The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Tropic of Cancer - full transcript

[ Gustavo shouting in Spanish ]






You have to
trust me.

Our armies may be stopped
at the Darien Gap,

but we have friends
in Central America.

They have guns and men.

Let me gather their armies
and --


[ Pounds chest ]


[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]


[ Chuckles ]


Slattery: Captain Aguilar's ship
will cover an area

15 miles
off the coast of Mexico.

Mr. Fuentes
does the same off Cuba.

Land batteries
and mines on either side

will fill the gaps
and provide early warning.

Should be enough
to protect the oil complex

'til the US-Mexican
calvary arrives.

If Gustavo's forces try
to make it through the mines,

they sink.

They hug beach,
we blast 'em from land.

And if they come straight up
the middle towards us...

We'll be ready.

I only wish Cuba
could provide more support.

Señor Fuentes,

on behalf
of the people of Mexico,

we are grateful
for the risks you have taken,

not just
for the battle to come,

but for the future
of our two countries.



The airfield
is in that direction.

Sasha: Pablo said the Narcos
leave for Northern Mexico

every Wednesday at 1600.

If they're still
up and running.

That leaves us eight hours
to get to the airfield

and convince them
to give us a lift.

You will get
that lift.

Everybody loved Pablo.


Vasquez will guide you
from here.

Sí, Jefe.

You've bought the rebel movement
some time and more.

You gave us confidence.

Take Gustavo's war plans
back to the States.

Crack his code.

And let us win this.


[ Conversing in Spanish ]

Gracias, amigo.

We will meet again.

I'm sure.


Morning, babe.

What are you doing up?

You got home
three hours ago.

I got to get back.

I was
making breakfast.

We're so close.

Close to what?

Close to figuring out how we got
attacked in the first place.

Sounds like you've been playing
a lot of catch up.

Everyone's doing
their part.

Including you.

Oh, yeah?

How so?
[ Chuckles ]

Just being there
for me.

Having my back
through all of this.

It means
more than you know.


That's me,
making a difference.

[ Chuckles ]


Fuentes and Aguilar
are aboard their ships, sir.


Where the hell are you,

CIC, bridge.

Admiral Slattery,

I can hear you pacing
from the bridge.

I'm beginning to think
we should shift to offense, Tom.

We know Gustavo's fleet's
headed toward this strait.

Let's charge him head-on.

Flush him out.

I'm itching, too, Mike,
but it's a solid plan.

Just need to give it
a little more time.


we have a ping.

I have 1, 2...

I have three signals pinging

southwest of the strait

consistent with those
of three large vessels.

Son of a bitch,
took you long enough.


Captain Aguilar, Señor Fuentes,
this is Nathan James.

We have sonobuoy signals

at groups Kilo,
Sierra, and Echo.

Captain Aguilar,

we have three unidentified
contacts heading our way.

I say again,
we have three contacts.

Aguilar:Copy that, Admiral.

Mexico is prepared
to engage.

May God
be with us all.



Third group of sonobuoys
is pinging south southwest,

bearing 2-5-0.
come to course 2-7-0.

OOD, aye.
Helm, come to course 2-7-0.

Helm, aye,
coming to course 2-7-0.

All teams,
Gustavo's fleet

has adjusted course
five degrees.

if they maintain course...

all three ships
are set to split our line.

Copy that,Nathan James.

Can you ID
any of those vessels?

Sir, I'm unable to identify them
off the sonobuoy markers.

And they're still too far
away for me to analyze
their signatures on radar.

Holler as soon
as you do.

I want to know
what we're up against.

Yes, sir.

Dufine: And what if
this doesn't work?

Mexico could fall

and I just sent 900 troops into
potential hostile territory.

My men could be marching
alongside the very troops

ordered to shoot them
in the back.

Latest Intel does indicate a
growing rift within the country,

but for now, Northern Mexico
is standing strong

against Gran Colombia.

"For now" being
the operative phrase here.

To answer your question,
General Dufine,

if this doesn't work,
I plan to retreat out of Mexico

and back
to the Rio Grande.

After which, I suppose,
I'll be popping by

the President's office
to fall on the sword.

Master Chief...

how long
have you been in the Navy?

Just north of 30 years, ma'am,
27 at sea.

So maybe
you can tell us.

What are the odds a smallboy
and two allied gunboats

can defeat
an enemy fleet?

Well, I stood
on the bridge of that smallboy

while she took out
a Chinese fleet,

a Greek fleet,
an Astute-class submarine,

and a Russian
nuclear battleship,

each time without
an allied gunboat in sight.

So when we talk aboutNathan James,ma'am,

there's no such thing
as odds.

Sir, the first,
smaller virus --

The servo-motor

the servo-motor instructions

manipulated one of
the satellite dishes

on the roof
of this building,

shifting it
.125 degrees to the west.

Now, a movement like that
is small but significant.

Enough to redirect
the dish

toward another satellite
within close orbit to our own.

And we wouldn't
even notice.
Clayton: Once the enemy
satellite connected,

it sent the second virus
into our system.

In that moment,
we became a Botnet, sir,

relaying the virus

across the entire
military network.

Alisha: And for
a good three minutes,

the enemy had total access
to our computer systems,

so they knew exactly
where our fleet was.

And they timed it perfectly
to shut us down

just as their attack planes
would've shown up

on our
early-warning radar.

Yes, sir.
How did they get
the primary virus

into our building
in the first place?

I'm still
not able to tell you

how our firewalls
were breached, sir,

but I'm confident
I will.


Don't want to create
an outbreak of panic.

Find out
how we were compromised.

Do it quickly
and quietly.

Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.


First ship has cleared
the sonobuoys.

They're in
column formation.

Safe to assume they have us
on radar by now.

We head west
and they follow.

Gustavo's lead ship will
hit the minefield straight on.

OOD, come to course 2-6-5,
all ahead full.


Helm, come to course 2-6-5,
all ahead full.

Bell: Helm, aye,
all engines ahead full,

coming to course 2-6-5.

[ Engines whirring ]


they've adjusted course.

Now heading
north northwest.

[ Grunts ]


Detonation detected.

Their lead ship was just hit
by a Mexican mine.

Nice job, Aguilar.

That should light a fire
under their asses.

Fire control, stay frosty.
Aye, sir.

Nathan James,this is Captain Aguilar,

confirming Alpha contact
is dead in the water

and sinking fast.

Gator: Ships Bravo and Charlie
have adjusted course

away from the minefield
now heading southwest.

Captain Aguilar, have your
land battery at the ready.

They've headed for the shallows
near Cozumel for cover.

Admiral Chandler.

Mexico's land battery
is standing by.

CIC, Captain.

Keep an eye on those buoys
in case they double back.

If the markers on either flank
start to give us a return,

they've split their force
east and west.

Man:T.A.O., aye.


[ Sighs ]


[ Children laughing
in distance ]






We'll do it your way.


Sure that map is up to date,

Looks like we're the first ones
to come through here

in a long time.

This is the safest way
around the villages,

away from people.

Probably a good idea given
the bounty on our heads.


The locals
don't take sides,

but they take bribes.
[ Gunfire ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

So much
for the safe route.

[ Gunfire ]


[ Grunts ]
This way!

[ Gunfire continues ]


[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Gunfire continues ]


[ Groans ]

[ Gunfire continues ]

[ Explosion ]


[ Groaning ]

I got him!
Cover me!

Go! Go! Go!

[ Gunfire continues ]

No! No!
No, Green!

This whole place
is wired to blow!

[ Gunfire continues ]

I got you!

Cover your face!

[ Gunfire continues ]


[ Grunts ]

[ Gunshot, explosion ]

[ Gunfire continues ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Gunfire continues ]


[ Groans ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Gunfire continues ]

[ Grunts ]
You crazy bastard.

[ Gunfire continues ]

[ Gunshot ]

Mine to the left!
I see it!

[ Gunfire continues ]

We got them all.

There'll be more.

[ Groaning ]

His tourniquet
is gone.

Take mine.



[ Groaning ]

don't look.

[ Grunts ]

Hey, we've only got 4 1/2 hours
to make it to that plane.

I'm not
gonna make it.
We're gonna be fine,

We don't make it,

Leave me.

No, we're gonna be fine,
all right?


[ Screaming ]
It's all good!
Come on, man!

[ Grunts ]


We make it out,


I got you.
I got you. Up!

[ Breathing heavily ]
Get the gun.


[ Groans ]

Nathan James,this is Davila.

Confirming detonation on Bravo
contact's port side, midships.

Bravo's been hit
by the land battery.

She's still afloat,

Mexico's positioning their ship
to finish them off right now.

[Aguilar speaking Spanish]


That's another, Nathan James.

One more
Gran Colombian ship to go.

Chandler: Bravo Zulu,
Captain Aguilar.

[ Morse code beeping ]


They got Bravo.

That's two sunk.


Radar contact.

The third ship
has turned away from Mexico.

Now heading
directly for us.
Slattery;Bridge, CIC.

Gran Colombia Charlie
is now in radar range.

Sir, contact classified
as a Duke Class.

Weapons capacity,
stingray torpedoes,

quad Harpoon launchers,
4.5-inch gun.

Nathan James,this is Davila.

We are heading 0-4-0,
all ahead full,

in order
to provide support.

Chandler: They're skirting
the minefield.

They must have kingfisher.

I have detonations.

Mexican ship has been hit.


Davila, this is Nathan James.

Do you copy?


I say again, Mexico,
this isNathan James.

Do you copy?We have been hit.

Bravo got off a volley
while she was sinking.

I have weapons remaining,
but no way to get to you.

I am afraid it's up to you
and Cuba now.

Fuentes, Charlie contact
still bearing right for us.

Do you copy?

Fuentes:Cuba copies,
Admiral Chandler.

We're ready to provide support
to the East.

T.A.O., surface radar
detects four bulldogs inbound.

Calculate fire-control solutions
and let them close.

Solutions acquired.

General Quarters,
General Quarters, all --

Gator, count it down.
Six nautical miles.

Prepare countermeasures.
Up and forward
on the starboard side,

down and aft
on the port side.

Set the position -- Five nautical miles.

Launch chaff.


Two are still inbound.

Engage with CIWS.

CIWS, aye.

[ Alarm blaring ]

Damn it.
We're hit
at the starboard break.

Away the flying squad forward
of frame 84.

Report damage,
decks 3, 4, and 5.

Torpedos are ready.
Batteries release
port side.


Let's go! Let's go!
Come on!

Here we go!

[ Alarm blaring ]


Direct hit, sir.
They're turning away.

Operating under
their own power.

Well catch 'em.

Chief, fuel pressure at 10 PSI
and dropping.

1-Alpha, 1-Bravo.

Unable to
cross-connect fuel.


Bridge, Central.

We've lost fuel pressure
starboard side.

1-Alpha, 1-Bravo down
until we can restore.

I need those engines, Chief.

Sorry, ma'am,
can't say yet.

Cuba, you've got a Type 23
Duke Class heading your way.

We slowed her down,
but we've lost propulsion
and cannot pursue.

Copy that,

Adjusting course
south southeast.

Cuba is prepared
to engage.


[ Pounding on door ]

[ Grunting ]

What the hell
you guys doing?

We don't have time
for this.

Save your energy,


It looks dark inside.

But I could see
some equipment.

So we bust in.

There's got to be supplies,


You are not
Gran Colombians.

Are you with the rebels?

Just in the wrong place
at the wrong time.


before anyone sees you.

[ Grunting ]



[ Grunts ]


Team leader,

[ Electricity crackles ]

What's the status?!
All personnel
accounted for.

Four-inch cracks in firemain,
flooding secure.

Investigating adjacent spaces
for watertight integrity.

Good work,

Let's keep moving.


We can't regain pressure without
that cross-connect valve.

Alrighy, then.

Time to think
outside the box.

How do we reroute pressure
starboard side?

Air flask
to the purifier?

We could reroute fuel
directly to the intake valve.

That might get us back
to 30 PSI we need.

Nice work.
Tell DCA.

Get a fire team
on standby.

Yes, sir.


Chandler: Fuentes,
this is Nathan James.

Charlie contact should be
coming up on your radar now.

this is Nathan James

confirming you have
radar contact

with enemy ship
on your approach?


Cuba, do you copy?


No sign that Cuba
has engaged Charlie contact.

Why aren't they fighting?

Why aren't they answering?

[ Air hissing ]

Charge it,

[ Valve creaking ]



Ruiz: Energizing.


Ah! Cover it!
Cover that fuel.


Hose can't handle
that PSI.

Chief, you got to find me
something stronger.

Get me
some fire hose!

They can handle
up to 150, sir.

Let's give it a shot.

Charlie contact has slowed
to three knots.


And now they're out
of our radar range.

Cuba, this isNathan James requesting your status.



He's on his own now.

[ Keyboard clacking ]


Meylan: Captain Green has damage
and fire-control teams

doing everything they can
to reestablish

our maneuvering capabilities.
In the meantime,

the Cubans are running the lead
heading off the third ship.

I will alert
the Commander-in-Chief.

[ Telephone rings ]

What's wrong,

our keycards.

That's how they sneaked
the original virus

into the building.

Each chip
contains 400k of RAM.

Only half of that's
actually used to open the doors.

But there's still 200k
of unused junk.

All someone had to do
was replace the junk RAM

with machine code.

And when the card
came in contact

with the
security system,

it delivered the code
that turned our satellite dish.

It wormed its way
into the system

and into
the servo-motor controls.

These cards
are the only electronic element

that doesn't go
into a Faraday cage.

I do know it happened
at 2:16 p.m.,

two days
before the attack.

That much is embedded
into the code, here.

But that doesn't explain

how the virus got into the card
in the first place.

Well, the ID badges
are low-wattage bluetooth.

To hack in,
all it takes

is for the card to be within
18 inches of the wrong computer,

networked machine,
or even a cellphone,

and boom,
now you have it.

Kelsi:Now you have it.


It's crazy,


It's gonna take me days to
sort through all the real code

and junk code
in everyone's cards

and then compare it
to the time log.

And I somehow have to do this
without raising alarm bells.


We'd better gets ours
out of the way.


Excuse me.


[ Indistinct conversation ]

[ Heart beating rapidly ]


[ Car door closes ]


Alisha: [Chuckles]
I got to go.

No, I'm going through security.
I'll -- I'll see you tonight.

Kelsi:Wait, wait, wait.

I'm sending you something
super important, hang on.


Did you get it?

I got it.

Clayton:I know it happened
at 2:16 p.m.

Now you have it.

[ Door beeping ]

Now you have it.


what have you done?

[ Breathing heavily ]

Villanueva: There's still
risk of infection.

The leg can be saved
if you can get him

to a larger facility
as soon as possible.

We can't thank you enough,

and I know how risky it is,
your helping us.

[ Door opens ]

[ Men shouting in Spanish ]




[ Speaks Spanish ]


[ Men shouting in Spanish
in distance ]


You need to take
these antibiotics every hour,

on the hour.

I will, Doc.

We have only 40 minutes
to get to the airfield.

Out the back --

Come on.



[ Sighs ]

Snipes say
they still need time

to get us back up
to battle speed.

what do you got?
Still nothing,

[ Sighs ]

If Cuba engaged, we would've
heard something by now,

even if
it's just detonations.


I'm getting something.


Radar contact,
bearing 0-9-0 at 30 miles!


It's too far away
to ID, ma'am.

I can't determine
whether it's Cuba's frigate
or the enemy ship.

this is Nathan James.

Do you copy?

this is Nathan James.

What's your loca--


We're hit,
forward o-country!

I have the conn.
Captain has the conn.

Engine room, bridge,
we need all engines.

Connecting now,


Hit it, Ruiz!



Ruiz: Energizing.


Engines 1-Alpha,
1-Bravo online.

We have full power.
All engines up!
Go! Go! Go!

Gun it.

All ahead,
flank three.

Helm, aye,
all ahead flank three.


How did we not see
that missile coming?

Chandler: Because it wasn't
a missile.

It was a shell.

Sir, the ship
that hit us --

it's definitely
not a frigate.

What is it?

It's a battleship.

Bridge, CIC,
EW confirms

contact is a battleship,
Iowa Class.


charter course to evade.
Aye, ma'am.

you have the conn.
OOD has the conn.

Recommend course 0-1-0
for 1,000 yards.

Helm, set course 0-1-0,
all engines ahead for 19 knots.

CIWS and five-inch
ready to engage, sir.

Bounce right off
a battleship.

Getting in range is risky.
We don't have harpoons or TASM.


How many we got?
Six all day,

Adjust torpedo ceiling
to zero depth.

Ready starboard tubes.

Batteries release
starboard side.


They're turning.


Direct hit, sir.

How many detonations?
One, sir.

One ain't enough.

Ready second salvo.

That will zero out our
non-crew served weapons.

Copy and confirmed.

prepare second salvo.

Batteries release,
port side, do it.

[ Explosion ]


[ Alarm blaring ]


[ Chatter ]



[ Indistinct conversation ]


They're retreating.

Toward Cuba.

[ Alarm continues ]

Captain, seal all
watertight compartments.

Make way for that ship.

we'll never make it.
Chandler: They're hit.

We've got them on the run.
We can finish them now.
We're taking on water.

I can't fight the ship
in this condition.

Even if
we catch them,

we don't have the fuel
or the munitions.

We'll barely get to Florida
as it is.

We have to turn back,
There's still time.

We've lost
half our bow!
We can't
let them get away.


I am in charge
of the integrity of this vessel

and the safety
of her crew.

I cannot allow us to reenter
the fight in our condition.

We have to return
to home port.

Captain's right.

It's suicide,

[ Alarm continues ]


We're 60 nautical miles
from Key West.

Southcom secured a dry dock
with our name on it,

and there's ordered crew
standing by to service.


I had him.

Cuba was
on our side.

Gustavo must've
gotten to him

and gave him
a better offer.

Captain Aguilar says

that Guatemala
just jointed Gran Colombia.

They invaded Campeche.

Mexico can't hold
the oil complex.

So now what?

They're gonna
blow it up.

They already did.

God damn brave.

Give up your own supply,
keep it from the enemy.

[ Sighs ]

They saved us
from certain invasion.

Least for now.
With any luck,
Kinkaid's army

can help the Mexicans
hold the line

at the
Tropic of Cancer.


Friggin' Cuba.

That battleship --

I think we hit her
pretty hard, though.

[ Footsteps depart ]

[ Door opens ]

Turning back
was the right call, Captain.


But you fought
the ship well.

It was an honor
to be there at your side.

Thank you, Admiral.


[ Door closes ]

[ Men groaning ]


I'm sorry, Chief.

It's time.


[ Metal creaking ]


Last radar contact had her
heading toward Florida.

But the ship
is no longer a threat.

The Gulf is ours.

We are winning,


[ Groaning ]


[ Man speaks Spanish,
gun cocks ]


[ Door opens ]

what are you doing home?

I have terrible news.

We need to get down to
the command center right away.

I think our phones
were hacked.


Somehow the two of us
are at the center of all this,

and I don't know
how it happened,

but we need to get down
there and figure it out.
Give me your phone.

Wait, Alisha.
This is crazy.

They're gonna separate us
and question us,

but you need
to be prepared,

but just answer
all their questions

and they'll believe you.
It'll all be fine.
Alisha, honey?

Just calm down a minute, okay?
It's me.

They have my keycard.

They're tracking this to us
as we speak.

We need to go now.


You're not coming,
are you?


I didn't want
to believe it.

All those questions.

"Is Nathan James okay?"

"Is Tom Chandler alive?"

"Tell me,
tell, me, tell me."


You used me as a weapon.


How long?


Since before we met.



It was my duty.

you can understand that.


You're insane.

I'm insane?


Insane is
believing in lies

and closing your eyes
to the truth.

Insane is having
blind faith

in a corrupt
power structure.

No, we need --

what the people yearn for
is an awakening.

Have you
heard Tavo speak?

Have you
heard his message?

"The first step
towards tyranny

is to believe

the government will take care
of everything."


did I mean nothing to you?

Oh, I did care about you,

You should know that.

And for awhile there,
I thought I loved you, but...

you and me,
what we are --

that doesn't even matter.

Not now.


[ Computer beeping ]


[ Cellphone rings ]

That's Clay.

He's figured it out.

He knows it was my card
that was hacked.

He'll track it back to you,

It's over.

[ Ringing continues ]



[ Grunts ]


[ Grunts ]
[ Glass shatters ]

[ Dialing ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]


[ Body thuds ]

[ Chuckles ]

Come on, pick up, Alisha.

Pick up, Alisha.
Pick up.


Hi. You've reached
Alisha Granderson.

If you leave your name
and number,

I'll get back to you
as soon as I can.



Alisha, where are you?