The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Warriors - full transcript

After months of fighting, the crew of Nathan James must embark on a dangerous mission to secure important intel that could decide the fate of the war.



Vulture, this is Cobra.

Vulture, this is Cobra,

Vulture, nothing heard!
I send in the blind.

Cellar's secure.
Just the one door.

It will make
for a decent hideout.

Vulture, this is Cobra,
do you copy?

Verify position, over!

Damn it!

Where the hell
are they?!

They must have run in
to trouble

exfiling the HVT.

No one saw this coming.

The Jamaicans won't be able
to hold out much longer

if we don't get off this island

How the hell did Gustavo know
we were here?

Maybe he didn't.

If Gustavo didn't come here
for us,

he came to invade.

Which means he brought
an army.

No, I do not think
we're losing this war.

We're at a stalemate.

The line is holding here

at the Tropic of Cancer.
And in my...

Last Thursday,
two U.S. Navy patrol ships,

theUSS Cyclone and theUSS Firebolt,

defended Nassau
from a covert landing attempt

by Grand Colombian troops.

...joint operation
did occur yesterday

between the Marines
and the Army.

That is a testament
to our training,

our tactical superiority,

and, frankly, the resolve
of our armed forces

and those of our allies.

We encourage everyone
to stay vigilant.

And, please,
obey all blackout rules.

The answer to your question
is yes.

I am back full-time.

But let me be clear,
I'm not running the war.

I'm a team player,
and I'm here to serve

at the pleasure
of the Commander in Chief.

This group here is
the best and brightest,

and I'm proud
to stand with them.

Now, I can't promise
the fight won't be hard,

and I can't say
it will end any time soon.

But I can say
with absolute certainty...

we will prevail.

You did a hell
of a job getting

our weapons systems
back online, Ensign.

Thank you, sir.

Any update
on the virus?

I traced the second part
of the virus,

the one that did all the damage,
to an Internet cafe

in Medellin, Colombia.

No surprises there.

Not really. I've been able
to create an algorithm

to monitor all traffic
out of the region

to any cell tower
or Internet portal

in our region.

It's all thanks to Alisha.

Commander Granderson...

Son, you couldn't have prevented
what happened to Alisha.

I was almost there, sir.

If I was able to test
her card earlier,

I could have just --
Could have what,

figured out
that her live-in girlfriend

was a mole for Gustavo?

No, that woman
had everyone fooled.

But we're onto her now,
thanks to you and Alisha.

She can't make a move
without us finding her.

That's right, sir.

Losing friends
is what makes war war.

We honor them
by continuing to fight

so we don't lose
anyone else.

Yes, sir.

You're doing your part.

Thank you, Admiral.

Yes, I know it's not working.

I'm heading there now.

-It's looking good, Mike.

Getting there. Amazing
what a good nose job will do.

And the Michener?

She'll be carrying
as many Marines

as we can muster
in a few weeks' time.

The U.S. Navy may be down,
but we're not out.

Damn right. Besides,

it's not the ships
that count,

it's the warriors
they carry.

Yeah, say again,
I can't hear ya.

Vulture, this is Cobra.

Come in, Vulture!

It's not letting up.

Well, we got two hammers
and a machete...

and a shitload of rum.

Vulture, this is Cobra.

We should E&E out of here
and find our boys.

No way! Gustavo's got
too many men out there.

Better to go straight
for extract Alpha,

hope Vulture's
already there.

-And if they're not?
-Cross that bridge.

Cobra, Vulture.

They're coming.

Yeah, we copy!

What's your
Goddamn whiskey?

We ran into trouble.

The Jamaicans' line --

Yeah, we know.
We ducked into a hideout,

a rum cellar six mikes
east of the compound.

Can you make it?


We're on our way.

And the high-value

Vulture, do you copy?

The high-value target?!

Dr. Manuel Montano --

Gustavo's chief war strategist,
author of Plan Azul.

My team just received intel
from the rebels

that Montano's in Jamaica.

All right, why Jamaica?

They've been
aggressively neutral

since the war started.

Gustavo must have sent Montano
to show them his plans,

try to get them
to join his side.

Maybe they're already
considering flipping.

I met Montano once
at a conference pre-plague.

He's a brilliant
tactical theorist.

If you hadn't stolen
Plan Azul,

we'd most likely be
in full retreat by now.

Word is he's working
on a sequel.

Mr. President, Montano
could be the key

to breaking the stalemate.

Now, assemble a team,

extract Montano
from Jamaica,

find out what he knows.

I'll lead the team myself.

I know the man, I can get him
to talk to me.

You can talk to him
once he's on U.S. soil.

If we do it in Jamaica, sir,

Gustavo won't have to know
we have his man.

That will buy us time.

We could break the stalemate
with Gran Colombia

before they have a chance
to change their war plans.

Give us the room.

I keep expecting Alisha
to walk in here

with that big smile of hers

Three months,

and they're not closer
to catching her killer.

You mean her fiancée.

Meylan has NCIS scouring
the country for her.

She won't get away
with this.

Sometimes bad people do.

There is a full-on war
happening out there...

and I'm not a part of it.

I went back on active duty to
fight this thing until the end.

Three months --
three months,

and I'm still
pushing papers.

I mean,
we gotta make a move.

You need
to come see Frankie.

Use the time
while you're still home.

Yeah, I will.

You've only seen him twice.

He knows you're around.
I know.

How am I supposed to explain
that to a five-year-old?

You're his father,

Please, don't turn me
into the bad guy here.

But we keep having
this conversation --

You're not the bad guy,
I know that.

I'll come see him.

I promise.

What was that about?

POTUS doesn't want me
going after Montano.

I'm a symbol
of the war effort now.

He thinks
it's too dangerous.

And what did you say
to that?

I said he was right.

Give me a hand.

I got it, I got it.

You guys okay?
We're fine.

What's wrong with him?

He took a bullet.

Put him down over here.

Gustavo's men
are taking the island.

Salem beach is blown.

That was our extract.

Not anymore.

You've done
this 35 times?

Give or take.

You nervous,
little brother?

Hell, no.

They're here!

Everyone, they're here!

Come on in, come on in.

Well, aren't you boys
a sight!

Afternoon, ma'am.
Miss Abbott.


You gentlemen
are far more handsome

than your photos,
if that's even possible.

Right this way, let's not keep
your fans waiting.

The Southern Women's Society
has been working hard

to set up this function
for y'all.

There are some
deep pockets here,

and everyone just wants
to do their part

for the war effort.

We are grateful, ma'am,

and we're honored
to be here.

Oh, we're just thrilled
to have you.

All right, y'all,
gather round.

Le's show these fine fellows
from theNathan James

some good
Southern hospitality.

Where the hell are we?

Forget where are we.
When are we?

Just smile and be
who they want you to be.

Every dollar raised
is another sailor fed,

another shell
in the five-inch.

It's such an honor to meet
a true American hero, Commander.

Well, thank you, ma'am.

And thank you
for all you do for the cause.

Of course!

I am amazed.

You all have saved the world
three times now.

How on earth
do you do it?

Nothing special
about any of us, sir.

Just following the training

by your
United States Navy.

Just happened to be in the
right place at the right time.

Well, I've missed
the last few wars.

Would have signed up
for this one.

Bad knees.

God, I really want
to be in it.

go make a donation.

Don't mind Edmund.

He's got chickens
in the yard,

if you know what I mean.

Do you miss being
out at sea, son?

Oh, I'm just happy
to do my part, ma'am,

wherever that may be.
Oh, I bet you're happy

to be at home for a spell,
sleeping in your own bed --

wearing a set
of clean underwear.

Yes, ma'am, I sure am.

Tell me, to whom do I write
the check?

Oh, the U.S. War Bonds

Thank you, ma'am.

Now, where is
that checkbook?

Let me help you
with that, Grandma.

Thank you.



Courtney Anne,
you didn't offer our guest

any of our sweet tea.


Thank you, ma'am.

Pegasus 2-8-8,

extract Alpha
has been blown.

Must divert to Bravo.

Do you copy?

So we got peaches,
tomatoes, beans...

and enough rum to throw
one hell of a victory party.

Oh, snap!
Is that rhubarb?

Hey, there.

Hey, buddy.


Come in, Pegasus 2-8-8.

This is Vulture, over.

Reading you now, Vulture.

Adjusting course.
New coordinates,

extract Bravo, over.

We got 40 minutes
to get him moving --

less if the Jamaicans
can't hold the line.

But we still don't have
a clear path out.

I'm not going anywhere.

And I'm not saying

Looks infected.

He might not live, sir.

He'll live.

We've got things
to talk about.


Keep it going!

Harder, harder!
Come on, let's go.

I said harder!


Much more than this!

How do you feel?

I'm good.

It's pretty good.

You're more than good.

You are a weapon, baby.

Nothing can stop you.

Not with you around

Daddy, do you see me?!

Yeah, I see you, bud.

I thought Clay
already swept Alisha's laptop.

Six times.

The woman
can't just disappear.

What about her sister, huh

She hasn't heard from Kelsi
in years,

which, I guess, makes sense.

God. Danny, I let that girl
babysit for me.

Yeah, well, it just goes
to show,

you never really
know people.


Give me that.

-It's okay, sweetie.


We'll find Montano here --

an old resort two clicks
south of Runaway Bay.

Our intel suggests
he's traveling without security

under an assumed name.

The Jamaican Defense force
has agreed to help infil you

to the target,
then get you out again.

They're our allies on this.


We drop the team here,

short swim from the beach.

If the Jamaicans
keep that clear,

we'll set
extract Alpha here.

We'll put Bravo here.

But let's hope
we don't need it.

Worst comes to worst,
we have

a forward operating Marine base
in Haiti

with three Super-Stallions
packed up

and ready to move.
Helos, good.


Ash, wait.

Where are you going?

If you didn't have time
to see me,

you should have
just told me.

I've been here
for an hour and a half.

I know, I'm sorry.
Won't be much longer.

You hungry? I can have someone
run down to the commissary.

Dad, it's fine.


I'll be done here soon.

I'll see you at home.

We gotta move now.

How's Montano?

We're gonna have
to carry him out.

Fever's down,
but he's out cold.

Last report
from the Jamaicans

had an enemy QRF coming in
from the west.

I recommend this route
to Bravo.

this is Pegasus,

requesting a sit-rep, over.

Roger that, Pegasus.

We're 10 minutes out,

Pegasus, do you copy?

Stand by, Vulture, stand by.

We're picking up three contacts

approaching our PIM.

Pegasus, report, over!

incoming torpedoes!

We took a hit!

Marine FOB Haiti,

this is Vulture
requesting emergency extract

from our location.

Send the Helo.




Burk's hit!
Hang on, buddy.

I got you, I got you,
it's okay.

Okay, hold on.

Ugh, is it bad?

No, man. It ain't bad,

it ain't bad at all.
All right, you're gonna be fine.

I can feel something,
I think it's metal.

It's the slug,
you gotta dig it out.


This isn't gonna feel good.

You're gonna be fine.

But it's time
to cowboy up.

Now, Miller.
Use your finger.

I'm sorry, man.

Got two slugs here,
then again in the stomach.

Fourth one,
stuck in my thigh.

Yeah, I've, uh...

I've had
a few close calls.

I took one in the Kevlar,
knock wood.

It's nothing too serious.

This bastard came over
to read me last rites,

and he got one
in the spine.

I guess you didn't want me
going to heaven alone.

I was afraid
you might get lost.

Might have.

Go ahead, touch it.

Can you feel that?


Of course I can.

Come here, let me tell you
a little secret.

I'm a superhero.



War has a flavor the protected
will never taste.


They look at the Purple Hearts,

and they talk about valor.

They don't want to hear
about the guilt, the nightmares,

or the 30 years of headaches
that come with it.

Yeah, my dad fought in Vietnam,
did three tours.

6th Marines --

Con Thien, Mekong,

Man, I used to...

hear him up
at all hours of the night,

just pacing the house,
pacing the house.

Whenever I asked him about it,
you know, he'd...

never say nothing.

Now you know why.

Your old man kept his mouth shut
because he knew.

You weren't there
and you couldn't understand.

Amen to that.

She's pretty.

Yeah, she was.

It must have been hard for you
out there, all alone,

not knowing what was going on
back here.

I can't imagine it was
any tougher than it was for you.

It was quick for some.

My dad survived
the longest.

After my brothers died,
he just hung on,

sleeping in the guest house.

Hardest part
wasn't losing him,

it was watching him
get sicker and sicker

and not being able
to go to him.

We used, uh

signs made
from old cardboard boxes

to talk to each other.

One morning, I...

went outside,
and there he was on the porch,

just standing there.

Virus took his mind

he was suffering so much,

so my mom...

took out the shotgun

And then you got sick.

But then you came back
with the cure, just in time.

Anyway, I didn't...

mean to take up
all your day

with my Gothic stories
of the plague.

But you should know,

I understand your pain.

And even if you're thinking
you're all alone...

you're not.

It's probably time
for dessert.


See that?

Told you you'd make it.

I'm gonna call him

keep that rodent away from me.

Gunfire's getting closer.

They must have broken through
the line in Grand Bahia.

Gustavo's army will be
all over us in no time.

Helos left Haiti at 0330.

We should be
hearing from them soon.

I was gonna wait
till we were on the flight home,

but it looks like
we got a couple minutes,

so let's take
some time.

You're the architect
of Gustavo's war machine.

What's the sequel
to Plan Azul?

Haiti, Puerto Rico,

I fight
for the Latin American people.

So that we will no longer
be dependent

on the whims of the north.

Now you sound like
your boss.

You're a man of war,

And a professor,
as I understand.

You tell me...

how many invasions,
bombings, coups,

CIA black opps,
and other interventions

does it take
before people push back?

America's not your enemy.

America is a continent,

not a country,

Learn that...

maybe you'll understand
La Revolución.

not a revolutionary.

He's not fighting
to right old wrongs.

He's a strong man
and an opportunist,

and he's killed more
of your people than ours.

I did not say
I support Gustavo.

You're not in Jamaica
guarding Gustavo's secrets.

You're running away.

Yes, Admiral.

In another of
the great post-plague ironies,

one of the great
strategists of war

has become a pacifist.

The first time
I heard him speak

was in his home town.

A little place
called Rubi.

He was a man
of humble beginnings,

speaking of hope,

Listening to Tavo
was a revelation.

He put words to the pain
and the shame

of the South American
experience --

all we'd been feeling
for so long.

The plans we made together
were going to do great good.

So what changed?

Tavo changed.

Or he stopped hiding
his true intentions.

And it wasn't just rebels
being killed,

it was whole villages --

anyone who fed
into Tavo's paranoia.

You can only see a child
be burned alive so many times

before you question
your part in it all.

You know his next moves.

Help me stop him,
help me end this.

If I help you,

will that save my nation?

If you don't,

will your nation
still be worth saving?

If I join you...

I'm still an instrument
of death.

The only difference
is the person delivering it.

this is Scorpion 1-3, over.

The Marines are here!

Scorpion, this is Vulture.

Are you in position to extract?

Negative, Vulture.
Scorpion 1-2 has gone down

over enemy territory.

We just lost contact
with 1-6.

It's too hot.
We're returning to base.

Expect return at 0930.

Water extract three clicks
south of Alpha. Over.

Scorpion 1-3,
we have a high-value package

that requires
immediate evac.

Please advise, over.

Copy, Vulture.
We're dropping CRRC

nine clicks west
of your Whiskey. Over.

No, Scorpion 1-3,
drop location

is deep behind enemy lines.

Roger, Vulture,
it's the best we can do.

Scorpion 1-3 out.

By the sound of it,

whatever I say
will not matter much anyway.

We need that CRRC.

Well, it's the opposite
direction of the open beach,

and it's too dangerous
for us all to go,

especially carrying him.

I'll go. I'll get the CRRC
to the beach

and then come back here,
we all go together.

I'll go with--

No, mate.
Frankie needs his dad.

Come on, we're looking at an
army of heavily-armed assholes

out there,
and your leg --

Is a little stiff
is all.

It just needs
some working in.

Good luck.


Come on.

Let's go.

I got it.


Ash, you okay?
I'm fine.

It's not that bad.
Come back to the table,

let's at least keep talking
about this.
There's nothing left
to say.

Come on, guys. You can't end
this conversation like this.

There's no conversation
to have.

Why do you have to be
such a bitch?


We're only home
for a few --

Yeah, well,
at least I'm honest.
Yeah, since when?

I'm not the one
who told my new school

my last name was Jerome!
What the hell, Ash?!

Shut up!

You did that, buddy?

It's a lot of pressure
being Tom Chandler's kid.

You knew about this?

It wasn't my place
to say anything.

How am I suddenly
a stranger

in my own home?

When haven't you been
a stranger?

The two of you, you're like
these war machines.

is this mission for you.

So you are mad about what
happened in Southcom today.

You are unbelievable.

I'm gonna eat
in the kitchen.

Sit down.

I came home from work
to see you.

I just want
one peaceful dinner.

I'm trying to be here for you.

And it shows.

You shouldn't
have to try, Dad.

When you're here,
you're miserable,

and everyone knows it.

I need a bandage.

Here, let me.
I got it.

How's the neck?


Looks like you earned yourself
another medal.


For valor.

Miller and Wolf
should be back by now.

We're running out of time.

If the sun comes up,
game's over.


Mm. Never liked rum.

We're gonna
have to move soon.

How do you feel?


Sick of war.

Sometimes war is the only way
to keep the peace.

You heard my lecture?

We used to share
that theory.

I'm not so sure of it

I think peace

is the awkward pause
between wars.

Maybe peace is the time

for the world
to reload its weapons.

And you...

you look different
than the first time we met.



That is not it.

You are haunted.

Or maybe hunted.

This is what war
has done to you.

this isn't about me.

My country's not perfect,
I am not perfect.

I can't promise you
there'll be no more killing.

But if you'll agree
to help me,

maybe we can find
a real peace.

Now I understand why Gustavo
hates you so much.

Promise me...

soldier to soldier...

end this quickly.

Whatever is hunting you...

I pray
it never finds you.

Coming in!

Good news!
We have an extract.

And the bad?

Expect company.

CRRC's on the beach
about a mile from here.

That's a long way
to carry him, sir.

We gotta try.

Too late!
They're here.

Wolf, Green, on the door.

Miller, with Burk.

Come here, buddy.
It's okay.

There you go.

I'm gone, she's mad.
I'm here, she's mad.

I don't know
how to make her happy.

You just need to be
a little more patient with her.

She just wants
a normal life.

Who doesn't?

I just feel like all I do
is make things worse.


Ashley, come back here.


Jesus, Ash,
what is you want?!

I'm doing the b--
turn around and talk to me!

Move it!

You're not listening
to me!

What are you doing?

You are not listening!

Not listening!
Was that necessary?

No, you're not, Dad.

What are you telling me?

I just don't know what it is
you're telling me.

What are you telling me?

Get back here,
I'm talking to you!

Come back here,
I'm talking to you.


Mom knew it, too!

She knew
you hated being home.

You were never happy unless
you were on your damn ship!

I'm sorry I'm the one
you got stuck with.

I'm sorry your mom died!

And you weren't here.

Montano's dead.
We gotta move.

On me.



You don't belong here.

You belong out there.

Five years of plague,
famine, and war

have brought
this country together

in a way not seen
since the second World War.

In a population laid low,

tens of thousands
have volunteered their time,

their passion, their lives...

Looks like Cuba's not
as hopeless as we thought.

According to Dr. Montano,
there's a rebellion forming

under a man
who goes by El Gallo.

That name mean
anything to anyone?

We had heard rumors
about an anti-Gustavo movement

in Cuba,
but nothing confirmed.

Probably intentional.

El Gallo wouldn't want Gustavo
to see him coming.

But Montano
knew about him.

You think he kept that
from his boss?

I do.

Montano preferred
stalemate over slaughter.

Well, even if this intel
is correct,

El Gallo and his men
are still vastly outnumbered

by Gustavo's forces
in Cuba.

Not if they have backup.

If we work with the rebels,
take control of the island,

we can us it
as a staging ground.

Install troops,
planes, ships.

From there, Panama and Colombia
are within striking distance.

We take Cuba...

we can win this war.

Dr. Montano just gave us
the key.

This is Daddy's tool.

Very sharp.

But it can be used
to make really cool stuff.

Like this.


When you get older...

you can have a knife, too.



Pew! Pew! Pew!

I'm getting the bad guys,

You sure are, pal.

Hi, there.

Hi, yourself.

Got any more
of that sweet tea?

I think I might.

So we'll come visit
for the fourth.

That'd be cool. There's
a huge fireworks show

up in Forest Park.

Oh, that's awesome.

your summer clothes?

Rain gear?

Spring in St. Louis
is always wet.

Got that, too, Dad.

All right.

Call me
if you need anything.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, too, baby.


Stay safe.

I want you to stay safe, too,

But more than that...

I want you to find peace.

Wait, wait, wait.
This freakin' mouse!

A mouse?!

I never saw anything
like it.

Miller was in love!

You didn't see
this little guy, sir.

Okay, he -- he was so perfect
and innocent.


-Was he your little buddy?
-Beauty and the beast.

Oh, come on!

I think
I'm gonna cry.

Hey, there he is!

Hail the conquering hero.

Don't let me interrupt.
Grab a cold one,

we got, what, grape soda
and --

what is that,
cherry cola?

-Cherry cola.

Don't mind if I do.

So, finish the story,
what happened to the mouse?

Okay, so Rhubarb escapes
out of the cage

right when we get
under fire, okay?

Bullets are flying around me,
and there he goes.


That's what I'm telling you.
What, hey, that's his name.

I'm telling you,
that little varmint,

he made it out of there.

He's a survivor.

To Rhubarb.

To Rhubarb. To Rhubarb.

To Rhubarb.