person, Clay.

And you can help people.

Just maybe not how you think
they need to be helped.



Hey, I need to talk to you.

Clay, why aren't you answering your phone?


Hey, dickhead, where's Clay?

Justin, I said...



Justin! Hey, wake up.

Wake the fuck up!

- Hey, wake up.
- [groans]


Roll over!

- Come on, Justin. I can't roll you!
- [gagging]





I won't fucking let you die.


[gasps, coughing]

Oh, fuck.




[Olivia] We don't always get
second chances...

to help people.

To be there...

in the right way.

To love them.

[doorbell chimes]


My dad said you called.

And I heard what happened
in court today and...

I don't know, I just wanted
to reach out, you know,

to see if there's anything I could do.

Come in.

I think it's a tolerance thing.
I don't know.

- I've only ever shot up a couple times.
- You could've fucking died.


Like anyone would even care
at this point.

Dude, don't joke about that.



Hey, hey.

Drink this.

Where's the scar?

Oh, it's...

There's scars.

But they're under my hair.
That's why I grew it out.

Yeah, I remember how it used to be.

When you first started at Liberty,

some of the guys were like,
"That hair makes him a fag."

But I was like, "That's fucking stupid."

Well, that's super kind of you.

Yeah, well...


You're still in love with Jessica,
aren't you?

It doesn't matter.

Look at you. It clearly does.

[door opens]

What the hell happened?

He shot up and then he almost choked
on his own puke.

What the fuck is wrong with you, Justin?
You were just clean...

Leave him alone, okay?

What? Now you're defending him?

Yeah, what the hell were you thinking
with the tapes, Clay?

You have any idea
what you did to Jessica?

Yeah, I was trying to get justice
for Hannah.

And I'm sorry if it hurt Jessica,

but maybe it's time for her truth
to come out, too.

What the fuck gives you the right
to decide what needs to come out?

Look, I've done everything I can,

everything I can think of
to make things right.

But I can't do it alone.


Look, I'm sorry about the tapes.

But it's gonna get worse
before it gets better.

And I need you guys.

[Caleb] Turn your hands.
There you go, good hit.



- You did need to come in.
- Yeah. I feel better already.

Ah. Well, the night is young.
It could get even better.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

What you got in mind?


Hey! Hey, I didn't know
you were coming in today.

Lucas, this is Tony. Tony, this is Lucas.

Oh, hey, man. Good to meet you.

Yeah, man. It's good to meet you, too.

I'll talk to you later.

I should get out of here anyway.
I'm pretty tired.


Have we trained together before?

No, I don't, uh, I don't think so.

Have a good night.

[Olivia] We don't always know

everything a kid is going through.

[knock at door]

Hey, buddy. We agreed. Door open, yeah?

- It was open.
- No, it was almost closed.

We agreed 45 degrees open
all the time, all right?

Then last month,
we negotiated down to 30.

It was at three just now,
so keep it open, all right?

Wait, Dad?

I'm really sorry about last night.
I didn't mean to ruin the party.

Oh, buddy.

You didn't.
And I feel like I owe you an apology.

Because I think
I've been pushing you too hard.

No, I think maybe it's a good thing.

Because today I, like,
I really pushed myself

and it kind of turned out okay.

- That's great.
- Yeah, and my memory's getting better.

Good, well, the doctor didn't say
you were stuck, right?

He said that your recovery
would be unpredictable,

but there's always hope.

- Yeah, I know.
- Yeah.

Um, so, last night, with that video game,

it actually started making me remember
this other one, Desert Duty.

So, I was thinking, um,
just maybe if I play that one again,

it would actually help me remember more.

- That's a shooter game, Desert Duty?
- Yeah, I know, Dad.

But it's not like that. I just...

There's something that I gotta remember.

Yeah, buddy, I don't know.

Yeah, no, I know.

I get it. It was probably stupid anyway.

- I should probably get some sleep.
- All right.

- Night.
- Night.

[Olivia] But, kids, they don't always
tell you everything they're feeling.

"I'm saying that the house is on fire,
and all I know how to do is write poems.

All I know how to do is arrange flowers
on the table of a burning home.

I am pressing against the frame.
I am chanting the right words.

I am gripping my fists
and letting them go."


Hannah wrote that?

I must have read it a million times.

The whole time,
I thought it was about that school.

The suffocating, oh, my God,
it's right there in front of me.

The burning home, the flowers...

It was about her dad's affair.

There she was, trying to comfort me,

when I should've been
trying to comfort her.

I mean, why didn't I see it?

Olivia, you can't blame yourself.
This is Andy's fault.

Jackie, please don't tell me
how to feel right now.

- I'm sorry.
- You're right.

No, I'm sorry. It just...
It's more complicated than that.

I didn't mean to overstep.

You know,
I think maybe I should head to bed.

- No, no, no.
- No, it's been a long day.

Really, I need to get some rest.

It was nice meeting you, Jessica.


[sighs deeply]

You must think I'm an idiot,

wanting to protect a man
who doesn't deserve it.

I get it.

I mean, I really get it.

You love him, right?

Despite everything, and it's crazy,
but you love him.

I do.

Even though he hurt you so bad.

You know, Jessica, if there's...

If there's anything
you ever wanna talk about...

Sometimes I think
if Hannah would have come to me,

maybe things would have been different.

Maybe it was too painful for her
to talk about it.

Maybe she kept it all in
to protect herself.

I'm not good at that.

The more I think about it,
she was really brave.

Oh, but, honey,
we both know that didn't work.

Keeping it in,

that's not brave.

Feeling the pain, facing it...

that takes courage.

It's okay to let it out.

It's okay.


[Olivia] Not a day passes
during this trial...

It's okay.

...in the months it took to get here

that I don't wish I could have wrapped
my arms around her

and told her it would be okay.

But I never had that chance.

Why didn't you tell us he was on drugs?

He was getting better, okay?

Anyway, I didn't even know about the drugs
when I first brought him here.

- Should we call social services?
- No. Dad!

Call social services, he disappears
into the system, he doesn't testify.

Jesus, is that what we care about?

No, I care about keeping the kids safe,

which is hard to do
when they're both fighting us.

- How am I fighting you?
- The Register called me today, Clay.

Those audio files were watermarked.

You stole them from my computer.

You told me you weren't working
on the case.

- That's no excuse.
- You told Sonya.

About Zach texting Hannah.
That's how they knew everything.

Is that true?

She's a colleague.
I pointed her in a direction.

- It's hardly the same thing.
- It's worse.

You endangered my job,
my license, our livelihood.

You ruined my fucking life!

Jesus, you sound like children.
And there's just one child here.

- What is that supposed to mean?
- Clay needs us to be his parents now.

- I don't need anything from you guys.
- Clay, go to your room.


- How is that fair?
- Go to your goddamn room!


[Matt] Enough is enough.
This family will not be destroyed.

Not for any case, not for any other
parents' kid, not by drugs.

We will not let this happen.
I get it, you're mad.

I'm mad at him, too, but he is a child!

[Olivia] How can you fix something
if you don't know what's broken?

Hannah didn't tell us.

[Hannah] Clay.


You don't talk.
You don't get to say anything.

This is your fucking fault, Hannah.
This mess started with you.

I put out the tapes, and that was stupid,
but you made them.

- You fucked up people's lives!
- I know.

- I'm sorry.
- Are you?

Are you sorry?

That doesn't do a fucking bit of good
because you are gone!

You killed yourself
and you didn't fucking care.

- I did!
- No, or you never would've done it.

I was hurting,
and I didn't think about who I might hurt.

You did an evil thing.

Get the fuck out.

["Watch Me Bleed" plays]

♪ Heaven comes to he who waits ♪

♪ But I know I'm getting nowhere ♪

♪ And all the deeds of yesterday ♪

♪ Have really helped to pave my way ♪

♪ Though there's no one near me now ♪

♪ How come everyone can touch me ♪

Hi, Mom.

♪ You see the torture on my brow
Relates to neither here nor now ♪

♪ Watch me bleed ♪

♪ Bleed forever ♪

♪ Watch me bleed ♪

[Ross Butler]
For help finding crisis resources,

visit 13reasonswhy.info.

♪ But still the hate lives in my mind ♪

♪ I'll make no noise
I'll hide my pain ♪

♪ I'll close my eyes
I won't complain ♪

♪ I'll lie right back
And take the blame ♪

♪ And try to tell myself I'm living
And when it's all been said or done ♪

♪ Where do I go?
Where do I run? ♪

♪ What's left of me or anyone
When we've denied the hurting? ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba ♪

♪ And when it's all been said or done ♪

♪ Where do I go?
Where do I run? ♪

♪ What's left of me or anyone
When we've denied the hurting? ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Watch me bleed
Bleed forever ♪

♪ Watch me bleed
Bleed forever ♪

♪ And all the deeds of yesterday
Have really helped to pave my way ♪

♪ Watch me bleed ♪

♪ Bleed forever ♪

♪ Watch me bleed ♪

♪ Bleed forever ♪

♪ Watch me bleed ♪

♪ Bleed forever ♪

♪ And all the deeds of yesterday ♪

♪ Have really helped to pave my way ♪

[man] Well done, Ed. Well done.