The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Casus Belli - full transcript

Three years after overcoming the global famine, the United States Navy is ready to unveil its first fully functional fleet since the Red Flu pandemic, but a new type of threat may mean the next world war.


[ Microphone feedback ]

Latin America...

A new virus threatens us.

Not the Red Flu or the mysterious "Red Rust."

This virus...

is far more dangerous.

And it comes from the North.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

Three years since the famine...

and the American empire wants to return
to the status quo.

With them on the top,

and us on the bottom.

But friends...

we now have a voice.

It is time to seize our place in the world order.

To remake our continent as one glorious
and free nation.

[ Cheering,
crowd chanting in Spanish ]

I won't be long.

People of Gran Colombia.

Time to resist!

We will resist!


[ Engine revs ]

This is how war begins.

Athens and Sparta
fought during a plague

which wiped out
much of the population.

Sound familiar?
[ Light laughter ]

But the war brought
only more death and destruction

because people let their fear,
their honor, their interest

cloud their judgment.

The Peloponnesian War
may be ancient history,

but its lessons are not.

You here will be the first
graduating class of midshipmen

to enter the Navy

since our own troubles ended
just three years ago.

We're in a time of peace,
but peace doesn't keep itself.

Ours is a small navy,
which means...

your importance to the mission
is even larger.

And you will take
the lessons from history,

both ancient and very recent,
with you as you enter service.

When you put on the uniform,
you can't let your fear

or your pride
or your selfish interest

lead you astray, or people die.

We have to think differently
because we are different.

We are warriors.

[ Bell rings ]

All right, we'll pick it up
after the weekend.

Don't forget your reading.

We're all working
from the same edition,

thanks to our friends
at the Nimitz Library.

We'll discuss
the first 100 pages.
[ Students groan ]

Don't worry,
there's lots of pictures.

[ Light laughter ]

Attention on deck.


See you on Monday,
enjoy the big game, go Navy!

[ Chatter ]

Mr. Swain?
Yes, sir.

How is it
my brightest student

is always the last one
to turn in his assignments?

Sir, I had a last-minute
breakthrough. I wanted
to check my numbers.

I'm sorry, sir.

No excuse.

[ Inhales deeply ]
"The Next Virus Will Be Cyber".

I thought I was done
with viruses.

I hope we are,

Well, I'm docking you one grade
for lateness,

but this is
excellent work.

And if
you don't mind,

I'd like to hang on to it
for a little bit.

There's some folks at
Fleet Command who'd be
interested in your research.

I'd like to share it with them,
with your permission.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

[ Clears throat ]
Yes, sir. Of course.


Do you miss it,

Miss what?

War, sir.

Son, you really ought to
get to my class more often.

I just mean, you retired,
and that's cool and all.


don't you miss
the mission?

Clarity of purpose?

I mean, you said it yourself --
we're warriors.

Without a war,
what's a warrior to do?


Thank you, sir.



All: [ Chanting ]
iTavo, Tavo! iViva Tavo!

iTavo, Tavo, Tavo! iViva Tavo!

iTavo, Tavo! iViva Tavo!

iTavo, Tavo! iViva Tavo!

iTavo, Tavo! iViva Tavo!

iTavo, Tavo! iViva Tavo!

iTavo, Tavo! iViva Tavo!

You get the tickets?

Marco: Sí.
No problem, señor.

I smuggle blue cure
into Panama

two weeks before
the ship showed up.


This was easy.

"You are cordially invited
to the 50th birthday celebration

of El Presidente
Fernando Asturius.

Black tie preferred."

You know, it seems odd
El Presidente

throws a blow-out party

while the people curse him
in the street.

That's Panama.

El Presidente isn't afraid
of Gustavo Barros

or his
Gran Colombian goons.

Whoever controls
the Panama Canal...

is king.

And for now,
that man is El Presidente.

Well, killing El Presidente
would change all that.

You guys are crazy.


What are you,
Defense Intelligence?


you guys are crazy.


Adiós, Marco.


[ Man speaking indistinctly ]

I got to go!

No, I'm going
through security.

I'll see you tonight.

I will do the cooking.

You're the best
ever, ever, ever.

And the cutest and the sweetest
and the smartest --

I got to go!

I'm sending you
something super important.

Hang on!


[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Man speaking indistinctly ]


[ Laughs ]
Did you get it?

I got it.

Now you have it.

You're so weird.
I love you.

I love you.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Locker beeps ]


[ Door beeps ]

[ Indistinct conversation ]


Commander Granderson?

Yes, sir.
You're right on time.


Put it up
on the big screens.


They made it.

Almost here.

The great fleet.


USS Michener,
this is fleet command.

Come in, over.

This is Zulu Actual.

It is another beautiful day
at sea.

As I'm sure
you've been watching,

we're currently 200 miles north
of naval station Mayport.

Should be in port
and all tucked in by nightfall.

Ships in the fleet,

why don't you give our friends
in Florida a proper Navy hello?

This is USS Jeffrey Michener

All systems go.

We have onboard
a full complement

of surface warriors,

and more Marines
than you can shake a stick at.

This is USS Oliver actual.

All systems are go.

Man #2: This is
Michael O'Connor actual.

All systems go.

Man #3:
This is the Javier Cruz actual.

Smooth sailing.

Good day, fleet command.

This is Nathan James actual.
All systems go.

We are ready and proud

to no longer be
the only ship in the fleet.


Ships of the fleet,
your route is clear.

We wish you fair winds
and following seas.

Much obliged,
Master Chief.

It's a great day
for the Navy

and the red, white,
and blue.

This is
Zulu actual out.


[ Cheering ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

We're up a touchdown,
but it's early.

Sasha: Take nothing
for granted.

Army's got a ground game
for once.

[ Chuckles ]

What time's your flight?
Couple hours.

You pack your whites?

It's hot in Florida,
even in December.

Sam moved out,

He wants to live with Ashley
in St. Louis.

I know.

I spoke with Ashley
last week.

Oh, great,
so I'm the last to know?

They have a great school there,
they have continuity.

Don't take it personally.

How can I not?

It's just easier
for them.

They're used to you
not being there full-time.

What do you mean?!

I've been here full time
for the last three years.

Not in your head.

I'm sorry.

[ Sighs ]
How's Panama?

getting hotter.

I'm hoping
to settle things quick.

We should visit the kids
at Christmas.

Yep, okay.

things are good.

Considering everything,
they're real good.

Go have fun
with your old friends,

and I'll call you soon.

I love you.

Be safe.

[ Cellphone clicks ]

[ Engine revs ]


Anyone follow you?

Anyone else know you're here?

No man, nobody.

Just press "send."

Viva Tavo.

iViva Tavo!

[ Gunshot ]

[ Engine revs ]



[ Indistinct conversations ]


Welcome to the helo bay.

This is where
Dr. Scott set up her lab.

It was in this small,
sealed space

that she developed the cure
and eventually tested it...


...on some of our crew.

step through this door

and imagine yourself
in a bio-secure space,

one where you would have to
wear a suit like this

in order to protect yourself
from the virus.

Excuse me, sir.

So sorry to be a bother,
but would you mind?

Not at all.
Oh, thanks much!

You just press that button
right there.


[ Camera shutter clicks ]


[ Indistinct conversation ]


[ Laughter ]

Attention on deck!

There he is.

Don't stop the reunion
on my account.

Good to see you, Ray.

Likewise, sir.


How's civilian life
treating you?

Well, can't say
it's less stressful

than being out
at sea.

My boy
turned two yesterday.

[ Chuckles ] That's terrific.

He's retired, but he's gonna
put on that uniform

and be Gator
one last time tomorrow, right?

Yeah, if I can find
my sextant.

They just can't leave.

I keep promoting them,
they keep coming back.
[ Laughter ]


Nathan James
has never looked better.
Thank you, sir.

I'm just CO
for the launch of the fleet.

Then I'm on shore duty
and mom duty.

Sasha says Danny's
doing all right.

Well, you know
more about him than I do.

He's doing
what makes him happy,

or at least
what keeps him sane.

so how's school?

[ Inhales sharply ]

Got a fresh crop of sailors,
ready to serve.

That's what
I like to hear.

You still teaching

One day,
I'm gonna make you read it.

I think I've been been through
enough torture.

Ready for
your big speech?

We were one ship.

Now we're a fleet. Life is good.

You don't need 800 pages.
Keep it simple.

Captain Garnett, come in.
This is Captain Garnett.

Your presence
is requested on...

Besides, you don't have to
say a thing, admiral.

Just being here
with all of us,

there are no words.

[ Indistinct conversation ]


[ Speaks Spanish ]



Marco was right.

This is
the place to be.

I'm offended
we weren't invited.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

I could use a drink.


[ Grunts ]

Sleep tight,

It is a shame, I know.

I have never been through
the Canal,

but from what I hear,
it is beautiful.

You must go!

I could take you
on a drive.

Through the rainforest
to a place,

a la cima
de Volcan Baru.

From there,
you can see both oceans at once.

Both oceans at once?

To Volcan Baru.

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Chatter ]

I'm afraid
you will have to wait your turn.

The Presidente
has many friends.

Those are not friends,

but as long as Fernando Asturius
controls the Panama Canal,

he'll have
many well-wishers.

I'll take it
as a good sign.

The world is still
getting back on its feet,

and global trade is a key factor
in promoting progress.

You're American?

[ Chuckles ]
Sasha Cooper.

Hector Martinez.

Republica de Gran Colombia.

Gran Colombia?


So those are your protestors
out on the street.

Not mine.

Those are Panamanians
who seek to keep Panama free.

While holding up photos
of your leader.

Gustavo Barros has inspired
all of South America

to put aside centuries
of mistrust and come together.

Tavo speaks for us all because
he puts the people first.

He's a revolutionary.

[ Chuckles ]
It's funny.

When the US
flexes its muscle,

it is
to protect world order.

But when Latin Americans
stand up for their rights,

they are revolutionaries.


[ Chatter ]


[ Laughter ]

We got work connections.

[ Laughter ]

Hector: We support
El Presidente Asturius.

We only ask
for the respect

from the north
that we well deserve.

How long will you be
in Panama City?

Not long,
I'm afraid.

Oh, but I see
El Presidente is free,

so I'm going to wish him
a happy birthday.

I hope
to see you again.

I look forward
to it.

[ Chatter ]


I'm so happy to be here
with you tonight, Mr. President.

Thank you for having me.

Of course, Miss Cooper.

I was delighted to see you'd been invited.

I will certainly thank the planners...

for including you.

It was easy,
Mr. President.

In fact,
it was too easy.

There's enough C4 explosives
to kill everyone in this room.

Including you,

Do something!

Ah, ah. Careful.

[ Coughs ]

That's the second breach
of your security.


That's three ways --
three ways to kill you, sir.

Don't just stand there!

[ Both coughing ]

It's not poison.

But it could have been.


Your military leadership --

they should not drink
with strangers.


Your security

and the security of the
Panama Canal are at great risk.

I'm asking that
you reconsider our offer.

Let us help you identify
your vulnerabilities,

protect you
while we train your detail --
And you think that this --

this trick of yours
will convince me?

To embarrass me
in front of my soldiers,

my friends,
at my own party?!

[ Sighs ]
No, Miss Cooper.

I told you,
I cannot accept your help.

If I'm seen clutching at
the knees de Los Estados Unidos,

my own people
will push me out!

It can be done
in secret.

There are no secrets
in Panama.

So unless you plan
to kill me on my birthday,

I suggest you leave.


[ Applause ]


[ Cheering ]


[ Crowd cheering ]


[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Chatter ]

[ Engines roaring ]


What the hell
are you doing here?
[ Laughs ]

I thought you were X.O.
on the James.
I am.

My CO wanted me here
representing the ship

while she took some tourists
on a cruise around the harbor.

Yeah, I managed
to get out of that one, too.

it's good fun.

People seem to like it,
so, I don't know...

Christ, Burk, when did I become
a museum exhibit?

not an exhibit.

A legend, sir.


you hear anything?

I'm picking up something.

Could be biologics.

what do you see?
No contacts on surface.

Bridge, T.A.O.

I think
we found them.


You're all in for a treat.

Seems our sonar operator
found a pod of dolphins

a thousand yards
off our port bow.

We'll take you
for a closer look. Commander?

recommend new course 0-3-0.

Very well.

That's Gator.

I know, Grandpa.


We are here at fleet week,

and we are very excited.

As you can see, there is
a crowd building behind me,

and the Navy
is going to be showing off

the strength of its fleet.

And we are going to be talking
to Admiral Tom Chandler,

and we'll have that for you
coming up next.

[ Engine revs ]

[ Chatter ]


Well, this is a great day
for the Navy, for our country.

It's, uh,
proof of the resilience

of the American people.


[ Computer beeps ]


[ Computer beeping ]

That we could muster up
limited resou--

[ Static ]


[ Chatter ]

What just happened?

I can't get fleet command
on the line.

Something's wrong
with the satellite.

No, we got
bigger problems.

What's going on?

...looks to have been a
professional assassination.

These agitators were last seen with
the President.

The suspects appear to be four Americans
who arrived here last month.

My God.

Looks like
we've been followed

since we got
in the country.

And now we are
public enemy number one.

[ Knock on door ]


[ Claps hands ]
Time to go.

The Federales
are on their way here now!


A nationwide manhunt is under way.

Is the military smaller now?

Um, so is the country.

Look back throughout
our military history,

you'll find
plenty of examples

where we're at
a diminished capacity,

we're unable --
Man: Sorry.

We lost
our satellite feed.

I'm talking
to the guys in the van.

I'm so sorry.

We're gonna get it fixed,
and we'll get right back to you.


[ Computers beeping ]

T.A.O., Aegis weapons,
fire control,

and navigational radar
are failing.

Something is frying
our 400-hertz switchboards.

Emergency shut-down,
all systems.

Shut everything down!

[ Beeping continues ]

[ Chatter ]


[ Engines rumbling ]

Those aren't ours.

And their wings
aren't clean.

Holy shit!
It's an attack.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Gunfire ]

Take cover!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Gunfire ]

Clear the deck!
Move it, move it, move it!

Move, move, move!
[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Gunfire ]

[ Chatter ]


God, no.

Move, move, move!

[ Gunfire ]

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Move, move!
Clear the deck!


[ Gunfire ]

[ Gunfire ]


Sir, sir!

DC reports massive fires
portside on decks two and three.

The hull has been breached.
How the hell did we not see this coming?!

Early warning and radar systems
went dark across the base

right before the attack, and our
weapons systems are down.

I think
we were hacked.

You have stingers
in the armory?

Yes, sir!
Get the civilians off!

I want all gunners
and crew served weapons

manned by SCAT teams
up here now!

All gunners,
to the rails!

[ Gunfire ]

No, no, we've lost contact,

and reports
are just coming in.

This is
the commander 2 MEF,

I need a Marine on the ground
to tell me what's going on.

Colonel, this is General Kinkaid.
I need all available assets

mobilized in
Naval Station Mayport.

We believe
we're under attack.

Meylan: Let's get these systems
back online, team!

I want eyes
on that battlefield!

Sir, DISN has been compromised.
Satellites are not responding,

and our planes
have been grounded.

Kara: Fleet command,
this is Nathan James, come in.

We are under attack.

Hang tight, Nathan James.
We're doing what we can.

Switch over to civilian band.
We need our comms.
Admiral, we've got Nathan James!

Kara: Weapons and ISR are down.
We cannot defend.

Enemy aircraft appear to be
Pucara-class attack planes,

but we have no radar.

Get these people
out of here!

[ Chatter ]


[ Gunfire ]

[ Grunting ]

Over there!

cover the bow!

[ Computer beeping ]

I have CIWS back up.

And the five-inch?

Not yet.

Bridge, T.A.O.

We have CIWS, but we're at the
edge of maximum firing range.

Recommend moving closer
to base.


Here comes another wave!


[ Gunfire ]


Hey, come this way!

Come, come, quick! Keep your
head down! Head down, guys.

To the bow!
Go, go, go!

[ Gunfire ]


[ Gunfire ]


[ Engine roaring ]

[ Gunfire ]




[ Groans ]
Ma'am, I'm here.

You're going to be just fine.
You'll be just fine.

Just stay calm. We can fix this
like we always do, right?

[ Gunfire ]

[ Groans ]

[ Engine roaring ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Gunfire ]

[ Gunfire ]

Gator: Ma'am, suggest
bearing 225 for 5 knots

to get inside
effective CIWS range.



CIWS won't be enough.

If we get ourselves seen,
we get ourselves sunk.

Keep us out of sight
and out of the line of fire.
But --

I'm responsible
for every soul on this ship.

And we're no good to the Navy
at the bottom of the bay.

Our job is to be ready
to fight the battle to come.


[ Gunfire ]


[ Engines roaring ]

[ Gunfire ]



All right.


O'Connor and Cruz sank
within an hour.

God knows how many were trapped
onboard when they went down.

Kinkaid: My God.

Still can't get an accurate
report from the base.

There were sailors and Marines
all over the place

for the event.

So we're talking hundreds,
if not thousands, dead.

Kinkaid: And for all we know,
this was just the first wave.

There may be more
going on as we speak.

Are you saying this is a full-scale
invasion of the United States?

I'm saying I can't get one
goddamn Army base to report in!

Our entire digital platform's
been wiped out,

and we have no idea
what's going on.

we have landlines.

We don't know if they're
still secure, but they work.

We need to get every
single person in uniform online

and prepared
to defend this nation.


get to work on the computers.

Find out who did this,
how they did it,

and how to fix it.

Aye, sir.

Now somebody bring me
a goddamn map!

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Brakes squeal ]


[ Door closes ]


The planes are back.

We only lost two.

And the American fleet?


Very good.

[ Door opens, closes ]


[ Siren wails in distance,
fire crackling ]


[ Indistinct shouting ]

Chandler: Airmen,
can your birds fly?

No, sir.

Anything with
an onboard computer was hacked.

They wiped us out on the ground.
I need a corpsman.

My chief --he's hit bad.
Go, go.

[ Indistinct shouting
in distance ]

[ Chatter ]

We'll get you all back to land
as soon as possible.

But is it safe?

Sir, we'll make sure, but
everyone, just hang tight, okay?

We're all
in this together.


You should go back
with the guests.

Ma'am, I --
You put on the uniform for the cruise.

But this isn't
your fight.

Your family needs you.

My family knows
we're all alive

because of Nathan James.

If it's all the same to you,

I didn't fight by your side
just to give up now.

I'd like to return
to active duty,

if you'll have me.

[ Chatter ]

Thank you.


Command, come in.

This is
intercept team delta, over.

I say again,
this is intercept team delta.

[ Alarm blaring ]

Where have you been?
The streets are crawling
with Federales, man!

[ Door closes ]
We got to get out of here.

Uh, I have
some bad news.

The US Navy fleet in Florida
was just attacked.

All the ships were sunk,
and thousands are dead.

What did you
just say?

Tavo's taking credit
for it

as revenge for the murder
of El Presidente

by los Americanos!
That's no coincidence.

You don't overthrow Panama
while the US fleet is a threat.

No, this was
a coordinated attack.

Panama is now
under the protection

of Tavo
and Gran Colombia.

We have to get back
to the States.

There's no point
in rushing home now.

our fleet was hit.

Our friends,
our family --

They may be dead,

but for what comes next,
we're on the front line.

We have
no orders from home,

but we know
who the enemy is.

I say we go south,
toward Colombia.

We gather intelligence,
allies, anything.

We put ourselves in a position
to be the tip of the spear

until backup arrives.


[ Horn honks in distance ]


Can you get us
to Colombia?

I know some people.


[ Alarm blaring ]



we struck a blow...

against the control,

the brutality

and the tyranny of the North...

in the name...

of our beloved Continent.

American agitators...

infiltrated to rob us of our destiny.

To force us...

under their control.

They have assassinated...

a president chosen through
a democratic electoral process.


we have risen...


In one voice...

we have said...


Ya Basta.

Ya Basta.

All: Ya Basta!

I will now speak
directly to our enemies

in a language
they can understand.

Americans, you are on notice.

The people of Central
and South America are united!

We will no longer cower in fear
of your big stick.

For you do not offer us
protection, but enslavement.

Today marks the beginning
of a new equilibrium.

Gran Colombia will no longer
sit at the children's table

of international politics.

It is our turn!

Be warned.

If the United States
wants a fight,

you will lose.

For in the words
of Simón Bolivar,

a people
who love their freedom...

...will, in the end, be free.

And we are united...

as a continent...

to fight for that freedom.


We are one nation under God!

La Gran Colombia!

and we are spreading...

moving ever forward...

to the North..

to the North...


Al Norte!

Al Norte! Al Norte!

[ Applause ]

iViva Tavo!

iViva Tavo!
iViva Tavo!
iViva Tavo!

iViva Gran Colombia!

[ Applause ]

Turn it off.

[ Applause ]

[ Radio switches off ]

We must've been hacked.

Comms, grounded air defenses,
even our weapons systems.

We're at war.

I have to get back
to fleet command,

get eyes
on the battlefield.

Admiral Chandler.

[ Indistinct shouting ]


Is the James still afloat?!

Yes, sir!

Make a hole.
I'm going back with you.

Yes, sir!
I'm going, too.

Tell Meylan --

I lost my fleet,

It went down
on my watch.

If I'm gonna die,
I'm going down with the ship.

You heard that speech,
you know where to start.

We head south.

Look for weapons
and fuel.

Stay off comms.

I'll be in touch!

If I don't hear
from you soon,

I'm gonna come looking for you!
I don't doubt that.

You stay safe!


[ "Taps" playing ]