The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Judgement Day - full transcript




Season 01 Episode 15

Episode Title: "Judgment Day"

Why are those girls
staring at me?

They're fairies.

Better get used to it
now that you're famous.

I am?

For saving Darra
from the Eye of Horus.

Everyone wants to see
the Tri-ling with orb magic.

You're the biggest thing
that's happened here

- since Sleeping Beauty woke up.
- Darra was in trouble,

so I just did what
anyone else would've done.

But nobody except you
could've saved him.

Orb magic is very special.

You're very lucky, Kyra.

I guess I am.


No, no, no, no, no, no...

(sighs) Oh, great!


DARRA: If I had orb magic,

I'd never have to
come back here again.

No class for you today, Kyra.

We've been summoned to
the DMI.

- What for?
- Relax.

Sean just wants to talk.

While we're away,

the DMI have sent more
items to be catalogued.

Lily, could I trouble you
to look after the bookshop?

New stock to be priced.

You might want Ruksy
to give you a hand.

No problem, Professor.
The bookshop's fun.

No magic, hmm?

Come along.

We can't keep
the director waiting.


Take a seat.

I need to have
a word with Sean first.


SEAN: Come in.

If you knew the orb was
responsible for Kyra's powers,

why didn't you tell me?

Until last week,
I only suspected it.

Before that, I couldn't believe

Edward lied
about bringing it back.

The orb ended
the Lemurian Empire.

She could do the same to us.

I've spent a lot
of time with Kyra.

- She would never do...
- I know you feel protective of her.

But you mustn't let that
cloud your judgement.

Kyra would never
harm the magical world.

And I'm the one
responsible for its safety.

If Kyra doesn't measure up,

I have to ensure
she's not a threat.

You can't mean...

Banishment isn't
the desired option.

But I will use it if necessary.

Item 520, a jar
of purple stuff.

Official name is goo.

Very official sounding.

Very mean sounding,
according to this.

Don't let it out of that jar.





Pity Kyra's not
here to see this.

I'm not expecting
her back any time soon.

Well, she's only in
for an interview.

No one's ever had
orb magic before.

The DMI will want to know
exactly what Kyra can do.

You think they're
gonna test her?

Maxwell wouldn't let them.

How could he stop them?


I shouldn't be here.
I'm not good with humans.

This is a terrific place
to practice.

Besides, we still
have to price those.


LILY: Ah, good morning, and
welcome to Maxwell's Bookstore,

home of quality pre-loved books.
How may I help you?

I've got Max's
morning croissant.

He's not in today.

But we won't
let that go to waste.

And I had a comic on order?

Um... Ruksy will
help you with that.


So, uh,
how can I help you, sir?

Sean's interviewing
the Tri-ling today.

I'd love to be
a fly on that wall.

She doesn't look very special.
I heard she was born human.

Then she doesn't belong here.

You'll get used to it.

Hello, Orla.

Here to see Sean?

He wants to know about
your orb magic, doesn't he?

Is there anybody
who hasn't heard?

I doubt it.

I feel I owe you an apology,
putting your friend at risk

during the shadow cloud test.

You were testing my loyalty.

And after your handling
of the Eye of Horus,

I have no reason
to doubt it.

I'm sure you'll be
working here before long.

If there's anything I can do to help,
you know where to find me.

He'll see you now.

Kyra, thank you for coming.
Take a seat.

I'll take it from here, Maxwell.

- But I...
- Thank you.

Now, I'm sure you know
why I asked to see you.

I possess orb magic,
which I never asked for

and which I'd gladly give up
if it's going to be a problem.

Well, I don't know
if that's possible,

but we're certainly
looking into it.

But I am relieved
to hear you say that.

Now, let me tell you
what's on my mind.

We can't be seen together.
You have to go.

I'm a legitimate customer.
I'm allowed to be here.

I think this is
the one you ordered.

If you're so worried
about keeping our secret,

why did you fix my tire?

That was you, wasn't it?

- You're reading this all wrong.
- Really?

When you didn't do
the mind wipe thing,

- I kinda assumed...
- Don't.

Magical people cannot
fraternize with humans.

SEAN: And although you
have ties to the human world,

while you have orb magic,
I need to know

that you're fully committed
to us, to our world.

You're asking me to choose?

Well, my duty is to protect
the magical world, so yes,

I'm asking you to choose.

I can't turn my back
on my dad and my friends.

So your loyalties are divided.

Can you see how
that's a problem?

I can't risk you
using orb magic against us.

I would never do that.

You say that,
but how can I be certain?

You need to forget
about me.

- I don't want to.
- You have to.

I... I can't have
anything to do with you.

You don't mean that.

Yes, I do.



Okay. Fine.


I'm not a danger
to you, truly!

Ask Maxwell.
He'll vouch for me.

I'm afraid it'll take more
than your teacher's endorsement

to convince me
you're not a threat.

Then ask someone else.

Ask Lily!
Lily's not here.

LILY: How did you go?

Okay, I guess.
I knew you'd be fine.

Humans really aren't
very different... from us.

Why am I here?

Lily, tell your father
I can be trusted.

- Of course she can.
- See?

Dad, what's going on?

So you think this is funny?

Maybe a little.

This is exactly the misuse
of orb magic that I feared.

You thought nothing of using
my daughter to prove your point.

- LILY: I didn't...
- Lily, this is not your concern.

I would never have done it
if I thought it would hurt her.

I know, but what you did
was immature and reckless.

You're too young
to wield such power.

It's all very well for Lily
to say that you can be trusted,

but your actions speak
louder than words,

and they tell another story.

- Dad...
- You can go.

Lily, you're meant
to be at the bookshop.

It's okay.
Ruksy's still there.

How did it go?

No one knows orb magic
better than you.

Can it be removed?

I don't know.

Well, find out... quickly.

I just thought Lily would
tell her dad I'm okay.

How wrong was I?

Orb magic is new.

They're scared of you.

I was trying to show Sean
he doesn't have to be.

And you've succeeded in
doing exactly the opposite.

We have some
damage control to do.

Any ideas?

Let me think about it.


I never knew a dog would
be worried about its looks.

All my canine patients take
great pride in their coats.

Greetings, all!

I am starving!

Lily told me you had
an interview with Kyra today.

Ella, let's not
go there, hmm?

Kyra is Lily's friend.
She can't be bad.

Well, that may be,
but I have my job to do.

Are you suggesting not doing
it to the best of my abilities?

Of course not, but Kyra
wasn't born into our world.

She didn't ask for
her magical abilities, Dad.

She didn't ask
for the orb power.

Kyra's had to learn
about it in such a short time.

Can you imagine how hard
that's been for her? - Please

If Mum can see that,
why can't you?

Lily, please,
stay out of this.

It's DMI business.
But Kyra's my friend.

She's a good person.

She's always
nice to me,

so, why can't we
be nice to her?

From what Lily tells me,

Kyra was simply
trying to impress you.

And we know
how hard that is.

I don't want to
discuss this any further.



What's cooking, sweetheart?

Chocolate cake with
buttercream filling

- and strawberries.
- Be still my beating heart.

- Dad!
- How about a try?

It's not for us!

Then who?

It's not Peter's birthday
already, is it?

No, it's for somebody
you don't know.

Well, whoever it's for,
I hope they appreciate it.

So do I.


You shouldn't be here.

I want to apologize.

I made it myself.

You must be Kyra.

Lily's told me
all about you.

I just came to drop this off.

Here you go.

I really am very sorry
for yesterday.

Are you hungry?

Why don't you stay for lunch?

There's plenty of food,
isn't there, Sean?

LILY: Kyra?

ELLA: She's staying for lunch.
Oh, that's great!

- I don't want to impose.
- You won't be.

Sean's almost finished the lawn
and he'll fire up the barbecue.

We're very casual here on
the weekend, aren't we, darling?

Yes, very.

That would be lovely.
Thank you.

Come inside, Kyra.

Mum will look after you.
I'll be back in a sec.

I can't run
the bookshop by myself!

Kyra's staying for lunch.
I have to be there.

This is her chance
to make up for yesterday.

You want to help her, don't you?

Of course.
Where's the professor?

I think he said
he was going to the DMI.

You can do this.
I know you can.




You made the cake yourself?
It looks wonderful.

I got the recipe online.
It's supposed to be foolproof.

Kyra's so busy.

She juggles magic school,
human school, dog walking,

being a champion basketballer.

And she's fantastic
at all of them.

I don't know
how she does it.

I wouldn't say fantastic.

- Modest, too.
- Yes, Lily, we get the idea.

Lily mentioned you
can talk to animals.

Only one dog.
She's called Doris.

An old boxer?
Doris is one of my patients.

I love her, but she does
have some curious ideas.

I bet she doesn't know about
why you don't have a boyfriend.

Does your family
know where you are?

I told my dad
I was at a friend's for lunch.

He's at work today.

ELLA: Lily told me
you lost your mother.

That must be hard.

Dad and I get by.

I'm sure it's made you
quite resilient and mature.

And resourceful.
And also...


Help yourself, Kyra.
We don't stand on ceremony here.


Hey, Max?

I forgot to pick up
my comic yesterday.

Maxwell isn't here.

Oh, I, uh, came
to get my comic.

I forgot it.

That's what happens
when you argue.

You forget things.
You started it.

I did not.

You got "Zombie Swamp Rats"?

Your website says
you've got a first edition.

Where is it?

Right, uh, the comic books
are over there.

You shouldn't be here.

Not that again.

Got it.

Mum said I could have it!
I saw it first, okay?

I've wanted it for ages.
Give it here!



Mmm, this is a lovely lunch.

I should've
invited you ages ago.

I get the feeling that
inviting a Tri-ling over

is a touchy thing
to do in your world.

Not at all.
Is it, Sean?

Well, we... both
work long hours.

It's... hard to find time to have
dinner with our own family,

let alone guests.

- My dad's the same.
- He's a policeman.

Which is kind of
similar to what you do.

You both protect people.

Although I guess
you don't fly around

with lights and sirens
on your wings.

Well, we need to be
a little more discreet.

It's a job that
never stops, right?

My dad tries not
to bring work home,

- but sometimes he has no choice.
- I know how he feels.

It seems to me that the
magic world and the human world

have quite a lot in common.





Why are you still here?

It's a bookshop.
I'm browsing.

Can you hurry up?

I don't think Max would
approve of you talking

to a customer like that.

Miss, tell him it's mine.

I found it on the website.

I found it on the shelf.

Any reason you can't share?

He gets it for a week,
then you get it for a week.

- Is this your shop?
- No, I'm just a customer.

Then buzz off.

I want it!

How about if one of you
buys this comic

and I give the other one
another comic for half price?

- OLDER BOY: I get this one.
- YOUNGER BOY: No, I want it!

not getting it!

- Ruksy!
- What?

You need to see this now.

- YOUNGER BOY: Give it to me!
- OLDER BOY: Make me!

- YOUNGER BOY: I'll tell Mum!
- OLDER BOY: I don't care.

- It's goo.
- Goo?

RUKSY: We have to get the boys
to leave before they see it.

They're not going to until
one of them has that comic.

Lily, would you like
to give me a hand?

Thank you.

I still can't get over how
wonderful your world is.

What I've seen is so...
amazing and precious.

I get that you have
a world to protect.

I get that
it's hard to trust someone

who has so much power
when you barely know them.

Well, it's not just a case
of me trusting you, Kyra.

Trust is a two-way street.

You've gotta feel that
you can trust me too,

or you will never feel
secure in our world.

But I do trust you...

How can you be so sure?

Easy. You're Lily's father.

She's such an amazing,
generous person... fairy.

I can see she's like that
because of who her parents are.

I mean, that's why you
agreed to the lunch.

You could've said no, but you didn't,
because you trust her.

- Mm-mm.
- Can I see that?

- Why?
- Please?

You know what?
I just remembered something.


Just as I thought.
We have two copies.


Maxwell's Bookshop
aims to please!

Tell your friends.


Where did it go?



That was so nice.

Thank you for having me.

You're not going already?

Sorry, Lily,
I really have to.

It's been a pleasure, Kyra.

I hope you'll come again.

Well, I've got work to do.

- Bye, Kyra.
- Bye.

My dad's not a bad man.

I never thought he was.

He's under a lot of
pressure from work.

It's not easy being
the director of the DMI.

I can imagine.

He's not normally like this.

I don't think I've ever
seen him this stressed.

Do you think
I got through to him?

You can tell me the truth.

The truth is I don't know.

What exactly is goo?

It's like magical pond scum.

We have to catch it
before it gets outside.

If it gets to water, it grows.

By this time tomorrow, it'll be
the size of a football field.

- And did I mention it's mean?
- PETER: Mean?

How can pond scum
have attitude?



PETER: Right. Right there.

Don't move.

What are you doing?


- Good work.
- Thanks.

But you can't keep coming here.

I buy comics here.

Maxwell will get
sus if I stop coming in.

We do hang out
in the same cafe.


It's possible we might
run into each other.

Completely by accident,
of course.

It's possible.

Very possible.


Good morning!
Sorry I'm late.

Sean called me in
for an early meeting.

He still sees me
as a threat, doesn't he?

That is totally ridiculous.

Yeah, Kyra
wouldn't hurt anyone.

We should go and tell him.

Now now, before you do
anything rash, let me finish.

Sean told me he had
a lunch guest yesterday.

Apparently the young woman
showed great maturity.

Sean has decided to take
no action regarding the powers.

You're safe.


He also mentioned
that you made

an excellent chocolate cake.

Any chance of a sample?

I'll see what I can do.


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