13 Reasons Why (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Tape 3, Side B - full transcript

Hannah's date on Valentine's Day doesn't go as planned. Alex gets in a big fight at school and has to face the honor board.

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The fuck!
Man, people are trying to walk here!
The fuck is your problem?
- Dude, Alex, chill. It's all good. - Oh, it's all good?
You think you can run people over like everyone else at the fucking school?
- You're tripping, man. - Okay.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car!
I'm gonna kick your fucking ass! Get out! Get out!
- Alex, calm the fuck down. - You calm down! I am calm!
Man, I'm so fucking calm.
You don't want to do this.
- You think I'm scared of you? - You should be.
Fuck you!
How many of you remember the Oh My Dollar Valentines?
Those were fun, weren't they?
You fill out a survey, and for just a buck,
you get the name and number of your one true soul mate.
And, hey, all proceeds go to a worthy cause:
cheer camp.
Sheri, I am so sorry, but those hearts look like butts.
They do.
The Dollar Valentine survey was a two-parter:
Describe yourself, and describe what you're looking for in someone else.
And, as I filled mine out,
I realized I was actually describing a certain someone.
You'd think if my answers all described one person...
that person would at least appear in my Top Five.
But no.
I didn't match up to the one person who might really have been right.
Maybe it wasn't my fault.
Maybe none of us can say who we truly are.
What the fuck?
This is not good.
Maybe we're more than what the world sees.
Or less.
Maybe none of us are who we seem.
- Stop it. I said stop it. - All right!
- God. - Come on, man.
What the hell is going on?
- He started it. - Yeah?
So what are you doing?
Finishing it?
You think that's funny?
Yeah? Come on, let's go.
Everybody, go to class.
Show is over. Go to class!
Where you going, Clay?
- Where's my bike? - I'm gonna hold onto it for a while.
And you're gonna keep quiet, right?
What are you gonna do, Justin? Beat the shit out of me, too?
Go ahead.
I'll do it if I have to.
You know where to find me.
Let's go, Alex.
- I'm fine. - You don't look so fine.
All right. Nurse? Then we go to the vice principal.
I said I'm fine.
No, you're not. Come on.
You, too. Come on.
Was it a fair fight, or did Montgomery pound the snot out of him
and leave us open to more charges of bullying?
Which is exactly what we don't need right now.
Well, Alex started it,
but ended up getting hurt pretty bad.
This was in front of the library?
This was down in the street, by the tennis courts.
But in the street?
Which is off the school grounds.
But they were on their way in.
We don't have jurisdiction over town streets.
So, what, we just let 'em off?
It seems like to me, especially now,
we need to be giving them, like, consequences and boundaries.
We need to be protecting our future ability to give them anything.
But what about the Student Honor Board?
The Honor Board generally deals with cheating and minor theft.
They're a smart group, though.
Good kids. And this way, the school's not held responsible.
There's some justice and some closure.
You okay?
Did you...
Did you see that?
I couldn't watch.
I don't know why people act like that.
People can be fucking assholes.
It's a school full of assholes.
I mean, right? But...
I don't think you're an asshole.
That's very kind.
And I don't think you're a...
I mean, can girls be assholes?
Oh, yeah. Trust me.
So, yeah. You're not.
Hey, did you finish your paper for Miss Cusick?
That All About the Pretty Horses thing?
Yeah, it's, uh, due tomorrow.
Oh, shit, I thought we had, like, another week for that.
Well, I should probably get to the library.
See you in history.
See you.
Hey, Sheri.
Listen, I could...
Like, if you wanted to, I could help you finish the paper.
Oh, my God! Clay, really?
Thank you. I mean...
that damn book is hard.
Like, the sentences are so long,
then it's, like, in Spanish...
We only have 20 minutes before the first bell rings.
We could also work on it after school.
Maybe at Monet's?
Oh, my God. I mean, that would be amazing.
You sure you don't mind?
Not at all. I used to be a peer tutor.
Well? Complete sentences, right?
Yeah, totally.
I even used a semicolon.
I saw that. Mad props.
I'm just saying.
Paragraph structure's good.
Might need some fact-checking.
I Googled everything.
Well, the Founding Fathers did grow and use hemp...
- but it wasn't weed, exactly. - Those are different?
Yeah. Yeah, so James Madison probably wasn't a mad stoner,
or, uh, at least not from the hemp.
But it's a good start. I marked a few other facts to recheck.
Sometimes actual books are more reliable for this kinda stuff.
Right, right. Good point.
I'll get right on it.
It's just... I don't know. This is...
These Dollar Valentines, they're personal to people.
Everything I publish is personal to people.
- Yeah. - I elide the names.
I'm gonna assume that means "cross out."
- Mm-hmm. - Yeah, well, I get it.
It, uh, it feels wrong.
I'm just being honest.
Well, thank you for your honesty.
Until the Dollar Valentines offer same-sex options for match-making,
I will continue to take them on.
He's really serious about the 'zine.
He's serious about the 'zine,
his shoes, and not much else.
What are you working on?
Oh, nothing. It's nothing.
Dollar Valentine survey?
No, no, no, no, no. You really don't have to...
Dude, relax.
"How do I spend my Saturday nights?"
You answered, "video games."
Favorite kind of music, "obscure indie bands."
Favorite reading materials, "fantasy and sci-fi"?
Dude, why not just say you watch Lord of the Rings on repeat.
I don't do that. Anymore.
You used to do that?
We need to work on this, man.
- No, we don't. - Listen, dude.
I needed a "C" average or above to play baseball.
U.S. History was kicking my ass.
And I got help, right?
What about you, dude?
How's your dating life?
"C" average or above?
So you need help.
Man's got a point.
All these answers suck.
Hannah Baker! Hey!
Did you fill out a survey?
Yeah, well, I figured why not.
This is so cool.
I've always wanted to set you up with someone.
Let's see.
How does this thing work, anyway?
I don't know really,
but Prakash Agrawal in Mr. Merrimen's A.P. Computer Science came up with it.
He says it's like a proprietary algorithm.
He's gonna license it to us for free as an act of charity,
and it's gonna make him millions someday.
Let's see.
Who'd you get? Who'd you get?
How did I match with Bryce Walker?
No. Not that one. Trust me.
Okay, agreed.
Um, let's see...
What about Alex Standall? He's nice.
Yeah, well, this time you can trust me...
he's not.
Maybe I was stupid to keep hoping.
Hoping for someone great.
Why is Marcus Cole calling me?
No way. It's Dollar Valentine.
Okay, well,
I shouldn't be telling you this, but I'm pretty sure you were on his list.
Oh, please answer. We need a success story.
People are asking for their money back. We need that for the banner budget.
I don't know.
Please, Hannah Baker?
- Hello? - Hey, Hannah Baker.
Guess what?
Hey, Marcus Cole. What?
You were first on my list for Dollar Valentines.
Dollar Valentines.
That is... shocking.
I'm shocked.
Say yes, yes, yes. Text me everything.
Right? Yeah.
I figured it was a sign.
Yeah, but...
wait a second.
How do I know you're telling the truth?
Maybe I'm not on your list.
Hey, well, if you go out with me, I can show you.
- Says you. - Says me.
And my dead president friend, Benjamin Franklin, who was actually
not a president.
It is ready to buy you milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries,
anything you want from the world-renowned Rosie's Diner.
Come on, what do you say? Eight p.m.?
- Listen... - Nope, no "listen."
What follows "listen" is nothing good.
Let me put it this way. Repeat after me:
"Marcus, I will definitely go out with you."
I always kind of liked Marcus.
Marcus, I will definitely think about it.
You always seemed like a good guy.
Don't think too hard.
I promise.
I won't.
Then again, they almost always do.
Marcus, welcome to your tape.
What was it?
Did you want to see if the rumors were true?
Or did you just want to start some new ones of your own?
Okay, so, this emergency meeting of the Honor Board is called to order.
Marcus Cole, presiding.
Courtney Crimsen, recording secretary.
All members present.
Petitioners, please state your names.
That's you, guys.
- Alex Standall. - Montgomery de la Cruz.
So, Montgomery, this case seems pretty straightforward.
- You were the one driving. - So?
So the pedestrian has the right of way.
That is the law.
And you were walking when he almost hit you?
Wasn't just me. Heroji Pratt,
Jin-seo Yoon, Chase Parker.
I don't know. They were all there.
You're the one who acted like a fucking psycho.
Hey. Watch the language.
And you were reckless driving.
You could've killed somebody. It's our job to protect the students of this school.
To protect the students at this school?
Yes, Alex.
That's what the Honor Board is for, to settle disputes among students
so they don't spill out into the hallways.
Yeah, the Honor Board, 'cause you're all so honorable.
Alex, this happened off-campus, so the alternative is the police.
Okay. Great, let's make a call then.
No one needs to make a call.
There's no crime. We can deal with it here.
So anyone can get away with anything at this school and no one gives a fuck?
Language, Alex, please.
We're just saying that it was no one's fault.
Okay? It just happened.
It didn't just happen.
I mean, maybe I was driving a little too fast,
but Alex lost his shit.
Yeah, see? I lost my shit. It's my fault.
Goddamn it, hey! Watch your language!
I'm taking some fucking responsibility.
Since you guys can't.
If Alex says it was his fault...
Doesn't matter what Alex says.
But it was his fault.
- No, it's your fault. - It's not his fault.
Maybe it's all your faults.
Did that ever occur to any of you?
And I just keep thinking...
if only someone else could have had me on their list.
Then maybe...
maybe it could have all been different.
Yo, Picasso.
You resting up for a big date tonight or something?
Me? No.
What about Dollar Valentines?
I, uh...
I didn't really do it.
Couldn't afford it, huh?
What, uh...
What about you? Did you?
Yep. Well, uh, you know my motto:
no cheerleader left behind.
You get any good matches?
Not one.
- I got Bryce Walker. - Holy shit, really?
Either you made a serious error in the "Who I'm looking for" section
- or that algorithm is messed up. - Probably both.
I'm always looking for the wrong person.
I did get a call from Marcus Cole.
He said I was on his list.
Are you gonna go out with him?
Well, he's not my first choice.
- But, um... - Jensen.
What's up, Clay?
Hey, Jeff.
Let me guess: You two are seeing Never Say Goodbye for Valentine's Day.
No, we're seeing Thirty Ways to Die.
You're a classy date.
Yeah. Yeah, I am.
What's up with you, man?
How'd that Dollar Valentine work out?
I thought you said you didn't do it.
I thought you were gonna... you told me...
We're gonna see our movie.
Well, which is it?
What I meant was, I didn't really get any decent matches.
Jeff made me do it. He's always making me do things,
like go to dances.
Anyway, I did the earlier shift so I could do something tonight.
I guess I should call Marcus.
Yeah, I guess so.
Hey, Marcus, it's Hannah.
I thought about it, and the answer is yes.
I get off work at eight.
All right, I'll see you then.
Well, that was easy.
It can be.
I'll do towels and T.P. before I take off.
Okay, so...
Montgomery, it is the decision of the Honor Board
that you are to be suspended from Liberty High School
for three consecutive school days,
starting tomorrow.
That's fucking bullshit.
That is fucking bullshit.
All right. That is enough, or you both are gone.
And, um...
Alex, you're going to be let off with a warning.
- What? - Oh, come on.
- With a warning this time. - Fucking hypocrites.
It's the right amount of time.
I just hope he got it. Yeah.
All right, take care. Thanks.
The hell was that?
You tell me. Alex started that fight.
This isn't the time for any of us to be stirring shit up.
Understand what I'm saying?
No, what are you saying?
People start asking questions.
Those tapes get out, it...
I thought you said you didn't listen to the tapes.
This isn't just us. This isn't just a school thing.
There's a lawsuit.
Lives could get ruined.
Seems like lives have already been ruined, don't you think?
Any luck?
What in any of this could...
possibly be called luck?
You're right.
We're missing something.
I know we are.
Honey, we've been through this room a dozen times.
Maybe there's nothing more to find.
I refuse to believe that our daughter
was this much of a mystery to us.
I'm just...
gonna keep looking.
- Until you find what? - Whatever we need to win this case.
You heard the lawyers on the phone this morning.
They said we only have circumstantial evidence.
And they said that's usually the case with trials like this.
how did we not know?
How did I not know?
She was right here.
And she was in pain, she was reaching out,
and we just kept pretending everything was okay.
Honey, I think we just need to keep things in perspective.
We can't only blame ourselves...
or be looking for signs everywhere.
Maybe we should be blaming ourselves.
I mean, if we weren't so preoccupied with the fucking store.
- The store's how we survive. - No, no, no.
The store was to get you out of that company that was killing you
to get us out of that shitty suburban wasteland.
And if my parents hadn't given us that loan...
Ah, the loan. Yes. The loan. Always the loan.
If we hadn't taken that loan and bought the store and moved here,
then Hannah would still be in that giant,
faceless high school with those hateful girls,
and maybe things would have ended just the way they did.
How can you say that?
How can we know?
Oh, Mom!
Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie.
This is awkward
and embarrassing, and so nice.
But I'm not supposed to be your valentine.
Sweetheart, you're always going to be my valentine.
It's a little creepy, don't you think?
You're not trying to turn me into Norman Bates or something, are you?
You know what, that movie theater job... I don't think it's healthy for you.
Well... why are you here?
Aren't you and Dad doing anything for Valentine's Day?
Ooh! No, no, no, no, no.
When you've been married as long as we have,
the best you can hope for is... takeout and some red wine.
That's not true.
He buys you flowers all the time.
That's true. He does.
And sometimes he cooks.
he heats things up very well.
Well, I think you guys are so lucky.
I think what you guys have is perfect.
Well, sweetie, nothing's perfect, but...
we are very lucky.
All three of us.
- Open your card, babe. - Okay.
My parents were high school sweethearts.
So shoot me: I still believed in romance.
Thank you so much for taking time to help me with this.
No, I'm glad. It's cool.
I've been working on this project, and I could use a break.
This book is a break?
Well, helping you.
I will get coffee. Uh...
- Um, what's your drink? - Um...
Double mocha with extra little chocolate sprinkles, please.
How may I help you, sir?
Hey, Skye.
Um, Triple Americano,
and a double mocha with extra little chocolate sprinkles.
Extra little chocolate sprinkles.
Got it.
So, what? You're into cheerleaders now?
It's you and Carrie?
You guys make a cute couple.
You can go with her to Abercrombie and watch her try on
pre-distressed jean shorts and gladiator sandals.
That is oddly specific.
I just... I didn't think you were the cheerleader type.
She's a good person.
She's nice.
So you only like nice girls?
That's not what I said.
I just thought you were cooler than...
a Sheri.
I waited for you, Marcus.
And I just had to sit there, wondering.
Playing over all the different scenarios in my mind.
And all the while thinking that they all knew...
everyone in the whole place...
that I'd been stood up on Valentine's Day.
I decided to give you one more chance.
Stupid Hannah.
So, this site says that one of John Grady Cole's central flaws is...
his tendency to see the world in black and white,
good and evil...
Do you remember Dollar Valentines last year?
What? Dollar Valen... I mean, yeah, I guess I remember.
Hannah matched with Marcus.
Did she?
Oh, yeah, right, yeah, she did.
I actually told her she should go out with him.
I think she said it wasn't that great.
Was there someone else?
Someone who wasn't on her list?
Or did she mention any other name?
I don't know, I can't really remember.
Nothing, nothing, it's...
Never mind, let's just keep going.
Hey, Sheri...
what would you think about going somewhere else to work?
Uh, okay, sure. You live near here, right?
Yeah, kind of.
We could work at your house.
Right, yeah. We could. Or, I mean...
Or... Rosie's?
No, no. My house works.
- Great. - Cool. Um...
Listen, I'll meet you outside?
Hey, Clay.
Long time, no see.
And I mean that sarcastically.
You still on that big crusade?
Maybe not.
Maybe I'm getting back to my life,
and, you know, people who aren't completely fucked up.
Well, good luck with that.
So you can stop following me.
I'm not following you.
I drink coffee.
I thought you said the coffee here is overpriced.
Yeah, he says that all the time.
Clay, Brad.
Brad... Clay.
Uh, hey.
Uh, I'm not following you.
And if you leave,
which I suggest you do, you'll see.
What was that all about?
It's nothing.
What do you mean, nothing? He said you'd been following him.
He's just a little out of his head lately.
Too much caffeine.
That's the kid who keeps texting you?
Uh... one of them, yeah.
How many are there?
I told you it was just school stuff.
Forget it?
Thought you didn't get caught up in high school bullshit.
I don't.
Then what was that?
It's nothing.
It's not nothing.
I just think it's something you don't want to let me be part of.
On this particular issue, I can't.
I have a secret that I have to keep.
Got more than one, I think.
Hey, Mom, I thought you'd be at work.
I finally caved and brought some work home.
There's going to be late nights on this one. Hi, Sheri.
Hey, Ms. Jensen.
How's your mom?
She's good.
Looks like a big case.
We're going to go up to my room to work on a paper for English.
Sounds good.
Oh, Clay, honey,
keep the door open.
Oh, my God, yes, Mom, fine.
I think you're lucky your parents are still together.
I mean, it's rare.
I guess.
I think they're bonded by their shared love
of humiliating me in every way possible.
Wasn't enough to keep mine together.
I don't think I can imagine promising to love someone forever.
But if you can do that, then how can it just be over?
Like that, you know?
People fall out of love, I guess.
Well, that sucks.
Yeah, but...
at least it means they fell in love in the first place.
- Hi. - Hey.
Be quiet. Mom's going through one of her things.
You didn't answer your phone or my texts.
- I know, 'cause my mom. - I needed to see you.
Okay, just be quiet.
- We need to talk. - Okay!
Just be quiet, all right?
What's going on?
I was just...
I looked for you after practice.
Yeah, my mom needed me.
She broke up with her boyfriend. She's all fucked up.
They let Alex off.
Things are getting messed up.
Things are fine.
That fight?
Some scary shit.
Yeah, it was a fight.
Yeah, Alex got hurt real bad.
Why the fuck are you so worried about Alex?
I'm not!
Can I stay here for a while?
No, you know how my mom gets when she's like this.
I know.
I'll make it worth your while. Hmm?
- Come on, Jess. - Relax.
- Jess. - Relax, it's fine.
Jess, what the fuck is going on with you? Come on.
Come on. Stop!
What the fuck, Justin?
- I told you, my mom... - Your mom what? Huh?
It never stopped you before.
- You're a real fucking prick. - Yeah, whatever.
To me, the thing about the story that's so sad
- is John Grady, you know? - Mm-hmm.
He has everything he wants.
He's made it all across Mexico to this ranch,
and he's training wild horses
and he has everything he's been looking for...
but he gives it all up for this girl.
That doesn't sound sad to me.
That sounds... romantic.
Yeah, no. It is.
Uh, but she's the boss's daughter, so...
uh, being with her is dangerous, you know?
But he does it anyway.
Yeah, she comes down from the main house
in the middle of the night to be with him.
And then what happens?
Well, he falls in love with her.
And she falls in love with him?
And then you finally showed up.
Except you weren't alone.
The fuck, Marcus? I've been sitting here for an hour.
Sorry. Hey, you want a milkshake or something?
I still have that Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin in my wallet.
I already had a milkshake.
Yeah, I had two milkshakes.
Okay. Well, then...
A cheeseburger?
A stomach pump?
Damn it, Marcus.
Come on, come on, what do I have to do to make you forgive me?
Just sit down.
I'm... I'm sorry, Hannah.
I really am.
So why'd you bring the entourage?
You scared you're not safe out here on your own with me?
Actually, um, those guys
are my unpaid interns.
I have them do all my menial tasks.
Oh yeah? You give 'em college credit?
Well, that's what I tell them, anyway.
I don't get it.
What's his play? He's an hour late.
Make a girl wait...
if she's still there after you show,
you know she's DTF.
What's DTF?
Dude, spell it out.
It's already letters.
- Oh, my God. - Hey, can I have a sip of your milkshake?
Knock yourself out.
And, again, you were funny, Marcus.
And I thought maybe...
just maybe it was going to be all right.
Is this...
- is this okay? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it's okay. It's good.
Good, yeah. This is...
what are you thinking about?
I'm sorry.
Shit. I'm sorry.
What happened? Did I do something?
No, no. God, no. It's...
I don't know.
Look, it's okay if you don't like me like that.
I like you.
I do. I...
You were thinking of someone else.
No, Sheri, I wasn't...
You were thinking of Hannah.
I wasn't.
That's okay.
I wasn't... I wasn't thinking of anyone.
But... but you.
I like you.
- Yeah. - You think I'm a good person?
Of course I do. I always have.
Well, you shouldn't.
Why are you crying?
Look, Clay, I...
I thought that...
that maybe if...
if you didn't listen to my tape,
then you would still like me.
You would see that I'm not that person.
You're on the tapes?
You didn't know?
No, I haven't listened to them all.
I did something...
Hannah and I, but...
I did it.
And it's horrible, and I can't...
I can't tell you what it is,
and I don't want you to know,
'cause I don't want you to look at me that way,
and it would kill me if you heard what were on those tapes.
What did you do?
Clay, please.
It's over.
The damage is done, and...
- I just wish that... - You wish I'd give up the tapes.
You want me to pass them on, just like Marcus?
- Just like everyone? - Clay.
This is why you're here?
Why you've been so nice to me? Why you kissed me?
Oh, my God, Clay, no.
I think you should leave.
- Clay, it... - Just go!
Jesus Christ.
It's good!
It was good an hour ago.
It's still good.
You know, we don't have to stay here if you don't want.
My parents are out of town.
- What are you doing? - What? Nothing.
- Seriously, Marcus? - What?
- You're such an asshole. - Come on.
Stop it, no. Get off me.
Don't touch me!
Get off!
- Hey, what the fuck? - Get away from me.
No sweat.
Thought you were easy.
Let's go.
I couldn't move.
I couldn't get up and leave or scream.
Anything would have been better than sitting there
thinking that somehow this was my fault.
Thinking I'd be alone the rest of my life.
What happened, sweetie?
Is everything okay?
I'm fine.
You're not fine.
I'm your mother. I can tell you're not fine.
You haven't been for a while.
I don't want to talk about it.
I don't care.
Why are you taking that case, Mom?
Why are you getting involved with all that?
Is that why you're upset?
Isn't it a conflict of interest?
Why would it be?
Tell me.
Are you being bullied?
Am I being bullied?
You really want to know?
What if I was the bully, Mom?
Would you want to know that?
You would never be a bully.
How do you know?
Because I know you.
Because you're a good kid.
Maybe there aren't any good kids.
I have to get ready for bed.
Clay, honey.
If this case could hurt you in any way...
then I won't take it.
But you have to tell me why.
You have to tell me what's going on.
I can't help you if you don't talk to me.
You can't help anyway, Mom.
But through it all...
you want to believe there are good guys in this world.
I knew there were.
Too much?
I thought they were beautiful.
I'm sorry...
for what I said and how I said it.
I'm sorry, too.
I love you.
And we will...
keep going and keep searching
and keep fighting for as long as you want to.
As long as we have to.
Whatever they throw at us...
it's you and me against the world.
Thank you.
I love you, too.
These are lovely.
I'll go put 'em in some water.
Lights out, Jess.
Everything okay?
Is it that Justin Foley? He do something to you?
No, Dad.
'Cause, you know, if he did, I'd kill him, right?
If anybody does anything to you, I'd just...
Can you stop. Oh, my God.
Well, you remember that.
Good night.
How are you feeling? Ice packs helping?
Yes, sir.
That's good.
I just got off the phone with the counselor.
He said that other boy got suspended for three days.
Yes, sir.
But you weren't disciplined at all.
No, sir.
- Just gave me a warning. - Good.
You stood up for yourself.
Sounds like you stood up for those other kids, too.
I guess.
No. That De la Cruz kid was in the wrong.
He could've hurt somebody really bad.
And you took him to task for it.
Yes, sir.
You paid a price. That's what we gotta do sometimes.
Look, Alex, I know fighting isn't your thing,
and you should avoid fighting when you can, but sometimes you can't.
You showed real strength of character.
You always do.
We don't agree on everything, but we can agree on that.
Proud of you, pal.
All right. That's all I got, kiddo.
Get some sleep.
Yes, sir.
Fun fact.
I did some research on tombstones the other day.
Or, more specifically, on epitaphs on tombstones.
The best one I could find was by this writer
called Henry Charles Bukowski, Jr.
On his tombstone, he has engraved the picture of a boxer...
and beneath the boxer, two simple words:
"Don't try."
I wonder what will be on mine.