The Good Doctor (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Fractured - full transcript

Shaun opens up with Aaron about his feelings towards Lea.

CLAIRE: Previously,
on The Good Doctor...

Can we just hold each other
for a little bit?

Deal with your crap

before this is
who you really become.

I'm sorry for
making you meet me
after hours like this.

I'm always available
for my patients.

Come on in.

Your dad's been diagnosed
with pancreatic cancer.

You're not like
other people.

You're like
a spoiled, little baby.






You okay?

We have to be
at the airport
at 7:00 a.m.

I think when you're
taking the first flight
out of Casper,

you don't need to be there
90 minutes early.


Or maybe you do.


You want to talk
about last night?

I think we should.


Because you were in
a pretty bad place,

which is
totally understanda...

I feel better now.

Thank you.


I'm glad
I could help you.

But I also think

we shouldn't tell anyone
I stayed here all night.

People might
get the wrong idea.


We slept together.

Did you use protection?

We did not have sex.
We just slept.


Held each other.

I was upset,
and Lea comforted me.

Lying in bed with her,

it felt...

Different than it does
with Carly.

Well, maybe that's why
you invited Lea

instead of Carly
in the first place?


Lea and I
are just friends.

Yeah, she's made that
very clear.

Sometimes you learn
more about someone

by what they do
than what they say.

Of course,
who the hell knows
what she wants.

But more importantly,
what do you want?

I don't know.

Well, you better
figure it out soon.

Sex or no sex,
the wheels are in motion.

And someone's about
to get run over.

They had Mallomars.

Let's roll.




Respiratory tech to 3 East.

Respiratory tech to 3 East.

y-you're back already?

Why wouldn't I be?
I like being here.


I'm really sorry
to hear about your father.

How are you doing?

He died.

And the seat was
very uncomfortable
on the flight,

so I couldn't sleep.

And they only had
the salty peanuts

and not the pretzels
I like.

Yeah. Life sucks.

We need a doctor!


We were mountain biking.

She fell down
a rocky slide.

Her leg...

We'll need an X-ray
and an MRI.

Let's also get you
something stronger

than this ice pack
for the pain.

Uh, they gave me Vicodin when
I had my wisdom teeth pulled.

I was sick for two days.

We have
other painkillers...

Really, I'm fine.

Look, I made it through
childbirth without drugs.

I can make it
through this.

That hurts
less than childbirth?


Tender and bloated.

We should
get you admitted,
get an X-ray.

That's all right.
All I need are laxatives.

Intestinal blockage could be
fatal if we don't treat it.


I'm unemployed, and I don't
have insurance right now.

How about this...

We skip the X-ray,
give you the meds.

But in exchange,
you agree to stay here

till you've had
a bowel movement,

and we have
peace of mind.


Shaun, you're back.

Hello, Carly.
It's good to see you.
I missed you.

Morgan and I
have a patient

with a comminuted
leg fracture.

We need a rush on a C.B.C.
and coagulation panel.

Shaun, I'm sorry
about your Dad.

Why didn't you return
any of my calls or texts?

I was very busy.

You had time to text me.

I wasn't sure
what to say.

Shaun, I know that you
don't always understand
people's feelings.

But a part of you
had to understand

that ignoring me
would be hurtful.

I'm not sure
what to say now.



My patient
is getting an MRI.

I need to get back
to them.

Are you going to
take the samples?




It's an interesting

Just organizing some notes
for a potential case report.

Nice. Look forward
to reading it.

I started
seeing a therapist.


I hope you find it


She thinks I, uh...
I might have PTSD.

Sounds a bit excessive.

You've definitely dealt with
some childhood trauma.

You think she's right?

I think doctors make
the worst patients.


The best patients
are the ones who ask
a lot of questions.

And keep an open mind.




We gave him
the laxatives,

and right away,
he tried to leave.

Ended up passing out
and vomiting.

I'm fine.
I can take care
of this at home.

We need to
get him to Radiology.

We need an
abdominal CT stat.

No. You can't keep me...
Can't keep me against my will.

Wherever you need to be,
it can wait.

You need help now.

What are you transporting?

Painful constipation,
nervous agitation,

refusing scans...

You're obviously
packing drugs.

The balloons have either
created a complete obstruction

or one of them burst.

I just want to go home.

Luca, we're doctors,
not cops.

He definitely sounds
like a cop.

We won't
call the police,
I promise.

Whatever is wrong,
let us help you.



How's Carly?

She wasn't upset
about you ghosting her

while you were with Lea
in Wyoming?

She said it was hurtful.

You got off easy.

Is this your weird way
of breaking up with Carly
to get with Lea?

I don't want to
break up with Carly.

But you do
want to get with Lea.

I didn't say that.

Not out loud.

And you're making
a big mistake.

Carly's smart.

And the fact that
she's willing to dea
l with all your stuff

means you should be thanking
whatever God you pray to

that you ever met her.

While Lea is...
Well, a flake.

She's not a flake.

She showed up
on your doorstep

without even giving you
a heads-up

that she was coming back
to San Jose.

Then she needed to move out,
but then she moves in.

Not to mention the whole

"Let's get drunk on tequila
and I'll teach you
how to kiss,

"but I just want to
be friends" nonsense.

She's...not a flake.

There is traumatic avulsion
of the ligaments.

She's going to
need surgery.

We hammer a long rod
through the medullary canal

to hold the two ends
of the break together.

It's a broken leg.

Can't you just
put a cast on it
or something?

Obviously, you'll be asleep.
You won't feel anything.

I lied.

About the Vicodin
making me sick.


My husband doesn't know.

I'm an opioid addict.

I've been clean
for 10 years,

but one dose could
send me right back.

Do whatever
you need to do
to fix my leg,

but you can't
use any narcotics.


Not even an epidural?

Strongest thing she'll let us
give her is Tylenol.

What about Ketamine?

It's non-narcotic
and can create
a dissociative effect.

It's mind altering
and potentially addictive.

Hypnosis has been shown
to be effective.

Only when used
in conjunction
with narcotics.

Studies say playing
the patient's favorite music

can help manage pain
in certain surgeries.

we hammer a nine-inch
rod through her tibia,

but she's okay
because she's listening

to the soundtrack
from Hamilton.

I said
"certain surgeries."

That's the answer.


A different surgery.

Some other way of
putting her leg back together.

An external fixation.

We put two pins through
the proximal tibia.

Another two in the
distal end of the bone
beyond the fractures.

Healing will take
much longer,

and there's
an increased risk

of infection
and permanent
deformity and...

And small pins are much less
painful than a huge nail.

I'll get her prepped.



I got laid off.

I needed money,
and this was just
a one-time thing.

But it was a mistake.
It was a stupid mistake.

This works best
if you don't talk.

Our plan is to attach
a metal frame with
pins into your leg.

It'll stabilize
the fractures,

and we can do it without
narcotic anesthesia.

I know she's worried
about an allergic

but aren't there any other
drugs you can use?


Given your wife's
medical history,

this is the best

Don't worry, sweetie.

Remember... I'm strong
like Wonder Woman.


There's over
50 latex balloons

lodged near
the ileocecal junction.

They'll need to be
surgically removed.

And we need to alert
San Jose Vice/Narcotics.


The only reason
he agreed to treatment

is because we promised
we wouldn't do that.

I didn't promise that.
Neither did Dr. Melendez.

We don't call
the police

on overdose victims
or addicts.

He's got
probably two kilos

of what I'm sure
is heroin in his gut.

He's not an addict.
He's a dealer.

I know you feel
for this guy.

But hospital policy
is clear.



DR. REZNICK: Take a few more
of those deep breaths for us.

two more to go.


Kerry, we need you
to somehow
keep your leg still.




B.P. is 190/110.

Push I.V. beta blockers.

Wait, no!
No, they're not narcotics.

We just need to
give you something
to reduce the pressure.




Back to 150/80.

how are we doing?

We'll get this last one in,
and you'll be good to go.


No. You promised me.

Yeah. You value honesty
and morality over all else.

If you leave
this hospital now,
you will die.

I'll take my chances.

You know what'll happen
when one those
balloons bursts?

You'll start
feeling weak,
get cold.

Soon you'll have secretions
filling your lungs and airway.

You'll try to scream for help,
but nothing will come out.


Can you get
the release paperwork?

I'll be back
in a few minutes.

Luca, I understand
where you're coming from.

You're a doctor.

Last job I had,
I was a busboy.



I grew up in a trailer.

A bunch of 'em,

My mother wasn't the type
to save for a rainy day.

But we never gave up.

Even when you think
you're alone, you're not.

I want to help you.

You just have to give me
a little more time.

One hour.

If I can't figure out
how to treat you

and keep you out of jail,
you can walk out the door.

One hour.

And then I'm gone.


You'll have some discomfort
for the next few weeks,

but all you need
right now is rest,
and you should be able...


Oh, my gosh,
that's so cool.


Everyone says their
spouse is the strongest
person they know.

But I have
actual proof now.

Told you.

Wonder Woman.

This is absurd.

If this was a tumor,
we'd take it out
and toss it.

This time,
it just happens
to be drugs.

Yeah, because cancer
is not a felony.

You can't just toss out
the drugs with
the medical waste.

He's not a gangster
or a hardened criminal.

He's just...
He's just a scared guy
trying to survive.

DR. PARK: You're
assuming anything
he's told you is true.

And even if it is,

not everyone
who needs money
becomes a drug mule.

You can't imagine
what it's like

to grow up
in that kind of poverty.

Shouldn't you be judging
this guy the harshest?

You made it out just fine
without breaking the law.

That's not exactly true.

My mother used to
go on these trips.

I would come home
from school,
and she'd be gone.

Sometimes hours,
sometimes days.

I didn't have any money.

So when I needed supplies
and food from the store,

I would sneak them away
in a backpack.

One day,
the bag broke

and all of the soup
and oatmeal that I had stolen

fell out right in front of
a security guard.

And she looked at me,

at my face,
at my clothes,

and then she helped me
pick them up

and let me go
with a warning.

If she hadn't
given me a break,

I wouldn't be
standing here,
as a doctor,

discussing this
with you.


Maybe there's a way
to save Luca

without ruining his life
or breaking policy.



You need the elevator.
Use the elevator.


What am I doing wrong?

I never know
where I stand
with you.

One minute,
we're sharing

deep, personal fears
with each other,

and the next,
you're running away

because you can't
stand to touch me.

Be honest...

Is there anything
going on with Lea

that you're not
telling me?

Say something, Shaun.

It's different.

** you, Carly.

When I'm around you,

I want to be
impressive to you.

I don't feel like
I have to impress
Lea like I do you.




We will have to keep

whatever medical waste
we collect during your surgery
in the lab for testing.

But we will discharge you

before the pathology report
comes back.

At which point
we'll be obligated
to alert the police.

How do I know you're not
gonna call the cops

right after
you put me to sleep?

You'd be a moron
not to trust Dr. Browne
at this point.

She's gone way
beyond the call
to save your ass.


Say thank you.

Thank you.


Dr. Murphy.

How about
you head home
for the night?

We still need to
monitor Kerry.

And it's easier for me
to avoid Carly here

than it is for me to
avoid Lea at home.

I'm only gonna respond
to the first objection.

You've had a long week,

and it's important
you get some rest.

Morgan will take point.

How did you know
your wife was
the right woman for you?

Personal advice?

I thought that was
Dr. Glassman's domain.

Dr. Glassman
is divorced.

He seems happy with
his marriage now,

but I have no way
of knowing for sure.

You're better than him.

For this.


I knew I wanted to
be with Isabel
the first time we spoke.

biology class.

And I have not wavered
in that resolve
in the 27 years since.


How did you know?

It was a feeling I had
in the pit of my stomach

every time
I was around her.

I felt...



It's a cliche,

but my heart sped up
every time I saw her.

Still does.

Not quite
in the same way,


Now, if you don't mind,
I need to get home
to that woman.

Hey, you.

How was
the first day back?


Problem with a patient
or Carly?

If you don't want to
talk about it,
we can just hang.

Let's just hang.

Copy that.
Commencing a hang.


Um, Sh... Shaun?


What's up?

This will just take
a few seconds.






It didn't work.

Kerry's leg
is swelling up.

I think she has
compartment syndrome.

You need to get back here.



We'll have to do the surgery
we've been trying to avoid.

We'll first have to make
multiple incisions
to relieve the pressure

and then replace
the external frame
with an internal nail.

If we don't act soon,

you could be facing
an amputation.


You'll need to be

Look, I can take it.

Kerry, you had
a blood-pressure spike

during the fixation

Without anesthesia,

you could have
a hypertensive crisis,

a risk of stroke,
or heart attack.

we can help you
manage the dosing.

And if you relapse,
we have counselors that...


I remember waking up
all those mornings
cold and alone,

wondering if I could ever
be happy again,

if I deserved
to be happy.

Any amount of pain
is better than losing
everything again.

My husband,
my daughter...

How long can you
keep secrets from
the people you love

before they stop being
the people you love?

Every relationship
has secrets.

This, it doesn't
have to be
one of them.

Drug addiction
is a disease.

You have nothing
to be ashamed of.

It happens because of
the choices you make.

When you have lost

but you still manage
to find someone

who makes you want to get up
and live another day,

you do whatever you can
to hold on to them,

even if it means

burying a piece of yourself
in the process.


If we can't convince her
to change her mind,

maybe her husband can.

Impracticality isn't cause

for breaking doctor-patient

This isn't impractical.

It's irrational
and barbaric.

We're not permitted to reveal
any secrets to the husband.

But we can tell him that.


DR. MELENDEZ: Last one.


What's wrong?

It's too adherent
to the intestinal wall.

Could use Potts Scissors
to dissect it free.

Let's give it a try.


Your idea.
Only fair you do the honors.


DR. MELENDEZ: Check it
for perforations.

DR. PARK: It's intact.

Vitals are stable.

Take the specimen
container to the lab.

Dr. Browne,
you're leading closure.


There's been
some complications.

We need to perform
an additional surgery.

What do you need to do?

I can't tell you.

I'm unable to go
into further detail.

It would violate
your wife's confidentiality.


Haven't you been
telling me everything?

Again, I'm unable to
go into further detail.



What's going on?

Why can't the doctors
talk to me?


Kerry, obviously,
there's something going on
you don't want me to know.

Are you dying?

No. No. It's...

It's nothing like that.


Hey. Then what?

Whatever it is,
I want to be able to help.


I'm an opioid addict.

I've been clean
for a decade, but...

That's why I never
take painkillers.

And that's why I can't
let them use anesthesia.

Why didn't you
ever tell me?

You don't know
the kind of person
that I was.

Who the drugs
turned me into.

I tried quitting
so many times,

but it never stuck.

Until you.

Meeting you saved me.


...if I relapse,
I know I'll drive you away.

Hey, hey.

How could you ever think
I'll stop loving you?

The woman who knows the lyrics
to every Boyz II Men song?


The woman who rushes home

to watch those stupid
home-makeover shows live.


The woman I'm raising
our daughter with.

The woman who will
steal from you,

the woman
who will lie to you,

who will hurt you...

...the woman you won't
be able to trust.


Just do what
the doctors tell you.

Take the meds.

I will be there
for you.

No matter what happens.


I love you.

And I know
you mean that.


But I'm not as strong
as you think I am.

I just can't.

I'm so sorry.



We'll start prepping you
for surgery.




I like your laugh.
I like your smile.

I don't usually
look at eyes,

but I think
yours are pretty.

I like your breasts.

You can keep going
if you want to.

I like spending time
with you.

I like
that you are kind.

I like
that you are patient.

I like that
you're my girlfriend.

Are you going to
break up with me?

No, I am not planning on
breaking up with you.

We had a fight.

Couples fight.


I'm worried, Shaun.

I'm flattered that
you want to impress me,

but that is not
worth anything

if you feel like
you can't talk to me.


Hm. You're right.

I have to tell you.


I got very upset

in Wyoming.

Lea came in
to comfort me

and we hugged

and laid down
on the bed,

and we fell asleep

That's everything
that happened.

We struggled
with lying together
for weeks.

And you...

Did it in one night
with Lea?



But sh... She's
a close friend,

and she wanted
to be there for me.

just stop talking.


Shaun, I-I just...
I need some space.

I can't be around you
right now.




I wanted to be honest.

Carly said she wanted me
to talk to her.

Lea said not to tell what
happened. Lea was right.

Uh, take a breath.
Sit down.

I can't.
I have surgery
in a few minutes

and I can't focus and...

And I feel sick,
and is everyone
going to leave me?

What? What?
What are you
talking about?

My dad didn't want me.

My mom chose him
over me.

Carly now hates me.

Shaun. Shaun.
Lea will get tired
of me.

You'll get sick of me.

I do everything wrong.

Shaun, Shaun,
look at me for a second.
Everyone will go away!

I make people upset!
Hey, hey, Shaun!

Oh, my God, Shaun!
I make them angry!
I make them hate me!

Shaun, look at me, look at me,
look at me right here.

Right here.
Look at me here.

Don't ever say that
about yourself.

Don't ever say that!

You hear me?


You're gonna
get through this.

You're gonna go to surgery,
and you're gonna
get this done.


Because you're an
extraordinary doctor.

That's how.

And that's what you do.
That's what you do.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


I could not be
more proud of you.

You hear that?

And I could never
get sick of you.



You're not getting
rid of me, pal, okay?

I'm right here.

Right... Right here.

I got you.

I'm going to be late
to surgery.

Can you let me go now?

Yeah, okay.




Numbing cream applied.

Are you ready?





We were able to remove
all the balloons.

So you should
be out of here
in 24 hours.

It'll likely take
another 48 hours

to get the contents

The lab's very busy.

I know I've been
a pain in the ass.

I've just gotten
used to people
screwing me over.

You're the first person
that's made me feel,

I don't know, seen.

Maybe one day, I'll find a way
to pay it forward, right?




DR. ANDREWS: Reamer's in
the intramedullary canal.

This will make space
for inserting the nail.


You're doing great,

Inserting into canal.

Here comes the nail.
You ready?




B.P.'s spiking.
Push beta blockers.


Hang in there.

SHAUN: 220/170.

She's having
a tachyarrhythmia.

Screw it.
We have to push
the fentanyl.



help Dr. Murphy.

No. It's helping
distract her.

You sure, Dr. Murphy?

Yes. Please hurry.




It was a good day.

It must be very gratifying,
saving lives.

Yeah, I think I might've
done a little more
than that today.

I... I think
I might have
changed one.


Last time we met,

you mentioned
that your mother

would frequently berate you
when you were young.

What kind of things
would she say?


Do we have to
get into that
right now?

Can't I just
have a good day?


You know,
enjoy feeling okay
for once?

Claire, I believe
you've fallen into
destructive patterns

precisely to avoid
confronting your feelings
about your mother,

her death.

Feelings that need
to be confronted

if you hope
to get better.





Cardiac care nurse to E.R.

Cardiac care nurse to E.R.


They're reviewing
the security video.

Someone faked a seizure,
staff responded,

and another person broke into
the storage locker.

Do you think Luca...

The only thing missing
was his specimen.

Is someone
questioning him?

Luca's gone.


What will the police do?


All we have is a fake name
and the knowledge

that someone stole
some balloons
with unknown content.

* If I weigh in

* You'll give me
a reason to say it

She definitely is
a Wonder Woman.

You were right
the first time.

She's totally irrational.

Needlessly endangered
her life.

But I understand why.

* To these motions

* Scattered with our words
never spoken

* Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

* Mm-mm-mm

* All the circles
that we move in

My mother used to say
I'd end up like her...

Putting my faith
in the wrong people,

getting taken
advantage of.

That no one would ever
truly love me except her.

There are worse qualities
in this world

than trying to see
the best in people.

If you're a good person,

every now and again,
you're gonna feel
like an idiot.

Today you were wrong.

And I am still grateful
that I work with you.

* Dreadful silence

Thank you.

* Waiting for
the moment to break it

* I've been slipping

* But I think that
I'm gonna make it

Have you had
enough space yet?

* I lost you in the smoke


* And I've tried patience

* But we've just overgrown

Shaun, do you remember
the first time we met?

* Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

I was checking
on a biopsy

to see if the tumor margins
were in the artery walls.


And you said
if I didn't do it
right then,

you would toss a rock
through my window.


I thought it was cute
how much you cared.

And when you started
working in Path,
I realized,

"This guy may be
the most genuine person
I have ever known."

You told me the truth.

That is a good thing.

That's why I like you.

That's why I don't want
to lose what we have.

* Ooh-ooh-ooh

You hurt me.

* Ooh-ooh

And I worry
something like that
could happen again.

* That we move in

* Remind me of the love...

I want to be with you,

But I don't know
how this works

if you're still
living with Lea.

* Then why
are we still suffering?


Want me
not to live with Lea?

* Ooh-ooh-ooh

I know that's
a lot to ask.

And if it's too much...

I understand.

* I thought love was true

* But loneliness won, too

You don't have to answer
right away.

* Love's been runnin' out

Take some time.

* Maybe I'll find solitude
without you

* All the circles
that we move in

* Remind me of the love
we've wasted

* If we're searching
for the same thing



I want to be with you.

* Ooh-ooh-ooh *

I love you, Carly.