The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Fog of War - full transcript

Thrust back to World War II era military technology, Nathan James must think fast to survive a fight with limited weapons capabilities.

Reiss: Earlier today,
the United States of America

was suddenly and without provocation...

Kelsi: Alisha,
are you there?

Yeah, honey, I'm here.
I was so worried.

You know, the --
the -- the attack.

Y-You didn't
say you were going to Mayport,

and your friends were there.

So I thought
maybe you went, and --

[ Sighs ]

Baby, I'm just so happy
to hear your voice.

I'm okay.
Are you all right?

I mean...yeah, yeah.

I-I'm fine.
I'm just freaking out a little.

Those ships --
are they all gone?

Is there gonna be another attack?

They're not saying anything new on TV.

Honey, don't watch the TV.

Everything's going to be okay.

I promise.

Look, I -- I got to be here
a little while longer,

but I'll call you
as soon as I can, okay?

We got a lot of good people
working hard to keep us safe.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Y-You need
to call me soon.

Let me know what's going on. Let
me know you're okay. Promise?

...I have therefore
asked the Congress

to declare a State of War

between the United States
and the Gran Colombian Empire.

I promise.

I love you.

Yeah, I love you, too.

...absolute victory.

May God bless
the United States of America.


[ Receiver clicks ] Reporter:
The President has declared war

against the Gran Colombian Empire.

It's good to see you.

You, too, Joe.
No word from the James.

They won't call until it's safe.

Anything from our team in Panama?

Nothing yet.
But no news is good news.

General. Russ.

My Marines?

They're starting a body count.


Doesn't do it justice.

They hit us hard.

Kinkaid: Admiral, the reports
are still dribbling in,

but Panama has definitely
thrown in with Gustavo.

Costa Rica and Ecuador
are on the brink.

Dufine: If a domino effect
starts in the region,

we could be in real trouble.

Gustavo won't stop south of our border.

How are we supposed to defend
against a second attack

if we don't even know
how the first one happened

or if we can even recover from it?

I know someone who can help with that.

A student of mine at the Academy.

A midshipman?

Clayton Swain.

He saw this attack coming.

Master Chief, we need
to find him and bring him here.

Yes, sir.

We need to deploy
all our available assets.

If it floats, flies,
or rolls, it fights.

We need every piece of intel

we have on Central
and South America --

Air and Naval assets, troop levels,

centers of gravity -- everything.
Kinkaid: Wait.

Are you talking about
sending our assets south?

We have no command and control.

I can't get a single
field commander on the phone.

How are we supposed to come up

with a global strategic plan?

He's right.

The President may have declared war,

but right now we don't have
a military to fight it.

We've got nothing.

Not true.

We have Nathan James.


Kara: Many of you here
are new to the Navy...

new to this ship.

Some of you, we've been here before.

Either way, what happened in Mayport

is not something you ever get used to.

It hurts.

And it was meant to hurt.

That's what our enemy wanted to do.

And today, he succeeded.


It caught us off guard,

sent a powerful message,
trying to shake our resolve.


But a war isn't lost
because we're hurt.


For over 200 years,
the United States Navy has

built, sustained, and protected
its war-fighting culture.

This attack doesn't change that.

In fact, it will once again
bring out the best in us.

Our enemies have underestimated us.

And if you doubt that,
look back at the past few years.

Look at the people
who've been on this ship.


When trouble arises,

we have proven time and time again,

no matter the enemy,
no matter the odds,

one ship can do it.

This ship can do it.


[ Man speaking Spanish ]

Gustavo has put a bounty on your heads.

100,000 pesos each.

Any news on the American fleet?

[ Speaking Spanish ]

They're saying it's destroyed.

[ Speaking Spanish ]


You know, in Kenya,

we had a nickname for Nathan James.

[ Speaking native language ]

It means "invincible."


These rebels --

you think they have intel we can use?

They haven't been successful
against Gustavo so far.

Marco: Sí.

It's very hard to beat Gustavo's
army and his microphone.

But the rebels are organizing.

They have a new leader --
Armando Maza.

Danny: Oh,
the Venezuelan guerilla --

the man who burns people alive.

Don't worry. Armando doesn't
do that to his friends.


[ Speaking Spanish ]

You're asking Mexico to join you
in a war againt the United States.

There will be no war.

The Americans are bullies.

And like all bullies, they will back down
when confronted by a united front.

Now is our opportunity, Juan...

to create a real and lasting
South American Union.

Together we can create a new status quo...

where men like you and me have a
seat at the table of world affairs.

Isn't that a fair request?

Mr. Ambassador.

I will bring your request to my President...

but I can tell you, Mr. Barros, he
thinks you're playing a dangerous game.

All right, then.

Yes, it is a game...

one must be sure to choose the right team.


The winds of change are blowing South, Juan.

And Mexico must decide...

whether it will join our team,

or if it will risk being blown away...

in the coming storm.


Sir, what is that?


Those are our satellites
crashing to the Earth.

Burk: Last we heard, the MSC
supply ship was right here,

just 90 miles from us.

We can get there in three hours

to restock our fuel and weapons.

Right now, we are low on both.

Got to figure we could run into
trouble on our way there.

Those Pucaras that hit Mayport

have a max range of 217 miles.

They either came from land
or they got a ride.

Brazil had a carrier,
but even before the plague,

it was never able to run
for more than a few months.

Well, they could have got it running
long enough to launch the attack.

And we can't rule out that
Gustavo could have put together

a fleet of warships
from across South America.

So we're just gonna have to rely
on our single-ship skills.

Yes, sir.

On that, Captain, what's our sitrep?

Sir, the computer virus
knocked out satellites offline,

leaving us with no GPS capabilities.

Some E-Loran beacons
are still up,

but once we get 30 miles
off the coast, they're useless.

CIC reports radar, targeting,
and weapon systems

were all shut down once
the 400-hertz power grid fried.

So we can't see or shoot?

We were able to hot-wire passive sonar,

so at least we can hear.

And the five-inch can shoot,
it just can't move.

We also have CIWS
and crew-served weapons.

What about comms?
We had to zero out our crypto,

so we can't call fleet command

without giving away our location
or plan of action.

We're really all alone.


Well, my old SWO Commander
used to tell me,

"Looking for sympathy?

Look in the dictionary
between 'syphilis' and 'shit.'"

Gustavo doesn't know we're alive.

That's to our advantage.

We get to the MSC ship, we resupply,

and we take the fight to him.


[ Chatter ]

What's this?

All the color-coded plans
and war contingencies

the U.S. Military
and Intelligence communities

have dreamt up in the past 50 years.

Oh, good.

We have a plan to invade Iceland.

It's better to have a plan
and not need it

than the opposite, I suppose.

Chandler: Not so long ago,
I remember looking at

a similar plan for a viral outbreak.

That's before we even knew
what the red flu was.

Kinkaid: How'd that work out
for you?

[ Telephone rings ]

Fortunately, we were able to improvise.

Meylan: There has to be
some useful intel in here.

Reiss: This was an attack
not just on the United States,

but on the world.

And as always,
we will rise to the occasion.

I have, therefore...

Admiral Chandler?

Chandler: Mr. Swain,
before the planes came,

the U.S. was the victim
of a cyberattack.

It killed our satellites,
shut down our anti-access

and area denial systems,

and destroyed weapons control
on all our networked assets --

ships, tanks, planes,
helos, Aegis, and missile silos.


Your theory was correct.

Grab your things and come with
me. You're gonna be here awhile.


Do you need to call anyone?

I forgot to ask.

Are you married?
Do you live with your folks?

No, sir.
I'm not married,

and, uh, my parents died in the plague.



[ Whispering ]
Oh, my God.

You wrote that
U.S. military installations

were extremely vulnerable
to cyberattacks.

That was my conclusion, sir.

It had to do with the number
of nodes and the redundancies --

I need you to find the virus,
where it came from,

and how to get rid of it.

You'll be working
with Commander Granderson.

Good luck,
Mr. Swain.

Raise your right hand.

POTUS usually does this,
but he's not here, so...

Do you solemnly swear to support
and defend the Constitution...

♪♪ help you God?

I do.

Congratulations, Ensign Swain.

You are now a member
of the United States Navy.

Get to work.


You can put your arm down, Ensign.


We're close.


It's only a few more kilometers.

[ Branch snaps, animal calls,
wings flapping ]


[ Footsteps approach,
indistinct shouting ]

Easy, easy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Don't shoot! Please don't shoot!


We're friends.


They don't look like friends.

They look like gringos.

Mr. Maza, these are enemies of Tavo.

I know you they are.

Their faces are all over the news.

You have brought trouble to my jungle.


He knows who we are.

And I don't think
he wants to be our friend.

Hey, hey!

your weapons.

I don't think so, amigo.


Oh, crap.

Danny Green.

Is that you?


Can't believe it.
Get over here.


No freakin' way!


Hey, hey, hey.

It's okay, Armando.

We can trust them.

Are you sure?

Yes, yes I'm sure.

Sí, sí.


Stand down.

Let's go!

Pablo, this is Wolf.


This is Marco, Sasha, Kandie.


Yeah, well, "Paul Shemanski" doesn't quite
have the same street cred down here.

Pablo's D.I.A.

He's been in the jungle so long,

he's practically gone native.

We worked joint ops
in Brazil and Colombia

back in the day.

Well, thank God for D.I.A.
Thank God.

Man, I heard about Mayport.

Your buddies on Nathan James?

No news yet.

My wife's the CO.

Oh, man.
I'm sorry.

Now I'm seeing your ugly-ass mug
all over the local news.

Not a coincidence.

I figured.

Things are definitely heating up.

All right, come on.

I'll catch you up on the way.

Danny frickin' Green.


Ma'am, according to our last sight,

we're here
on our L.O.P.

That's approximately 10 miles
southeast of the supply ship.

Very well.

O.O.D., continue along charted course.
Aye, ma'am.

O.O.D., I've got
multiple objects in the water,

starboard side,
bearing 0-1-2 relative,

approximately 3,000 yards.


Someone hit a container ship

with a
large-caliber weapon.


It looks like the goods
were bound for Mexico.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

General quarters.
Start evasive maneuvers!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Bridge reports bulldog inbound,
bearing 1-4-1.

I have it.

Impact estimated in 30 seconds.

Missile's almost in range.

Deploy countermeasures!


Missile's path unchanged.

Engaging in 3, 2, 1.

Fire CIWS.


Target splashed.

Nice shot, Valdez.


Where the hell did that come from?

Wherever it was,
we're outgunned --

too blind to find, fix, or kill.

Then we have to outrun it.

Helmsman, all ahead, flank three!

Aye, ma'am.
All ahead, flank three.


Masthead lookout reports
a corvette class warship hull

down on the horizon.

Kara: They can see us,
but we can't see them.

Slattery: All right.

The fight starts here.


Gustavo's taking out
merchant ships to disrupt trade.

It's a classic wartime maneuver.

German U-boats
did the same thing.

He's letting everyone know
Gran Colombia owns these waters.

Relative bearing 2-2-0.

Slattery: Heading south again --
definitely a search pattern.

Probably wasn't expecting to find us.

Now he has.
At this range, sir,

that ship
may not have I.D.'d us.

No, but they smell blood in the water.

Not activating
fire-control radar,

shooting down
their missile with CIWS...

we tipped our hand.

This island won't mask us forever.


[ Keyboard clacking ]
I'm starting by

looking through
vulnerabilities in the system.

You know Metcalfe's Law, sir?

It basically means the more
redundancies a system has,

the safer it is,

but this hack proved the opposite.

Instead of being an asset,

the redundancies
are actually what sank us --

so Metcalfe's Law only in reverse.

The system
that was designed to protect us

is what destroyed us.
Yes, sir.

Sort of an

scenario, sir.

Once the virus got into the system,

it used our redundancies
and spread across
our entire network.

So how'd it get into the system
in the first place?

That I don't know...

Not till I can read the code
of the virus.

Look, all I know is that
the worm was powerful --

more powerful than anything
I've seen before.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

Gustavo's amassed
a huge South American army --

40,000 troops at least.

He's moving them north out of
Colombia across the Darien Gap.

I thought it was impossible,

nothing but swampland and forest.

It was until now.

And Gustavo built the bridge.

Once he gets his troops
across the Darien Gap,

he'll be able to move them
all the way up to Mexico.

How do you plan to stop them?

You're gonna blow up the bridge.
Pablo: That's right.

Gustavo's troops arrive
at the Panama side tomorrow.

That's when we strike.


Sounds like just the kind of trouble

we were looking for.


[ Chatter ]

Azima: Where do
all of these men come from?

FARC, military defectors,

even your average Joe citizen.

[ Chatter ]

And some are the same narcos
we used to take down.

They're all the same side now.

The only thing they hate
more than each other...

is Gustavo.

I thought Tavo was supposed to
be a man of the people.

he's like Escobar --

does just enough good
to maintain the myth.

That's what keeps him in power.

His ruthlessness, he hides.

Come on.


this is as far as I go.

Where are you going?

I have a family, a son.

I can't leave Panama like this.

But I promised to get you out safe.

And you did.
Thank you for everything.

No, no.

On me.
Anything for CIA.

Hey, be safe.

You, too.


Slattery: [ Sighs ]

They're getting closer to us
and the supply ship.

We're faster.
We can make a run for it.

Then we lose the chance
to refuel and resupply.

Last they saw, the U.S. fleet
was burning in Mayport.

Seeing a warship out here
has got to have them wondering.

"How many
did I miss?"

"Who else
is out here?"

We can use that to our advantage.

What do you have in mind?
They're looking for one ship.

Let's show them we got a whole fleet.

Miller: Eddie?
Why does our EMATT have a name?

Burk: Named after our C.O.'s
first boyfriend.

She said he always tried to pretend

to be bigger than he was.

Oh, that's cold.

So little Eddie is gonna pretend

to be a big, bad submarine.

When he shows up
on the bad guy's sonar,

they're gonna crap their pants.

Ah, classic Eddie.

This is us.

The corvette is here.
Based on their search pattern,

we can predict
where they're going next.

We let them cross here.

They'll run right into Eddie.

[ Indistinct shouting ]


Our one ship becomes two.

If all goes right,

Eddie will drive the corvette
this way towards the SLQ-49.


Right here!


Miller: Ready?


[ Grunts ]


That is amazing.

Rubber Duck's in position.


Slattery: Corvette's radar
hits the SLQ-49,

they'll think they're looking at
the broadside of a cruiser.

Two ships become three.

Our fleet
chases the lonely corvette here,

where our frozen five-inch gun
is waiting.


Eddie is in position, ma'am.


Seaman Bell, how long
have you been in the Navy?

Three months tomorrow, sir.

You've got your sea legs?

Yes, sir.

We're about to take on
a corvette class warship

using only our five-inch.
Which can't move.

The only way to aim it
is by steering the ship.

We're using the ship as a rifle, sir?


I grew up in Texas.
Been hunting my whole life.

Never thought about it like that,

but, yeah, that's about right.
All right.

The ship's our rifle.

This is our gun sight.
We're your spotters.

Commander Burk and I will call
out course corrections to you.

As soon as that corvette comes
in our crosshairs, we fire.

Any questions, Bell?

No, sir.
I'm ready.


Let's go hunting.

Interpreter: Mexico stands firm
against atrocity and tyranny.

Gustavo Barros does not speak
for all Latin Americans.

After the horrors
of the past few years,

we should be counting our blessings

and coming together as one,
regardless of our latitude.

War is not the answer,

and Gran Colombia's aggression
in the Gulf must be stopped.

Mexico is the key.

Gustavo can't win the continent
without it.

That's got to be
Gran Colombia's next move.

He's just gonna leapfrog
over Central America?

Mexico falls, the rest will follow.

Centers of gravity.

Centers of gravity.


Costa Hirviendo.


Mexico's largest oil terminal.

It supplies fuel to airports
and military bases

all over North America.

If Gustavo took that,

he wouldn't just cripple Mexico.

He'd have enough fuel to move his army

and his entire fleet north
right into our backyard.

We need to defend that terminal.

With what?

These plans assume
a 300-ship Navy,

a standing Army,
and a working Air Force,

not to mention a fighting force

of a million soldiers and sailors.

Admiral Chandler, I have
nothing but respect for you,

but my objection still stands.

We need all our people
protecting our own border.

Our borders are weak and porous.

You said it yourself, General.

Your own troops are spread thin.

If we don't stop them down south,

they will cut us in half
at the Texas border.

Meylan: And what about
our allies?

We can't just abandon them.

If we were to try
and defend the terminal --

Anita, are you
seriously considering this?

You lost hundreds of Marines
in Mayport.

It's because of the Marines I lost

I'm considering this, Don.

Admiral, Don's right.

We don't have
the logistical infrastructure

to support a huge operation down there,

but if we were,
what do you have in mind?


We send Nathan James
to the Gulf [Sighs]...

then supplement with troops
from the other branches.

Admiral, no one is questioning
the contribution

your ship has made
to this country, but...

they're one ship.

You haven't even heard from them.

They'll call.

So, you're asking us to throw
the football down the field

and just hope there's a receiver there.

Chandler: Yes.

Because I know them.

They're always there to catch the ball.



I'm sorry, Tom.

Maybe if --
When we hear from Nathan James.

Kinkaid: Until we do, I can't,
in good conscience,

take my troops from the border.

The Navy runs this joint command,

so it's your call.

But if this is the plan
you're recommending to CNC,

I'm afraid it will be
without my signature.


Corvette is approaching
Eddie's position, ma'am.

Activate Eddie!
EMATT is active.

Confirmed, ma'am.

EMATT is emitting and on course.


Corvette is adjusting course, ma'am.

They're running away from the EMATT.
It's working.

Corvette knows it's no match for a sub.

We need to keep selling it.
Shut Eddie down.

Make them think it's gone dark.

Yes, ma'am.

Corvette took the bait.

How long till they see
the SLQ-49?

Should be on their radar
seven minutes, sir.

And if they fall for our trick,

they should be within firing
range five minutes after that.


Once we blow the bridge, what then?

Then we pick the troops off from the sides.

Hold them up in the marsh...

until Gustavo gives us hope
for his march to Oaxaca.

Pablo: I can't believe
you're still in the fight.

I figured you would have retired

after what you did on the James,

but here you are
in the middle of the jungle --

still a warrior.

Why is that so hard to understand, huh?

You, of all people, can relate.

Me, I got nothing else
to live for but to fight,

but you --
you got a wife, a kid.

If I had your life,

I sure as shit
wouldn't be doing this anymore.

I'm getting out soon --

back to the states.

The narcos have a plane.

It makes runs to northern Mexico.

The narcos are your exfil?

Their planes are
a hell of a lot more reliable

than most airlines today.

Theirs leaves from a mountain clearing

two days from now.

We hit Tavo's men hard,
take out the bridge,

and I get on the plane with my intel.

You and your team --
you're welcome to hitch a ride.

We might just do that.

All right.


Ma'am, the corvette
is approaching the SLQ-49.


It's working.

Corvette is turning towards us.

The corvette will be in range
in three minutes, sir.

Slattery: Very well.

According to plan.


Relax, Bell.

You know you can't hunt
when you're tight.


Nishioka: Ma'am, the corvette
is adjusting course.

It's moving away
from the SLQ-49.


Where's it heading?
Prop noise indicates

it's now approaching the island
from the west.


Yes, ma'am.

They know we're here.


Now what?
We improvise.

No plan survives contact
with the enemy.

Sir, we still have
one more card to play.


We chase them down
and take them on in open water.

This is the only island cover
for 30 miles, sir.

We'll have one shot
to catch them by surprise.

One shot's all we'll need.
Your job just got a hell of a lot harder.

It's one thing to fire
from a fixed position,

another thing to do it on the move.

You up for it?
Bell: Absolutely, sir.

Hunting's no fun
if the game comes to you.

Take us into open water.


Hey, Pablo's got a ride out of here.

This all goes to plan,

we can blow the bridge up and --
[ Explosion ]

[ Indistinct shouting, gunfire ]


She's alive!
Let's move!

I need to find Pablo!

I'll be right behind you.




Pablo: Danny!

[ Groans ] Danny.

I'm gonna get you out of here. Just hang on.
No. Danny, you got to go.

I'm not leaving you!

[ Grunting ]

Come on.
[ Grunts ]

Come on.

[ Gunfire ]


Azima. Azima.

[ Speaks native language ]

I'm good. I'm good.
Okay, okay.

How did they find us?

Where the hell is Green?


Going somewhere, gringo?


They have betrayed Gustavo,

betrayed your latin brothers.

But there is still a chance
for you to make things right.

Where is the murderer Armando...

and his band of dogs?


I know his base is somewhere in this jungle.



No one?

Muy bien.


I have...




[ Radar beeping ]

We have a visual.

Bell, two degrees left.

Got it.


Burk: Fire.

[ Beeps ]

[ Body thuds ]


Hey, gringo.

Are you okay letting
your Latin friends die for you?

You see how much the Americans love you.

He'd rather watch you die!


One last chance.

Where is Armando?


Yo no hablo ingles...




You son of a bitch!

[ Grunts ]
Son of a bitch!


We clipped her stern.

One degree left.


Burk: Fire!

[ Beeps ]


Shots landing short.

We have to fire on the rise.
Wait for it.


I have hydrophone effects.
Torpedo inbound.

Ma'am, what do we do?
Our MK 116 is down.

Kara: The corvette thought
Eddie was a sub.

Let's make the torpedo
believe the same thing.

Reactivate EMATT.
Aye, ma'am.


We have detonation.
Torpedo destroyed.

EMATT signal has disappeared.

Pour one out for Eddie.

At least he's good for something.

[ Man speaking Spanish ]

Ah. [ Chuckles ]

I know who you are.

Sí. Sí.

We got 'em, boys.

The man who murdered the President.

[ All cheering ]

Oh, man.

Gustavo's got a big bounty
on your head.

You know that?

They said dead or alive.

If it's all the same to you...


...I'm thinking dead.

[ Breathes heavily ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Gunfire, indistinct shouting ]


Hurry up!

I need backup!

[ Gunfire continues ]

Let's go! Over there!

Four degrees right, Bell.

I'm there.

Wait for it.


[ Beeps ]


[ Explosion ]
[ Grunts ]


[ Alarm blares ]
Battle damage assessment.


We gotta lead him.

Bell, what do you do
when you're hunting bird?

Aim in front of them, sir.

Left rudder, four degrees.
Aim for my thumb.

Yes, sir!

I'm there.


Two rounds.
[ Beeps ]


We have detonation.

The ship is breaking apart.

Target destroyed, ma'am.


Hell of a job, Bell.

Thank you, sir.

Same to you,
if you don't mind me saying.


Damage report!



[ Seagulls calling in distance ]


[ Grunting ]


You should have made the deal...

Mr. Ambassador.


[ Speaks Spanish ]


You look like you play soccer.

Yes, Tavo.

[ Chuckles ]


This one I give to you.

You must practice every day
to become a success, okay?

This is for the mother of the soccer player.

Thank you, Tavo.

And you.


iViva Tavo!


[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Any word on our Corvette?

Nothing yet.

There could be many reasons
for their silence.

We're looking into it.

And the Americans in Panama?

There are just four of them...

And they've no where to hide.

The jungle will take them
if we don't find them first.

You WILL find them.

You understand? Nothing gets in our way.


Yes, Tavo.


[ Door closes ]


[ Chatter ]


You all right?


22 dead, our camp destroyed,

and we lost most of our weapons
and explosives.

Do you have reinforcements?

They're scattered
across the jungle, days away.

Sasha: So we find another moment
and make a play --

There's too many of them.

I don't think
we can manage --

I'm not turning back.

Not now.

we can't just keep --

If Gustavo gets his troops
across that bridge,

it's game over, right?


That's right.


I'm not ready to concede the game.


None of you have to stay.

But Pablo gave his life
for this mission.


I plan to finish it.



Then let's blow up that bridge.


Ma'am, O.O.D. wishes to report
we have hull integrity.

They're patching and repairing
damage from the enemy ship.

In addition, the replenishment
is now complete.

Requesting permission to untie.

Very well.

[ Indistinct announcement
over P.A. ]

They put quite a hole in our side.

Four feet to the left,
it hits our fuel lines.

Now that we're loaded up,
we need to call Southcom,

tell them we're ready
to join the fight.

We've got no crypto.

It's still too risky to talk
on an open channel. No.

We need a code.


[ Static ]

Slattery: Command Cent--

Command, come in.
Do you read?


[ Static ]

Command Center, come in.

Admiral Chandler?

There's a call coming in over HF radio.

It's Admiral Slattery.


This isn't a secure channel, Mike.

Yeah, I know.

I finally got around
to reading your favorite book.

You got your copy handy?

Hold on.

Ensign Swain, do you have
your copy of "Moby-Dick"?

Yes, sir.

We've got it.

Turn to page 366, 5 paragraphs down.

Last 4 words.

Working on it.

This is how we're gonna
have to communicate

for the time being.

Smart play, Mike.

What's the message?


"Fit for a fight."

Tom, is the message clear?

Yes, it is.

We read you loud and clear.

We'll be in touch.