The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - El Puente - full transcript

With nations being rapidly occupied, Chandler tries his hand at diplomacy to unite two hostile countries so they can fight a common enemy.

And when were you
going to tell me about

the rebel attack
in Panama?

It was nothing.

We took care of it.

Do you know what makes the
Americans different from us?


The Americans think
they're special, blessed.

Doesn't matter
what tragedy hits them,

they always believe things
will get better.

That hope makes them
hard to beat.

We can't let them
have hope.

And we can't let
our people have doubt.

Not much more we can
do about Gustavo's movement

in Central America.

Our best use of time
and resources is Mexico --

make a stand there,
send a message

to the rest of the region,
make them think twice

about whose
side they're on.

Gustavo's got to know
about the oil complex
at Costa Hirviendo.

General, what kind of assets
could you move into that area?

I have a brigade of 800 soldiers
in Corpus Christi, Texas.

But it'll take a few days
to organize and supply them
to cross the border.

Meantime, we'll need
a convincing show of sea power.

Oil complex is on the coast.

Place Nathan James there,
hold the line

until the cavalry arrives.

Two viruses.

Due respect to you both,
the Yucatán Strait

can't be held by one ship --
even Nathan James.

We're gonna need a reliable
partner in the Mexicans.

More than just
the Mexicans.

We need help from both sides
of the strait.

You're talking about Cuba.

Mexico and Cuba
are at war.

Have been since
the famine.

Both sides accuse
the other of invasions

and murdering civilians.

So much bad blood
between them.

You just need
to make them understand

one simple fact.

Alone, neither country
will last a week

when Gustavo comes at them.

There's no secure channel

to the Mexican
or Cuban governments.

But we can talk to Slattery,
and he can reach out

locally over HF.

Have them come to a parley
aboard the James.

I think very highly of Slattery,
but do you think he can --

I'm gonna do it myself.

Admiral, do you have any idea
what kind of morale disaster

it would be if you got
hurt down there?

How much of a morale disaster
would it be

if we got invaded
in a few weeks?

You got to find a way to get me
back on Nathan James.

Any word from the U.S.?
There's still
no satellite link.

How much Semtex?

Oh, looks like
about 12 kilos --

barely enough
to take down a bridge.

Let's hope they built it
quick and sloppy.

I don't know how much longer
I can depend on these men.

I got to get them
a victory soon.

Pablo thought
we could do it.

Yeah, that was before we lost
half our men and gear.

The bridge is the thing --
we take that out,

we stop Gustavo's
march north,

and we show your people
he can be beaten.

It's our only option.


We camp here tonight,
head out at dawn.

Page 101,
paragraph 4,

line 2, word 14.

Radar's up and running,

and the five-inch now
has full range of motion.

That's good.
I suspect we'll need it.

Captain, we have an unidentified
low, slow flier approaching.

Bearing 2-0-5,
range -- 6 miles.

Airship approaching,
identify yourself

and prepare to alter course
on my command, over.

Happy to alter course
on your command, Captain,

but we're requesting permission
to land in a minute,

so don't send us
too far off.

Permission granted.
Right on time.

Nathan James, this is Brawler.
Much appreciated.

Admiral, you mind
leaning back a little?

Won't be a second.

Forward bearing's
a little wonky.

We're good.

Do you need
to throttle down?

She'll be fine.

These old Hueys,
you can't kill 'em.

Hell, Slider and I
have run her on everything

from bonded bourbon
to salad oil.

She still spins like a top.

Can you believe this thing
sat out in a field

in Pensacola for 15 years?

You don't say.
Hang on.


How was your flight?
You have no idea.

Maddie Rawlings.

Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
Call sign Brawler.

This is my co-pilot, Slider,
and that's Stinger.

Pleased to meet you, sir.

Well, welcome aboard.

Your analog Huey's
about the only thing in the Navy

that didn't get hit
by the virus,

so she's a fighter.

You're hungry,
they're still serving dinner

on the mess decks.

Thank you, sir.
Chow time!

Sir. Still trying to find a
place to store everything, sir.


Reps from Mexico and Cuba
are boarding.


I hear they absolutely
hate each other.

Any ideas?
One or two.

Think they'll work?
I think they have to.

Both arrived
on patrol craft.

Two ships armed to the teeth
from two countries at war.

With us in between.
What could go wrong?

Thank you.


What a pleasure it is
to meet you both.

I've heard so much abo--

You invited Cuba?


What is this?

It's called "diplomacy,"
and it starts now.

This way.

There we go.


Hey, I brought fresh clothes,
khakis, toothbrush --

whatever I could find.

How you doing?

This place --

they took your computer,
wouldn't let me in.

it's a security thing.

I'm sorry.
I can't let you back there.

Have you heard from anybody

Your friends
from Nathan James?
It's been so chaotic.

I think everyone's just trying
to catch their breath.

But thank you so much
for doing this.

How long before
you can come back home?

It's too soon to tell.

I got to get back to work.
But I just got here.

I know. Why don't you
call your sister?

You shouldn't be home alone.


I'm sorry.

Look at me,
the damsel in distress.

I don't want to make things
harder for you.

Look at me.

We got hit hard, but we have
a plan and a way to win.


We've still got some tricks
up our sleeve.

You're safe at home,

and if anything changes,
I will call you first.

You better.

I'll have security
walk you to your car.

The bridge is built, and they
are already moving forward.

Looks like they're
setting up camp.

We don't have much time.

This is just
the advance team.

Soon, there'll be tens
of thousands --

jeeps, tanks, soldiers.

If they get across to the Panama
side of the bridge,

we won't be able
to stop them.

When you're invaded,
you defend yourself!

You coward.

There was no Cuban government,
so how could there be an army?

These were hungry,
terrified families

arriving on your shores
in broken-down rafts and boats!

And what do they do then?
They murdered Cuban refugees.

And then they turned around
and invaded us.


The plague is over.
So is the famine.

We're here to talk about
how to defend you both
from Gustavo's army.

He's coming north, sinking your
shipping as we speak.

U.S. is offering an alliance,
boots on the ground.

An occupying force --
A protecting force.

Gustavo's movement
races up from Panama.

Soon, it'll be at your borders.

A real invasion.
Sounds like Mexico's

I cannot work with this --
this war criminal!


At this point,
neither of you has much choice.

Señor Aguilar,
your hold on Southern Mexico

is already faltering.

They want independence.

Gustavo's promised them that.

And Señor Fuentes,
how much oil and natural gas

does Cuba have in reserve
to fight a wider war?

I can answer that.

You two have your differences.

Once victory is achieved,
we'll let

our civilian leadership figure
out the right thing to do.

But for now,
we have a single agenda --

unite and fight
or let Gustavo march north.

It's that simple.

Excuse me, sir.

You need to see this.

Costa Rica has fallen.

Things have changed.

I need to think.
I need to talk to my people.

We have a problem.

Look at the size
of the bridge supports.


We don't have
enough Semtex.

Not even close.

But it's enough to blow
a hole in the bridge's deck,

make it unusable.
With what we've got,

any hole we make, they could
repair it in a few hours.

We need a new plan.



He's the target now.

We're gonna use him
to draw away those guards...

gives you two a chance
to take that fuel truck.

Attach your Semtex to it.

Drive it onto the bridge.

And turn the whole thing
into a fuel-oil bomb.


Armando, we need two
of your best men.

We'll meet up with the rest
when the time is right.

You have us.
You two get as close
as you can.

Do not make your move until
you see that it's clear.

Sí, comandante.

Let's do this.

-Come here!

Hey, chill out!

Come here!

Master at Arms?
Send me three --

-Hey, hey!
-Come here!

Make that six men.


Sit down!

Disgrace to the uniform!

Check that.
We got it covered.

Hey, you, come here.

Outside! Move!

Now, you listen to me.

You and your men are gonna
cut this shit out,

you're gonna bury
the hatchet.

you're gonna make a deal,
or I promise you,

you will be swimming home.

Escort them to the wardroom.

I've got something.

Uh, the body of code that hit us
here in the command center,

I think I've cracked it.

I've isolated
the first part --

It's a set of servo motor

to a machine of some kind.
A machine in our building?

United States on deck!

I know dictators,

and I've dealt with my share.

There's one thing
they all have in common --

whatever they have,
it's never enough.

Gustavo won't stop
at Costa Rica.

I just need you both
to help me,

and each other,
for a few days

to close the strait
to whoever's coming north.

I need mines, and I need ships
to lay them.

We use them to force the enemy
to a location of our choosing.

Nathan James
will handle the rest.

Maybe someday,
we'll see the end of war.

But for now, once again,

we have to fight together.

I'm gonna leave the room.

You two are gonna settle
your differences.

But do it fast.

If there's a fleet
headed this way,

I intend to stop it.

Don't go.

I understand.

If you're willing,

to stand by this man --

I will do the same.

And we can work out our dispute
after the fight is over.

What do you say?

Tom Chandler --
The man is Washington,

FDR, Eisenhower, with a touch
of Lincoln rolled into one,

and you have sent him
onto the front lines,

into a battle space
we cannot see,

without my authorization.

Toy ships and paper maps.

It's like we're back
fighting World War II.

Is it true that you're using
a 19th-century novel

as some kind of codebook?

Yes sir, "Moby-Dick."

I hated that book.

It is a bit
of a slog, sir.

What is it,
Master Chief?

Sir, excuse me. We just heard
from Nathan James.

Admiral Chandler's managed
to bring Mexico and Cuba

together to blockade
the Yucatán Strait.


And I imagine
we'll coordinate the mission

through a careful reading
of "War and Peace."

Sir, it's --

it's possible
that my personal feelings

at the loss of our fleet
have clouded my judgment.

If you don't have
full confidence in me,

I'm prepared to tender
my resignation

right here
and right now.

The attack happened
on my watch.

Sir, the responsibility
should not lie solely

on the admiral's shoulders.

We all supported
his decision.

I bear as much responsibility
as he does.

As I do, sir.
No, none of you are gonna
get off that easy.


Make no mistake, I don't mind
replacing every damn one of you.

But I want you to finish
what you started

and prove to me that I have
the right team in place.

Move your army into Mexico,

and proceed
with the naval blockade.

Now, let's save
that goddamned oil complex

and stop Gustavo in his tracks.

Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

Remember me?

We're gonna need mines from here
to here, and here to here.

Cuba, you're gonna handle
in the east.

Mexico, the west.

We only have another patrol boat
in the region.

I can have him here
in 12 hours.

Whatever Mexico has,
it's also at your disposal.

With your permission,
I need to use your radio room.

This way I can authorize my men
to begin laying mines.

Of course.

This way.

Watch him.
Oh, I will.

Hey, hey.

You won't get far.

We'll have checkpoints
every few miles.

They won't bother us
with the Colonel up front.

And we'll only need
to move a few miles.

Put the shirt on.

Your companion
still looks angry.

That surprises you?

You killed my friend.

Your friend...


I've killed
a thousand Pablos.

What's another?

Call your second in command.

Tell him to stop the convoy
crossing the bridge.

Everyone stays
on the south side.

Move your sentries
north of the bridge.

I will do no such thing.

Even if I did, such an order
would be ridiculous.

No one would obey it.

Tell them you've located
a rebel encampment

10 kilometers north.

Tell them to move now.

I don't feel like
doing that.


Feel like it now?

Start talking, Lefty.

Sí, Colonel.

Your march Al Norte ends today,

Tell me, Admiral,
what am I doing today?

Am I making an ally,
a new partner in peace?

Or am I choosing one tyrant
over another?

In many ways,
Cuba is a brand-new nation,

a new democratic government,
a new life for our people.

We thought we were saved.

And this is the welcome we get
into the brotherhood of nations.




When this is over,

I'll be there for you
and for Cuba if you need me.

Armed. Armed.




I see him.

Ma'am, by my calculations,
in 24 hours,

we'll have sufficient closure
east and west of us.


XO, I'm getting traffic
from Mexican coast watchers

just southwest of us.

They're picking up
enemy aircraft.

Heading north?
Yes, sir.

It's coming right at us.
Set General Quarters!

All ahead flank!
Aye, Ma'am.
All ahead flank.

Set General Quarters
and man battle stations!

All crew served weapons,
engage on my order.

TAO, ready the five-inch
and standby to fire.

Forward on the starboard side.

Down and aft on the port side.

I give you my word.

Mexico did not betray
your position.

Let our men fight.

Let our men fight
beside you.

Bring all contacts to my screen!
Fire control radar, activate!

Sonar, go quiet now.

Securing all active sonar.

Now on passive.

Three planes turning back
for another run.

One peeling off.

Hard right rudder!

They just hit our gun boat.

Come on.

Come on, come on.

There's got to be a kill switch
here somewhere.

We're gonna
have to hot-wire it.

Shift your rudder!

It's no good.
They're staying in our cut outs.

Five inch won't bear.
Get the helo in the air.

We got this!
Go get Perez!

Go! Go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go!

Come on.

Hurrying would be good now.

They are heading this way.

All right.
Let's go.

Come on, baby.

Let's get behind the ship.

Arm missiles.
Arming now.

they're coming back.

We got one.

Fire missiles!


Got 'em.

7-10 split.
Nice shooting, ladies.

Thanks, boss.

Damn it!
Brawler, you alright?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Jump when I say, "Jump"!

I'll jump when you jump!



It's encrypted.

I'm taking it.

Maybe someone up north
could use it.

Give me long-range
HF radio.

I've got a message
for Gustavo.

I want the world to hear it.

You're live, sir.

This is Nathan James,
calling Gustavo Barros.

We just took out your airwing,

and you didn't
lay a glove on us.

And you can mark that up
along with your Corvette.

Payback for Mayport.

You may have hit us hard,
but you didn't finish us.

You know why?

Because you can't.

And now Mexico and Cuba
have joined the fight.

So this message goes out to all
of Central and South America.

There is a choice now.
Join us.

Send Gustavo back into

the dirt hole
he crawled out of.

We fight for peace.

But make no mistake --
we will fight.

And this ship
and this crew?

They're damn good at it.

So, Gustavo...

come at us again.

I dare you.
This is Nathan James. Out.

Now, they know who we are,
where we are.

Let's be ready for what
they throw at us.

Aye, sir.

Nobody's talking about
going home now.

It's a good day.

Oh, thank you.

Good Evening,
Mr. President.

Master Chief.

Today was a good day.

Or a lucky one.

Have a seat.

I get it.

The world needs
Tom Chandler.

And nobody respects him
more than I do.

But rumor is he's tired,
burned out.

He's been out of the fight
for what, three years?

They even tried
to run him for President.

Turned it down.

And now he's down there,
back in it,

and I'm allowing it.

Putting him
in this position,

I could be setting
him up to fail.

And if he does...

I don't think
the country could bear that.