The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Don't Look Back - full transcript

The fight for America comes to an end. Chandler faces a challenge that could change his life forever.

Welcome to the San Diego
Emergency Shelter.

Right. Put them over there.

Keep them coming, boys!

We're up and running,

getting new customers by the truckload.

All right, let's get these boxes moving.

What happened?

They came in the middle of the night

and took everything we had.

Ration cards, food, clothes...

our house.

Told us we had four hours to move.

Said we worked for them now.

- Who did?
- Marines.

They swapped out their patches
for California United Forces.

I grew up on a base.
I knew who they were.

I hear you, but you need to know,

those Marines didn't know
what they were doing.

They were fooled just like us.

They took everything.

Don't give up hope. You hear me?

We'll get through this.

- We will.
- Thanks.

No, it's your chair. I understand.

It'll be okay. Here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna give you some antibiotics,

but you got to stay off your feet.

- They're badly infected.
- Okay. Thanks, doc.

Your attention, please.

If you need immediate
medical assistance,

please raise your hand
and I'll come to you.

- Sorry.
- Can't help.

- Good luck.
- Here. Let me...

No more! Leave us alone!

You guys have done enough.

Mr. Castillo was very
forthcoming with details

on the other regional leaders...

Their homes, habits, security detail.

We tasked a satellite
to do some early recon.

It's all in your packets.

Randall Croft, New York City.

Lives in a penthouse, 60
floors above Park Avenue.

Gonna be tough to sneak up on him.

He does like to drink.

That much I know to be true.

Most nights, you can find him stumbling
out of a pub on the West Side,

couple of hours before sunrise.

And Wilson is out on
a farm somewhere, right?

Yes, sir.50 miles south of Des Moines.

Sleeps with the windows open.
Likes the fresh air.

He's got dogs, but we can handle them.

Price is the smartest and the meanest.

Her place is a fortress.

You leave her up to me,

if it's all the same to you.

So, small teams, set targets,

simultaneous assault to cut
off the heads of leadership.

All goes right, we can expect
limited casualties.

So in one fell swoop, we take
out all three leaders?

Four. We need to
take out the mastermind.

We need to take out Shaw.

I know you're all concerned,
but just sit tight.

I'm sure Castillo has an explanation

as to why the train hasn't arrived.

Or why he isn't answering
any of our calls!

Something's going on, Allison.

Yeah, he's stealing Beatty's
livestock is what's going on.

Our livestock, for Christ sakes.

My sources are telling me this
was not Castillo's doing.

That train was attacked.

And how it was taken out,
it was no small rebel hit.

Yeah, well, if that's the case

and a revolution starts out west,

then we're gonna have a real
shit sandwich on our plates.

And if Castillo falls,
who takes over his region?

Stop, all of you. I will handle this.

Like you've handled it before?

Once my people come back
with answers about the train,

we will decide the best
way to proceed... together.

Get them started. ‭All
right, I'll let them know.

Have you found them yet?

We think they're somewhere off
the coast of San Diego, but we...

I'm not talking about
Nathan James, Powell.

No. We haven't found them yet.

Keep looking.

Last time she checked in,

they were splitting
from Chandler's family.

I'm sure Mom found a good place

for them to lie low with the baby.

Kara, you should take Wilson.

Let me handle Shaw. You
can't let it be personal.

Look, this is a mission.

If you let your
judgment get clouded by anger or...

Hey, this is personal for all of us.

But that's not why I'm going.

No one knows Shaw like I do.

What if something happens to both of us?

Then Frankie will know we died

so he didn't have to
grow up in a world like this.

It's not gonna happen.

Grenades, chem lights,

45 caliber with 30 rounds of ammunition.

Dad... Mind your own business.


Don't forget your extra mags
are in your right pocket,

not the left.

Yes, ma'am.

Any more advice
‭before we head downrange?

Kick some ass.

Roger that.

North Island Air Station,
Nathan James...

Expect an 0700 arrival
of our operations personnel.

Roger, Nathan James.

Transport planes are fueled
and standing by.

Thank you. Nathan James out.

Greyhound 1 Charlie
Tango clear for takeoff,

runway 2-niner. Winds 2-7-0-1-0.

Altimeter 2-niner-niner-2.

Contact departure 125.15.
Have a good day.

Seems like every time we put
the country back together,

it falls apart again.

We're still here, Captain.

When it breaks, we'll fix it.

It's a big country.

Big country.


Sir, we have body-cam footage
from all four land teams.

And my ISR?

We've retasked the satellites

to give you 2 square miles
around each target.


Intelligence, surveillance,

Gives us a bigger picture.

So you're their guardian angels.

Something like that.

All teams, stand by for sat
link and position report.




- How long before you're ready?
- We're good to go.

As soon as Vulture team gets
a visual on Croft, we move.

If all goes as planned,

this will be over within the hour, sir.


Sat link confirmed in
all four regions, sir.

Video transmissions
from each team are up.

- We think it's beautiful.
- I think so, too.

- What about you?
- I absolutely agree.

Yeah. That's him.

Nathan James, this is Vulture team.

We have eyes on the
prize. Standing by at set point.

Copy that, Vulture team.

All teams, requesting go status.

- This is Tiger, good to go.
- Vulture, good.

Cobra team, good to go.

This is Raptor team,
ready to kick some ass.

All teams, stand by
to execute in 3... 2... 1.


Tiger, I'm seeing no movement
on the northeast side.

Dogs are still. You
are clear to proceed.

Vulture, Croft's taking the north alley.

Cobra, entrance is clear.

Yeah, hookers would be
good at this point.

Stay with the team here.

Raptor, bogey coming at you hard.

Copy that.


Vulture team, Croft and
company 100 yards to your west,

heading southbound.

Veer left around the corner
of the building,

then proceed north. You can cut him off.

Oh, wait. Uh...


Smile for the camera, Croft.

Tiger team's inside.

Rise and shine, asshole.

Jackpot. We got Wilson.

Raptor moving in on the master suite.

- Raptor, how we doing? Damn it.

Price ain't here.

Living room clear. Approaching bedroom.


Negative on Shaw.

Damn it! We only got two.

We'll get the others.

- Keep me updated.
- Yes, sir.

Cobra, where is she?

We're working on it.

There's only one other place she'd be.

We've got a problem.
Captain Chandler's alive.

We think he's the one
that stopped that train.

We saw the ship sink. He should be dead!

He will be.

Our intel says he's on the ship
with Castillo in custody.

- So he's coming after us?
- Not if I can help it.

That's why I called you here.

Why me? Why not Croft or Wilson?

You really want Croft or Wilson

with their fingers
on the button, Roberta?

Why, you sneaky
little so-and-so.

You sold them out.

We're ready.

This time, I want a more
failsafe solution.

What have we got? Nuclear weapons?

Oh, Jesus, Roberta, we're
talking about California.

I'm not that cynical.

Well, you'll have to excuse me

for not giving you
the benefit of the doubt.

Nukes are too messy. We have
something more reliable.

We're gonna find the Nathan James,

we're gonna hit it, and we're
gonna watch Chandler die.


Wilson and Croft have been
secured in local prisons.

And the others?

Satellite feeds picked up

Price's jet touching down in St. Louis.

Our guess is she's headed to the
White House to meet with Shaw.

I've diverted all teams
to that location.

Once we have them in custody,

we'll get you on the air
to address the people.

And say what?

We got Castillo's man to stand down,

but what if the other generals
aren't so easily convinced?

We could start a civil war.

The rank and file will fall in line.

They've just forgotten who they are.

Who's gonna remind them?

You put a suicidal mission in office,

and I took advantage of it.

We are public enemies
number one and two.

The people don't trust us.

That's because they've been poisoned.

We'll change their minds.

You know,

before the quarantine was
in place in St. Louis,

it was just me and 115
people in a Costco.

But I was able to protect them,

because they wanted more
than anything to be there.

Not like those broken people
we saw in that shelter.

Back then, ‭the people
wanted to fight.

They still do, sir.

I'm not so sure.

Nathan James, Cobra
team... We're at the White House.

Roger, Cobra.

We're tasking satellite to your whiskey.

We've got 10 guards out front,
who knows how many inside.

Cobra in position at
the underground entrance.

Multiple guards at elevator access.

They've definitely beefed up security.

All signs of a high-value asset.

Shaw and Price have to be inside.

Roger that, Cobra team. Hang tight.

Backup's in transit.

We've got a target.

Let's get started.

Vampire! Vampire! Vampire!

Bulldog inbound, bearing 047!

Air, kill track 86086 with birds!

Track 86086.

Evaluate as kill.

Nothing on subsurface.

SPY didn't pick it up until it
was practically on top of us.

Radar is detecting no aircraft.

Could the missile have been loitering?

We would've spotted it sooner.

I saw something on radar,
just for a second,

but then it just... Disappeared.

- Negative scan for subsurface.
- Pieces are breaking apart.

Negative. We have no relay
yet on the signature.

It was launched from a drone.

Detecting two... no,
three new hostile tracks.

UAV identified as an MQ-9 Reaper.

Kill all inbound hostiles.

Granderson, locate ground control.

I want to know who's
operating that drone.

Yes, sir. Triangulating
the electronic signature.

Track 86089. Evaluate as kill.

Track 90. Evaluate as kill.

Nathan James is putting up a
good fight, but not for long.

Last known K.A.-signal
is originating from...

St. Louis.


All teams be advised...
Nathan James is under attack.

Command and Control
is in the White House.

I say again, the drone attack

is originating from the White House.

Cobra needs backup ASAP!

Tiger's 30 minutes out.

This ain't a race we
can win! Raptor is 45 out!

Vulture team's an hour and
a half from wheels down.

Cobra team, hold position,

but be ready to move as soon as
Tiger and Raptor teams land.

Sir, we can't wait.
Cobra team should move in now.

I'm not sending Cobra
team in without backup.

They'll never make
it past the front gate.

Lieutenant, locate the
satellite they're using.

We can't take out the source,
we'll take out the comms.

Yes, sir.

We found them.

What are y'all talking
about? Seems important.

The next item on our agenda.

- Which is?
- This.

You could've warned me! My ear's
gonna be ringing all day.

Get rid of her and take
care of her guards.

We got to finish this job, Colonel.

New incoming,
bearing 1-3-0 degrees!

Lieutenant, where's my satellite?!

I narrowed it down to two.

Analyzing bandwidth usage now.

It's too close for birds.

Switching to 5-inch,

uploading high-explosive
proximity rounds.

Track 91 neutralized.

- Nice shooting.
- Satellite confirmed.

UAV is using ANIK F31...
NORAD I.D. 58763.

TAO, sector SPY in that direction.

Ready an eagle, fire on my command.

We are killing that satellite.

Target acquired.
Calculating fire control.

I have missile lock on the satellite.

Direct hit.

- Damage report!
- Generator 2 down!

Power diverted to essential
systems only.

SPY radar's down.

Missiles and 5-inch unresponsive.

We've lost sat link and cameras.

Engine room, what's your status?

Chill water to SPY is down,

and we need a few minutes
to get it up and running.

Without fire control,
we're sitting ducks.

Man navigational radars
and watch for bogies.

X.O., in World War II,

warships created
smokescreens by changing engine settings.

Can we rig ours to do the same?

Yeah, maybe, if we fill the service
tanks with low-grade fuel.

But we can only
sustain it for a few minutes

before damaging the engine.

Do it.

Align fuel valves from storage
tank three to service!

Bypass the purifier!

I need cans of unfiltered fuel now!

- Yes, sir!
- O'Connor!

Still working, ma'am!

Work faster!

Adding fuel! Give me 10 seconds!

No, no, no. Go ahead.
Just cycle it again.

CIC, engine room.

Fuel systems aligned,
engines in battle override.


Throttle engines.

Bridge, throttle engines
and circle back over the wake.

- Damn it!
- What's wrong?

We lost visual.

The Nathan James is using smoke
to mask their location.

Well, then aim at the smoke.
You're bound to hit something.

It ain't that easy. I'm working on it.

Where's my fire control, radar?

Sir, the pipes are badly damaged.

We're gonna have to
cut the water supply.

How long?

An hour before we can
get SPY up and running.

Cobra team, we are still under attack

and have lost fire control.

The only way to stop the UAV
is to take the White House.

Can you breach without backup?

We can do it. ‭We found
their weak spot.

We'll radio when it's done.

Roger. Out.

Set EMCON. Condition alpha.

The harpoons are radar
trackers, and the ship's gone to EMCON.

Can you kill them or not, Colonel?

Just hang on.

Sir, we've got less than three minutes

until the engines are shot.

Once those doors open,
there's no turning back.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Copy that.

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Multiple tangos! Shots fired!


- Crash!
- East hallway!

Multiple shooters!

This way! Through here!


Take care of that!

Call in backup if you need to.

Sir, the engines are overheating.

We've got to shut them down.

Chief, once we spot a bogey,

you'll only have 5 seconds
to take it out.

Yes, sir.

We got what we need. We should go!

Not yet!

I got a target! ‭Then fire!

Bogey inbound, bearing 096.

Fire CIWS down that bearing!

We got hostile!


Hold down that exterior!


I'm good!



There are three down!

Help me.

It's on auto-fire.
They've already launched.

- Inbound hostile, bearing 082!
- Second bogey, bearing 036!

- Third hostile, bearing 042!
- Fire, fire, fire!

- Distance 5 mikes and closing!
- Give me a read! Give me a read!

CIWS mount 2-1 is out of ammo.

That UAV's got at least
two missiles left.

Come on, Sasha.

Sir, it's gone quiet.

Detecting no inbound threats.

Picking up something on subsurface.

An impact on the water.

It's too big to be a missile.

It's got to be the UAV.

They're in here!

Come on! Give me a hand!

Breach the door!

Last stand!

Break EMCON.

Try Cobra team.

Yes, sir.

There's got to be a dozen
guards out there.

Hang tough.

Nathan James, this is Cobra
team on Navy Red, over.

Cobra team, Nathan James.

You saved our ass.

I'm not gonna lie...

We sure are glad to hear your voice.

Head on a swivel.

The White House is secure.

Where's Mrs. Price?

Chandler's people killed her,
and they're probably not

far behind us. ‭We need
to get out of here.

And who are all these soldiers?

- Now!
- You heard her! Let's go!

- Eyes on!
- Formation.

- Down!
- Hold your fire!

My name's Captain Mike Slattery
of the United States Navy!

Put down your weapons, soldiers!

We don't report to you!

I've been authorized to board that plane

and arrest Allison Shaw

by order of President Howard Oliver!

Stand your ground, Corporal!

President Oliver is a criminal!

So is Captain Chandler!

You'll never get out of here.

And even if you do,

got RPGs standing by to
take down that plane.

Ms. Shaw is prepared to negotiate

her terms of surrender!

This is Captain Tom Chandler.

- Daddy?
- Ashley?

Daddy, they took us.

- That's enough.
- Okay.

You're gonna be all right, okay? Just...

Now, Captain, let's just
get down to business.

I'd like to leave St. Louis.

You listen to me.

You touch my son or my daughter,

I will hunt you down
and I will kill you.

You were gonna do that either way.

That's why I'm willing to make a deal.

A trade... Your children for you.

We've done some early recon,

come up with a few different options.

- They still need work but...
- I don't want options.

I want my kids back.

That's part of every plan we've got.

- We got to be smart about this.
- It's my family, Mike.

I'm not taking any chances.

- I'm going with you.
- Absolutely not.

You go in there alone...

you risk them killing all three of you.

If anything happens to me...

We'll take care of Sam and Ashley.

You have my word.

Just to get the kids.

Let's go.

If that plane takes off,

we're never gonna see him again.

We have options.

Get the kids off, do what we got to do.

Just you.

She's here to take
my kids off that plane.

He's here to make sure you don't
shoot me while that happens.


You guys all right?

We're okay, Daddy.

Here I am.

Now let them go.

- Daddy.
- Daddy.

It's all right. It's okay.

I'm here now.


are you okay?

It's not mine.

They killed Grandpa.

Kara's gonna take you.
You'll be all right.

Come on, guys. Let's go. Okay.

- Daddy, what about you?
- Ashley.

Okay. We got to go. Come on.

You too.

Be safe, Commodore.

All right, move the trucks!

Move them! Move them!

Where are we going?

It's a big world.

There are a lot of nice places.

And when we get there, you kill me.

That is the plan, yes.


Not yet.


The CNO of the United States
is on that plane.

- Your CNO.
- Don't listen to him.

As long as you wear those uniforms,

you're sworn to protect the
Constitution from all enemies,

foreign and domestic.

The woman on that plane is the enemy.

You know that!

That's enough, Captain!

You were all lied to.

America didn't go away just
because four people said so.

Don't listen to him! He's the enemy!

It's not too late to
choose the right side!

Surrender now. Lay down your arms.

Join us.

No one's joining
anyone! Keep those weapons up!

Killing Michener.

Was that always part of the plan?

No, that was your fault.

If you'd just stayed
on the plane in Hong Kong,

he would've folded.

He died because he believed in you.

And because he didn't learn
the lessons of the plague.

Which are?

There are winners and there are losers.

If you want to win, you have to fight.

I suppose that's one
way of looking at it.

It's the only way
to look at it, Captain.

I come from a small town.
Everybody knew everyone.

People left their doors unlocked.

Until the virus came,

and they tore each
other apart to stay alive.

The man who ran the safe zone,

he locked my sister and my
nephew and my mother out,

not because they were sick...

but because he wanted
more food for himself.

And then the virus did come,

and, one by one, I watched them die.

He killed them, so I killed him.

And since then, we've been
doing things my way.

I make the choices.




- Your six!
- Aah!

You hear that?

Either way, it's over.

Get up.

Don't do it, Commodore.

I know what you're thinking.

She's not worth it.

It's not who you are.

- Aw, shit.
- Tex.



You're a good man.

You're an American, Colonel.

Stand down.

Go ahead.

Take me away. It won't matter.

Somebody else will take my place,

somebody who sees
the world for what it is

and seizes the opportunity.

The people are too wounded and scared

to think for themselves.

Today they follow you, but tomorrow,

they will find another
golden calf to worship.

That much I've learned.

Are you so naive?

Captain, ‭you didn't save the world.

You unleashed the worst in human nature.

You really want to save the people,

you need to terrorize them.

You need to take them
by the neck and shake them.

You need to be more terrible
so that they don't have to be,

and deep down inside,
you know it's true.

The America you believe in is gone!

I didn't have to kill her.

She's responsible for
what happened in Asia.

She took your kids, killed your father.

I stood... on this ship...

and lectured Rachel on the rule of law.

You're just as human as the rest of us.

I have to hold myself
to a higher standard.

Shaw was right about one thing.

This country has lost its moral compass.

It needs someone to guide it.

Get it back to its core values.

I can't be that person.



There's somebody here
who wants to meet you.

He was a little restless
on the way over.

I think he knew he was
meeting his daddy.

You want to hold him?



Look at you.

Hey, little man.

Already flex his muscles.

Oh, wow.

It's so nice to finally meet you.

Tom, you can't just walk away.

We have too much left to do.

It's Slattery's ship now.

And he's got you.

That crew out there needs you.

Kathleen needs you.

She's been crying all night.

You haven't even gone to talk to her.

What am I supposed to say?

Which speech am I supposed
to give, Sasha?

The one about the "casualties of war"?

Or the one about a hero
dying for the cause,

like the ones I gave for
Mason and Cossetti, Cruz,

Chung... Frankie, Ravit...


I wasn't there for her
when she needed me.

I wasn't there for Darien,
I wasn't there for my kids,

for my father...

Whatever you think is
broken, we can fix it.

Put on your uniform.

I speak to you today a humbled man.

I've made mistakes.

I was silent when I should
have spoken out.

I ran when I should have
stood and fought.

But in adversity, we find
strength and courage.

The great Naval Captain Nimitz once said

"God grant me the courage not to
give up what I think is right,

even though I think it hopeless."

Stand with me.

Fight with me.

Because together, we can move forward.

Together, we can be strong again.

Permission to go ashore
for the last time.

Permission granted.

Hip, hip!

- Hooray!
- Hip, hip!


Hip, hip!


Don't look back!