The Bureau of Magical Things (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Fun and Games - full transcript



Season 01 Episode 13

Episode Title: "Forces of Attraction"

So... no more magic school?

Not until Maxwell figures out
what happened to me.

I'm surprised he's happy
to let you out of his sight,

given you turned him
into a rabbit.

Actually, it was a guinea pig,
and that was an accident.

You're not gonna do anything
weird like that to me, are you?

Relax, the random stuff
stopped happening, thankfully.


What if he doesn't
figure it out?

He will. I trust Maxwell.


It's weird being in class
without Kyra.

Especially when
it used to be so weird

being in class with her.

- It's not forever.
- I hope not.

Do you know what's going on
with her, Professor?

I'm working on it.

Is it something to do
with that book?

"The Theory and Practice
of Conjuring"?

Every time she touches it,
something happens.

Concentrate on your studies
and leave Kyra to me.

Does the DMI have to know
about the random magic she did?

Yes, Professor,
what are you gonna tell them?

Less talking, more reading.

I want you all to finish
that chapter on magical auras

by this afternoon.

I've got to go out,
I'll be back by lunch time.

[magic zings]

[ball bouncing]


She shoots and she scores.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Has Maxwell figured out
what's going on with me?

Not yet, but I'm sure he will.
So, no random magic or anything?

No, I'm totally fine,
it stopped.

And you're here because?

Just thought I'd swing by.

- Missing me, huh?
- Maybe a little.

Aren't you supposed
to be in class?

Maxwell's gone away
for a while.

- So you snuck out.
- What can I say?

I'm a born rebel.

[magic zings]

Not a born basketball player.

Let me try that again.

[magic zings]

Kyra, wasn't expecting
to see you home.

I had something on,
but it got postponed.

So you invited a friend over.

KYRA: This is Darra.

Darra, this is my dad.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Glen.

How do you two
know each other?

I think we met at the library,
didn't we?

Yeah, I think we did.

Well, if it was
on a basketball court,

watch out for this one,
she plays a mean game.

Thanks for the warning.

I'm making
some toasted sandwiches,

would you guys like some?
No, thanks, I'm not hungry.

- Darra?
- Sounds...

Darra has to get going.

- Nice meeting you.
- DARRA: Hmm.

Are you nuts? You almost
revealed magic to my dad.

I guess I was pretty careless.

I don't think
he saw anything, though.

- But he could have.
- I'll be more careful

next time.
Next time?

Well, we don't know how long
you're gonna be out of school

for, so chances are pretty good
I'll visit you again.

- Any excuse to skip class?
- You know me too well.

[chuckles] Thanks for coming.
See ya.

Did either of you think
the professor

was acting
a bit weird before?

He seemed like he had
something on his mind.

He's just worried about
what's happened to Kyra.

True, but I think he knows
more than he's letting on.

- Such as?
- He keeps saying

there's nothing strange
about that book,

but why did he get Ladder
to take it

to the restricted section...

with strict instructions
for no one to touch it?

- He did what?
- How do you know?

- I saw him.
- LILY: You were spying?

No. I just happened to be here
when he did it.

The restricted section
is for high-risk magical stuff.

So what's he not telling us
about that book?

You're not thinking
of going in there?

How else will we find out?

We're not supposed to go
in there without permission.

[chuckles] Maxwell isn't here,
so how will he know?



LADDER: [creaking]

Ladder, can you please
let us through?


- Ladder, move.
- [creaks]

Well, I guess we'll have
to forget about going in then.

- [magic zinging]
- Imogen, no!

What did you do?

Just a simple stun spell.
It'll wear off in an hour or so.

Are you coming?

I don't like it.
Let's go back.

No one's stopping you.


Something's not right.

This is too easy.

[magic zings]


Is there any point in trying
to jump to the other side?

I wouldn't really
like to try it.

So how do we get past?

- [magic twinkling]
- [magic zinging]

Guess it's not so scary
after all. Coming?


You friend could've stayed,
you know?

- He had to go.
- Because I came home?

Of course not.

The uniform can be
a bit intimidating.

It wasn't the uniform.

Kyra, your friends
are welcome anytime.

In fact, invite him over again.
He can come for dinner.

He's really not that much
of a friend, I hardly know him.

Didn't look like it to me.

In fact,
I think he quite likes you.


One of the advantages of being
a cop, I notice things.

[phone ringing]

Hi, Mathilda, what's up?

Nope, just some highly
questionable parenting.

Love to. See you there.

- There it is. Easy.
- Good, grab it

and let's get out of here.

That's not what
I'm looking for.

We were looking for the book
Kyra touched, this is it.

I know, but I'm also
interested in any other books

the professor
might have looked at.

[magic twinkling]

"The orb of Lumeria."

- I thought that was a myth.
- RUKSY: So did I.

So why would Maxwell be reading
about a myth?

Didn't Kyra say she saw
a glowing sphere in her vision?

- A sphere is a kind of orb.
- We need to find this book.

Better hurry up, Maxwell said
he'd be back by lunch time.

Where do we start?

How about aisle 327,
section 12.


SEAN: Lily told me about
Kyra's random magic.

I've been waiting to hear
the full story.

It all happened without Kyra
using finger or wand.

Any triggers for these events?

None that are obvious.

Do you have any idea
what might cause such magic?

The only possibility
is the Orb of Lumeria,

but we both know
that was never recovered.

Perhaps they're just unique
Tri-ling powers.

But it does raise the issue

of what the girl is
capable of.

If her magic is so arbitrary,
she could reveal us

to the human world.

My job is
to protect the secret.

You'll continue
to keep an eye on her.

If that's what you want.

I know we haven't always
seen eye to eye

on DMI methods, Maxwell,
but I'm sure we both want

the magical world
to remain safe.

Don't worry, Sean,

if anything happens,
you'll be the first to know.



That's the one.

Is this going to help us?

Give me a minute.


- [flower spits]
- [coughs]

I still can't believe you're
free on such short notice.

You are always busy
these days.

I know things got weird
for a while for us,

but... feels like it's getting
back on track.

Yeah. And once I start
thrashing you,

it'll really
be back to normal.

You wish.

- Oh!
- BOTH: [laughing]

Do you know that guy?

I swear I've seen him
at Harvey's.


Seems interested.
Wanna say hey?

- We're in the middle of a game.
- He looks so lonely.

Sitting there all by himself.

- Mattie, can we play?
- Hey!

I haven't seen you here before.
I'm sort of new here.

- I'm Mathilda.
- Darra.

This is my friend Kyra.

Do you wanna play?

- Sure.
- What? No, he's hopeless.

Wait, I thought you said
you didn't know him.

I'm... assuming?

Besides, he's not exactly
dressed to play basketball.

- I won't let that stop me.
- Great! Let's go.

LILY: That's it.
The orb of Lumeria.

"Lumeria was an ancient land
in the Indian Ocean.

"Legend says that the Lumerian
fairies and elves

"worked together to create

"a single orb
of untold magical power,

"but there was dissent over
who would control

such a dangerous force."

you make something nice,

and then you fight over
who owns it.

- [chuckles]
- RUKSY: "There was a war

"between fairies and elves
that resulted in the collapse

"of the Lumerian empire,
and destroyed the very society

that brought the orb
into existence."

- [chuckles]
- What's so funny?

[clears throat] Sorry.

"The island of Lumeria
sank into the ocean,

never to be seen again."

- What happened to the orb?
- [giggling]

Are you okay?

IMOGEN: [giggling]

- Hey! Give that back.
- IMOGEN: Make me.


What's gotten into her?

KYRA: [grunts]

Ah... do you wanna
try that again?

I don't think it'll make
any difference.


Kyra was right,
you are terrible.

So harsh.

No, seriously, you should
consider taking up bowling.

Or chess.
Actually, I'm pretty good

at table tennis,
we should play sometime.

Pretty sure I'd thrash you
at that too.

Whatever you need
to believe.

- I'm gonna take off.
- What? Why?

You guys totally have a vibe.

- We do not.
- Just have fun.

You can give me
the gossip later.

Oh, it was lovely to meet you.


So... how did you find me?

You're surprisingly

I thought,
"Where would Kyra go?

Maybe the basketball court."

And, bingo, here you are.

You followed me,
didn't you?

Yeah, guilty as charged.

- Why?
- I wanted to apologize

for that thing
with your dad earlier.

I should've been a little
more careful.

I guess magic is
second nature to you.

Must be hard
doing things the human way.

I thought I was doing
pretty okay.

So, do you wanna play
some more?

No offense, but there is
no way you can beat me.

Even with magic,
you're a lousy shot.

Who said anything
about winning?

A friend... I think her name
was Kyra... once told me

that it's not about winning,
it's about playing.

So, how about it?

- Fine. First to 20 points?
- You're on.



Great, Imogen's inhaled
the scent of the giggle bloom.

Giggle bloom's
an actual thing?

- That's it.
- LILY: Pretty flower.

Don't look at it,
it can be hypnotic.

It's used by the tribes
of the Amazon.

It makes you think
everything is funny

until the scent wears off.
Lily, stop it!

We need to find Imogen
and get the book, okay?

Let's split up.

positively no way.

I'm sticking with you.

- [waves crashing]
- [seagulls squawking]




DARRA: [panting]

Sure you don't wanna quit?

You kidding?
I'm just getting warmed up.

It's 12-nil.

I'm lulling you into
a false sense of security.


Well, this will make it 15-nil.

Where did you pull that from?

- Getting worried now?
- Oh, yeah,

I can barely stand
the pressure given

I'm still ten points ahead.
Gap's closing.

Quit now,
there's no way you can win.

I'm gonna give it my best
shot, so you better bring it.

Unless you wanna quit.
In... your... dreams.


- Imogen.
- Imogen, are you here?

I hope she hasn't
gone outside.

I knew going in there
was a bad idea.

IMOGEN: [giggling]


- IMOGEN: [giggling]
- Come on, Imo, out you come.

Imo, please?

Out you come, Imogen.
If you do, you'll get a treat.

[gasps] What treat?

LILY: The most super duper
awesome sundae ever.

IMOGEN: With icing
and sprinkles on top?

- LILY: And hot fudge sauce.
- IMOGEN: [giggling]

I'll keep reading,
you take care of Imogen.

- Take care of her how?
- You'll think of something.



- Out you come, Imogen.
- [giggling]

- Maxwell will be back soon.
- [laughs]

Okay, I can't believe
I'm doing this,

but if you come out,
I'll let you

have a go at my wand.

- Tricked you.
- [laughs]

[groans] Not again.

You gonna get it?

You gonna... get it?

Whoa! [laughs]

- Whoa!
- KYRA: [laughs]

- Aw, come on!
- Woo! Yeah!

- Fourteen-four.
- DARRA: [laughing]





DARRA: [laughing]

BOTH: [laughing]

That's enough for today.
Let's call it a draw.


Imogen, are you here?

Please, come here.

This is way outside
my comfort zone.

- IMOGEN: [laughing]
- Imogen.

Hey. Fun's over.

Imogen, pretty please.




Oh, no.

[flower sprays]

That was fun.

You looked like you were
enjoying yourself too.

I was!

You wanna have more fun

Like see a movie or...

go moonlight horse riding
with the pixies?

I'd like to.

I'm sensing a but.


there's too much going on.

I'm lying to my dad,

Maxwell still doesn't know
what's happening to me.

- Until that's been sorted...
- So... friends it is then?





RUKSY: "And though
the Lumeria disappeared,

"there's been persistent rumors
that the orb survived.

To date, its whereabouts
remain unknown."

BOTH: [giggling]

Not you, too.

This cannot be happening.

Maxwell's due back any minute.

Come on, we've gotta go.

LILY AND IMOGEN: [giggling]

LADDER: [creaking]

- [giggling]
- This is no laughing matter.

Now, sit down and... look like
you're studying.

[magic zings]

Thought you were Maxwell.

- [giggling]
- What's with them?

Um, think of it as a, uh...
kind of hay fever.

- When's the professor back?
- Any minute, why?

Well, Kyra seems to have
her magic under control,

I was hoping she could come
back to class.

BOTH: [giggling]

What's been going on here?

Just some research.

Do you know where Kyra is?

KYRA: Hey, Ruksy.
What are you doing here?

It's not like you
to just... drop in. What's up?

It's the professor.

- Has something happened to him?
- RUKSY: No.

Then what?

There's no easy way
to say this,

but Maxwell isn't telling you
everything he knows

about your magic.

He wouldn't do that.

He said he'll investigate
and keep me updated.

- Has he told you anything yet?
- No.

Well, I know for a fact

that he knows about the orb
in your vision.

How do you know?

I found this in a book
about the orb of Lumeria.

I've never heard of that.

RUKSY: Maxwell has.

He's lying to you.

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