The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Friends and Family - full transcript

Shaun visits his father on his deathbed and the reunion's results are unexpected. Claire addresses her grief. An NFL player needs treatment.

you need to make a decision.

Shaun, please.
Your mom's been calling.

Your father wants
to talk to you.

Say something, will you?
Say anything.

I know he wasn't a good father,

but he's the only father
you've got.

If ever there was something
you wanted to say to him,

now's the time.

I have nothing to say to him.


But if he wants to say
something to me before he dies,

I'll listen.


Can you come with me?
Yeah, of course.

Can I bring a friend?

I don't think
that's a good idea.

I want to bring a friend.

Shaun, how... How long
have you been dating Carly?

I don't want to bring Carly.

I want to bring Lea.


Never seen you here before.

Yeah, I just joined.

I'm not really a gym person,

but I, uh, thought
I'd try something new.

It's a great way
to clear your head.

Yeah. Um...

About last night.

In the stairwell.


No problem.

I know the boss isn't always
the person you want to talk to,

but if you ever do...

Thanks again.
But I'm fine. Really.

Is that guy serious?

That's it. That's it.

I'm gonna say yes,
since that's Art Kalman.

Raiders' offensive tackle.

That's like 800 pounds.

It's the NFL.

No pain, no paycheck.

Come on! Awesome, man.
We got you.

One more.

Naw, man. Come on, you're good.

One... more!

Push, push, push!



Are you okay?

Can you hear me? Don't move.

I'm a doctor. Where's it hurt?

It doesn't, but... I can't move.

Call 911.

I can't feel my legs!

Listen to me, Art.

You need to hold still.

I'm gonna take good care of you.
I can't feel my legs!

You know, you don't have
to go if you don't want to.

I can handle it.

I don't want to go.

I obviously have
no wisdom to offer...

My own family's a disaster.

And things are
crazy-busy at work now.


But he's my best friend,

and he seems to need my support,

so there's no way
I'm gonna say no.

Well, don't force yourself
to go if you don't want to.

Sounds like
you don't want me to go.

It's just that it's...

It's gonna be intense,
it's gonna be emotional.


I thought going home
to visit the parents

who abused and abandoned him
would be a fun family reunion.

Why are you getting defensive?

Why do you have to be

How am I controlling? Hmm.

I'm just ask... I'm ready to go.

We have to be at the airport
90 minutes prior to our flight.


Can you believe
the size of this guy?

Exactly why
I don't watch football.

Size is more important
than talent or skill.

I'm gonna guess
you never played.

Half the players
are morbidly obese.

Yet they
can still run 4.9 forties

and have 36-inch verticals.

It doesn't matter what kind
of body you're born with.

No one makes it to the top

unless they're
incredibly talented

and they worked their ass off.

It's just stupid.

Jocks get paid millions
and get treated like royalty,

whereas people who do jobs
that actually matter...

Teachers, cops, doctors...

We can barely pay
our student loans.

Someone woke up on the
wrong side of the bed.

I'm gonna guess someone else's.

I'm not doing that anymore.

Just like that?

Just like that.


This is bad.

Burst and facet fractures...
T3 and 4.

Retropulsion of bony
fragments in the spinal canal.

But look here.

There's no transectional
bruising in his spinal cord.

We're in
boarding group A, right?

Boarding group A,

no emergency exit row,

right side of the plane.

Have you spoken to Carly?

Not since last night.

Well, don't you think
you should call her,

let her know where you're
going and why and with whom?

She won't worry.

She knows I don't like my dad,

so I won't be sad when he dies.


Call her and let her know

that you're...
You're gonna miss her.

She must know I'll miss her.

Tell her anyway.

You know it must be good advice

if he and I actually agree.

If we can stabilize
the fractures

and decompress the cord,

we should be able to
reverse the paralysis.

Fantastic. We should
start a preoperative.

Riluzole regimen.


There's an experimental
hypothermia treatment

shown to reduce cord edema
and cell death

when done prior to surgery.

It's also shown a high rate of
bradycardia and arrhythmias,

which is the last thing I want
to deal with during surgery.

There's an infusion protocol we
can follow to reduce that risk.

The faster we reduce
the inflammation...

Thank you,
I appreciate your input,

but as Art's surgeon...

She's right.

And what makes you think
you're doing the surgery?

Dr. Melendez, I appreciate
all you've done.

But now that he's stable,
my staff will take over.

Well, actually,
that's not your call.

Or mine.

You're a pro athlete
with a pro athlete's body.

And you need a surgeon
who understands

that this is not just about
making sure you can walk again.

It's about making sure
you can run, block,

so you can get back out
on that field

and play at the top
of your game.

This is what I do.

Sure, you do knees,
you do shoulders.

Have you ever done
anything like this before?

Robert Stokes, last year.

Donny Lund
a few years before that.

Both players had
similar spinal fractures.

Actually, not that similar.

This is more like what I see in
high-speed motorcycle accidents.

And unfortunately,
I've seen a lot of those.

Not one or two every few
years, but 20 to 30 every year.

That's what I do.

This is gonna be awesome.

Have you got something to say?

I get you want to deal
with stuff on your own,

for people to mind
their own business.

But whatever pressure you've
been feeling is still here.

If you don't seek help
or rely on other people,

you will fail.

Thank you.

Should we get back to work now?


Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to Cheyenne
Regional Airport.


I changed my mind.

I don't want to hear
what he has to say.

I think you do want to hear
what he has to say.

No. No.

I-I don't want to be here.

Shaun... Okay, why don't we
just sit in the car for a while?

There's no rush.



I want to go.


Shaun, take a deep breath.
No, thank you.

I don't want to take a breath.

Shaun, just... No, I want to go!

- I want to go.
- Okay.

I want to go now! Okay.

Go now! Please!
Okay, okay, okay. Okay. Okay.

Okay. Okay. Please.

Here we go.

Please, okay, go now.
We're going back to the hotel.

I'm sorry. Go now!

We'll settle in at the hotel...
Go now!

We're going. It's gonna be okay.

We're going. Go now, please!

We'll settle in at the hotel,

and then we'll see, okay?



How you doing?

I'm ready to go home.

We're not gonna be able to
do that until tomorrow, so...

Maybe we should try to make
the most of our visit.

Shaun, it's okay.

Just because your dad's dying

doesn't mean he deserves
to be forgiven.

And if he dies before
you're ready to listen

to whatever he wants to
say, that's his fault.


Not yours.

There is someone
I'd like to see.

He's in a peaceful place.

He's decomposed.

Except for maybe
his face and hands.

That's where they concentrate
the embalming fluid

because that's what
people see at the funeral.


Are you ready?


Well, you take
as much time as you need.

Your Mom and I
are gonna wait in the car.

I'm not going with you.


I'm never going with you.

What are you gonna do? Hmm?

You gonna live in that bus?

You gonna eat out of the trash?


Come on, let's go home.
Leave me alone.


It was an accident, Shaun.

A horrible, tragic accident.

And I know you're hurting.

I promise you,
he's hurting, too.


You don't get over
losing a child.

He wants to see you.

What do you want to do?

But you don't have to.

If you're not ready yet,
that's fine.

Whatever feels right for you,
that's what you should do.

Hi, Shaun.


Can I hug you?


- Got venous blood return.
- I'm in the subclavian.

Next step?

Large bore catheter.

FYI, he grew up poor.

He bought his mom a house
with his signing bonus.

Set up a business for his
brother and cousins...

Focus on the procedure.

You can write his biography
on your own time.

Infusing 400 milliliters
cooling saline.

Core body temp down to 94.5.

He's bradycardic.

Push .5 atropine.

Let's get a transcutaneous
pacer on him.

Low charge.

We can't allow the contractions
to increase the dislocation

and sever the cord.

Charge at 40.

40 milliamps.


Can't feel his pulse.

10 milliliters epi
on a long needle.

We should start compressions.

No, we can't risk
further dislocation.

Should we up the...
No. Keep it at 40.

40 milliamps.


No response.
Give him more atropine.

Should we push more IV epi?

No, that'll take too long.

We should increase
the charge by 100.

No, we can't take that risk.

Better paralyzed than dead.

He's got a pulse.


Core temp? 93.2.

That's cool enough.

Let's monitor him closely

make sure that his BP and heart rate
are steady before we start surgery.

Shaun, I'm sorry.

It's just...

I always wanted a son.

I mean, a boy that I could
teach to hunt and fish.

Play catch with.

Have a beer with.

A little kid that I could
carry around on my shoulders.

And I got angry.

Not at you, but just me.

I was pissed off at myself.

Because I couldn't help my son.


No matter how hard I
tried, I always failed.

But you were a good kid.

And you've become a great man.

Better than I could
ever dream of.

I'm proud of you, Shaun.


And I love you.

I just wanted you to know that.



are not a good person.

You always drank too much beer,

which made you stink.

Shaun. Mm.

And you always blame
other people.

And you hit and punch
other people...

Shaun, please calm down.


You killed my rabbit.


You killed my rabbit.

And you killed my brother!

S-So I don't care
that you're dying!

I don't care at all!



You done yet?
We need to follow up on Art.

I'll be right there.

You said that ten minutes ago.

I am just finishing up
some charts.

The charts on your phone?


Nice. Very dramatic. And stupid.

People need to be able
to page you.

Tequila, stat.

No, thank you.

♪ Is a winner's game

♪ No one to thank

We need to do something fun.

Like go for a swim.

There is a gorgeous lake
a few blocks away.

I saw it when we first drove in.

It's the Rocky Mountains.
It's December.

So? My family used to do

a New Year's Eve "Polar Bear
Plunge" at our lake house.

Sometimes, my dad would...

The diagnosis is correct.

♪ just a cause for sinning

There is no hope.
He's going to die.

♪ Some see the beginning


♪ We'd find our way through
the joy and the pain of love

Shaun, I don't think
you're done with your dad.

You can't help him medically,
but you can talk to him.

Yes, you have every right
to be angry,

but I'm not so sure
that's all you feel.

I think we should go home
to the motel,

get some sleep,
wake up in the morning,

go to the Hilltop,
get some pancakes,

and then see what happens.

♪ a poor man's drink

Sounds like a very wise plan.


On the other hand,
there is that lake.

Oh, my God, do you ever stop?

I'm going with Lea.

Yes! The lake is
probably half frozen.

I'm going with Lea.

Let's do this, Shaunie.

♪ Is a poor man's drink

♪ And some say death is just
our cause for sinning ♪

Your heart is stabilized,
and surgery will likely be in a few hours.

You're gonna walk out of here
and probably even play again.

You want to know
why I chose you guys?

Because I thought you didn't
care if I played or not.

I hate football.

I always have.

But you've dedicated your entire
life to being the best at it.

I was 6'1", 250 pounds
in 8th grade.

When I got to high school,
the coach,

he didn't ask me to play...
He told me.

But from the
first practice, it was...

It's not who I am.


I wanted to quit, but...

college coaches
started calling my mom.

She insisted it was God's plan.

Why else would
I be born this way?

But you're not a kid anymore.

You must have plenty of money.

Everybody depend on me...

My mother, my brother,

my cousins, my friends.

They'd hate me.

So I prayed to get hurt,

but no matter how
out of control I played...

I thought I'd go
to the weight room

and blow out a knee,
and then this happens.


He wants closure.
There's no such thing.

Some relationships
are just not meant to be,

which is why people should focus

on nurturing the ones they have,

instead of trying to salvage
the ones they've lost.

Talking's done.

Time for action.


What's wrong?

The majority of
drownings are caused

by swimming
after drinking alcohol.

Not gonna be a problem,
because we're not gonna swim.

It's way too cold for that.

We're just gonna run in

until it's deep enough
to dunk our heads

and then run back out.

No. Oh, come on.

It'll feel amazing.

Like... Like you've just had
an awesome massage.

I don't like massages.

It's not at all like a massage.

It's... It's not
even close to that.

I don't like the mud.

It gets between my toes.

You won't even feel it.

Your toes will be numb
as soon as they hit the water.

But that feeling
when you get out...

That warm, tingly sensation...

It's the best high there is.

That can't be true.


Guess I'll just have
to go solo, then.

You're not supposed
to swim alone.

I'm not alone. You're here.

And you're gonna regret it
if you don't come with me.

Suit yourself.






Damn it!

If only I could hold my breath
longer than 15 seconds!

That is not a good joke!


I knew you would forgive me.

Shaun's not an angry person.


He can be insecure, maybe.

Uh, stubborn sometimes.

But he's not an angry person.

And if that's
the last conversation

he has with his dad, then...

Then all I've succeeded in doing

is ripping open an old scab,

and this whole trip
was a mistake.

His dad was a disaster,

and his mom did nothing
to protect him.

So, I just don't think
you need to be so worried

about getting him to forgive.


You're gonna become
a-a parent someday.

Maybe. Right?


Well, if you do,

you're gonna be responsible
for another human being.

And your first job, number one,

is to keep them alive.


You're gonna make mistakes,

but you hope that one mistake
doesn't scar you for life.

Uh, I'm...

I'm sorry.

Shaun's dad needed
a little bit of mercy.

We'll leave in the morning.


I don't like the mud.

It gets between my toes.

Aw, come on, buddy.
We can't turn back now.

We're almost to the waterfall.

I can wait here.

Um, I-I'll meet you
when you come back.

No, no, no, no,
you're too young to be left alone.

I tell you what...
I will help you

clean every speck of dirt off
your feet as soon as we cross.

I don't want to.

Okay, well, what if I carry you?

You won't even touch the water.

No, I don't want to be picked up.
It'll be five seconds.

For the most amazing
mountaintop picnic ever!

And I-I got
all your favorite foods.

I got, uh, peanut butter
and jelly on white bread,

I got apples,
chocolate chip cookies.


Aw, Shaun, come on.

No! No, put me down! All right,
all right, all right, all right.

No, no, no, buddy,
it's okay, it's okay.

It's okay! Let me go!
Put me down!

Okay. Okay. Let me go!

All right, all right. All right.

You did good.

You're okay. We're good.
It's all good.

All right, let's do this.

Put your shoes on, bud.



These are as good as I remember.

There's a flight at 11:00,

if that's what you want.

Are you good with that?


You never could get enough
of Hilltop's pancakes.


Can we talk?

It'll just take a minute.
I promise.


♪ When I kiss
her heated lips... ♪

definitely been reduced.

Well done, Doctor. Thanks.

And get the rods
and place set screws...

Got it... while Park
and I compress the spine

above and below the fracture
to improve alignment.


All I ever wanted was
to figure out a way

to move past...


I wanted us
to be a family again.

Why did you stay with him?

I don't know.

I just...

I love him.

You loved him
more than me and Steve?



That isn't true.


I just...

I guess I knew
what I could do for him.

With you...

I don't blame you for hating us.

We were young.


Not like people today.

Like Dr. Glassman.

There was so much we
didn't understand about...


And what you needed from us.

We've missed you.

So much.

Can I hug you?



♪ That the one
who loves you is waiting

♪ That the one
who loves you is waiting

♪ That the one who loves you
is waiting here at home ♪

I need to talk to my dad.

I thought you went home.

I couldn't let you put me
on your shoulders.

Or let you hug me.


I couldn't make you happy.

You are my son.

You're Shaun.

I forgive you.


I don't want
to punish you anymore.

I don't want to punish you.

You're not like other people.

You're s-so smart.

But weak.

You're like
a spoiled, little baby.

He's delirious
from the morphine.

You understand. He...
He doesn't know what he's saying.

You're damn right Stevie's
death wasn't my fault.

It was yours. Shh, shh, shh.

He was always trying
to impress you.

You and that damn rabbit.
Ethan, shh!

- Shaun, let's go.
- Stop. Shh.

Oh, yeah, go ahead.

Get out of here.

Run away again! Come on.

G-G-Go ahead! Run away again!

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Now what?

You need to tell them.

If they care about you,
they will understand.

No one will blame you for
retiring after breaking your back.

Nearly paralyzing yourself.

My mom worked minimum-wage
jobs her whole life.

Raised an entire family
on her own.

And you think I should tell
her I want to quit the NFL

because I don't "like" it?

Because it's not "fun" for me?

You think I don't
understand what it's like

to need to please your mother.

No matter how hard you work,

you still owe something more.

And every good thing that
has ever happened to you

is pure luck.

But every bad decision you make,

that's the real you.


And you deserve to suffer.

Your mom called.

Your dad passed 30 minutes ago.

You want to stay
for the funeral?


I want to go home.


You want me to stay for a while?



Well, we don't have to talk.
We can just sit.

Or, um, go for a walk.

I'm... tired.

I should go to sleep.


Good night.


Hey, it's Claire.

Yeah, I know. I, um...

I got a new phone
with a different number.

I changed my mind.

I think we should meet up...


Yes, baby.

I'm here.

There's something
I need to tell you.


I'm sorry for making you meet
me after hours like this.

I just...

I really needed someone
to talk to.

Of course, Claire.

I'm always available
for my patients.

Come on in. Thanks.