13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Missing Page - full transcript

Tyler goes out with Cyrus's sister. Chloe confronts Bryce about the tapes. Jess wonders if she's ready to date again. Mr. Porter wrestles with regret.

My name is Kevin Porter.

I'm a guidance counselor
at Liberty High School.

I would say I help as many kids as I can.

That's why I got into education.

But I don't get to see every kid.

I try to keep an eye out,

but you have to count on kids
to come to you.

And not every kid who does come to you
is able to ask for the help they need.

Not every kid tells you the whole truth.

We all need it.

Human contact.

And communications class,
crazy as it was, was human contact for me.

Until someone in that class
cut my lifeline.

Someone who was known for being sweet.

I'll tell you who it is,
but you're going to have to wait.

- Just like I did.
- Hey.



Uh, what are you doing here on a Sunday?

I should be asking you the same question.

I thought I'd have the place to myself.

Well, they bumped me up.

I testify first thing in the morning.

Wow. Me, too.

So, I guess I go after you?


So, what's this about?

I couldn't listen
when they first came out.

But now I just...

can't stop listening.


- So you're here preparing?
- Yeah.

Isn't that why you're here?

I sat down, you know, with the lawyers.
I know what to say.

We followed protocol.

We did all we could for Hannah
with the information that we had.

I sat down with them, too,
and I feel like it's true.

Well... but the world is not listening
to a recording of your class.

They're not gonna play the tape
in court, though.

That's what the lawyers say.

But they know what's on it,
and they know what happened.

But you know what was in your heart.

She couldn't tell you what she needed.

You did your best.

Did I?

Not every kid who comes to you
in pain can tell you where it hurts.

I need it to stop.

You need what to stop?

I need everything to stop.

Just, people, life.

What did you mean when you said
you needed life to stop?

I don't know.

'Cause that seems
like a very serious thing to say.

I know. I...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean... that.

She said she didn't mean it.

I made the mistake of believing her.

Hannah told me she was struggling,

but she didn't specifically
mention suicide.

I just need everything to stop.

What do you need to stop, Hannah?

Do I really need to spell it out for you?

I'm thinking about killing myself.

If she had said those words,

of course I would have taken action.

Did you have an encounter at the party?

An encounter?

Yeah. You could say that.

Did he force himself on you?

I think so.

You think so, but you're not sure?

Did you tell him to stop?


Did you tell him "no"?


Maybe you consented,
then changed your mind.

No, it's not like that.

Should we involve your parents
or the police?


Hannah, who's the boy?

I think we all wish
it could have gone differently.

What happened, Hannah?

I got into a hot tub with Bryce Walker...

and then he raped me.

We can have the best intentions
and still fall short.

No Justin this morning?
He's usually the first one up.


not our problem anymore.

What does that mean, he's not our problem?

It means he's gone.

He took off.

- Did you try calling him?
- He doesn't have a phone.

Your mother gave him one
on the family plan.

- Of course she did.
- Well, we should call him.

I don't know his number. I imagine
the phone company will have it.

Jesus, why do you care?

He had a bed, he had food,

he had new clothes,
and a new phone, apparently,

and he didn't want any of it.

- So why don't we just let him go?
- Clay, what's this about?

He's scheduled to testify on Monday,

and that was so important to you,
you smuggled him in here.

Where's Mom?

Your mother and I had a...
disagreement last night.

Yeah, I was there.

And she's staying with her sister
for a few days.


Oh, just to give us both time
to figure things out.

The past few weeks have been stressful
around here for all of us.

Let's move.

Start over somewhere,
just you and me.

Clay, it's... It's not permanent.

- Your mom and I are just cooling off.
- I don't care. I don't...

ever wanna go to that school again.

Look, everybody hates me there.

Someone online called me a murderer
because I was on Hannah's tapes.

Why do you read what people say online?

Let's move.

- Anywhere.
- Clay.

This is our home.
All right? This is our family.

We've made a bit of a mess.

But nothing's broken we can't fix.

Everything's broken.

And I don't think any of it can be fixed.

Some kids can't speak their truth.

Some won't.

To us, to their families...

We can go ahead and eat.

It's Sunday morning. There's no hurry.
We'll wait for our guest.

She said 10:00 was fine,
so I don't know what's going on.

Was this before or after
the ribbon cutting ceremony?

I mean, I invited her yesterday at school.

And did she confirm?
She might not know to confirm.

Not everyone has a grandmother like yours,
wielding Emily Post like a bible.

- She knows things like that.
- Well, then, I wonder what's keeping her.

Did the two of you
discuss the ceremony at all?

No, Chlöe doesn't care about that stuff.

I'll just...
I'm gonna try her again.

What are you doing?

- I don't know what you mean.
- You know exactly what I mean.

Leave the boy alone.

Can you honestly say
you recognize the person on that tape?

Have you ever said anything
even remotely resembling the filth

that came out of his mouth?

It was a setup. He was drunk.

That was not our son talking.

You're his mother, for Christ's sake.
You raised him.

She's still not picking up.
Let's just eat, I guess.


If you would, please.

Son, if something's not right with Chlöe,
you need to make it right.

Do you understand?

Yeah, Dad.

A woman who loves you is to be respected

and not to be crossed.

And some kids have secrets
they believe they have to keep

for their own survival.

You can't hide in this town
with that car.

- Hey.
- Hey? That's what I get?

You're sitting when you should be boxing.

I can't always find someone
to fill a Saturday session last-minute.

Yeah, I'm sorry, okay?
There's a lot going on.

Yeah. Yeah, clearly.

You wanna tell me about Lucas?

- Who?
- Lucas.

You met him last night, you got weird,
and then you bailed.

- Then this morning, you didn't show up.
- It's got nothing to do with Lucas, okay?

It's the trial.

And now these tapes.

Yeah, that's some shit.

And I've never lost a friend like that,
but if you wanna talk about it...

I'm not going to be right
until after I testify.

And I shouldn't have left you hanging.

I didn't want to make my drama yours.


I'm sorry.

Now, was that so hard?

Oh, fuck you. Yes, actually. Yes.

Wanna take your mind off it all

and watch Madrid destroy Barcelona
Monday night?

What makes you think I like soccer?

You're Mexican and you're gay.
How could you not like soccer?

Yeah, okay.

It's a date.

And we may think
we know what they're going through,

but each kid goes through it...

in their own way.

Hi. Um, can I please have a large Coke

and a medium popcorn,
uh, with butter only on half?

But not the bottom half.

Like, fill it up normally

and then carefully put butter
only on the left half.

It's very important. Just half.

I'll have the same thing, please.

What's wrong?

- Sorry, bathroom.
- Wait, Tyler.

Oh, fuck!

Oh, shit.

And so they think
they're the only person in the world

feeling what they're feeling,
and that no one could possibly understand.


On your left!

Go, go!

Go, go!



Move on, move on.

They think that what's hurting
can never be healed.

So they don't tell us.

They hide, they deflect.

They try to become the person
they think we want to see.

Hey, baby. You want some lunch?

Isn't it, like, 10:00?

Uh, dinner, then?

I can... I can make you something.

Yeah, well, there's hardly anything left.

We ate most of the groceries yesterday.

I forgot how much a growing boy can eat.

Yeah. There's also only so many
actual groceries at 7-Eleven.

Look at you.

You're taller.

I'm not.

I basically shrunk on the streets.

Well, you're still my big,
tall, handsome boy.

I missed you.

I missed you, too, Mom.

It's... It's nothing.

What'd you get into out there?
I never wanted this life for you.

- I know.
- You don't deserve that life.

Nobody does.

Then why are you still with Seth?


He loves me.

Come on, okay?
We can find a new place.

We... We can get the fuck out of here.

I can't, baby, you know that.

And I need you here.

Promise me you'll stay this time.

Yeah, yeah.

I promise.

If you don't want
to press charges against this boy,

if you're not even sure
you can press charges,

then there really is only one option.

What is it?

I'm not trying to be blunt here,
Hannah, but you can move on.

And for many kids,
trust doesn't come easy.

Trusting an adult
with something so personal...

I can understand her silence.

Hey, buddy.

Listen, it's been a while since we talked.

I know I beat the shit out of you,
and I'm sorry about that,

but I got no beef with you, really.

We're not enemies.

So just mind your business...

and I'll take care of mine, okay?

Get your hands off me.

Watch your fucking tone.

And, you know, watch yourself.

I don't know how you got to Marcus,
but this shit...

Mr. Jensen.

Principal Bolan
would like to see you, now.

I can understand
why she couldn't say those words to me.

Did you attempt to find
who had written that?

Yes. I told my students that
I was available if they needed to talk.

Were their parents notified?

No, I wanted my class to be a safe place

where students could share
without fear of punishment,

so, um, I didn't involve their parents.
That would've broken their trust.

Did you take any action
outside of discussion

to help this student who was clearly
crying out to you for help?

Yes, I offered resources,

including phone numbers
for crisis hotlines.

So you told them to look somewhere else
for help, is that right?

I made available every resource
that I could, including my time.

No further questions.

Mrs. Bradley,
your class submissions are anonymous

because that fosters honesty.

- Isn't that correct?
- Yes.

Um, I wanted every student
to feel comfortable,

so I made the submissions anonymous.

And is it fair to say
that if you had notified their parents

that your students might have stopped
making submissions?


Trust is everything with kids.

They're very hesitant to give it
and very quick to take it back.

Was this the only student

whose writing suggested emotional distress
last semester?

No. It happens a lot.

And isn't it true that you did
offer resources to students in need?

Yes. I brought it up every day in class
for weeks.

So wouldn't you say it's pretty clear
Hannah didn't want to be identified?

Objection. Calls for speculation.


Hannah chose
not to identify herself

and accept your offers
for additional resources.

- True?
- True.

Um, teenagers often don't know
what help they need,

much less how to ask for it.

No further questions.

I left a message with your mother

about your unexcused absence on Friday.

- My mother doesn't live with us anymore.
- Oh? Hence the absence?

- Uh, no. I took a mental health day.
- Oh, I see.

The same day Hannah Baker's tapes
were posted online.

Hmm? Come on.

You're telling me
those two things are unrelated?

My girlfriend
is in a psychiatric hospital.

- I went to visit her.
- Was the visit prearranged?

It was with her.

All right, Clay, you know what?
I don't have a lot of patience these days.

So let's talk about the real issue here.

You're acting out, and I need to know why.

I need to know what you need

because I don't wanna see
somebody getting hurt with this.

Somebody already has gotten hurt.

Two people, but we're not allowed
to talk about them.

Suicide contagion is a real thing,

and we've got to take measures
to protect you kids.

I don't understand.
How does silence protect us?

Kids get talking about Hannah,
maybe even admiring what she did,

they might think somehow
that this is an answer.

It might be a way
for other kids to feel their pain,

that they could live on after they die.

Where on her tapes does Hannah say that?

Well, whoever posted her tapes online
seems to believe exactly that,

that her story should go on forever.

Maybe they just wanted
to start a conversation.

We weren't talking about these things
before Hannah.

Of course we were.

In counseling sessions,
in health classes.

That's not talking, that's telling.


All right.

I know you think that I'm the bad guy
in this whole story.

But I've been educating kids for 30 years,

and the most important thing to me
is keeping you safe, keeping you alive.

I'm alive.

And the most dangerous thing
would be to believe somehow

that Hannah's suicide
is more than a tragic death.

She's not a hero.
She does not have lessons to teach us.

And we need to recognize
the sad and simple truth

that she is dead and gone forever.

I recognize that.

No, I don't think you really do.

Which is why I'm recommending
a schedule change.

You'll be taking Alternative Strategies
and Solutions.

- As punishment.
- No.

To help you find ways of coping
with what you're feeling.

Have you even listened to them?
The tapes?


I was made aware of them by Mr. Porter,

but we brought them
directly to our attorneys.

I didn't listen to them.

Maybe you should.

So, after you let her leave
your office, what was your follow-up?

I didn't let her leave. She walked out.

I asked her to come back,
to sit down, and she didn't.

- How do you keep your appointments?
- In a schedule book.

Do you recognize this book?

Yes. It's mine.

Submitted as exhibit 17, Your Honor.

Mr. Porter, did you log
your meeting with Hannah?

Uh, yes, I believe so.

But the page corresponding to that date,
October 9th, 2017, is missing.

Did you rip that page out of the book?

- I did.
- Are you in the habit

of ripping pages
out of your schedule book?


Look, there was a lot of confusion
going around at that time,

after I found out what Hannah had done.

Earlier, you testified
that Hannah came to you with an incident,

but she wasn't specific.

What did she say about it?

She said it happened at a party.

An encounter with a boy.

Did she say anything
about the nature of that encounter?

She implied that it was intimate.

Was it your impression,
based on that conversation, Mr. Porter,

that Hannah Baker had been raped
by a student at Liberty High?

She never used the word "rape," okay?

It was not clear
that it was a sexual assault.

But isn't it your job to fill in the gaps?

No, my job is to ask questions, and I did.

What was clear was that
she was uncomfortable talking to me.

Did you think of referring her
to a female counselor?

I didn't have a chance to before she left.

So, even if she didn't say
the word "rape,"

knowing what you know now,
do you believe Hannah was raped?

I didn't necessarily think so
at the time, but...

yes, I believe that she was.

- By a student at Liberty?
- Yes.

- And the name of that student?
- Objection! Speculation.

Your Honor, the witness already testified

that Hannah never named
this alleged attacker.

Your Honor,
Mr. Porter believes Hannah was raped,

which means he now believes
that Hannah came to his office

with a serious problem.

The school's response to that

and their failure to
discipline the offender is relevant.

- Overruled.
- We'll object again, Your Honor.

It's a violation of FERPA
for this student to be named.

The witness
didn't come by this information

- in a confidential setting.
- I'll allow the question.

- Your Honor...
- I'll allow it.

Mr. Porter, do you know the name
of the student that raped Hannah Baker?

I have since come to learn
that his name is Bryce Walker.

Hey. I've been looking for you.

Sorry I didn't call you back
this weekend.

I had to babysit my sister,
and my mom was working, and...

Chlöe, look, I know we talked
a little bit on Friday

about how Hannah made all that stuff up.

"Every girl at this school
wants to be raped"?

Bryce, what does that even mean?

It was just...

It was me talking shit.

I was a little drunk
and that kid pissed me off.

And people come at you
when they're jealous. You know that.

What about Hannah?



the truth is Hannah and I hooked up.

And it didn't mean anything to me,
but she got, like, obsessed.

And she said all that stuff
to get back at me.

Why didn't you tell me any of this before?

I'm sorry. I know, I should have. I...

I didn't wanna talk shit
about a dead girl.

You know, I... I feel terrible
about what happened to her.

And, um...

Um, you know, I was embarrassed...

that you might have to hear all that shit.

That you might believe it.


You're, um...

You're just... You're really special to me.

And my folks, uh,
they missed you on Sunday.

Yeah, I just...
I had to babysit my sister, so...

It's cool. They just wanted to see
if you wanted to come

to the Amalfi Coast with us this summer.


- Oh, my God, are you serious?
- Yeah, it'll be fun.

I mean, there's a certain amount
of dressing up

and having-cocktails-with-adults bullshit
that we gotta do,

but the rest is just...

sun and food, beauty.

That's amazing.


I've never even left the country before.
I don't even have a passport.

We'll take care of all that stuff.

So, what do you say?

Can the cheer team summer camp
spare you for a few weeks?

Ah, dude, what are we gonna do...

Shit, are we, like, interrupting?

No, no, it's cool.

We were just making plans for Chlöe
to come to Italy this summer. Right, babe?

Yeah, maybe.

I... I have to ask my mom first.

- I'll catch up with you later.
- Okay.

Who says "maybe" to a free vacation?

Jesus. Chew your fucking food.

Does no one ever see the red light?

- Oh, hey, man.
- Hey.

So, um...

are you and your parents all good?

Mack said you guys
had, like, a family emergency.

I had to pick her up from the Crestmont.

Yeah, no.
Uh, everything's totally fine now, yeah.

Mack's a good liar. You?

Not so much.

What the hell, man?

- Who bails on someone like that?
- No, I know.

It's just, um...

we're friends, and, uh...

dating your sister just kind of felt like
I was crossing a line.

But I don't... I won't ever...

I never want to disrespect you
or Mackenzie.

And I'm just...

I am sorry I ghosted.

Don't tell me, tell her.

I'm glad we cleared this whole thing up.

Thought you might have become
an actual asshole.

Speaking of assholes,
what's next for our friend Marcus, huh?

- Oh, man, we're done with Marcus.
- What? Why?

He got suspended.
I don't think we can top that.

What? Holy shit, that's amazing!

People are finally
starting to pay attention.

They're starting to see
these fucking hypocrites for who they are.

We got Marcus.
We're about to destroy Ryan...

I figure we start thinking bigger.

So, that's it?

That was it all along?
You just wanted his money?

I'm getting out of here, Mom.
You should, too.


you can run as far as you want,
you will never get away from who you are.

That's fine.

Just as long as I can get away
from who I was.

He'll kill me.

When he finds out.

Not if he can't find you.

Okay, so, three stops in town
for supplies:

gas station, Walplex,
Ralphie's Pet Store.

Pet store?

Dude, trust me.

We're going to wait for dark,
take the service road,

then we're gonna rush the stuff in,
and boom.

- Nice.
- Shit. Chill.

Hey, Clay.


You in the right place?


Why? I mean, what are you here for?

Truancy, grudges,

the hypocrisy
of high school administrators.

Dude, we've never officially met,

but you helped me fix my bike once
freshman year.


- Clay.
- Dude, I know.

That Bryce Walker thing?
That was fucking hard-core, man.

I mean, you have balls.

I mean, we heard you literally
getting the shit kicked out of you.

You're coughing up blood.

And you still keep fucking talking to him?
I mean, damn.

Uh... thanks?

No. Thank you.

So, what do you guys actually do in here?

We plot the complete
and violent overthrow of civilization.


Count me in.

Isn't it true
that Hannah failed to use words

or phrases that indicated to you,

with certainty,
that a sexual assault had taken place?

- Yes.
- And is it not true

that she refused to name
this alleged attacker?


And isn't it true, Mr. Porter,
that you listened, inquired,

and offered her suggestions to address
the concerns she did share?


Then according
to the Liberty High handbook,

Hannah didn't give you
the information needed

to go about the mandatory protocols,


Therefore, you did everything
that was required of you,

and the truth is there was nothing more
you could have done.

Would you agree?


- Let me rephrase that question...
- I said, no.

I could have done more.

I could have stopped her
from walking out that door.

- Nothing further, Your Honor.
- She didn't just leave.

I let her go.

Nothing further, Mr. Porter. Thank you.

I'd like a redirect.

Hey, Hannah, wait.

Hannah, I said stop! Please.

Look, I can't let you walk out that door.

Why? What else is there to say?

Listen, what happened to you
was not your fault.

You don't know what happened to me.

Hannah, if my daughter were older,
I would tell her the same thing.

That men, they can control themselves.

Everybody can.

Everybody acts like consent
is this complicated thing, but it's not.

All right? Everybody knows
whether they have it or not,

and it was that boy's job to know.

Mr. Porter...

Listen. Listen to me.

It wasn't your fault.

We need to get you some help.

What if it's too late?
What if I'm too messed up to fix it?

No. It's never too late.

It's never too late.

Just, please, sit down.

You have so much life to live.

You have so much.

And you're gonna get...
You're gonna get through this.

I'm gonna help you.

There are many people out there
that wanna help you.


it's gonna be okay.

But it is too late.

I'm dead.


But some girl, somewhere, right now...

she's going through, you know,
what you're feeling,

and I don't want her to die.

You hear me?

I was just trying to do the...
the right thing.

I was following protocol.

The protocol probably needs to change.

But more importantly...

Kevin Porter needs to change.

Mrs. Baker,
I didn't mean to let your daughter down.

I'm sorry.

You did the right thing.

I doubt that the school will agree.

But are you right with you?
Are you at peace in your own heart?

Good Lord, babe,
I don't think that I ever will be.

You're a good man, Kevin Porter.

What do you think
they're gonna do to me?

Nothing they haven't done already.

Nothing that's gonna hurt you
more than what you feel right now.

Come on, let's go home.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Are you...

Um, I mean, what are you listening to?

A podcast for English.

- Cool.
- But...

um, yeah, I've... I've heard the tapes.

You know about Mr. Porter, right?

- About what happened in court today?
- Yeah.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I believe Bryce.

I know he's... he's got a good heart.

Are you sure that you're okay?

With him and everything?


Yeah, no, we're good.

You can tell Bryce I believe him.


- Oh, my God.
- Where you going?

Dude, your friends are really cool.

I love that they know nothing about me.


So, is Garrett coming?

Uh, no, he had a thing.


So, what do you think of Damon?

He's been checking you out all afternoon.

And the boy can move.

He's the best hurdler at Washington.

Washington? That's, like, our rival.

Yeah. And he's cute, right?

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

I don't know. I mean...

I don't think I know how to flirt anymore.

There's only one way to find out.

You feel me?

I gotta admit something.

Every time you've smiled,

I forgot where I was
'cause I get so caught up in it.

Wow, that's...

the nicest thing anyone's said to me
in a really long time.



Shit. I'm sorry, I have to go.

I'll see you later, Nina.

Can I get your number, or...?

- The hell you doing with that boy?
- Dad, relax, please.

How can I?

Help me understand, Jessica.

Help me to understand how,
after everything,

you put yourself out there like that?

I don't know, Dad.

I'm just worried about you.

About these new friends of yours,
this Nina girl.

Are they the best influence for you?

What? Why? Because they're black?

Is that a serious question?

Have you looked at me lately?


Oh, my God.

I don't know, Dad.

It was like it wasn't me up there.

I thought I was ready, but...

clearly I'm not.

I just... I don't wanna make
a big deal out of it.

I'm just trying
to figure everything out, okay?

Okay. Okay.

And can we please not tell Mom?


You better believe.

Dude, what happened to you?

Don't worry about it.

Fuck, man. You have a way
of getting the shit kicked out of you.

Thank you for noticing.

It's about power, man.

What do you mean?

The people who have it
and the people who don't.

You feel that, right?

Me and Tyler, we don't have the power.
We get shit on, pushed around.

Now you're one of us, too.

- You think?
- You are.


But we're gonna take some of that power
back tonight, me and Tyler.

What are you talking about?

Don't tell him.

- Tell me what?
- We can't trust him.

- We hate the same people.
- That doesn't mean anything.

It does, though.

He's got plenty of reasons
to fuck shit up, just like us.

- It's not like we couldn't use the help.
- What are you talking about?

That does look like it hurts, man.


You wanna hit back?

Hi, Mrs. Baker.

Alex, hi.

I was, um... I was just wondering,
is the job still open?

Yes. Of course.

Okay, well, um, I can start right now.

I've just, um... I've just had to do
some things lately, physically,

that made me realize that I can...
I can just do more than I thought.

Well, you're hired.
So, should I call your parents, or...?

No, they'll be fine.
They wanna see me moving forward.

I see.

Well, it's...
It's important to move forward.

That's what people tell me.

I think I've been spending
too much time looking back.

Well, sometimes you have to go back
in order to move on.


Oh, my God.

Excuse me just a minute.

- Oh, man. Yo, that penalty was bullshit.
- That was a clean hit.

- You know that was a clean hit.
- That was so bullshit.

What the fuck?


God damn it.

- Goddamn motherfucker.
- Hey, hey...

- Motherfucker!
- Calm down, Tony.

- Calm down, Tony.
- Don't tell me to calm down.

- This is my car!
- This is what we're working on.

- Anger management...
- Fuck that shit.

No, okay, okay, we'll call the police.

- They might still be in the neighborhood.
- No, no cops.

Come on, I'm calling...

What the fuck did I just say, huh?
What did I just say?

- What the fuck are you doing?
- Get off me.

- Stop doing this right now.
- Get off of me!

You stop this right now. What the...?


- Tony, Tony, I'm sorry, look...
- Get off of me.

Tony. Tony, stop.

- Just go, just go.
- No, I'm not going anywhere.

Get the fuck out of here!

Look at me, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.

It's just a car, it's just a car.
It'll mend.

It'll mend, right?
I know it's your car, but it's just a car.

- What are you scared of?
- I can't tell you, man...

Shh. Stop, stop. Stop. Stop.

I'm here.

There are some things that I've done
that if I tell you...

You can tell me anything.

I can't.

I can't.

It's okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

When kids feel powerless...

when they feel they have no avenue
for understanding...

they act out.


- Fuck, yes!
- Yeah.

- You're good at this.
- Yeah.

I, uh... My girlfriend...

My, um, ex-girlfriend,

we did this, like, whole mural

on one of those abandoned buildings
by the docks.

- Badass.
- Yeah.

Sorry about the "ex" part.

Is he outlining?

- Tyler's kind of OCD.
- Oh.

I misspelled "hypocrite"
on Marcus's window, and he freaked out.

Wait, that paint bomb?

- What?
- Guilty.



Shit. Get down. Tyler, get down!

Holy shit.

That was close.

Are they partying back there?

I... I gotta go.

Wait, what about the big finale?

Uh, I gotta, um...

I just figured something out.
I'm sorry, but I gotta go.


Hannah and I,
we failed each other.

If we had only tried harder, each of us,
to reach out, to understand,

to trust each other,
to let ourselves help and be helped,

it would have made all the difference.

I can't go back
and fix my mistake.

I can't change the past.


I know I shouldn't be here,
and I know why you've come.

What can I do?

Maureen, anything you need me to do.

- Mom?
- Anything you need me to give you.

Sarah, please don't do it. Don't testify.

Go, go, go!

Go, go, go!

Open fire!

Cover, cover!

We have to trust each other.

We have to ask for help.

Thanks for coming.

I found the Clubhouse.

Hey, you ready?

Let's fucking do it.

Three, two, one, go.



For help finding crisis resources,

visit 13reasonswhy.info.

Well done, Ed. Well done.