The Americans (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 6 - Trust Me - full transcript

A mole hunt within the KGB causes suspicion amongst allies and shatters trust within the Jennings' marriage. Meanwhile, Stan's plan to keep his mole safe puts her at even greater risk of discovery.

Previously on
"the americans"...

Elizabeth: When we got here,
I was 22 years old,

Living in a strange house
in a strange country,

With a strange man.

It never really happened
for us,

But I feel like
it's happening now.

You're violating
a shitload of soviet laws,

And you're looking at 10 years
in a siberian labor camp.

You're gonna have to
start working for me.

[ speaking russian ]

How did you
get him to talk?

I sucked his cock,
just like you told me to.

I never said that.
I-I never said that.

Nina, jesus...

Mr. Martin from the d.O.J. Is
on the line for you, agent gaad.

Big day at
fbi counterintelligence?

They were
in the secure vault all day.

Did you get a look inside
this time?

They don't let me in there.

As soon as we got
those encryption codes from you,

The fbi changed them.

Within the day.

Right when they were leaving
for the meet, like they knew.

You understand
what that means?

Somebody's talking.

Somebody's talking.
We have a mole.

Man: Leonard winds up to pitch.
How does this happen?

High and outside.

It's one of the things
that happens

When people
are involved.

And they're sure it's someone
in the rezidentura?

It couldn't be a leak
in moscow?

She seemed to know.

Paige: Mom, you ready?
I'll be right there.

Next pitch on the way.

I assume the fbi
are running the mole,

So I need
to press martha hard.
A high fly ball to center.

Henry's waiting in the car.

Can we go, please?

He got under that one.
Still up there.

Settles under it
and makes the catch.

And that is one down here
in the third.

[ fanfare plays]

The o's kicked off
the season Friday night

With a 5-3 win
against kansas city.

I just got out of a...
An important meeting.

Really? What about?

I -- [ sighs ]
I can't really say.

Top secret?

Actually, I can't say

Because I didn't hear
a word that was said.

Why is that?

I was thinking about you,
to tell the truth.


Look, even if we can't
have anything more

Than a professional

I would still like to
see you sometime socially.

I would like that.

Well, I could be
at your apartment in 20 minutes,

If you want a cup of coffee
or something.

I would like that,
but I have to work.

[ laughs ]

It's Sunday.
It's my new boss.

He's showing me how important he
is by wrecking my filing system.

And my weekend.

Well, you could be
a half-hour late.

I'll put a pot on.

See you soon.

[ gasps ]

[ grunting ]

Come on!
Get in there!

[ muffled screaming ]

[ tires screech ]

[ breathing heavily ]

What -- what --
what am I doing here?

Who -- who are you?

[ lighter clicks ]
who are you?!


What do you want?

You, mr. Jennings.

We want you.

My name's not jennings.
Philip jennings, 39.

Wife -- elizabeth.

Children --
paige and henry.

Runs dupont circle travel.

Seems to be out late at night
quite a bit.

Lives across the street
from an fbi agent.

Also, the details
of his life before 1963

Seem to be a bit...Hazy.

[ inhales deeply ]

We know who you are
and what you are, mr. Jennings.

You commie prick.

[ inhales deeply ]

[ chuckles ]

[ chuckles ]

[ horn honks ]

[ knock on door ]

You wanted to see me,

I wanted your take
on something.

Sorry to call you in
on a Sunday.

Oh, that's okay.

I was -- I was headed
into town, anyway.

[ chuckles ]

All those years undercover,
beeman --

I had you pegged
for a better liar than that.

How did you keep those white
supremacists from making you?

Well, I didn't work
for them, sir.

Entirely different

Take a look at this.
Tell me what you think.

What have we got?
[ sighs ]

Adam dorwin.
Single gunshot wound.

Nothing stolen,
no criminal history.

He was shot two miles

From where we were
surveilling the rezident.

Looks like...
Right around the same time.

Should I get my
"carmac the magnificent" turban?

Are you gonna tell me
the rest?

The government has
a secret defense program --

about missiles.

I -- I don't have
more detail than that.

But dorwin was project manager
for a company called viseotech.

They were working
on the missile technology?

About a month ago,
some blueprints disappeared.

That's all they told me --
"top-secret blueprints,

Defense department,
very unhappy."

A viseotech employee
just happens to get shot

At the exact same time
that we're...

the kgb rezident.

That's a hell
of a coincidence.

[ chuckles ]

My mother always said

Coincidence was god's way
of winking at you.

That doesn't exactly feel like
a friendly wink, does it?

[ groans ]

[ footsteps ]

[ floorboard creaks ]

[ door creaking ]

[ floorboard creaks ]

[ floorboard creaks ]

[ both grunting ]

[ clattering, glass breaks ]

[ thud ]

Woman: Let's put these bags
in the truck.

[ indistinct conversations ]

What time is mom
supposed to get here?

About an hour ago.

You have any change?
For what?

To call home, doofus.

but you owe me.

[ sighs ]

[ coin drops ]

[ telephone ringing ]

[ birds chirping ]

[ telephones ringing ]

[ sighs ]

Come on.

Where are we going?

Do you
want to get home or not?

Henry: Slow down!

Mom's not gonna see us
from here.

Mom's not here.

We're not
supposed to hitch, paige.

We're not supposed to be left
at the mall.

[ scoffs ]
are you scared?

No. This is stupid.

We should just
go back and wait.

You can wait.
I'm going home.

[ sighs ]

[ footsteps ]

[ engine idling ]

Stan: Hey.
I'm done.

You have to
exfiltrate me.

The rezidentura
is on the hunt for a mole.

I've been of help to you.
I have fulfilled my obligation.

It's your turn now.

Look, you're gonna have
your chance to leave.

I promise.
You don't understand.

I have to leave now.
You need to stay calm.


They're going to
put a bullet in my head.

I will not
let that happen.

You know what they do to people
suspected of treason?

They put them on a plane
back to russia,

No discussions,
no questions.

They get them a trial
and a lawyer, and they
find them guilty.

And I am guilty.

You have to
get me out now.

You have to trust me,

Trust me.

[ philip grunting ]

I want a list of
every kgb agent you know of --

The ones you're running,
other directorate "s" illegals.

[ breathing heavily ]

Too much to ask?

How about we start
with all dead-drop sites.

Kgb communication

We both know where
this is gonna go, mr. Jennings.

It's up to you
how long we do this.

There will be no spy trades
under this president.

[ breathes heavily ]

I'm not a spy.

[ book thuds ]

[ click ]
philip: Big day
at fbi counterintelligence?

Martha: Yes, it was.

we know most of it,

But I just want to hear
the details from you

Because a crisis
can provide an opportunity

To uncover the leaks

That we have been looking for
in your office.

So just tell me
what you saw.


I-I know
that a man was kidnapped.

[ click ]

Lots of passports,
multiple identities.

There's been some interesting
debate about your children.

They were born here,
so technically,

They're american citizens.

Can that be revoked?

Can they be
sent back to russia?

Oh, they don't speak russian,
do they?

[ taps passport ]

Maybe they become wards
of the United States government.

[ breathing heavily ]

Go to hell.

Bring her in! Let's go!
[ door opens ]

Man: Go.

where you headed?

Falls church commons.

Well, hop in.

Well, listen, I-I don't have
a whole lot of time, folks.

I got to be to work in...
Well, less than an hour.

You know,
it's not that far.

We'll just walk.
Thanks anyway.

I mean, it's 10 miles.

It's right on my way,
but, okay, sure.

Wait! Hey, wait!

[ tires screech ]
it's 10 miles.

My brother's a little...

Hey, not a problem.

Get in.

I'm nick.

Thanks for stopping.

We were
stranded at the mall.

Y'all hitchhike before?
Yeah. Sure.

[ chuckles ]
how old are you?


Hey, chief.

That's henry.
Sorry he's so rude.

He's chill.

[ grunts ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ telephone ringing ]

It turns out our dead guy
had access -- s.C.I. Clearance.

And he was familiar with
the genesis of the technology.

You think he was leaking
information to the russians?

Like I said, I believe in god
but not coincidence.

Did take him out?
Not as far as I know.

My cia sources say
he wasn't even on their radar

Till his body
turned up.

What did your friend
say about him?

My friend
has a big problem.

Rezidentura knows
there's a leak.

These are
dangerous operations.

[ sighs ]

You know those africans
the criminal-investigation guys

Busted a few months ago with
the diamonds in their asses?


I almost felt sorry for
the c.I.D. Guys on that one.

Yeah, I'd like to request
some of the jewels.

I don't think your wife's
gonna appreciate it

If she ever finds out
where they came from.

[ chuckles ]
[ elevator bell dings ]

So, chief,
you play any sports?

I played football
in high school, free safety.

Loved to hit.

Free safeties are usually
the hardest hitter on "d."


Oh, that's okay.

Little man doesn't want to talk,
he doesn't have to.

Hey, cool with you guys
if I make a quick stop?

I thought you had
somewhere to be.

little man can talk.

For the ducks.

I always feed them
on my way to work.

[ water bubbling ]

[ gasping ]


[ coughs, gasping ]

Get up.

[ grunting ]

Come on.

We have to get home
kind of soon.

It'll only
take a minute.

You don't want the ducks
to starve, do you?

Come on, chief.

I'll introduce you
to donald.

[ ducks quacking ]

That's nice.

[ sniffs ]

[ bottles clink ]

[ sighs, sniffs ]

[ inhales deeply ]

[ bottle opens ]

Try it.

It's dutch.

[ groans ]

You don't like it?
No, it's -- it's good.

[ chuckles ]

Hey. Make some new friends,

You know...
[ chuckles ]

...You're definitely gonna be
a knockout in a couple of years.

I'm not hitting on you
or anything,

But...You can expect
to break some hearts.


You guys know how dangerous
it is to hitchhike?

I mean...

You're lucky you ran into me
and not some lunatic.

[ bird chirping ]


You know, I -- I think we can
walk the rest of the way.

Right, henry?

Thanks for taking us
this far. Come on.

[ bag thuds ]


Somebody paid
for that beer -- me.

Not a lot of ducks,
huh, chief?

Must be a duck holiday.

[ sighs ]

See, the thing is...

I've done a lot
of stupid stuff in my life.

[ chuckles ]

Things someone should have
talked me out of...

Before I messed up.

Grab me another beer,
will you, chief?

[ sniffs ]

See, that's the thing.

We all need somebody to keep us
on the straight and narrow,

Someone who will call us
on our shit...

Who ain't afraid
to put the fear of god in us.

You believe in god,


Because the society is lost
if people lose faith.

I mean, seriously...

Without a higher power,
we're no better than wild dogs.

[ grunts ]

Run, paige! Run!
[ groans ]


[ discordant music plays ]

[ film projector clicking ]

[ sighs ]

This is a camera.

I need you to photograph
documents at the rezidentura.

Doesn't matter which ones

As long as
they're highly classified.

You said
I could trust you.

You said that
you have it figured out --

That you would
have a plan.

This is the plan.

It's suicide.
If somebody catches me...

Listen to me, nina.

I've been where you are.
I've lived it.

I know what it is to feel fear
in every fiber of your being

And not be
able to show it.

I've been there.

Now, I can get you out.

But...You have to
stay with me.


What if I'm caught?

You won't be.

You can do this, nina.

We can do this.

Even if
I can take the pictures...

There's no way
I can sneak them out.

The security
is very tight.

You won't have to.

[ grunts ]

There are
no happy endings here.

You can help her, you know?
Talk now.

Save her a lot of pain.

[ sighs ]

Up to you.

What do you think
you're gonna get from us?

Why don't you tell me?

Fine, I will tell you.


You get nothing
from us.

She's trained for this.
So am I.

We'll die
before we'll talk.

We know how to do that.

[ groans ]
grannie: That's enough.

[ footsteps ]

I'm sorry.

We had to know
if you were the mole,

If we could...Trust you.

Untie him.

If you could trust us?


Very few of us knew about
the fbi's encryption codes.

You were the first two.

And within a day,
the fbi knew.

What were we
supposed to think?

We should be the last people
you suspect.

This wasn't done lightly.

You understand
what's at stake.

If there was
the slightest possibility

That you
were betraying us,

That would be a blow
we would be unable to sustain.

We had to know.

Did you have permission
for this?

Did zhukov approve this?

This decision was made
far above zhukov's head.

[ groans ]

[ water splashes ]

[ screaming ]

Philip: That's enough.

That's enough!
[ gasps ]

I'm gonna kill you,
you stupid bitch!

Tell whoever approved this

That your face is a present
from me to them!

Show them your face!
Show it to them!

Where's my car?

Where's my car?!

[ breathing heavily ]

Sit down.


[ groaning ]

[ panting ]

[ panting ]

[ sighs ]

Grannie knew everything --

Everything we knew
about those encryption keys.

What were they gonna do,
string her up, too?

I was this close
to killing her.

Are you okay?
Yeah, you?


How could they do that to us?
What did they do to you?

Psychological pressure --
pictures of the kids.

They didn't
question you?


They stopped?


You told them.

What? What are you
talking about?

You told them
I considered defecting.

That's why
this is happening.

I didn't.

What did you tell them?


You're lying.
I can see it.

What did you tell them?

[ sighs ] philip.

Philip...We are supposed to
tell them things.

That is part of this job.

I-if I said anything
that made them think --

If I said
anything that would...

I-it would have been
so long ago.

What did you tell them?

I told them that
you liked it here too much.

Philip. Philip.
Don't touch me.

Don't act like
I made something up!

They asked me,
and I answered!

You loved it here! You started
loving it more and more!

Now look
what finally happened!

I fit in!!

I fit in,
like I was supposed to!

And, yes, I liked it.
So what?

I was supposed to be
able to trust you, and I did.

And I shouldn't have.
I never should have.

That's not true.

[ sighs ]

[ keys clatter ]

You okay?

[ sighs ]

What if he wasn't gonna do
anything bad to us?

He was a creep, henry.

What you did today...
Took courage.

But I was scared.

Listen, I know.

[ sighs ]

What happened today...

Has to be our secret,


[ sighs ]

What? What's wrong?

I had an accident.

[ sighs ] all right.

Come on.
Let's go downstairs.

I'll wash them
for you.


[ typewriter clacking ]

[ indistinct conversation
in distance ]

[ telephone ringing ]

[ drawer closes ]

[ camera shutter clicking ]

[ door opens ]

[ indistinct conversation
in distance ]

[ camera shutter clicks ]

[ indistinct conversations ]


[ chuckles ]

[ telephone ringing ]

[ sighs ]

[ buckle clicks ]

[ engine revving ]

[ sighs ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ piano music plays ]

[ sighs ]

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ sighs ]

Thank you.


There's a sale
on the earl grey.

This is fine.

[ sniffs ]
now, that's good stuff.

You want to use the water
before it boils.

I know how to brew tea.
Thank you.

[ coins clink ]


[ sighs ]
sorry about that.

[ sighs ]


[ dialing ]

[ telephone rings ]

It's done.

[ sighs ]

[ ringing ]

Woman: Switchboard.

Yeah, route me through the phone
booth on pennsylvania and 11th.

[ clears throat ]

Cultural desk.
How may I help you?

Yes, could I speak
to vasili nikolaevich?

Uh, one moment.

Uh, he's unavailable.
May I take a message?

Yes, tell him there's a tea shop
in piccadilly circus

That I know he'll enjoy
when he's not under the gun.

May I tell him
who's calling?

Tell him it's theo.

"theo" who?

He'll know.

[ sighs ]


[ rapid footsteps ]

[ sighs ]
oh, my god.

What happened?
I was changing the station
while we were driving,

Which is a stupid thing
to do and --

We hit some ice,
and it's okay.

And we're okay.

And everything
is okay.

[ sighs ]
does it hurt?

Uh...A little, yes.

I'm -- I'm so sorry I wasn't
there to pick you guys up.

It's okay.
How did you get home?

Shelly's mom
drove us home.

Oh. Okay.

Good. Good.

Look, it has been a very,
very long day,

So what do you say
we all get ready for bed?

I'll beat you upstairs!

No racing.

[ zipper closes ]

I'm, uh, gonna go
and see martha.

I never made it there
this morning.


I want to take her
some jewelry.

[ sighs ] make up
for missing the date.

Do you have anything?

Do you have anything?

[ drawer opens ]

[ sighs ]

[ scoffs ]

I'm sure she'll love it.

[ zipper closes ]

[ dialing ]

[ telephone rings ]

Cultural desk.
How may I help you?

Is vasili there?

[ grunting ]

Not yet.
Tell vasili it's urgent.

Sir, unless you tell me what
this is about, I can't help.

[ receiver slams ]

[ dial tone ]
[ sighs ]

[ grunts, sighs ]

[ sighing ]

[ grunts ]

When a lady calls,
I oblige.

That's what
the lady counts on.

[ sighs ]

What happened?

Can I
have one of those?

I thought you stopped.

Old habits are
hard to break.

[ sighs ]

So, where do you
want my eyes?

My children.
And philip.

I'd rather keep them
on you.

On me, too, then.

What's going on,

There's a mole.

I need to know
if I'm being watched.

No one knows
you exist.

Someone knows.

I'll be your eyes.

[ siren wails in distance ]


[ door opens ]

[ keys jingle ]

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ telephone rings ]

[ sighs ]
I got it.

Gaad: It's gaad.

I just got word --
the rezident jumped ship

Without giving any notice
to the state department.

You're sure it's him?

I'm staring at a photo of him
getting on a plane as we speak.

He's on his way
back to russia right now.

Just him?

Just him.

[ sighs ]

I appreciate the call.

I thought you might.

[ receiver hangs up ]

Is everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah,
everything's good.

[ sighs ]

[ sighs ]

I get that you can't...
Tell me things --

The secrets and stuff,

[ sighs ]

I mean,
there has to be something

That you can share with me
from work.

I-I mean --
I don't know.

Your boss
gets on your nerves,

Or...Um...You partner thinks
he's funny, and he's not funny.

I don't know.

You're right.
Anything? [ chuckles ]

I don't know.

You know, sometimes...

Sometimes what I do...
Gets scary.

Not for me, you know?

I don't have to worry
about that anymore, but...

But I have to worry
about people.

And today,
it got pretty scary.

But it worked out.

[ sighs ]

It was a tough day.
But it was a good day.

That's good.

I'm glad.

Me, too.

[ sighs ]

A car accident?

Oh, my god.

I jumped a light.

I thought
you stood me up.

[ chuckles ]
are you kidding me?

I think I was just
excited to see you.

[ groans ]

Ooh. Wh-- are you okay?

Did you see a doctor?

Yeah -- well, a paramedic.
He said I was fine.

Clark, um...

I know that
we're not supposed to,

But maybe
they could assign

Someone different from
your office to work with me.

I can't.

[ sighs ]
I just can't.

And I'm --
I'm sorry, but...

There's something
I would like you to have

So you understand
how I feel.

[ sighs ]

How did it go?

She got over it.

[ sighs ] philip.

What do you want
from me?

It doesn't matter.
You already did it.

There's no undoing it.

[ grunts ]

[ sighs ]

You're not the only one
who got hurt today, okay?

I was ripped
from my house.

I was attacked by the people
I believed in,

The people I trusted most
my whole life.

Yeah, I think
that says it all.

[ door slams ]