The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 14 - Potluck - full transcript

When someone mistakenly brings a hallucinogen-laced dish to the hospital's company potluck, much of the hospital staff and doctors are incapacitated forcing Murphy, Glassman and Allen to take on all of the hospital's cases.


♪ Do you remember...

Morgan's meatballs?

Lim's brownies.

Okay, you can't have an
empty plate the whole time,

because it is kind of rude.

Wouldn't it be ruder
to take food and not eat it?


Your recliner
does not go with

any of the other furniture
in the living room.

It's older and, you know,
a little worn in.

Which is why I like it.
It's unique.

I do, too, and it's
super comfortable,

which is why it'll
go great in the den.


Fair enough.

Ooh. Loading up
for an ultra-marathon?

Figured I'd better try
everyone's contributions.

Your brownies were great.
Well, thank you.

I should be the one
carbo loading,

seeing as half my department's
in New York

for the next three days.

Those conferences raise
the hospital's profile,

as well as
your department's.

♪ Ba-du-da, ba-du...

SHAUN: That has mayonnaise.

You don't have to eat it.

Just move some to a napkin
every few minutes,

then just...

♪ Holdin' hands
with your heart
to see you...


I am going to need
a lot of napkins.



Oh. Or none at all.
I have to go.

♪ Remember ♪

Jake Khan, 32.

Cut off his big toe
while camping.

Chopping wood
is very dangerous.

My neighbor in Wyoming
nearly died

after hitting his foot
with an axe.

It wasn't an axe,
it was a machete.

She wasn't
chopping wood.

I woke up,
and the tent was dark.

I thought I saw a snake,
but it was his foot.

Do you normally
wear glasses?


I retract that question.

Can you reattach it?

Your machete
was very sharp.

So yes.

Your sweet potato casserole
was a runaway hit.

It was gone
before I got any.

You should have had some
back at the apartment
when you had the chance.

I got distracted,
which I seem to remember
was your fault.


You busy this weekend?

Actually, a few of
my college buddies
are in town.

Well, I'd love
to hear all about

my boyfriend's
frat house exploits.

I think they kind of
just want to catch up
with me.

Maybe next time?

Yeah. Totally.

Next time.

SHAUN: Digital nerve
is fully re-attached.

DR. LIM: Check
for distal pulses.

Add this
to the list of reasons
I don't go camping.

Right after ticks,
bears, and giardia.

Lea loves bears.
She thinks they're cute.

A grizzly bear can crush
a bowling ball with its bite.

I watch a lot
of Discovery.

Pulse present.

Color and capillary refill
look good.

It's well-perfused.

Good. Let's... (RETCHES)

Dr. Lim, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.
I just had a little bit
too much at the potluck.

All good.
Let's finish up here.

Let's just place


Step away.

Very slowly.



C-Can't you see
the snake right...there?

T-There is no snake.

Dr. Lim, I think
you should step out.





MAN: Whoa!

How are you feeling?
Any nausea? Dizziness?

No. What is happening?

Everyone here
was at the potluck.

Has to be
some sort of toxin
or food poisoning.

Dr. Lim's symptoms
don't seem like
typical food poisoning.

How many people are...



I missed ya.

Fourteen, including her.


I'm cool, right?

Like, if you were hanging out
with a bunch of friends,
like, you'd want me to come?

Totally. You're the coolest.

Add insecure blabbering
to the list of symptoms.

Start an IV,
get him on some fluids.

(GASPS) Put me down!

You know what I love
about you?
Oh, no.

You look like
a Disney princess.

But you're mean.
And that's so...

I love you.

Uh, I love you, too.

That's why we need to talk
about my recliner.

You can't hide it
in the den.

It's living room
or bust.

Okay, let's find you
a nice place to lie down.

Are you experiencing nausea,
confusion, or hallucinations?


I'm great.


Almost as great
as your hair.

Temperature's elevated.

And you're using
the same voice you use

to talk to
our neighbor's dog.

Oh. How do you do that?



Pupils dilated.


Waiting room
is utter pandemonium.

We have an ETA on surgeons
returning from the conference?

There's a huge storm
in New York.

Flights are grounded
till tomorrow.

We can't send anyone home
till we know for sure

what we're dealing with.

Let's keep them in the E.R.
and watch for any renal,

hepatic, or neurological

There aren't enough bays
in the E.R.

to babysit a sick staff
and also take in new patients.

We could use the private E.R.
bays for the sicker staff,

then use a conference room
for overflow.

The residents'
break room is better.

Has a sink and no carpet.

It's vomit-ready.

Prep the break room,
and then start figuring out

exactly what everyone ate.

Document any commonalities.
I'll loop in Dr. Allen.

The four of us will run point

on any surgical and E.R...



Dr. Andrews?

I'm sorry.
Excuse me.



And then
there were three.





it's a little crazy
out there right now,

but in here,
it's just like
any other day.

Mr. Hoyt here
fractured his skull

while trying
to fix his roof,

and now we are going
to try and fix him.

Dr. Murphy, help me
mark up the patient,

and let's crack him open.

I think you mean mark
the trauma flap

for the craniotomy?


Who played Olympic Hills
last week?

Was that you?

Put two balls in the pond
off the first tee.

Went downhill from there.

I know that pond,
and I hate that pond.

You know
the pot bunker on 18?

Dr. Glassman,
the CT scans show

skull fragments are putting
pressure on the brain.

We need to go faster.

Four times,
I hit the lip.

Four times, the ball rolled
right back to my feet.



I feel...


Should I get a doctor?

No, it's nice.

The snakes
still in your bed?


I think they're sleeping.



Your pink sweater

And swirly.

So swirly.

(CHUCKLES) It's a good thing

you sent a chunk
of the department
to that conference.

Not that you asked me.

I'm head of the hospital.

Like I could ever
forget that.

There it is.

That classic Audrey Lim

passive aggressive

Whatever was in the food

seems to have lowered
your inhibitions, so...
Okay. Good.

You want me to be
less passive aggressive?

Yes, I would.


All that talk about how much
you care about the hospital?

I don't buy it.


being the president.

Yes, you do.

And all that power
and attention

just feeds
your ginormous ego.

Oh, that's rich,

coming from
the control freak

who keeps just enough chaos
in her life to feel cool.

This whole maverick,
daredevil schtick?

I'm so over it.
Aren't you over it?

(SCOFFS) You know
what I'm over?

Your skin-tight clothes.

Yeah, we get it.
You're in great shape.

Excuse me,
maybe you two should...

For your age.

I work out.

We know.

...stop talking
about anything.


The cranioplasty
took seven minutes longer
than it should have.

I'm okay with that,
as long as we have
a smooth surgery.

But with all the cases
we have...

Shaun, you're in the O.R.
You're a leader. Okay?

When people are stressed,
that's when mistakes happen.

How does pretending
a stressful situation
isn't stressful

make it less stressful?

Dr. Glassman?
Bay seven is waiting.

Keep the morale up,
keep the tension down.


Do you remember what you ate
from the potluck?

Your hair's emitting...

A glow.

Probably because
it's on fire.


Let's move you
to a quiet area.

This is so not
the worst trip
I've been on.

I work in tech.

You've been to one
micro-dosing session
in the Redwoods,

you've been to
all of them.

Please answer
my questions.

I need to
pinpoint what dish
is affecting everyone.

Oh, good idea.
I wanna help.

You are way too high
for that.
Ooh. Oh, yeah?

I ate Skarlen's cake,

which definitely had
too much nutmeg,

which can be
a hallucinogenic.

But she didn't make enough
to affect everyone.

I also ate
Giacomin's sandwiches,
which were on rye.

Moldy rye supposedly
caused the hysteria
at the Salem Witch Trials,

which I doubt
everyone ate them,

because they were

So dry.

But given what I am feeling,
uh, my expert opinion,

we're in the neighborhood
of LSD, mescaline.


Start asking people

Mm. 'Kay.

SHAUN: Irrigate into
the incision site.

Does my urging you to move
quickly make you tense?

No. I can handle it.

Dr. Glassman thinks
the O.R. staff can't,

which is why
he works too slowly.

And uses
wrong terminology.

Hope you didn't
tell him that.

I did.

He is normally open
to my opinions.

We have known each other
a long time.

Uh, I know, Shaun,
but he's a senior surgeon,

and you're still
a resident.

You can't expect for him
to adjust to your pace.

You can run things
the way you want

when you're
the senior doctor.

So, if I'm not working
with Dr. Glassman

and I am the senior doctor,
I can run things how I want.


That's not exactly
what I meant.

More patients.
I need to go.

Close him up
and run an EKG,

and thank you
for the helpful advice.


No deep lacerations.

You done? I have to
work in the morning.

You should take
the day off.

Give yourself
a chance to heal.

No, I need the hours.

Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

Dr. Glassman,
there is a patient
in bay two.

Thank you.
I'll be right there.

Just, uh, sit.


What kind of work
do you do, Cameron?


How severe
is the rectal pain?

I can barely sit down.

Any history
of rectal fissures,

inflammatory bowel disease,
or hemorrhoids?

I don't think so.

Dr. Murphy,
what was that last part?

Hemorrhoids. We are very busy.
You need to write faster.

Have you recently
inserted a foreign object
into your rectum?

Please answer.
I am trying to help you,

but also, I do not want
to spend any longer
than necessary.

It was a toothbrush.

I was...bored.

Second degree
electrical burn.

Were you touching
anything else
when you got shocked?

I don't think so.

Burn ointment,
morphine for debridement,
maintenance fluids.

I asked for lactated ringers
with D-5 saline, not D-10.

I'm sorry.
You were going so fast.

No, thank you.
I will get it myself.

I imagine with the pay cuts
and the new hires,

there's a lot of pressure
at work, huh?

Yeah. My wife
already lost her job,

and I can't afford
to lose mine, too.

Are you sleeping?


What about the bean dip?

I don't think
I had any of that.



The mac and cheese.



The soup.

No. Wait.

I only thought about
getting the soup.

(CHUCKLES) Hilarious.

I barely see my wife anymore,

and when I do,
I'm just so tired
and irritated all the time.

Have you been

Amphetamines, maybe?


ASHER: I asked
if I could join,

find out what my boyfriend
was like in college,

and then...

That was
a record scratch.

He totally shut me out.

Oh, that's so cool

you and Jerome
are officially "boyfriends."

You just called him that.


I called him
my boyfriend.

That's why
he freaked out.


Was that...

The first time?

Oh, man.

No. No.

That's not
an unreasonable thing
to assume, right?

We've been on dates.

We've even had breakfast
the morning after,

but maybe
he's seeing other people.

Hey, man.

You said how you feel,
you just laid it out there,
and that's great.

You gotta be
who you are.

Otherwise, you'll
find yourself moving
into a new place

where your kickass recliner
is hidden away upstairs.

You deserve better
than that.

You deserve
the space to be you,

to express yourself.

Sorta got lost
in the middle there,
but you're right.

I should
express myself.

And we need to start...




Dr. Murphy.

This man has been waiting
on Dr. Glassman.

Can you grab him?
Oh, no, if he's on
Dr. Glassman's list...

He's falling
a bit behind.


Frank went off
to the bathroom.

Then Park...wrestled me out.

♪ Into the sky

♪ Do you think time...

On the count of three.

♪ ...would pass me by?

One, two...

♪ I'd walk a thousand miles
if I could just see you

♪ Tonight...

It's my boyfriend!


That's right!

And I'm not afraid to say it!

He's not afraid to say it!

And I'm not afraid to say
I love my recliner!


Yeah! Whoo!

Get up here!
Come on!

Feel the music!


Oh, oh!
Here come the strings!


♪ And I need you...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!



You okay?


♪ If I could fall into ♪

We love Vanessa Carlton!

Does your family have
any history of strokes?

I'm not sure.

Heart attacks?
Blood clots?

Why? Is that what's happening?

I'm going to re-take
your blood pressure.

Doctor, I-I...
I don't feel right.


190 over 110.

I need a 35 milligram push
of esmolol.

What's happening?

You're in range
for complications

from a hypertensive crisis.

Uh, like a heart attack?

That's one possibility.

S-So I'm having
a heart attack?

Not yet.
This should bring down
your blood pressure.



Continue to take
deep breaths.

Does Dr. Glassman have
any more patients on hold?

There are two more.

I will take them.

I'm faster than Dr. Glassman,
and we need to...

BEN: Doctor, help.

I can't breathe.

The O2 levels
are dropping.

oxygen flow rate.


Get Dr. Glassman.

Mr. Cho, you had
a minor asthma attack

as a result
of the esmolol.

W-Why did he
give it to me then?

You didn't tell the nurse
about your asthma.

Didn't anyone check
my medical records?

You were an E.R. walk-in,
and your blood pressure was...

Shaun, do me a favor, please,
and... And step outside
and meet me in the hall?


(SIGHS) Mr. Cho,

the important thing is that
your vitals are normal now,

and there won't be
any long-term effects
as a result of the medication.

I'll be right back.

You didn't have time
to get a clear history?

His blood pressure
was critically high
and trending up.

And now it's low.

I warned you about this,
didn't I?

You were stressed
and then you stressed him.

Okay, I would
feel less stressed
if you were moving faster.

That's not your call.

I wasn't wrong.

An asthmatic response
to esmolol

is rare and less critical
than a hypertensive crisis.

And if you had not
been so slow to get
to the patient...

...because I know you are
not able to work at my pace,

but your medical strategy
is not working. No, no.

Work at your pace?


You need to go get something
to eat, take a break.

No, thank you.
I need to get...

I said take a break!

If you don't
want to eat something,
then go take a walk!


I'll take care
of Mr. Cho.



That was quite the fall.

I'm sorry I flipped you out,
calling you my boyfriend.

But I... I need to know if
you're seeing other people.


No, I'm not seeing
anyone else.

And, yes,
the boyfriend thing
did surprise me,

but...I liked it.


Not enough to introduce me
to your college friends?

You wouldn't like them.
They're boring.

They're boring, or...

Or I'm boring?

Or too loud?

Or too young?

Like, what about me
is so embarrassing?

I just...

I just thought
you wouldn't want to...

Listen to us
rehash our glory days.

Okay, if that was you
thinking of an excuse,

you should have
taken longer.


Just finish me up
and take me back
to the Break Room, please.


Try and drink
as much as you can.

Ever stop and think
how bizarre it is
that we got together?

Like, if you'd told us
even a year ago...

Well, stranger things
have happened.


I landed weird earlier.
You know what else is weird?

How people say
"opposites attract."

But the novelty
wears off, right?

Remember that video
with Paula Abdul

and that cartoon cat...
They didn't have a future.

They probably couldn't agree
on furniture, either.

How about
we talk about this later?

You know, that recliner
has been with me
through marriage,

Kellan, med school, divo...

I asked you to put it
in the den, not throw it out.

Because you're embarrassed
by it. You don't respect it.

If you don't respect it,
maybe you don't respect me.

And before you know it,
you'll be hiding me upstairs

in a house you're paying for,
where you'll be the boss,

and I'll be nothing but a sad,
lonely piece of furniture.

You're not furniture,
but you are high,

and in no shape to be having
a rational conversation.

Keep hydrating.


What are you doing?

I can climb this wall.

I need to climb
this wall.

What, like...


Exactly like Spider-Man.

Cool, cool.

Hey, just please be quiet.

I'll need
a running start.

It'll take power
and inertia to stick.

No. Wait, wait, no!

You gotta let me do this.

You're delusional.

And you're gonna
wake the snakes.

I'm President.

If I want to climb the wall,

I will climb the wall.

What did Spider-Man
value the most?

That with great power
comes great resp...

Yeah, yeah, that.
Yeah. But also...

His secret identity.


If you have
these powers,

you don't want people
to know, right?


You're right.
Good thinking.


Are you stroking
my sleeve?



This is incredible.

What is it?





Take a look
at his ultrasound.

I'm taking a break.
I am eating an apple.

It's very strange.

His spleen is on
the wrong side.


Were you in
a car accident?

No, he used a ball launcher

to fire a basketball
at his stomach.

Yeah, my followers
love that stuff.

You have
a wandering spleen.

The ligaments holding
it were likely weakened
from past trauma.

The impact from the ball
caused it to break away.

Oh, snap. Can you
e-mail me those pics?

That's dope content
for my follow-up video.


You're not getting adequate
blood flow to the spleen.

We need to get you
into surgery now.

Sweet. Hey, can you guys
film this for me?

Urine samples
from the dosed
are inconclusive.

Any food updates?

No-go on the ribs
and the pasta salad.

In your extensive
tripping experience,

do people
usually talk crazy

or reveal their
true feelings?


Though often
they're related.

Yeah, Park's
definitely acting crazy.

I mean,
dancing on tables?

You want to talk Park
or the mystery?



We just moved in together,
and now he's rambling

about how opposites
don't attract.

Or shouldn't? I...

You know the word rambling
can refer to horny horses?

Maybe he's just nervous
about change.

Park doesn't get nervous.

Well, it's either
completely irrelevant

or something you two
need to have

a very serious talk about.

Isn't Dr. Gentry vegan?


That takes out chicken,
mac and cheese, and Jell-O.

(GASPS) The sweet potatoes.

Whose dish was that?

That's impossible.

I got the recipe online.
I followed it exactly.


And did you help him?

You think
I did something
to his dish?

Maybe you thought
it'd be funny.

That makes no sense,
which isn't surprising

because you're tripping.

But I'm not,
and I remember

you put a bag labeled "organs"
in the shared fridge

and changed Dr. Riley's
license plate to "IMPOTENT."

Those were harmless pranks,

unlike dosing a hospital.

I'm sorry... Pause.

When exactly was
this Prank Master era?

It wasn't an era.
It was just some stuff I did
my first few years here.


So you were different then?

Or are you just morphing
into different people

depending on
who you're talking to?

Do you have
other personalities

that I should know about?

Whatever you ate
is making you paranoid.

If this is going to work,

you need to be
your true self with me.

Enough couples' therapy.

Go to your apartment
and bring back
all the ingredients.

Okay, no problem.

Hello. You're scheduled
to assist Dr. Glassman

on the wandering spleen

That is my patient.

With a spleen
this fractured,

complications could
easily be missed...

fragments left behind
that can cause infection.

You need to convince
Dr. Glassman
to let me assist, too.

Why can't you
tell him yourself?

We had an argument
a few hours ago.

I'm not sure
he would listen to me.

Then by all means,
you should operate with him.


Today has been rough enough
without you dragging me

into the middle
of whatever this thing is.

Talk to Glassman



I am not scheduled
for this spleen surgery,
but I should be included.

This is
a rare procedure.

Did you take a break?

I had an apple.

Half an apple.

I understand if you're
disappointed, Shaun.

I need a team
who listens to me,

who knows my style,
and who embraces it.

Just because I don't
like to talk about
irrelevant topics

doesn't mean
I can't help.

Shaun, Shaun,
you're not in this surgery.



I thought about
what you said

about the recliner
and...other things.

Once this is over,
we should talk.

What's wrong?

Park? Park.


I need CBC, blood cultures,
and CT, stat.


Where does it hurt?


Good job double checking
at the end there.

Thank you.

With a spleen
this fractured,

complications can be
easily missed...


fragments left behind
that can cause infection.

That sounds familiar.

You're stressing him out.

You made him
question himself.

He should question himself.
He's a great surgeon.

Great surgeons
should continue
to question themselves.

That's how we learn.

Shaun is great,
and he's learned
a lot from you.

Maybe it's time
you let him
return the favor.

I've learned a lot
from both of you.


Stat page to O.R. One.

I'll meet you there.


JEROME: Olive oil,
pecans, cilantro.

Salt, pepper...

Okay, we need an answer now.

Park has
advanced appendicitis.

He needs surgery,
but not before we know
what's in his system.

I got everything.
On my way back.

Wait, Jerome, go back.

Wait. Bring the phone closer
to the seasonings.

No. That's the wrong
cumin shaker.

I used the other one.

What other shaker?

The first shaker
was almost empty

so I used the one
from your spice rack.

The clear one.

I don't have another...

It's psilocybin.

(SIGHS) Magic mushrooms.

A few weeks ago,
my roommate had a party.

Someone brought shrooms
in a cumin shaker.

That's all we need.

Shrooms won't disrupt

We can operate.


Jake Khan was
originally admitted
with an amputated toe,

but his most recent EKG
was abnormal.

CTA revealed an anomalous
left coronary artery.

He's at risk
of cardiac arrest.

Since you don't
want me in the O.R.,

you and Dr. Allen
will need to open him up

and increase blood flow
to his heart.

This is complicated.

I'm gonna need
a senior resident.

I'm a senior resident.

Yes, I know.
Let's scrub in.

Dr. Glassman, Park
is in O.R. number three.

On the table.

His appendix
is about to rupture.

We have an immediate
cardiac surgery here.

It's a quick laparoscopic.
And it's Park.

The moment we're in
the home stretch,

Dr. Murphy can start
the procedure on him.

What about Dr. Allen?

She's only a second-year.
Solo surgeries are third year.

I assisted

all the time
in my second year.

I can talk her through.

I got this.

Go prep.

SHAUN: Well, look at
all the areas of stenosis.

Or would you prefer to discuss
sports or another topic?

I appreciate that. I'm good
with the medicine for now.

And there's the anomaly.

What's the ideal approach?

We should unroof
the coronary.

An incision into the ostium
to the aortic root.

You heard the man.
Let's get to cutting.


How do you feel?

Still itching
to climb these walls?

Thanks for talking me down.

That could have been...ugly.


You know, I never pegged you
for a Spider-Man fan.

Always pictured you watching
a 10-part Ken Burns doc

on the history
of pencils.


Isabel dragged me
to the first movie,

and I loved it.

Peter Parker reminded me
of myself at that age.

Science nerds unite.

(SIGHS) She really
knew me well.

When I was a first-year,

I had this nightmare shift,

and this other resident

instead of going home
and falling apart,

that we see the matinee
of Spider-Man 3.

Thought it would
cheer me up.

That's a good friend.

Melendez was pretty cool.

Seeing those movies became
a bit of a tradition for us.

I haven't seen
the new one yet.

without him.


It isn't the same
without Isabel, either.

The other day,
I was working on

projected hospital goals
for the year,

and it got me
thinking about...

The life goals
I had set for myself.


A new house...

The presidency...


And I never imagined
a version without Isabel.

And here I am...

surrounded by people
who hate me.

Yeah, not that
I blame them.


I don't hate you.

Don't get me wrong,
you're a major
pain in the ass.

And I do not love the way
you became president,

but it's a level
of responsibility

I don't even
want to comprehend.

And you make it
look so easy
it's infuriating.

And you're actually
not half bad at it.

Tell anyone
I said that

and I'll tell them
you tried to run
into a wall.



Don't move.

There's a snake
beside you.


And done.

Decrease the flow
and let's check out
the heart.


Function's not improving.

Heart's not getting
adequate perfusion.

We need a bigger fix.


We can make a patch,
widen the vessel,

and increase the blood flow,
but that's not ideal.

The risk of thrombosis
is too high.

He might not even
last a few hours.

We could move
the left coronary artery

from the right side
of the aorta

and re-implant it
to the correct side.

That's a hell of an idea.

Dr. Murphy, take the lead.


We need to get back
on full bypass.

7-0 prolene sutures.


That was good work.


I shouldn't have
cut you out of
the surgery earlier.

I'm sorry.

It's been a long time
since I've done
an all-nighter.

I thought
it was quite invigorating.

I need a Scotch.

It's 8:00 a.m.

I know. Care to join?


Officially cleared
for discharge.

I wanted to apologize
for before.

I was kind of an ass.

You were right before.
I wasn't being myself
with you,

or...not my whole self
at least.

I was
a bit of a goofball
in college.

My buddies still can't believe
I work in a hospital.

I like to think
I've changed, but...

That part of me
is still there

and tends to come roaring back
when I'm around them.

And you thought
that would be
an issue for me?

You're a doctor.

I figured you wanted
someone smart, mature...


That's what I thought
you wanted.

I spent so much of my life
in Orthodox world...

I still don't feel like
I know what I'm doing.

And you seemed like
you had it all figured out.

It felt...

It felt intimidating.

I have so little
figured out,

except that
I'm really into you.

I'm meeting my friends
at Grant's Tavern.

If you're still

LEA: Say. Yes.

You okay?

All good.
Just waiting for Shaunie.



As your surgeon,

I advise no exercise
for six weeks,

keep the wound dry.

I'm well aware.

listen to your surgeon.

Dr. Reznick,
nice to see you.

Last time we were all together
was in the operating room
during my solo surgery...

Please leave.

I've been thinking
about the recliner.


Was I, uh, ranting
about that thing?

You were.

I thought we could keep it
in the living room,

but get it re-upholstered
in a fabric we agree on.

Make it something
that represents us both.

No purple.

Otherwise, deal.

S... Do you remember
anything else from last night?


Beyond that
I should never dance
in public again?

No. Why?

Was there
something important?

No, nothing important.







Get home all right?

I did. Everything okay?

Better than okay.
Turn on your TV.

Channel 39.


You know, I was thinking,
how about a weekly meeting?

Be good to keep a line
of communication open.

I'd like that, thanks.


Spider-Man 2, awesome.

We'll do it here.

"The power of the sun
in the palm of my hand."

"Nothing will stand
in our way."


To us evolving.



I think
I prefer tequila.

(CHUCKLES) You've got
a lot to learn.