The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Air Drop - full transcript

Nathan James must seek the aide of a prominent rebel leader in order to create a staging area before mounting an invasion of their own.



The C-130, Liberty One,

will depart Naval Air Station Key West
at 2200 hours.

Lima team, partnered Navy-Marine Corp,

will air-drop 13 miles
off the Cuban coast, landing at Güines,

which, according to intel

Admiral Chandler
obtained from Dr. Montano,

is home to a hidden rebel stronghold.

What kind of numbers can we expect?

The rebel force
is somewhere between 500 and 5,000.

Our team's dropping in
with a two-ton gift

of small arms and light weapons.

Whatever their size, I promise you,
that militia will be well-outfitted.

Now, once Lima team makes contact
with El Gallo and his men...

I'm sorry, Admiral.
How confident are you in this El Gallo?

This unknown leader of free Cuba?

Do you think he's more inclined
to join our cause than, say,

the Chinese, or the Indians,
or the Brits, right now?

How confident are you
that when our team lands,

they find themselves
met by friendly interests

and not, say, indifference or hostility?
One to ten.

One being they slit our throats
soon as we hit the beach.

Six, sir.

General, you signed off on this?

I did, sir.
Though, to be frank, I have concerns.

The General's worried
the intel I got from Dr. Montano

may not be trustworthy.

I've lost a lot of Marines already,
Mr. President.

Trust in anything coming out
of Gustavo's camp is in short supply.

But you trust it, Admiral?

I was with the man.

He lost faith in Gustavo
and gave his life to stop the bloodshed.

I've had the country running
at full tilt for the last three months

to put us in a position
to take back Mexico,

and now you wanna air-drop
a dozen of our finest

into the lion's den
before we can back them up?

Gustavo's preoccupied with
shoring up support from his base.

Now is the best time for us
to make our move on Cuba.

And we need it, sir,

not just as a buffer
against another major attack,

but as a staging area
to launch our own invasion south.

Please continue, Admiral.

Thank you, sir.

Señor Barros...


Tell me, what's a win?

Jumping to the end already?

Doesn't feel like a jump to me.

In your speeches, you promise
your people a quick victory,

but, from what I've seen,

you've been stuck in place
for some time now.

I'm curious
if your thinking has changed,

or if you regret
starting a war with the United States?

We didn't start this war.

You sank a US fleet in Mayport

on the very day
that your loyalists murdered

the duly-elected leader of Panama.

That sounds textbook.

Mayport wasn't an attack,
nor was it the beginning.

You're young,

but smart enough to know
the US's history of murder

and political insurrection
in Latin America.

Guatemala, '54. Cuba, '61.

DR, '65. Chile, '73.
Nicaragua, '82. Grenada, '83.

This war is a battle for the survival
of the people of Gran Colombia.

So, is this your justification

for the forced conscription,
the purges, the death squads?

Where do you get this information from?

Several accounts from defectors.

Defectors from what?

Our borders are not closed.

People are free
to come and go as they wish.

Their accounts
are remarkably consistent.

This isn't a war of public opinion.

This is about
taking a fresh look at the world...

Post-virus, post-famine.

This is about adjusting the balance.

United States
have been bullies for too long.

This movement is a rebirth.

Take your camera and your notepad
and go to the countryside.

Go to the cities
of Central and South America

and see the pride in people's faces.

Freedom from tyranny
is what they demanded,

and it's what I'm giving them.

And I'm inviting the people
of all of the Americas to join.

Ensign Swain, any news?

- No, sir.
- No surprise there.

She's probably hiding in a hole
somewhere, hoping we give up looking.

No chance of that, sir.

I've been monitoring cell activity

for Colombia
and the United States for months.

If Kelsi's still in contact
with anyone down south, we'll know it.

Well, good.
Till then, I have another job for you.

- Sir, I...
- Radio jammers aboard the James

were fried in the attack.

I need you
to reprogram her electric grid.

I wanna make sure
those Cuban artillery batteries

don't use our Herc as target practice.

Where do you need me?

One-twenty five.


I only got one-fifteen.

- Are you kidding?
- Beat it.

Hey, stop!

Get back here!


It's getting late, sweetie.
Time to come in.

But, Mom, Aunt Kelsi's here.
Just a few more pushes?

Yeah, Mom. Just a few more?

Yeah, I heard rumors
that you were in Carta-gina?

Mmm. Cartagena. Yeah, right.

You didn't leave the country?

You just disappeared.

Whatever you want to ask, ask.

Just stop, please.

No, go ahead. Ask me.

I don't need to ask.

Because you know everything about me...

- Right?
- I know what kind of person you are.

- Oh, what kind of a person...
- The kind who runs off

with any loser promising adventure.

The kind who makes a mess and
leaves the rest of us to clean it up.

The kind who hasn't even bothered
to come see her own daughter.

Mom? Can you read me
The Paper Bag Princess?

Uh, did you brush your teeth?

Okay, I'll be in in a sec.

Night, Aunt Kelsi.

Night. Sleep tight.

Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Remember when you used to
read that to me?

You need to turn yourself in.

I know.

No, you don't know,

otherwise you wouldn't be here,

putting me in danger,
putting Zoey in danger.

No one's in danger.

- It's not like I'm a...
- A what?

A murderer?

A terrorist?

Go ahead, tell me you're not.

Look me in the eye and tell me the cops,
the Navy, and the goddamn FBI

tore my house apart for three weeks
because you didn't kill that woman.

I don't know where else to go.

Police station would be a start.

And say what?

- The truth.
- The truth.

What's the truth, Elli?

That I'm an idiot?

That I thought I was helping?

That it turns out I am just
a piece of Florida white trash

thinking I could
solve the world's problems.

I know what I did.

And I know what's coming for me.
God knows I deserve it.

You're not trash,
and you're not a monster.

And, I mean, at this point,
according to the US government,

you're basically the most important
human being on the planet, right?

Just tell them something, cut a deal.
It won't be so bad.


I'm gonna get you a good deal

and we're gonna make it through this.

You, me, and Zoey.

On course two-one-zero,
making 16 knots.

Estimated time of arrival
based on current speed,

three hours and 45 minutes.

Anything pop up in the shakedown?

Well, some trouble out of two gen,
but we'll have it online in the hour.

And we haven't sprung any leaks,
so that's a good thing.

Roger that.

CIC, bridge. Report your status.

Sub-surface clear. All systems go.

Surface clear. All systems go.

Bridge, TAO. Testing is complete.

All combat systems
are up and ready to go.

It's good to be back, ma'am.

Glad to hear it.

After three months of dry dock
I think we set a record.

Captain, Radio. All circuits up.

HF channel is encrypted and secure.

Who else do we have on the line?

Patching through Command now.

Nathan James,
we hear you loud and clear.

Much as I enjoyed Moby Dick,
it's a pleasure to hear your voice.

Admiral Chandler, how's the Herc?

Weapons supply is currently being loaded
and on schedule.

Hitting Cuban airspace in three hours.
Sound about right, Captain Green?

We'll be waiting.
Have a safe flight, Admiral.

Watch it, Marine.

Sorry, Chief. My bad.

Excuse the fellas, Admiral.

The Marines have been grounded
since the Mayport attack.

They're angry and ready to hook and jab.

They'll get their chance.

Thank you, sir,
for everything you've done.

All loaded up.

When's the last time you jumped?

On purpose?
I don't know. Six or seven years.

Like falling off a bike.

Sure you don't wanna
join in the fun, Professor?

Someone's gotta stay on the plane
and do the hard work.

Gunny, check the palletized gear
and equipment.

Lima team, load up. Let's go get some.


- Ooh-yah.
- Ooh-yah.





You know, I always wondered why
Navy corpsmen deploy with the Marines.

Because the Marines like to fight, sir.

I mean,
I'm not saying that y'all don't, sir.

I was just, uh...

You know, I meant that, um...

I was saying that we...

Take it easy, corpsman.

Save your energy.

Yes, sir.

So, you guys work out?

Come on.

Thought you bastards
were supposed to be fun.

We've been waiting, like, 50 years

to invade this shit-box island,
am I right?

My mother's Cuban.

Command, this is Liberty One.

We're leaving American airspace
and proceeding on schedule. Over.

Copy that, Liberty One.

Nathan James
is in range to jam the radar

in the Cuban artillery battery.
Stand by.

HF feed is holding up.

Wish we had better eyes
on the battlefield.

Yes, sir. Without satellites,
this will have to do.

Ensign, we ready?

All set, Admiral.


Liberty One, Command.

You are clear to proceed.

Navy Spear, sending jam package now.

Commence jamming sequence on your end.


Jamming sequence initiated.

Liberty One, Navy Spear.
Cuba's blind and they don't know it.

Copy that, Navy Spear.
Ground wind's out of the northwest.

One-five knots.

Deploy chutes 9,000.

Jump team, flight lead.
Two-minute warning.

Lima team, stand by.
Two minutes, two minutes!

Two minutes.

Two minutes.

Good luck.


On my go!

All right!

To the door!




All teams, Command.

Jamming's holding.
You have another 40 seconds.

Navy Spear. Roger that.

- We're good, let's go!
- Weapons supply away.

Uplink confirmed. Nav system engaged.

Aye, sir. I have control of the cache.
Deploying the chute now.

Unknown air track, inbound Liberty One.

What the hell is going on over there?

Flight Lead, come in. Come in.

Liberty One, Liberty One,
this is Command.

We have a missile detonation.

Target's trajectory leading back
to the north side of Cuba.

Liberty One is hit and going down.

Flight lead, what's your status?

Flight lead! Do you copy?

What the hell?

Did everyone egress?

No, no.


No, no.

Lima. Command.

What is your status?

Our status is goddamn livid, Admiral.

Why weren't we jamming
those artillery batteries?

We're gonna get you some answers.

This is DuFine.
I wanna speak to Captain Utt.

Command. Utt.
Lima team has landed.

No sign of Bowen, Lin, Murphy,
Weeks, Santora, or Hird.

Most likely they were KIA.

Looks like Liberty One
was shot out of the sky.

Pilots were on-course.

Jamming was set.

We had no early warning.

Admiral Chandler
was also onboard, ma'am.

Command, Navy Spear.
Commencing search and rescue now.

Helm, all ahead two-thirds.

Gear is off-target.

No confirm of beacon.

It must be out of range.

Mother, can we get a fix
on that weapons supply?

We were tracking it
using the radar relay from the plane.

Last position, supply was off-course,

headed west on a path
toward the north shore of Havana.

That's Gustavo country.

The rebel camp is three miles
in the other direction.

Why don't we go there first?

No. We secure the gear,
then we find the rebels.

You want to walk into Havana
with half our team and no firepower?

We can't risk letting those weapons
fall into the wrong hands.

I agree. We don't have a choice.

They know we're here,
so we have to move fast.

That beacon has a two-mile range.

If we can get in the area,
I know we can find it.

Mission hasn't changed.

Roger that.

Command, Utt.

We are proceeding feet dry
in search of weapons supply.

Update when we arrive.

Copy all.

Ma'am, based on its speed
and trajectory,

the plane could've gone down
anywhere here.

If we're looking for a debris field,
it could be miles long.

- Let's get that bird in the air.
- Aye, ma'am.

I'm going to CIC. The bridge is yours.


This entire borough's
a hotbed for Cuban military.

Just that kinda day.

Gear's close.

Whole thing
could've been picked over by now.

Barco, take Green
and see if you can get eyes on.

Aye, sir. Let's go.

Let's do it.

Hey, ma'am.
Ma'am, your neck is bleeding.

It's... It's nothing.
I didn't even feel it.

No, you probably just got nicked
from the shrapnel from the blast.

Here, just apply pressure, okay?

The package is across the street
behind the bar.

Can't get eyes on it yet,
but it's there.

Could be on the rooftop.

Half the city's awake
and the other half will be up soon.

Let's move.

Debris field scattered.

No sign of life.


Anyone else hearing that?

Mother, I'm picking up
something strong here.

Copy that, Brawler. We see it.

Looks like it's headed to
the Port of Matanzas.

Navy Spear, what do you see?

We don't have an ID yet, sir,
but it's huge.

It's got the same signature as the ship
we fought in the Yucatan strait.

You said you hit that battleship
pretty hard.


No worse than she hit Nathan James.
She's a monster.

The radar jamming was focused
on the artillery batteries.

If that ship was patrolling the waters
over the horizon from the Nathan James

it would've had a clear look
at Liberty One.

This wasn't on you, Ensign.

Bridge, Captain.
Set course to two-four-five.

Course two-four-five, aye.

This time we sink her. Ready all VLS.

Aye, ma'am.



Looks like we're in over our heads.

Have to take it piece-by-piece.

Toone, cut it down.

Yes, sir.

The rest of us underneath.

El Gallo.



Leader of the Cuban rebels.

We have a lot to discuss.

Closing in on the target, ma'am.
1,500 yards.

We should see them
when we get around the bend.

We lost the signature.

It's okay. She's trapped in the bay now.

OOD, slow to three knots.

- Stand by to maneuver.
- Aye, ma'am.

Helm, all ahead
one-third for three knots.

Helm, aye.

Prepare to fire
as soon as we get eyes on that ship.


Where the hell did it go?
There's no other way out of this harbor.

- We got the weight, Toone. Cut it.
- Cut it? Yep.

Bring it up.


Set it down.


Holy shit!

I need some help here!

Mother, Lima.

We're trapped in the courtyard
and contact is imminent.

Request emergency evac
at my location. Over.

Lima, Navy Spear.

Helo is 20 mikes from your posit. Over.



They're gonna ram it!

Kandie, set a claymore on that door.

Hold it. Push.


We're set!

Lima team, on my command, drop back!

All guns on the door!
When they breach, give them hell!

Drop back, drop back!

I didn't jump out of a plane
to get killed by friendly fire.

You guys wanna lower your weapons?

You're clear.

Package secure?

Street's contained,
but we need to leave. Now.

Welcome to Cuba.

Smokes, thermites, frags.

You got it all.

Systems check. MFAL is set. Got that?

You know, for a Navy man,
you're not bad with a rifle.

Yeah, well, for a Marine,
you're not bad as a doorstop.

Get a room.

Then we'll have to take the airfield,
the capital building,

the presidential palace,
and then the radio station.

Sounds like
you got everything under control.

It's been a difficult few months,
but the worst is still ahead.

Thank you for living up to your end,

even though
you had no reason to trust me.

Hey, Kelsi?

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