The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 15 - My Way - full transcript

Dr. Andrews treats a foster kid for injuries from a fight in the group home. Shaun and his team look to Lea for expertise with cars and auto repair for a patient whose iron lung broke.














REPORTER: So, even though
the rain is not getting here

till the afternoon
and into the evening,

it will look different
all day.

The clouds are...

(SIGHS) I slept
through my alarm.

Yes, many times,
so I turned it off.

Shaun! I need to review
Jordan's business plan.

It would be better
if you worked later at night.

It would (SIGHS) for you.

Oh, and you.

Lea, waking every 15 minutes

impedes stage-four
and REM sleep.

I'll show you
the research.

I'll try not to hit snooze
as much.

SHAUN: Thank you.

I made you coffee.

I appreciate that.

It's decaf.

Caffeine interferes
with deep sleep.




You can have mine.

You were looking
for a seat, right?

Oh, no, no, no.
You're -- You're still eating.

Oh, I can stand and eat.

Well, I can stand
and eat, too.

I was just on BART
with my grandfather.

No one gave up
their seat.


I'm gonna take this
to go.



This is Kevin and Sara,
who runs Golden Compassion
Boys Home,

where Kevin got into
a fight today.

He may need
reconstructive surgery.

It wasn't a fight.
I fell.


On someone's fist?


Some bones are broken
around your eyes.

Lift your shirt, please.
I'd like to see if you have
any other injuries.

Listen to the doctor.

I don't want to take
my shirt off, Carlton.

Yes, Cousin Carlton
of "Fresh Prince" fame.

Clearly, you mean that
as a compliment.

He was honest, hard-working,
tremendous fashion sense.

Hell of a dancer, too.


Let me finish the exam,
I'll do the Carlton for you.

For real?
Oh, yeah.

It's like a dream
come true.




I'm fine.


Need a CT trauma


Your turn.


Like Carlton Banks,
I am a man of my word.


♪ It's not unusual
to be loved by anyone ♪


♪ It's not unusual
to have fun
with anyone ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪



We're gonna run some tests
on your heart.

EKG, CTA, and echo.


The sound
is very distracting.

We could turn it off,
but then I'd be dead.


We've reduced the volume
by 25%.

Easier to swallow,
much more user-friendly.

I think it's ready.

I'll draw up a list of VC's
I know.

I think it's ready.

That doesn't mean
we're ready.

I'm a second-year resident.
You're an IT person.


In Man Jose,
heart of Sili-bro Valley.

We need an endorsement
from someone with real clout.

That's out of
my wheelhouse.

Actually, I was thinking
your future-kinda-sorta-almost

Not sure it's a good idea
to go into business with

your future-kinda-sorta-almost

It's just an endorsement.

And he's got clout.


Ugh. Yeah.

He say what
the fight was about?

Wouldn't even admit
there was a fight.

Looks more like
a beatdown.

Not that I've been
in either.

Which took some effort.

I tucked my Peyos
and yarmulke under a cap

whenever I left Williamsburg
so I wouldn't get harassed.

The fifth grade,
I came home with a black eye.

Eric Chen
sucker-punched me.

My dad brought me over
to Eric's house,

made us stand in the driveway
to finish the fight
"like men."

You kicked his ass?

(CHUCKLES) Well, I came home
with two black eyes.

Bullies used to tease
my sister on the school bus.

I tried to defend her,
got my ass whooped.

The bus driver, Ms. Limon,
broke it up and told me,

"They use their fists
because they don't know
how to use their brains."

So I learned to use words
to prevent fights.

Didn't hurt Ms. Limon
had my back.



Three fractured ribs.

This one's deformed,
but with callus formation.

It's been broken before.




Your echo shows
your chest tightness
was caused

by some narrowing
in your aortic valve.

We recommend replacing it
with a bioprosthetic one.

Will you need to stick a trach
tube in my neck afterwards?


(SIGHS) Good.

I had one of those
about 20 years ago--

Kept getting infected.

The iron lung is outdated
but effective.

You would probably be dead
by now

if you had a trach
instead of an iron lung.

How long
will the surgery take?

About two hours.

We will use
the transcatheter approach.

Good. Frank and I don't like
to be apart for too long.


I can't dance
to his music,

but I can always feel
his warm embrace.

Yeah, notice how
she never asks
if Frank enjoys it.


I'm Sophie,
the niece/roommate.

Slash Hollywood diva.

Says the woman with a Google
alert for her own name.

Oh, my alert goes off
way more than hers.

That makes sense.

Your physics research
is more impressive

than your niece's

The discussion of how polio
destroyed the cells

in your spinal cord
was oversimplified,

but I did like
the archival footage.

Thanks for the notes.

You're welcome.



We can do the procedure
this afternoon.




Gut-brain connection.
The next frontier
of medical development,

and the market
is wide open.

Your endorsement
would really make a difference
in our VC meetings.


So, if-- If I were
to get involved,

what if I were to partner
with you?


That'd be amazing.

Okay. Get me a business plan,
and I will set a follow-up.


That went great.

I'm not ready
to give away part of my--
Our company.

I thought you wanted
his clout.

I wanted an endorsement.

Instead, you signed us up for
a throuple without my consent.

Do we need a safe word?


Okay. I could tell him
I spoke out of turn
and we're not interested.

Which would make us look
like total noobs

and probably wreck
any chance we have
of using his connections.

Well, I can keep him
in his lane.


LIM: Inflate the balloon to
deploy the TAVR, Dr. Murphy.


How many alarms do you need
to get up in the morning?

One. That's the point
of an alarm.

Yes, exactly.


JORDAN: BP and cardiac output
look good.

No alarms for me.

I've mastered
my circadian rhythms.

Lea hitting the snooze
a little too hard
this morning?

Yes, I turned them off.

Well, why don't you try
ear plugs?

No. Dr. Lim, I do not like
objects in my ears.

The valve is in place.

I'm sure Lea
doesn't like having her
entire morning disrupted.


Withdraw the catheters
and close.





How's Frank?

Strong and warm.

Glad you're okay.
What would I do
without you around to nag me?

Get a boyfriend?

Oh, another roommate
would be helpful,

Joan's disability.

Oh, I already have
a full-time nurse.

And, I hate to admit it,
but Sophie--

Sophie keeps
the place running.

I also hate
to admit it,

but Aunt Joanie's
a pretty good roommate.

Never walks in on me
in the bathroom.

Oh, stick a pen in my mouth...
(CHUCKLES) I can write her
out of the will.








The motor gave out.

Airway cart, STAT!

We gotta get her out
of this thing.


Lea, you skipped Section 5,
part A,

insert the guide roller
under the timing belt.

I don't have the guide roller,

That's why
I'm improvising.


You improvised building
our furniture.

Now our Kongsvinger cabinet
is missing a panel.

Which I repurposed into
an extra drawer for your desk.

Oh, good point.

Shouldn't you be
with your aunt?

Seeing her on a ventilator...
being here is better.


Did you bring in
your girlfriend?

Oh, Lea is my fiancee.

But you are a mechanic?


I thought you said
you were bringing in--

I'm a software engineer,
and I used to work

for a car company
and run my brother's garage.

It failed.

I know what I'm doing.

The control box

because the fan belt
is faulty.




You need
reconstructive surgery
on your face and your ribs.

Three of them are broken
and displaced.

One of them was broken before
and healed improperly,

because you
never told anyone.

Who's doing this to you?

No one.

Kevin, will you please
put down the book
and talk to me?


One of your ribs
could've punctured your lung
and killed you.

If someone in the home
is abusing you--

Stop interrogating me.

I'm trying
to protect you.

But I need to know
who I'm protecting you from.


Just fix
my broken bones, okay?


Joan's body
is fighting the vent.

We may need to
chemically paralyze her.

That doesn't sound good.

It's not. It could
impair her ability

to transition back
to the iron lung.

you're scaring her,

and I think unnecessarily,


I was right.

Calling you was
a good idea.

Calling me
is always a good idea.


The motor
is turning too fast.



The gearbox is blown.

You-- You know how
to fix it, right?


But I need parts
that haven't been
manufactured since the '50s.


This is Sophie again.

I left the message earlier
about your Reddit post
on the '38 Chevy.

We really, really need
that gearbox,

so we're just driving
out to you.

I'm sure he's just
with customers.

You and Shaun hugged
at the hospital.

So he's comfortable
with physical contact?


With me,
most of the time.

How's the sex?

Did you really just ask me
if my fiance,

your aunt's surgeon,
is good in bed?

Eh, welcome to life
with a documentarian.

Curiosity and lack
of boundaries

are sort of
in the job description.

You can feel free
not to answer.

Shaun is very focused
and determined... all areas.

Good for him.
And for you.

And what about
just day to day?

There must be times when he
struggles 'cause of his ASD,

you know, loud noises,
bright lights, itchy sheets?

For sure.

This morning I hit snooze
too many times,

and he turned off my alarm.

That really screwed up
his routine.

That's a big deal to him.

So what do you do now?

I'll probably sleep
in the guest room

when I have
to wake up early.

One time, I went to Maui
with this guy I was dating,

Travis, and we were gonna do
the Road to Hana.

But the car rental place
didn't have pedal extensions.

And I was just like, "Fine.
Travis will drive."

He went off.

He was threatening
to report them,
quoting the ADA,

demanding to speak
to a manager.


He was being my advocate,

but for me,
it was just another reminder
that I'm different.

The world does that to me.
I don't--

I don't need it
from my boyfriend.

Don't think Shaun
feels that way about
me accommodating him.

It's just when one person
does all the accommodating,
it's not good.


This will make sure
your heart is healthy enough
for surgery.


Jean-Michel Basquiat?


You know,
he did one painting

with Charlie Parker
and Dizzy Gillespie that--


That's a part of his
"Heroes and Saints" series.

You learn about him
in art class?

I wish.

No, I just spend a lot of time
on Google Images
and Wikipedia.


Great news.

Your heart's fine.

You mind
if I take a look?



That's amazing.

Yeah, each one's in the style
of an artist I like.

Kehinde Wiley?


He's-- He's awesome.

Has skills just like
those old Dutch painters--

Vermeer and Rembrandt,

but he paints stuff
I actually care about.

Kerry James Marshall.



but that one's easy.



You know,
he was dyslexic.



So I know you are, too.
It's in your medical records.

I'm not dumb.

I didn't say you were.

You know, some of history's
greatest geniuses

were dyslexic.
Leonardo da Vinci,

Albert Einstein,
Marcus Andrews.


That's me.


S-So how did you become
a doctor?

A lot of support from
my parents, my teachers--

My parents are dead,

and my teachers only notice me
when I'm screwing up.

I noticed you.

And I want to help.

If that group home
is unsafe--

Just gimme
my book back.




I don't buy it.
An iron lung?

I did a whole documentary
about her.

I don't care about
your documentary.

I care about the 1975
Gran Torino you pulled up in.

How do I know the gearbox
isn't gonna wind up

in a '38 Chevy
at the Santa Cruz
Vintage Car Derby?

You think we invented a story
about her aunt dying

to beat you
in a vintage car competition?

That's what I'd do.

We can double--

whatever you paid.

(CHUCKLES) That's nothing
compared to the business

I'm gonna get
after I win first prize.


You got that call earlier
from Garry Gerhardt, right?

Sophie's a producer
for PBS.


You know "Gearhead"?

We're talking about
collaborating on a series.

I bet
"The Great American Car Show"

would be interested
in your collection.

And a story about
you giving away a gearbox

to save a woman's life?

That would bring in
more revenue

than some local car show,


Top it off with 500 bucks
and we got a deal.



Who's Gearhead?



Aunt Joanie, this is Lea.

She fixed your iron lung
with a gearbox
from a '38 Chevy.

Hm. A little young
to know about
something that old.

I've got a thing
for the classics.

Well, thank God,
and thank you.

And Lea is engaged
to Dr. Murphy,

whose surgical talents
are matched by his skills
in the bedroom.

It is important to me that Lea
is sexually satisfied.

And she is also
very skilled.

How great are these two?

You want them
for your show.

I want them for
the pilot.

I'm producing a reality
wedding series for Hulu

about atypical couples--

yet perfect together.


You two have to be in it.

We'd pay for the wedding.

It's not--

Up to $150,000.



You are having trouble


It's working fine.

It is. She's not.

She has
a bronchial rupture.


SHAUN: 3-0 PDS suture.

primary anastomosis.

Sophie asked me and Lea
to get married

on a reality show
she's making.

JORDAN: You are not
a reality show person.

What's a reality show

Start ventilating.

Someone who loves attention,
even when it's bad.

You should have seen
what I tweeted about Katie
on "The Bachelorette."

I have. You think I didn't
check out your social media
before hiring you?

The lung isn't inflating.

Buttress the repair with
an intercostal muscle flap.

My ex-husband and I spent
buckets on our wedding.

Didn't stop it from raining,
didn't stop his brother

from getting sloppy drunk,
and it didn't stop

my sketchy cousins
from stealing wedding gifts.

If someone else is paying,
go for it.


The muscle flap
isn't helping.

(SIGHS) Her respiratory
muscles and lungs

are too weak to go back
in the iron lung.

Her airway
will rupture again.


What if we gave her
diaphragm pacing

with phrenic nerve

There's no way to sync
the nerve stimulator
to the iron lung.

We could take her out
of the iron lung.

She would die.

Yes, unless we switch her to
a biphasic cuirass ventilator.

Her spine's not strong enough
for a cuirass.




We can pour cement
into her cracked vertebrae
to stabilize them.

Good idea.


I had fun working
with you today.

I get why you love
being a doctor.

Being a doctor doesn't usually
involve buying old car parts.

I have to wake up early

And I'm not going
to be sleeping
in the guest room,

and you're not going to be
turning off my alarm.


I got you
a wrist alarm.

It uses silent vibration
to wake you up

and has
a snooze button.

Like the diaphragm pacing
Jordan suggested for Joan,

but for your wrist.

I don't want you to sleep
in the guest room.

This is
a good compromise.

Are we reality show

Jordan says we're not because
we don't love attention.

Sounds about right.


And do you disagree?

Neurotypicals consider me

so I am used to people
staring at me,

especially after Salen put me
on that billboard.

Would the attention
bother you?


The first time we tried
to plan a wedding, it sucked.

And I don't want
the whole world
to watch us flailing.

Maybe if Sophie does the
planning, we would not flail.

And if she does the paying,
that would be very helpful.

I don't think money should be
the deciding factor

on the start of our life





Incision looks great.

No periorbital edema.

We'll monitor you tonight.

So I go back tomorrow.

If all's well, yes.



I'll talk to Sara about
getting you a reading tutor.

There are some techniques that
have really worked for me.


And I'm happy to talk you
through them or...

Anything else.


I don't even have
his personal cell.



Yeah, thanks.



How are you gonna hold
market share

when copycats flood
the system?

If we get the patent first,
that won't be an issue.

There's n-nothing
in the business plan
about patent strategy.

It's a work in progress.

VC's are gonna be asking you
these questions,
so you gotta be ready.

I'm well aware.

I paid off half my med school
debt by selling--

The ankle brace, yes,
I-I know about that.

That's fantastic.
But this time,
you need investors, right?

Not just buyers.

And in this case,
you're the product.

We'll be prepared.

And the product--

The actual product
needs to be retooled.

What did you have
in mind?

Increased functionality.

Imagine if it monitored
pancreatic function,

hormonal levels,
and also lesions.

That would require way more
power, multiple sensors.


We would have to go back
to the drawing board.

(SCOFFS) The drawing board
is-- is, what, two months old?

Look, y-you ladies have a
multi-million dollar idea here

and it's great,
but I'm suggesting to you that

you could have
a billion-dollar
idea if you listen to me.

Sleep on it.

I'm pretty sure
this is the right way to go.

I'll catch up
with you later.


You need
to have more respect

for the work Jordan and I
have put in.

I-I suggested
a few upgrades.

Did not sound
like a suggestion.


And you really pissed off

Maybe she's being just
a little bit too sensitive?

You did not
just say that.


Are we "ladies" being
too sensitive?

Yeah, I-I don't know
what's happening here.

Are you offended because I
referred to you as "ladies"?

I'm offended
by your overbearing attitude.

Okay. FYI, if two men walked
into my office right now

and presented to me this
particular business plan,

I wouldn't have acted
any differently!


What? I just--
I'm trying to help.

I have experience.
I have knowledge.

I know the marketplace.

Maybe if you just listen
to the ideas

instead of how the ideas
are being presented to you...

Thanks. I didn't know how
I was supposed to feel

until you explained it to me.


The cuirass is like
a wearable mini-Frank.

You could use
a motorized wheelchair.

You'd be mobile again.

Think of all the lecture

you've had to turn down.

You could do
a college tour.

We could go to Vegas.



I don't want the surgery.


The intubations
and rupture

your respiratory system.

I know.


If you stay in Frank,
you'll only have a few months
left to live.


I just taught my last class.

I published my final paper.

And I got to spend
my final years with a--

A pretty cool roommate.


But I'm...

I'm at the finish line.




He's bleeding
from the incision site.

Get me irrigation, bulb, 3-0
vicryl suture, and ChloraPrep.


The sutures are torn.


You did this to yourself.


Were the sutures
irritating you?




Did you want to hurt




Did you want
to stay here?


Please tell me
who's hurting you.

(SIGHS) I can't help you
if you won't tell me.




There are five of them.



They play this game
every Friday after school
called Happy Hour.

They give me challenges--

Read that sign,
spell this word.


If I get it right,
they give me stuff,

extra snacks
or weed, whatever.


I-I'm stupid.


I never get it right.


So they hurt me.

You're not stupid.
You're brilliant.

You're just dyslexic.


Mr. Targum in Exam Room Two
needs a rectal exam.

You want to take it?


I ran into Jordan
after you guys met
this morning.

She seemed a little
out of sorts.

Yeah, I, um,
apparently offended
her and Lea,

because I offered
an opinion
that was overbearing...

And pushy.


I believe the word
you're looking for
is "sexist."

I wasn't looking
for that word.

Well, you are.

Men your age have spent
your whole lives

being told you are the center
of the universe.

You don't see the irony
in reducing me
to my age and my gender?

You don't see the irony
in being more upset

about being called a sexist
than being one?

Okay. That's--
That's not irony, that--


Good first step.

My diagnosis--

While some
of your symptoms overlap
with toxic masculinity,

your real underlying issue
is boss syndrome,
which is very treatable.

Shut up.

You're used to leading.

Now you need to learn
how to be quiet,
listen, follow.

It might be a fun,
new experience for you.


You could start by taking
this rectal exam off my hands.

I'm a slow learner.


I've heard
of "Happy Hour."

Victims vary,
tradition continues.

So separate him
from his bullies.

I will. And I'll tell my staff
to keep eyes on him.

But it is a 10-to-1
kid-to-staff ratio here.


There's got to be something
more you can do.


Last week, Kevin was arguing
about changing the channel
in the common room.

Kevin started calling
the other boy a baby

because he wanted
to watch cartoons...

And got his ass kicked.

That doesn't make it okay
to just--

Not my point.

It's harder to help Kevin
than you think.




What about
a foster family?

Not a lot of them
want teenagers,

especially if they have
a history of running away
from foster homes.


I'll do everything I can
to keep him safe.



I keep trying to sell my aunt
on the cuirass,

but she kicked me out.

Is there anything else?


Just hospice care.


Have you guys thought any more
about doing my show?


We haven't decided yet.

I made my documentary
because people like me

need to know that someone
like Aunt Joan exists.


There are people who need
to know you exist, Shaun.


Those people
who needed Aunt Joan?

Now she needs them.


JOAN: Uh-oh.

Not another one
of your director's cuts.


Aunt Joanie.


Polio made your world

but you made the world bigger
for so many others

by showing
what's possible.

Hey, hey! There she is.
Hi, Joan.

WOMAN: Hi, Joan!
Oh! Wha--

Suzie? Is that--

Oh, Jeffrey.

All right, Suzie,
you're up.

I was first in my family
to go to college.

I was ready to drop out
freshman year

until I took your seminar.

Your courage inspired me
to come out.

When I saw your movie,
I thought,

"Her iron lung isn't ruling
her life.

My depression
shouldn't rule mine."

Made an appointment
with a therapist that day.


WOMAN: Every time I start
to say, "I can't,"

I just think about how brave
you've been.

I talked to my kids
about your bravery.

They learned so much
from your story.




♪ Don't you remember? ♪

I'm so lucky
to call you a friend.

You didn't just teach me

You taught me about life.


♪ Why try to change ♪



♪ Me now? ♪



You've been in that machine
a long time.

You're scared of life outside
because it's new...

Because it may make you
look back and realize
how much you've missed.

You've overcome so much more
than most people.

You found
your courage before.

You can do it again.


If I could feel my ass,
you'd be such a pain in it.





Fine. I'll do
the damn surgery.
Just shut up about it.



You're all set
for discharge.

I made some calls
to DCFS.

They promised to get you
in a new foster placement.

H-How long will it take?

A week or so.



You see that?

Looks like an infection.

He's not ready
for discharge.



Is it bad?


We just need to keep you here
a little longer.

How much longer?

A week or so.



Thanks for coming.
I-I --

Since the last time we met,
I've been doing
a lot of thinking.

If this is gonna work,
there needs to be a change

in the dynamic,
mostly on my part.

And I-I'm not sure
I can do that,

so maybe we should call it
a day.

That's it?

Of course I'll give you
the endorsement.

You're gonna give up
on us?

I...thought you said
you didn't want a partner.

It took me a while
to get past the attitude,

but you were right.

We could use
your code to power
three different sensors.

We could sell it as a set
or a la carte.

Make more money.

I like that idea.


What about it, Glassy?

Maybe we can all learn
some new tricks.


Well, you know what they say
about old dogs,

I'm willing to give it a shot.



How's Frank Jr.?

No, this is Gene...

light on his feet.



So...the show?

Oh, Shaun and I haven't had
a chance to--

You are beautiful,
smart, and kind.

When I was younger,
I would have
liked to see a TV show

about a man like me
lucky enough
to marry a woman like you.


But you don't want to do it,
and that is okay.

you have inspired me,

and I want us to inspire
other people.


And planning
a wedding sucks.


Yes, it does.



We are going to be
reality show people.



Oh, yeah.

Reality show people!