The Americans (2013–2018): Season 1, Episode 7 - Duty and Honor - full transcript

Philip and Elizabeth's troubled marriage is further tested when a mission to discredit a Polish pro-democracy leader reunites Philip with his old flame.

Previously on "the americans"...

Philip, i'd like you
to meet elizabeth.

There is so much
to talk about.

Philip and elizabeth's lives.

Not the other ones --
Those should never be discussed.

I need you to photograph
documents from the rezidentura.

there's no way i can sneak them out.

You won't have to.

You reported several times
over the years about philip.

Can we trust him?

I'm not a spy.

We'll die before we'll talk.

i'm sorry. We had to
know if you were the mole,

If we you.

I'm gonna kill you,
you stupid bitch!

Tell whoever approved this

That your face is a present
from me to them!

You told them
i considered defecting.

That's why
this is happening.

What did you tell them?

I told them that
you liked it here too much.

thousands of protesters
are demonstrating

Across poland today...

why not?

You do not need
more leg warmers, paige.


People in china
are starving,

But if paige gets leg warmers,
it's gonna start a famine.

Paige, you have 16 pairs.
That's a gross exaggeration!

Henry, what are you doing?
Get over here and eat, please.

I'm looking
for the remote.
I hid it.

Former polish communist hero
andrzej bielawski,

An outspoken critic
of soviet interference

In polish affairs,

Arrived in new york city
this morning.

Can we please
watch something else?

It's so boring!

You know there's no tv on during
the day unless it's boring.

who's this polish guy, anyway?

You're incorrigible!

Nice word!
Silence, slave.

Despite soviet opposition,
he is scheduled

To address the general assembly
later today.

You want
to talk about it?

Talk about what -- The fact
that our own people tortured us

they don't trust us

Or that we don't
trust each other?

I am trying
to open up a --

You're trying to what?

i'll be at the carnegie hotel.

Yeah, have a good time.

It's a mission,
not a getaway.

The centre gives orders,
not explanations.

You're so sorry to go.

I haven't seen her
in 20 years.

Do you have everything
that you need?

here you are, sir.
Have a nice trip.

sometimes they can drive you crazy.

so then -- So then,
she's sitting there.

And she says to me,
"you better put it down!"

Enjoy your stay,
mr. Jennings.

Thank you.

Hi, there.
I have a reservation.

Yes, ma'am.

mr. Bielawski, is this
the beginning of the end

Of communism in the eastern bloc?

You yet you're committed
of thto its overthrow.,

How do you explain
your conversion?


As it is practiced today
in my country,

Is a soul-Killing,
gutless abomination,

As you yourself
know too well, charles.

I was
an ardent communist,

But my conversion
was godless and bloodless.

Yours has come
at a very high price.

You were married,
happily, by all accounts.

Losing my wife
and my family

Was the most painful thing
i have ever experienced.

I would have been lost
without my faith.

What are you gonna say
to the general assembly?

I will tell them that
freedom is alive in poland.

Thousands of courageous
men and women

Are risking
their lives every day

To throw off the yoke
of the soviet oppression.

And after your address
at the u.N.?

I will go back to paris,

And i will form
a government in exile

In direct opposition
to moscow.

what will it be?

and dealer has 20. Pay 21.

Save my place.

let me out

We don't have a lot
of time, sandford,

So i'm gonna get
straight to the point.

Who the hell are you?

A friend of adam dorwin,
who recruited you

And to whom you've reported
for the past year and a half.

Adam's dead.

He was unstable.
We had to eliminate him.

You killed him?

I was very fond of adam.

I can't say the same
about you, sandford,

Since we've only just met,

Which would, however,
make it easier

For me to eliminate you.

Did i say something funny?

I-I don't give a rat's ass
what you do to me, lady kgb.

Put me out
of my misery, please.

I'm dead already.


Thank you.

Falls church?
Where the hell's that?

Uh, virginia,
just outside d.C.

Oh, you must get a ton
of lobbyists and politicians.

Not really.

well, you're missing
the boat, phil.

These government guys
are pigs at the trough.

You get your teeth
into them,

You're gonna be
rolling in dough.

for the advice...

jerry from boston.

You know, we have a lot
in common, you and me, phil.
How so?

We're both riding
the revolutionary soul train --

Faneuil hall,
paul revere's ride,

The white house,
the jefferson memorial,

Et cetera, et cetera.

What say you and i
start a patriot's tour,

Cook up a little
star-Spangled business?

Great. Thank you.

las vegas!

Scotch -- Rocks.

I'll have the same.



You're from virginia.

Yes. You?


Ever been to canada?


You'd like it.

Cold, trees,

Miles and miles
of virgin forest.

excuse me, everyone.

Fredericka starling
will be speaking

In the alpaca room
in 10 minutes.

I've been looking forward
to this for a long time.

So have i.

Bonjour, montreal.

You think i owe you an apology.

I think you owe me
more than an apology.

We had to find the mole.
You know the drill.

I was following orders,
dear, same as you.

Nevertheless, i'm sorry.

I'm sorry
i didn't kill you.

That's my apology.

Better luck next time.

I'd hate to see you
throw yourself

In front of a train,

Bad things happen,
not only in literature.

Is that a threat?

Only if you're serious
about killing me, nadezhda.

Don't call me that.

It upsets you?

It confuses me.

I like to keep my wits
when i'm handling snakes.

Very well, elizabeth.

did you meet prince?

I did.

He's a degenerate

We all have our issues.

He's gonna lose his kneecaps
or worse.

How much?

20 grand.

So if bielawski's
such a critical threat,

Why doesn't the soviet union
just kill him?

It's a catch-22.

Bielawski's the fuse that
ignites the polish street.

Without him, the forces
that are gaining momentum

To fight for polish independence
from moscow wither and die,

But bielawski
has to live

To maintain the fiction
of polish independence.

You're as handsome
as ever.

You, as well.

Your life in america --
Is it a full life?


You're married.



Two --
A boy and a girl.


I was married.


He died.



a son.

Thank you.

I have to go.

Good luck.

And to you.

Oh, hi! Hi!
Come in. Come in.

We brought dessert.
Oh, thank you!
It's beautiful.

Is it -- Blackout cake --
Stan's favorite.

Did you bake it

I bought it
with my own two hands.

So when does
philip get home?

Um, tomorrow.

can i watch tv?

Yeah, no, of course.

Um, i also have foosball
in the basement.

Oh. Where's matthew?

Oh, he's actually upstairs
finishing his homework.

You ready to lose to me
in a game of foosball?

Like that's
ever gonna happen.

Um, i hope you're not starving
because, you know, stan said

That he would be home
any minute, but, um...

we're fine.
We're fine.

Sorry i'm late.

Oh, not a problem,
my dear.




I'm gonna
buy you a drink.

You know what? I have
a meeting with a client.

One drink.

Santa claus does not take no
for an answer.

Why not?

There you go.

Uh, another bottle
of the latour?

No more, charles, please.
I beg you, no more.

no more.

The priest doth protest
too much, methinks.

I-I thought the two of you
should meet.

I was born in poland.

Do you speak polish?

well, i don't understand
a word-Ski

Of the blood-Ski

Pardon me. There's a phone call
for you, mr. Duluth.

Save the juicy stuff
for when i get back,

And some of the latour.

It costs
a bloody fortune.

What took you so long?

I got distracted.

you and andrzej both.

How's it going?

She's got him dangling

From the tip
of her lovely little finger.

I'm sure he's forgotten
his vows of celibacy.

And you?

I don't make vows
i can't keep.

yeah, i will do that.

I have to leave --
An emergency at work.

No, no, no.
Please, please, sit.

Finish your dinner.
Finish the latour.

I insist.

Bye, charles.


It's dad!

I'm coming.


Um, i'm not gonna be able
to make dinner tonight.

I'm sorry.

I'm just...swamped.

No, it's fine.

I will leave something
on the stove

For when you come home.

Okay. Thanks.

Stan apologizes and said
to start without him.

What else is new?

Matthew, your father is doing
some extremely important work.

Mom, dad hasn't been home
for dinner in a week.

The president
of the united states

Eats dinner with his family

Is he more important
than the president?


Are you sure he still
even lives here, mom?

In '38,
they fled to canada,

Where my father drove a taxi
and my mother cleaned houses,

But they never, not for one day,
regretted leaving poland.

They were grateful
they made it out alive.


My journey
was an internal one.

I had
a comfortable life.

I was celebrated
by the russians --

A hero --
Had a wife, children...

a mistress.

And now?

Oh, now i live a life
of faith and purpose.

when 19th-Century
polish patriots

Rose against
foreign oppressors,

Their rallying cry was,
"for our freedom and yours."

Well, that motto still
rings true in our time.

There is a spirit of solidarity
abroad in the world tonight

That no physical force
can crush.

It crosses national boundaries

And enters into the hearts
of men and women everywhere.

We, the people
of the free world,

Stand as one with our polish
brothers and sisters.

Are you always accompanied
by chaperones?

It's for
my own protection.

There are people who would
be happy to see me dead.

I'll keep you safe.

Excuse me, guys.

Give me a break --
Five minutes. Come on.

All right.

Where are you staying?

The carnegie hotel.

Me too!

Oh, what a charming

Or fate.

Such a lovely evening,

And i've had far too much
to drink,

So i'll keep walking.

It's not far.

what's so funny?

I've just --
I've never been on a date
with a priest before.

No! Aah!
Give me the purse!
Give me the purse!

get off of me!

come back here!

You go left.
I'll cut him off on the right.

Over there! Hey!

Are you all right?

I think so.

your hand!

west 59th street.

Hey. I'm gonna
hit the bar,

See if i can
get into some trouble.

Want to come?

Um, i'm not a bar guy.
What's a bar guy?

Someone who goes home
when the bars close.

You know, i smell your farts
in the car, stanley,

And it ain't potpourri,

So be a pal,
do your partner a solid,

And let him
buy you a drink.

The ruskies will still be here
in the morning.


You're a prince.

You know, stan -- He works
really hard, really hard.

He's doing
very important work.

Yeah, i know.

I mean, he can't talk
about what he's doing.

You know, it's
a national-Security thing,

But, i don't know,
i just...

i miss talking.

I mean, i understand
the crazy hours,

And national security --

It's not like you can
just turn it on and off.

Stan punches a clock,

But the clock never stops
ticking, never.

Marriage is hard.

well, it's not
for sissies, that is for sure.

but at the end of the day,

You just...

choose to keep going,
or you don't.

You think
it's that simple?

simple? No.

I don't know, you know,
we've been married for 20 years.

That's a lifetime.


It's got to count
for something, right?


You know, i envy you?

You envy me?
I do.

I mean, i know you can't
judge a book by its cover,

But you can judge a cover
by its cover,

And you and philip --
You just --

You work together,
you're partners, you're a team.

I just...

....don't think i could ever
see stan and i doing that.


Just a bit.


Oh, i-I got blood
on the bed sheet.

I'm sorry.

That's the beautiful thing
about hotels...



I want you,

But i cannot have you.

You're climbing
the ladder of success

Faster than
a rhesus monkey, stan.

What does that mean?

It means i've been in c.I.
For five years.

You've been here, what,
a couple of months?

Gaad looks at you
for answers

Before he even knows
the goddamn question.

Is that a problem?

For some guys, maybe,
but not for me,

But the thing is --

And you can bite my head off
if you want to --

The higher you go up,
the crappier you look.

Is that right?

Sometimes you walk around
with this face

Like you want to put someone's
head through a wall.

What's up with that?

I got things on my mind.

You know what you need --
Some strange.

I'm married
with a kid, chris.

I'm short and i'm bald.
It doesn't stop me.

Now, look,

You see the contessa
down the bar there?

She's been looking at you
the whole night.

She's not my type.

What are you looking for,
a blood donor?

Go over there,
chat her up,

Show her your piece.

Yeah, i don't think so.

Why not?
I got nothing
to say to her.

Oh, my god!
Say anything.

This is a bar.

Nobody listens
to what anyone says in a bar.

Oh, yeah?


you go up to her,
and you say, "hi.

Can i buy you a drink?"

She's thinking, "i wonder
if he'll go down on me

Even if i don't
take a shower."

Unleash your python
on that lovely lady.

I will see you

Big dogs got to hunt.

May i?

I am so sorry.

It's nothing.


Do you remember the last time
we saw each other?

Of course i do.
I told you that --

That you were ending
the relationship

Because i was going away,
and you've met someone else.

That's my son...

...our son.

When you were admitted
to the academy, i was pregnant.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you never
would have left.

You would have been true
to me and the baby,

And you wouldn't have followed
your dream -- Our dream.

He's a good boy.

He's going into the army
before the university.

He wants to serve.

I cried...

for a long time
after you left.

I prayed that one day
we'd be together.

I didn't believe in god,
but i prayed.

I'm ready now, mischa.

what's wrong?

What do you mean?

You said
you had to see me.

I did.



that's a good question.

Are you drunk?

Maybe. A little.




oh, did i wake you?

Are --
Are the kids okay?

Yeah, yeah. No, they're --
Everyone's fine.

We had dinner
at the beeman's.

Stan never showed up.

I-I think they're
having some problems --

You know,
some personal problems.

I've been -- I've been
thinking about you...

...about us.

I miss you.

Are you there?

Yeah, yeah,
i'm still here.

Come home.

You don't have to worry.

What happened happened.

I wanted you.

It never has to happen again.

I'm not going to hurt you
or use it against you,

So smile.

It's okay.

You americans think everything
is white and black.

For us,
everything is gray.


Mr. Bielawski!

Open, open.

Excuse me.


what have you done?

Do you have any idea
of the damage you've done?

I drank too much.
I made a fool of myself.

You've done more
than that.

You jeopardized
the entire movement

For a free and independent
eastern europe.

Where did you get these?

What did you think?
Were you thinking?!

I don't remember.

Anne called me from
the police station last night.

You're lucky that i had contacts
in the police department.

I don't understand.

What, that you were drunk,
that you look like shit...

...that you raped her?!

Charles, this is a lie.
This is a lie!

Anne is
in the hospital!

Any moment,
the police are gonna come

Scouring your room
for evidence.

Evidence? What the --

Blood on the sheets!

Blood from bruising...

like the bruises
on your hand?!

Charles... me.

help me, please.

Andrzej is a good man,

And we destroyed him.

I can't do it anymore --
I can't.

I want to live
like a normal human being.


No, i-I'll disappear.

I have passports.
I have money.

Come with me, mischa.

We'll disappear together,
and they will never find us.

may i have a word
with you, mr. Fucci?

Uh, talk to someone up front
about scheduling a move.

Oh, yeah,
no, i'm not moving.

I mean,
i'm not moving-Moving.

I just need a minute
of your time.

It's about a friend of mine,
sandford prince.

He doesn't have friends.

He has one -- Me.

Well, your friend
is into me for 20 grand.


It's all there.

He's not for sale.
Why not?

Because he's a clit,
and i prefer my pound of flesh.


the thing is, um...

...i'm not asking.


Mm, no.


I'm telling you
how it's gonna be.

There's $20,000 cash
in an envelope.

It is yours.
In return, i get prince.

He is mine.


What's up?

When is the right time
to exfiltrate a source?


There's no gold watch
in this business.

I've given my source
at the rezidentura assurances.

You told her
what you had to tell her.

Anyway, the russians think
they've found their mole.

She's safe.

Well, for now.

She's not an ingenue,

She's a spy.

She could have you and me
for breakfast.

Has she had you
for breakfast, stan?

She has held up
her end of the bargain.

We cannot just feed her
to the wolves.

Okay. I get it.

You're worried
about her safety.

I'll think about it.

i'm stepping aside from
the polish liberation movement

To tend to my personal
and spiritual life.

I will no longer attempt
to form a government in exile.

what does this mean
for the democracy movement?

who will take your place?

I have nothing further
to say, please.

What about
the polish worker?

I was afraid
you wouldn't come.

I'm not going with you.

Did you tell them?
Is it over for me?


Run, irina. Disappear.

Go where
they'll never find you.

Come with me, mischa.

I can't.

They don't care
about you.

They don't care
what happens to any of us.

I have a wife, family.

Why are you here, then?

The boy --

Is he real?

Only duty and honor
are real, mischa.

Isn't that
what we were told?

attention, passengers.

The 11:00 train to montreal
is now boarding on track 16.

Track 16 --
The 11:00 train to montreal.

I paid your debt, sandford,
which means you're mine now.

Are we all right
with that?

Do i have a choice?


Oh, come on.
It's not so bad.

I'm not your wicked

What do you have
for me?

There's a team
at livermore labs,

Works with lasers,
x-Ray physics.

Yeah, they've been working
in missile defense for years

With very little success.

Until now.

They've had a breakthrough.

It's only
a matter of time.

It's all in there.


Anyone home?

in here.

Where's mom?

Anyone miss me?

You're so funny
sometimes, dad.

How was new york?

It was fine.

Did you see any hobos
or drug dealers?

A few.



Your move.

How'd it go?

Bielawski's finished.

The reagan administration
doesn't want a rapist

Leading the movement to push
the soviets out of poland.

Right, they're afraid
if the kgb found out,

They'd use it
against them.



When they tortured us,

I blamed you
for what happened...

to me, to us.

It wasn't your fault.

I'm sorry.

I missed you.

I didn't want to.

I want us to be able
to say what's true.

I want us --
It to be...


I want it to be...


Do you think that...

...we could do that?

I don't know.

I would try.

Will you try?



i have to
ask you something.

Just promise
you'll tell me the truth.

Of course.

Did something happen
between you and irina?

Do you still love her?

Nothing happened.

There's only you.

It has always been you.