13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Tape 2, Side B - full transcript

Hannah thinks someone is stalking her and sets a trap; Hannah's mother confronts the principal; Clay strikes back at someone who wronged Hannah.

[theme music playing]

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[Hannah] Shh.

For this next one,
you need to be very, very quiet.

["Fascination Street" playing]

Because you're about to do
something very wrong.

Be careful.

And don't get caught.

Have you ever wondered what
it would feel like to watch someone?

To invade someone's privacy?

Do you wonder what secrets
you might uncover?

What skeletons you might turn up?

Well, for this next one,
you're about to find out.

A-4 on your map, kids.

- ♪ Oh, it's opening time ♪
- [grunts]

- Mother...
- ♪ Down on Fascination Street ♪

♪ So let's cut the conversation ♪

♪ And get out for a bit ♪

♪ Because I feel it all fading
And paling... ♪

[Hannah] Now, don't say you're too afraid

or that you don't feel comfortable
doing this kind of thing,

because guess what?

You spy on people every day.

♪ But if you open your mouth ♪

♪ Then I can't be responsible... ♪

We're always watching someone.

Following someone.

And being followed.

♪ Just pull on your pout ♪

♪ And let's move to the beat ♪

♪ Like we know that it's over ♪

♪ If you slip going under
Slip over my shoulder ♪

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...

they've made us a society of stalkers.

And we love it.

[car alarm blaring]

[alarm chirps]

Of course, stalking someone
in real life is a whole 'nother thing.

That's right.

I had a stalker.

And if you've made it to A-4,
you're outside his window.

Just like I am...

right now.

Any guesses yet?


Well, stay tuned to hear
about the skeletons he dug up.

For now...

let's see if he's got any of his own.

I get that it's a thrill...

looking into someone's life.

My heart's pounding right now.

Can you hear it?


[heart beating rapidly]


You asshole. What the hell...?

- What are you doing?
- Sorry, okay?

I said your name, like, three times.

What are you...


Oh, I totally forgot.

[thunder rumbles]

I'm El Niño.

The tropical storm?

No? Okay.

Wow, I really hope you're not
one of the judges tomorrow, 'cause...

Marcus, what are you doing?

The costume contest. Two hundred bucks.

Here... what are you doing out here?


I heard you, man.

The car alarm. I live right over there.

Besides, you're not the first one
to come look at the famous window.

We all did it.

And we all took our shot.

Wait, "we"?

Are you on the...?

Why? What did you do?

Who knows? Okay? I didn't listen.

I just started each tape
till I heard who it was,

figured out who came after me,
and passed 'em on.

But what about the second set?

- Hannah said that if we don't listen...
- Hannah said. Dude, Hannah's dead.

I'm sorry, but it's true.

Nothing anyone did to her
was any different

than what happens to every girl
at every high school.

She just wanted attention.

And leaving those tapes...

that's a fucked-up thing to do!
No one deserves that.

[light switch clicks]

Except maybe that psycho.

[Clay] Tyler Down?

Dude, listen, take your shot
and pass those things on, man.

You'll feel better.

[sighs] We need to get
this window fixed, Tyler.

It's time.

[Tyler] They're just gonna break it again.

Who are these kids?

We need names.

I want to report it to the school
or to the police.


We don't need to. Just forget it.

I don't know who they are, Dad, okay?

Why are they doing this?

I said I don't know, okay?

Can I just do my homework, please?


[Hannah] Welcome to your tape, Tyler Down.

Good night.

So, tell me...

when did it start?

How long were you watching me, Tyler?

I can't believe you don't like them.

Look, I'm just saying, I don't...

Okay, vampires, aliens,
even werewolves, I get it.

I get the motivation,
I get the metaphors, right?

But, like, zombies?

They're just...

They're just stupid.

So you hate zombies?

You're a zombie racist.

Just, like, I don't understand 'em.

What's their story?

They don't want to take over the world,
kill their masters, anything interesting.

They're not good or evil.

They're just hungry... for brains.

I mean, like, brains.


thank you...

for walking me home.

And for destroying all future
zombie media for me forever.



Turn around, dude.

[Hannah] I didn't really think
anything of it at first.

[camera clicks]

Must have been the sound
of a tree branch in the wind.


But the sound followed me.

[clicking continues]

I was too scared to move...

even to shut the blinds.

[Mrs. Baker] These pictures are proof.
They're gonna help us in the fight.

And if we tear this room apart...

I don't want to tear this room apart,
and I'm not sure I want to fight.

We have to. For Hannah.

What about for us?

Honey, our daughter is gone.

Christ, Andy, I know that!

I have to know why.

I need to know why.

And if you don't, I...

[Hannah] I didn't sleep much that night.

You should know.

But then, the pictures you took that night
aren't the reason you're on this tape,

are they?

We're talking about one picture
in particular.

Goddamn it, Tyler.

[Mr. Jensen] How bad is it?

Oh, um...

Hey, Dad.

How bad is what?

I'll never forget my first hangover.

Uh... Yeah. First.

Is that what I'm feeling?


I prefer to leave my lectures
in the lecture hall, but, you know...

there's actually an important lesson
to be learned from a hangover.

Don't drink?

Sure, but... you'll drink. It happens.

The overarching lesson is that
actions have consequences.

Judging from the way you look,

you've probably suffered
enough for today.

What is that?

Hot sauce, horseradish, kale, a raw egg,

and, uh, about six other things
designed to cure a hangover.

Oh, no, don't smell it.

Just drink.

[clears throat]

So, listen, uh, I talked to Mom
about the grounding situation

and all it entails,

and I managed to convince her
to stay her ruling, on one condition:

You gotta start opening up to us, kid.

Just... you know,
let us know what's going on.

Only enough to keep us informed.

And your mother also prefers...

no more closed doors.

Literal and figurative.

Oh, and no big spread this morning.

It's just us, so cereal okay?

Wait, where's Mom?

So, mood swings.

Refusal to participate
in group activities,

change in their appearance...

You're making me feel
like a bad student.

I'm starting to feel like a bad parent.

...declining GPA...

and substance abuse.

Now, paying close attention to
these warning signs can help you

prevent your children
from making a terrible mistake.

Okay. Thank you, Mr. Porter,
for that informative presentation.

If anybody has questions,
we're happy to answer now.


What can you tell us about this lawsuit?

Was that girl bullied?

Actually, legally, we are
not allowed to discuss that,

but we can all become more involved
in our children's lives, okay?

And that starts at home.


Should we be worried about
our own kids being bullied?

In our experience,
relative to many other schools,

we do not have a problem with bullying.

Then why did that girl do it?

That girl's name is Hannah.

Mrs. Baker.

It's so good to see you.
We didn't know you'd be joining us.

Well, I'm still a member of
the school community, right?

And if you want to know why...

I suggest you ask your own children.

Or take a look at the walls
of the restrooms they use every day.




"Die." Die!

These are the words carved on
the walls of the bathrooms they use,

and your kids did the carving.

[bell rings]


Wait, hey, Tyler.

Tyler. Hey.

I'm sorry, man.

[Justin] This fucking chain is gay.

[Jessica] You look really hot.

- I look like a punk rock dog.
- Mmm-hmm.

What? Justin, what?
You said you wanted to do this.

I do. I'm here, right?

I'm doing it.

What the fuck are you looking at, Jensen?

He's checking out our awesome costumes.

Clay gets it, right?


Sid Vicious, born John Ritchie,
bassist for the Sex Pistols,

and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.


But you know how the story ends, right?

What? How does the story end?

Thanks, Clay.

How does the story end?

I don't know. I think you kill me.

Alex, hey.

Alex! Hey.

Have you seen Tyler?


I did research about what he did.

- I think that we should...
- No, see, there's no "we," okay?

You should be very careful
about who you talk to.

There he is!


Nice work last night, buddy.
You can hold your booze.

Yeah, I bet he puked like a bitch.

Fuck you, Dempsey.

You puked on three wine coolers
last weekend.

Yeah, because they were strawberry.

I'm allergic.

I'm having a Halloween thing
at my place, super small.

You should come.

Alex will be there.

I uh,

I'll think about it.

What, you got something else to do?

How about French?

Madame Steinberg?

You needed help with the homework.

Why would I need your help...

I mean, yeah, sure. Whatever.

[bell rings]

[Bryce] Think about it, Jensen.

I have a better grade than you in French.

I was just trying to help.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Where was your help last night?
Where'd you go?

I had a family thing.

- Family thing?
- Yeah.

That's good.

[principal] "Megan is a whore and a..."

what on earth is a "cum dumpster"?

[Mr. Porter] Well, sir, I assume... well,
it could be a guy or a girl, actually.

[principal] Oh, Jesus Christ.

These kids, they can't even spell,

and they come up with this shit.

How have we never seen this before?

Oh, well, faculty is not supposed
to be in the students' restroom.

I could call the janitorial staff and
see if they could repaint these walls.

Well, I think we should, although...

[sighs] I don't know how this is going
to calm Olivia Baker at all.


I'm wondering if her husband
is any more reasonable.

I actually know Andy a bit.
I shop at their store.

I understand about the grief, all right?

It's just the...

It's the grasping for blame.

It's just graffiti, right?

Oh, my God!

[teacher] In honor of Halloween,
your in-class essay today

will analyze this quote from chapter four
of Beyond Good and Evil:

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it

that he does not become a monster."


I'm worried about you, Clay.

Why aren't you entering
the costume contest?

Because I'm not wearing a costume.

[teacher] Can you think of
the abyss in your own life?

Can you think of an occasion in the book
where the protagonist lost their way?

- What monsters have you...
- Psst.

You're gonna get in trouble.

Watch and learn.

- You sleep in class?
- Are you kidding?

With my schedule,

power naps are essential.

I just couldn't sleep last night.

Obsessing over the history exam?

Uh, no.

About who you're going to take
to Winter Formal?

People take people to that?

Quiet study, please.

What else has you up nights?

I think there's someone outside my window.

What, like a burglar?

Like someone taking pictures.

No way!


Nothing that interesting
ever happens to me.

I'm not sure "interesting"
is the first word that comes to mind.

It's sort of awful.

You have to do something about it.

Like what?

I don't know.

But I'll help.

[teacher] Girls.

I didn't realize you were
taking photography.

Yep, the project is all about contrast,

which is why we have to do it at night,

and which is why I have to sleep over.

- It's due tomorrow.
- I see.

I would like your parents' number,
just in case.

Already put the Bakers in your contacts.

You'll make sure to text me
before you go to bed?


And you're sure
you don't want me to help...

I've got it, Dad, really.

Okay, okay.

He's very involved.

That's the worst, right?

No, it's cool.

I like that you can just talk to him.

I wish I could do that.

Grass is always greener, I guess.

That was the first time
I've ever lied to either of them.

Welcome to the dark side.

[evil laugh]

Technically, it's for bears.

Supposedly, like, blinds the bears,
giving you time to run away.

So, who do you think it could be?

I don't know,

but there's this
creepy old dude on the corner

who walks with an umbrella
on perfectly sunny days.

- Weird.
- Exactly.

My money's on him.

He's gonna need more than an umbrella to
block the rays of this thing. Wanna see?

You may want to look away.

[Ryan] I'm amazed you still shoot on film.

I shoot all different ways,

but film really makes you focus
on the image you're creating.

It's not just there for you on a screen.

These are...

really good.


I need you to print a few
for the tribute issue.

- Okay.
- Can you get them in time?

Yeah, I'm already started.

That one.

That one.

This candid.


This one.

You really did capture her, didn't you?


I've really got a lot of work to do.

Do you think you could...?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay, cool.

Yeah, no, um...

[door closes]

[Clay] You've got a real eye.

Jesus, Clay, what are you doing in here?

Just seeing what our prize-winning
photographer is working on.

Interesting stuff.

Well, no, don't.

This is all for yearbook only.
You're not supposed to be here.

Really? You're gonna
call me out on trespassing?

I heard your tape.

And throwing a rock
through my window isn't enough?

I didn't throw one.

So, what do you want, then?

I want you to delete
the photos you took.

Destroy the negatives. Whatever.

- Or I'm turning you in.
- Turning me in?

What, are you gonna turn everybody in?

Like Justin and Alex?

You stalked her.

I'm the student life photographer, okay?

I stalk everybody. It's my job.

That means you stand
outside everyone's windows?

- No, it doesn't mean that.
- That's a relief.

'Cause a first-time offense
is only six months in jail,

but for repeat offenders, that's a year.

That's not a thing.

Criminal invasion of a minor's privacy.
Look it up.

I don't think they'll let you have
a camera in prison,

but maybe you can draw pictures.

- I'm not a criminal.
- You are.

- And you're a creep.
- I just took pictures.

- You humiliated her.
- I didn't mean to.

- You ruined her.
- I loved her!

And I know I barely knew her, but I...

I saw her.

Most people, you put a camera on them,
and they smile.

They pose. They basically fake it.

You don't see them, you see their mask.

Whenever my camera was on Hannah,
she was...


Like, real, and...

I fell in love with that.


So, yeah, I took pictures of her,
but that's because girls like that

don't hang out
with the yearbook guy, with me.

Why didn't you just talk to her?

[scoffs] Why didn't you?

What do you mean?

Come on, I stalk everybody, remember?

I don't miss much.

You loved her, too.

And all you did was watch her
from the sidelines, so...

I guess we're not so different, are we?

Delete the pictures, Tyler.
Destroy them. All of them.

Come on.

You sure you don't want to keep just one?

[Cheerleader] Okay, everybody.
Drumroll, please.

- [students stomping]
- [rock music playing]

Tight race, you guys, but I think
we've narrowed down our finalists.

We're gonna choose the winner by applause.

The costume with the most applause
takes home 200 smackers, so...


Genius is so often misunderstood.

Mud divers!


Hey, you okay?


You kept listening, didn't you?

I know that feeling, man.

Hurts bad, I know it.

Let yourself off the hook.

Hannah's gone.

And it's terrible,
but we've got to live on.

And let go.

Come hang out with everybody tonight.
Bring the tapes.

We'll figure it out.

[rap music playing over speakers]

[all cheering]

Okay, okay, okay.

Ladies and gents,
I think we have a winner!

Justin and Jessica, as sexy punk rockers!

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Sid and Nancy, for fuck's sake.

Come on! Whoo!

Pathetic, right?

- What?
- The way they celebrate themselves and...

just their whole group. It's...

It's better to stay outside of it all.

You know?

No, I don't know.


[toilet flushes]


You're following me into the bathroom now?

Silent treatment. Wow.

You know what? Good.

'Cause I'm tired of it all anyway.

- Clay.
- Oh, it speaks!

Clay, those guys are using you.

They just want to shut you down.

And whatever they're offering you,
they're lying.

You lied to me.

You lied about where you were last night.

I saw you. With your brothers.

I saw you beating up that guy.

Or were you just "helping" him too?



Oh, fuck.

- Still open?
- [Mr. Baker] Still open.

Oh, thank God.

My wife would kill me if I came home
empty-handed again.


You got uh,

two different sizes here.

I got two different kids,

two and a half and nine months.

I'm running on fumes here.

I think I slept a few hours last week.

I remember those times.


We ran out of these last year.

You know, I fought
having the Walplex move in, too.

I mean, maybe it's open late,
but it's not this, you know?

It's not people we know.

Well, thank you.

We appreciate your business.

'Course, if I've learned anything
from watching high school football,

the bigger team always seems to win.

Am I right?


Look, I know this whole lawsuit thing

has made it hard to talk to people,

but if you ever needed
someone to talk to...

Not me, of course. That would be...


I could recommend someone.

You know, a professional.

Yeah, thank you,
that's a very kind offer, but, uh...

I think we're handling it our own way.

Don't forget your keys.

Good luck with your store.

Come on!

["Skeletons" playing]

♪ I guess I've been bruised ♪

♪ If we were to speak plain ♪

♪ Every bruise that comes to flesh ♪

♪ Makes its mark ♪

♪ Skeletons in the back yard... ♪

Hey, hey, whoa, whoa!
What are you guys doing?

Let's go, let's go!

Get out of here.

Drop it, right now!

You stay right there
while I call the police.

- Wait, this wasn't me.
- It's in your hand.

No, I was taking it down. Really.

Mrs. Baker, I knew Hannah.

We used to work together.

I was riding by, and I saw these kids...

You knew Hannah?

I did.

Would you want to come inside?


[Courtney] Bye.

We won't be late.

I don't know. Maybe we should just
change the reservations to another night.

They'll be fine.

I think this place will probably
charge the card if we move it.


You said you wanted a nice restaurant.

Um, what are you guys still doing here?

Your mother thinks
that we should stay home.

And break date night?

You guys, go.

Do, yeah, date night things
I'm trying not to picture right now.

- The only thing...
- We've got pizza money.

I'm just thinking maybe I should
cook dinner for your new friend.

She's gonna be my new ex-friend
if you guys don't stop acting weird.

- Okay.
- Okay.

All right, have fun.

Thank you.

- I love you.
- Okay, bye.

[door opens]


Alone at last.

Shall we?

Okay, so...

Once it's dark and we hear him
outside the window...

We open the window and flash the light.

Mm-hmm. And expose creepy umbrella guy.

- Aah!
- [both giggling]

Oh, my God, don't say "expose."

What if he's...?




For the first time, I'm freaking.

Me too.

Do we need...


I could use some courage.

My husband was the one who suggested

that we not give out candy this year.

He thought seeing all the kids
would make me too emotional.

Now all it's done is attract them.

I'm really sorry.

Kids can be...


They can.

Did you...

Did you want a soda or something?

I'm really fine, thank you.

Hannah didn't have many friends, so I'm...

I'm thrilled to finally meet one.

Clay, was it?

Yes. Clay Jensen.

You do look familiar, though.

You two worked together?

Right. At the Crestmont.

I wonder if she said anything to you.

Did she ever talk to you about
her experiences at school?

Uh, experiences?

I mean, did she ever say anything to you

that would indicate that she might
have been mistreated

or bullied in any way?

I, uh...

we didn't really talk
about that kind of thing, I guess.

Maybe I was more of, um...

an acquaintance than a close friend.

I see.


We moved to this town for a fresh start.

For all of us, but...

especially for Hannah.

[Mrs. Baker]
You just ask yourself over and over...

what happened?

Todd. Hi.

Andy! Hey!

I, uh, wow,

I guess you got curious too,

about all this Walplex nonsense.


Listen, Dr. Mendez
hasn't called in your refill.

It's been a couple of months.
Should I give him a ring?

Uh, no, I'm...

No, there's no need.

Okay, well...

Take care.

Give my best to Olivia, please.

[alarm chirps]

[stops tape]

Thank you for this.

Now I know who's responsible.

You are!

You killed Hannah!

[water running]

[indistinct chatter, giggling]

[Hannah] Who does that? Who...?

The whole thing. Like...

[girls giggling]

Wait. Shut up, wait.

So the whole Justin thing
was just a rumor?

I totally thought you guys went to third.

Nope. Just first.

Also, why someone picked
the most boring sport ever

to mark our sexual milestones
still kind of baffles me.

My God. I am so sorry.

I totally misjudged you.

It's cool.

I misjudge me all the time.

- Boys are assholes.
- [chuckles]

Sometimes I think we'd be
better off without them.

I will drink to that.


What is in this?

Vodka, Scotch, Kahlúa,


and just enough of anything
the parents won't notice is missing!

It's kind of like
when you run your soda cup

under the fountain drinks
at the Crestmont,

just, you know, with liquor.

Yeah, my friend Kat and I
used to call it a suicide.

I can't imagine why.

[Hannah] So, yeah,

we kind of lost track of the plan.

Okay. Your turn.

I dare you to...

take another drink.

But it was so nice having a new friend.


Well, I don't know.

Okay, your turn.
I dare you to take off your bra.

Under your shirt. Relax.



I dare you to take off your shirt.


Um... I dare you to kiss me.

Yeah, right.

- Seriously?
- Come on.

Doesn't mean anything.

Come on. Here, I'll close my eyes.

[giggles echoing]

[Mrs. Baker] Everything okay?

Sorry, I just got turned around
on my way back from...

This is Hannah's room?


It is.

But you knew that already.

I what?

I knew you looked familiar.

I saw you standing outside that window.

I was just, uh...

No, it's okay. I'm not angry. But, um...


Maybe we could help each other.

You must have questions.

It's actually...
It's getting late, Mrs. Baker.

No, no, no. Please, Clay.

I'm just trying to piece things together.

You don't need...

My parents are expecting me home.

No, we...

We never got a note.

We never got a reason.

So now my daughter

might as well be
an acquaintance to me, too.

I have some of her things,
some of her photos,

and, um, her notes.

We could look at them together.

Wait... wait here?

[girls giggling]

[Hannah] It's hard to say exactly
how things turned, but...

let's just say... that night,

things escalated quickly.

[camera clicking]

While Courtney didn't hear
my stalker arrive...

I did.

[clicking continues]

Thankfully, I found a way
to kill two birds with one stone.


Who are you?


Tyler Down?

Oh, my God, you said it was
some creepy guy from down the street!

I thought it was.

Uh, I should...

- Wait.
- I should go.

What? No. Courtney.

Courtney, wait.

Come back.


Please, I just want to talk.

I'm sorry, my mom's waiting for me.

I'm sorry.

[Hannah] Remember when I said you wouldn't
believe the skeletons Tyler found?

Turns out they weren't mine.


They were Courtney's.

- Everything okay?
- Everything's great.

Um, I'm sorry I left last night.
I just wasn't feeling well.


Should we at least talk about it?

There's nothing to talk about.


Listen, I'm going to get
those pictures from Tyler, so...

don't worry about that.

Yeah, okay. Good.

Good. You should.

Is this all of them?


Um, Hannah, wait.


Would you ever want to hang out?


want to hang out with me?

[door opens, closes]

[Hannah] I guess we all have secrets.

[locker closes]

And nobody likes it
when their secret gets out.

What did you do?

Whoa, what's wrong?

No, I talked to Tyler this morning.

- He told me he got rid of all of them.
- Well, he lied.

Group-texted half the school.

Okay, look, calm down.
No one can tell that's us.

You don't think they'll figure it out?

I shouldn't even be seen
talking to you right now.

- Because of a stupid picture?
- Come on, Hannah.

You of all people should know what
a picture can do to a person's life.

Me of all people?

I told you...

Just stay away from me, okay?


[Hannah] Funny thing is,

no one ever found out it was us.

That whole fall,
everyone looked at that picture.

I'd imagine some boys more than once.

But no one ever knew who it was.

[knocking at door]

Well, now you know.

[knocking continues]

[door opens]

So, just, a...

gentle reminder about closed doors.

Sorry. Old habits. I'll work on it.

Your mother has dinner ready.

And a special surprise.

Yeah. Be right down.

[Hannah] Like I said,
we're a society of stalkers.

We're all guilty.

We all look.

We all think things we're ashamed of.

The only difference is, Tyler...

[phone chimes]

...you got caught.

Guys, I have to go out after dinner, okay?

Won't be long.

Where you going?

What are you doing here?

Your mom invited me.

There you are!

I ran into Tony's dad at school today.

I haven't seen Tony in so long,
I thought, invite him to dinner.

[Mrs. Jensen]
You have three older brothers?

God, I only had one,
and we fought constantly.

Though, to be fair, he's an asshole.


Well, we actually get along pretty well.


I feel I saw you guys fighting recently.

Well, that's true.

We're not afraid of confrontation,
but at the end of the day,

we always know whose side we're on.

How's that history project going?

With the cassettes.

That's a good question.

How are things going, Clay?

I, uh...

I think I'm done, actually.

Oh, yeah?

- Already?
- Yeah.

I think I'm just gonna...

pass the project on to the next student.

Sounds very collaborative.

A colleague of mine is studying
collaborative learning theory.

[door bell rings]

It actually strengthens your synapses.


[Clay] Um...

Yeah, it's...

- It's like our oral history is...
- Trick or treat!

passed down through the generations.
That kind of thing.

Fantastic. It's the oral tradition.

Except if we don't finish our part first,

we could fail the whole assignment.


We could.

But I doubt it.

I would hate for us to have
to face those repercussions.

Maybe we won't.

Maybe those repercussions
aren't even real.

As your project partner,
I would highly recommend that we...

Are you...

my partner?

The assignment was very clear what
would happen if we broke the rules.

The assignment was given by a dead person.

In history.

The historical figure is dead, obviously.

Sure, sure.

In a sense, all our assignments
are given by dead people.


I mean, we came here to get away
from the fucking Walplexes...

and... and now,

they've not only followed us, but...

but they're stealing our customers.

Walplex isn't the reason
why people aren't coming in, Andy.

They're scared of us.

They can't face us.

What can we do about that?

We could fight.

[sighs] You know, take on the monolith.

We've got those pictures
from the bathroom that you took.

We have that list.

And if that's not enough,

we're just gonna have to find
something else,

because we have to let them know
this is not a senseless tragedy,

that there are reasons why this happened.

That our little girl has a face.

And a name.



That guy you saw last night.

He messed with my sister.

Me and my brothers took care of it.

Messed with...

You should call the police.

The police in my neighborhood
are a little different than yours.

Sometimes when there's no justice,
you make it for yourself.

Don't go to Bryce's.

Don't listen to Marcus.

Just... don't do it.

Why not?

It's not what Hannah wanted.

How do you know what Hannah wanted?

Hey, how do you even...

Marcus told me
he just passed the tapes on.

- Marcus lied.
- How do you know?

There probably isn't even
a second set of tapes.

It's probably all bullshit.

[engine starts]

[recording] Hey, it's Hannah.

Hannah Baker.

That's right. Don't adjust your...

whatever device you're hearing this on.

It's me,

live and in stereo.

[Hannah] Thing is...

even though Tyler stopped coming around...

I never stopped feeling afraid.

So what could I do after that?

First the school, then my house...

even my own bedroom.

Nowhere was safe.

You took all that away.



You guys have any idea how much
shit I'm in with Jessica?

- Where the fuck is he?
- He'll be here.

If he doesn't show,
we're done making friends.

We do it my way.

- What is your way, exactly?
- We make him understand.

- [door bell buzzes]
- Yeah, understand what?

Candy's in the bowl.

[man] You got a delivery.

Holy shit, is that them?

- The fuck! Those are for my dad!
- Uh...

Dude! I must be, like,

really stoned or something.

Okay, we should not be
doing this at his house.

Really? Should we do it at yours?

- He's going to find out.
- Maybe he should.

Maybe that's how this ends.


This ends with Clay.

Whatever we have to do, okay?

You're freaking me out.

Maybe you're too fucking stoned, huh?

[Hannah] You made me paranoid, Tyler.

So now...

I'm giving that to you.

Maybe I'll never know
why you did what you did.

But I can make you understand
how it felt to be me.

That's why I'm outside your window, Tyler.

And after people hear this,
I bet I won't be the only one.

[phone vibrates]

Knock knock, Tyler.

[phone beeps]

[phone chimes]

Oh, shit.

Fucking Clay.

You're so done.

You're so fucking done.

[phone chimes]

["Everything Always" playing]

♪ I take a flare-gun out at night ♪

♪ So you can try to get some sleep ♪

♪ If it gets bad I'll light up the sky ♪

♪ I'm checking everything
all of the time ♪

♪ Oh, I got to stay ahead ♪

♪ Got to keep you safe ♪

♪ I can go all night ♪

♪ Wasted and mean we're not what we seem ♪

♪ La da dada da ♪

♪ Passed out beneath ♪

♪ Our twinkling screens ♪

♪ With our cozy hearts ♪

♪ Yeah, you wanted it, wanted it
Wanted it bad ♪

♪ You wanted it, wanted it
Wanted it bad ♪

♪ I'm gonna wear you out ♪

♪ I'm gonna wear you down ♪

♪ Darling ♪

♪ I just can't stop myself ♪

♪ I'm done fucking around ♪

♪ I'm going to wear you out ♪