13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Tape 3, Side A - full transcript

Hannah and Clay connect at the school dance, but a crass rumor ruins the mood. Clay takes Courtney to visit Hannah's grave.

[theme music playing]

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- ["The Night We Met" playing]
- ♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I am not the only traveler ♪

[Hannah] Boys are assholes.

♪ Who has not repaid his debt ♪

Some are assholes all of the time.

♪ I've been searching
For a trail to follow ♪

All are assholes some of the time.

- ♪ Take me back to the night we met ♪
- It's just how boys are.


- maybe not all boys.
- ♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh... ♪

Hey, Jeff.

Go get her.

[Clay] Go get her and do what?

It's a dance.

Dance with her.

I can't.

You know I can't dance.

Tonight, you can.

I promise.

Come on.

- You've got this.
- [sighs]

♪ I had all and then most of you ♪

♪ Some and now none of you ♪

♪ Take me back to the night we met... ♪


- Madam.
- [laughs]

♪ Will take me back to the night we met ♪

You've been taking lessons.

I've been watching Strictly Ballroom.

Midnight show.

I'm... impressed.

I'm impressive.

Stick with me.

You'll see.

Can you do that?

Stick with me?

- ♪ I had all and then most of you ♪
- I can.

♪ Some and now none of you ♪

- Clay.
- [song distorts, fading]

[Clay] Oh, God.

Hey, Hannah.

Do something!

What? What can I do?


Well done, Clay!

[Hannah] Mostly, boys are assholes.

I'll help!

But girls...

- girls can be evil.
- No!

Oh, fuck.

Little light housekeeping?

- Yeah, I was just going to do laundry.
- You were?

I don't think
I've ever seen you do laundry.

- I live to surprise you.
- Really?

Oh, honey, did you have an accident?

Did I...?

Jesus, Mom, no, I'm not seven.
I got hot last night.

I can take those.

- I can do my own laundry.
- In 17 years,

I've had no evidence that's true.

I'm doing a load anyway.

Thank you.

Family breakfast in ten.

We're still attempting that?

Attempting and achieving.

Good morning, pal.

Dad, we talked about "pal."

Good morning, honey.

Well played.


Did you shower?

I totally showered.

I feel it's possible you didn't shower.

I didn't shower.

Did you shower last night?

Look, I just...

I turned the water on just now,

and I thought about it all,
the whole thing,

taking clothes off, dealing with hair,
and I just...

I couldn't do it.

Look, we shower, like...

every day, and it's just...

a lot.


Clay, honey...

I need to discuss something with you.

Oh, shit, I gotta go.

I'm meeting someone at Monet's
for a school project.

Love you guys.

[door closes]


It's possible there's
something going on with him.

Can I have a triple Americano to go,
please? My name is Clay.


Thank you, Theresa.

[Hannah] Courtney Crimsen.

What a pretty name.

And what a pretty girl.

With her perfect family.

Coffee together, every morning.

Your opening paragraph is so strong.

I love the parallel you make
between Snowball in Animal Farm

and Hosni Mubarak.

Thanks, Dad.

But here's the thing...
then you get more general.

You just need more specifics.

Got it. Yeah, you're right.

And you're also very nice, Courtney.

Everyone says so.

You're really blowing up this morning,

Social or school?

Uh, it's a big test.

You know, everyone's freaking out
about it. It's the usual.

You're nice to everyone...

all the time.


I should go.

I have to stop by the florist on the way
to school, for Hannah's memorial.

Oh, hey, don't forget dinner tonight
with the Simonsons.

Bring a friend from school.

- Oh, maybe Marcus.
- I do love that Marcus.

He's a good one.
You'd make beautiful babies.

Dear God, honey, you cannot say that.

Why not? It's a hypothetical.

It is racist and it's sexist.

Marcus and I are just friends.

I should go. See you tonight.

- Yeah. Have a great day.
- Go kick ass.

All right. Love you.

[Hannah] You're one of the most
popular girls in school.

And you are just so...





Yo, Tyler!

Hey, Ty-Ty! Nice ass, buddy!


[bell rings]

What the hell, Clay?

- That picture's all over school.
- Yeah. That can happen, can't it?

What are you trying to do?


I'm trying to do something, anything,
which is more than any of you did.

Well, I'm the only one
catching any shit for it, okay?

Who the whole school's laughing at,
the only one you've done something about.

So far.

You're the only one so far.

Thank you.

I didn't know Clay Jensen did dancing.

Clay Jensen lost a bet to Jeff Atkins.

[girls giggle]

It's cute how Clay talks about himself
in third person.

[Courtney] Here's your ticket, handsome.

Remember, it's formal,
so no exposed midriffs.

- Got it.
- And I hope you'll save a dance for me.

Um... Sure. I don't actually dance.

Hey, Helmet!

Oh, hey.

Are you going to this?

Ooh. Uh...

Don't think so.

Not really in a romantic
winter dance place.

[Courtney] But you totally should be.

I mean, lots of cute guys
bought tickets today.


Besides, can't the best ass
in the sophomore class find a date?

[girls laughing]

Ladies, please.

No objectifying comments, okay?
We have to stick together.

Girl power, right?

Well, Hannah, you should totally come.

There will be many
single hot guys there.

Clay. Well, she should go, right?


Sure, yeah.


I should, uh... it's class and stuff.

[bell rings]

[Jessica] I thought you said
nothing's changed.

[Justin] Yeah, 'cause nothing has changed.

- Justin, don't.
- I'm not gonna do anything.

[Justin] Clay.



Hey, Justin.

That's a pretty picture
you took of Tyler.

Not as pretty as the one
he took of Hannah.

You made your point. Now shut it down.

"Shut it down"? Who talks like that?

This is beyond just us now.

This is the whole school.

If we fall, you go down with us.

Maybe I don't care.

Maybe you should.

[phone chimes]

Okay, look, calm down.
No one can tell that's us.

Oh, come on, Hannah.

You of all people should know
what a picture can do to a person's life.

I hoped we could be friends, Courtney.

I needed a friend.

I think you did too.

Who do you think it is?


I don't think so.

I have gym with her,
and she only wears sports bras.

Maybe I save my nice shit
for after hours.

[class laughing]

Damn, girl, you are slick!

Listen, Laura, you ever
want to swing the other way...

You'd be the last person I called.

Right before the police.


[Hannah] But you had some secrets
that you wanted to keep,

even from yourself.

[teacher] Courtney.



Um, can I...

I need to go to the office.

Hello, Courtney.

Hi, Miss Douglas, how are you?
It's so good to see you.

How are the Shih Tzu's?

- Um, they...
- I have the agenda

for student council.
Could I please get 40 copies?

I don't see why not.

Hi. Lainie Jensen to see Principal Bolan.

Of course. Um...
He will be with you in a moment.

You're Clay's mom.


We love Clay.

We do too, most of the time.

I'll be right back.

Everybody loves Clay.

Hi, I'm Courtney.

[Gary] Your son is Clay.

Yes, Clay.

He's a junior this year.

How's he been handling
the past few weeks?

To be honest, I don't know for sure.

It's been difficult to tell.

We've lost two students
in the space of two months.

It's been a difficult time for all of us.

Did he know Hannah Baker well?

He says he didn't.

Either way,

it's had such a terrible
impact on everyone.

Hence... you.

Yes, me.

Gary, I'd like to start
with a conversation, nothing more.

Just about Liberty.

The climate here, the challenges.

It would be very helpful for me
to have context.

Sure. Anything you need.

Kevin Porter is a counselor here?

Uh, yes.

And how many students
is each counselor...

[woman] All right.
Have her come to my office.

[Tyler] They pantsed me
in the middle of the hallway.

I don't know what that means.
They pantsed you?

How could you not know what that means?

You work at a high school.

The school I transferred from,
kids shot kids.

Pants I don't know.

They just...

they just pulled my pants down.

- In the middle of the hallway.
- Who did?

[sighs] I don't know. Like, five people.

I don't understand how it is that
I'm always getting screwed with,

but I'm the one that gets
sent to the office?

Well, let's start with...

what is it that you can do
to protect yourself?

What is anything you're doing
that might provoke kids?

Are you serious?

That's convenient. Blame the victim.

No, no one's blaming anyone.

Okay, well, maybe we should be.

You should be blaming the kids
that make this school a terrible place.

You should be blaming the kids that
make other kids want to kill themselves.

Are you referring to Hannah Baker?

What do you think?

Do you want to talk about Hannah?

Do you?

If it's on your mind.

Isn't it on yours?

Of course.

Yeah, I bet it is.

- Tyler.
- Nah, thanks.


[door closes]

[indistinct chatter]

I don't know what Justin's going to do.

He says he wants to shut Clay down.

[scoffs] We tried that.

Clay must have listened to his tape.

I told you, he listens to his tape,
everything changes.

He hasn't listen to his tape.
He just heard Tyler.

He didn't say anything
about Jessica's party.

But when he does,
he'll probably believe Hannah.

He won't know that she's lying.

Clay's mom came to see Bolan.

What? Why?

What else could it be?

Clay wouldn't tell his mom
about the tapes.

Why not? He wasn't shy about Tyler.

That would be so messed up
if he told his mom.

I'm with Justin.
We need to do something serious.

What, so your mom doesn't find out?

Yeah, among other people,
like maybe your dad.

[Marcus] What can we do,
if he's already ratted us out?

I'm on track for valedictorian.
I do not need this shit.

Yes, Marcus, the most important thing
right now is your valedictorian speech.

Let's keep that in mind.

You talking about Clay?

Keep your voice down, dude.

Whatever you're doing, I want in.

We're not doing anything, Tyler.

It's not like we would trust you
if we were.

This... this isn't fair.

Dude, get the hell out.


I have a right to be here, guys...

I will snap your arm in two.

[Courtney] Let me deal with it.

Okay? Quietly.

No snapping of arms.

[Hannah] For days after Tyler's
picture went around,

I tried to catch your eye.

You ignored me for weeks.

But I decided enough was enough.

I wanted to talk to you.

I mean, we were in this together...

weren't we?


That seat's taken.

Yeah, by me.

Talk to me.

About what?

I thought we were friends.

We are friends.

I mean, it seemed like we were.

Whatever you're going through now,
you don't have to do it alone.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Like you said...

I know what it feels like
to have people judge you.

And it sucks.

And it helps to have a friend
who doesn't judge you.

I thought we were eating together.

Uh, sorry, I'll go.

See you around, Courtney.

No. Stay.

Have lunch.

There's room for everybody.

We were gonna talk about the dance.

You're going, right?

- Well, I...
- Can you drive?

Because I'm restricted,

and Courtney's dads are just strict,
and Ashley's car's old.

- It's not that old.
- It's older than me.

[all laugh]

[Mrs. Baker] A limo?

Honey, we can't afford a limo.

- What were you thinking?
- How about we split it?

I've got a bunch of money
saved from the Crestmont.

A car for the night, with a driver?

We're talking probably $500,
probably more.

- Why don't you take the Jeep?
- The Jeep is a hundred years old.

The Jeep's not a hundred years old.
It's not even paid off yet.

Why don't you take the station wagon?

'Cause that's so much better.

You guys, I'm trying to have friends,

you know, like you guys
are always talking about.

Sweetie, your friends are not
going to like or dislike you for a car.

Mom, it's high school.
Of course they will.

Listen, I was in high school.

Yeah, but you have no idea,
because you were popular, I'm not.


Yeah, well, it's true.

Well, you were.

No. The answer is no.

[Mr. Baker]
They're coming to pick up the box.


So clinical.


it's their label.

Maybe we need to be looking
through her room again.

We've been through...

No, we threw things in a box.

I mean, we need to dig deeper.

There's something we're missing.

They asked for schoolbooks,

papers, photos, mementos.

Let's let them start with this
and see what they say.

It's a full carton.

[door opens]

Ah, honey.

Oh, you're beautiful.


It's true.
I never looked so lovely for a dance.

That's ridiculous.


you are the most beautiful woman
in this family.

I'd agree, but I'd be in trouble
with both of you.

Here you are.

- Perfect.
- Aw, thanks, Dad. It's beautiful.

Just a little smile.

Aah! Oh, come on, now. There you go.

Honey, and I'm sorry. I'm...

I'm sorry we couldn't afford
to give you that limo.

Mom, it's okay, really.

Can I have the keys?

You can.

You just have to take off the tag...



- You got a new car?
- You got a new car?

I upgraded the lease.
It's a simple trade.

- For the same payment?
- A bit more.

[Hannah screams]

It's worth it.
It's the winter formal, Liv.

Oh, it's... it's great!

- Thank you, Daddy.
- He's the hero, as always.

You're the best.


Oh, wait. Wait, wait, wait. Be careful!

- [Hannah laughs]
- [alarm chirps]

Oh, my God!

- [engine starts]
- Well...

[Courtney] I love this car.

It has that new car smell.

Oh, my God.

Did your parents buy you
a new car for this dance?

Um... Kind of.

Holy crap! I didn't know you were rich!

Oh, my God. Stephanie, you can
think that shit, but you can't say it.

Oh... designated driver.

Let's go in?

[Courtney] Here we go!

[rock music playing over speakers]



I know, right?

It took the sophomores, like, two days,
and I made them redo it twice.

[Tyler] Looking good, ladies. Come on.

That's perfect.

Let's go dance.

Seriously, Tyler?

It's for the yearbook.

I don't care. Don't put it in my face.


You look good.



Who'd you come here with?

Oh, just Courtney.

And her court.

The Courtnettes.



Big date?

It was supposed to be.


Uh, hey.

I should... yeah.


You look amazing.

Good enough to make your next list?

Look, I'll say, like, a million times
that I'm sorry.

- Don't say it.
- I love you.

You said it. Wow.

- I'll say it again if that helps.
- No.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Is this happening again?
You're back together?

Not unless this is
the Hell Freezes Over dance.

Sad thing is,
that'd be a really good theme.


Okay, seriously,
how does he get all the hot girls?

I mean...

his dick must be huge.

Only one huge dick in the vicinity
at the moment, Bryce.

Whoo! She's talking about you, big guy.

Yeah, she is.

Sorry about him.

Lots of money, just no class.

Right. [scoffs]

You do look amazing, though.

Hey, where'd you guys go?

Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

We thought you were right behind us.

Come dance with us.

Well, hello there, ladies.

So, are we gonna be seeing
an encore presentation tonight, or what?

What are you talking about?

You're gonna try and tell me that these
babes right here aren't you guys?

Come on.
I know a fine piece when I see one.

Or two.

So, is this a thing now?
Did you guys come here together?

We came as friends.
Maybe one day you'll have some.

Oh, hey.

Aren't you supposed to get on the mic
and say things like,

"Hey, Liberty High, let's keep it tight!"

I'm a legit deejay, not a birthday clown.

Those aren't the only options.

You see the world as binary.
It's a mosaic.

Oh, God.

Look at this mass of humanity.

Hundreds of stories.

It's kind of beautiful.

And romantic.


Kind of is.

[Jeff] Go.

Go get her.

Go get her and do what?

It's a dance, right?

Maybe dance with her?

I can't... You know I can't dance.

We talked about this when you
forced me to come tonight.

Nobody can dance. Look.

When people can dance at a dance,
nobody likes 'em.

I didn't force you to come.

We made a bet, and I got higher
than a "C," so you lost.

Now, go.

Come on.

[Tony] Clay.


You're missing out on the fun run.

It's three miles of torture.
What part of that is fun?

Calling it fun is Orwellian.

And why do you care if I miss it?

Who else is gonna call it Orwellian?


Are you sure you didn't run already?

I had a late night.

I'm aware.

Listen, Clay,
what you did to Tyler, that's...

I don't want to hear it, Tony.

I feel you, brother, but still.

That shit's not helping.

I don't want to help.

I... want to hurt.

Hurt who?

Do you remember the winter dance,
the one you deejayed?


You remember that song you played,
that one slow song?

That one slow song?

Uh... I'm gonna need some more, Clay.

It was the most amazing song.

- ["The Night We Met" playing]
- ♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ I am not the only traveler ♪

♪ Who has not repaid his debt ♪

♪ I've been searching
For a trail to follow ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Take me back to the night we met... ♪

You look adorable.

There's that word again.

- You look adorable.
- [rock music playing]

There's that word again.

I didn't know you were here.

Yeah, I get that a lot. I blend.

A skill I wish I had.

So, um...

I'm not really sure how this is done,

uh, and I'm already being too formal.

Although it is the winter formal.

I don't know if people actually
ask people this in the world,

but I'm just saying...

I wonder if you want to dance.

I would love to dance.

Awesome. Okay. Cool.

[fast rock music continues]

I don't think this
is a song you can dance to.

Like, with someone.


I mean, we could just...

jump around together.


You mean like this?

Yeah, or, uh, or no, more...

more like this.

[Hannah laughing]

- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
- [Courtney] Whoo!

Courtney Crimsen cuts loose!

I like it!

You here alone, or you with someone?

I'm here with my friends.

We could be friends.

- Go!
- Go!

Do it.

You think so?

Uh, you can keep up?

Oh! [chuckles]


Maybe you and Hannah
are up for some fun later.

- Me and Hannah?
- Yeah. You're fun girls, right?

That's what it looks like in the picture.

Hate to disappoint you, Monty,
but I'll tell you a secret.


[Justin sputters]

Oh, come on, keep up, be a man.
I'm way ahead of you.


[Justin laughs]

Holy fuck!
I don't usually do hard liquor.


[music stops]

All right, Liberty High,
let's slow it down a bit,

nice and smooth.

["The Night We Met" playing]

Well, you happy now?

I am.

I'm embarrassed to admit
that I am very happy.

Tony has amazing taste.

This song is perfect.


♪ I am not the only traveler ♪

So, I guess we should...

♪ Who has not repaid his debt ♪

♪ I've been searching
For a trail to follow ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Take me back to the night we met... ♪

This song kinda reminds
me of those old dance movies

we play sometimes at the Crestmont.

Remember Strictly Ballroom?

Oh, my God, I love that movie.

"There are no new steps!"

You lied to me.

- What?
- You said you had no rhythm.

You dance like a pro.

I've actually taken ballet
since I was six.

No shit. Seriously?


I would have believed it.

You're full of little surprises.


Stick with me, kid.

Stay with me? Stick with me.
Whatever. Sorry.

♪ Take me back to the night we met ♪

♪ I don't know what I'm supposed to do ♪

♪ Haunted by the ghost of you ♪

[loud laughing]

Dear Lord.

I should go take care of that.

Yeah, for sure.

Hey, where's your girlfriend?

Sorry, which girlfriend is that, exactly?

Your girlfriend from the picture, Laura.

I hear you two like a guy
between you now and then.

Who'd you hear that from?

Courtney says
you asked her for a three-way.

I don't blame you. She's hot.

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

What, my intel's no good?

- No, it's no good.
- See, I think it is.

'Cause she confirmed that not only
did Justin finger you,

but that you went down on him.

It's good shit.


Oh. Hey, Cory.

What the fuck, Courtney?

Hannah, I...

You think you can just
throw me under the bus?

"Everyone already thinks she's a slut.
So why not just pile on?"

People were starting to talk. I just...

I had... I had to do something.

Yeah, well, you didn't have to do that.

I'm sorry.

I want to be your friend, Courtney.

I have been a friend to you,

and this thing you're scared
for people to know about you

doesn't matter to me.

Okay, it doesn't fucking matter.

And I'm sorry if you're scared,

but I'm not your shield, okay?

You don't get to hide behind me.

You don't get to fuck with my life
because you don't like who you are.

[bell rings]

Courtney. Hey.

Hey, Clay. What's up?

Listen, what you said the other day...


I, um...

I haven't been doing so well,

and I wonder if we could
go somewhere and talk.

Yeah. Of course.

Can you drive us?
Maybe we could skip fifth?

Sure. Yes.

Meet me in the parking lot. Okay?

- Thanks. Thanks, Courtney.
- Yeah.

[Hannah] But friends look out
for each other, Courtney.

[Tony] All right, all right,
Liberty High, listen up.

Last two dances. Make 'em count.

[rock music playing over speakers]

- Sorry, boys, fun's over.
- No!

No, no, no! What are you...

I'm having fun!

- Come on.
- See ya!

Dude, that Hannah Baker's
a fucking crazy lesbo, man.

Fuck off, Montgomery.

What the fuck are you talking about?

- What's up, Foley?
- Hey, Jeff.

Nothing. Just fucking stupid
high school dances.

There's vodka in the red shit if you want.

Nah, I'm good.

I'll be right back.

What happened?

She left.

She just... left.



'Cause I think she thinks I care
about shit I don't care about.

- I was having a good time.
- [alarm chirps]

The sharks were in the water, Jess.

I pulled you into the boat.

That's what friends do.

You okay?


I really like Justin.

He's nice.

You shouldn't.

He isn't.

[sighs] There's water and crackers
in the armrest thing.

- You should eat.
- Fine.

- Okay. Watch your leg.
- Mm-hmm.

[gasps] Oh, my God!

This is amazing.

I fucking love these peanut butter
and cheese crackers,

even though they don't taste
like peanut butter or cheese.

God, you would make
the best soccer mom, dude.

Thank you, Jess.

I'm sorry I slapped you that one time.

That wasn't cool.

[starter clicking]

For fuck's sake.

I'm glad you came to me, Clay.

Look, everyone's been really good
at keeping it secret.

No one's even told their parents.


[sniffs] Is that...?

Yeah, that smell is me.

You're really not doing so well.


No, I'm not.


it's good to talk to you about this.

Can I just...

I want to show you something.

Can I take you there?

[Courtney] There's...

um, there's no headstone.

They take a couple months to make.

So, when someone dies suddenly...

- [Courtney] It's beautiful here.
- [scoffs]

"It's beautiful here"?

I don't know, Clay.

What do you want me to say?

I'm not sure why you brought me here.

Because you've been acting
like Hannah killing herself

was some, like, school activity.

Like just a reason to put posters up.

I'm trying to help the school heal.

The school?


What about you?

Yes, all of us.

So you help the school,
and cover the fact it's your fault too.

It's not my fault.

Clay, look,

I know she was special to you.

And I know you're upset,
and I get it, but...

but this was Hannah's choice.

Okay, this isn't on anyone but her.

No. No, it's on every person
who talked shit about her,

and every guy who fucked her over,

and it's on you because
she thought you were a friend,

and you sent one more asshole
in her direction

just to cover the fact you're gay.

That's not true.

I don't get it, Courtney.
It's the 21st century.

How is this so hard for you?

Was it hard for you?

Freshman year, when everyone
thought you were gay?

Well, it probably hurt
my chances with girls,

but they weren't so great before,
so whatever.

I didn't lie to anybody about who I was.

- I didn't hurt anyone because of it.
- Neither did I.

We both know you did.

Christ, Courtney, you've got two gay dads!

Yeah, and I have since I was in preschool,

when no one had gay dads.

Do you have any idea what that's like?

Even now.

I mean...

What if I were?

What do you think everyone would say?

"She's got two gay dads,
that's why she's..."

And my dads, they've taken so much crap,

my whole life, for being gay
and then for being dads,

and I just can't...

I couldn't do that to them.

What people think of you isn't
more important than Hannah's life.

She needed you as a friend.

That's what should've mattered to you.

[sniffles] I got scared, okay?


I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do.

[sniffs] I'm so sorry.

I'm not the one who needed to hear that.

[engine starts]

Thanks, Tony. You're a lifesaver.

A dozen people walked past this tragedy
and all averted their eyes.

It's not a problem.

You should have texted me.
I would have come out before I packed up.

I love that you still use cassette tapes.

My parents still sell blank ones
at the store.

I don't know why.

For mix tapes, of course.

A lost and essential art.

What's this?

That starts with the song
you and Clay danced to.

The slow one.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

See you around?

Yeah. Drive safe.

Thank you.

So, why the fuck would Clay
take Courtney to Hannah's grave?

I have no idea.

But if he's doing this now,

what happens when he gets
to the stuff about my party?

Nothing happens, okay?

I'm ending this shit right now.

He doesn't think that Hannah's lying.

He could tell people the wrong things.

He won't.

I'll take care of it.



I don't want people to think...

What if people find out
about what Hannah said,

and then everyone starts to think
something happened?

No one's going to think
anything's happened.

No one's going to think or say anything.

Clay's out of control.

I'll get him under control.

He's not gonna hurt you.

I know what you're gonna say.

It's the song you asked about.

The one you and Hannah danced to.

You could have given it to me at school.

Did you pick my lock?

I saw you guys
turn down Cemetery Road...

I didn't think you'd be
getting a ride back.

And I...

think it was time I saw this too.

Since the family didn't have a funeral,

and I didn't feel like coming by myself.

It's not the kind of thing you do
if you're not ready, Clay.

You mean Courtney.

I saw her driving out of here.
She looked...

pretty fucked up.

When I listen to the tapes...

I want to...

see her in school tomorrow.

I want to eat Mike and Ikes

out of the box with her at the Crestmont.

I want to dance with her again, and...

kiss her...

when I should have kissed her.

But I can't.

Don't you feel like someone
should pay for that?

Aren't you?

Aren't you paying?

[horn blaring]

- What the hell?
- Wanna go for a ride real quick?


We think you do.

What the hell, man?

What are you doing?

Get in the car.

Come on, I'll take you home.

Why are you doing this?

What else am I gonna do?

I don't understand.

You will. Just get in the car.

[Mrs. Baker] I understand. Thank you.

Thank you very much for letting us know.

[phone beeps]

We knew it might go to trial.

They've hired Caproni, Burkhardt
and Goodell. It's a big firm.

I've seen them in the newspapers.

So they're playing to win.
We'll do the same.

They're gonna go after our girl.

What are you guys doing?

[tires screeching]

Yo, Alex.

We know what you did to Courtney.

Jesus, Alex, slow down.

You know, you've really got to stop
fucking with people, Clay.

Just slow down.

[horns blaring]

Okay, I will, I'll stop. Just slow down.

Alex, slow down!

- I'll stop!
- Okay, okay.

Ease up, we're good.

Alex, I think he gets it. Slow down.

What the hell, dude, slow down!

- [car horn blares]
- [siren]

Oh, shit, Alex.
Alex, seriously, slow the fuck down.

Seriously, Alex.

Ever been to jail before?

Okay, you boys want to tell me
why you're going 90 in a 40?

We were just out for a ride.

- We're sorry, officer.
- Yeah. Well, you know,

I could bust you for reckless driving.

You know how much that ticket would be?

Five hundred dollars
and three points on your license.

You want that?

No, sir.

I suggest you drop these boys off
and get your ass home in time for dinner.

- All right. You be home in time?
- Tell Mom to save me a plate.

And stick to the speed limit, kid.
'Cause next time, I'll ticket you.

Seat belt.

Night, Dad.

No shit.

Your dad's a cop?


[Justin] That's fucking brilliant!

You can't touch us, Clay.

You got that?

We're fucking bulletproof.


Come on, let's go.

["The Night We Met" playing on headphones]

♪ Take me back to the night we met ♪

♪ I don't know what I'm supposed to do ♪

♪ Haunted by the ghost of you ♪

♪ Take me back to the night we met ♪

♪ When the night was full of terror... ♪

[music stops]

What you listening to?


One of Tony's mix tapes.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, great.

Clay, I need to talk to you.

Do you know anything about any kids
getting bullied at your school?

Why, did someone call you?


I'm asking whether you knew
if Hannah Baker was bullied.

Why Hannah Baker?

My firm was hired today by the school

to defend them in the lawsuit
that the Bakers have filed.

Your firm? Doesn't the school
have their own lawyers?

They do.

But for a lawsuit, they need litigators.

Like me.

You're going up against the Bakers?

Well, I'm defending the school.

But you're a parent
of a kid at the school.

I think that's one reason the partners
asked me to take the case.

So you're going to try to prove
that Hannah wasn't bullied.

The school's position is that they
didn't know about any bullying,

and they would have
stopped it if they had.

You believe that's true?

I believe we'll find out.


Are you okay with that?


You have nothing more to tell me...

about bullying at school?


Or, um...

Hannah Baker?

Look, I told you, Mom...

I didn't really know her.

["Thirteen" playing]

♪ Won't you let me walk you home
From school ♪

♪ Won't you let me meet you at the pool ♪

♪ Maybe Friday I can ♪

♪ Get tickets for the dance ♪

♪ And I'll take you ♪

♪ Won't you tell your dad
Get off my back ♪

♪ Tell him what we said
'Bout "Paint It Black" ♪

♪ Rock-n-roll is here to stay ♪

♪ Come inside
Well, it's okay ♪

♪ And I'll shake you ♪

♪ Won't you tell me what
You're thinking of ♪

♪ Would you be an outlaw for my love ♪

♪ If it's so, well let me know ♪

♪ If it's no, well I can go ♪

♪ I won't make you ♪