The Last Ship (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Resistance - full transcript

Kara, Tex and the President are trying to make their way to the coast to hopefully meet the Nathan James. And along the way they discover what Shaw and her associates are doing to the country. The Nathan James gets orders to proceed to San Diego, but Chandler senses something is going on. So they take precautions.

It is with great pride

that I address you
today from Los Angeles.

These are trying times,

but our hard work is paying off.

In only two weeks

since the restructuring
of our government,

the Michener shortages
in our region are over.

Law and order has been restored,

riots quelled.

Population centers are experiencing

surpluses in food and energy
for the first time in months.

Let's all work together
to bring back this st...

Where are we?

Castillo country... Vegas, baby.

From here, it's a
five-hour shot to San Diego.

Might take us a little bit longer,

given that we're... you know.

Wanted criminals,

dodging checkpoints and stealing gas

out of abandoned cars?

We're down to our last can.

We can stock up in Vegas.

It was a refugee center.

We are all working for
the greater good here.

So I urge you... obey our
men and women in uniform.

- Turn that off.
- They are our peace keepers.

I can't listen to that.

Every road block we dodged

had military personnel still in uniform.

I don't know why they're
going along with this.

Castillo and the rest,

they sold the people a line of crap

that breaking up the
country was the only way to save it.

The rank and file soldiers and sailors

probably don't know the truth,

and they're just doing what they do

because they were trained
to, to serve the people.

All the more reason to
make it to San Diego,

meet up with the James.

They've got a resistance ready to go.

Assuming they're on schedule.

We haven't had a status update

since Dennis skipped town.

He'll be there... Guaranteed.

Message from Naval Base San Diego...

"Nathan James, rendezvous with tugs,

vicinity of Coronado Bridge, Moor
port side, Pier 3, berth 1.


"Report to General Bradley

with California United
Forces and turn over your prisoner.

Thomas W. Chandler."

They have a General running a Navy base?

And what does the
California United Forces even mean?

It means in the last two weeks
it took us to cross the Pacific,

they dismantled the entire military.

That doesn't seem possible.

It's actually textbook, Captain.

When you want to take down a
government from the inside,

there's a pretty standard formula.

First, you put the
leadership in a position where

they have to make
immensely unpopular decisions.

Like Ration cards, bank closures.
And you start a few riots,

force the President to put them down

and broadcast the violence.

Finally, you manufacture a crisis.

Like an assassination
or a hostage situation.

Or both.

In the meantime, you're presenting

an alternative
leadership through the media.

- Regional leaders.
- My God.

Six hours to Buoy San Diego, sir.

Castillo owns that base.

We're gonna be on his
radar in under four hours.

In a few minutes, we'll start scanning

for microwave emissions along the coast,

find the biggest one, the
most people talking.

10 to 1 that'll be their
local center of gravity.

- Sir?
- Von Clausewitz...

Center of gravity is
a source of strength...

Could be comms, transpo, munitions.

We don't just disrupt it, we destroy it,

make Castillo show his face,

grab him and use him to
smoke out the others.

Still, we're invading a
country with a single ship.

That's never happened in
the history of the world

and for good reason...

It's impossible.

Nothing's impossible,

not if you have the will, the
courage, and a good plan.

Von Clausewitz?

Thomas W. Chandler.


You expect me to go
along with all of this?

Randall! Hear him out.

Beatty's Northwest Region

has gone ungoverned for nearly a month.

With each passing day, the
resources are drying up.

Someone needs to take control.

I have the
infrastructure and the access.

Unless you want to
cross the Rocky Mountains

and pitch in, I'm the guy.

So geography gives you
all of Beatty's assets?

And the advantage over
the rest of the us.

Do you have any idea what
I'm dealing with up there?

You know what happens
if I don't clamp down?

Chaos spreads... You want some?

How 'bout you? How 'bout you?

I'm putting my security people,

boots on the ground in
the Pacific northwest,

and I'm not waiting for
your damn permission.

Oh, so it's a fait accompli, then.

You know he's already
started mining the whole region

for resources.

Take it all, Manuel.

Go ahead, see how far you get

when I stop my oil
shipments to the west coast.

- What? Roberta...
- I hope you like walking everywhere...

- Enough!
- Because I...

Here is what's going to happen...

For the benefit of all the partners,

Mr. Castillo will mine the
resources out of the northwest.

Ms. Price is going to provide

the oil that allows him to do so.

In return, Mr.
Castillo will share the spoils

evenly among the partners.

Look, you had me here to
settle disputes like this.




- It's this pod here.
- Still triangulating this area.

- All right.
- There.

I understand. Weren't
they stationed in east gate?

What's the word from San Diego?

Nathan James has
been picked up on radar

on its way to the
Naval base as scheduled.

- Good.
- That's a relief.

And everything is in
order to "receive" him?

Colonel Witt here has something
of a fireworks show in mind.

This is gonna work? You're sure?

It's one few things Jeffrey
Michener did right

was centralizing
control of the weapons systems.

Hmm... Such a tiny, little thing.

Looks can be deceiving.

Let's hope so.

Underestimating the CNO

is what got us in
trouble in the first place.

Isn't that right, Ms. Shaw?

Arm it, Colonel.

Just need thumbprints from two of you.

Unh-unh. Let me in on this.

I want to be the one that finally kills

that son of a bitch Tom Chandler.



In a matter of hours, the Nathan James

will be at the bottom of the ocean.

There she blows... Sin City.

Why is there no
power? Something's not right.

We'll figure it out.

In the meantime, let's
stock up on supplies.

You good?

All right, nobody move!

Take it easy, friend.

No one needs to get hurt.

Oh, that's up to you now, isn't it?

Then give me all the food you got.

We're out. That's why we stopped.

- Ah, come on.
- Seriously?

You wouldn't be lying
to me, now, would you?

No, sir.

I say we search them.


I thought I warned you to
stay the hell away from here.

- Go!
- Let's get out of here.

- Come on.
- Go!

Much obliged.

You're not from around here.

No, sir.

But you look familiar.

Yeah, I get that a lot.

Sir, we mean you no harm.

Well, come on then. Best
get off the road.

Thank you.

New shipments of food stopped coming,

told us they were being redirected.

Few days later,

a bunch of soldiers showed
up with container trucks,

loaded everything up,
and I mean everything.

It's just me now.

What about the city?

There's supposed to
be 30,000 people there.

Most all of them followed the food.

You're not a Peacekeeper,

you're working 16 hours in
some factory or another,

keeping lights on, water running.

16 hours for a day's rations.

They're creating food shortages.

And people complained about
Michener's ration cards.

How long has it been

since you've had
something to eat, old timer?

Name's Bob.


It's been about three days.

I can't go far on
account of this bum leg.

Got no vehicle... It's
only a matter of time now.

You want a lift?

I've been here all my life.

I already beat the odds 10 times over.

If I'm gonna die,
I'm... It's gonna be here.

This is home.

It's all we got.

I know it doesn't seem
like it looking around,

but hope is coming very soon.

So hang in there a
little longer, Bob, okay?

I think I do recognize you...

People on TV saying nasty
things about you.

Hope you don't
believe everything you hear.

Quiet out there.

Too quiet.

They made it.

Right on time, as usual.

Heading into the mouth of the harbor,

Chandler's got to realize

Castillo will arrest him on site.

Can we signal them?

No. But he must have a plan.

CIC reports no contacts
on surface or subsurface.

Very well.

Let's bring her in.

Starboard beam 0-6-0.

Vampire! Vampire! Vampire!

Bearing 115. Two missiles incoming!



No! No!

No, no!

Oh, no!


- No!
- My God.

Those missiles came out of no where.

They were circling.

Damn things can loiter at
high altitude for hours.

- James didn't even see them coming.
- Unh-unh.

They should have.

We're all that's left now.

So, what do we do?

I want to go home, get Frankie,

and just keep moving.

But first, I want to kill

everyone who's responsible
for what just happened.

Hell, yeah.

- You want revenge?
- You don't?

You bet I do... Blood for blood.

We do this smart... Asymmetrical hits.

Get down.

You see that? Big eyes
mounted on the flatbed.

An observation team...

Probably out here to
confirm the sinking of the James.

They're off to report back.

So we follow them.

Let's roll.

Any sign of
the Chinese destroyer?

Henan's gone, sir.

- They bought it.
- You were right, sir.

They wanted you dead so
bad, they tried to kill us all.

As long as we stay more
than 40 miles off the coast,

we'll stay dead.

In the meantime, Captain Slattery and I

will lead a land team,
identify Castillo's CoG.


Show us the results of
your microwave scanning.

Yes, sir.

These are the areas with
the most activity.

That one's not far from the Navy base.

Could be a command center.

Lot of chatter...

Anyway we can listen in on those comms?

I'm on it, sir.

So, you finally killed the
man who couldn't be killed.

I'm not gonna lie, Allison,
I was starting to lose faith.

We all were.

Here's to redemption.

St. Louis... We were prepared

to give it to Oliver if you played ball.

- He didn't.
- And now you think you've earned it.

Oh, I know I've earned it.

Technically, St.
Louis is Wilson's territory.

Take it up with him.

He'll only go for it if you back me up.

He's afraid of you.

And with good reason.

I delivered kingdoms for
you, and I expect more.

Castillo is a snake.

Make sure my shipment arrives
from California in good shape,

and I'll talk to Wilson about St. Louis.

♪ ♪

- What is this place?
- Store owner Bob said

they loaded his food into
shipping containers.

Maybe that's what it is...

A warehouse, a distribution center.

By the looks of all of
those "Peacekeepers,"

I'd say you're right.

Castillo's hoarding his stash

and doling it out to his people

as calories for
their hard-earned labor.

- Why don't we steal it back?
- That would be the plan.

Army, Navy, Marines,

there's even some
Coast Guard down there.

Versus the four of us.

We're not even the dirty half-dozen,

but we got heart and
we got smarts, okay?

Kara, you and I are gonna scout
the place, see what we can find.

And you two, you watch the front...

Shift changes, patrol
patterns, anything like that.

Remember what I taught you.


Be safe.

Hey, hey, hey.

It's me. Hey. Hey.


It's me.

Commodore, I don't mean to be rude,

but I thought you were dead.

Tex, why am I not surprised
to see you here?

Whenever there's trouble
and long odds, my friend.

Hey, where's Frankie?

He's fine. He's with my mom.

Look at you.

So, this Chinese ship you, what,
put it on cruise control?

Something like that, sir.

Master Chief's being
modest. This was his plan.

Glad to see you're on
side, Mr. President.

And good to see you're alive.


Hey, it's good to see you.

Looks like we all had the same idea.

Yes, ma'am.

So, this is Castillo's center of gravity.

Yep. It's food.

We were hoping to
find a resistance force.

You're looking at 'em.

Well, let's get to work.

Burk, Kara, Tex...

I want you to set a
perimeter, motion sensors,

bells on a string, whatever we got.

Green, Master Chief...

Establish a comms
hub up on that rooftop.

Nathan James is in Emcon,
but she'll be listening in.

Wolf, find me a nice, empty
building we can drop loudly.

That'll draw the bulk
of their forces away

when we make our move.

Mike, Sasha... You're on recon.

- All right, let's move.
- Yes, sir.

Just like old times.

We've cracked the military code
the California Forces are using.

I need you all to sift
through the message logs

for any critical intel.

How will I know what's
important and what isn't?

You'll know it when you hear it.

Just make sure you get
it cleaned up, recorded,

and print it out.

Yes, ma'am.

hub is up, Captain.


General, cargo's
intact, ready for transpo.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

Is there a problem, son?

Sir, some of the men were talking.

They saw the Nathan James blow up.

I just... I can't believe it, sir.

Try not to lose any sleep over it.

Tom Chandler was a traitor.

It's a new day, son.

Some can make the
adjustment, some can't.

Take my advice... Make the adjustment.

Yes, sir.

There's a
round in the chamber...

so just pull the hammer back,

and it's ready to fire.

I can tell you've had practice.

Got to keep both arms
firm to guard against recoil.

You left town pretty quick.

After the doc, yeah.


I have a feeling you
blame me for Rachel.

I blame the both of us.

I forgave you.

This, uh, Sasha gal...

She can handle herself?

With the best of 'em.


Hey, think I found

that General Bradley we
were supposed to report to.

He's the one that we
need to lure Castillo out.

Fellas, we might have
read this situation wrong.

Food's not being
stored, it's being shipped.

I found train tracks
running directly into a warehouse,

and they've been
used in the last 24 hours.

All right, next time
a train loads up here,

get out in front of it...

Hit them hard in the middle of nowhere,

not surrounded by 100 soldiers.

We don't have to destroy
the food... we can steal it.

Enough food to feed an army.

And then we steal the army.

Vulture team, Elvis has arrived.

I hear you. We are in position.

- Wolf?
- We're on schedule.

Setting charges at the
far end of a turn...

They wont' even see it coming, sir.

Overwatch, how's the view?

Best seat in the house.

Fire only in the event

that we are fired upon as we approach.

Check that.

Mother, get a
bearing on my transmission.

We may need medevac for casualties

once we take out the train.

Vulture out.

I hate that silence.

James will be there if we need her.

Are we ready to go?

Loading is underway. A call for you, sir.

This is Bradley.

Yes, Mr. Castillo.

Mother, our Charlie team
leader is broadcasting.

Prepare to intercept and decode.

Are you getting that signal?

Uh, yes, ma'am.

It's staticky as hell,
but I'll get what I can.

I'm recording.

I'll put it through the
filter as soon as they're done.

You done yet, mate?


Elvis is leaving the building.

worry. The... won't be...

...if say anything different.

"Don't worry, the cargo won't be..."

Hundred, hunkered? What's that word?

Hunters? Hundrey?

She's singing our song, guys.

Don't worry.
The... won't be hungry.

Turn the treble all the way down,

and cut the low frequency.

Don't worry. The cargo won't be hungry.

Don't worry. The cargo won't be hungry.

And don't believe them if
they say anything different.

Don't worry. The cargo won't be hungry.

And don't believe them if
they say anything different.

I even brought some
cookies for the kids.

"Cargo won't be hungry."

Oh, my God.

CIC, comms... We need to break EMCON.

Captain, the
resource on that train is not food.

It's people.

They're transporting carloads of people.


How long till the
train hits those charges?!

We've got five
minutes if we're lucky!

Let's go! Let's go!

Go, go, go!

Man, I missed you guys!

I'll get you as close as I can!



Hang on, Mike!

Come on! I got you.

- Let's go!
- Come on, move!

Come on! Move it!

Oh, hey! Get down!

You! What the...?

Hit the brakes!

Get the lever!

Come on.

Fight's over. Mind letting
off on my friend there?

Another 10 seconds, I'd have had him.

I need to see hands... Everybody's hands.

Open it.

Open it yourself.

What happened?

You can come out.

What'd he say?

Why? Out where?

It's safe now.

You're free.

W-What do you mean?

You're not slaves.

You don't have to go where
these people tell you to.

You don't have to work
where they tell you to.

- You mean we won't get fed?
- Yeah, we got to eat.

There's food at the
other end of this line.

- They said they'd feed us.
- We were promised food.

And my kids haven't eaten
since day before yesterday.

I haven't eaten since Sunday.

Please, just let us go on our way.

Just close the door! Let us go, please.

Just close the door.

Welcome to the new America, Captain.

"New America" my ass.

I know these times are
desperate, believe me,

but there's another way.

None of you are going to starve.

We can get things
back to the way there were

if you just come with us.

There's enough food on this very train

to keep us all fed for
at least a few days.

And after that?

After that?

General, or whatever the
hell you're called,

tell the men and women under
your command to stand down.

If you think you can get them back,

why don't you go ahead and try?

What the hell were you thinking?

You took an oath!

To what?

To what?!

To the service! The country!

Captain, the thing I
swore an oath to, it's gone!

It was torn up two weeks ago.

I might as well swear an
oath to the tooth fairy.

You go hungry for a week,

and then you can stand in judgment.

You could have fought back.

My commanding officer tried that.

They cut his throat in his office.

I play ball, and I
live, and my kids live.

It's that simple.

Come on. Help each other.

What happened?

I'm trying to get confirmation now.

Manuel, we worked this out.
If this is some kind of ploy...

I had my general on that
train to deliver it personally.

I assure you, there is no ploy.

I've got half a dozen power
plants that can't work

because there's no one
there to operate them.

I need bodies.

- Roberta...
- I am not kidding.

This place goes dark, so do you.

I'll put your
territory back into the stone age

with the flip of a switch.

Don't do that.

Mr. Castillo, find that
train, get it moving,

or you will lose Beatty's territory.

Get a secure line.

Call the base in San Diego.

I need divers in the water to confirm

that the ship that we
sank was the Nathan James.

Nathan James, be advised...

We have dozens of malnourished citizens

who need medical attention

and a full complement of
unaffiliated military...

Have dock prep helo bay 1 for triage.

All right, ma'am.

Easy, now.

Captain, we're
monitoring a microwave signal

that's being received by
a device at your location.

Who's calling? Signal
emanates from an area

of high microwave
origination north of Los Angles.

It's your boss.

Tell Castillo you want to see him.

You thought you had no choice.
Well, you have a choice now.

Let's take him down together.

Mr. Castillo.


Sir, there's been an...
An incident with the train.

No, sir, the cargo is intact, but...

Yeah, I just think you
better come down to the depot.

Yes, sir. I'll meet you there.

You're gonna have to kill him, you know.

We don't work that way.

We'll give him his chance to surrender.

No, no, no. Listen to me.

You have to kill this guy.

If you don't, he's gonna
kill every one of us.

Well, what happened?

Where's my train, General?

Today is not the day to screw with me.

Shoot him!

He doesn't work for you anymore.

I changed my mind. Shoot him instead.

I suggest you put down your weapons.

Lieutenant Burk, please
arrest Mr. Castillo

and prepare him for
transport to back to the James.

With pleasure, sir.

I made you a goddamn general!

Have you forgotten who
feeds you, your families?!

This man will take the
food from their mouth

to give it to the...


This too tight? Good.

So, I take it I answer to you now, CNO?


You answer to him, just like I do.

Commander in Chief!


We'll need to give them the oath.

They're rejoining the
service of the United States.

Yes, sir, Mr. President.

♪ ♪

Tom Chandler.

Saved America from the
virus, and they loved you for it.

Then they got hungry.

They miss things like
heat, clean water, and Wi-Fi.

They don't have any time for heroes now.

So do your victory dance,

and when the filthy
masses turn against you,

give me a call.

I'll show you how to keep them in line.

But I will never cooperate.

Here's the deal, Manuel...

From here on out, you
no longer get to decide

what you will and will not do.

See, you had the
chance to kill me, again,

and you blew it...


So you will cooperate.

And why is that?

Your army turned on you without
hardly a shot fired.

Once your partners find
out you lost control

of your region and Beatty's...

They will cut you out like
the cancer you are.

And let's not
underestimate the "filthy masses."

Once they hear what you're really about,

you'll need more than an
army to keep them in line.

But we can always drop you
back off at the depot,

see for ourselves.

He must have commandeered
a Chinese destroyer back in Asia

and then navigated it through
the channel remotely.

We need to warn Castillo, ma'am.

It's too late. By now,
Chandler already has him.

He may be Navy, but he's a badass.

Shut up, will you?

I need to think.