The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Incomplete - full transcript

Shaun is ready for the next step in his relationship with Carly. A young woman must decide on a life saving procedure that might destroy her marriage.


Kinda overcooked the eggs.

Not used to a gas stove. Sorry.

Last thing I want is food right now.

Ah, lightweight.

You know, I outdrank you
at least two to one.

Never mind I was rolling on Molly.

I'm a cheap date.

I'll take the coffee, though.

You're a doctor?

Well, Dr. Browne...

I had fun last night.

Me too.

And that unenthusiastic response
answers my question.

"Wanna meet up again?"

I'll get out of here.

Hey, Shaun...

I have a question for Dr. Glassman.

Uh, he's, uh, in the shower.

- Do you want to come on...
- When did his shower begin?

Just... He just got in.

His showers are at least nine minutes.

I'd be late to work.

I'll wait. This is important.

Is there something I can help with?

The florist told me
the pink roses express passion

and the purple Peruvian lilies
convey devotion,

but I feel both passion
and devotion for Carly.

You could give her both.

Please ask Dr. Glassman
to text me the answer

as soon as he gets out of the shower.

Well... what's Carly's favorite color?

'Cause flowers don't really have meaning.

That's just a tactic to boost sales.


There you go.

Hi, Shaun.

I'd like to have sex tonight.

Would you?


39-year-old male, multi-car accident,

blunt abdominal injuries,

including ruptured spleen
and lacerated liver.

- What's his G.C.S.?
- Nine.

Intraperitoneal free fluid
in the right upper quadrant.

We need an O.R., stat. Page Melendez.

We were at our engagement photoshoot.

I thought it was just a migraine.

I get them sometimes
with the flashing lights.

Then she started slurring her words.

I was trying to tell him

that I couldn't feel
or move my left side.

The only thing that got me
through was Tony telling me,

"Okay, it will be."

How long before your symptoms
began to subside?

About half an hour.

By the time we got here,
all I had was a mild headache.

I think you had
a transient ischemic attack.

A mini-stroke.

- A stroke?
- Mini.

Jeanie's 25.

Which is why we'll need
an MRI, cardiac echo, and labs

before... we know for sure.

Cauterize that bleed.

That's it for the liver.

What's his mean arterial pressure?


What was that place
with the deviled oysters

you took Dr. Lim to?

Oh, Mia's in town.

As some of you may be aware,

Dr. Lim and I are no longer together.

It's called Half Shell.

Downtown, off Second.

Remove the packing.

Look at the aorta.

Likely a laceration from the accident.

We'll need to dissect further to
determine the extent of the damage.

B.P.'s skyrocketing.

He's just suffered massive blood loss.

He's under anesthesia.
He should be hypotensive.

Pulmonary embolism?

Push beta-blockers.

That... That'd kill him.

He's tachycardic and hyperthermic.

I think he must be on something.

MDMA mixed with anesthesia?

Give him a low dose of nitroglycerin

and calcium channel blockers.

B.P.'s dropping.

It's working.

Push the full dose. Close him up.

We're gonna have to wait for the
MDMA to leave his bloodstream.

We'll get a better look
at the aorta via imaging.

Good call.

I need to use the restroom.

Hang in there, Jeanie.
Just a couple more minutes.

You should ask me
what I'm going to do tonight.

Um... okay.

But just to make it feel

more like an actual conversation...

Nothing much.

I've got a yoga class and a date
with Ben & Jerry tonight.

How about you, Shaun?

I'm having sex with Carly.

- Whoa.
- It's my first time.

- Mazel tov.
- It took us 22 days to kiss,

nine more to hold hands...

although, we don't really
hold hands when we hold hands...

and another six to touch
more than one thing at a time.

But now I'm ready.

That's a lot of foreplay.

I've been reading about
the four stages of arousal...

Fair warning...
the first time for most people

is kind of awful.

Your first time was awful?

Not an appropriate question
to ask a colleague.

Although, there's an exception
to every rule.

Which books did your lover
read to prepare?

No clots, no bleeds,
no occlusions, no P.F.O.


She didn't have a stroke.

She's having a seizure.

Pushing diazepam.

She had to use the restroom.

Her bladder is distended.

Whatever it's pressing against
must be causing these attacks.

CT shows she has two pelvic lesions,

and labs show elevated levels
of catecholamines.

The pain meds we gave her could
have distended her bladder,

which is abutting one of the tumors,

setting off her second attack.

But what set off the first one?

Sexual intercourse.

The other tumor appears
to be within her clitoris.

Progressive impact may have
destabilized it over time.

And now she's at risk
of having more seizures.

Sex could kill this woman.

He's stable, and the MDMA
is out of his system.

We're good to go back in
and graft the aorta.

We're just getting caught up
with blood loss

and fluid resuscitation.

An endovascular stent
is minimally invasive.

It is a better option than a graft.

But a stent could clot off

because we won't be able
to give blood thinners.

His liver is still a bleeding risk.

Let's take our chances with the stent.

We can be in and out
and have him back in the ICU,

where we can focus on his recovery.

I do not want to proceed without consent.

He won't regain consciousness
for another couple of hours.

We shouldn't wait that long.

Get it from his wife.
She's on her way here now.

We can remove the tumors,

but it means we also have to remove

most of your vagina and clitoris.

You can still have children.

Via C-section. It won't affect
your uterus or ovaries.

What about sex?

You won't be able to have intercourse

or experience an orgasm.

I-It doesn't make sense.

I've been sexually active for five years.

Never had any attacks.

We suspect the tumor's
been dormant for some time.

What if I don't have the surgery?

What are the odds of another attack?

There are many variables involved,

including frequency, duration,
sexual position, penis size...

About 2%.

Each time?

Each time.

On average, couples have sex
52 times per year,

which means in the next three years,

your chance of having
a life-threatening attack

is well over 95%.

I think we'll take our chances.

You should talk it over
between yourselves,

perhaps with a counselor...

I understand the situation.

I don't want the surgery.

I'll catch up.



Missed you at the research meeting.

I was in surgery. Craniotomy.

Now I have two consults,
a meeting with a donor,

and a hospital chair meeting.

Well, don't forget to eat something.

Ah, food is for the weak.

So is waiting for this elevator.

Are we okay?


Sorry, I'm just busy.

We're recommending the stent.

It risks clotting, but it's also
less invasive than the graft.

The graft would be
a more permanent repair,

but there's greater chance
of surgical complications.

I have to trust you, right?

Is Dad gonna be okay?

Oh, absolutely, darling.

We're gonna take good care of your dad.

He'll be home before you know it, okay?


Thank you.

If we send her home
without the surgery, she'll die.

We don't know that.

And taking away sex
from a young couple in love?

That's devastating.

So's death.

How much time does a couple
actually spend having sex?

19 minutes per week, including foreplay.

The rest... that's the real relationship.

Forget the act itself.

Sex is crucial to the happiness

and satisfaction of a relationship.

Sex is destructive.

It turns people into liars
and cheaters and idiots.

It might start relationships,

but more often than not,
it rips them apart.

She got devastating news

and made an emotional decision
without thinking it through.

The least we can do
is get her counseling.

Was she offered counseling
when you gave her the diagnosis?

Briefly, but she was still
reeling from the...

Then it's over.

When she's stable, discharge her.

Thank you.

Yeah, the pink heart and purple star...

How are you feeling?

Hi, Doctor. He's doing great.

Hi. I'm Dr. Browne.

You had a tear in your aorta,

but we stabilized it with a stent.

Until we can give you blood thinners,

you'll be at risk of a clot,

so we'll be monitoring you closely.

But right now, everything is
looking absolutely perfect.



See, Cupcake?

It's all good.

Why didn't you come home last night?

Daddy had a sleepover at Uncle Jeff's.

He got a new turtle.
You can see it next time.

Your blood pressure is responding well

to the alpha-blockers.

We'll run labs.

If they're normal, you can be
discharged in the morning.

Thank you.

You'll want to be aware at all times

of where the closest hospital is.

Every time you have intercourse,

you'll be endangering
your fianc?e's life.

I-I'm aware of that.

We both are.

But it's Jeanie's body.
It's her decision.

I'm just... trying to be supportive.

I don't think you are.

You're being selfish.

She's risking her life,

and you're keeping your mouth shut

so you can keep getting laid.

You do think I'm making
the right decision?


I do.


He really is gonna be fine.

I know. Thank you.

You okay?

I think he's cheating on me.

His brother lives in Willow Glen,

the other side of the city
from where he had his accident.

What did he say about it?

That he had a breakfast meeting
with a client.

Not unlike the excuse he used
last time he cheated.

Him denying it was the worst part.

Made me doubt myself.

You know, was I just
a paranoid, jealous wife,

throwing out wild accusations?

Your husband has just had
a serious car accident,

and you're very stressed.

Right now, all you should be
thinking about is...

getting him better.

You're right.

Thank you.

Not at all.

Would you like to take my top off?


Would you like me to take your shirt off?


I would like to do it myself.

Even better.


I've got it.

- I-I got it.
- Okay.


Do you want to slow down?

Do you want to stop?

I'd like to go watch some TV.

So, eh, you weren't feeling it?

I was definitely feeling it.

She... Mm.

I don't know.

I think you're confused.

I think... I think it's emotional

and it's hormonal,
and... and... and maybe...

I wasn't confused.

She had a tattoo.

It was half a heart.

I don't understand why someone
would get an incomplete tattoo.

She shouldn't have something
that's incomplete

on her body that I can see.

You sure it was the tattoo?

Yes. It is a...

very disturbing tattoo
that makes no sense.

Maybe it's not about the tattoo.

I mean...

maybe it's about intimacy?

Letting another person into
your life... that's a big deal.

I know. Trust me.

There are gonna be things
about her that you love

and things about her that you don't.

And there are certain things,
like the tattoo,

you... you can't change.



well, it's worth it.

She can get the tattoo removed.

She can't get the tattoo removed, Shaun.

I don't think it's about the tattoo.

We are backed up.

Sorry, Shaun.


Everything looks good.

Could've just checked them on the E.M.R.

I know.

How's it going with Shaun?

He tends to overshare with coworkers.

Yes, he does.

And he was oversharing
up until this morning,

so I'm guessing
the Night of a Thousand Stars

didn't go as planned?

We're fine, thanks.

Of course.

You waited three weeks
for a kiss. You're a saint.

That didn't sound like a compliment.

I like Shaun,
and I love that he's dating,

but I can't help thinking

that the kind of person
who'd go out with Shaun

might be seeing him
more as a project than a person.

And I'd rather not see him
get his heart broken.

Last week, two techs called in sick.

I had to diagnose and file
over 200 slides.

But when I told Shaun,

he came down and he helped me
get through them

until 3:00 in the morning.

I am not going out with Shaun
because I have a martyr complex.

I'm going out with him
'cause he's a great guy

who treats me well.

And the condescending notion
that someone needs

an ulterior motive
to be interested in him

means you're the one who isn't
seeing him as a person.

Your craniotomy ended an hour
before the research meeting.

You didn't miss the meeting
'cause you were in surgery.

I think you missed the meeting
because I was gonna be there.

I'm busy. I can show you
my calendar if you'd like.

You dumped me. I should be
the one avoiding you.

What's going on?

Are you having second thoughts?

No. I'm not.

Why are you willing to die for sex?

Sex creates...


lets you be open,

honest with each other,

share your biggest fears.

Sometimes, you shouldn't share.

Sometimes, you have to
just accept, right?


What you have to accept, that's
not for anyone else to say.

If you don't tell your partner
everything that you're feeling,

thinking, worrying about,

then you aren't fully connected.

Close your eyes.

Yes, this is one of those
dumb sensory exercises,

but just go with it.

Now tell me one of your favorite
memories with your fianc?e.

Last summer, we went camping in Yosemite.

We decided to rough it

by only packing PB&J sandwiches.

The first night,
a bear rips into our tent

and devours them.

And the next night, of course,
we had this hole in our tent,

and the mosquitos just ate us alive.

And the bug spray
that we thought we packed?

It was sunscreen.

And then when it started pouring,

we turned to each other
at the same time and we said,


And that's when I knew
I wanted to marry her.


That was a memory of something
you got through together,

not about the time
you had a threesome in Miami.

It was New Orleans.

The threesome was
in New Orleans, not Miami.

And it was way better than the bear trip.

But I wasn't gonna tell
my fianc?e's doctor about it.

Sex... makes you real with someone.

Sex makes you stupid.

I had the perfect man.

He was... smart and funny.

He squeezed the sponge
after washing the dishes.

Then one night, I-I met some guy
and I had a few drinks,

and, um...

I got all tingly and got really stupid.

Never saw him again.

Or my boyfriend.

Sex can make us feel
incredibly close to someone...



But sex is not the goal.

All the rest of those things are.

She's the love of my life.

And I always thought that we were strong

and that we can overcome
anything together.

But without sex...

...I don't know if...

if we have enough.


Then you need to lie to her.

Nurse said you'd be here an hour ago.

Yeah, well, you're not my only patient.

Look, I get it.

This is about as awkward as it gets.

Yes, it is.

You know, I almost died in that accident.

When I woke up, all I could
think about was my wife...

and my little girl...

and how much of an ass I'd been
and how hurt they'd be.

So, why is it
that once I get out of here,

I'm gonna keep cheating on them?

I can't help it.

No matter how much remorse or guilt...

I feel like I always give in.

Then you should leave them.

I can't.

I love them.

How messed up is that, right?

But I think you know.

Yeah, well, I don't cheat.

I saw you checking me out in the bar.

My left hand,

just making sure I was married.

You're just as big a cheater
as me, Dr. Browne.

My, uh, leg...

it's... it's cold.

No pulse.

Your stent has formed a clot.

We need an angio, stat!

Everything okay?

You haven't said a word
since "Pass the salt."

It's about Shaun, isn't it?

Two weeks ago,

you asked me to give him romantic advice,

which I didn't want to do.

And then he comes into my office
for romantic advice,

and you kick him right out.

It's because you're helping him too much.

He is completely dependent on you.

For good reason.

He hasn't spoken to his parents
since he was 14.

The only person he cared about...

died right in front of his eyes.

Aaron, I know how much you love him.

How you hate to see him
struggle, fail, get hurt.

But you need to let him.

And he'll be okay.

Because he has someone else
in his life now.

Just like you do.

Placing guide wire through the needle.

Placing catheter.

So, how do you know this guy?

You knew he was on MDMA,

you've been avoiding him
since he arrived,

and... I checked on his accident.

It was a half mile from your place.

I was with him
the night before the accident,

but it's not relevant.

It hasn't affected my judgement.

Yes, it has.

If you hadn't been avoiding him,

we could've caught the clot earlier.

I figure you've been
going through something lately.

Something that's really hurt you.

And maybe it's making you turn
to things you normally wouldn't.

But some of the guys you meet
are gonna be trouble,

some are gonna be married,
some are gonna...

He took a vow, not me.

That's the exact attitude someone had

when they helped ruin my life.

There's the clot.

Activating angio jet.

It's too big to bust.

We have to open him up.

You said to accept things
I don't like, but Jeanie said

- I have to share everything,
- Shaun. Shaun.

And I don't know...

Shaun, stop, stop, stop.

I have to go home.

I can walk you to your car.
Is it very far?

I think this discussion
will take at least 15 minutes,

so maybe you can drive me?

We have to set boundaries, okay?

We have to set some limits.

You can't just come over
6:30 in the morning,

uh, uh, for flower advice.

You can't just pop into
my office anytime you want.

Is this because of Debbie?

No. Yes.

And I agree with her.

It was different when it was
just the two of us,

but now we have people in our lives...

both of us.

We have to make them the priority.

Does this mean we can't talk anymore?

No, of course we can talk. Of...

It's just that there's a time
and a place for everything.

And this is the wrong time and place?


7:00 a.m. Tuesday. Pancakes.

I liked it better

when it was just the two of us.

125 over 78.

Looks good.

Nice bug spray.

SPF 50.

Not much went right that trip.


the more things went wrong,

the closer I felt to you.

We'll get through this, too.

I don't know.

Sex has always been...

our language.

Our way of sharing who we are
with each other.

And if we lose that...

...what if we don't have enough?

We'll still have...




three kids.

Two boys and a girl.

I love you more than sex.

I love you more than sex, too.

Does... this mean
you're getting the surgery?


90 minutes without a pulse in his leg.

He's at high risk for necrosis.

Prosthetic successfully sutured to aorta.

Almost done with
the distal right anastomosis.

Careful not to narrow the artery
during suturing.


Blood flow restored. Good arterial pulse.

Good job catching that clot, Dr. Browne.

If we'd waited any longer,
we'd have to amputate.

Thank you.

It... was a team effort.

Making incision at the vaginal wall.

Murphy, develop margins at the lesion.


Nicely done.

How you turned your patient around.

It was nice when Tony told Jeanie

he loved her more than sex.

He was lying.

I told him that if he cared
about her at all, he had to.

Maybe it was the truth.

It can be true
without him knowing it's true.

What's wrong?

Dr. Glassman told me
I have to accept things,

but Jeanie said to be open and honest.

I agree with Jeanie...

whoever she is.

It's your tattoo.

Thank God.

I thought you hated my boobs
or something.

It's incomplete.

Didn't you have enough money
to pay for a full heart?

I got this in high school.

It's incomplete.

Not anymore.

I got you.


Dr. Glassman was right.

It's not the tattoo.

We were able to restore
blood flow to his legs.

He's gonna be just fine.

Thank you so much, Dr. Browne.

Now that he's out of the woods,

you don't need to feel guilty
about questioning him.

All the pain, paranoia, and self-doubt...

you deserve to know the truth.

He's just gonna deny it.

Then you need to insist.

Our relationship was a stupid idea.

Which made ending it a smart idea.

Simple, binary...

and naive.

I really underestimated
how hard this would be.

Yes, I've been having second thoughts.

I'm not saying we should
get back together...

What are you saying?

I don't know.


It's... good to know that it's not easy.

It's good to know that it mattered.

Intimacy isn't about a tattoo.

And it's not about touching or kissing

or... even sex.

It's about sharing your biggest fears.


What are you scared of?

I love being a pathologist.

But every day I walk into the lab,

I am filled with doubt.

Am I smart enough? Am I capable enough?

Do I really deserve to be here?

How long until someone walks in
and exposes my fraud

and has me removed from the premises?

Eventually, those thoughts retreat.

Until the next morning,

when they all come crashing
back into my brain.

That and pigeons.

They freak me out.


My biggest fear... that I'll be alone.

If I don't get over this, you'll leave.

We don't have to have sex.

Can we just hold each other
for a little bit?

I think I'd like that.




You should go.

I don't know. Maybe.

It can wait till tomorrow morning.

Eh, you were right.

Everything you said was right.

But this is different.

Shaun needs you.


Your mom called from Wyoming.

Your dad's been diagnosed
with pancreatic cancer.

He may only have a few days left.