The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Somos la Sangre - full transcript

Pinned down after days of fighting, Vulture team must find their way into a secretive enemy camp.

[ Gunfire, explosions,
screaming ]


Man: Hey! Stay down!


Tell me there's more
where that came from?!

I promised I'd never lie!


We're it!


[ Speaking Spanish ]

Hey! Cover me!


Hey, Doc?! Doc?!

Grab your stuff, follow me!

Let's go!

[ Groaning ]

Damn it!

Hey! Two o'clock!
Go, go!

Get out there!


I'm right here, Murray!

[ Gunfire ]

We got to do something!

[ Screaming ]

You're okay, man,
you're okay!

We got this!

Let's move!


Let's go, let's go!


They're pushing us back
from the west.

How many left on the east?

20 or so Cuban irregulars, sir,

plus, three of our guys, but
they're pinned down.

Damn it. Two days and we haven't
moved an inch up that field.

We can't keep sending guys up.
We're getting smoked out there.

That camp, what the hell is it?

Something Gustavo's puppets
don't want us to see.

Camp-X doesn't show up on any
maps or aerial views of Cuba.

Locals say the place went up
fast and they were told

to mind their own business
on penalty of death.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

We know.

Blood pressure's 126/72.

Pulse says 96 strong.

Don't look at your hand.

You look at me, all right?

[ Man speaking Spanish
on radio ]

It's plain arithmetic. We've got
three fights across Cuba

and only enough manpower
for two.

If we take troops off Havana
and bring them here, sir,

we won't be able to hold Havana.

What about the airfield
in Guantanamo?

Marines and Fuentes' guys are
holding their own,

but it's gonna come
down to the wire.

Bravo Company just raided
the Presidential Palace.

No sign of Salazar.

But they spotted armored convoys
their way down the main highway.

Making their way where?

Salazar is Gustavo's top man.

If he's not in Havana, he's
hiding someplace he feels safe,

calling on proven fighters
to back him up.

That's why fighting's
so intense here.

Salazar's got to be
inside Camp-X.

It's the last stand.

If Camp-X falls, Gustavo's Cuba
falls with it.


[ Distant knocking ]


[ Knock on door ]


[ Dog barking ]



Oh, look at you.

You're actually here.

You're real.

[ Laughs ]

Oh, it's good to finally
feel you.

Mm, to smell you
and look into your eyes.


Where the hell have you been?!

[ Speaking Spanish ]
You were supposed to
come for me.

I got cops and the Navy
looking for me!

Okay, all right --
And I can't go outside anymore

without people staring!
Okay, okay, I'm sorry.

I'm so scared.
Carino, I'm sorry, okay.

I came as soon as I could. Look,
it ain't easy these days, okay?

Take me back.
Okay, okay, I will.

Take me back with you to

[ Stammering ]
You promised!

Okay, but Gustavo has another
job for you.


He talked about me?

Oh, baby, don't you know?

You're a hero for what you did.

It worked, didn't it?

Worked? Baby, you brought down
the entire Goddamn U.S. Navy.

Tavo won't never forget
what you did.

I did it for you.

I know. I know.

I love you.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

We ain't done yet.

Tavo, he has something much
bigger planned for you and me,

here in America together.


It's okay, it's okay.
These are our people.

It's okay.


[ Speaking Spanish ]


Okay, we get this done

and we finish off the gringos
for good, okay?



Okay. Okay, look here.

[ Chuckles ]

I brought you something.

A gift.

I can't wait for Tavo to meet
you,mi reina.

And to have his blessing
in asking for your hand.

[ Laughs ]

Oh, baby.
And for us to make

a beautiful family, you, me,
and Zoey in Colombia.

We're all gonna spend the rest
of our days together

as liberators.

A family?

Si, mi amor.
Una familia.

[ Chuckles ]


Mr. President,
intercepts from Havana

confirm Salazar is hiding
inside Camp-X.

Along with his high command.

That's why Havana fell
so quickly.

That's correct, sir.
His top brass

has already high-tailed it to
their secret hideout.

All right, Fuentes' men,
the rebels, are they committed

or are they gonna leave
our Marines to die?

They're fighting with us,
side by side, sir.

If we take out Salazar,
the rest of Cuba will join us.

But if we fail, it will delay
the invasion south

by at least a year.

Where'sNathan James in all this?

[ Rocket roaring ]

Birds away, tip-over complete,

Gitmo Command,
Block 3's inbound.

Thank you.T.A.O., post-launch report?

All missiles made good, Captain.

Eight expended,
forward and aft.

That should soften the airfield
for our guys.

Good. Keep pounding them.

Nathan James,this is Cuba Command.

I need you to make speed for

What about the airfield, sir?

Marines are gonna
have to win it.

We need the fire support here.

-I'll set a course.-Captain, the battleship,

any sign of it?-No, sir.

We've been able to shell Gitmo

That's what worries me.
Get here fast.

Watch your ass.

It's like Rashomon
outside Camp-X.

Some of our guys think mortar
teams are here and here,

but others could swear
shelling's coming from

several yards west, here.

Place is more secure than
anything that's ever had

Nathan Jamesis on her way.

Have our people on the berm

until we can find a better way
to breach.

Aye, sir.

Yo se como entrar.

What'd he say?

I think he said he knows
a way inside.

The father's saying
he didn't say anything.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Distant explosions ]

You want the fighting to stop?

Quieres que para la guerra?

If we don't win today...

[ Interpreting in Spanish ]'re gonna lose
your country, Guillermo.

[ Interpreting in Spanish ]

If you know something
that can help...

[ Interpreting in Spanish ]


[ Speaking Spanish ]


There's a tunnel behind
an abandoned church.

We can get in through the well.

Send a recce team,
eyes and ears only.

Find us a way into that camp.

We don't move 'til that ship
is in range to give backup.

Miller, Barco, Green, you're up!


Oscar, Mike, let's go!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Gracias, Guillermo.


[ Vehicle approaching ]

Hi, Papa!

Aw, man. Ah, did you grow
while I was gone?


[ Continue talking
indistinctly ]


[ Stress balls clacking ]


Woman: Can someone please tell
me what's going on?

I have spoken to police,
to Navy investigators,

and I've told y'all everything I
know about my sister.

We appreciate that, ma'am.

See, we know Kelsi
went to see you.

We traced her cell phone
to your residence

off a call she got from
a Colombian number.

I'm sure you intended to
contact authorities.

Maybe it just slipped your mind.

She's my sister.

And you wanted to protect her.

She's in with some very bad

When hasn't she been?

She's just a confused girl
from Central Florida.

A confused girl who's
responsible for the murders of

3,000 men, women, and children
in Mayport Harbor.

And you've abetted her continued
escape from justice.

Elli, I'm not a cop anymore,
but the next call I make

is gonna be to Florida Police,
so unless you want to spend

the next 50 years --
No, I know my sister.

She's not evil.
She's just lost.

You ever met somebody like that?

Always up on a cross about

First, it was
the Red Flu truthers,

then the famine conspiracy
she figured out.

But for every paranoid, crazy
idea she got in her head,

there was always somebody out
there who felt the same way.

Then the Internet came back on

and the world opened up
to her and...

that's when she met him.



I never got his full name.

He charmed Kelsi.

Got her believing the U.S.
government was up to

all kinds of dark shit again.

I think she would've believed
anything he said

just so she could stay his girl.

Could've been Octavio who called
Kelsi's number

from Colombia.

Elli, if you want to help Kelsi,

you're gonna help us find her
before she does something else,

maybe gets herself killed.

I don't know where she is.
I swear.

Wherever she is...

she took my car.


You got IVs for Cuba Command,
plasma, bandages,

anything we could spare from
Med Bay.

And they need medevac for
the wounded.

Yes, ma'am. Slider's got heavy
ordnance off the bird,

stripped down to max-pax.
What about that battleship?

Admiral Chandler says he
definitely saw it,

even though we didn't.
If she's out there,

Brawler will see her.

[ Gunfire ]


[ Grunts ]


[ Explosions rumbling
above ground ]


Looks like that kid knew what
he was talking about.


[ Gunfire ]


[ Indistinct shouting ]

Cuba Command, we're in
a container on the east wall.

The doors are welded --
we won't be able to breach

without making noise.
There appears to be

dozens of guards with AK's,
heavy arms along the perimeter.

I got fancy rides at 2:00.

Gran Colombia flags on 'em.

[ Gunfire, shouting ]

Camp's made up of several

I make two from here.

They're burning files, Admiral.

They seem to be in a real hurry.

Copy. Salazar's definitely
in there

and his men are burning intel.

[ Gunfire ]

They've been taking us out for
two days from up there.

We aren't able to
reach it right now.


Setting demo breach.

Roger, team, wait for my call.

Do not breach until backup
arrives on station.

The helo andNathan Jamesare minutes away.


[ Gun turret whirring ]


[ Clanks into place ]


[ Beeping ]

[ Whooshing ]

Take cover!

Man: Incoming!

[ Explosion ]

[ Dog barking in distance ]


Hey, baby.
Finish your homework?

There's a man in my room.


There's no man in your room!

You just don't want to finish
your homework.

I swear.

Let's go see.

Come on.

[ Clicks ]


You got the wrong guy.

My name's not Manuel,
it's Michael.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

Girl: Daddy?
Is he gone?

Stay -- stay right there, honey,



[ Garbled radio transmission ]



You okay?!

Cuba Command, this is Nathan James,come in.

[ Coughs ]

Say again, Cuba Command...

do you copy, over?

Mijo! Mijo!

[ Crying ]

Candida! No!

Cuba Command, please respond.

What is your status, over?

[ Crying ]

I say again, Cuba Command,
this is Mother, come in.

[ Sobbing ]

Nathan James, this is Cuba Command!

We've been wiped out!
Gustavo has eyes on us!

Find us his battleship, Captain!

T.A.O., get all
working systems online.

I want that battleship burning
up my screens.

Aye, ma'am.
The 16-inch gun's range

is under 30 miles.

She either fired from
Laguna La Mar,

or from the Old Bahama Channel.

I want a bearing.

Brawler, you got eyes on that
shell's origin?

Guesstimating target bears

relative from Brawler, over.

Ready fire control.
Aye, ma'am.

If Brawler is right, that gives
us a bearing of 0-9-0, ma'am.

We are still blind for ages,

That ship is over the horizon
from us

and the topography's hell
on harpoons.

Recommend using TLAMs on
manual input.

Adjust mean sea level down.

Set AGL to no less than
300 feet.

I don't want those birds
running aground.

Aye, ma'am.

Gator, give me a radio spread

of 50 yards.

Plot five waypoints around
Cayo Guajaba,

no more than 20 yards apart.

Aye, ma'am.
Captain, we'll lose

all connectivity with those
missiles the second we launch.

We'll be firing blind at
a target

we can't even confirms there.
Understood, T.A.O.

Manual strike package complete.

Five waypoints to target,
programmed and ready.

Launch sequence plan confirmed.
Stand by for salvo, size six,

forward/aft cells engage.

Batteries release.

Birds are in the air.

Let's hope our math is right.

Yeah, but without oversight,

how are we gonna know if we hit
the battleship?

We won't.

The second the helo's back,

I want eyes scanning the north
side of Cuba for that ship.

Or hopefully, what's left of it.
Aye, ma'am.

Master Chief, Florida PD
located Kelsi's sister's car

in a scrapyard.

Port St. John, near Titusville.

The scrapyard attendant was
found dead.

Shot in the head.

That car wasn't just
ditched there.

No. Kelsi or Kelsi and her
people wanted something

from that scrapyard.

St. John Police have been
turning over logs

of all vehicles in that yard.

I've asked them to pull video
off the security cameras there.

Good job, sir.
Now, you keep at it.

This is for Alisha, so you find
me that girl.

[ Gunfire ]


Cuba Command,
this is Alpha Company.

Cuba Command,
this is Alpha Company!

Go for Cuba Command.

We got movement!
Troops pouring out of Camp-X!

Enemies approaching fast!

We are unable to hold this
position much longer!

Grab every piece of hardware
you can find.

Put it in the hands of any man
still standing.

We're going to the front.



It's time to shag ass.


All right, Miller, Barco, on me!
Let's get out to the front!

Get eyes on the battlefield.

Taylor, Kandie, Willis, Fraker,

remain in place,
wait for my call.

Let's go!

Hey, good luck, brother.


[ Gunfire ]



[ Gunfire ]


[ Screaming ]

Cover me!
I'm on you!


[ Screaming ]


What the...

[ Gunfire ]


Barco, move!


[ Groaning ]

[ Panting ]

[ Artillery fires, explodes ]


[ Screaming ]

[ Inbound shelling ]

Barco! Take that pouch out your
mouth, put it in his mouth!

Hurry, now!

[ Screaming ]


[ Screaming ]

[ Screaming muffled ]


Hold him!
I need you to hold him!


I'm going to buy you
some time!







[ Artillery blasts ]

[ Gunfire continues ]


Green, report.

Sir! We are getting our asses
handed to us!

The enemy is breaking through
the line!

Guys, they're falling back, we
can't do anything

till we take out that tank!

All teams, be advised, we're
coming in hot from the south.


It's too hot!
Mother, Cuba Command,

this is Brawler.
LZ's a no go.

Touching down south of Alpha. -Copy, Brawler.

You are a go for improvised LZ.



You hear that?
Helo's touching down soon.

If I can stabilize him, we've
got to haul ass to that bird.

It may be his only chance
to make it.

He'll make it.

Voice to Miller!

[ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Gunfire ]


Wolf, we need that 0.50 cal
up on that tower now!

We're on it!


Brawler, ETA to secondary LZ.

30 seconds out
from secondary LZ.

On 3! 1, 2, 3!

[ Grunting ]


Cover me!


Cuba Command's gone! We take
the camp now or we die here!

I like the first option!

[ Explosion ]


[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

Keep movin'!


[ Shelling ]

We're gonna need to fly, boys!



Let's go!


My other leg! You gotta save it!
My leg! Please!

Your leg or your life?!

That's where we are right now!
You understand?!

[ Screaming ]




[ Grunting ]


[ Grunting ]


How much longer?!

Buy me 30 seconds,
I'll buy you dinner!

Boy, you are buying me dinner,

[ Air hisses ]


Grab that pole!


[ Bullets ricocheting ]

Let's move.


[ Grunts ]

I'm in!


Take fire, take fire!


Oh, I've always
wanted to do this!


[ Screams ]

[ Explosion ]

Marines, on me!


We've taken Camp-X.

I'll inform POTUS.


Get down!
Get down!

Get on the floor!

Get down on your knees!

Call it in!




[ Spits ]

Viva Tavo.

We'll see.


Havana's ours,
Gitmo, as well.

Cuba's free again.

I cannot thank you enough.

You don't have to.

Plenty more work to be done.

Whatever you need,
Cuba's with you.


Troop reports, accounting
docs -- this stuff is junk.

I don't get why they fought so
hard to protect this place.

Keep lookin'.


Here you go, sir.

Only CF memory card reader
in the building,

if you can believe it.

You still need it?
Yeah, I still need it.

Florida PD hasn't updated their
computer since the Renaissance.

So this is going to take awhile.

Thank you.


Oh, my God.


She's here.


I need some air.


Ms. Baker?

I'm Admiral Meylan.

This is Admiral Slattery.

We've met.

I don't remember you.

At a barbecue for Alisha's

Her last birthday.

We spoke to your sister today.

You've got her in
a lot of trouble.

Not to mention you put her and
her daughter in a lot of danger.

Her daughter?

Look, you either have something
to tell us or you don't.

So spit it out or we've got
a nice cell we can throw you in,

until it comes to you.

I have demands.

Such as?

I'm Goddamn starving, for one.

So, do you have like a menu?

Get her fed.


[ Helicopter blades whirring
in distance ]


He saved my life.

He does that.


Ah. Damn.


[ Coughing ]


Infirmary, this is security.

We need a medic in the fourth
floor conference room, now!


No, no, no! No!

We can't let her die!
What is it?!

I don't know.
She just collapsed.



Heart's beating like
a jackhammer.

Is it a seizure?
Grand mal.

We need an ambulance, sir,
right away.

Call it! Do it!

Central, we need an ambulance
on the fourth floor, stat.

Admiral, this is Nathan James.

We've got all our wounded out.
All KIA's accounted for.

And Brawler's back
from recon, sir.

She find anything?

No, sir.

No sign of the battleship.

I don't know if we hit it or...

I just don't know, sir.


There's more to this place
than they're telling us.


[ Lock snaps ]



You need to get up here.

It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.

What's the word on
the ambulance?

Just pulled up, sir.

Yeah, just let 'em through.

No, you wave 'em on through!

I'm going to let in
the ambulance.

You okay here?
Yeah, fine.


[ Elevator dings ]


I know this place.


Whoa, it's okay.


Oh, no.

Keep this door open, we've got
a gurney coming through.


They built our Command Center.


This is what Camp-X is for!

They're training
to take SouthComm.

[ Beeps ]

[ Gunfire ]

What the hell do you think
you're --?

[ Gunfire ]