The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Honor - full transcript

With a devastating hostage situation occurring back home, Chandler must devise the perfect plan to avoid losing everything.

[ Grunts ]

Get down on the ground!

[ Woman screams ]

Nathan James.

Priority relay
to Southern Command.

Execute immediate
lockdown procedure.

Authentication Bravo-6-1.

We copy, Vulture.

what's your emergency?

Uh, this is, uh,
Ensign Clayton Swain

calling from SouthComm
on the NASA campus.

We're under attack and require
immediate assistance.

[Dial tone]


Slattery: Give me a hand!

Turn it over!
Turn it over!

[ Gunfire ]

How the hell
did they get in?

[ Gunfire continues ]

I got a pretty good idea.

[ Elevator door dings ]


Peña: Head down,
or I take it off.


Damn it.

[ Screaming in distance ]

No, no, no.

No, no.

No, no, no.

[ Beeping ]

Oh, no.


[ Beeps ]

[ Guns cocking ]

[ Machine-gun fire ]

Meylan: Get down!

Move and you die,

[ Grunts ]


Kara:Admiral, this is Navy Spear.

SouthComm is not responding,

We're too late.

They're already in.


[ Slattery grunting ]

[ Man speaks indistinctly ]


[ Grunts ]

[ Camera shutters clicking ]


[ Conversations in Spanish ]

Man: "Moby Dick."


[ Speaking Spanish ]

You can kill us all,
take our plans,

but it won't help you
win the war.

You better be good,

'Cause I get extra pay
for each star I bring home.


[ Speaking Spanish ]

I count nine in here,
plus the three that just left.

They walked right through
the front door.

No one questions
an ambulance.

Not when they're called
by our medic.

-You okay, baby?

[ Laughs ]

Damn, that was fierce.


That's twice my girl got you,


Eyes, I need eyes.


That's pretty good.


It's their assault plan.

These guys
are operators.

Now that they're in,
they have access to everything.

War plans,
troop positions.

That's not
what they're after.


Ain't gonna find anything
worthwhile up there.

Maybe I just
like the view.

[ Saw buzzing ]


What the hell?


They're after
the President.

[ Lock clicks ]


[ Chuckles ]

Oh, Mr. President?!

Come out,
come out wherever you are.

[ Man speaking Spanish ]

[ Speaks Spanish ]

[ Radio playing in Spanish ]

[ Radio static ]

[ Conversations in Spanish ]

Gustavo: Hector!

[ Speaking Spanish ]



[ Radio static ]


[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

Still no response over POTS,
HF, and Navy Red,

but I got ahold of
Florida PD.

They've sent a response team,
and we've got them on the line.

If POTUS is in that bunker,
he won't come out.

He can't.
-It'll be a hard decision.

Lots of hostages in there.

[ Grunts ]

Yeah, this'll do.

[ Door slams open ]

Who else is here?

Who are you with?
-I'm alone.

[ Gasping ]

[ Neck snaps ]

You good?

Yeah, I-I-I'm fine.

I-I tried to call the cops,
but got cut off.

I just figured maybe the HF.
-We can't broadcast wide.

These guys are good.
They'll hear us.

ButNathan Jamesmonitors
Guard Net 4.1,

and they'll have
crypto enabled.

Plug it in.

Nishioka: We've got
a distress call on 4.1, sir.

MCPON is calling.

Russ, this is Tom.
Are you under attack?

Yes, sir. They've taken
the command center.

A team of
about a dozen guys.

They have Admiral Slattery
and the Joint Chiefs.

General Kinkaid, sir,
he's dead.

Ensign Swain tried the cops,
but the line was cut.

They're on their way.

The president,
is he okay?

So far, Reiss is secure,
but they've located the bunker,

and they're trying to get in.
-The bunker.

Sir, it'll be impossible
for Florida PD to get in here.

They've sealed off
every entrance.

Gustavo's guys
know the place by heart.

They're working off
stolen blueprints

of the command center, but they
don't know the NASA campus.

Russ, you remember the old
tunnels from the '60s?

The ones that head out
to the launch pads?

Yes, sir.

They dead end at an old service
entrance in the basement.

No mention of the tunnels
in the intel from Camp X.

That's our way in.

SWAT team leader,
this is Navy Spear.

We have an insert.

Proceed to the launch pads
for tunnel access. Over.

-Roger that. -Ensign Swain?

Present, sir.

Once SWAT clears the tunnel,

can you get them in
from where you are?

Yes, sir.

I think so, sir.

SWAT reports they can reach that
service entrance in 5 minutes.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

That mean I can go?


You guys said if I do this,
you'd let me go.

Sit your ass down,

But I did my part.


My girl's only 8.

Your half-gringa girl
is dead.

So's your boy,
your old lady.

[ Glass shatters ]


[ Indistinct shouting ]


You okay with this?

I know this isn't
what you signed up for.

You have no idea
what I signed up for.

Come up here.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

Let's go.

Stand up!
Let's go!

On your feet!



iViva Gran Colombia!

We're doing it.

Up the stairs.
Go, come on!

[ All chanting "Tavo!" ]

Jeter: Things are heating up
in there.

I think they're getting close to
penetrating the bunker.


They still haven't
reached the service door.

[ Computer beeps ]


I can slow her down.

Give SWAT more time.


[ Electricity powers down ]



Good job, sir.

Man:We're in position.

SWAT has cleared the tunnels.
They're set for infil.

Ensign Swain,
unlock the service door.

Yes, sir.

[ Computer beeps ]

Security's down.
They're good to go.

Team leader, Navy Spear.

Tunnel door is unlocked.

Please advise when you have
cleared primary entry point.



We're in.-SWAT is in the building.

[ Both speaking Spanish ]

Yo, Prez!

It's time to come out.

If you don't, I'm gonna start
killing some people.



-No, no!
-What are you doing?

Slattery: Son of a bitch!

-That was for Cuba.

Hey! No!
No, you son of a bitch!

[ Indistinct shouting ]
-Stop! Stop!

And this is for the people of
Central and South America.


No, no, no, no!

[ Screaming ]

They're killing hostages.

60 seconds
till SWAT's upstairs.

[ Rumble ]

Team leader, do you copy?

Team leader,
please acknowledge.

[ Laughs ]

Yo, Prez, you feel that?

How many on a SWAT team,

20, 25 guys?

Navy Spear,
the lobby was booby trapped.

Do you have SWAT?

Chandler: Negative.

Now you coming out?

Or do I have to start
killing your admirals?


[ Door beeps ]


[ Chuckles ]

I'm here!

Stop the killing!

They have the president.


Peña: Get down.
Get down, get down!

You should know, no matter
how many people you kill,

I have no power
to surrender my country.

According to
our 25th amendment,

I gave up that power the moment
I stepped out of this --

[ Grunts ]


Chandler:Russ, it's up to you now.

We're gonna find you a way
to take back the Command Center.

We're ready, sir.

Get the vest, sir.


Sasha: Vulture Team,
SWAT is no longer in play.

We need a plan,
and we need it fast.

Two-man team.

Wolf: A Glock, grenade,
and a combat knife.

Not much firepower
to work with.

And neither one of them can
fight like you hand-to-hand.

Remember that.

Wolf, you're Swain.

Danny, you'll play
the Master Chief.

The rest of us
are the red team.

[ Gun cocks ]

They got a dozen or so

We can expect to find one
here near the elevator.

And another one
over there.


And one about here.

U But after your boys
break into the war room,

there's no telling where
Gustavo's men will be.

It's anyone's game.
-Well, then, we just figure out

how to get them
inside that room alive.

After that,
they're on their own.

All right,
let's get to work.


You do realize
every hostage you harm

reduces your likelihood of
getting out of here alive.


Save your energy.


Nishioka: Sir, we're picking up
a broadcast

on the Emergency Alert System.

Gustavo:United States of America.

I come to you with a message
of peace from Gran Colombia.

But first you must
know the truth

so you understand why
our two countries are at war.

You have been lied to
about the famine,

and now about
the reason for this war.

Your government didn't tell you
the cause for the Red Flu,

the military experiments,

the leaks at the biolab.

They didn't tell you
how they hoarded the cure,

and now they're not telling you
how they sold you out

so they could control
the people of South America.

There's no way
you'll turn her.

Don't have to.You need to understand what
was done behind your backs.

Just need enough of
a distraction to get a gun.

How you were sold out
by your own leaders.

Deals were made.

Deals that benefited
only those fortunate enough

to have emerged from the dark
period with wealth and power.

The rest of us --

and South Americans alike --

were left to beg.

Your president not only
okayed these deals,

but he brokered them.

-No one will believe this.

President Reiss, along with his
predecessor, President Oliver,

worked hand-in-glove
with the powerful elite

from across the continent

to ensure their hold on power
was firm.

That is why...

Don't shoot no blood, okay,

You got it.

Of course,
Reiss isn't man enough

to actually admit this to you.

Which is why you are now
seeing this broadcast.

People of the USA, friends,

I am Octavio de la Paz
of Gran Colombia,

loyal warrior
to Gustavo Barros.

And this is your lying,
stealing, cheating president.


Octavio:Are you ready to face
the charges against you?

I have nothing
to say to you.


Nothing to the people
that you have betrayed?

You are a liar.

Everything you said,
it's all lies.

Now, now...

My God, they're putting
POTUS on trial.

On what charges?

Doesn't matter.

This is all about
how he reacts.


Are you kidding?

Everything Gustavo said
was invented

to -- to discredit me
in front of American people.

-Hey, hey, hey!
-No, no, no, no!

or this one pays the price.

Don't even think of it,

I swore an allegiance
to my country and my president

that I'm prepared to die
for either one.



I --


There's nothing
to confess.

Tell your people
what you did.

How you stole from them.
How you poisoned them.

How you enslaved
an entire country.

I did nothing!

Admit it!

You're going to
let him die?

Please, don't.

I will not be the last one
to die today.


So brave, Mr. President,

when someone else's life
is on the line.



[ Voice breaking ]
Just stop.

Just stop.
Please don't do this.


No, no, no!


Stop, no!


[ Sobbing ]

I confess!

I did it!

I did it.

So I beg you.

Everything you said,
just please, please.

Please don't,
I beg you.


What else
do you want from me?

Please, just stop.

I beg you.

What in God's name
do you want?

I want Tom Chandler.


Tom Chandler,
the choice is yours.

Turn yourself in,
or all the hostages die.

You know how to reach me.

You've been tracking my number


Tavo, you did it.

You beat the president.

You have his high command.

Push now for surrender.

Not yet, brother.

Forget Chandler.

He is not worth it.

Get out now,
and you win.

You know,

that's your problem,

You don't know
what it means to win!

I win when Tom Chandler
is on his knees,

bowing to me,
chanting my name.


What does Gustavo want with you?

He already has
everything he needs

to cripple this country
right there at SouthComm.

Sasha: We were attacked at
Mayport, and we fought back.

They bogged us down
at the Tropic of Cancer,

and we took Cuba.

He knows
we're not gonna give up.

He wants to break us.

He wants to
take down our hero.

And the country
doesn't recover.


Vulture Team?

Burk reports no actionable plan
as of yet, sir.

Put me through
to Octavio's phone.

-Aye, sir.
-Tom, what are you doing?

I'm giving him
what he wants.

You cannot be
thinking about surrender.

You cannot turn yourself in.
-Just buying some time.

[ Cellphone ringing ]


[ Clears throat ]

Admiral Chandler,
the world is listening.


This is Tom Chandler.

[ Gasps ]

Where and when?




Bang, bang, you're dead.

Come on!

All right, back to one.
Come on.



[ Whistles ]

This hallway's
a kill zone.




Hey, man,
you got to move faster.

I doubt Swain can even
move that fast, mate.

And he's never
held a knife before.

I hate to state the obvious,
but if you guys can't do this --

No, no, no,
we'll run it until we can.

And then
we'll teach them how.

All right.

Gustavo's ship
is 60 minutes out.

Once they confirm it's you
on the RHIB,

Octavio will deliver POTUS to
one of our helos on the roof.

And the rest
of the hostages?

Released as soon as
you step foot on that ship.

Bosun's rigged a lever system
inside the RHIB.

So as long as she's pointed
in the right direction

when you drop her in the water,
you win.

Blast radius?

1,000 yards.

Any closer, you risk getting
sucked down with Gustavo's ship.


As soon as we hear from Jeter
that POTUS is secure,

launch that torpedo
and get the hell out of there.

there is no Plan B.

Octavio: [ Chuckles ]

It's your lucky day, man.

Captain America
has given up.

Your ass is saved.

Peña here is going to walk you
up to the roof

so you can go bye-bye.

Unless, of course,
you want me to kill you.

I mean, if it were me
crying like a baby

in front of
the whole country --

[ Imitates gunshot ]


So, what's next?

For you, I mean.


I live
happily ever after.

Just like that, huh?

Just like that.

And Alisha?

Alisha was brainwashed
by you.

By all of this.

but she wasn't the enemy.

She brought back the cure --
not once, but twice.

That's got to count
for something.

She didn't deserve to die,
did she?

[ Zipper zips ]

It was an accident.

And your relationship?
I'm not buying the long con.

You cared for her.


We've got activity.

Yeah, I see that.

[ Whispering indistinctly ]

Let's go.
Come on. Up.

I'm sorry.


Navy Spear,
POTUS is on the move.

The boys down in Cuba
know what they're doing.

We'll get a plan.

A good plan.


Sasha: Admiral,
this is Navy Spear.

Florida PD
has a helo on the way.

Gustavo's ship
is 20 mikes out.

Keep it slow and steady.

Roger, Navy Spear.

Anything from Burk?


Not yet.

How old's
your little girl now?

Zoey, right?

She's yours,
not your sister's.

Why do you
keep talking to me?

What if Octavio
used you to get to Alisha,

and again to get in here?

You saw what they did
to our medic.

He loves us.

We're a family.

You sure about that?

Zoey's never getting
to Colombia.

She'll be lucky if her mother
gets out of here alive.

[ Chuckles ]




Navy Spear, enemy ship
bearing 2-4-0 true.

Cannot yet identify.

this is Sasha Cooper.

Admiral Chandler is approaching
your agreed-upon location.

I want proof of life.

Such a sexy voice.

Mr. President,
say hello.

Talk. Talk.

I'm here.

Climbing to the rooftop,
southern staircase.

That's enough.

Octavio: There's your proof,
Sasha Cooper.

He flies away as soon as
Captain America boards our ship.

Please hold.

POTUS is on the move.





The problem
is the gunfire.

The second they fire
that first shot --

A dozen guys
will be on top of them. I know.

Then we go in quiet,
hit 'em with a bang.


Check this out.

Right down the hall from
where our team is holed up.

A supply closet.

Supply closet.


There's no bleach.

Glass cleaner will do.

But, Master Chief,

how do we know they're gonna be
where Commander Burk said?

We just have to
trust him.

Admiral, we've got a plan.
Slow down.


It's not the battleship.

It's just a corvette.

Tom, do you copy?

Yeah, I copy.


[ Helicopter blades whirring ]


No, no, no, no, no.

Not until I know
Tom Chandler's on that ship.

Is our way out clear?

We will be in Bogotá by sunup.

After we get Zoey.

-My daughter.

We're getting her before
we get on the plane, right?

Yeah, yeah.
Of course, cariña.

We're going to get Zoey.

Oh, my God.
Are you lying to me?


You're lying to me.

[ Radio static ]


Kelsi: I can't believe
I bought into your bullshit.

B-Baby, calm down.

You never had any intention of
getting Zoey, did you?

chill the hell out.

Or what, hmm?

You gonna kill me, too?

Or was there one more thing
you want to use me for, huh?

Now or never, Joe.
My first stop.

I am the only reason
we got this far.
Octavio: Baby --

[ Wheels squeaking ]

You think you're just gonna walk
out and leave me behind?!


[ Indistinct shouting ]


[ Gunshots ]


Get them out of here!

Go, go!
Come on!

We've just lost connection
with Octavio.

Navy Spear
approaching Alpha Station

requesting a sit rep.

Roger, Admiral.
Assault has begun.


[ Speaking Spanish ]





[ Grunts ]


Get to the helo!


Let's go, let's go!


Cover me!

[ Operators shouting
in Spanish ]


Enough, Octavio!
You've got no place left to go.


Hey, you're right, man.

Nowhere left to go.


[ Breathing heavily ]


[ Gasps ]


Admiral Chandler has entered
the blast radius, ma'am.

We can't wait
on Master Chief.

Tom, you have to abort.

Not till POTUS is safe.


Meylan: Go, Mr. President!




[ Gunshots ]


-[ Groans ]
-No, no, you're fine.

Take it easy. Take it easy.
Take it easy.

No, no, I'm not hit.

I'm okay. I'm good.

Look, lie down.
You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay.

I can stop the bleeding!
I can stop the bleeding!


this is Navy Spear.

POTUS is secure.


I take care of this now,

that's one less ship
to fight later.

Tom, no.

You're too close.



United States on deck.


[ Man speaks Spanish ]




SouthComm is secure.

We lost
a lot of good people.

We'll run the operation
from the ship.

Mission's here now,

It starts in Cuba

and ends when we've taken out
Gustavo for good.

Meet in the wardroom
in 15 minutes.

Just caught
the press briefing.

While Admiral Chandler

single-handedly took out
the enemy frigate,

POTUS himself helped take back
the command center.

The public needs
a good story.


That was
a dumb thing you did.

Nathan Jameswas in range

and prepared to sink that ship
the second you turned around.

I had to be sure.

You could have
killed yourself.

But I didn't.

See you in the wardroom
in 15 minutes.

We have an invasion
to plan.

[ Monitor beeping ]



I got somebody here to see you,

Oh, what the hell?

[ Groans ]

Well, the Battle for Cuba
is over, thanks to you.

Gustavo's on his heels.

I'm just glad
to see you awake.


And alive.

Burk, man,
what am I gonna do?

Oh, man, come on,
what you always do.

You break balls.

[ Laughs ]

You fight hard.


[ Clears throat ]
It's one of my favorites, man.

"Old Man and the Sea."

Are you the old man?

[ Laughing ]

You see what I mean?
Breaking balls.

Chapter one.

"There was an old man

who fished alone in a skiff
in the Gulf Stream,

and he had gone 84 days now
without taking a fish.

The first 40 days..."