The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Eye of Horus - full transcript


Season 01 Episode 14

Episode Title: "The Eye of Horus"

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Good morning, girls!

What brings you in here?

Looking for a good book?

I can recommend several.

Have you got one about
the Orb of Lemuria?

The Orb of Lemuria.

You know that's a myth, Ruksy.

I saw a sphere when I touched
the conjuring book.

An orb is a sphere.

Full marks for accuracy.

If you don't mind,
I've got work to do.

You said the conjuring book
was harmless.

I did, and it is.

Then why did you put it
in the restricted section?

You went into the restricted
section without my permission?


It's a very
serious matter, Ruksy.

You could go under report.

Hang on, Professor.
Ruksy's right.

If there's nothing special about
the book, why did you hide it?

- This is not your concern.
- It is my concern!

I'm the one who has the magic

that no one seems to know
anything about.

How come you never mentioned
this Orb of Lemuria?

Because it doesn't exist.

There's no evidence that your
powers result in anything other

than you being a Tri-ling.

But... Tri-lings are rare, right?

"Unprecedented," you said.

So how can you be
so sure?

I will not have my authority
questioned, Kyra.

Drop it.

What's going on?

I think he knows
more than he's telling.

Me too,
but why would he lie?

That's what
I'm going to find out.

Find out what?

Imo, slow down.
We're not going to be late.

We should get
to the DMI early.

It makes you look keen.

We're just spending
the day with Orla.

It's not a big deal.

I've been up
since dawn researching.

It's called preparation.
Or is that a new word for you?


Are you gonna ask for a job?

Never hurts to make
a good impression.

You could've made an effort.

Hm, hat's a new word.

You know the real reason we get
to spend the day at the DMI?

It's nothing to do with us.

- It's Dad.
- So?

He's an important figure
in the magical world.

He's loaded, you mean.

You make that sound
like it's a bad thing.

Let's just hope we see
some real action today.

Hey, I need you over
at the loading dock.

What is it you're not
telling me, Professor?

You know what's causing
this magic, don't you?

Why won't you tell me?
I deserve to know the truth!

You once said to me

that Half-lings and Tri-lings
should stick together.

You said you'd always
look out for me.

I'm sorry I believed you.

The Orb of Lemuria does exist.

I thought it was destroyed.

I had no reason
to believe otherwise.

So you're telling me
I have these powers

not because I'm a Tri-ling...

but because I somehow
came in contact with this orb?


Good morning.
Welcome to the DMI.

Orla, I just want to say

what a privilege it is
to shadow you today.

We are thrilled.

- Right, Darra?
- Oh, yeah.

Your father's generosity

has helped the DMI
greatly over the years.

I'm glad to be able
to return the favour.

Make sure you
keep on your toes.

There's never
a quiet moment at the DMI.

As well as
administrative offices,

the DMI headquarters
houses annexes

that deal with every
aspect of magic, including...

Outbreak intervention, magical
research, magical archeology,

human studies, enchantment
training, and...

You've done your homework.

I subscribe
to the DMI newsfeed.

I think it's important
to keep up to date.

Initiative is
what we look for.

Becoming a DMI operative
is all I ever wanted.

There is no higher honour than
to be in the service of magic.

But how do you feel about having
to live your lives in secret?

It's not ideal, but
it's the system we have.

It's our duty
to protect magic.


It's alright, I won't tell.

It'd be nice not
to have to sneak around.

But magic has to be secret
or there'd be chaos.

Yes. There would.

I am trying to make
a good impression.

- Why did you say that?
- She asked.

You may not give a fairy's
wing about a career in the DMI,

but I do.

So keep your
opinions to yourself.

The orb is real?

And the island of Lemuria
actually existed?

Until it was destroyed long
ago by a fight over the orb,

created by fairies and elves
who wanted to be more powerful

than either fairy
or elf magic alone.

So the first coming together

of the two different strands
of magic led to a terrible war.

happened to the orb?

Some cooler heads hid it
to try and end the conflict.

No one knew where...

until four years ago.

At that time, I was an eager
young operative at the DMI.

Is that when this was taken?

That's Edward Boynton,
The Architect.

- Who's the girl?
- She's a fairy, isn't she?

Her name was Giselle.

We were in love.

The three of us were a team,
keeping magic hidden.

But we were young
and idealistic,

and shared a belief that
humans and magical beings

could co-exist.

As you can imagine,
that was not a popular idea,

so we had to meet in secret
and discuss our plans.

We gave ourselves a name.

"The Bureau
of Magical Things."

It was the happiest
days of my life...

apart from teaching you lot.

But... what has this got
to do with my power?

Not long after this
photograph was taken,

Edward, Giselle, and I
were sent on a mission.

A mission that
ended in tragedy.

After the summer melt,

the orb was detected in
a remote glacier in New Zealand.

The DMI director,
your father's predecessor, Lily,

wanted us to retrieve it.

Edward said that the orb
was too powerful,

that it should
remain where it was.

And you, Professor?

It was an important mission,

and I'd just been
appointed team leader.

I wanted to make
a good impression,

not only on the director...

but on Giselle.

Fairies and elves
can live together...

So you persuaded
them to perform the mission?

I did.

And it was a mistake.


I feel we've met before.

Lily's told me about
you both many times.

Whatever she said,
it isn't true.

She said she's never known
anyone more driven to succeed.

And that part is true.

Oh, is Orla showing you
the research department?

I believe there's
been a breakthrough

- in a spell to stop snoring.
- Fascinating.

Contrary to popular opinion,
being in the DMI isn't all about

subduing magical beasts
and saving the world.

magical interference

at the container yard.

- I'm on it.
- Take us?

- I'm not sure.
- It's your call, Orla.

We won't get in the way.
I promise.

Edward, Giselle, and I
jumped to a glacier in New Zealand.

A blizzard was blowing.

Visibility was bad.

It was so cold, you could
hardly feel your fingers.

Why didn't you come back
when the weather was clear?

I didn't want to abandon
my first mission as team leader.

So I insisted that
we go ahead.

Where was the orb?

Buried in the wall
of a deep crevasse.

Being a fairy, Giselle
volunteered to fly down

to the crevasse
to retrieve the orb.

Edward objected,
but I overruled him.

Giselle had begun
to dig out the orb.

But an earth tremor hit,

and she was struck
with a piece of fallen ice.

I wanted to rope down to get
to her, but Edward was lighter.

And just as he went down,
a massive tremor hit.

And ice fallen around
him and... blacked out.

And when I come to,
Edward was right beside me.

And Giselle?

She died.

You'll have to excuse me.

What are we looking for?

That's what I'm
here to find out.

- So let's get going then.
- Oh, no.

Until I know what
we're dealing with,

you'll remain here
where it's safe.


I didn't see Edward
much after that.

His last official report
to the DMI

was... that the Orb of Lemuria
was lost.

I had no reason
to disbelieve him.

I don't understand.

If the orb was never recovered,
if he didn't bring it back,

why do I have this power?

Remember when you went
to The Architect's house?

A child
went missing there.

Peter thought something weird
was going on, and there was.

There was a faulty portal
in the backyard.

Darra and I went through.
It took us to a beach.

Edward used magic
to create that beach.

I often wondered
how he did it.

- There was a shack.
- Edward's studio.

That's where he worked on
his designs for the library.

There were lots
of drawings, but no orb.

But there was something else,
wasn't there?

An old container.

A container that
once held the orb.

- How did you get that?
- I went to the beach house.

And what a lovely place it is.

This still contains a residue
of the orb's magical properties.

You must've touched it
when you were in the studio,

and it awakened the powers
that's already in you.

But how did it get there?

You said the orb was lost.

You must believe me, Kyra.

Edward was my good friend.

I had no idea
why he would lie.

Lie about what?
What happened?

Edward brought the orb back.

- I'm going to take a look.
- Orla said to stay here.

Sean said he's looking for
recruits to show initiative,

so that's what I'm doing.

You knew right from
the start, didn't you?

Not from the start.
I only had my suspicions.

Why didn't you tell me?

You were new
to our world, Kyra.

There was so much
for you to take in.

The orb is a serious matter.
I'm only trying to protect you.

What are you doing here?
I told you to wait!

I got bored.
What is that thing?

Stay back!



How do I get rid
of this power?

I'm not sure that
that's possible.

We're sitting in this
huge library of magic,

and you're telling me
there's nothing here that can help me?

Darra! Darra!

- What is that?
- Don't get too close.


I've been looking, Kyra.

But not much survived
the destruction of Lemuria.

- The records are...
- Darra!

I saw Darra.
He's in trouble.

Steady yourself.

If it comes again,
let it happen.

Don't fight it.

He's somewhere outside.

He should be at
the DMI with Imogen.

I can see shipping containers.

Kyra, try and focus.
Describe what you see.

I can see a whirlpool
of light sucking him into a...

A symbol.
Kind of like an eye?

There's some writing on a wall.

I think it's... I think it's
Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Darra, jump!

- I can't!
- Stay back!

- I have to help him!
- There's nothing you can do.

the Eye of Horus.

It's an ancient doorway
to the underworld.

Once inside, there's no return.

How do we close it?


Got it!

An ankh.
Can you see an ankh?

- A what?
- It's like a golden key.

I see it!

Darra can't hold on much longer!

We need to go there
and help him!

That won't work.
The eye won't let magic near it.

There's only one option.


Orb magic can
penetrate the eye.

It's the only way
to put the ankh back.

Who's doing that?

Darra's safe.

And you thought today
was gonna be boring.

How did you get your magic
past the vortex?

That's just it.
We didn't.

Someone did.

The eye is safe
in the restricted section

of the library,
Darra and Imogen aren't harmed.


I doubt their father will be
too pleased to hear about this.

If it wasn't for them,
I'd be in the underworld.

I think you'll be very
impressed with their efforts.

But it wasn't
just their efforts

that shut down the eye,
was it?

There's only one type
of magic that can penetrate

the Eye of Horus...
orb magic.


No one's had it
since Lemurian times.

It was lost long ago.

Well, it looks like
someone's found it again.

I'm told I should be
thanking you for saving me.

- Always happy to help.
- How did you do it?

I don't really know.

I was nowhere near
the Eye of Horus,

so why would I be seeing it?

I'm thinking possession
of the magical orb

has made you hypersensitive
to magical events.

But why?
I've never touched this orb.

True, but...

you did touch this.

You touched it
when it was caught

between two magical energies...
A fairy's and an elf's.

That was when
you first got your magic.

It took that exact set of
circumstances to infuse you

with the orb's magic.

Just like in ancient Lemuria.

It took fairy magic
and elf magic to create the orb.

How did the orb
get inside the book?

I believe that
Edward couldn't bring himself

to destroy the orb.

But he wanted it
to remain safe.

So he hid it

in the last place
that anyone would expect...

In an elementary textbook
in the library

that he designed.

- The orb's in here?
- Yes.

- Can I see it?
- Try.

In all my days,
I never thought I'd see this.

It's magnificent.