The Americans (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - Comint - full transcript

A crucial agent crumbles under emotional distress and threatens to topple a valuable network of KGB informants.

Previously on
"the americans"...

Undercover agents supposedly
hiding all over the u.S.

Super-secret identities -- no
one has any idea who they are.

How have you been, martha?
Fine, clark.

Big day at
fbi counterintelligence?

Martha: They were
in the secure vault all day.

Did you get a look inside
this time?

They don't let me in there.

You're violating
a shitload of soviet laws,

And you're looking at 10 years
in a siberian labor camp.

You're gonna have to
start working for me.

You can't call me
at the embassy ever!

Are you trying to
get me killed?

Grannie: The americans are
working on a new technology,

One that could put
our nuclear arsenal at risk.

Elizabeth: When we got here,
I was 22 years old,

Living in a strange house,
in a strange country,

With a strange man.

It never really happened
for us,

But I feel like
it's happening now.

[ doorbell rings ]

Frances raysens,
viseotech security.

Come in.

Can you check my credential
fully, please, sir?

Of course.

A few weeks ago,

The department of defense

A top-to-bottom
security review

Of all private company

In the ballistic missile
defense program.

I'm gonna need
to ask you a few questions, sir.


I waited as long as
I possibly could out of respect.

I'm...Very sorry
about your wife.

Thank you.

It was 35 years, right?

And eight months.

That's --
that's really something.

Can you please
state your name, position,

And security level
for the record?

Adam dorwin, manager,

Viseotech laser
operations group,

Top-secret clearance,
code word barta.

This past January,
your group expanded

Into the d.O.D. Strategic
defense initiative program.

Have you received
any communications

From foreign agents
or governments since that time?

I have not.

Do you believe in the american
system of government?

I do.

Do you believe
your contacts

In the department of defense
are trustworthy?

Trustworthy idiots.

In the past six months,

Have you been approached
by women --

Younger women
in particular --

Who have made
sexual advances?


Have you ever
paid for sex?

[ chuckles ] no.

Since joining
the laser operations group,

Have you had
any sexual liaisons

With any woman
other than your wife?


Did you ever talk to your wife
about your classified work?


She never asked any questions
about what you did all day?

She knew enough not to.

So, in the 35 years
and 8 months,

Not a single question?

That's right.

[ thunder crashes ]


I could have cracked him
in 30 seconds.

[ sighs ] you sure?

He needs his handler now,

Or we're gonna lose him.

Yeah. He's left four signals
for him in the last week.

why hasn't he met him?

Everyone's locked up
in the rezidentura.

The fbi surveillance teams

Are using new encryption
technology on their radios.

We can't tell when
they're following us anymore,

So there's no way
to meet an agent.

So, why don't I go in,
talk to him,

At least let him know that
we haven't forgotten about him?

I can talk to him
till his handler can get out.

You know,
the cia does it that way.

An agent can be run
by different case workers,

And their agents
are never loyal to them.

There's no real bond.

I'm just saying,
if we're desperate,

I can at least go explain
the situation to him.

I ran an agent
in west germany.

He was a loner --
one of these oddballs

Who never really learned
to make a friend.

So, I became his friend.

Many years later,
I was leaving

And we didn't really
need him anymore.

I explained it all to him.

And he thanked me for...
The chance to work together.

He killed himself
shortly thereafter.

We didn't need him anymore,
but he needed us.

Udacha, we need.

Without him,

We'd have no antiballistic
missile intelligence.

We'd have no decent network in
the military high tech at all.

So, what do we do?

Find a way to get
the fbi's encryption codes

So he can meet with
the one man he trusts.

I told you,
you can't call here.

I'm hanging up now.
No, please. I need --

Don't say names.

I lost her, and I'm alone.

No, no.
You're not alone.

Listen to me.
You'll be okay.

I don't think so.
I don't --

No, no. No.

Listen to me.
Listen to me.

We'll meet soon, my friend.
I can help you.

I promise.

[ breathing shakily ]

[ train whistle blows
in distance ]

Hey. Good morning.

How was the game?

Well, your husband
is quite the hustler.

Even if he does play
a little bit fast and
loose with the rules.

[ scoffs ] well,
what do you want? That was in.

I'm just saying
it looked out to me.
Well, it was in.

I thought we were driving
into work together today.

Yeah, stan and I had to stop
for breakfast.

I'm sorry if I kept him late,
but we bet breakfast,

So I had to buy him

Even if it was out.
It was in.

So, are you gonna
take the bus or, uh...

Yeah, I can take the bus.
I can give you a ride.


That would be great.
I got him.

Great. Good.
See you later.


[ indistinct conversations ]

[ telephone ringing ]

Amador: Two months, we dated.
All she wore was nurse's shoes.

You ask nice, maybe she'll
give you another shot.

I asked nice.
I asked twice.

Maybe the third time's
the charm.

Beeman, amador, what would you
make of it if I said to you,

I feel like I'm standing
at the edge of a diving board

Over a pool
with no water in it?

You need a vacation?

The listening post
just picked up this conversation

Between the rezident and someone
in a phone booth in bethesda.

"I feel like I'm standing on
a diving board at the edge" --

So, what would you
make of it?

Sounds to me like the guy could
be an agent of theirs.

He's smart enough not to use
his name on an open line.

Needs a vacation.

Sounds like he's spinning.
I smell an opportunity.

Mr. Martin from the d.O.J. Is
on the line for you, agent gaad.

Those are nice shoes,

They flatter your calves.

That's actually
a sexist comment, agent amador.

Martha is right,
agent amador.

I expect everyone to speak
respectfully to each other

In this office
at all times.

I'll be right there,

check with your source.

And where
did you hear this?

around the rezidentura.

Do you have any idea who
it could be who's calling him?

I don't know.

Somebody knows.

Of course somebody knows.

Listen, nina.
I'm on your side, okay?

I am.

But you need to think of me
as a...

As a wall
that's protecting you, okay?

On the other side
of that wall

Are some very decent
and freedom-loving folks,

But their love of freedom
makes them impatient.

It makes them
knock on the wall,

And soon they're gonna
start pounding on it.

You need to find out
what's going on.

We don't have
any leeway here.

You're a beautiful,
intelligent, intuitive,

And...Beautiful woman.

I have complete faith

That you'll figure out a way
to find out all you can.

"da-verts men-ye."

[ chuckles ]

Davertyes mnye.

Davertyes mnye.

But listen,
that's not what you say

When you want to say,
"trust me."

Why not?

When you say it
in that way,

In those words,
it's like, "trust me."

It's like,
"you don't have a choice."

[ soft music plays ]

You seem distracted,

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's just, uh...
It's been a rough day

In the land
of counterintelligence --

Rough week, actually.

My...My boss
is such a son of a gun,

Always breathing
down my neck about...

Are you feeling okay,

I have been wanting to do that
for a very long time.

And if things were different
with you and me,

We could --
we could absolutely...

I...I have to protect

Our government's
counterintelligence agencies,

And you're rendering our nation
a great service

By helping me do that,

But we can't trespass
any boundaries -- we can't.

And I'm...Sorry.

I like your shoes,
by the way.

[ chuckles ]
they're new.

Oh. Well,
I like your new shoes.

[ inhales deeply ]

[ sighs ]

Earth to clark.
[ chuckles ]

It's -- it's just,
in the past three months,

the surveillance systems

Of five of the seven
c.I. Agencies that we oversee

Have been compromised,
and I-I am worried

About the bureau's
surveillance technology, martha.

I mean,
it keeps me up at night.

Do you think
agent gaad's on top of it?

agent gaad thinks

The new surveillance
contractor is great.

You don't?

No, I-I do. I do.
It's just...

I'm concerned the company
wasn't properly vetted.

You mean the guy?

Right, you know, I think
one of the other units

Was gonna hire, um...

Schultz. Curt schultz.
Curt schultz.

You know what?
He's supposed to be very good.

I -- you know what, I just --
I worry.

Well, that's your job.

[ groans ]

My body is getting too old
for racquetball.

Maybe you're playing
too much of it --

You and your new
best friend.

I wouldn't call him
my best friend.

I am working him.
Is that what you're doing?

[ sighs ]

There's a lot of good reasons
to get close to this guy.

He's already given us
some useful information.

Down the line,
does he have vulnerabilities?

Who knows what's possible?

I think you should
keep your distance.

I think you should
stop worrying.

So, what's your in
with the encryption guy?

Rival looking to buy.

Competitor looking for a job.
Inside info.

I'd hire you
in a heartbeat.


[ chuckles ]
you and your socks.

[ laughs ]

[ both breathing heavily ]

Does this mean
I can tell my boss

I've got a shot
at buying your company?

[ chuckles ]

Depends how
the rest of the night goes.

Then I guess we're in.
[ laughs ] oh.

[ grunts ]


[ both grunting ]

Oh, that was so nice,

I'm just getting started.

Mm. That was such
a strong finish, though.

Turn over.

Oh. Mm.
You like that?

Oh. Oh, yeah.

[ grunts ] oh.

[ gasps ]
what was that?

Nice, right?

Okay, that hurt!
That hurt!

It's supposed to hurt.

[ grunting ]

You're gonna like this.


[ crying ] please, please!
Don't hurt me!

Don't hurt me.
Shh. Shh.

Stop making
so much noise.

Shh, shh. It's okay.
Be quiet.

Please, just be quiet.
Shh. Shh.

[ sniffles ]

[ door closes ]

If my boss knew
what you were into,

He probably wouldn't
want to buy your company.

Your boss
isn't gonna buy my company --

Not for $3 million.

I've seen the paperwork.
I know what it's worth.

There are things
that aren't in the paperwork.

Try 30.

You know
we do classified work.

They don't let us
put everything down.

I have a security clearance,

And we already know
you have encryption technology.

Why do you think
we wanted to buy you?

Look, honey, the technology,
I can't talk about.

Anybody can cloak a signal,

But I figured out
how to make the system portable.


Small enough to fit
in the trunk of an fbi car.

Wherever they go,
it goes with them.

$30 million.
Not a penny less.

[ chuckles ]

[ breathing shakily ]

[ chuckles ]

[ laughs ]

How did it go?

I got it.

We're gonna need cars,
so I think maybe --

What happened?

It's nothing.

That --
that's not nothing.

It's fine.
He was a little weird.
Let me see.

I said it was fine.
How can you say that?

It hap--

It happens sometimes,

Can I just --
[ gasps ]

I'm gonna deal with it.

You're gonna deal
with it?


If I'd wanted to deal
with him,

You don't think
he'd be dealt with?

I wanted the intel,
and I got it.

I'll be back in an hour.

Philip, I don't need you
to fight my battles for me.

It's over.
Let's just go to bed.

Philip. [ sighs ]

What the hell
is wrong with you?

Somebody beat the shit
out of my wife.

I can handle it.
It is my job.

I know,
but you don't deserve it.

Philip, stop.
You are not my daddy.

No, I'm not your daddy.

I'm your husband, elizabeth.
What do you think husbands do?

I wouldn't know.

Henry, where's your thermos?

It's in the lunchbox,
isn't it?

No, it's not.

I might have left it
in the lunch room, then.

Well, I told you before,
you're not getting another one,

So if this one's gone, get used
to drinking out of the fountain.

Henry, I'm sure
you'll find your thermos.

Let's all be ready to leave
in five, okay?


It's called responsibility.

You sure he's planning
to meet with the agent again?

He didn't say.

I didn't know you smoked.

You don't know anything
about me.

Anything else?

The guy's got jitters.

The rezident said that?


So, he'll want to meet
with him soon.

How did you
get him to talk?

I sucked his cock,
just like you told me to.

I never said that.
I-I never said that.

Nina, jesus...

I-I-I wouldn't.

[ train passing ]

[ train whistle blows ]



One day, you'll be living
a different life, all right?

You're gonna choose
a new name for yourself,

And I want you
to choose carefully, nina,

The name of someone who sleeps
very, very well at night.

Exfiltration is coming soon,
but we're not there yet.

And in the meantime,

We just have to keep working
for the good of all concerned.

We have to nail down when that
meeting is happening, nina.


The good news is

The encryption radios
are kept in the trunks of cars.

The bad news is
the cars belong to the fbi,

So we're gonna need
intelligence on the cars,

License plates,
base locations.

I'll check
with rezidentura.

They keep careful logs
on the cars that tail them.

is everything okay?


I've been in this business
a long time.

Just been
a rough couple of days.

I won't say this job
is twice as hard for women,

But it's something
close to that.

I can handle it.

I know you can.

Have you been following
the sad progress

Of this country's
equal rights amendment?

it makes me chuckle.

These women here
need to learn

What you and I
have known forever --

You can't wait for the laws
to give you your rights.

You have to take them,
claim them,

Every second of every day
of every year.

[ siren wails in distance ]

I'll get you that information
on the fbi cars,

But they keep their vehicles
under close guard.

We'll figure it out.

Phillip: You're sure
that's the fbi two cars back?

Elizabeth: Yes. I'm sure.

Are you gonna
stay mad forever?

I'm not mad.

At least I'm not
tormenting little boys

About lost thermoses.

[ tires squeal ]

[ tires screech ]

[ children playing in distance ]

I'm so sorry, ma'am.
Are you all right?

Man: Nice going.
Come on.

They have it up on the lift.

Three employees --
cashier, two mechanics.

Two feds on the car.
Let's get to work.

I'll distract them.
You'll have 45 seconds at most.

I figured it was the oil.

No, the oil's fine.

The problem's
with your drive shaft.

Are you kidding me?!

'cause this thing got a full
tune-up like two weeks ago.

Yeah, well, then,
your mechanic's incompetent,

Because these u-joints
are totally worn.

So much for the reliable
american automobile, huh?

So, your u-joints,
we got to replace them,

But, you know, it's your
drive shaft, so it's up to you.

it's my drive shaft.

You know,
for what it's worth,

When you, uh, pulled up,
I thought,

"this car's got drive-shaft
issues written all over it."


So, I guess my day just went
from bad to expensive, huh?

So, um...I'm sorry.

What -- what do you call
these things?

These things?
Those are tie rods.

Right, and -- and, uh...
And that thing?

That's the frame tunnel.
Frame tunnel.

You mind if I get by?
I'm sorry. Do you smoke?

Man: Yeah.

So, uh, any idea
how much this should cost me?

Well, from what I've seen
in this place,

You're in for a gouging.

[ whirring ]

[ laughs ]

Man: Yo,
almost dropped that.

Man #2: You're right.
Yo, how many more
of these we got?

Hey, car's ready!
We good?

Where were you?
Surveilling the grounds.

While jerking off
in the bathroom?

I saw you with
the motor-oil chicks calendar.

Screw you.
Yeah, screw you, too.

Excuse me.
Uh, is my car ready too?

Oh, no. I got to keep
it overnight. I had to
order some needle bearings.

You know what? Uh, forget it.
I need it now.

But I haven't replaced
your u-joint, yet.

Let me know what I owe you
and give me my car.

Oh, no question.
By a decade.

[ tires squeal ]

See ya.
Have a good night.

Good night.

You okay?

Fine. You didn't
have to pick me up.

I didn't have to
bring you coffee, either.

Or a vanilla-cream

[ car door closes ]

[ sighs ]

I'm sorry about before.

You know, we have to do all
sorts of things for our work,

And it requires
being a certain way.

What exactly
are you talking about?

[ chuckles ]

You know what I wish
as I fall asleep every night?

That I'll wake up
and not be worried.

About what?

[ sighs ]


You can't live like that.

Show me another way.

[ engine turns over ]

Woman: Are you okay?
Ty v poryadke?

"teve poor e-ad-ka?"
"teve poor e-ad-ka?"

How is your mother?
Kak tvaya mama?

"kak tavaya mama?"

"kak tavaya mama?"

Fine. And how are you?

[ click ]

Coming to bed?
Uh, I wish.

This whole
cyrillic alphabet thing

Is totally
kicking my butt.

Is that new?

Oh, you're killing me.

[ click ]
[ speaks russian ]

[ click ]
you know, a few years ago,

Before your long
stint undercover,

We used to go line dancing,
you and I.

[ chuckles ]

And we used to
drink chianti

At the bar
at the old spaghetti factory

And host bridge nights
once a month.

And we used to have

Those family dubble bubble
blowing contests.

And you knew your son's
three best friends' names.

Life was really pretty
freaking great, wasn't it?

You remember?

Yeah, I do.

I won't be that long,
all right?

[ scoffs ]

Davertyes mnye.

Davertyes mnye.

[ click ]
you have beautiful...

[ door opens ]

[ sighs ]

The kgb's acquired the fbi's
communication encryption code.

The meeting with the rezident's
agent is happening.

Today. 2:00.

Thank you.
[ tires squeal ]

Good going, beeman.
We're on it.

Hey, amador, the rezident's
meeting is happening today.

We're gonna nail him
with his agent.

Get three teams together
and catch up with your partner.
Yes, sir.

I have waited for this moment.

I want you to track down
that carl schultz guy.

He needs to change
the encryption codes
in the trunk units.

Those bastards think
they can listen in on us,

They got
another thing coming.

[ sighs ]

[ birds chirping ]

What's with you?

You've been moody all day.

Like my ex-ex-girlfriend
when she had her period.

Look, what you don't know
about marriage and family

And responsibility
and obligation

And answering to people

On a one-on-one,
personal level for 23 years --

I could fill
a goddamn warehouse, chris.

See, that's what
I'm talking about.

Brown goose is 27 on foot,
north on 36th street northwest.

Man: Roger.

Brown goose
is 27 on foot,

Direction of
the waterfront.

We're on it, sir.

Brown goose is continuing 27
towards the potomac.


What's he doing?

I don't know.


Brown goose
is 36 at the potomac.

Repeat -- 36.


What would you call that?

Did my friend send --

Man: Okay,
I'll see you tomorrow.

Have a good night.

You call a lot more
than gabriel ever did.

We've got a problem.

As soon as we got
those encryption codes from you,

The fbi changed them.

Within the day.

Right when they were leaving
for the meet, like they knew.

You understand
what that means?

Somebody's talking.

Somebody's talking.
We have a mole.

What did she say?

Don't worry about it.

I'll tell you
in the morning.