Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 6, Episode 2 - Kinder auf der Flucht - full transcript



Bacher, you're not
shooting well today.

- It's my cold.
- Cold?

I'm warning you.

Drink on duty once more
and you'll be fired.

I just took one sip.


One sip? I can smell it
from ten feet away.

- You were drunk this morning.
- No, boss.

Go home now.
Tomorrow, take a breath test.

Any trace and you're out.
We're security guards.

Clear off now.

It'll never happen again.


think of your family.

Dad's home early.

- You're home early.
- I took time off.

It's his birthday, isn't it?

Hi, Dad.

- How was school?
- Great. We learnt a new song.

Where's Klaus?

- He'll be here soon.
- I asked where he is.

No answer?

- He's with Mrs Nowy.
- Who's she?

She's looking after
Mrs Stix's cat.

I told you to bring Klaus
home from kindy.

Mrs Nowy lives on his way
home, near the station.


when will he be home?

He'll be home soon.

No beer in the fridge?

As you very well know.

Where did you put it?

- Where are you hiding it?
- I threw it out.

- You threw my gin out?
- And the vodka and the beer.

- The liquor's gone.
- Are you mad?

I'm fed up with your drinking.

Who do you think you are?

Clean up the mess,
go out and buy some more.

- I will not.
- We'll see about that!

- You're hurting me.
- Do what I tell you!

I won't buy any more liquor.
Not one drop.

You're hurting me!

Come, we promised Christian
we'd go shopping.

Rex, you've had
half the pack already.

It's not healthy.

Are you in a huff?


Where are you?

Wait until I catch you.

You won't trick me
a second time.

Now we'll go.

Come on.

- That's it. I want a divorce.
- Forget it.

- Don't hit me again.
- Do what I tell you!

We're through.
I'm moving outwith the kids.

- I'll kill all of you first.
- You're crazy.

Stop whining
and get some booze.

I've spoiled you.
Who's the bread-winner?

If there's no liquor here
in ten minutes, you've had it!

Bacher here. Please...

Getting the cops
to come and throw me out?

- Kathi?
- You shouldn't do that!

Where are you going?

Open the damned door!



I'll kill all of you
and then myself.

- Did you hear the shots?
- Yes.

They came from the Bacher flat.

I'll call the police.

What happened?
Did you fire the shots?


Stay here
until the police arrive.

Let go of me!

I warned you. I'll shoot
one of you. I don't care!

Rex, open the door.



Are you okay?

You get one day off,
go shopping, go for a drive...

- And then this.
- You're sitting on lettuce.


- Let's go and play.
- No, I want to go home.

Mum's baked a chocolate cake
for my birthday.


We can't go home right now.

It's not mine, I switched it off.


I had mine a moment ago.

Rex, I want my mobile back.

Come on,
he wants you to play.

All right, I'll find it.



Béck here.

It's you, Kunz.

And the other guys?
We'll be there soon.

So much for our day off.

- Let's play chasings.
- Okay, I'll chase you.

One... two... three.

Let me have a look.

- Nothing happened.
- Mum has to put on a plaster.

- We can't go home.
- Why not?

Dad's been drinking again.
He beat up Mum.

I was really looking forward
to my birthday.

He said he'd shoot one of us,
he didn't care.

- Are you sure it was Bacher?
- Yes, he lives here.

Hi, Fritz.

- Where did it happen?
- Second floor.

- I'll question the neighbours.
- Please do.

The wounded man lives here.
He tried to block Bacher's way.

Bacher shot at him.
He works as a security guard.

- Have you started a search?
- Right away.

- Hi, Leo.
- Hi, Alex.

She locked herself in here
but to no avail.

She got two bullets
to the head.

- Is the culprit known?
- Her husband, it seems.

- Have a slide.
- I don't feel like it.

Come on, Klaus.

He's looking for us.


Alex, this is Mrs Gehrer.
She rang the police.

I'm Brandtner. Any idea
where the kids could be?

I saw Kathi come home.

I hope she left again.

- Which school does she go to?
- The primary in Meissner St.

The boy, Klaus,
goes to kindy next door.

The police come here a lot.

He gets drunk
and argues with his wife.

He yells at the children.

Do they have family
or friends in Vienna?

I don't think so.
They only moved in recently.

They moved here
from Upper Austria.

The kindy teacher can't say
where they are.

Nor can Kathi's teacher.

She remembers Kathi mentioning
a woman they sometimes visit.

But no address.

Let's ask the other kids
if they know.

I thought of that
and got the class roll.

So did I.

- Statistically...
- You and your statistics.

We must analyse
the culprit's behaviour.

It's more important to find him
before we find the kids.

- That's what I mean.
- Me too.

- So let's go.
- Let's go.

Five vodkas and six beers,

- Why is Dad like that?
- I don't know.

- Was he very angry?
- Yes.

- Did Mum cry?
- Yes, she wants a divorce.

I'll send a replacement over.


The school can't say
where the kids are.

Sometimes they visit a lady
after school.

Kunz is trying their classmates.

Bacher was sent home today.
He was drunk while shooting.

Have his firm watched.
He might go there.

Looking for something?

Any clue
to this lady the kids visit.

That would be some break.

Does Kathi go
to a special playground?

You don't know.

Does she have a friend
in class?

You don't know.

Think about it. I'll answer
the other phone and be back.

Brandtner's phone. Kunz here.


Hold on, it's the other phone.
I'll be back.

Phone of Béck and Kunz.

So, you sit next to Kathi.

Do you know
where she might be?

You don't.

Think about it.
I'll just answer another phone.

All hell has broken loose here.
Can you ring back?

Brandtner phone. Kunz here.

The Bachers have no family
in Austria, only in Canada.

Yes, that's real information.

Remember anything?
Nothing. Thanks.

Remember anything?
You neither. Thanks.

Lose weight by phone...

Brandtner-Kunz phone.

Kunz-Kunz phone...

Let's wait for a while.

- Think Dad has calmed down?
- No.

Remember last time?
He yelled the whole day.

I'm hungry.

You have lots of money.

From my piggy bank,
to buy you a present.

- What present?
- I'm not telling.

- It's a surprise.
- Something very expensive?

Roads throughout Austria

are free of traffic jams
at the moment.

We continue with music.

Will you buy me a drink?

Yes, because it's your birthday.

An orange juice.

Here is a police bulletin.

We're looking for Horst Bacher,
35, from Vienna 17.

He is under suspicion
of having murdered his wife.

He is 180cm tall, slim build,
dark haired. He is armed.

We are also looking
for his two children,

Klaus, 5, and his sister
Katharina Bacher, 8.

The girl is 150cm tall
with long blond hair, plaited.

She's wearing a blue jacket,
orange T-shirt and overalls.

The boy has a beige jacket
and a teddy bear backpack.

If you can help,
contact the police.

This might be her diary.

It's locked.

- I feel bad about this.
- It might give us a clue.

Yes... but still.

She only started it
a week ago.

Rex seems to be interested
in the woollen jacket.

I know why.
It smells of cat.

That's the girl. I'm sure.

- Did you see the boy?
- Only the girl.

- Where did she go?
- No idea.

- Check the area.
- Right.

- Tell me why you're crying.
- I'm not.

- I'm going home.
- No, Klaus, don't.

- I want to see Mum.
- Stay here.

You can't tell me
what to do.


Klaus, stop.

Mum will be sad.

The Vienna police are asking
again for your help.

We're looking for Klaus, 5,
and his sister Katharina, 8.

They were seen
in the 16th district

by a kiosk vendor.

The girl is 150cm tall
with blond plaits.

She's wearing a blue jacket,
orange T-shirt and overalls.

- It's cat hair.
- Christian was right.

- What kind of cat?
- I can't tell you now.

Not a normal house cat.
A special breed.

I'll know more in an hour.


- We can't go home.
- Why not?

Remember the last time
Dad got so mad,

some social worker came.

They'll put us in a home.

- I don't want to go to a home.
- Me neither.

Promise you'll always
stay with me.

I promise.

I can't walk any more.
Carry me.

- You're too heavy.
- But Mum always carries me.

Let's go in here.

Kathi's friends can't guess
where they are.

- The search failed.
- They can't just vanish.

The welfare people say
he's often menaced his family.

So we'd better find the kids
before he does.


Yes... thanks.

The lab says the hair's
from a ginger Persian cat.


the Bacher flat is here.

Let's concentrate on the area
around their council block.

We should ring all the vets
around there.

One might know the cat.
It's not common.

- Can't you sleep either?
- No.

It's so cold.

- Now you'll be cold.
- We'll just get closer.

Yes, a ginger Persian cat.
Please check on it.

Please check. It's important.

I know it's late but please
check again. I'd appreciate it.

- Are you still awake?
- Yes.

I want to go home.

We can't go home,
ever again.

You're crazy.

- Mum's dead.
- Liar.

And Dad?

The police are after him.

Is Mum in heaven now?

Sure she is.

Thanks for your help.

A ginger cat.
No, tomorrow's too late.


That was a Dr Lang.

He treated a ginger Persian
a month ago.

It belonged to a local woman.

He'll check on her name
and call back.

- A little snack?
- No, thanks.

Not for me either.

It drives me crazy,
not finding those kids.

You want the ham rolls?


I need some too.

Leave something for me.

Hey, you said we'd share.
I need it too.

I need it too.

I'll never share with you again,

Wake up, Klaus.

Got any money?
What about you?

Get up. Empty your pockets.

Come on,
empty your pockets.

Your bag.
Off you go.

Her name?

Josefine Stix.
67 Degen Street.

Thanks, doctor.

Keep checking.
There may be other ones.

I will,
but first a coffee.

Then again... maybe not.

A small van...
I see. Thanks.


False lead.
I talked to her neighbour.

Mrs Stix is on holidays.
The cat's with her friend.

He doesn't know her name.

- Where is she on holiday?
- No idea.

A van was stolen
from a car park.

Bacher's car
was parked next to it.

Bacher's photo
was on the news.

Now everyone's calling
to say they saw him.

All the calls are dubious
except one.

A woman saw a light on
in a closed pub.

She looked in and thinks
she recognised Bacher.

It's the Hufeisen,
near the racetrack.

I need a coffee now.
We're in for a long night.

- That could be the van.
- A good hide-out.

No one goes by at this hour,
so he can relax.

And there's plenty to drink.

What if the kids are with him?

Yes, we must be careful.

She said she saw this man park,
get stuff out and go in...

But no children.
Fritz specially asked her.

How did he get in?

No problem
for a security guard.

- Nor for us.
- I know this place.

Behind the bar
is the kitchen.

The dining room's on the left.

Go in by the back door.
I'll use the front.

But be careful.
He has nothing to lose.

- I know.
- Rex, be careful.

Brandtner. Police.

That's not Bacher.

Get up.

- What are you doing here?
- We were having a party.

- We ran out of booze and...
- You broke in here.

Why were you shooting?

I was mugged a month ago.
I swore it won't happen again.

- Who are you, anyway?
- The owner.

I own this place.

Your ID, please.


Brandtner. Yes, Fritz.

We'll come now.
I hope it's the right track.

The guys caught the junkie
with this backpack.

- It's Klaus Bacher's.
- And he found it?

- Where?
- He's not saying anything.

Do you know
what this is about?

Hey, I'm talking to you.

We're after a murderer
and two missing kids.

Talk or you go to jail,
where there's no dope.

I took the backpack
and the money. That's all.

- Where?
- Near the Hochstrahl Fountain.

We can't stay here for ever.

Where else could we go?

- What if we hide at Mrs Stix's?
- She's on holiday.

- Mrs Nowy?
- I don't know her well.

But I won't go into a home.

Mrs Nowy has no children
and I like her.

- Forgotten Mum already?
- She's good to the cat.

I'll go to her.

Okay, let's try.

- Is this the right bus?
- I think so.

They must have been here.

This might be theirs.

Okay, Rex, go on searching.

- They caught the bus here.
- But there are several lines.

What now?

Back to the school?

Maybe one of the kids
has heard from them.

Let's go.

Your tickets, please.


Don't say anything.

- Your ticket, please.
- We're under six.

The young man may be.
But you?

- I'll be six in a month's time.
- You're tall for your age.

- Everyone says that.
- Stop lying to me.

Your name and address?




Do you want
to tell us something?

- What makes you think that?
- No idea.

- I got that impression.
- What does that mean?

- Do you know Kathi Bacher?
- Yes.

- Where is she?
- It's a secret.

Then it should stay secret.

We know that she sometimes
visits Mrs Stix and her cat.

- Did Kathi tell you that?
- No, I found out by myself.

Do you know where
Mrs Stix's cat is now?

She took the cat to a friend.

Kathi dropped by
and visited the cat.

- And wrote on the plaster cast.
- The cat has a cast?

No, the lady.
She has a broken arm.

Do you know where she lives?

Near the train station
in Hernals, I think.

Fine. Thank you.

Come on.

We have to ask everyone
in the area

for a woman
with her arm in a cast.


A broken forearm?
Last week?

Where does she live?
In Hernals?

Please check the exact address,
Sister. Yes, I'll wait.

- What if she sends us away?
- She won't.

There you are, you runaways.

Come on.

Hurry, I have no time.



Let the children go.


We'll go for a drive.

- And Mum?
- What about her?

- The radio...
- The radio!

That was a different
Mrs Bacher, not Mum.

A terrible story, that.

We'll drive home
and pick her up.

- Really?
- I'm telling you.

What's her name?

Thanks. Come, Rex.

Her address?

Right, got it.
Thanks, Fritz.

- What vehicle?
- A van.

- A white one?
- With a roof-rack and ladder.

Fine. Thank you.

Put out an alert for the van.
It has a roof-rack.

Careful, the kids are in it.

And we need a helicopter
whose pilot we can contact.

Okay, Fritz. Thanks.

If he leaves town
he might try the minor roads.

He might try the area
where he worked as a guard.

Familiar ground.

Stay here.
I'll be back in a minute.

- Dad's lying.
- He is not.

This isn't the way home.
And where's Mum?

How did Dad get this van?

Come on.

Didn't I tell you
to stay put?


No one ever does what I say.
But no more.

Get in.

Dad, let us out.

Open the door.

Alpha 9 to Police 18.
I've spotted the van.

It's driving south
on the B17.

As we thought.

Alpha 9 to Police 18.

The van has turned off the B17
onto the B26.

It's heading west now.

Mr Bacher, give yourself up.
There's no way out.

Give up, Mr Bacher.
There's no way out.

Throw your weapon away now.

Give yourself up.

Throw your weapon away.

We're rolling.
We have to get out.

Open the gate, Rex.

He's shot in the leg.
We need a doctor urgently.

Hello, you two. Are you hurt?

Is everything okay?

I'm Alex and that's Rex.

We're from the police.